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Intro scrolltext

use joystick in port two for speed !! yo ! bumrush the show ! this is just a little promotion for ourselves... thanx for this fastcode to volker of amok! let's introduce us... we call ourselves authentic arts and do grafix and musix for commercial use and intros for people who just want to buy some... ever heard of that name ? i guess not... all the sings you see and hear were done by us ,except the code ofcourse... want to order something ? then write to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX waiting for your order... ciao mates !

Important Note

this issue was completely fixed on
friday evening in a real hurry...
when i wanted to start fixing the mag,da
text bugged,i took my bike and drove to
chris who'd a backup of it! but this guy
is in holiday for three weeks and so i
couldn't get it.... finally i got it
from another guy(only god knows how this
dude got a copy of it....) !

the result:
-you can't print all contacts on printer
-fullscreen-scrolling sometimes starts
 to flicker a little bit... (fuck!lame!)
-the word hunter can't reach the whole

sorry about this,but if you meet me ,
you can kill me for that...    !!!?



sex'n'crime #016               june 1990
1.........editorial and movies
2.........reactions  7............charts
3..rumours and news  8.........interview and previews  9..........contacts
5.............mixed  0...........mailbox

graphics.....................hein design
music.......................jesper olsen
print-routine v2..................volker

send your articles, rumours, news,
game-previews and votings to:


in case you know anything which might be
of interest for SEX'N'CRIME, or you're
running a conference, call these lines:

germany:     XXXXXXXXXXXXX
germany:     XXXXXXXXXXXXX
denmark:     XXXXXXXXXXXXX
norway:      XXXXXXXXXXXXX
norway:      XXXXXXXXXXXXX


su-su-summer time !
to be honest we didn't really want to
release an issue this month since most
of us will be on vacation by the time
you read these lines. as you can see we
did this issue at the beginning of june
but it will be released in venlo and
that's about 3 weeks from today. so,
some of the news might be a bit dated.
anyway, a bad issue still is better than
no issue at all.
however, we are forced to skip issue 17
as i will have just returned from my
trip to spain then so i can't set up an
entire issue in only one day and most of
the other AMOK members are too lazy...



             * REACTIONS! *

who the fuck do you think you are ?!
IKARI was big in the times of TRI-DOS.
but you became lamer and lamer ever
since he left you jerks. nowadays you
are nothing special at all, you just
believe to be the kings of the scene...
everybody is laughing about your lame
low budget "first releases" and all your
re-releases whenever you put your cracks
on the boards though a decent group had
done it before. see, ask whomever you
want, all the "big" people declare you
ONLY LAMERS (and i mean it !) would vote
you on number one because they do not
know anything at all about the scene.
these lamers don't actually vote for YOU
but for your OLD NAME and the FAME you
achieved in former days.
if all these voting LAMERS would USE
their BRAIN once before they write their
charts, IKARI+TALENT would drop out of
the top 5 at once !!!
in fact i don't really understand why
you keep on trying to annoy me...
i wasn't the one to cheat the results of
the ikari+zargon party, but YOU were !
remember ? anyway, you started annoying
me when you said you'd try everything to
crack AMOK-games... hehehe... poor you.
see, you lamers even failed to crack
NO MERCY (it was bugging all over) and
that copy-protection is nothing compared
to our neuro-protect.
come on, excell, you know you are lame.
getting decent originals, cracking them
in time, doing a 100% quality version
and spreading your wares requires a lot
more energy than you actually have.
you know, one of the nicest qualities
about you has always been that you
recognized your weaknesses...
don't lose that quality now when you
need it the most !

you are one of a kind !! really, i'm
getting to enjoy our "relationship" !
1. you told shit about me in venlo.
2. next month i asked you why you were
   doing that and you kept on annoying
   me (jealous for any reason ?!) and
   you called me names again and again
   although i was trying to solve our
   little problem. i had never even
   heart your name before so i sure did
   not do anything at all to give you a
   reason to hate me. so, even up to now
   i don't quite understand what you
   want from me.
3. you spread s'n'c #13 and put me down
   in the mailbox and again only my
   compassion kept me from protecting
   myself against your lies.
4. you spread s'n'c #14 and wrote even
   more shit about me. ...this was the
   turning point as i saw that you would
   not stop sreading shit about me if i
   simply ignored you...
5. now, for the first time after all you
   had done to annoy me i re-acted and
   used the same weapons against you
   that you had tried to attack me with.
   so i wrote some crap about you in the
   mailbox of s'n'c #15.
6. finally you little audacious asshole
   wrote a note and boasted around that
   i, the "old-nasty-mean-omg", had
   attacked you without any reason.
   and now, that i had dared to ridicule
   the great "sys of alphaflight" you
   had taken up the holy task to kill
   me... oooooohhhh, boooy, i'm scared
   now !! really ! is that all you can ?
   replacing intellect with violence ?
   i pity you. i got the strong belief
   that you are making all this up
   simply to get some publicity...
   (come on, admit it, little child !)


Rumours and News

           * RUMOURS'N'NEWS *

after SONIX, TWIST and RED left COSMOS
they tried to join BONZAI but they were
turned down. finally they formed a new
group called CONFLICT. RED might soon be
kicked out due to his lazyness. some
members of WWE joined CONFLICT after
WWE died.

the "PIRATES" will from now on be done
by F4CG and GENESIS.

RAISTLIN stopped all activities on his
c-64 and left GENESIS. he is working for
the AMOK-company now until he will get
his amiga. also FRANKIEGHOST will soon
quit computing completely. DAMIEN of
OPAL joined GENESIS as graphic-artist
and swapper. he also quitted his little
disk-mag SERIOUS and started a paper-
magazine, called STARDUST.

(bankrupt ?!) however, some of the staff
decided to form a new company soon.

after FUSION splitted up MAGIC and ROOZE
(both ex-DCS) formed a new group called
CLASS while the british FUSION members
joined CLASS aswell. CLASS called them-
selves "first class crackers" as they
promised to release only first class
cracks... hummm... reality looks a bit
different though ! their versions are
nothing special at all and most of them
are full of bugs. take their version of
SPACE BIKE for instance: all graphics in
the 3. and 5. levels are broken !! bah !

quitted computers aswell but he might
return someday.

and some others will release demos under
joined CLASS. CYCLEBURNER joined


legal subgroup called EXCELLENCE DESIGN.
also BAGDER of HORIZON might join.

co-operation. they believe to be no.1
in germany. (ahumm...) they also claimed
to have a 100% first-release of TIEBREAK
but in fact their crack is bugging.


STONE left AMOK and sold his computer.

INJUN and TYCOON left TRIAD and joined

stop computing soon.

AARON (the little brother of STRIDER and
a complete lamer) of FAIRLIGHT ripped 2
demo parts from WONDERLAND 6 of CENSOR
and released them after bugging them.
(boy, you are a REAL asshole !)

left and rejoined his old group CENSOR.

THE ANCIENT TEMPLE released their demo
"AIRDANCE II"... in one of the parts
their was a "tat superman"-picture.
TAT claimed that their new excellent
drawer LURCH had drawn this picture.
but in fact he had ripped it from the
very old game "superman vs dr.doom".
he only changed a few things (which
look totally lame now... like the blue
trousers etc.) bah ! well, TAT also
ripped intros from STRIKE FORCE and
HOTLINE a while ago so the fact that
their graphican LURCH is just a lame
ripper did not really surprise me.

did anyone of you check out DISK PRESS,
the fake magazine of COSMOS DESIGNS ?!
if so then compare it to COOCOC #14 !!
ROY of DYNAMIX has ripped the COsmos
logo and changed it into a COOCOC logo.
of course he gave credits to himself
instead of COSMOS DESIGNS !!

DEEK of GENESIS did the music for
various other games. he was also asked
to do the music for the c-64 conversion
of BLOOD MONEY but he had to refuse as
he didn't have a decent music-routine at
that time and he didn't want to use the
old (rather bad) one that he had used
for his earlier tunes.

OSIRIS of ENERGY changed his name into

after the ADDICTION was closed by the
telephone company, IKARI+TALENT got a
new hq-board, named SHEER TERROR.

ILLUSION, who used to trade with OPTICAL
are now working with ATC. LEGEND is
exclusive with NEC now who recently
started to import under the NEI label.

ASTERIX was kicked out of EXCALIBUR.

since JIHAD stopped and SPITFIRE prefers
amiga ACTION might die very soon.

SUCCESS+X-RAY might split up soon as
ARROGANCE and SLASHER are not cracking
anymore there are only 3 active members

MOSKWA TV (the lamest lamer ever) tried
to get rid of his bad image. he dropped
his handle and uses his real name now
TIM claimed that MTV had been 2 persons
(TIM and a guy called MOSKWA) and only
this second person was the lamer and
poor TIM was innocent.
actually this is pure bullshit !
MOSKWA TV has never been anybody else
than TIM. he now does a totally lame
"magazine", called POWER OF VOICE which
actually consistes of pure lies. he once
had an interview with UTE WELTY
(she's doing the tv-show HIGHSCORE).
TIM pretended UTE was in love with him
and that she was waiting for him to fuck
her. (he really seems to be sick...)
in another issue he wrote that i had
stolen 600 disks in venlo !!!
and than he wrote that 20CC was right
when they said i had faked their letter.
(haha... sure, sure...) in fact he had
not even seen the letter and he did not
know anything about the quarrel...
his POWER OF VOICE comes right after
ARS PUPLICA ! both are filling their
magazines with invented stories and
things which never happened. (great !)


News and Previews

         * NEWS AND PREVIEWS: *

ENERGY+CHAOS party: 23.6.-24.6.1990
in weiz/austria on both, amiga and c-64.
order an invitation at: connor of chaos

order an invitation at: price of msi


is active again and back in AMOK !!

on saturday, 2nd of june 1990 actually
the edderheim-party was supposed to take
place. but, somehow the organizers seem
to have forgotten their own party...
about 50 people were standing in front
of closed doors and waiting for someone
to open...

JEFF SMART ("ILLEGAL") had his trial 2
weeks ago. his sentence is yet unknown.

recently we finished one of our games
(BALLMANIA) and sent it to 15 software-
houses. we received various positive and
negative answers but we had yet not
decided whom to sell it to. now, guess
what ?! CLASS released a 'crack' of our
game. this means one of the companies
must have given it to them !! the same
happened to a game that MDG had sent to
many companies. well, soon we will have
found out which of the companies did
this and we willomake sure this company
won't exist for too long after that !
we will write a detailed report and oend
it to ALL scene-magazines andoofficial
magazines in germany and england. we
won't rest unless we found a way to sue
the responsible and punish the guilty.

MDG will probaby not release anymore
demos as they are too busy with other
things. but they are still looking for
good coders who can do demos AND games
if you think you are the right one, send
to: markus funk of masters design group

monthly GRAPHIC and MUSIC competition:
RULES: everybody may participate with
       one or more musics or graphics.
       no particular rules what the
       graphics have to look like...
       you may use any known format.
       the music must not be longer
       than 20 blocks.

AWARD: your work will be linked in front
       of SEX'N'CRIME and spread all
       over the world. (easy way to gain
       publicity and to enter various
       graphic- and music-charts...)

ps: in the last 2 months we received
    graphics from more than 70 people
    but only very few musics.



               * MIXED: *

the idea with the eurocharts from THE
EDGE of LAZER is right cool, think about
it.                     -SCYTHE of LAZER

referring to the letter by THE EDGE of
i think your idea with the euro-charts
is rubbish !!! the reason is that all
mags would not only have the same news,
but also the same charts, it wouldn't be
exiting anymore to read these rubrics.
in my opinion it's the best way to have
separate charts, because e.g. the
scandinavian mags get more votes from
their countries, than from the rest of
europe, and so more scandinavian groups
are in the charts.
about the limit of the mags:
i have to admit that there are a lot of
mags in the scene and of course some are
cooler than the others, but in the
beginning there was only the SEX'N'CRIME
and there was no concurence at all.
today a lot of mags exist and try to be
on the top. what would you think if
there would only be one cracker-group ?
the only fact which should be changed is
that the editoors oof the mags should
work together, in order too avoid that
they have the same reports or interview.
                    -JACK DANIELS of ATG

i am XIMOX of GAX 777, one of the most
active groups in italy, together with
the section of THE FORCE and ICS. the
reason for this letter is quite simple:
a magazine called ARS PUPLICA published
in their last issue a report on the
italian scene done by a lamer called SM
of ARM. this guy not only wrote bullshit
in general but also showed his complete
ignorance about the few real facts he
wrote. for example he completely ignored
the fact that BCT is in co-op with CHAOS
and 'forgot' to mention that he was
kicked out from DEMONS (now THE FORCE).
i know all members of THE FORCE very
well so i am positive about this fact.
anyhow the editors of ARS PUPLICA
published an article from the first guy
that wrote in and who is surely the last
one to know things. i cannot accept the
fact that a mag read by people every-
where can be so careless. in fact in
every issue they make excuses to almost
all the people they wrote about in the
one before. we wrote a letter to ARS
PUPLICA but most of the time, as you
surely know, they do not pay attention
to real facts. actually i know that they
asked SM/ARM to write another report.
this lamer also made some charts where
he placed himself at the third place,
while our group is at the fourth.
(in italy, or course.)
this is ridiculous, ARM has 7 (seven !!)
contacts including ARS PUPLICA, apart
from this HUGE greetings list he is
totally unable to code, crack, draw
graphics and he is so lame that he is
even unable to ripp. our group has about
50 contacts in many cool groups in
europe and overseas (BOT, G*P, TERA,
MANOWAR, etc.)
when i first read your article about
ARS PUPLICA i diid not really pay much
attention to it. however now that i saw
their 'style', not only i agree with you
but i think that you were too kind to
them. there is a very big difference
between writing a mag professionally and
writing crap. i hope that you will take
this letter into consideration, however
for any additional info or to check out
anything please contact me.
                       -XIMOX of GAX 777

some words to the lamers of MEGADEATH:
well nerds, you wrote in that fucking
laaaaaame mag 'JUSTICE 4 ALL' of yours
that some guys wanted to make an anti-
demo against you. but that project
failed because nobody wanted to compete.
haha... sorry for laughing, guys, but
there will be a nice surprise for you
losers, probably released at this venlo.

TROPIC party-report:
i (MAKE/P+AFL) and my friends, CONFUSE/
CLIFF and ZACK of DUPLEX drive to
dortmund-bodelsch. the party took place
in an cool restaurant. but when we
entered the party-room, it was a big
shock for us. a very little room, full
of the greatest lamers, but later. it
was nearly impossible to find a power
station. but after a time we saw that a
lamer had a power station. we build up
our compies. then NEW-H from TROPIC
(the organizer from the pardey) came and
wanna talk with me and CAME. a roumor
say that we say that NEW-H girlfriend
pull her leg after her other leg. but
that's completly bullshit. after this
shit talking i count all the people in
room and at least i count 29 peoples.
the only new stuff were some imports
 from us. after some hours of laming and
so on. i know all the poeple on the
pardey. the only cool crews on the
pardey are PARAMOUNT (of coz), PULSAR,
FRESH, DUPLEX and X-AMPLE. the other
crews are all middle class or lame crews
DESIGN... and now the big joke !
the pardey ends on 11 o'clock (6 hours).
an old fucking lady says that nobody is
allowed to stay in the room after 11
o'clock. that means no demo competition.
all in all it was so lame that a fede-
ration was built against TROPIC pardeys.
(sorry for the bad english !)

"transit mega co-demo"
have you seen this demo ?? no ? then
read this... the demo contains parts
from the golden triangle, sharks, atrix,
contex, browbeat, yankees, transcom,
powerzone/amok, tristar, triad, elite,
megastyle inc,crazy, alphaflight and
level 99 !!! sounds good, eh ???
bullshit... the most parts (intros !)
were RIPPED BY TRANSIT. just check the
intros or ask the groups, they will tell
you the truth. only a few parts were not
stolen (e.g. browbeat's or tgt's...),
they're really nice but a waste of time.
why don't you go in co-operation with
MOSWKA TV ??? together you would be
unbeatable !!! a last note to MR.MISTER
of TRANSIT: beware of wanking down the
street when i'm going to visit my friend
FREDDY because then i will kick you
against a wall !
                  -POWELL of ALPHAFLIGHT

i totally agree with POWELL ! i have
never seen a worse attempt to gain
publicity. TRANSIT ripped dozens of
intros and wrote scroll-texts in the
name of the coders. for example:
TRANSIT ripped a CONTEX intro which was
coded by FLEX. they wrote a scroll-text
in the name of CYCLEBURNER in which they
claimed that he had coded this "demo"
for their great competition and that he
was totally amazed by the cool guys in
TRANSIT ! (hahahaha...)
really, ADMIRAL of TRANSIT is the new
lamer #1 !!!! he is the BIGGEST LAMER
in the world !! my personal lamer-charts
look like this:
1. admiral of transit
2. tim r. alias moskwa tv
3. alex, the editor of ars puplica
4. duck dunn of lotus+crazy
5. exory and 2cool of unicess
                            -OMG of AMOK


Games and Videos

          * GAMES AND VIDEOS *

VENDETTA is the latest product of good
old SYSTEM 3. do i have to say more ?!
excellent graphics and great music !
the games looks a bit like those LAST
NINJA things... and i simply love it !!
rating: 92%

LOOK WHO IS TALKING really is a nice
comedy ! maybe not as good as any of the
MONTHY PYTHON movies, but great anyway.
if you haven't seen it already, go and
watch it ! i enjoyed it very much ! 65%



             * THE CHARTS *

01.    genesis        363       germany
02.    legend         329       belgium
03.    ikari+talent   322       england
04.    dominators     274       denmark
05.    illusion       248       norway
06.    censor         137       sweden
07.    crazy+lotus    105       germany
08.    success+x-ray  103       germany
09.    action          86       germany
10.    nato            72       denmark
11.    fairlight       71       sweden
12.    paramount+afl   68       germany
13.    f4cg            47       italy
14.    transcom        33       france
14.    depredators     33       denmark
16.    lazer           31       austria

DOMINATORS are going strong since the
ex-TWILIGHT ZONE folks joined them.
LEGEND raised. TRANSCOM reentered.

            BEST DEMO GROUPS

01.    crest          233       germany
02.    origo          198       sweden
03.    cosmos design  156       austria
04.    megastyle      151       norway
05.    blackmail      150       holland
06.    buds           149       denmark
07.    genesis        112       england
08.    x-ample        104       germany
09.    horizon         93       sweden
10.    censor design   67       sweden
11.    triangle        44       denmark
12.    bonzai          42       denmark
13.    light           41       sweden
14.    beyond force    38       finland

ORIGO raised. TRIANGLE entered after
releasing their demo "ROAD TO EXCESS".
BONES and CONTEX are dead... so, stop
voting for them !

             BEST CRACKERS

01.    snacky        genesis    210
02     sauron        illusion   115
03.    antitrack     cosmos     107
04.    dogfriend     dominators  86
05.    goblin        genesis     77
06.    syndicate     dynamix     51
07.    bod           talent      41
08.    rockstar      extasy      38
09.    rocky         illusion    35
10     powerplant    legend      34
11     jihad         action      31
12.    just ice      ikari       30

POWERPLANT reentered while BOD dropped.
JIHAD quitted cracking as he doesn't
have enough time anymore.

            BEST DESIGNERS

01.    hein design   density    185
02.    bizzmo        genesis    119
03.    orc           blackmail  102
04.    scrap         genesis     98
05.    robert        blackmail   90
06.    gotcha        crazy       84
07.    flex          art.designs 69
08.    redstar       logic       51
09.    vip           crest       46
10.    tpa           x-ample     43
11.    fox           bonzai      30
11.    goblin        light       30

BIZZMO raised. goblin reentered while
X-AMPLE loses more and more points. they
aren't too good anyway...

             BEST MUSICIANS

01.    jch           vibrants   199
02.    drax          vibrants   126
03.    c.deenen      m.o.n.     115
04.    link          vibrants    85
05.    jesper olsen  amok        83
06.    e.v.santen    20cc        82
07.    deek          genesis     74
08.    reyn ouwehand system 3    66
09.    moz(ic)art    shape       38

raised. 20CC lost many places. (good !)

we decided to skip the SWAPPER and CODER
charts as they were boring due to the
insufficient amount of votes.



             * INTERVIEW: *

there's probably noone on this planet
who wouldn't know him for his notorious
DELIRIOUS series... right, i'm talking
about RAISTLIN: the guy who used to code
10 demos a day ! well, he recently left
the scene and this is meant to be kind
of an obituary for one of the greatest
guys i meet during my computer-life...

- = AMOK

-tell me something about yourself !
+well, my name is robert troughton, and
 i live in west yorkshire, england. i am
 17 years old and i am studying physics,
 computer studies (of course), maths and
 further maths.
-when did you first get into the scene
 and where have you been from there ?
+briefly, i started life in a group
 which comprised of my brother (kreator)
 and myself. we then joined PYROTECH,
 who later split up to form EXCESS
 (with some ex-DCS members). KREATOR
 went to the amiga and i joined ROUGH
 TRADE then NATO, ONEWAY and finally
 GENESIS * PROJECT where i remained.
-why did you leave GENESIS ?
+school took most of my time so there
 was nothing left for my demos. i also
 stopped swapping. i might get an amiga
 soon and quit the c-64 completely, but
 until then i will code some utilities
 for AMOK.
-what are your favourite drinks, films,
 music etc. ?
+drink: beer, lager, shandy
 films: police academy's, any comedies
        or violent films really.
 music: neneh cherry, madonna, martika,
        paula abdul, belinda carlisle,
        debbie gibson etc.
-what is your profession on the scene ?
+i code demos and utilities.
-what is your opinion about other
 coders ?
+i look up to a lot of guys like kjer of
 horizon, crossbow of crest, einstein of
 upfront etc., who are all excellent
 coders, but there aren't enough guys
 making original demos !
-do you have any enemies ?
+one or two.
-who are your best friends then ?
+let me see... deek, spacie, antichrist,
 iq64/shape,goldrush/crest,hein design,
 jog/dcs,action jackson/trc and you.
 these were all the contacts i had when
 i was still swapping.
-what are your plans for the future ?
+hmm, i want to get an amiga sometime...
 probably i will start a little swapping
 and coding on iit then and quit the 64
 forever. but until then i will try to
 make some money and code utilties.
-do you have a job except computing ?
+no, i'm a student.
-ok, that's all. thank's robert, talk
 to you again sometime...
+see ya...



              * CONTACTS *


did you send your adress to us ?! and we
didn't print it ?! that's probably your
own fault then ! remember:
to get your adress in here you have to:
1.write your adress clearly ! i will no
  longer waste hours in these awardless
  attempts to make out your handwriting.
2. vote for the charts or send news.
   vote only on paper. any votings in
   disk-letters will be ignored.
3. make sure your letter reaches me
   before the 2. saturday of each month
   as that usually is the date i set up
   the next issue for upcoming venlo.


you again reached the end of another
SEX'N'CRIME. we hope you enjoyed reading
it as much as we hate working on it.
by the way, it really pisses me off when
some ignorants accuse us of cheating the
charts. see, it takes more than 15 hours
to count all points, set up the lists,
validate the names+countries etc. etc.
i mean, we don't expect anyone to kiss
our feet for all that work but at least
a bit of gratetude ! aboce all: we are
the only mag that shows all incomming
vote-sheets in venlo, so everybody may
count the points and make sure that we
never cheated. crapheads like TRANSCOM
and IKARI+TALENT should better shut up
and use their brain first instead of
bleating around whenever they are not
satisfied with their chart-entry.

finally i would like to thank the many
people who helped us making this issue:

full force,success,genesis,origo,legend,
tat,guardian angels,oneway,role,manowar,
powers of pain,gax 777,lazer,megastyle,
energy,the voice,joker crew and you !

you have just read the longest snc ever!
   1088 lines!(up to 43520 chars....)

                THE END


-it was rumored on good authority that
 the parents of SYS of ALPHAFLIHHT are
 brother and sister. in fact this rumor
 is taking on substance day by day...

-hey dude in KEMPEN !!! thanx for ya
 fastloader (hehe) but we've got a new
 menue soon.
 perhaps you think we didn't know who
 you are but that's not true.
 do you know ya first scrolltext ???


 p.s.: why ya are against us ?? or not ?

        POISON PARTY : 1-3 july in

 for infos read the TRASHNEWS !!!!!

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