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Intro info and scrolltext

      intro code by chris of amok
              music by deek
             logo by rene
    charsets in this intro by chris
   copyright amok coding department

  sex and crime main program coded by
            volker of amok
       charset by omg of amok
   logo by hein design of bml
           music by vibrants

hello and welcome to sex'n'crime#18. sorry guys for using this old intro again but the new one is too long (graphic compo...!).sorry omg but i really hadn't any time to install the new music,the new logo,the new colors and so on... i'm a diffolib-coder (do it for fun or let it be) and no slave.i've got to do other things beside coding (my demoparts are enough for this month! ok ???). anyway,take it easy cause there is issue#19 coming up next month... back to normal! as you might see i'm a bit tired. today,friday,there was a concert on which some classmates were playing . now it's two o'clock and i have to finish this mag for the venlo(blerick!!) meeting... dear narc of legend! you wrote in your anti-omg-letter that omg isn't even able to pack his own mag... oh guy,it isn't as simple as it maybe looks like.if you think you are better please contact me and you can link the mag from now on... thanks! at this point i have to say sorry for the bad english but i really hate scrollwriting at two o'clock in the night!!! now some hints for these venlo-driving guys coming from germany.-a short german text is coming up: wenn ihr mit dem auto ueber die a2 bzw. ueber die e3 nach venlo fahrt,nehmt nicht den autobahn-grenzuebergang! ein paar kilometer davor ist eine ausfahrt 'herongen' ! an der grenze dieses kuhkaffs ist nie irgendein stau... meistens steht noch nicht einmal ein zollbeamter dort...(kurz vor der grenze ist eine kleine bruecke,von der man den stau auf der autobahn sehen kann! he,he...) back to english! the winners of the graphic and music competition are: entity of visualflex and nick of airwalk(music)! press space now to enjoy their contributions.... a very tired volker is signing off now...


sex'n'crime #018             august 1990
1.........editorial and videos
2.........reactions  7............charts
3..rumours and news  8..........contacts and previews interview
5.............mixed  0...........mailbox

graphics.....................hein design
music................jesper olsen + h-je
print-routine v2..................volker

send your articles, rumours, news,
game-previews and votings to:


in case you know anything which might be
of interest for SEX'N'CRIME, or you're
running a conference, call these lines:



yoyoyo, guess what ?! little omg is back
from holiday to steal your time with yet
another horrible issue of SEX'N'CRIME !
(yeuch ! will it never end ?! hehehe...)
ahhh, i've been in spain (almeria) for 3
weeks, 1 week in gibraltar and some few
more days in madrid. and, i am totally
relaxed now ! gosh, really, i couldn't
even remember when i felt that good the
last time...
i am back home for almost a week now and
plenty of things happened while i was
gone. the dudes from ATG released a
funny world-cup issue of corruption.
SYS of ALPHAFLIGHT spread a fake-note
(inexorable) with plenty of lies and
EXCELL of I+T even built a huuuuuuuuge
federation against me. (w-o-w-s-e-r-s !)
spain sure was great, but to be honest,
i missed you all ! all this totally
senseless crap, all the fakes, all the
lies, all the jokes, all the fun, all
the parties... i simply missed all the
cool and lame scene-folks !
however, the last 2 issues of S'N'C
haven't been of the customary quality
(quaaality ? what am i talking about ??)
due to the serious problems we had...
(i was summer-ized... "i'm daaancing on
sunshiiiiine, oohhh-ooohhh-ohh...")
we definitely hope you will enjoy this
issue (like always) and spread it around
a bit (like always)... thank you !



             * REACTIONS: *

well, well, well... this chapter was
always meant to re-act on any attack or
insult of people...
if some crapheads really annoyed me and
tried to put me down for no particular
reason but stupidity, i always tried to
answer their questions or accusations by
giving a reasonable point of view.
but, i'm feeling that great that nothing
really bothers me enough to annoy me...
so, whom should i dedicate a response ?
maybe INFOCOMIE of NATO for his lies
about me in his F.A.O.-note ?
or what about FLOYD of ATG ? humm... no,
he's just a kid and doesn't even know
what he's actually talking about.
aaaaahhhh... who cares anyway ?!
i bet until next issue some braiddead
motherfucker is going to find some more
stupid reason to argue around with me...

(what about this: "hey, omg, i don't
know you personally, and i am not worth
to be known by anyone myself, but you
are famous, so i'm going to start a war
with you. i don't really have a reason,
so, why not make one up ?! hummm... let
me see: omg is antichrist ! and scrap !
and santa claus ! and omg is a gay !
yepp... i hope that's enough !! geee...
after having a war for a month or two
i'll be real famous ! goody, goody !!
signed:l.amer of cracky cracking group")

...and until next issue i have to go
through a whole month of work, school,
problems, parties, heat etc. etc. and
i will probably be so tired that i will
get mad about all this childish crap
again. so, sorry to dissapoint you this
month... i'm really feeling too good to
waste my time on being angry on anyone
for any reason. well, maybe next month.


Rumours and News

          * RUMOURS AND NEWS *

severe problems in LEGEND:
POWERPLANT and GOLDFISH had to go trough
their exams, so there were no first-
releases by them for ages.
and PYLE joined LEGEND. but, after only
a few weeks they had some problems since
the LEGENDERS didn't really like each
other. ARROGANCE(thorsten) finally was
kicked out. a couple of days later
ARROGNACE(thomas) left LEGEND and joined
X-RAY. ASSASIN left the scene and PYLE
joined CRAZY.

COLIN of OPAL has never been a member of
GENESIS. G*P in fact needed some money,
so they abused all the poor guys who
wanted to join them. GENESIS told all
these "lamers" they could join, but they
had to pay 62,50dm for a fictious party.
many of the lamers payed but they never
appeared in any member-list.
COLIN, GLENN, WARBOY and many other
so-called new G*P-members were victims.

SPITFIRE of ACTION admitted that it was
not him who cracked TIE BREAK. he denied
that MR.LEE cracked it for him on phone.
according to SPITFIRE it was a secret-
named "YOYO". (groooooovy !!)
anyway, the protection of TIE BREAK was
not done by MR.LEE as some people said,
according to SPITFIRE, ACCU didn't leave
the group, he did not rename and he did
not join FLASH INC.. the legal part of
a couple of days ago. also TMM of DUALIS
changed his name into CRISP and joined
ACTION. by the way, if you want to buy a
cheap avatax 2400 baud modem, call:

remember the lamest lamer ADMIRAL of
TRANSIT ? guess what ?! he changed his
name into DUX and joined LAZER ! bargh !
a couple of guys were kicked out. 2 of
them were GORBI and FLASH (he was kicked
out of AMOK aswell). FLASH joined TRIAD
now. (yeuch !!)

well, some months ago 2COOL (notorious
recracker and ripper) joined UNICESS.
EXORY of UNICESS cracked some old games,
months after decent groups had cracked
(better versions) before. well, this
tremendous mega-group UNICESS told me
to shut up. according to superhero EXORY
2COOL is absolutely hyper-cool, just as
cool as all the other UNICESS members.
(well, i never denied 2COOL was exactly
like all the other UNICESS members,
i only said he is a lamer... get it ?)
anyway, EXORY said megamighty UNICESS
would destroy AMOK within one month.
hehe... now guess what ?!? riiiiight...
exactly one month later UNICESS was
dead ! (oops... something must have gone
wrong !) 2COOL changed his name into LEE
and joined DUPLEX+ORACLE...
(hey, EXORY... what happened ? did you
finally kick this ripper, or did super-
cool 2COOL leave your sinking ship ??)
anyway, most of the UNICESS-jerks built
up a new group, named HOLOCAUST.
however, DARK, ZITO and ZEUS were kicked

the swedish section of DYNAMIX joined
AMOK. VISUAL (very good graphican)
joined SCIENCE 451.

while SONIX joined the POWERS OF PAIN.

splitted up, both groups are even in war
with each other now !
FLIMBO of PARAMOUNT changed his name in-
there were a few internal problems in
PARAMOUNT, but two different stories:
1.version: SCRATCHER and DR.DEATH were
very lazy and talked shit, so PARAMOUNT
kicked them out.
coded a game, but STING ripped some
routines from SCRATCHER and DR.DEATH,
without giving them credits or money.
so SCRATCHER and DR.DEATH left the
"rippers" and formed the legal demo-
group: CREATION.

after less than a month. more and more
of the so-called F.A.O.-members on the
list proved to be not in after all.
however, IKARI+TALENT will most surely
stop after the pcw-show in september.
also DUCK DUNN quitted computing as the
CRAZY+LOTUS co-operation broke up.
LOTUS is dead. MAGIC MAN joined CREST
after he was kicked out of CRAZY.
CLASS is almost dead aswell. ENJOY
joined BONZAI while some other members

TEXREX joined GENESIS as swapper and
original supplier.
by the way, do you know the game LOGO ?
well, DIGITAL MARKETING did the new
(improved) timex-protection which was
said to be impossible to crack.
EVERYBODY tried to crack it...
...and EVERYBODY failed !!
the ONLY existing 100% working version
was done by SNACKY of GENESIS !!
so, this is the ultimate proof for his
supreme abilites. not only his versions
are the best, but he is also the onlyone
who is able to "crack" for real.
after all, "cracking" does not simply
mean tape-transfering, level-packing,
iffl-packing, mfi-packing, training,
or installing a lame intro, but mainly
removing a copy-protection...
and strangely all the so-called crackers
(wannabes) failed, only SNACKY did it.
STING of PARAMOUNT couldn't even remove
the simple password protection...
ARROGANCE was kicked out of LEGEND as he
was not able to crack LOGO either...
KRUSH of ABSTRACT released a 35% crack
of the game... it did NOT AT ALL work
and he didn't understand the game,so he
didnt even notice that the game included
30-40 digitised pictures of naked women.
his version only contains 3 pictures and
it's crashing after the first level.
but, all the other crackers failed, too.
new copy-protection together now.

an apprentice at RELINE has given the
unprotected and unfinished originals of
crackers. well, back luck for him as
we installed codes in our game so we
easily found out who it was...
the apprentice was fired at once.

remember the demo "ANTIFRICTION" ?
well, well... ACTION were very proud of
having a new first-release a while ago.
and now guess what it was ?!
yepp: ANTIFRICTION !!! ACTION released
the last part of the demo (which has
slight similarity with a shoot'em up)
and claimed to have a preview of a very
good game. FANTASY even imported this
joke, fixed and spread it all over the
boards. in their intro-scroller they're
even boasting around and claiming they
would get the first release of the
finished version of the ANTIFRICTION
game aswell ! hahaha !!!

SOFTMASTER (good musician) of UNION will
maybe join CREST soon. DEEK of GENESIS
and XAYNE of CREST are working on a
co-operation tune.


RUTHLESS will soon release a new paper-
magazine, called ELITE.

hey, hey ! HEIN DESIGN and MAC MAGIX
joined BLACKMAIL ! i'm curious to see
the next couple of BML-demos !!

WILDCAT of ICS recracked the F4CG crack

have you seen the movie BLUES BROTHERS ?
well, ANTICHRIST bought a car for 800,-
dm now (an old audi) and painted it like
the BLUES-MOBILE ! looks pretty cool...

various groups re-released some very old
games like ZOMBI (2 years old) and
also BLOODWYCH had already been released
about 1 year ago. what's the matter ?!
are some wannabe-groups getting into a
"not-enough-releases"-crisis again ??
the best example is the new lamer-group
HOLOCAUST: they released SUPRA 64 (3-4
years old), a couple of lame GAME ON
games and some more ancient crap...
also NARC of LEGEND re-released the very
HEWSON (3-4 years) and NEI even imported
it. (yeuch !!)


News and Previews

         * NEWS AND PREVIEWS: *

25.-26. august 1990/hungary

1. september 1990

RADWAR party v5:
31.august-2.september 1990:
in west germany.
to get a proper invitation, send 1,- dm
and a self-adressed envelope with enough
stamps on it.   o
this party will be the biggest event in
1990 so make suro you won't miss it !!
it will be 3 days of camping !
31.8. friday: setting up the tents
1.9. saturday: breakfast, football,
               swimming, grilling and
               some games...
               (hunting lamers etc.)
2.9. sunday: remove the tents and drive
             back home to mummy.
make sure you'll bring these things:
clothes for sports and swimming, a tent,
a sleeging-bag, something to drink (no
bottles or other glass please. take cans
many people will be there...
manfred trenz (turrican), bob stevenson,
peter baron (myth), sector 5 team, asm,
starbyte, amiga special, andreas escher,
x-ample,genesis,digital excess,mdg,amok,
and many others.

MANIACS OF NOISE sold their sound and fx
editor to DIGITAL MARKETING. so, it will
soon be released to the public.

angry about CRAZY as they were writing
bullshit about him in some previous
issues of MAMBA. according to them it
was him who had given out CYBERBLOCKS
and BALLMANIA, but as i said before, it
was an apprentice at RELINE.
MARKUS has dozens of unreleased games
and previews but he never gave any of
them to crackers. he had DOMINATION for
more than a year, KILLOZAPP for about 1
month and also many games from STARBYTE.
so, MARKUS wants an official apologise,
or they might get into REAL trouble.

JESPER OLSEN sold his c-64, left AMOK
again and bought an amiga... (bargh !)
the AMOK SOUND DEPARTMENT has got a new
his handle is H-JE. he uses OLSEN's
player and will do the music for S'N'C
from now on.

remember our monthly GRAPHIC AND MUSIC
COMPETITION ! send us your best picture
in any known format (no fli - too long)
or your best musoc (max. 20 blocks) and
we will link it in front of the next



               * MIXED: *

in the latest issue of CORRUPTION i saw
a very nice idea: the guys in ATG tried
to find the origin of various names.
so, we thought, why not try that, too ?
after all, EVERYBODY is stealing all the
ideas from us, so why shouldn't we ripp
off a good idea for once ?! (hehe...)
anyway, where do the names come from ?!
-excalibur:-king arthur's sword
-amok:-german title of stephen king's
       book "rage"
-genesis*project: contend of star trek 2
 genesis:-music group
         -starting point of civilisation
         -first book of old testament
-ikari:-shoot'em up game
-exodus:-the israelits left egypt in
         about 1300 bc
-holocaust:-large-scale destruction of
            human lives (by fire)
           -hitler's massacre of jews.
-f4cg:-marvel comic super-hero team
-bad taste:-bloody horror comedy from
            new zealand
-crest:-perry rhodan's spacecraft
       -decoration on a helmet
       -top of a slope or hill
       -white top of a large wave
       -design over a shield/armor
                             OMG of AMOK

it seems that babygang get stronger and
stronger as transcom fall down.
i am french and i can say that babygang
is ruling the french scene with quite
good and many cracks while transcom do
never crack more than 2-3 games per
month !!!              TOMAHAWK of PADUA

the lamer called crap, who ripped intros
and changed the logos of hotline, afl
and so on, built a new group, together
with some other lame guys, called w.o.e.
(they want to displace genesis. hahaha!)
                          LORD of RADIUS

your magazine is the best around at the
moment. by the way, i must tell ya that
it's a 100% lie from this little asshole
excell/ikari, that we should have joined
the federation against omg.
                     TECON of DOMINATORS

with this letter i want to complain
about the computer-scene. 9 months ago i
got an old c64. i tried to crack some
games but i failed. unfortunately it's
not that easy as on the plus 4. so i
tried to find some information on
cracking. i knocked on many doors, but
none was opened. well, i started to
collect pirated software. very boring,
most of the time the intros were better
than the games. after a while a friend
of mine got busted. this turned my mind
upside-down and i reformatted all my
disks (believe it or not). now i'm legal
and trying to find people who are able
to explbin some vic-fx to me. but what
do you expect ? right ! again the same
arrogance that prevented me from being a
cracker. not one of my letters was
answered. on the phone i heard things
like "fuck off lamer ass !" before the
receiver was slammed down. i don't get
it. everyone had a starting point. no
person was born raster-headed. but those
great coders are so terribly arrogant.
why ?? why don't they spread their
knowledge like a disease ? i'd like
everyone who reads this to give me a
clue for understanding those poor
in west germany.              (UNSIGNED)

and a words to megadeath:this is already
the third month that you didn't show up
we give you no change man you better not
come because then you are dead suckers!!
                       CURSE of RUTHLESS

this letter is to accompany the article
i had printed in sex'n'crime about the
uk cracker scene last month.
it is about the remarks i made about
illusion,uk. i said that most richie and
reble mc's versions were bugged. i was
seemingly well out of order in making
this statement and so i am sorry in
offending these guys, and illusion, also
if anyone else was offended, sorry, as i
don't want to make trouble with anyone
or fight like richie and rebel mc do,
with me.               DMC of DOMINATORS

hummm... i don't think dmc was so wrong:
i read illusion's intro-scroller in
DEADLY EVIL, in which they ragged
on dmc and said their cracks never bug.
i know it's none of my business, but i
checked their crack anyway... and now
guess what ?! right... it's bugging !!
if you face right but stab left (press
button + joystick left) then the sprite
fucks up...                  OMG of AMOK

i am mr.perfect of a new dutch-spanish
crew and i have a message for all you
groups out there who think they're cool
but who are nothing more then lame.
only a few groups are cool. you think
that you rule etc. etc... and when a new
group comes up, you only write and talk
shit about them. i don't give any names
now but that doesn't mean that i'm
afraid. oh no. we are new and we don't
have much experience but if anyone tries
too laugh and write shit about us, then
i will declare you war. it doesn't make
any difference if you are lame or if you
are cool. so try to talk shit about us
and you will see.
ps: of course i haven't and i don't dare
to have something against you. you are
cool. by the way, i wanna publish my
adress.       MR.PERFECT of THANTON CREW


Games and Videos

          * GAMES AND VIDEOS *

LOGO from STARBYTE is a compendium of 3
neat strategy games. but, i guess it's
pretty hard to get a sense into them if
you don't have any instructions...
anyway, LOGO contains about 40 digitized
pictures of nude girls... (yo-yo-yo!!)
rating: 87%

TOTAL RECALL is the newest movie with
ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER. well, it actually
is not only his newest but his BEEEEEEST
aswell. gosh ! i love it !! you can't
really put it into any particular
cathegory, it's some kind of a action-
science fiction-suspense-thriller...
it's a lot like the good old hitchkock
movies... this movie contains really
everything i want to see in a movie:
perfect special fx, beautiful women,
science fiction, violence, action and a
thrilling story. so, i'd give this movie
a "BINGOOOO"-award... rating: 100%



               * CHARTS *

why not have a change for once ?! all
this charts are totally worthless the
way they used to be... "best" cracker...
what's that supposed to mean ?! well,
here they are: the ultimate REAL charts.
nowadays people think someone is good if
he is fast, but that's WRONG !! it's all
different things... that's why i decided
to split the charts. from now on you may
vote seperately for...
cracking groups:     demo groups:
spd = speed          des: design
qlt = quality        cod: code
qnt = quantity       qnt: quantity
sym = sympathy       sym: sympathy
    totl = total (all points added up)
see, JADE/DOMINATORS has plenty of first
releases, but very bad cracks. so, DOM
get a high rate at SPD, but only a low
rate at QLT. they release a lot, so they
should also get a high QNT. if you are
a DOM-fan than you will give them a high
SYM. if you hate them, give them a low
SYM. understand ? same with the demo-
groups. CONTEX were good in designing,so
their DES should be high, but they were
only average coders, so they get a low
COD. BLACKMAIL release a demo once a
year so they get a very, very low QNT
while CREST release plenty of demos...
ergo they get a high QNT.
well, as this is the first issue with
these new charts nobody could have voted
in this new way, so for this issue the
old system was not completely chancelled
yet, but counted in this way:
groups          = sym
single crackers = qlt
graphic+music   = des
single coders   = cod
swappers        = qnt

anyway, here are the new rules:
2. do not vote for yourself !!
3. vote honestly, don't cheat.
4. you may list up as many groups as
   you want. give each of them 1-10
   points in all four cathegories.
   10 is best and 1 is worst.
   (nothing changed here...)
5. send your votes on paper ! votes on
   disk or phone are invalid.
6. i will count all points and add them
   up in TOTL. the highest TOTL is the
   number one (=the best).
7. groups with less than 100 points will
   not be listed in the charts.


 01.  GENESIS         0 686 140 653 1479
 02.  ikari+talent    0 384  23 571  978
 03.  illusion+atc    0 364  21 459  844
 04.  dominators      0 235  19 389  643
 05.  legend          0 147  17 426  590
 06.  paramount+afl   0  78   0 200  278
 07.  holocaust       0  73   0 138  211
 08.  crazy+lotus     0   3   6 195  204
 09.  censor          0  34   0 164  198
 10.  extasy          0  82   0 109  191
 11.  fairlight       0   9  12 117  138
 12.  dynamix         0  86   8  36  130
 13.  action          0  26   0  99  125
 14.  x-ray           0  71   2  45  118

F4CG released a lot of good wares. so,
you should really start voting for them.
HOLOCAUST is a bunch of lamers, mainly
releasing GAME ON and low budget shit.
they seem to get points only by bribing
their lame contacts, as NO decent guy
voted for them.

             BEST DEMOGROUPS

 01.  BLACKMAIL     847   0   0 206 1053
 02.  crest         188 194   0 576  958
 03.  genesis       710  18   0 133  861
 04.  horizon        11 167   0 281  459
 05.  origo          31  32   0 315  378
 06.  censor d.      19  56   0 202  277
 07.  flash inc.      9  79   0 181  269
 08.  bonzai        100  31   7 133  264
 09.  light          23  73   0 147  243
 10.  cosmos d.       8  47   0 184  239
 11.  x-ample       153   0   0  68  221
 12.  artline d.    143   0   0  52  195
 13.  megastyle      10  50   0 117  177
 14.  buds            0  59   0  98  157
 15.  crazy         144   3   0   0  147
 16.  panoramic d.   18  27   0  80  125
 17.  trc            56  12   0  46  114
 18.  beyond force    0  35   0  66  101

MEGASTYLE ought to be a lot higher.
their demo  PIECE OF CAKE 3 was pretty
good, especially SPARKLER's graphics.
released very cool demos these days.
BIZZMO and HEIN DESIGN are the ultimate



             * INTERVIEW: *

sooooooorry... no interview as the one i
intended to print did not reach me in
time and i myself was too lazy to do
another one to replace it. however, this
issue is pretty long again, so there
wouldn't have been enough memory for a
long interview anyway... next time...



              * CONTACTS *

remember the rules to get your adress
printed in here:
1. vote or send us some news,
2. write clearly or use a typewriter,
3. write on paper, disknotes are invalid
3. no text besides the adress intself.
4. spread SEX'N'CRIME, please.


well, sorry if your adress is not in
here then i could probably not read it
or you sent it in too late.
remember, SEX'N'CRIME is being released
every 3.saturday of a month (venlo), so
your letters must reach me until the
2.saturday of each month.

                 THE END


              MAILBOX V3.0

die hollaendischen leute von ATG sind in
der weltmeisterschafts-CORRUPTION ganz
schoen ueber uns deutsche hergezogen...
hier ist die rache: hollaender-witze !!
-seit wann gibt es hollaender ?
 seit dem belgier kuehe bumsen !!
-warum kriegen hollaender kein aids ?
 hollaender haben keine freunde !!
-warum hat noch nie eine mohamedanerin
 einem hollaender einen geblasen ?
 mohamedaner duerfen kein schweine-
 fleisch in den mund nehmen !!
-wo hat ein hollaendischer hund sein
 arschloch ?
 an der leine !!
-blinde haben eine schwarz-gelbe binde.
 hollaender haben ein schwarz-gelbes
-kommt ein hollaender mit'nem frosch auf
 dem kopf zum arzt. fragt der arzt:
 "kann ich ihnen helfen ?"
 sagt der frosch: "ja, machen sie mir
 den pickel am arsch weg..."
-kommt ein hollaender nach aachen...
 fragt ihn der aachener: "hey, pisser,
 was ist dumm und hat 4 beine ?"
 "weiss nit" sagt der hollaender.
 darauf grinst der aachener und sagt:
 "du und dein bruder !", und geht weg.
 der hollaender ist gefrustet...
 da kommt ein belgier und der hollaender
 will ihn verarschen... fragt er den
 belgier: "hey, fritte, was ist dumm und
 hat 4 beine ?". "weiss nit" sagt der
 belgier. sagt der hollaender:
 "ich und mein bruder" und geht...

so, mehr faellt uns nicht ein... egal...
diese sabbernden provinzfussballer haben
sowieso nicht mehr verdient...


1 sorrrryyyy!
2 the creditz are wrong!
3 the music wasn't composed by jo-hje!
4 it was made by the vibrants...!
5 the new music is made by jo and hje,
6 but as you might have read i didn't
7 install it up to now....!
8 :
9 : bye!

D64 MD5: da9f23d171a515d8f3d5f3b5d3a79947

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