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Intro scrolltext

sex'n'crime nineteen... again a month passed and again i have to write an introscroller. first the credits logo by oliver small charset by bml this fucking cool char by chris music by msi and all coding by me (as always...) . some weeks ago i read in a mag that there exists a new version of turbo-ass.this version called trans-ass works with two connected sixty-fours,one for the sourcecode and the other one for all other stuff like chars,tables,zak... of course this isn't bad but one of our coders made (only for amok-coders) a better version before.he connected a sixty-four and an you have nearly unlimited memory for ya sourcecodes... maybe we will spread this in a few weeks. by the way,the winners of our competition are napalm of knickers and jesper thorndahl of tech who made this music. it's time to end this... bye from volker! uuunnd tschuess!


sex'n'crime #019          september 1990
1.........editorial and videos
2.........reactions  7.........interview
3..rumours and news  8............charts and previews  9..........contacts
5.............mixed  0...........mailbox

graphics.....................hein design
all slavework.....................volker

send your articles, rumours, news,
game-previews and votings to:


in case you know anything which might be
of interest for SEX'N'CRIME, or you're
running a conference, call these lines:



dear reader,
once again AMOK is back with yet another
issue of SEX'N'CRIME.
geee... last venlo sure was a drastical
happening... the STUPID YOUNG SAVAGE
(SYS of ALPHAFLIGHT) really wanted some
trouble. but more about that later on !
sorry for this rather short issue, it
was done in a hurry as the issue had to
be done on monday, but i had to write my
german-exams on tuesday and depart to
london on thursday... so, no time !



             * REACTIONS: *

what's the matter with you ?!
in the last issue i wrote you are fast,
so you should get a lot of points for
SPEED, but since you are a rather bad
cracker you should only get few points
in QUALITY. well, after that you ragged
on me in one of your cracks... why ?!
i mean, DOGFRIEND is a good cracker...
now, don't make me laugh and try to tell
me what a genius-cracker you are !!
after all, if you really are that good,
why not prove me wrong instead of poor
crap-writing ? see, i definitely like
DOMINATORS, just that doesn't mean i
wouldn't write the truth.
read SEX'N'CRIME #18 again... now, tell
me, do you honeslty believe i wrote that
to put you down ? surely not !


Rumours and News

          * RUMOURS AND NEWS *

news of the week:
ANTICHRIST now even installed a little
cop-siren and a loudspeaker to his
radic-l BLUES-MOBILE ! (gosh...)

also TRIX and RCS (ex-ATRIX) joined in.

DANKO joined CENSOR while UNIFIER was
kicked out.

MITCH was kicked out of DOMINATORS.
reason was his lazyness.

as he joined AUDIAL ARTS, the music-
subgroup of RUTHLESS.

a couple of days ago i got a call from
a german lamer-group, called W.O.E..
they declared war to AMOK and told me
they'd come to the RADWAR-party with
more than 100 guys to beat me up and
destroy the party place... (hahaha...)
well, of course none of them was at the
party. now they even changed their name
into RESET without telling anyone...
i wonder why ?! maybe they were afraid
that now, after they boasted around,
they might be submitted in a scathing
defeat ?! hehehe...
oh boy, why do there have to be so many
impudent lamers around nowadays ?!


while LAWYER of DYNAMIX and BRONX of
X-RAY joined CREST.

MEGASTYLE will release a couple of new
demos very soon. they are also working
on a game right now.

MAGIC MAN did not leave CRAZY and also
did not join CREST of course.
in fact CRAZY seem to need to put all
other magazines down to make their MAMBA
look better nowadays... (how pathetic !)
MAGIC MAN called the concurrence-mags
(including S'N'C and CORRUPTION) and
told them a lot of invented stories like
"i joined CREST" and "BONZAI is dead".
of course most of us believed in it as
there was no reason for doubts until we
found out that they did it for the only
purpose to ridicule the other magazines
and make MAMBA look superior. they also
wrote a completely wrong story about
what happened when SYS and i meet at the
last venlo-meeting. well, why not have
a little MAMBA-like subject for once ?!
...CRAZY gives wrong information to
their concurrence-magazines to make them
all look stupid.
...GOTCHA is blind.
...MARKUS WIDDERSTEIN did not ripp the
interrupt-loader from SOPHISTICATED3
(like CRAZY wrote to put him down), but
he ripped it from G.I.-JOE ? (everybody
else does that, too...) so, if his
loader is the same as the SOPHISITCATED3
loader then BLACKMAIL must have ripped
it from G.I.-JOE aswell !
CRAZY released the latest MAMBA a couple
of days after the last venlo-meeting to
ripp off news from all the other mags
and complete their own news ?!

F4CG got dozens of new members:
DEPECHE, DASH and CYBORG. wowsers !
i wonder how many members they got by
now ?! even SOLAR is back after a break.
they are also planning to revive their
good ole paper-magazine PIRATES.
WARES UNLIMITED is now an F4CG+G*P hq.
give it a call on XXXXXXXXXXXX.

the ancient SURVIVORS are back in town !
they consist of some former ESI, MAYHEM
and XPB members, so watch out...

SNACKY of GENESIS was asked to improve
TIEBREAK. STARBYTE will soon release
this new version...
GENESIS got 4 new members...
TESTAMENT (cracker, modem trader),
PUNISHER (cracker, modem trader),
RIMTRIX (spreader) and DAWSY (spreader).
also VOLKER of AMOK joined G*P under his
new handle CMR.

i guess all of you were very shocked to
see HOLOLAME on place 7 in the previous
issue... well, finally we found out why.
most of the votes for HOLOLAME were
cheated !!! for example: 90% of the guys
did not vote for HOLOLAME at all...
but those other 10% voted HOLOLAME on
place #1 in most cathegories !!
well, one of these guys who voted HOLO-
LAME on place #1 everywhere was a guy
called LEECH of COLDCUT...
BUT: LEECH of COLDCUT was the former
handle of EXORY of HOLOCAUST !!!
so, EXORY cheated by giving all these
points for himself under another name !
besides, he also claimed he had dozens
of first-releases this month... he even
said HOLOCAUST had the first-release of
BACK TO THE FUTURE 2, which by the way
was first released by GENESIS+EXODUS.
well, simply ask any elite-group... they
can all verify that there has NEVER been
a decent first release by either UNICESS
or HOLOCAUST. EXORY simply is a poor,
incompetent wannabe. by the way, did you
know he changes his handle about every
few months ? some of his old handles
he always was a notorious lamer and when
ever the world found out it was him, he
disappeared again and re-entered the
scene with a new handle ! this guy is so
amazingly lame... it's unbelievable...
EXORY is the scandinavian answer to our
german MOSKWA TV.

DCS finally died completely. MIK turned
amiga. JOG will finish his game.

in CCCP #7 there was a little "article"
in which LKJ of TRANSCOM challenged
LKJ said there would be more than 200
people at their party in jugoslavia, if
not he would pay 100 dm to ANTICHRIST.
ANTICHRIST accepted the challenge and
wrote back to LKJ that there would never
be more than 30 people at the TRANSCOM
party. well... now guess what... the
party was an embarresing disaster...
not even 25 people were there !! so LKJ
lost the bet, but still he didn't pay
his dept. what a lame bigmouth !
have you seen the movie BLUES BROTHERS ?
well, ANTICHRIST bought a car for 800,-
dm now (an old audi) and painted it like
the BLUES-MOBILE ! looks pretty cool...


News and Previews

         * NEWS AND PREVIEWS: *

a pity, RADWAR really did a nice job
when they tried to organzise their party
but due to the rain not too many people
showed up after all. on early saturday
morning 40 people were there. later on
there were about 80 dudes...

well, as you might have heart already,
last month SYS attacked me in venlo.
he spread wrong rumours and MAMBA even
printed that shit... according to them
i used poison-gas, kicked him and ran
away. well, facts are different though.
on tuesday night before venlo SYS called
me to ask me if i would come to venlo.
i said i would and he told me he'd beat
me up. i asked him for a reason, but he
didnt have any. finally he even admitted
how stupid he had been and apologised.
(no joke!) we both decided to write a
co-op note containing mutual apologises.
we talked for about an hour after that
all problems were solved and we were
"friends" (i should have known, brain-
dead crapheads like SYS don't have any
friends...) however, on friday before
venlo SYS called me again and said we
should really keep friends and apologise
to each other and forget the previous
shit, but as he talked to some of his
"friends" meanwhile,he said people would
expect a fight. i said "so, what ?! let
them expect it." but SYS answered "no,
if i won't fight with you, people will
think i am a coward."
"bullshit!", i said,"why should they
think so ? it would only prove you got
brain and civil-courage enough to
resist public expectations. after all,
if people would expect you to jump off
a skyscraper, would you do it ? no!"
well, again we had a friendly chat for
about an hour.
next day, (venlo-saturday) i arrived
very late at venlo as i had school that
day. i was talking to some friends when
SYS came along and asked me to go out.
i said "naaahh... i don't want to fight
and it's raining anyway !". SYS said
"all right" and went back to the bar
where he remained and drank one beer
after the other. meanwhile i was outside
to get something to eat. i had a chat
with ACCU of ACTION. later on we went
back inside... and out again... this
time i had a chat with JIHAD and HOK of
and VOLKER of AMOK. whenever we went in
or out i passed SYS. he look at me
briefly and continued drinking beer.
so, what MAMBA wrote in their last issue
is totally wrong. i definitely did not
hide inside. well, when the meeting was
over, SYS went out together with me and
blocked my way. he definitely was drunk.
his teeth and arms were trembling...
he was just as nervous and scared as me.
again: the ONLY reason why he thought
he had to fight with me was because he
thought people would call him a coward
if he didn't !! how pathetic !!
well, he said "now, let's fight!" and i
asked him "what for ?". all he said was
"just because !". i said "well, you must
have a reason at least.". he only said
"why ?" and stroke against the left side
of my chin. i only starred at him...
i simply couldn't believe it !! i mean,
even the lamest lamers and the most
stupid jerks, even braindead skinheads
never fought at venlo... nobody had ever
been that childish before... and now
suddenly this craphead had beaten me for
no reason at all, just because he was
afraid of what the public might think
about him...
anyway, i told him the night before on
the phone i'd make sure he would not be
able to hurt me. on the other hand i
also told him i would definitely do
NOTHING to harm him. so, if he might
attack me, i'd act like a "good christ"
(hehe...) and simply walk away. and that
actually was what i tried to do after he
had beaten me. but, as he knew i would
not beat him he was confident enough to
continue his stupid attack. i tried to
walk away, but he tried to prevent it.
so, finally i used tear-gas to stop him.
see, i am not at all a fighter. i have
not been fighting since the age of 12.
this doesn't actually mean i could not
defend myself. after all, i was a little
bit taller than SYS and definitely more
massive. after all, he was drunk and i
wasn't. so, what chance would he have
got in a fair fight ? but the point is,
the fight would have never been fair as
a couple of his friends (those who told
him some days before he should fight
with me, even without a reason) were
standing close to him, ready to help him
as soon as they were in need.
as a matter of fact, i still don't get
it. he was unfaiir to me when he started
attacking me half a year ago in the
mailbox. now, that i do the same he
complaines and asks me for fairness...
see... it's just as ifoi woulo open a
telephone-book, pick any name and start
a war with that guy. and then aftor i
annoyed him enough to make him react
i'd even complain and tell him not to
defend himself... i mean, all this shit
is simply lunatic.
however, so, after i had sprayed little
of the gas into his face i turned to go.
SCRAP, VOLKER and i had to hurry as we
had to get to my car and then speed to
the train-station to make sure VOLKER
could get his bus. but, SYS still
followed me. he approached and SCRAP
told me to watch my back.. i turned
around and saw SYS stumbling toward me.
i was walking fastly, but he was running
so he closed up easily. so, i sprayed
again and again. finally one of his so-
called friends told him to stop as he
couldn't see anything anyway and could
not have done anything to me now even if
he could have reached me. finally he
dropped to the ground, lay in the dirt
and started crying. VOLKER told me to
get going as he feared to miss his bus.
(he finally missed it anyway, so i had
to drive him...) well, some dayu later
SYS was boasting around again and said
he's come to the radwa--party to beat me
up. well, guess what... of course SYS
was NOT there. (me neither... hehehe...)
see, of course i am scared. i would be
stupid not to be. but, i am not the one
who always claimes to beat others up...
but SYS, mr.bigmouth in person, tries to
make the world believe how tough he is.
but in fact he is even more scared than
me, as he is even afraid of the public
opinion... SYS, drop dead, lamer !



             * INTERVIEW: *

today we'll have an interview with the
best cracker ever on the c-64 !

- = AMOK

-tell us a bit about yourself !
+my name is sigi, i'm a 17 years old
 german male, i got blond hair, blue
 eyes and i'm 1.80 meters tall.
 my weight is 63 kg. i got a c-64 in
 september 1986 and 2 more in 1989.
 my first group was MAFIA. in 1988
 i joined EXACT, but their leader was
 a real jerk so in late 1988 i finally
 joined GENESIS where i remained.
-what is your real life's job ?
+i'm still a student. when i finished
 school i'll try to get a job as a
-any girlfriend ?
+no, not at the moment.
-how di- you get your handle "SNACKY" ?
 what does it stand for ?
+ugh... nothing in particular, really.
 i was just looking for a handle which
 was similar to my real name. and SNACKY
 sounds almost like sigi. (hehe...)
-when did you start cracking and how did
 you get that good ?
+well, actually i joined GENESIS only as
 a coder. (i even made a part for our
 very first mega-demo "THE BAT CAVE" !)
 i started cracking about a year and a
 half ago. my very first crack ever was
 crack was RAMBO III.
 i guess i'm good at it because i like
 to do it. i'm only cracking for fun...
 whenever i got better things to do i
 take a couple of days off... i have
 never been under any pressure.
-people always say you need weeks to do
 a proper crack of a game. why ?
+bullshit ! see, i got 3 comput-rs, so
 while i'm cracking and training a game
 on the first one, the 2 other computers
 are busy packing the levels. in fact
 i believe to be one of the fastest
 crackers around, just we in GENESIS
 never spend any money in originals, so
 whenever i get an original for free, i
 crack it. if i won't get it for free,
 i won't crack it. simple, eh ?
 of course the originals are sometimes
 not new at all if you wait until you
 get it for free so my cracks get spread
 1-2 weeks after the first-release of
 other groups. and if one of us had the
 first release (GOBLIN, PUNISHER or
 TESTAMENT) then i normally won't bother
 cracking it again as their version is
 good enough. anyway, i normally spend
 1-2 days on doing a jewel-crack.
 i needed one weekend to crack and pack
 the game LOGO, including the 30 pics.
-what do you do in your spare-time ?
+hanging around downtown and boozing.
-tell me your favourites...
+movie: total recall
 music: at the moment it's hip-hop
 games: wallstreet
 group: GENESIS (of course !)
-do you have any idols ?
 one of the best coders, DEEK is my
 favourite musician and BIZZMO and SCRAP
 are the best designers.
-what do you think about other crackers?
+most are lame. there are only 3 good
 crackers on the c-64 nowadays.
 (including me...)
-anything else to be said ?
+i'd like to greet a couple of friends:
 all my brothers in GENESIS and all the
 funny people i meet at the radwar v5
 party... especially HANNES of COSMOS
 DESIGN, the weird dudes in the DUPLEX
 MARKETING and you !


OMG's Rankings

           * OMG'S RANKINGS *

sorry, since i am in a real hurry i got
no time to set up the charts this month.
see, counting the points properly takes
round and about 3 days and i got less
than a night to finish this. well, i
could do what most other magazines do
and simply cheat the charts... but what
would that be good for ? so, this month
i will simply give you my very personal,
extremely subjective opinion...


-     GENESIS         8  10  10  10    -
-     ikari+talent    9   7  10   8    -
-     illusion        9   7   9   7    -
-     dominators     10   3  10  10    -
-     legend          8   6   3   5    -
-     f4cg            4   6   8  10    -
-     crazy+lotus     1   4   1   0    -
      extasy          2   1   1   6    -
      censor          0   0   0  10    -

these are the only groups i consider
"elite" (=best of the best). DOMINATORS
still got the most first releases and
GENESIS still got the highest quality.
but also I+T and ILLUSION try to do good
            BEST DEMO GROUPS

-     BLACKMAIL      10   5   0  10    -
-     crest           5   8  10  10    -
-     origo           7  10   5  10    -
-     censor d.       4   8   5  10    -
-     flash inc.      6   9   7  10    -
-     bonzai          7   7   6  10    -
-     light           1   7   3  10    -
-     cosmos d.       9  10   7  10    -
-     megastyle       8   9   4  10    -
      genesis        10   8   0  10
-     beyond force    2   9   1  10    -

these actually are the only demo-groups
i really like. no offense, just a matter
of taste.

about the vote-sheets for this issue:
i received about 100 votings this month,
so i definitely can't count them all in
time. i will count them for the next
issue, ok ?!



              * CONTACTS *

remember the rules to get your adress
printed in here:
1. vote or send us some news,
2. write clearly or use a typewriter,
3. write on paper, disknotes are invalid
3. no text besides the adress intself.
4. spread SEX'N'CRIME, please.


a very tired volker who had to write the
contact-corner is signing off now...

                 THE END


              MAILBOX V3.0

-es war uns diesen monat leider nicht
 moeglich,ein mag zu verfassen,das den
 derzeitigen anspruechen in irgendeiner
 form gerecht geworden waere.durch die
 klausurenphase dieses quartals,sowie
 der in london stattfindenden pcw-show,
 blieb keine zeit fuer (weitere) aktivi-
 taeten im computerbereich uebrig....
                  volker of amok 14/9/90

-in the intro i wrote something like
 '...this music...' that's not correct!
 try '...the music...' instead!

D64 MD5: f003b9c5c004772e46fe0563c4ee9538

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