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sex'n'crime #004               june 1989
2.........reactions  7............charts
3..rumours and news and previews  9.........interview
5..............fame  0...........mailbox

CREDITS:   coding.............tonie/amok


hey, hey, hey... again you managed to
get an issue of this magazine...
and again we will try to entertain you
for a couple of minutes...
gosh ! i never believed sex'n'crime
would ever get that popular but,
apparently i was wrong. this magazine
seems to be of public interest by now.
and we are really glad about that !!
never stop writing us those nice little
letters, and please never stop spreading
this. thank you.

and remember: you do NOT have to be
              illegal to be cool !


            * REACTIONS *

we got many hundreds of letters...
and it really makes us feel good to know
that you like this magazine. but there
have also been some negative reactions.
some of you do not seem to understand,
that we try to make an OBJECTIVE mag.
we really were annoyed to read in a
COSMOS crack that our magazine is crap
as we spread wrong informations on
purpose. COSMOS said it was complete
nonsense to say they splitted up and
BIG BEN was kicked out. well, how am we
supposed to know that ?! they said,
COSMOS will last forever... but, there
is another magazine, called MAGIC NEWS
which interviewed a member of COSMOS and
he said that BIG BEN was kicked out as
they had a little internal trouble and
BIG BEN messed a few things up, so he
was kicked. he also said that COSMOS
splitted into SOLAR (ex-COSMOS-holland)
and CHALLENGE (ex-COSMOS-austria).
so, could anybody please explain that
to me ? why do they offend us if even
their own members said those things
after our issue was released ?! they
really don't look that smart to me even
though COSMOS was one of the best in my
opinion. but i must have been mistaken.

DRIVE is messing up with us as they
think they are no.1 in germany. hoho...
well, anyway... they also said we should
try to get a WORKING text-output routine
in this mag. well, we NEVER pretended to
be perfect... we know that there are a
lot of bugs and there ever will be in
future. but if they had have even the
slightest idea of how difficult it is to
make a magazine they had a little more
respect to our work. they are just some
of those never-pleased-suckers... the
only thing they can is talking negative
about other people allthough they are
not even able to code a simple intro.
(or do they really want to call their
crap an intro ?!?!?) as i said in the
beginning we try to be objective and
talk about nice things. but hoow could
we if we have a bunch of evidences which
prove that DRIVE are lame recrackers...
just think of ZUUL and PAUL DER KAEFER.
or, have you seen some of their latest
spread-disks ?! some of the best stuff
on it was PASTFINDER (c)1984-activision.
gosh ! they are sooo L-A-M-E !! and they
reallt think they are better than
germany's real giants: ACTION, GENESIS,
others. there has never been a more
arrogant and selfish group than DRIVE !

according to MOSKWA TV he always left a
group and joined the next one as it was
funny. well, actually i talked to some
of those groups and they ALL said they
had KICKED him out. and i sure like to
believe that as he is the most active
RECRACKER and RIPPER i ever saw.
(i wonder how long we have to wait until
he thinks of joining DRIVE...)
was written by the canadian group RAMPAR
a long time ago. he even pretended to be
the author of that program ! just have a
look at his idiotic tool-collection...
he also released the games RUNNING MAN
and DESTROYER ESCORT without cracking
them. he just put his intro in front of
it, but never the less he pretended to
be no.1 in europe. oh, yes, dear friends
in ACTION i do agree with you... he is
incredibly lame.-he even ripped a few
intros of his old group, TRANS X which
were written by the SKYLINE DUO. MOSKWA
TV just removed the logo and replaced it
with a BB logo... and, the best is,
according to him we have stolen the idea
of making the SEX'N'CRIME from SHAPE's
COOCOC even though our first issue was
released months before the first COOCOC
and SHAPE already apologised. well, in
fact they did not really apologise, they
just told me to fuck off as it's none of
my business if they steal an idea from
us. ok, i don't care anyway...

when will those childish people ever
understand that we also have to write
the negative sides to be objective...
you all are happy when we write nice
things about you, but you start to
hate us as soon as we write negative
things about you. no one cares at
all about the fact that we just wrote
the TRUTH. we do not write bad things
about you because we want to harm you.
we just think that the people have a
right to know ! the best way to avoid
bad news about you is to be good...
(got that ? hehehe...)

Rumours and News

          * RUMOURS AND NEWS *

CHANNEL 42 joined IKARI but they were
thrown out again so they are back as
CHANNEL 42. and they do a pretty good
job right now ! NIK left IKARI.

up to now there has never been a real
copy-party in australia. so, it's quite
interesting to know that TEC will do the
first official party ever in australia.
people from all over the continent are
invited... let's see what is going to
happen on first of june 1989 down under.

BOONFIRE, pretty cool crackers from
france and switzerland joined GENESIS
of GP+FE.

the very cool dudes from TOUR DE FUTURE
are now in cooperation with REFLEX.
they now seem to be no.2 in australia,
right after WOT. THE FORCE probably is
no.3 now.

LAZER hasn't done a lot lately...
anyway, last time they released some
ANCIENT programs from some INPUT 64
magazines. (c)1986... not that good...

there's a new swedish group, called
ACTIVE. in fact that's not a good name
for them as they are former CFO-members.
and if they ever were active, i'm the
king of rock'n'roll... better change
their name into INACTIVE, a pity, as
they sure do have some fine coders.

the DRUIDS and DEVILS co-op splitted up
a couple of weeks ago. DRUIDS seem to
be quite cool lately even though one of
their main-swappers was in hospital for
quite a time. the DEVILS are dead. some
cool coders joined BABOONS and some
swappers joined DRIVE, just like FUNTEX
did. so, DRIVE seems to be the sequel
of X-RATED... many members... but none
of them really competent. the only good
people in DRIVE seem to be the DEVILers.

some swedish members left BYTESTAR and
formed a new group, called X-FACTOR.
(i just HATE that everyone wants to be
no.1 nowadays and that everyone takes
a name with 'x' as they think to be
unique with that... i'm waiting for the
day when they start using names like
y-factor and y-ample... hehehe...)

ACTION wrote in their MAGIC NEWS that
SEX'N'CRIME said they are members of
are not. sorry, i didn't know that
SPITFIRE doesn't have the slightest bit
of dignity. usually people start a war
for nothing... but IKARI said SPITFIRE
was a LAMER... and SPITFIRE didn't seem
to care at all... was IKARI really that
powerfull ? anyway, ACTION is in war
i personally think that the SHARKS are
pretty cool. they might not have any
good crackers but they really got fast
originals just like ACTION. well, the
two other groups... (aaarrrggghhh...)
the word 'lame' is too good for them...

the YANKEES pretend to be no.1 in france
even though there are biiiiig groups
and now even GP+FE. well, BABYGANG now
asked other europeans to judge about
all those french groups. and i do agree
with jumpie's opinion that BABYGANG are
the best french coders and TRANSCOM the
no.1 in cracking. their only competitors
are GP+FE and there sure will be a lot
of cool french wares in the future. and,
have you seen TRANSCOM's new intro ? it
was coded by UNKNOW and it's COOOOL !!

PULSAR, still the most active crackers
at the moment finally got some real
competitors: PANINARO. this is a new
group, built up by TRIDOS, PACO, BAMBAM
and some more ace-crackers. in fact they
are lame coders and their cracks are not
as good as those of FAIRLIGHT and GP+FE,
but they are the fastest right now and
even IKARI re-released a few of their
cracks by including some trainers.

EXACT finally is dead as their only cool
members TCC(coder) and NEMESIS(swapper)
left them. the incompetent founders
(FILL, DERECK and some others) decided
to leave the scene as they did not want
to lose their face in public (actually
they never really had one !). they are
planning a come-back in october'89 but,
without NEMESIS (now in DOMINATORS) and
TCC they are one biiiiig 'NOTHING'.

there has been a bit of trouble among
the members of PARAMOUNT and a lot of
them either left or were kicked out.
some of them are now in DEFENSE, some
others formed a new group together with
some dudes from ALABAMA. the new name
is DETAIL. hopefully PARAMOUNT will now,
after they got rid of some of their lame
members, return to their old and good
standart. let's wait'n'see...

F4CG had quite a good time when the guys
from belgian-NFC and italian-HSCG joined
them. they released a lot of really hot
cracks. but, somehow they seem to have
some problems right now... the only
thing they 'crack' is shit... oops...
i mean seuck-games, released by the
italian softwarehouse SYSTEMS EDITORIALE
which is known for their VERY LOW
quality. but there have also been a few
good releases from them. they had quite
a nice version of SUPERTRUX.

THE ELECTRIC COMPANY, former members of
ASIA and responsible for that very COOL
demo now joined a group, called LOGIC.

BABYGANG, CONTEX and some others had the
idea to built a new big co-op comparable
to the european comunity or the nato.
some rumours say the name was supposed
LEVEL 99 and some others already agreed.

the MAGIC NEWS wrote something about a
war between VIRGIN and the german CONTEX
members. actually CONTEX has only one
german member, named SCRAP and the only
thing he knows about VIRGIN is, that
they contacted him and he didn't answer.
MAGIC NEWS: better check your own news
instead of accusing us !!

the coders from X-RATED, which were
responsible for tfe demo RATIO 80 joined
the SHARKS. so they finally even got a
couple of good coders !

WEETEBIX, former mega-crack-star of SCG
is, according to the IGUANA, working for
some software companies now. his job is
to develope new copy-protections...
funny, isn't it ?!

by the way, NOSAH, the editor of IGUANA
is back from the falkland islands. some
rumours said he was going to quit IGUANA
and was planning to work for SMASHER,
but, apparently that seems to be wrong
as he already released a new issue. he
joined NATO, one of the british elite.

PULSAR seem to have little problems in
filling their disks as they released
some old shit... believe it or not, but
TETRIS and some more... they either have
a sick humour or they are starting to
fall... i don't hope so as i really
loooooved their releases, even though
they were illegal... hehehe...

ALF and SPIKE of GP+FE bought an amiga
and try to code a game on that mashine.
as they do not have a c-64 anymore they
decided to leave GP+FE and joined AMOK.
ABIGAIL of F4CG is also coding a game on
the c-64 which will probably released
under the AMOK-label. THE WIM of F4CG
seems to be working on PUFFI'S SAGA for
UBI SOFT but as he's kind of a lazy pal
it will take another while...

there are some new magazines in scene...
some of them seem to be pretty cool,
others just try to copy the SEX'N'CRIME.
so, here's what i think:
MAGNETIC DREAMS: pretty cool, the first
magazine in german and (!) english.
COOCOC: lame. they just tried to copy
us but they just fill their issues with
nonsense. the most used words are:
'sorry, we don't know what to write' and
'why is nobody sending us anything ?!'
ATOMIC NEWS: i only saw the first issue
but it wasn't too bad for the beginning.
it might become a cooool mag someday !
MAGIC NEWS: quite nice, but again they
just copied the idea of SEX'N'CRIME and
now pretend to be 10 times better than
we are... pah !
DANECREW is also planging to do two new
magazines. a pregty cool disk-mag and
a stunning comicgpaper ! i'm really
looking forward go that as i just love
comics ! please send me an issue !!

BIONIX ripped a complete scroll-routine
from CRYPT without mentioning them in
the credits. LAME is the word !

our special friend (hoho) LAAMY, oops,
i mean: SNOOPY changed his name into ROY
and joined DETAIL. i bet this little
bastard is going to spoil this group as
he did with all his former teams...

DOMINATORS released the adventure
FRANKENSTEIN and said they 3-filed it.
well, actually i've already seen a crack
of this game almost 2 years ago, and
that already was 3-filed... ts,ts,ts...

an american software-house, called
public domain program ((c)1985 or so.)
and sold it as BATTLE BOUND PROJECT.
pahhh !! lame !!! anyway, TSM cracked it
and claimed to be the one who ong-sided
this game... well, actually the game was
one-side all the time... they also said
that they had pal-fixed the game. well,
it was coded on a pal-computer so there
sure was a lot to fix... hehehe...

SPELLMIX joined ACID and ACID is now in

TJ LAZER and some other lamers of ARRAY
joined NATO. probably NATO will go down
in the future as they start to do the
same mistake as BEASTIE BOYS and all the
other big groups did: they take every
SHITHEAD into their group and they will
dest-oy the good reputation of NATO !!
CRAZY is angry as their LAME crack of
WEC LE MANS was chosen to be the wors+
of the month. actually the finnish guys
of CRAZY apologised for it and said it
was cracked in a hurry. but,the austrian
members told us to fuck off as they
never cracked that game in that bad way.
somehow, the austrian guys seem to be
some stupid little wannabees... you are
lame little liars as the game actually
was cracked by the austrian members !

TMF of LEVEL 99 was caught by the police
some days ago. so they will probably
quit their illegal activities, but never
theless they want to continue coding
their cool demos ! (thank god for that!)

BANDITS are now in co-operation with the
guys from REALITY.

again a lorrection about the BROWBEAT vs
splitted up. some of them tried to form
a new group and HAWKEYE/AXION even
joined AXION/CRAZY. BROWBEAT's new coder
really is a bit young, but he is the
little brother of MIY from FINNISH GOLD.
anyway, JUGDE of BROWBEAT joined CONTEX.

News and Previews

          * NEWS AND PREVIEWS *

the F4CG party was not a big success as
not many v.i.p. were present. mostly
people from belgium and some dudes from
BLASTERS (spain) were there...

VENLO was quite empty last time. not
that many good people, the only cool
thing was a 4-screen-panorama-demo, made
by some unknown people, called IMAGE.
some really coooooool coders !!
i also meet a few dudes from DEMIX and
other big demo-groups, but none of them
had coded something as amazing as IMAGE.
new issues of the NEWS and SMASHER were
spread. both very cool indeed !
actually the SMASHER this time was not
made by CHRISTIAN but by some dudes from
GRECCO (german member of NATO). and, i
must say, that was the best issue i ever
saw !! the NEWS was quite good aswell.
but, there was another magazine released
by DUST, which is called BIVALENT. oh,
boy... complete shit !! no news and
they had top-cracker rankings and they
even ranked DUST among the 10 best
crackers of the world... wuahahahaha !!
GRECCO of NATO was responsible for the
charts in the SMASHER and, guess what...
NATO was no.1 ! hehehe... he said he did
not cheat the rankings, but i do not
believe that_as NATO also send their
votings to the PIRATES and they voted:
no.1 cracker: NATO. best new intro: NATO
best demo-coders: NATO, most active
group: NATO... puahahahaaa !!!! what a
joke ! i think they should better let
FUN AND FUNCTION handle the charts !!

held on 3.june 1989. only 25 people
showed up !! hummmh... maybe they
forgot to spread the invitation...
(hihihi... just kidding, pals !)

VIPER DESIGNS couldn't get a party-room
on 17.june so the date was chancelled
and the new date will be 8.july 1989
they are also coding a game under their
legal label BYTES IN TROUBLE which is
called DECLEM and will be released soon.

a new company was born: DOUBLE DENSITY.
it was founded by WALTER of 711. they
already made an admirable demo, coded
by MR.CURSOR, graphics done by X-AMPLE
and music by MARKUS SCHNEIDER of the
LORDS OF SONICS. apparently they are

there might be a some new games released
by AMOK in the next few months.
ZUULBALL on the c-64 and the amiga and
a shoot'em'up done by ABIGAIL of F$CG.
also some new games from a turkish and
BOCADERF (ex-YANKEES). he is also
looking for some more people too help
him doing his game. so, contact him if
you want to earn some money !

the 3.RADWAR party will be held at the
end of this month. (30.june - 2,july) in
hueckelhoven/germany (near aachen). they
also want to organize some kind of
olympic games (pirates vs companies) !!
co-co-cooool !! but, there will also be
the 2OOO AD party in denmark. so, if you
prefer cool stuff instead of a big fun,
then better drive up to denmark !

a lot of you asked me how they could be
sure to get ALL issues of SEX'N'CRIME.
pah ! piece of cake that is ! just buy
every GAME ON as every issue includes an
issue of SEX'N'CRIME ! but, we also
spread it in venlo one month before.

and another party is gonna take place:
STARDOM and CRAZY, held on the 4.8.1989
in le locle/switzerland.

and finally THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE will do
a one week party (7.8.-13.8.1989) in



gosh ! a lot of unknown people
contacted us and begged us to tell them
how to get famous in the rough world of
computer piracy. so, i will now try to
give you some instructions based on what
all those giants told me in their inter-
views. >ctually you don't need to worry
about getting famous if you have any
good facility. if you are an ace-coder
a big group will contact you and will
to get you for their group. if i was you
i'd rather hurry to say YEEEES then !
but, it's a little more complicated if
you are not a good coder. so, first of
all you should get a nice name for your
group. it doesn't matter if it's long or
short it just should be unique. but,
don't start searching names with 'a' or
'x' but try to find strange names like
then you should try to raise the quality
of your contacts. try to get in touch
with some big ones. make them to your
friends. make other people talk about
you. no matter what they say... any
publicity is a good publicity ! hehe...
the more friends you got the more people
talk good about you and they hopefully
will have mercy with you and send you
some cool stuff so you can spread it and
get new contacts. choose some cool dudes
from your contacts and try to convince
them to join you, or, just join them.
make a few demos but don't ripp or
recrack anything as all your good
reputation will be gone after anybody
found that out. never show off and never
pretend to be better than you really
are. if you talk to anybody bigger than
you, do not try to amaze him by telling
him lies as he usually won't be easy to
fool. don't tell him you got HOSTAGES
even though you don't even really know
what that is... just try to get along
with what you really have. in the
beginning you should try to have as many
contacts as possible so you get all
their newest stuff. later, when you are
a little more popular and even people
you not swap with know your name you
can reduce the number of contacts again
and concetrate on your best contacts.
send as often as possible and try to
send more of your own productions
(demos, intro-previews, cracks etc) than
other people's wares as this is the only
way to let other people know that you
are alive. do not pretend to be better
than anybody else, as they will get
jealous and will talk bad about you.
maybe they will even start a war against
you... and if they are mutch bigger than
you, you better join another group or
sell your computer ! hehehe...
yes, i know... it's easy to advise you
the only thing you really need to get
famous is a biiig brain ! you have to
be smarter and tougher than the others
so, most of all a group needs a good
leader. he has to know how to take
people and should be able to make them
do whatever he wants without let them
notice that. ok, now just grab a pen
and contact the adresses in this issue !
make your move... get the fame !


               * GAMES *

well, the coders (SPHINX again ?) of
PATHAL seem to be fans of TETRIS as
their game is exactly the same. the
music is worse, the gameplay is the same
but the luxury was raised. you now have
a variety of point-displays. i'll give
this some 52% !

quite funny on the amiga. (expecially
the zoom-mode. hehehe...) and, gosh !
the c-64 is just as good as the amiga-
original ! what i liked most was the
cool intro with that dancing woman !
it almost looks better on the c-64...
but, they also tried to do interlacing
on the c-64... aaarrrggghhh... you can
hardly see anything as the whole screen
is flickering like hell !!! rating: 65%

BAAL is another amiga-conversion and
another shoot'em'up... nice graphics on
both computers but, as i didn't like the
16 bit version i neither do like the
8 bit version... rating: 40%

RINGSIDE is a nice boxing-simulation
with funny graphics. but, still prefer
BANGKOK NIGHTS from SYSTEM 3 !! anyway,
it gets 60% from me.

one of my favourite game right now !!!
you are the manager of a couple of music
stars and you have to get rich... very
cool graphics, nice musics annd a lot of
fun ! you really have to buy this !!
my rating: 90%

HORROR CITY isn't that bad, though it
was made by an italian software house.
you are supposed to kill a few monsters
in a left-right scrolling town. you
have to chose the right weapon as only
a few of them can harm each monster.
some nice graphics and a bad music
makes me give it 55%

primitive shoot'em'up. they only fun you
might get is to play with your friend.
anyway, it's just a remake of the old
SUPER DOGFIGHT. better graphics but
still the same lame game (hihi...)
rating: 43%


               * CHARTS *


1...............thomas ackermann of amok
3....................hobbit of fairlight
4.......................silver of errors
5.......ole marius pettersen of prosonix


2.................the sarge of fairlight
4................charles deenen of scoop
5.....................takashi of x-ample


1.........................PIRATES (f4cg)
2..........................IGUANA (nato)
3.....................SMASHER (blasters)
4.........................NEWS (dave e.)
5........................ILLEGAL (elite)

              BEST GROUPS:

1.......................pulsar (england)
2.....................paninaro (england) (germany)
4.......................action (germany)
5.......................sharks (germany)
6...................dominators (denmark)
7........................ikari (denmark)
8..............rough trade inc (england)
9.........................nato (england)
10.....................hotline (holland)


              * CONTACTS *



              * INTERVIEW *

today i'll have a small talk with STET.


-hi, markus ! how old are you ?
+i'm 18 years.
-how and when did you get to the world
 of computers and what did you do since
 that time ?                  .
+my father bought a c-64 a couple of
 years ago and i started playing on it
 as i liked those funny little games.
 well, somehow i started swapping games
 with a few friends. later i joined
 MANTRONIX. after that i joined the
 cool SHINING 8. i've been there for
 about 6 months and we were germany's
 number one. we got all our originals
 from BROS until we had some trouble
 with them. SHINING 8 was running down
 hill as we had nothing to crack. so,
 some of us decided to re-inforce the
 SHARKS, and so we did. even the german
 members of BROS joined us.
-what is your job in the SHARKS ?
+well, i'm a swapper and i sometimes do
 some graphics for our intros etc.
-what do you think about the following
-iguana ? + good, but their high english
            is hard to read for me.
-illegal ? + too subjective... it's just
             an elite-propaganda-mag !
-pirates ? + never heard of before...
-smasher ? + complete shit !!
-news ? + i never read one...
-magic news + quite good.
-sex'n'crime ? + one or maybe the (!)
                 best magazine i know.
-so, do you spread sex'n'crime ?
+nooo ! never ! i never spread anything
 else than SHARKS-wares.
-not even if you still got hundreds of
 free blocks on your disks ?!
+no, never. if necessary i spread the
 disk with an empty back-side !
-ts,ts,ts... anyway, who are your best
 friends ?
+only the people from SHINING 8 and the
-why are you doing that SHARKS-party in
 frankfurt every month even though it's
 dangerous for you ? (police...)
+well, we are just too lazy to drive all
 the way to venlo every month. so we
 decided to have our own party in
-do you have a girl-friend ?
-what do you think about elite ?
+not mutch... they are arrogant shitters
 and they seem to think they are better
 than they really are... but, i like
 jeff smart.
-ok, but tell me a little bit about your
 hobbies besides your computer.
+i like to play table-tennis and i
 sometimes do some graffiti for fun...
 i like hip-hop music and i'm some kind
 of a mixture of half a popper and a
 rapper. i don't like any of germany's
 political parties so, i do not vote
 for any of the existing parties.
 maybe i'll someday have my own ! hehe.
 and, yes, i loooove italian food.
-what do you think about your position
 in germany and, who's the best ?
+hugh... i think we are very good. we
 have some of the best musicians in
 germany and we got very hot originals.
 LEVEL 99 are germany's best demo-group
 and 711 are the best cracking-group in
 my opinion.
-how many members do the SHARKS have
 right now ?
+i'm not sure, but, i think it's around
 12-15 people.
-what's your favourite movie ?
+i don't have any as i am not watching
 tv too often. it's so boring.
-ok... anything else you want to say ?
+no, not really.
-well, thank you for this interview.
+thanks to you.

yes, you are right... again you reached
the end of this magazine. thank you for
reading it ! and, don't forget to spread
it. the more people read this, the more
people can help us to improve it ! we
want to entertain you, so don't hesitate
do write and tell us what you like and
what you don't ! anyway, THANX FOR ALL


              MAILBOX V3.0

-gosh, this shit main-program is messing
 up all the time and i gotta get this
 finished until tomorrow morning...
 fuuuuuuuuck ! anyway, hope to be able
 to spread this in venlo 17.06.1989

Readme Note


yes, i know there are some bugs in this
issue again but as you might we are used
to make the new issue the night before
release-date. so, i wrote the text, i
set the parameters, removed a few
mistakes in the text and phoned with
some australian folks... right now it's
3.20 o'clock in the morning and i can
tell you...

            I AM TIRED !!!!

so, if you nerd really piss me on for
the bug in the end of text then just
go ahead... i don''t care... fuck you !
ok, i will now go to bed and my computer
is gonna pack the mag.-file (i hope...)
see you tomorrow morning in venlo !

               bye, amok headquarter...

D64 MD5: 875046ce04c6459a30e8ceb50429a30e

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