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Intro scrolltext

sex'n'crime 20 was finished and spread by volker on 10.11.90 ! because of no fun in typing text and linking,there was no issue last month... i'm tired and ill! fuck! anyway,the winners of our competition are redstar of logic who did the nice piccy and a guy -whose name omg forgot to send- who did the music... this was my shortest scrolltext ever! bye! volker'90...


sex'n'crime #020           november 1990
1.........editorial  6..the chaaaaaaarts
2.....did you know?  7.....mixed pickles
3..rumours and news  8........interview?
4...ece-show report corner and videos  0...........mailbox

graphics.....................hein design
music.......................jesper olsen

send your articles, rumours, news,
game-previews and votings to:


in case you know anything which might be
of interest for SEX'N'CRIME, or you're
running a conference, call these lines:



                         5.november 1990
welcome to yet another issue of S'N'C.
in the night of friday/saturday 2.11.90
two close friends of mine and one of
their girlfriends died in a car accident
on a local highway. the chances for the
other girlfriend to survive are low.

well,anyway hope you'll enjoy this issue
a bit... if not... fuck off! i am not in
the mood to argue around with you now...


Did You Know?

           * DID YOU KNOW... *

...that CRAZY tries hard to find reasons
to rag on me as they want MAMBA to be
the no.1 magazine... but,they don't only
give wrong news to other magazines...
they even write any possible lie to put
down their concurrence... they also push
GENESIS down in their charts as they
want CRAZY to be the highest entry from
germany... nice try! hahaha!

...that CRAZY got a new swiss member?
(ex-FRESH or KISS or something equally
lame...) this new member bought the
original of ATOMIC ROBOKITS on friday
and tried hard to crack it... some days
later GOBLIN of GENESIS returned from a
computer-show in paris (read more about
that later on). he got the original on
monday and even had the first release of
it as CRAZY failed to crack it in time.
nice try,CRAZY! hahaha!!

...this list of first releases of the
past few weeks?!
GENESIS:                CRAZY:
-midnight resistance   -nothing
-sly spy               -empty disks
-sidewinder ii         -664 blocks free
-atomic robokits       -out of memory
...strange... GENESIS has 3 major first
releases and a low budget first release
while CRAZY releases nothing... and yet
CRAZY is higher in the MAMBA-charts...

...that almost the same people vote for
all the magazines... and MAMBA is the
only one where SNACKY is not on place 1
while DOC got remarkably many points?!?

...that GOTCHA once told me in venlo
that he hates counting votes... and
therefore he uses simple tricks to lower
the amount of vote-sheets to count:
-if an envelope is glued and it's too
 hard to open, the votings get trown
 away... of course!
-if a lamer votes,GOTCHA throws it away!
-if an asshole votes,he throws it away!
-if somebody votes crap (GOTCHA decides
 what is crap and what is not),he throws
 it away!
...well,that doesn't leave much,does it?
no wonder CRAZY is that high in MAMBA.
or,can anyone out there show me only one
other magazine where CRAZY is higher
than GENESIS? well,this might sound like
GENESIS-propaganda,but GOTCHA involved
G*P and i am only pointing out facts
here,no matter whether you wankers like
it or not!

...that nobody can name one reason why i
should be ANTICHRIST,and that SPITFIRE
invented this rumour but apologised for
it almost one year ago in his note
"alive now+4ever"?!?!

...that, if i would really be ANTICHRIST
i could only think of one reason to have
a splitted identity: to protect myself
against police... and that, if people
like CRAZY spread this rumour on purpose
only do it, to set police on my tracks
and this is just as lame as publishing a
private adress?

...this is not a bad idea after all?
i got the private adress of ALL members
of CRAZY and from now on i will publish
one for each time CRAZY claims that i am
ANTICHRIST simply to sent police to my
house as everyone knows OMG's adress...
actually police won't harm me as i am
purely legal but a cop-visit isn't too
nice anyway... parents don't like that.
however, here's the first adress for the
crap they wrote about me and frank in

...i asked MAMBA to give me the vote-
sheets for the actual issue for about 1
year now and they never did? but on the
other hand i ALWAYS showed all votings
to whomever wanted to see them?! now...
tell me,who's cheating here?!

...GOTCHA can't draw a shit if he can't
ripp it off from a comic... laaaaaaame!
by the way,GOTCHA: are you sure gasmasks
are enough? better get a bullet-proof
jacket aswell,man! hehehe!

...FREEDY of TRITON never called me,that
his "letter" in mamba #12 was written by
CRAZY+LOTUS themselves and that "FREDDY"
probably doesn't even exist?! the story
he wrote never happened... and there is
a very simple way to prove it: i NEVER
LET PEOPLE VOTE BY PHONE for two reasons
a) i could influence their votings on
   the phone and they don't have enough
   time to think about proper votings.
   (and one of the major rules in voting
b) i cannot prove what people voted on
   the phone... so,only paper-votings
   are valid as everyone can read and
   count them to prove that I NEVER
...ask ANYONE who ever called me! they
will all verify that i never allowed
them to vote by phone!! nice try,CRAZY!
but next time think of a smarter lie!


Rumours and News

          * RUMOURS AND NEWS *

ACCU definitely joined FLASH INC. he
only made SPITFIRE believe that he was
still in ACTION to get some originals
for free. also JIHAD left ACTION and
built a new group called HITMEN. he is
still looking for elite members,so if
you are good at something,get in touch
with him!

BLUE DEVIL and PUDWERX of ATC built up a
new group,named RANDOM. they seem to be
pretty good and ruling soon. they import

EXORY of HOLOCAUST recracked plenty of
games and bribed people to cheat the
charts in all big magazines...
other games! CHROMANCE built up a huge
federation against him as he tried to
bribe one of their members to vote for
him. finally  he got scared and used his
old trick to get away: he told everyone
that he left the scene for problems at
school and that a new cracker (DYSTAN)
joined and took over EXORY's contacts,
his adress and his position as "leader"
and "cracker" (hahaha!) but,the truth is
!!EXORY IS DYSTAN!! like often before
EXORY once again tried to drop his
handle and secretly enter the scene with
a new name. now almost all members left
him and his lame group... the only guys
remaining in HOLOCAUST are: DYSTAN,DWARF
and RECONNER (or whatever he is called).
but,even DWARF wanted to leave HOLOCAUST
and join GENESIS,but he was turned down.

STING of PARAMOUNT was visited by the
police. he said he had left the scene,
but in fact he only changed his name

a couple of ex-CULTURE guys formed a new
group,called REVENGE.

many members of ZOMBIE BOYS,ECHO CREW
and TECHNO DESIGN joined forces to build
CYCLOTRON,but due to some problems with
the police their shorlty after changed
their name into BRONX. they seem to be
the major group in turkey now.

once again AARON of FAIRLIGHT proved to
be a real piece of shit... FAIRLIGHT had
the original of HELLHOLE (stolen at the
eces-show?!) and cracked it. then AARON
sent the original to many other groups,
but he left out parts of the graphics at
$f800,so ALL versions of HELLHOLE but
the one from FLT are bugged! and i am
sure he bugged the originals on purpose
as he also spread a note with a detailed
list-up of memory-locations of all game
parts. so he knew that there were some
graphics missing! without these missing
parts of memory the game fucks up after
the second level. thanx, AARON! you are
a real hero! (yeuch! dickhead!!)

ILLUSION released the first issue of
their disk-mag HEADLINES,which in fact
is superb! GENE is writing like a big-
mouthed craphead ("i know everything
better! i can do better than anyone else
and i'm god!") ...but,really,it's great
to read! just absolutely every idea of
their mainprogram was ripped off from
S'N'C. anyway,get it! it's coooooooool!

10 german guys built a new group,called
BRAINBOMBS. for now they want to remain
undercover and therefore stay in their
original groups. also few former members
of POWERRUN and 711 built BAD TASTE(?),
while MADMAN (ex-ALPHAFLIGHT) rebuilt
his old group TRISTAR. (but they got
absolutely nothing in common with the
amiga elite-group TRISTAR!!)

about 2 weeks ago there was a computer-
show in paris. 9 lame members of YANKEES
tried to beat up GOBLIN of GENESIS and
one of his friends. GOBLIN's friend drew
a knife and scared the YANKEE-kids... he
said he would slice up anyone who would
try to harm GOBLIN. later on some local
security-guards came and asked what was
going on. the YANKEES told them that
GOBLIN and the guy with the knife wanted
to beat them up (haha... 2 against 9),
but the security didn't quite believe
them... (i wonder why?! hehe...) finally
GOBLIN and his friend walked away while
the YANKEES had some trouble with the
security guards...
anyway,did you know that the GOBLIN has
a driving-license now?! congratulations!
(what's next? a license to kill??)

JESPER OLSEN is back on c64,back in AMOK
and back in GENESIS...

will from now on be released under the
BONZAI label. also DRAX of VIBRANTS and
KWON of FLASH INC. joined them. T.H.A.
went over to amiga to code a game.

also CORRPUTION changed flag! the german
ATG members (ex-ORION) joined PARAMOUNT
and took their magazine with them.
here is a complete list of the lamers
who voted me into the lamer-charts of
the latest CORRPUTION: dutch yankees,
driver/x-ray, duplo 3003/citz design,
sys/afl, pacman/united artists, rocco,
the edge/brainbombs, chain/chaos indust,
heavy d/guards of doom, slayer/topaz,
aaron/flt, rough+tom/vision, rcs/bonzai,
daniax/class, rank 01/exotic, spike/tls,
blockbuster/ddt, punisher/transcom and
confuze/pulsar... hahahaha... what an
amazing bunch of hero-lamers!
so many assholes... so few bullets!

TRANSCOM splitted up. about half of the
members (including the pretty fast
original supplier) formed RED OCTOBER.
some weeks later they joined GENESIS.
and bigmouth LKJ of TRANSCOM of course
still didn't pay his 100,- dm dept to
ANTICHRIST after he lost the bet that he
had challenged in CCCP#9. pah! dignity?!

BIZZMO of GENESIS is working on a game.
DEEK will do the music for it,so i guess
it's going to be pretty good! by the way
have you seen "SIDEWINDER II"? it was
coded by RAISTLIN while "TURN IT" was
coded by SCRAP. (hey,what is this group?
do they crack or code games?!?)

it's funny... our game TURN IT didn't
even have a copy-protection. we simply
installed a the beginning
of the game you see a blank screen with
only one card on. now you have to enter
the right code (there's a codemap on the
last page of the instructions)and if you
don't enter a proper code then you can
only the first level! hehehe! in the
game you can also press f1-f5 to choose
a german,enlish or french version of the
game. and you can even enter little
codes (sun,fun,rum) to skip 10 levels
and start at level 10,20 or 30 directly.
i've seen about 20 versions,but only the
GENESIS and LEGEND cracks were 100%.


ECES Report

            * ECES REPORT: *

london was a hugo success! dozens of new
games came out for all computers. there
were about 15 games for the c-64. a lot
of scene-dudes meet each other at the
OCEAN-stand at 01:00 pm every day...
there were a lot of arcades,some very
good ones at the DOMARK-stand to show
their upcomming ooin-up convertions...
(S.T.U.N. RUNNER is awesome!) there was
a racing-competition on LOTUS ESPRIT,
displayed on aobog video screen...
actually OCEAN hgd a massive video-
screen aswell on which they showed cool
comercials for ROBOCOP 2 and some more
of their next games. there was also a
stage and some live gigs by an unknown
band (they weren't that bad after all)
and stupid dancers running around in
NINJA TURTLE costumes... there was even
a guy running around in a ROBOCOP suit!!
in fact most of the stands didn't really
have qualified salesmen at their stands
but good looking women to attract some
customers... (they were nice to look at
but not able to answer any questions.)
we even meet the biggest asshole ever:
AARON of FAIRLIGHT... and i must admit,
up to now i never knew why everybody
hates him... but now,since i meet him,i
know he's a jerk!! this poor craphead
said SNACKY was the only one who could
NOT crack LOGO! hahaha! smart AARON said
he had dozens of versions of LOGO,but
SNACKY's version was the only one that
didn't work!!! hahaha!!! come on,AARON!
why don't you show me 10 other versions?
or,show me at least 1 other 100% crack
besides the 100% jewel-first release of
SNACKY. or,why don't you simply show me
the FAIRLIGHT-version? hahaha!
well,anyway... back to the show-report:
of course there were loads of things to
get for free... t-shirts,stickers,pens
etc. and hundreds of arcades to play for
free. but still most people weren't
safisfied...thousands of disks,joysticks
and even entire consoles were stolen!
GOBLIN/GENESIS was arrested for smoking
hashish on the top stairs of trafalgar
square on friday night and had to go to
jail!! he was released on saturday
morning. but that didn't mean much to
him... on sunday GOBLIN and DAWSY stole
MIDNIGHT RESISTANCE from the big and
well guarded COMMODORE stand!
london was great, but the trip by train
was the sheer horror... we had a major
train-strike in belgium so it seemed
that we wouldn't arrive in london for
weeks... on our way back we meet some
cool dudes from F4CG on the ferry. we
had to wait a while at the border and
the customers would have almost killed
SCRAP for one of his silly jokes...
scrap:    "let me through NOW, i'm from
           GENESIS PROJECT!"
customer: "you wait!"
scrap:    "no,i'm from GENESIS,i don't
           need to wait!"
customer: "you wait!!!!!"
the customer didn't seem to be too
impressed... and so SCRAP had to wait!
hehehe! well,the trip was worth it!


Games and Videos

          * GAMES AND VIDEOS *

the best game of 1990. it's much like
good old GREEN BERET,but there are a lot
of handy extra-weapons available. the
game has a very good joystick control.
it's really playable,just the music is
not that good actually... rating: 98%

another excellent game this month. great
graphics and also very playable.
rating: 95%

IT IS HARD TO BE A GOD is really a very
good science-fiction movie. someday in
3000 mankind discovered a planet which
was populated by men who still lived in
a medieval society. for them the earth-
astronauts are gods... rating: 89%

horror-movie!! really nice special fx!
well,the whole thing is divided into 3
short-stories and one main-story,framing
the others. here's a short description:
1.mainstory: never eat little children!
2.story: never mess with undead mummies!
3.story: never underestimate a cat!
4.story: never break a promise!
i luuuuuuuv it!! rating: 85%


The Charts


ok,so here we go again... as many people
still voted for the old system,we will
revive it and combine it with the new.
we will keep the group-votes divided in
the 4 sections but also print all the
single-artists' points. so,all points
given for groups in the old way were
added up in the SYM section as they
would be too indifferent elsewise.

this month all votings were sent to:
EXCELL of IKARI+TALENT. ask him if we

      BEST CRACKING GROUPS  minimum: 100

01.   GENESIS      243 284 260 816  1603
02.   ikari+talent 238 249 243 695  1445
03.   illusion     218 233 194 596  1241
04.   dominators   234 194 209 583  1220
05.   legend       145 162 121 549   977
06.   crazy        119 131  98 263   611
07.   paramount     91  94  84 277   546
08.   f4cg          97 108 112 224   541
09.   extasy       100 109 105 183   497
10.   censor        86  78  53 248   465
11.   fairlight     59  85  67 199   410
12.   action        52  63  51 142   308
13.   x-ray         44  57  68 124   293
14.   alphaflight   39  44  31 128   242
15.   transcom      37  33  25  88   183
16.   dynamix       27  32  27  75   161
17.   nec           29  26  27  53   135
18.   nato          22  22  17  62   123

ILLUSION was fucken lazy... they are too
high. also CRAZY does not at all deserve
their place. DOMINATORS are too low...
HOLOCAUST was banned for cheating!

      BEST DEMO GROUPS      minimum: 100

01.   CREST        221 220 194 705  1300
02.   bonzai       171 149 138 420   878
03.   blackmail    207 155  68 420   850
04.   origo        127 140  97 439   803
05.   horizon       92 140  57 413   702
06.   censor des.  125 121  72 304   622
07.   megastyle    117 120  75 245   557
08.   flash inc.    76  98  86 292   552
09.   cosmos des.   83  79  55 262   479
10.   light         56  62  53 182   353
11.   genesis       63  56  38 158   315
12.   beyond force  31  53  34 119   237
13.   wot           49  47  30  62   188
14.   trc           25  20  17  66   128
15.   triad         29  30   9  47   115

CREST is still on place #1. stop voting
for BLACKMAIL,they are totally inactive!
they are banned from next month on.
vote for PADUA instead,their latest demo
was quite cool!

      BEST IMPORTING GROUPS  minimum: 20

01.   CULTURE        0   0   0  37    37
02.   exodus         0   0   0  30    30
03.   manowar        0   0   0  28    28
04.   nei            0   0   0  25    25
04.   ikari+talent   0   0   0  25    25
06.   genesis        0   0   0  23    23
07.   legend         0   0   0  21    21

new charts... spd = speed
              qnt = quantity
              fix = pal/ntsc fix
              sym = sympathy

not too many people voted for this
cathegory (yet),of course... so i didn't
bother seperating us or european groups.

      BEST SINGLE CRACKERS   minimum: 50

PLACE NAME        GROUP           POINTS
01.   SNACKY      GENESIS            369
02.   bod         talent             226
03.   sauron      illusion           209
04.   dogfriend   dominators         170
05.   powerplant  legend             146
06.   goblin      genesis            142
07.   antitrack   legend             134
08.   doc         ikari               77
08.   rockstar    extasy              77
10.   arrogance   x-ray               63

what a bullshit!! DOC is 10 times better
than BOD!!! anyway,SNACKY rules supreme.
welcome back,ARROGANCE!

      BEST MUSIC COMPOSERS   minimum: 50

PLACE NAME        GROUP           POINTS
01.   JCH         VIBRANTS           405
02.   drax        vibrants/bonzai    258
03.   link        vibrants           177
04.   c.deenen    maniacs of noise   167
05.   deek        vibrants/genesis   156
06.   e.v.santen  20cc               112
07.   r.ouwehand  blackmail           91
08.   laxity      maniacs of noise    75
09.   jesp.olsen  amok/genesis        65
10.   zardax      origo               68
11.   m.schneider x-ample             62

is JCH really that good? check all the
latest VIBRANTS tunes! i think DEEK and
DRAX are the best.

      BEST GRAPHIC DESIGNER  minimum: 50

PLACE NAME        GROUP           POINTS
01.   DI ART      BLACKMAIL          328
02.   bizzmo      genesis            253
03.   gotcha      crazy              190
04.   scrap       genesis            144
05.   gbf         crest              131
06.   redstar     logic              101
07.   the sarge   fairlight           84
08.   fox         bonzai              82
09.   tpa         x-ample             74

GOTCHA is not a graphic-artist! the only
thing he can do is ripp off pictures
from comics. where is SPARKLER?!? have
you seen BIZZMO's latest pictures? gosh!
he is the fucken best! stop voting for
DI-ART,or have you seen anything decent
from them lately?!?! GBF's graphics in
CREST's latest demo are quite cool!

ps: if you don't like my remarks...
    don't read them! go cry for your
    mama but don't bother me with your
    crap. (humm... yes,i like GENE!)


Mixed Pickles

           * MIXED PICKLES: *

in the new COSMOS DESIGNS demo "just 4
parts" PANTHER wrote that he is the 2nd
who made a fli-graph-scroller. that is
not true. he is the 3rd. the 1st were
2 weeks before ORIGO!
OF TIME and founded POWER!
                      -YUP+BURP of POWER

i wanna say some words about the scene
today. the problem is that the c-64 will
die in a year or less. and instead of
having fun with it,some people make
silly wars! i.e.F.A.O. and so on. we
shouldn't waste time on that sort of
things,but have a great time together.
go to parties,swap,wriite long letters,
call each other or anything like that...
                         -BEN of NETWORK

this is TAGADA of BYG again,just to tell
you that i support you against F.A.O..
yes,i think it's stupid to build up a
federation against anyone (otherwise i
would have formed the F.A.TRANSCOM a
long time ago!). i think some guys can
not understand that they are not acting
perfectly in their computerlife. i loved
CONTEX even if they made very bad cracks
at the beginning,but it's no shame.
                     -TAGADA of BABYGANG

i noticed you got many enemies,but you
can still count me to your friends!
               -EUZKERA of CENSOR DESIGN

i am happy to see the F.A.O. has been
abandoned. it was a fruitless exercise
anyway,but you will always get people
slagging each other. particularly when
the cracking scene is very slow,this has
happened at least since late 1982 when i
first set upon the '64.

many friends of mine say: "ha,omg! what
a lamer!" but,what's wrong? he hasn't
done anything to you, so what reason do
you guys have? "ehrrmmm..." they answer!
well,i'm sure you already know this
situation! well,i know that this is non
of my bizzness,but i just have to say
that it's very stupid and childish going
around and saying shit about each other!
let me tell you something,i have never
ever got enemies in the scene!
so,OMG or anyone else: i have nothing
against you.. neither you EXCELL. as a
matter of fact,i really like your import
and cracks!          -PRICE of MEGASTYLE

i just read over again what happened in
venlo and i would like to say that you
handled the situation greatly! i really
think you did the correct thing. i would
have done the same,if i had been in your
situation! you are right,SYS is a idiot!
                        -WITTY of OXYGEN

i read in several mags that i had joined
AUTHENTIC ARTS. this is not true!
          -PATRICK PETERS of AUDIAL ARTS OMG is so successful in the scene,
it's normal for him to have some enemies
but you,what happened? INFOCOMIE of NATO
apologised and we heard no more from the
F.A.O., bcoz i guess they were all wrong
but couldn't have the pride to accept th
eir fault. an example: SYS of AFL!
                         -REMIX of BRONX



             * INTERVIEW: *

sorry,but i am not in the mood to ask
anybody some dumb questions... and we
don't have enough memory left for an
interview after all... fuck,who want to
read interviews anyway?! pah! if you
want to see a decent interview,go and
watch television!!


Contact Corner

           * CONTACT CORNER *

if you want to get your adress in here,
send me 5,- dm (german currency,please).


                 THE END


              MAILBOX V3.0

-i would like to dedicate this issue to
             THOMAS SCHOTTE

  for that they may never be forgotten.

D64 MD5: 54d2d6813ecc3f2c0d38b6642e228887

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