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                             < EDITORIAL >
R3L4X  M4G4Z1N3* WINTER 1998 edition (issue #23),
the  magazine  for the generation with an eye for the
FINER  details  in  the  CBM 64 scene, was brought to
you  by  PHUTURE  (Software  &  Marketing), your fa-
vourite disk-magazine releasing game label.

                       |... internal affairs ... |
In  order  to  provide  top of the class CBM 64 scene
journalism   and   entertainment  the  Relax  Magazine
staff  has  been  enlarged with further experts which
will surely make a name for themselves now in journa-
lism, too, so please welcome the following editors.

For  the  demo reviews we would like to introduce the
brilliant  Hungarian  coder CLARENCE, who is actually
a  member  of Graffity Produkt and who already made
the   scene   stun   with  his  remarkable  efforts  for
Chorus.  This  situation  brings us into the position to
work with two excellent editors for the ressort "demo
reviews -coding". With the already since years in this
production   qualified   and   experienced   Fuben   as
expert  in  direction  4x4  chunky2planar new school
demos   and   Clarence   as   expert   in  the  field  of
oldschool productions.
The  ressort "demo reviews - music" has found a new
and  steady  editor  again,  too.  After ECO helped out
last  time  doing  an  excellent job now VIP, member of
the Belgian group Role, offered his service with quite
good  references  in  his back. He is involved in music
education  and  actively  playing  the saxophone since
twelve   years   what   should  be  a  quite  impressive
record  and  bring  him  into  the  position to present
qualified   reviews   of   demo   soundtracks  for  our

Unfortunately  the return of the magazine "The Best",
supported  by certain Relax Magazine staff members,
had  to  be  cancelled.  Nevertheless the idea of game
testing  is  not  dead and lost now since we decided to
recruit  the  responsible  editors  and  to give them a
forum  to  continue their work on a regular basis with
the only difference - it's now running using the Relax
Magazine  label.  Responsible  editors will be CALEDO-
NIAN,  member  of Alpha Flight 1970, and DERBYSHIRE
RAM, member of Alpha Flight 1970 and Remember. Both
are  quite  skilled and well reputated crackers in va-
rious  magazines'  charts bringing them into the posi-
tion  to  be  qualified and capable game and especially
release  testers  to perform the job on the best pos-
sible  level, trying the best to present the conception
and  bringing  back  spirit  of the legendary "Gamer's
Guide"  and  "The  Best"  into  the  actual decade. It's
nice  to  see  that we already came up with the idea to
realise  it  before  the  topic became quite popular on
the Internet boards, a clear sign that Relax Magazine
is always up-to-date with what people really desire.

After  lots of requests we finally decided to integrate
a chapter called "Paper Art", caring about the cover
scene  connected  to  the  CBM 64 in order to report
about  the  entire  scene  activities  and  to keep you
updated.   Responsible   editor   is   FLASH,   a   quite
talented   artists   and  a  name  that  does  not  need
further introduction in the rows of paper artists.

Welcome  in  the  staff,  Caledonian,  Clarence, Derby-
shire  Ram,  Flash and VIP, with the best wishes for a
good and valueable cooperation in the future.

We have followed the scene press with great interest
and pleasure over the past few months. New competi-
tors dared to participate in the neverending challen-
ge, or should we better name it struggle, of scene
journalism to enrich the competition. One of these new
projects born to become a new star on the sky is for
sure "SCENE+", published using the former glamorous
FairLight  label by DUKE and SUN DANCER, both quite
known  in  the media scene with the efforts they have
put  into  the  realisation  of  "The Pulse", still one of
those  few  magazines  which came into mind by naming
the  rare highlights of scene magazines. After "World
News",  "Emmanuelle", "Reformation" and "Shout!" it is
it  is  in fact the fifth promising try of FairLight mem-
bers  to contribute in this section and we truely hope
to see a reliable, objective and regulary released ma-
gazine in the future. Good luck, comrades!

With  great interest we have followed the other "new"
magazines in order to check out what the rookies can
provide  to  the  magazine.  In  the  first magazine the
main  editor  of  Relax  Magazine  was accused to be a
racist. It's worthless to point out that the responsible
editor  has  never  communicated  with  his target, so
that's  the  true  yellow  press  spirit of typing in ru-
mours to find attention and interest.

The   second   magazine  did  entertain  and  stun  the
scene  with  two different headlines. The first one was
that  they  started  to  complain  about  the  fact that
some magazines are used to work against concurence
publications by discrediting them just to in the follow-
ing  lines  indecent  comments  about the concurence,
too,  to  be  more  precise directed against Newscopy
and Duke. Contradiction in perfection!
Strike  two  was the proud ascertainment about their
archievement  to  combine a magazine staff consisting
of  to  the  legal  and  to  the illegal part of the scene
afflicted editors. Indeed that's pretty new, a milestone
for CBM 64 scene journalism and could not have been
found in magazines like The Pulse and Relax Magazine
already some years ago. We are truely amazed.

The third magazine, especially one of the main editors,
is  known for hardly liking the efforts of Relax Maga-
zine,  nevertheless  the content and archivements by
Relax  Magazine  and  Relax  Online  have been happily
copied and adapted. However, it must be clear for the
objective   reader  that  BACKGROUND  INFORMATION
covering  aspects of the scener's history is NOT MA-
NIPULATION   but   a  plain  and  simple  INFORMATION
about  the scene related person as long as as the in-
formation is based on TRUE facts, what is exaclty OUR
policy since manipulating is the game others prefer to
play.  In  the  endless seek for attention, overestima-
ted,  does  the editor think creating one of a million of
homepage   projects   using  one  of  those  homepage
creator  kits is worth the same headline like creating
a  fine  web  bbs  system from scratch, and advanced
and  most visited system at the moment. Yes, we really
have to adore sceners like him because they are able
turn  on  your computer on their own, but what has it
in common with manipulation? Nothing? Absolutely no-
thing?  Just  a secret of the person who was started
another one of his weak campaigns.
Ofcourse,  when the reader does NOT intend to THINK
about  the  content  carefully it might make sense but
getting  closer  to  the  topic  the reader figures out
that  the  responsible editor expressed hard feelings
about  the fact that neither himself, his fellow editors
and  his  fellow group mates have been praised as the
best ever happening to the scene and only have been
included  into reports according to past and present
facts.  Those nether personal motives looking out for
attention  is exactly what people call MANIPULATION.
Any  try  to  make belief into happenings according to
the  editor's  interest  is  manipulation,  NOT listing up
facts like the "ambitious" wanna-be editor think.
Multiple  editors  have  different  skills,  and editing is
infact  a  skill  and  perhaps a bit of art, too, so it's a
disgrace  to  see  Digahole  continously blaming Relax
Magazine  for  the  fact  that  HIS  very own stock of
words is limited to a couple of words only. When Diga-
hole   needs   to  come  up  with  ordinary  terms  like
"idiot", "asshole" and using a slang which is not worth
to be mentioned a competent and advanced editor will
point  out  that  "your teachers FAILED completely in
your  education".  Is  that  manipulation when you are
capable to play around with the language? No, it isn't!
It  is  definately  the  DIFFERENCE between class and
average but perhaps it is NOT like this in countries
without the freedom of speech?
The  conclusion  is that he scored his aim to be named
in  Relax  Magazine  again.  However, we won't give him
the  satisfaction  to  waste more expensive memory in
his POOR seek to find attention and an audience.

However,  other  sources  tried  to implant that Relax
Magazine  is  continously delayed and searching for a
release  strategy.  This  is  probably  the  most  inte-
resting  aspect  clearly  uncovering  how  people are
spoiling  the current events. For those who still have
NOT  recognized  it yet or those who are ignoring the
reality, Relax Magazine is infact the ONLY magazine to
be  released  on  a  regular  level since 1995. In 1995
Relax Magazine got released all six months, in 1996 all
two months and with the decreasing magazine activity
we  decided  in  late  1996/early  1997  to release the
magazine  all  three  months,  fourth  a year. Our idea
got  already  introduced  in Scene+, starting with this
edition  we  finally  came  up to the conclusion to name
the  editions  by  the  season  it is released in, so this
edition  is  naturally  called WINTER edition instead of
January  edition.  The  future  editions  will  be  called
spring edition (early May 1998), summer edition (early
August 1998) and finally autumn edition (early Novem-
ber  1998).  In  order to cover the COMPLETE months
for  our release charts in the future the release da-
tes  have  been  moved  for a complete day. We truely
hope  this  shedule  will  please  the sources trying to
that the magazine is delayed in the future.

  | ... Votesheet Spreaders and News suppliers ... |
The  PAPER  votesheets have been spread, as usual,
by our very  own ZAPOTEK, VIOLATOR and DR. SOFT,
who all are serving as AUTHORIZED mail distributors,
aswell as by RACOON who enlarged the squad.
The  DIGITAL  VOTESHEET  has been spread by using
Motiv 8's mailing list.

The   NEWS   have  been  supplied  and  confirmed  by
Acidchild,   Anonym,  Burglar,  Curlin,  Duke,  Jazzcat,
Moloch,  Newscopy, Sebaloz, The Falcon and ofcourse
by  our  correspondant  Dr. Soft as well as the Relax
Magazine staff.

             This edition's content looks like this:
GLOBAL  REPORT  is  providing a quite detailed over-
view  about  the current scene happenings. RELEASE
CHARTS  stores  the  information  about the releases
done  in the final months of 1997 and early 1998 while
YEARLY RELEASES contains the FINAL standings for
1997. With the next edition we will continue to present
the  yearly  charts  for  1998 again, which are in this
edition equal to the early 1998 releases in the relea-
se  charts  chapter.  THE  BEST contains an overview
about  the  (mail) releases made in 1997, similar to the
old  "Gamer's  Guide"  conception.  MAIL  CHARTS and
MEGA  CHARTS  are  providing  an overview about the
votes submitted to this and other magazines. We could
convince  WARP  to  answer a couple of questions for
our INTERVIEW chapter. DEMO SCENE will care about
the  recent  demo  releases,  just a new name for our
former  demo  reviews chapter. PARTY RADAR brings
along  competition  results, reports and invitations to
parties  with  CBM  64  participation.  NETGUIDE  is  a
competent  overview  about  the Internet activities of
the  scene. OPEN LETTER is our unregular presented
reactions  chapter.  ADVERTISEMENTS  is opening the
doors to the world of adverts and addresses.

Overall  this  edition provides 20 chapters and about
2100 blocks CBM 64 scene information.

          * Credits for our WINTER 1998 edition *


Title                            Author
"Reality-TV"           Eco/Alpha Flight 1970^Excess
"The Long One"         Eco/Alpha Flight 1970^Excess

      * How to contact the Relax Magazine staff? *
Snail mail:         XXXX XXXXXXXXX
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                    XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Internet:           relax^ <new address>
-------             sw0484^

Boards:             THE ESCAPADE    ++XX/XXXX-XXXXXX

        * Where to download the Relax Magazine? *
THE ESCAPADE                  ++XX/XXXX-XXXXXX

                 * RELAX (MAGAZINE) ONLINE *
RELAX STAFF                  relax^

          * The Relax Magazine staff consists of *

                 * Authorized Mail Distribution *
                 ZAPOTEK/ALPHA FLIGHT 1970
                 VIOLATOR/ALPHA FLIGHT 1970^LEPSI DE
                 DR. SOFT/ALBION
                 RACOON/HITMEN^LEPSI DE

                            * DISCLAIMER *
RELAX  MAGAZINE  does  not  take  any warranty for
text  sources  supplied  by freelancers or guest edi-
tors.  Articles,  reports  or any other submitted text
sources  must  NEITHER  represent the opinions NOR
reflect the suspension of the Relax Magazine staff.

                   * COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER *
(C) The  binary CBM 64 version of the Relax Magazine
    is  PUBLIC  DOMAIN  and  may  be  spread FREELY
around  the world as long as either the Relax archive
or  the  unpacked  production itself is getting spread
AS-IS without any modifications.
This  production  must NOT be sold in any form to gain
profit without a written permission from the authors.
Any  form of distribution on CD-Roms, IOMEGA-ZIP or
YAZ (and compatible) disks is STRICTLY forbidden!

Any parts of the binary and the HTML version, may it
be  articles,  graphics  or  musics,  may  NOT  be used
without a written permission from the authors.

Best regards on behalf of the entire staff,


                       < R3L4X M4G4Z1N3* >
                PAST TO PRESENT, 1989 - 1998

                          February 01, 1998

Global Report

                         < GLOBAL REPORT >
Facts,  facts,  facts,  ... Welcome to THE news journal
you  can  care  about  because WE do care about the

The seek for proven information has found its end as
you have finally found your favourite and most RELI-
ABLE HOST around  the globe in this lonely universe.
Fantasy  stories,  expections  or  own opinions about
the  latest  happenings  in  the  world we use to live in
can be found in several wrong places, this is the pla-
ce   for   getting   PURE   information,  prepared  and
collected  and  proven  by EXPERIENCED and QUALI-
FIED  reporters,  always hunting for the latest in the
CBM 64 scene, the place we still use to life in.

It  is divided into two seperate parts, illegal and legal
scene,  instead of seperating the Polish news section
into a special chapter like in the last issue. The deci-
sion for the seperation was to introduce the activity
and  to  show that it is posible to take care about the
entire  scene on an advanced level, too. In the future
we  will continue using the system introduced with this
edition,  starting  global  report always with the major
cracking groups.

                      < ALPHA FLIGHT 1970 >
Next  to  the fact that four familar faces returned or
got  reactivated for future operations the most inte-
resting headlines are coming from Poland where ALG
has been accused to ripping and selling paper art.

The German pride has gained with DERBYSHIRE RAM a
well known and excellently reputated member, remain-
ing  in  Remember  as  double  member, serving as mail
trader in first case. SKID ROW finally returned to the
flight after a long odysee through Chromance and the
fantastics to continue his work as programmer, fixer
and  graphic artist. Another known "new" face is AN-
CIENT  MARINER,  who  finally  returned along with his
board "THE EVIL ISLAND", serving again as WHQ for
AFL.  With  CHOTAIRE another one returned to active
line-up, mainly caring about the Internet activities. He
already put up a private mailing list and organised the
e-mail  alias [handle^] for all mem-
bers with Internet access. Last but not least SHUZE
announced  his comeback. At first we will continue fi-
nishing some tools he started on before he quit.

LYNCHBIT is forced to decrease his CBM 64 work due
to  his education, so his activity level is not supposed
to  be  very  high  in  the  next  months. However, both
ALG, BALDHEAD and ZATT have been moved on the in-
active list.

The  "ALG vs. ELECTRIC" affair did rock the scene in
the  last  two months of 1997 which turned out to be a
snowball  effect  NOT  reflecting  the real happenings.
Fact  is  that  ALG  did  NOT  ripp  and sold Electric's
graphic  to New Fiction, therefore he was NOT kicked
out  of  AFL  like  the yellow press reported. ALG was
kicked out of Samar only. Meanwhile, after clearing up
the  affair,  he  was  already  allowed  to  re-join Sa-
mar,  too.  For  further  information please check out
our new chapter called "Paper Art".

After the fiasco in F4CG SKINHEAD tried to return to
return to the flight but his applications have been all
REJECTED as ALL members voted against him.

ARCHANGEL has left his third group Vermes and de-
cided  to  join  Cyperpunx as triple member while MAD
HATTER left Street Children & Exon.

Current Alpha Flight memberstatus looks like (= 24):
Ancient    Mariner,   Archangel,   Argos,   Caledonian,
Chotaire,  Chrysagon,  Danzig,  Derbyshire Ram, Eco,
Goldhand,   Ignorance,  Lynchbit,  Mad  Hatter,  Marc,
Ned, Rayden, Skid Row, Shuze, Styx, The Heretic, Vio-
lator, Wizard, Xenox and Zapotek

Alpha Flight worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
ANTIDOTE              ++XX/XXX-XXXXX

                            < CHROMANCE >
While  with  certain  profiles leaving the group to look
out for new aims in the scene the only positive news is
for  sure  that  Chromance  increased their Internet
activity by lauching an own homepage project.

Their  Polish  double member and programmer DRUID/
Agony  Design  decided  to leave the group behind for
the recently rebuilt forces of the FairLight clan while
the  overseas  double  member and fixer NATAS/Car-
cass  Creation Service left the Hungarian based crew
for  WOW  to  learn  everything  about  the secrets of
demo programming.
SPHERE, their composer of the NTSC world, has been
moved to the inactive list.

After their great efforts in the FTP-area Chromance
has set up a regular and official homepage project on
their domain name "", too, containing lots
of information about the group and its members.
Their Swedish headquarter "Virtual Light", runned by
Joyride, was facing power supply problems.

Current Chromance memberstatus looks like (= 20):
Deviant, Garth, Jaydee, Jinx, Joyride, Lion, Macx, Mr.
Wax, Pete, Rough, Scratcher, Skud, Spermbird, Stash,
Syco, Zakk and Zar

Chromance worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
BASS PLANET                   ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
VIRTUAL LIGHT                 ++XX/XXX-XXXXX

                             < FAIRLIGHT >
Unbelievable but true. The former Swedish legend has
returned  to  the  active scene groups again. A lot of
members have been recruited to realise the ambitious
dream to compete with the best again.

The  first lifesign sent out after quite a while was the
step to recruit the former Alter members GUM, HOL-
demo  section  on trial basis. After DUKE got hired to
to  manage  the  CBM 64 related affairs of the former
Swedish  legend  except  of  Logger  all  former Alter
members  have  been  removed.  Later on Logger fol-
lowed his comrade Hollowman to Triad. Duke continued
to fill up the crew with SUN DANCER who left Success
&  The  Ruling  Company  as  well  as  his  old comrade
CROSSFIRE  who  left  Motiv  8  and brought along his
comrades   MENDRAKE   and  GOAT  who  joined  in  as
double member remaining in Laxity. Mendrake's board
"The Dragon's Power" is therefore running under the
FairLight  label  now,  too. After having left the group
behind  a few months ago SLEDGE could be convinced
to  return  as  double  member, too, therefore "Warez
Aquarium"   became   a  FairLight  and  Hitmen  board
again.  Then  FairLight  continued  to  pick up further
Motiv  8  members  with L.A. STYLE who brought along
his  board  "The  Hidden"  and  CLIVE who joined in as
mail  trader.  The Swedish mail trader MINDFLOW, for-
merly  known  as Nostalgia, teamed up to complete the
mail distribution for the illegal section.
The  legal  section has been enlarged with a couple of
known  names,  too.  At  first DRUID/Agony Design left
his  second group Chromance as double member. Then
FairLight announced a little bit too early that the ac-
tual  #1  graphic artist DEEKAY has left Onslaught for
Fairlight.  This  is  NOT true! Deekay prefered to stay
in  Onslaught  due  to  several reasons. Nevertheless
with  OSWALD  FairLight recruited on the of greatest
programmer  talents  of  the  present. He joined in as
triple  member  remaining in Coma and Pulse after ha-
ving left WOW in November 1997.

After  BACCHUS  elected Duke to be the new respon-
sible  manager for the CBM 64 section he retired to-
gether  with HIGHLANDER from the active status and
both  will  concentrate  on tool programmer in the fu-
ture.  The clean-up did continue by removing TABAS-
CO  and LIGHTSIDE due to inactivity and a lack of in-

With "Scene+" there's finally a magazine released un-
der  the  FairLight  label  again.  It's  the follow-up to
"The  Pulse  Magazine"  and the first edition has been
released in late December 1997. With "Spankerz Hea-
ven"  Scene+  found  a popular headquarter. The se-
cond  edition  is  sheduled  for March 1998 with a new
outfit programmed by Oswald, artwork by Sander/Fo-
cus and a soundtrack by Red Devil.

ENDURO,  former  member of FairLight and "Reforma-
tion"  editor,  expressed the desire and ability to de-
velope a web bbs for FairLight.

Current FairLight memberstatus looks like (= 16):
Clive,  Crossfire,  Druid,  Duke,  Goat,  Harlekin,  L.A.
Style,  Mendrake,  Mindflow,  Oswald, Red Devil, Rowdy,
Sledge, Sun Dancer, Vodka and Watchman

FairLight worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

              < FANTASTIC 4 CRACKING GROUP >
The struggle inside F4CG continued. Several members
have left the group behind or got kicked out and even
the  status  of some members seems to be unknown to
the  organisation.  Positive is for sure the quantity of
warez  released  lately in early 1998 while the quality
of the games is unfortunately not the best.

The  fantastics  have  gained two new members, one in
America  and one in Europe. The American is an origi-
nal supplier called GYPSI and the European is BA who
is serving as cracker and intro programmer.
THE  CRACKPOINT  was said to be a combination of an
old  German  and  an old Swedish scener. His function
should  be  cracking.  Infact  it  was  nobody else but
Skinhead hiding behind this fake-handle after getting
blamed for the low quality of all the releases cracked
by him. Under his original hande Skinhead he was sup-
posed  to  contribute  to the organisation and to call
the  boards  on  a  regular basis. After Skinhead left
F4CG  The  Crackpoint disappeared as fast as he ap-
peared.  SKID  ROW  left  the  group,  too,  while  some
sources  tried to implant that both Skinhead and Skid
Row  got  kicked  out. Meanwhile Skid Row returned to
Alpha  Flight  1970.  MAJA left the group three weeks
before Propaganda #25 got released but curiously he
is  still considered to be a F4CG member according to
the F4CG organisation. Towards Relax Magazine Maja
our  moles  in  F4CG  Maja did NOT receive the income
for  games  he provided F4CG and Newscopy in order
to  be sold to companies like Loadstar. Out of this si-
tuation Maja is actually not in the position to forward
the payment to the authors of those games. Newscopy
explained  to  Relax  Magazine  that  the  payment was
only  delayed  caused by Maja's inactivity. SLIVER did
leave  the  group,  too,  but re-joined after some mis-
understandings have been cleared up.

ANTITRACK  was finally kicked out after several pro-
blems  in  cooperating  with  the  other  fantastics. He
even dared to critice F4CG in public!

Current F4CG memberstatus looks like (= 20):
Bitman, BA, Despair, Devil, Fungus, Goz, Gypsi, Motley,
Mr.  Alpha,  Neotec,  Newscopy,  Playboy, Sliver, Sma-
sher,  Sneaper,  Solar, Stasi, Total Chaos, Walker and

F4CG worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

                                < HITMEN >
After the warez rush in autumn 1997 it became more
silent around Hitmen again. Their demo and the next
"TOE" board graphics collection have been sheduled
for  Mekka & Symposium so the spotlight is going into
direction  "Newspress",  to  be  more  precise to the
comeback of this old German magazine.

JACK  ALIEN, the chartswise highly ranked cracker,
decided  to  leave  Hitmen  due to a lack of interest in
cracking  actual  games.  He  is  supposed to concen-
trate his activity for Remember, the oldie label.
Convinced  by  Bacchus SLEDGE decided to return to
FairLight  as  double  member,  running "Warez Aqua-
rium" for both groups again.

Former  Hitmen  member  LAWNMOVER  MAN  has been
busted  by German police. They deported his complete
computer equipment.

Via  Cupid  as contact person INTRUDER has announ-
his  interest  in joining Hitmen. Most members reacted
positive  towards  his request still he is not a member
of Hitmen, atleast it was not made public yet.

The  PC/PSX section got enlarged with the well known
graphic  artist  THE HOBBIT,  former member of Fair-
Light and F4CG.

Current Hitmen memberstatus looks like (= 28):
Alchemist,  Burn, Chaotic, Cupid, Curlin, Deff, Diverse,
Erol,  Groepaz,  Hi-Lite, Jinx, Kristian Rostoen, Luke,
Magic Man, Motion, Peacemaker, Racoon, Rammy, Raze,
Sabotage, Seven, Skud, Sledge, Stan, Tranziie, Tyron,
Vortex and Weasel

Hitmen worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
THE DUNGEON                            ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
MYSTICAL PARADIZE                      ++XX/XXXX-XXXXX
WAREZ AQUARIUM                         ++XX/XXX-XXXXX

                                < LAXITY >
Having  done  one  step  after the other Laxity finally
managed  it to challenge the major groups in the first
release  competition by proving that they are capable
to provide both PAL and NTSC versions, too.

The mysterious O'DOG/ex-Disorder joined Laxity. Af-
ter supplying the insider original "Maximum Overview"
a  lot  of rumours came up that an established scener
should   cover  behind  this  handle.  Some  claim  it  is
"Skinhead" while others pretend it is "Jack Alien". No
theory could be confirmed yet. NIC/The Dreams joined
as  double member to serve as programmer in the fu-
ture.  Finally MANIK returned from his trip to Amnesia
to  support  the  mail  trading division and to act as a

VAGUE  and  CALAMITY have been moved to the inac-
tive  status  due to a lack of interest and current in-

Current Laxity memberstatus looks like (= 10):
Animalo,  Dan  Dee,  Didi, Goat, Holden, KBS, Manic, Nic,
O'Dog and Skyhawk

                               < MOTIV 8 >
Motiv 8 DIED on their 4 years birthday after the core
of  the active members has left for the lately re-built
FairLight.  As  nobody  was  willing  to  take  over the
organisation  the  once from TRICKET/ex-Dominators
and  CROSSFIRE  founded  group  was declared to be

Right  before  the group died NUKE left the motivated
ones  and  the  scene  to concentrate his work on his
commercial  project  "Eagleware",  a company develo-
ping and distributing software and magazines.
STARKILLER/ex-Alpha Flight 1970 did join the Danish
based  group,  too,  right before the members left for
the old Swedish legend.

The first row leaving the wrecking ship were CROSS-
FIRE,  GOAT  and MENDRAKE who took his board "The
Dragon's  Tower"  with  him.  The next day L.A. STYLE
just  followed along with his board "The Hidden". BIRD
immidiately  reacted  and  left  for  the young Turkish
based   group  Pentagram  Productions  while  GERRY
left  for  Tempest, the Yugoslavian based group. Some
time  later CLIVE followed his comrades to FairLight,

Current Motiv 8 memberstatus looks like (= ./.): RIP

Motiv 8 worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

                             < ONSLAUGHT >
Onslaught  has  announced to increase the activity in
the legal sector of the scene with certain graphic and
music  collections  as  well as certain small demo pro-
jects.  The memberstatus has been cleaned and is now
supposed to consist of active members only.

NAPHALM/Scorn^Ascraeus  got  recruited  as  triple
member  with  the desitination to work as programmer
and  graphic  artist  for  the Australian based group.
REGI  KEYZ/Breeze  joined Onslaught as double mem-
ber  in  order  to  support them with his skills as pro-
grammer and music composer.

There has been a major clean-up in the memberstatus
INSANE and TEKTRONICS have been moved to the in-
active list.
However,  DEEKAY  did  not leave Onslaught for Fair-
Light with the preference that Onslaught will increase
the activity in the legal sector.

Current Onslaught memberstatus looks like (= 18):
Cubehead,  Deekay,  Donar,  Doom,  Grafee, Jazzcat,
Jolz,   Maniac,   Meff,  Morbid,  Moses,  Naphalm,  Regi
Keyz, Shocker, Sting, TBH, Trouble and Vengeance

Onslaught worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
DEADZONE                         ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
SANITARIUM                       ++XX/XXX-XXXXXX

Please continue reading in Global Report II.

Best regards,


Global Report II

                       < GLOBAL REPORT II >
Facts,  facts,  facts...  The  news coverage continues
starting with the remaining illegal orientated groups.

There is definately no further long introduction part
necessary, so let's continue the flood of information.

                  < PENTAGRAM PRODUCTIONS >
Pentagram   Productions   has   originated   from  the
crew "Rayden" and is a Turkish based group. Next to
the  production  of their disk magazine "Necropsy" it
seems they want to become active in the cracking and
demo scene, too.

The  illegal section got enlarged with BIRD who joined
in after the sudden death of Motiv 8. MR. MISTER/ex-
Fortress  seems to be fact in action again, too, so he
did join the young Turkish group. Another known face
is  MOLOCH/ex-F4CG/ex-SCS  &  TRC  (aka  Skyclad,
The  Almighty,  ...)  who joined in as cracker and code
supplier.   DESPAIR/F4CG  got  recruited  as  double
member  in order to care about the NTSC compatibili-
ty.  Finally  with  EDDIE  the second former motivated
one found a new home in Pentagram.
The  legal  section  got  enlarged with NO-XS/House^
WWE, who is on the Amiga active in Oxyron, followed by
SENTINEL/Excess teaming up as programming double
member  and  PARROT/ex-Therapy  who  will serve as
graphic artist. Last but not least JER/Panic joined in
as double member and programmer, too.

THE FALCON has left his second group WOW. CETI and
ZLORFIK  have  been kicked out due to a lack of pro-
ductivity. FILIPOFF renamed back to FILIPON and left
for Anubis.

Current Pentagram memberstatus looks like (= 15):
Alex,  Bird,  Despair,  Doomed, Eddie, Jer, Moloch, Mr.
Mister,  No-Xs,  Parrot, Renegade, Simon King, Skate,
Spinball and The Falcon

Pentagram worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

Recently  the activity is focused around the develop-
ment  of  their  web  bbs  "Spankerz Heaven" and the
organisation  of  "X-98",  the  next  episode  of their
party series. Memberwise there has been some move-
ment, too.

At  first  SUN DANCER, former member of Motiv 8 and
Regina,  did  team  up  to  support the cooperation as
graphic artist for the Internet activities. When Fair-
Light  announced  their  comeback  he immidately left.
!CUBE/Trauma  has  left  Palace  to  become  a double
member  as  music composer in the ruling cooperation
and  to  remain in his PC group Trauma. After his little
break  CBA returned to become active again. Welcome

Based  on  everlasting inactivity both STAKE and SU-
PERSTITION have been booted from the cooperation,
therefore  "MOUNT  TOKAY"  is not running under the
Dutch label anymore.

Negative news from the board section. The Dungeon's
harddisk  broke  down,  atleast  it was what Alchemist
thought  at  the first moment. Fortunately it wasn't so
everything is working fine again.

Current SCS&TRC memberstatus looks like (= 22):
Action Jackson, Alchemist, Allitaice, Bacillus, Burglar,
CBA,  Coolhand,  Count Zero, Credo, El Banditos, Fun-
xilla,  Gazza,  L'Trimm, Micron, Moren, Mr. Ammo, Night-
shade,   Replay,  Spectator,  Splatterhead,  Trax  and

SCS&TRC worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

Now to the more legal groups.

                                < ALBION >
The  Polish demo group has celebrated its fifth birth-
day  in  January 1998. As a matter of the fact Kmeg's
long delayed trackmo called "Extremity" will be relea-
sed  as  an  anniversary  production.  Their magazine
"Vitality #3" is sheduled February 1998, too.

After  having solved his hardware problems CRIMSON
is back in full effect and already working on graphics
for future productions. STILGAR, who once explained
that  "Excalibur"  was  his  last huge demo production,
is  already  considering  about creating a new project
together  with  JETAN using the project name "HEART

While WACEK left with Coma one of all the groups he is
currently  a  member  of ECLIPSE decided to enlarge
Resource as triple member.

Current Albion memberstatus looks like (= 19):
Agoth,  Cosmo, Crimson, Dr. Soft, Eclipse, Hawk, Jetan
Kerk,   Kmeg,   Kotas,  Lucky,  Magic,  Olsen,  Quamus,
Questor, Stilgar, Unlock, Wacek and Yans

Albion worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

                             < ASCRAEUS >
Ascraeus  is  in  first  case known to be the label for
the  magazine  "Palladium".  According to the respon-
sible  spokesman  Moloch  they  are  trying to get the
magazine released on a regular basis.

AEGIS  returned  from  the  army duty and restarted
his  activity  on  the  CBM 64. MADHEAD re-joined As-
craeus  but  remained  in Megaunit as double member.
The  music  composer  RAMIREZ  (ex-Cody)  re-joined
the Turkish group, too.

FLOYD/Willow^Panic  has left to join the lately rebuilt
Tempest as triple member while ARCANE left the com-
plete  scene  behind.  Both ARCHON and CODEMASTER
have been kicked out based on their inactivity.

NAPHALM  joined  Onslaught  as  triple  member  while
DARIO, RAZOR RAMON and SOLOMON have been moved
to the inactive list.

Current Ascraeus memberstatus looks like (= 8):
Aegis, Brizz, Ksin, Madhead, Moloch, Naphalm, Ramirez
and Skate.

Ascraeus worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

                                < SAMAR >
Samar  can be considered to be one of the most acti-
ve  scene groups at the moment. Actually they have a
few  collections  and demo projects in the pipeline and
will be responsible for the CBM 64 competitions at the
soon coming Rush party in Poland.

After the confusion around the graphics affair in the
paper  magazine  "New Fiction" ALG got booted out of
Samar  but after the affair got cleared up he was al-
lowed to re-join and so he did.

ARISTO,  GREGFEEL  or ZEOR have left Samar due to
unknown reasons.

Contrary  to  the  majority  of Polish groups Samar is
one  of  the  very  few  working  on a homepage which
should be launched soon.

Current Samar memberstatus looks like (= 23):
ALG,  Bishop,  Butt-Man,  Centrax,  Daf, Dune, Falcor,
Glover,  Goldhand, Isildur, Kordiaukis, Levi, Maverick,
Mr.  Fiz,  Neck,  Ramos, RMT, Scarlet, Scatee, Stinger,
Timix, TTL and Valsary

Samar worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

                  * SINGLE NEWS & RUMOURS *
> SKELETOR/ex-Hardcore joined EXCESS as cracker
  and fixer.

  Current Excess memberstatus looks like (= 15):
  Black  Duke,  Cat,  Creb,  Eco, Ecsic, Fantastic Zool,
  H-Bloxx,  Red  Rock,  RHX,  Sentinel, Skeletor, Spin-
  ball, Stormfront and Sush

> The  cover  label  FACTORY  has  got with BEDRICH,
  CYCLONE B and SUNDANCE a couple of new members

  Current Factory memberstatus looks like (= 7):
  Bedrich,  Bishop,  Centrax,  Cyclone  B, Flash, Micro
  and Sundance

> JB/No Name has left LEPSI DE to join the lately re-
    built Tempest as double member. The new demo called
  "Stundard"  is supposed to be released at the Rush
  party in Poland.

  Current Lepsi De memberstatus looks like (= 20):
  Bax,  Blender,  Gawain,  Gregfeel,  Katon,  Lego, Leo,
  Levi, Lynchbit, Madrom, Nazgul, Nemo, Racoon, Seba-
  loz,  S.U.C.K.,  Valsary, Violator, Wacek, Zatt and Zie-

> KUFLON/Medium joined NIPSON as programmer while
  RANDY  left  Powerage  and Scorn to serve as music
  composer in the future.
  LEMING has left his third group Medium.

  Current Nipson memberstatus looks like (= 7):
  ASL, Condic, Dolph, Jesper Kyd, Kuflon, Luke, Randy
  and Rico

> HOOGO  joined  PADUA  as  programmer and graphic

  Current Padua memberstatus looks like (= 08):
  Anonym,  ClassyK,  Cupid, Hoogo, Jadawin, Leonardo,
  Pommac, Ray Tracer

  Padua worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

> DODGER and FATMAN, both members of Dytec, joined
  REMEMBER  to  support  the oldie cracking group as
  double member

> TROOP/ex-Atlantis   returned   to   the   scene  and
  teamed up with ROLE

> MAD  HATTER  left STREET CHILDREN & Exon to re-
  main in Alpha Flight 1970 only. Meanwhile ARCHANGEL
  left his third group Vermes for Cyberpunx. Actually
  Schn  & Exon have a couple of collections in the ma-
  king  and  a  demo  is promised for the near future.
  CORWIN left Tengu for the Polish cooperation.

  Current Schn & Ex memberstatus looks like (= 19):
  Archangel,  Baldhead,  Bedrich, Cobra, Cooper, Cor-
  win,  Cyclone,  Everlast,  Flash, Habib, Kitana, Micro,
  Noise,  Oldguy,  Simone,  Sundance, Volcano, Warlock
  and Wizard

> TABOO  might  send out a second lifesign with a com-
  plete  one  level  preview of "Zone Of Darkness", at-
  least it got hinted by Cresh. Furthermore it is very
  possible that SHOGOON and CARRION, who is said to
  return into the scene to spread some of his unused
  graphics, will release collections using the Taboo la-

> TENGU has lost some valueable members as CORWIN,
  FANGORN and left the group. Their mail trader PRO-
  VOKATOR  has  been  taken  into  Smash  Designs on
  trial basis.

  Current Tengu memberstatus looks like (= 9):
  Astrovel,  Bigos,  Deinonychos,  Kosa,  Ksin,  Lydon,
  Pardon, Provocator and Replay

> HOLLOWMAN and LOGGER/ex-FairLight joined TRIAD
  as  graphic artist and programmer. Both have star-
  ted working on a demo already while King Fisher and
  Dane  aswell as Iopop and Twoflower are working on
  seperate demo projects, too.

  Current Triad memberstatus looks like (= 16):
  Acidchild, Aton, Ca$h, Groms, Hollowman, Iopop, Jer-
  ry,  JFK,  Killsquad,  King Fisher, Logger, Quorthon,
  Sailor, Tao, Taper and Twoflower

  Triad worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
  THE STUDIO               ++XX/XXX-XXXXX
  ANTIDOTE                 ++XX/XXX-XXXXX

Due  to  the  fact that our Party Radar chapters are
filled to the limits here is another invitation.

                 < Alternative Party Invitation >
You   are   hearby   invited   to  be  a  weirdo  at  the
ALTERNATIVE PARTY. If by some fluke of nature, you
happen  to  be  a  normal sociable human being, please
ignore this text.

Parties are boring - we all know that, but we all go to
them anyway. It's a defect in the genetic structure of
computer geeks. So as we're going to bore ourself to
death   anyway,   why   not   do   it   with   style?   The
Alternative  Party  is  a  party  for  machines normal
parties  always  ignore.  Have  you ever seen anyone
using  a VAX or a PDP at Assembly, The Party or any
other place on this side of the galaxy? Me neither.
The  Alternative  Party  will be the start of a new era
where  people do not have to be ashamed about using
a  computer  nobody else recognizes. It's our turn to
fight back for a new, brighter future!

To  put  it  simply: you can compete in the compos with
any  machine  except  any  PC  over  a 286 or an AGA
Amiga  (old  Amigas  are  fine). F.ex. Altair, Amiga500,
Atari,  Commodore  64,  Cray,  Eniac,  PalmPilot, TI-85
etc. etc.

By  this time you must be dying to get there. Here are
the specs:

Place:  A large (2700 m^2) building called "Palatsi" in
the center of Turku, Finland.

Party place address:

Time: Easter holidays, 10th-12th April, 1998

Entrance fees:
 1) 100   FIM    if   paid   beforehand   (includes   table
reservation).   This   can   be   sent  via  post  to  the
address   below   or   to   the   bank  account:  XXXXXX
XXXXXX-XXXXX  (Finland).  Please  state  that you are
paying  to  get  into the Alternative Party. Also inform
us  of some way to contact you in case there are any

2)  130  FIM at the door (we would prefer if everyone
tried  to  make  reservations instead of paying at the

3)  If  the F bit is set to 1 in your personal attributes
register  (i.e.  you  are  a  female),  the  price  is only
20FIM, whether paid beforehand or at the entrance.


email:      setok^
phone:     +XXX-XX-XXXXXXX
           XXXXXXXXX XX XX
           XXXXX XXXXX

For  more  information  and  compo  rules  check  the

"We  who  are oppressed love those who fight against
oppression    and    the    oppressors!"   -   Someone
introducing Kahdafi

Setok / Aggression

That  have been all news and rumours we have collec-
ted  and  prepared  for  you  in  this  edition. See you
again here in our spring edition in May 1998.

Best regards,


Release Charts

The Official Release Charts for the RELAX MAGAZINE
             Performed by the MASTER OF LAW...


                 RELEASE CHAPTS RULES v1.52
|DEFINITION | A  PREMIERE  upload of a game or pre-
------------- view  on the US boards is generally de-
fined  as  FIRST  RELEASE,  may it be a PAL, NTSC or
an already PAL/NTSC fixed 100% working production.
In  case  a  game  has been peleased in either PAL or
NTSC  only  the  first  PAL/NTSC fixed version will be
the official first release (qee: 6 months rule).
|6 MONTHS RULE|  If  a  production  has been relea-
---------------  sed  either PAL or NTSC only the
group  presenting  a  PAL/NTQC fix within SIX months
after the first release has been made is getting FULL
points,   for  both  GAME  ald  FIX (see: point system)
if  just  ONE  group  is responsible, if TWO groups are
involved the points will be qhared.
|24 HOURS RULE|  In  case TWO groups upload a tit-
---------------    le on different boards THE group
having  spread  the  release  FIRST ON MOST BOARDS
taken   into   consideration   to   create  the  release
charts is receiving the points.
If a group presents their version 24 hours after the
FIRST  RELEASE  the  release is getting handled as a
re-release (see: re-release).
|RE-RELEASE| A release already first released be-
------------- fore  and  having  EXCEEDED  the 24
hours rule is called a re-release.

|POINT SYSTEM:| The  Relax  Magazine* point system
--------------- table  contains the following cathe-

Fullprice Games                6.0 - 8.0 points
Budget Games                   4.0 - 6.0 points
Low Budget                     2.0 - 4.0 points
PD/Shareware/Freeware          1.0 - 2.0 points
Previews                       0.0 -  1.0 points

Due  to  the  fact  that  the QUALITY of games in each
cathegory VARIES the margin is ofcourse FLEXIBLE,
too, as it would be UNFAIR to rate poor and good ga-
mes with a similar amount of points.

Having regarded the latest releases in the low budget
cathegory  we  found  out  that the time for a change
has  come. Starting with the 1998 releases the range
starts  at  1.0  points  instead  of 2.0 points since the
quality level of certain releases has been more worse
than the term POOR can express.
|PAL/NTSC FIX:| ONE  bonus point can be gained by
--------------- releasing  a 100% (!) working PAL/
NTSC version. When a second group got involved with
the PAL or NTSC fix the points will be SHARED!

Games  which  were already PAL released HAVE to be
fixed  WITHIN  6 months after the official PAL release
otherwise NO points will be eiven for the NTSC fix.
|MINUS POINTS: | are a punishment for failures which
---------------- don't  accomplish  to  the standarts
set  for  today's cracker geleration and the philoso-
phy of the Relax Magazine release charts.

Re-releases                         -  7.0 points
Re-release of a preview             -  1.0 points
NO levelpacking                     -  1.0 points
NO trainer(s)                       -  1.0 points
NO translation                      -  1.0 points

|NO POINTS| will  be  given  for the following produc-
----------- tions,  not fitting into the traditional re-
lease charts rulez.

Unlike most other magazines we WON'T give points for
tools. Those releases will get mentioned but that's all
about them.

GAMES  and such games that were done using a GAME
MAKER  aswell  as  NON-PLAYABLE  PREVIEWS will be
|BONUS POINTS:|  whenever  WE  think  somebody did
---------------  something SPECIAL or OUTSTAND-
ING  we  will  add  ONE point to the NORMAL amount of
points.  This might be a complex translation or a com-
plex translation of graphics.
SPECIAL FEATURES just benefiting a MINOR or limited
group  of  sceners, just as REU (Ram expansion unit)
users, is still worth a HALF point.

|BOARDS|  While  creating  the  Relax Magazine* re-
--------  lease  charts  the  following boards have
been taken in to consideration.

The Dungeon                                 ++X/X XX/XXX-XXXX
Dead Zone                                   ++X/X XX/XXX-XXXX
The Bass Planet                             ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
The Evil Island                             ++X/X XX/XXX-XXXX

And here we go...

                    November/December 1997

                * ALPHA FLIGHT 1970 (8.5 pts) *
The  German  pride  released  the  fixed  versions  of
GIRLTRIS   (3.5  pts  +  1.0  pts  =  4.5  pts),  STROKE
WORLD  (3.5  pts + 1.0 pts - 1.0 pts = 3.5 pts) and the
preview of BOMBMANIA (0.5 pts).

By  activating the skip level trainer option in the final
level  the game crashes therefore a deduction of one
point  was  necessary. The 100% version of Dytec re-
leased  in  1998  does NOT influence the 1997 release
charts results.

                     * CHROMANCE (- 7 pts) *
The    Hungarian    based   group   only   re-released
JUMPING  CUBES (-7 pts).  FBR  released  that  game
back in 1989! Bad luck that people discovered it.

                         * DYTEC (9.5 pts) *
(2.4  pts)  already  running  PAL/NTSC and the fixed
version  of  the  fullprice game BOMBMANIA (6.1 pts +
1.0 pts = 7.1 pts).

                         * F4CG (5.7 pts) *
The  fantastics  started  with  FROGS AND FLIES (2.1
pts),  a  game  published  by Loadstar remembering to
the  very  early  beginning  of CBM 64 games in 1982.
Furthermore  they  have  fixed  SUPER  PACMAN  (1.0
pts) for Role & WOW. Last but not least they have re-
leased  CLOUX  (1.6  pts + 1.0 pts = 2.6 pts), a sweep-
miner clone.

                         * LAXITY (0.1 pts) *
Laxity   has  only   released   a  little  preview  called

                        * MOTIV 8 (0.1 pts) *
Nothing new from the motivated Danish cracking crew
except for the preview of MOONSPELL (0.1 pts).

                    * ONSLAUGHT (4.5 pts) *
The  Australian  based group released the fixed ver-
sion  of  THREE STONES (2.6 pts + 1.0 pts = 3.6 pts),
followed   by  previews  called  CHAOSLAND  (0.5 pts)
and SPHERIX (0.4 pts).

                     * ROLE & WOW (1.3 pts) *
The  Belgian cooperation releasewise came along with
SUPER  PACMAN  (1.3  pts),  later  on PAL/NTSC fixed
by F4CG.

                  * SUCCESS & TRC (0.9 pts) *
The  ruling  cooperation  released  only two previews
called  BOOMBASTIC BEENY (0.5 pts) and SKIDMARKS
(0.4 pts).

Merged in to a table it looks like this:

         The official release charts Nov/Dec 1997
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (/)      Dytec                         9.5
02.    (2)      Alpha Flight 1970             8.5
03.    (/)      F4CG                          5.7
04.    (7)      Onslaught                     4.5
05.    (6)      Role & WOW                    1.3
06.    (3)      Success & TRC                 0.9
07.    (4)      Laxity                        0.1
       (/)      Motiv 8

           The official fixing charts Nov/Dec 1997
Rank   Last     Group                         Releases
01.       (2)          Alpha Flight 1970           2
          (2)          F4CG
02.       (/)          Dytec                       1
          (/)          Onslaught

                             January 1998

               * ALPHA FLIGHT 1970 (6.2 pts) *
The  flight  started  into  1998  with  TANKS  (2.7 pts)
from  Loadstar,  a  game  already running PAL/NTSC.
Later  on  the  fixed  version of SUPERNOVA (2.5 pts
+ 1.0  pts  =  3.5  pts)  and  COMMODORE  SCENE TOOL
PACK (0.0 pts) both from Commodore scene followed.

                     * CHROMANCE (0.7 pts) *
After the bad taste left from the last release done in
1997 Chromance stroke back with ARTHEMA PREVIEW
(0.7  pts) and TIMMERCIAL (0.0 pts), a demonstration
from Timsoft, Poland.

                         * DYTEC (4.5 pts) *
The  east  Germans  entered  1998 with the 100% ver-
sion  of  STROKE  WORLD 100% (3.5 pts + 1.0 pts = 4.5

                        * EXCESS (5.2 pts) *
Excess returned to the first release competition with
the  fixed  version  of  LABE  ME  (1.1  pts  +  1.0 pts =
2.1 pts). The slightly updated LEO 2 PREVIEW (1.0 pts)
can  be  seen  as a 100% version to the Onslaught re-
lease made in 1996 which does not work correctly. Fi-
nally  the  fixed version of DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE (1.1
pts + 1.0 pts = 2.1 pts) made it to the boards.

                         * F4CG (8.4 pts) *
The  fantastics  decided to flood the market with a lot
of  games  coming close to the notorious Motiv 8 qua-
lity  label,  starting  with  LASERSTORM  (1.1  pts) from
Loadstar already running PAL/NTSC in original. That
can  be reported about BURGERTIME (1.1 pts) created
by  Megastyle  Prod.,  JAX  (1.1  pts) and AIR TRAFFIC
CONTROLLER (1.1 pts), too. The positive exception was
REFLECT  (2.9 pts)  but  it  took  not too much time to
see F4CG returning to their new style with VIDEOPO-
KER (1.1 pts), already running PAL/NTSC.

                      * FAIRLIGHT (5.3 pts) *
The  motivated  ones  brought  along  BLACK  KNIGHT
(3.0  pts)  from Tim Soft, already running PAL/NTSC,
when  they  entered  FairLight.  Motiv  8 released the
game  untrained  in Polish and said no translation was
necessary.   Then  they  returned  to  their  formerly
known  quality  level  with DELTA MISSON V2 PREVIEW
(0.1  pts)  and  IONS  (1.1 pts), later on fixed by Laxity
for  them.  Last  but not least they tried to fix a game
called  SHOOT  (1.1 pts + 1.0 pts - 1.0 pts) on an emula-
tor  and  failed  completely  since  the  fix  corrupted
the game completely, e.g. the music etc.

                        * HITMEN (0.7 pts) *
The German based cracking group took a little break
in their winter sleep to come with the second preview
of SCORPION (0.7 pts)

                         * LAXITY (7.7 pts) *
Laxity  started  their warez rush with a minesweeper
clone  called  BOMBSWEEPER  (1.1 pts), then they fixed
IONS  (1.0  pts) for the returned FairLight crew, fol-
lowed  by  SILENT DOWN (1.1 pts) and a preview called
IT'S  MAGIC  (0.8  pts).  Last but not least their high-
light  was MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE (3.7 pts), a game Hit-
men spread a few weeks ago by mail only.

Merged in to a table it looks like this:

         The official release charts January 1998
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (3)      F4CG                          8.4
02.    (7)      Laxity                        7.7
03.    (2)      Alpha Flight 1970             6.2
04.    (/)      FairLight                     5.3
05.    (/)      Excess                        5.2
06.    (/)      Dytec                         4.5
07.    (/)      Chromance                     0.7
       (/)          Hitmen

           The official fixing charts January 1998
Rank   Last     Group                         Releases
01.    (/)      Excess                        2
02.    (2)      Alpha Flight 1970             1
       (/)      Laxity

Thanks for their help goes to:   COUNT ZERO
                                 THE IGNORANCE

Yours sincerly,

Marc/Alpha Flight 1970

Yearly Releases

Feel  welcomed  to  the chapter taking care about the
releases  made  in  1996,  being  filled  uith  statistics
about the first release competition in 1997.

The  following  lines  will contain ALL releases made in
1997  from ALL groups taking part in the first relea-
se  competition.  Still  it is needless to say that this is
the  only  source  covering  the  release  charts on a
REGULAR level and basis, once again we are proud to
provide  the  BEST  coverage  possible in the CBM 64

Infact  the  idea  behind  this  chapter  is not that new
but it's definately very informative and helpful for all
persons  who  are  interested  in detailed information
about  the releases in 1997 as it will contain game tit-
les,  fixing  or cooperating groups, the points and the
status  (PAL:  PAL only, PAL/NTSC: game was already
PAL/NTSC  compatible  and  FIX:  NTSC  (PAL)  fix in-
This  overview might be a useful documentation in or-
der  to avoid re-releases, only to give a short exam-
ple.  Furthermore  it  is the place to define your cur-
rent  position,  and  ofcourse the position of the con-
curence who are all heading for the crown at the end
of 1997.

The rules that this charts are following can be found
in the Release Charts chapter.

Here we go...

              * ALPHA FLIGHT 1970 (73.2 pts) *
Scortia                           0.2   pts     Pal
Brave                             4.7   pts     Fix
Remember                          3.0   pts     Fix
Reversi                           3.7   pts     Fix
Upsidedown                        4.5   pts     Fix
Target                            3.8   pts     P/N
Starmerchant                      3.5   pts     Fix
Vision                            4.1   pts     Fix
Merchant (w. Hitmen)              3.5   pts     Fix
Fugitive                          5.0   pts     Fix
Samber                            7.0   pts     Fix
Mystery                           4.6   pts     Fix
Savage Platform Preview           0.6   pts     Pal
Bloodhand                         4.2   pts     Fix
Magical Formula                   4.6   pts     Fix
Fliptris                          3.3   pts     Pal
Legend of Kyril V2 Preview        0.0   pts     Pal
Penny                             4.4   pts     Fix
Strokeworld                       3.5   pts     Fix
Girltris                          4.5   pts     Fix
Bombmania Preview                 0.5   pts     Pal

                     * CHROMANCE (21.7 pts) *
Picman Preview                   0.0   pts     Pal
Undoroid Preview                 0.2   pts     Pal
Interlaced Pairs                 5.0   pts      Fix
Galleon                          8.0   pts     Fix
Twin Terrors                     3.3   pts     Fix
Chronic the Badger V2            0.6   pts     Pal
Undoroid                         3.3   pts     Fix
Magic Land                       0.0   pts     P/N
Buddha                           0.0   pts     P/N
Legend of Kyril Preview          0.0   pts     Pal
Mr. Setam                        3.0   pts     Fix
Horsekiller Preview              0.0   pts     Pal
Last G                           3.0   pts     Fix
Nether Preview                   0.2   pts     Pal
64 Luff                          2. 1  pts     P/N
Jumping Cubes                   -7.0   pts     Fix

                       * DISORDER (4.1 pts) *
Dump Preview                            0.0   pts     Pal
Pac It Preview                          0.0   pts     Pal
Extend                                  2.0   pts     Pal
Pac Man                                 2.1   pts     P/N

                         * DYTEC (9.5 pts) *
R-The Ultimate Joystick Killer  2.4   pts     P/N
Bombmania                       7.1   pts     Fix

                 * ENDLESS PIRACY (0.0 pts) *
Babylon Preview                   -  1.0   pts     Pal

                        * EXCESS (1.2 pts) *
Mystic Mirrors Prv.                   0.4   pts      Pal
48 Hours Prv.                         0.6   pts      Pal
Deep Void Prv.                        0.0   pts      Pal
Bloody Stars Prv.                     0.2   pts      Pal

                          * F4CG (9.1 pts) *
Wladca                          -7.0   pts     Fix
Powertris                        3.6   pts     Fix
Skylight Preview                -1.0   pts     Pal
Tric Trac                        2.6   pts     Fix
Manganoid                        3.7   pts     Fix
Knoorkie                         3.9   pts     Fix
Mr. Ant Preview                  0.4   pts     Pal
Colee Preview                    0.3   pts     Pal
Rundes Leder                     1.0   pts     Fix
Frogs and Flies                  0.0   pts     Pal
Plasm Preview                    0.3   pts     Pal
Plasm                           -7.0   pts     Fix
Mr. Ant                          3.6   pts     Fix
Thepsos Preview                 -1.0   pts     Pal
Super Pacman (fix for Wow)       1.0   pts     Fix
Frogs and Flies                  2.1   pts     P/N
Cloux                            2.6   pts     Fix

                        * HITMEN (13.8 pts) *
James Fly Preview V2              0.7   pts     Pal
Tanks Preview                     0.5   pts     Pal
Deep Void                         0.0   pts     Pal
Merchant (w. Alpha Flight)        3.5   pts     Fix
Cross Invert 2 Preview            0.6   pts     Pal
Plasm                             3.4   pts     Fix
Labe Me Preview                   0.1   pts     Pal
Picture Recolorator               0.0   pts     Pal
Colee                             3.6   pts     Fix
Barrel Bunger Preview             0.4   pts     Pal
Maximum Overdrive Preview         1.0   pts     Pal

                         * LAXITY (7.9 pts) *
Outside Preview                   0.0   pts     Pal
The Run Preview                  -1.0   pts     Pal
Map Race                          0.0   pts     P/N
Trazz Preview                     0.1   pts     Pal
Utopia Preview                    0.0   pts     Pal
Sweepminer                        2.1   pts     P/N
Words don't come easy             3.5   pts     Fix
5*5                               3.1   pts     Fix
P. & Fantasy Preview              0.1   pts     Pal

                        * MOTIV 8 (9.8 pts) *
Jailbreak                      3.0   pts     P/N
Ripp Off preview               0.2   pts     Pal
Gurdian                        2.0   pts     P/N
X-Tris                         2.1   pts     Fix
Afterlife 2                    0.0   pts     P/N
Immortility in Space Preview   0.1   pts     Pal
Four Courners                  0.0   pts     P/N
Micro Machines Preview         0.1   pts     Pal
Words don't come easy Prv      0.2   pts     Pal
Space Battle                   0.0   pts     P/N
Brain Storm Preview            0.0   pts     Pal
Moonspell Preview              0.1   pts     Pal

                    * ONSLAUGHT (33.5 pts) *
Space Tracker Preview         -1.0   pts     Pal
Crazy Business Preview         0.5   pts     Pal
Shove Preview                  0.1   pts     Pal
Dominoes                       3.1   pts     Fix
Find the Pairs                 0.8   pts     Pal
Ghosttrap                      4.0   pts     Fix
Trooze                         3.7   pts     Fix
Crazy Business                 3.0   pts     Fix
Penny Preview                  0.4   pts     Pal
The Castle                     8.0   pts     Fix
Ice Guys Preview               1.0   pts     Pal
Assasin V2 Preview             0.4   pts     Pal
Cannoncraze                    4.8   pts     Fix
On Table Preview               0.1   pts     Pal
Chaosland Preview              0.5   pts     Pal
Three Stone                    3.6   pts     Fix
Spherix Preview                0.4   pts     Pal

                     * ROLE & WOW (1.6 pts) *
Terminus 2 Preview                0.3   pts     Pal
Super Pacman (fix by F4CG)        1.3   pts     Fix

                  * SUCCESS & TRC (30.9 pts) *
Blood Hand Preview                 0.3   pts     Pal
Xiom                               3.6   pts     Fix
Scortia                            3.3   pts     Fix
Monster                            3.0   pts     Fix
Grav Preview                       0.2   pts     Pal
Remember                           2.2   pts     Fix
Hypercars                          3.6   pts     Fix
Blox                               2.6   pts     P/N
Squares                            3.5   pts     Fix
Alert Preview                      0.4   pts     Pal
Assasin Preview                    0.4   pts     Pal
Ice Guys                           6.9   pts     Pal
Boombastic Preview                 0.5   pts     Pal
Skidmarks Preview                  0.4   pts     Pal

                          * TRIAD (0.2 pts) *
Aake 2 Preview                        0.2 pts   Pal

Merged in to a table it looks like this:

     The official RELEASE CHARTS of the year 1997
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (1)      Alpha Flight 1970             73.2
02.    (3)      Onslaught                     33.5
03.    (2)      Sucess & TRC                  30.9
04.    (4)      Chromance                     21.7
05.    (5)      Hitmen                        13.8
06.    (7)      Motiv 8                       9.8
07.    (/)      Dytec                         9.5
08.    (9)      F4CG                          9.1
09.    (6)      Laxity                        7.9
10.    (8)      Disorder                      4.1
11.    (11)     Role & WOW                    1.6
12     (10)     Excess                        1.2
13.    (12)     Triad                         0.2

       The official FIXING CHARTS of the year 1997
Rank   Last     Group                         Releases
01.     (1)        Alpha Flight 1970             16
02.     (2)        Chromance                      6
        (4)        F4CG
        (3)        Onslaught
        (2)        Success & TRC
03.     (4)        Hitmen                         4
        (5)        Laxity                         2
04.     (/)        Dytec                          1
        (5)        Motiv 8

     The official QUALITY CHARTS of the year 1997
Rank  Group                    Points  Games  Prvs  Quality
01.    Alpha Flight 1970       73.2      17   4     3.5
02.    Success & TRC           30.9       8   6     2.2
03.    Onslaught               33.5       7   10    2.0
04.    Chromance               21.7      10   6     1.4
05.    Hitmen                  13.8       4   6     1.3
06.    Disorder                4.1        2   2     1.0
07.    Laxity                  7.9        4   5     0.9
08.    Role & WOW              1.6        1   1     0.8
09.    Motiv 8                 7.7        7   5     0.6
10.    F4CG                    9.1       11   6     0.5
11.    Excess                  1.2        0   4     0.3
10.    Triad                   0.2        0   1     0.2
13.    Endless Piracy         -1.0        0   1     0.0
./.         Total             204.9      71   56    1.1

Yours sincerly,

Marc/Alpha Flight 1970

The Best

                       < THE BEST OF 1997 >
Last  year  was  supposed  to see the release of AFL
mag  "The  Best" with a new outfit but due to constant
delays  and  problems  it  never  appeared  hence  we
decided  to  include these chapters in Relax Magazine
for the time being at least.

Usually  "The Best" did not test previews but due to a
poor  year  for full game releases we decided it would
make sense to do previews as well.
If   you  do  not  see  your  version  of  any  game  or
preview  on  the  following  pages  it is simply because
niether of us recieved it.

                              GAMES A-Me
                    F .............    Number of Files
                    L .............    Length of All Files
                    T ..............   Number of Trainers
                    PW ...........   Passwords Found
                    CH ...........   In Built Cheats Found
                    FX ...........   NTSC/Pal Fixed
                    TR ...........   Translated into English
AAKE 2 PREVIEW                    F      L      T
PENTAGRAM/The Falcon              1      61     •

ALERT PREVIEW                   F      L      T
AFL 1970/The Ignorance          1      43     •
ASCRAEUS/Moloch                 1      52     •
EXCESS/Stormfront               1      46     •
HITMEN/Racoon                   1      52     •
SCS & TRC/Burglar               1      68     •

ASSASIN PREVIEW                 F      L      T
SCS & TRC/Burglar               1      76    •

HITMEN/Jack Alien        2       114    •

EXCESS/Stormfront         1      26     •
WOW & ROLE/H-Bloxx        1      27     + 1

BLOOD HAND                        F      L      T
ACTIVE/Bordeaux                   1      106    + 9
AFL 1970/The Ignorance            1      114    • Fx   ☼
DISORDER/O'Dog                    2      108    •
HITMEN/Moonchild                  1      94     + 6
LAXITY/Didi                       1      98     + 2
PENTAGRAM/The Falcon              16     152    • ↓   
☼ Fixed by Danzig
↓ This version is only an intro-link to the original

BLOX                                   F      L      T
AFL 1970/The Ignorance                 1      75     •
CHROMANCE/Rough                        1      93     •
LAXITY/Didi                            1      92     •
SCS & TRC/Burglar                      1      95     •

BRAINSTORM PREVIEW            F      L      T
MOTIV 8/Goat                  1      63     •
SHTIMAN/Hisbolla              1      61     •

BRAVE                                 F      L      T
AFL 1970/Skinhead                     9      405    + 3 Pw Fx ☼
AFL 1970/Skinhead                     4      396    + 6 Pw
F4CG/Skinhead                         4      369    + 6 Pw
LAXITY/Didi                           10     504    + 5 Pw
☼ Fixed by Danzig
↑ Fastload Enable/Disable Option

CANNON CRAZE                    F      L      T
ACTIVE/Trasher                  5      178    +  1
AFL 1970/The Ignorance          6      198    + 2 ↑^
HITMEN/Moonchild                3      183    + 5
ONSLAUGHT/Sting                 3      187    + 3 Fx ☼
^ Option to Skip Intro
↑ Fastload Enable/Disable Option
☼ Fixed by Jolz

CASTLE                                  F      L      T
ONSLAUGHT/Sting                         46    1092    + 2 Fx ☼
☼ Fixed by Donar

COLEE PREVIEW                    F      L      T
ASCRAEUS/Moloch                  2      88    + 3
F4CG/Skinhead                    2      84    + 3

COLEE                                 F      L      T
HITMEN/Curlin                         3      132    + 2 Fx
LAXITY/Didi                           2      121    + 3 ^
^ Skip Intro Option

COMPANY DIRECTOR             F      L      T
MOTIV 8/Crossfire            1      109    •

DISORDER/O'Dog             1      89     •
RAYDEN/Schizofrenia        1      98     •

CRAZY BUSINESS                  F      L      T
ONSLAUGHT/Donar                 2      180   + 1 Fx

DEADLY MESSENGERS          F      L      T
DISORDER/O'Dog             1      140    • √
F4CG/Skinhead              1      131    • Fx √
HITMEN/Jack Alien          1      137    • √
TRIAD/Sailor               1      126    • Fx
√ Cheatmode Found

DEEP VOID                            F      L      T
AFL 1970/Ignorance                   1      68     •
TRIAD/Sailor                         1      73     • Fx ↑
↑ Dox Included

DOMINOES                             F      L      T
AFL 1970/The Ignorance               1      95     • ^
DISORDER/O'Dog                       1      125    •
F4CG/Derbyshire Ram                  1      64     •
HITMEN/Racoon                        2      128    •
LAXITY/Didi                          1      198    •
ONSLAUGHT/Sting                      1      121    •
^ Option To Skip Intro

EXTEND (Lepsi Dev.)               F      L      T
DISORDER/Goat                     1      33     + 2 ↑
SHITMEN/Hisbolla                  1      33     •
↑ Joystick Control Added

FIND THE PAIR PREVIEW         F      L      T
HITMEN/Moonchild              1      102    + 2
LAXITY/Vague                  1      103    + 1
ONSLAUGHT/Sting               2      210    •
PENTAGRAM/The Falcon          1      107    •

FLIPTRIS                              F      L      T
AFL 1970/???                          1      154    • ^
^ Skip Intro Option

FUGITIVE PREVIEW                 F      L      T
EXCESS/Sentinel                  1      87     •
SHITMEN/Hisbolla                 1      69     •

FUGITIVE                              F      L      T
AFL 1970/The Ignorance                1      104    + 1 Fx ☼ ^
CHROMANCE/Rough                       1      131    + 1 ↑ ^
DYTEC/Dodger                          1      116    •
LAXITY/Didi                           2      109    + 1
WOW & ROLE/Luis                       2˜     123    •
☼ Fixed by Danzig
^ Skip Intro Option
↑ Keyboard Option Repaired
˜ Seperate Intro File

FROGS AND FLIES                 F      L      T
F4CG/Fungus                     1      94     •

GHOST TRAP                           F      L      T
ONSLAUGHT/Sting                      3      256    + 4 Fx ☼
☼ Fixed by Jolz

GIRLTRIS                              F      L      T
CHROMANCE/Jaydee                      17     493    + 2 Fx ☼
F4CG/Crackpoint                       13˜    383    + 1
WOW & ROLE/Sorex                      1      450    + 1
˜ Includes note about level 5
☼ Fixed by Lion

HYPERCARS                         F      L      T
SCS & TRC/Count Zero              7      197    •

ICE GUYS PREVIEW                 F      L      T
AFL 1970/Marc                    12     288    •
ONSLAUGHT/Donar                  14     332    •


ICE GUYS                              F      L      T
DYTEC/Dodger                          3      444    + 10
F4CG/Skinhead                         46     482    +  5
LAXITY/Didi                           14     440    + 12 ↑
SCS & TRC/Burglar                     2      476    + 6
WOW & ROLE/Sorex                      2      423    + 7
↓ Hi-Score Saver Works With Cheats On
↑ Fastload Enable/Disable Option

INTERLACED PAIRS               F      L      T
AFL 1970/The Ignorance         1      133    • ^
AMNESIA/Calypso                3      162    •
CHROMANCE/Mr. Wax              6      268    • Fx ☼
F4CG/Derbyshire Ram            6      249    •
HITMEN/Racoon                  6      260    •
ONSLAUGHT/Sting                2      131    + 1
^ Skip Intro Option
☼ Fixed by Natas

JAMES FLY PREVIEW 1           F      L      T
HITMEN/Moonchild              1      118    + 1
WOW & ROLE/Luis               1      139    + 1

JAMES FLY PRVEVIEW 2        F      L      T
HITMEN/Moonchild            1      141    + 3

JUMPING CUBES                    F      L      T
CHROMANCE/Jaydee                 1      82     •

KNOORKIE (Timsoft)               F      L      T
F4CG/Skinhead                    1      200    + 2 Fx Tr. ☼
HITMEN/Moonchild                 2˜     211    + 3 Tr.
☼ Translated by Maja
˜ Includes a Separate Dox File

LABE ME PREVIEW                 F      L      T
ASCRAEUS/Moloch                 1      43     •
CHROMANCE/Rough                 1      39     •
HITMEN/Racoon                   1      57     •
LAXITY/???                      1      23     •
PENTAGRAM/The Falcon            1      44     •
WOW & ROLE/Restive              1      47     •

LAST G                                   F      L      T
CHROMANCE/Fungus                         1      59     • Fx

LEGEND OF KYRIL PRV. 2     F      L      T
AFL 1970/The Ignorance     5      194    •
DYTEC/Dodger               1      189    •
LAXITY/Didi                5      178    •
SHITMEN/Hisbolla           5      240    •

MAGICAL FORMULA                F      L      T
AFL 1970/The Ignorance         36     445    + 4 Fx ↑ ^
AFL 1970/Chrysagon             2      375    + 5 ˜
CHROMANCE+LAXITY/Didi          13     389    + 5 Fx ☼ ↑
DISORDER/O'Dog                 2      368    + 6
HITMEN/Moonchild               2      375    + 5  Ch. ^
WOW & ROLE/???                 1      272    + 5
^ Skip Intro Option
☼ Fixed by Fungus
↑ Fastload Enable/Disable Option
˜ Option to Fill Up Lives/Time

MANGANOID                           F      L      T
F4CG/Skinhead                       1      158    + 2 Fx

MAP RACE                            F      L      T
LAXITY/Vague                        1      116    •

HITMEN/Jack Alien          4      192    •

MEGA MOLECULES                F      L      T
ACTIVE/Bordeaux               1      79     •
AFL 1970/The Ignorance        2      97     + 2 Fx ☼
AMNESIA/Calypso               1      97     + 3
CHROMANCE/Rough               1      103    + 4
ONSLAUGHT/Sting               2      116    + 3 Fx
SINGULAR/Blacksmith           1      43     +  1 ˜
SHITMEN/Hisbolla              2      99     •
WOW & ROLE/???                2      82     + 2
☼ Fixed by Danzig
˜ Intro & Dox Missing From Main Game

MERCHANT                              F      L      T
Hitmen/Moonchild                      9      594    + 3 Tr.

The games Mi - Z can be found in "The Best II".

Best regards,

Caledonian/Alpha Flight 1970
Derbyshire Ram/Alpha Flight 1970^Remember

The Best II

                     < THE BEST OF 1997 II >
                              GAMES Mi - Z
                    F .............    Number of Files
                    L .............    Length of All Files
                    T ..............   Number of Trainers
                    PW ...........   Passwords Found
                    CH ...........   In Built Cheats Found
                    FX ...........   NTSC/Pal Fixed
                    TR ...........   Translated into English

MOTIV 8/Crossfire           1      76     •

MISSION NADA                        F      L      T
ASCRAEUS/Moloch                     1      113    + 3
PENTAGRAM/The Falcon                1      109    + 3

MONSTERS                              F      L      T
AMNESIA/Calypso                       1      64     + 3
DISORDER/Goat                         1      61     + 3
RAYDEN/Schizofrenia                   1      70     •
SCS & TRC/Burglar                     1      66     + 3 Fx
U-TURN/Carnage                        1      68     + 3

MOONSPELL PREVIEW            F      L      T
MOTIV 8/Goat                 1      119    •

MR. ANT PREVIEW                    F      L      T
ASCRAEUS/Moloch                    1      101    + 2
F4CG/Skinhead                      1      114    + 1
PENTAGRAM/The Falcon               1      100    + 3

MR ANT                                   F      L      T
F4CG/DMC                                 2      88     + 3

MR SETAM LADYKILLER        F      L      T
ACTIVE/Bordeaux            2      97     •
AFL 1970/The Ignorance     1      82     • ^
CHROMANCE/???              1      106    • Fx ☼
SHITMEN/Hisbolla           1      97     •
TRIAD/Sailor               1      87     • Fx
☼ Fixed by Natas
^ Skip Intro Option

MYSTERY                                F      L      T
AFL 1970/The Ignorance                 6      269    + 4 Fx ☼
HITMEN/Moonchild                       3      248    + 5
LAXITY/Didi                            3      251    + 4 ↑
SINGULAR/Blacksmith                    4      241    + 2
URINE/G.F.                             3      291    + 4 Fx

EXCESS/H-Bloxx              2      72     •
SCS & TRC/Splatterhead      2      59     •

NONSENSE                           F      L      T
ACTIVE/Bordeaux                    1      110    •
CHROMANCE/Rough                    1      138    • ↑
EXCESS/???                         1      147    •
WOW & ROLE/Luis                    1      104    • ˜
↑ Scroll Text in Game Repaired
˜ Intro in Main Game Missing

ON TABLE PREVIEW              F      L      T
CHROMANCE/Rough               1      38     + 1
HITMEN/Racoon                 1      42     •
LAXITY/???                    1      20     •
PENTAGRAM/The Falcon          1      40     •
WOW & ROLE/Restive            1      34     •

PAC IT PREVIEW                    F      L      T
EXCESS/??                         1      64     •
HITMEN/Racoon                     1      59     •
WOW & ROLE/Restive                1      52     •

PAC-MANN                              F      L      T
DISORDER/Goat                         1      97     + 3
PENTAGRAM/The Falcon                  1      107    + 3 ^
^ Skip Intro Option

PENNY PREVIEW                    F      L      T
AFL 1970/The Ignorance           1      123    •
CHROMANCE/Rough                  1      122    + 2 ↑ ^
PENTAGRAm/The Falcon             1      147    •
WOW & ROLE/Luis                  1      146    + 1
↑ Continue After The End of Preview
^ Skip Intro Option

PENNY                                 F      L      T
AFL 1970/The Ignorance                15     489    + 7 Pw ↑ ^
LAXITY/Didi                           14     441    + 8 Pw ↑ ^
↑ Fastload Enable/Disable Option
^ Skip Intro Option

PLASM PREVIEW                    F      L      T
F4CG/Fungus                      1      96     •

PLASM                                 F      L      T
F4CG/Fungus/Dmc                       2      125    + 8 Fx Pw
HITMEN/Jack Alien                     2      114    + 8 Fx Pw
LAXITY/Didi                           2      112    + 5 Pw

POWERTRIS                          F      L      T
AFL 1970/Chrysagon                 3      268    •
DYTEC/Dodger                       3      286    •
F4CG/Skinhead                      27     257    • Fx
HITMEN/Moonchild                   8      270    •

REMEMBER                           F      L      T
AFL 1970/Skinhead                  1      76     • Fx
SCS & TRC/Count Zero               1      145    + 3 Fx☼
☼ In Built Trainer

REVERSI                               F      L      T
AFL 1970/The Ignorance                1      122    • Fx
HITMEN/Racoon                         1      136    •
TRIAD/???                             1      117    •

RUNDES LEDER                    F      L      T
F4CG/Skinhead                   12     272    • Tr

SAMBER                               F      L      T
AFL 1970/The Ignorance               44     284    +3 Fx↓☼
DYTEC/Dodger                         1      199    + 11
HITMEN/Moonchild                     2      250    + 5
LAXITY/Didi                          8      240    + 5 ↑
ONSLAUGHT/Sting                      2      232    + 5
URINE/Bp                             38     477    + 5 Fx
WOW & ROLE/Sorex                     1      165    + 5
☼ Fixed by Danzig
↓ Trainer Bugs Game
↑ Fastload Enable/Disable Option

SAVAGE PLATFORMS PRV.      F      L      T
ACTIVE/Bordeaux            1      80     •
AFL 1970/Ignorance         1      97     •
DISORDER/Didi              1      61     • ˜
EXCESS/H-Bloxx             1      80     •
PENTAGRAM/The Falcon       1      86     •
WOW & ROLE/Restive         1      74     •
˜ Text Missing From Main File

SCORTIA PREVIEW                 F      L      T
AFL 1970/???                    1      70     •
DISORDER/Goat                   1      37     + 3
WOW & ROLE/Triangle             1      39     + 2

SCORTIA                              F      L      T
AFL 1970/The Ignorance               1      88     + 2 Ch ^
DISORDER/Goat                        2      96     + 4 Ch
EXCESS/H-Bloxx                       1      97     + 1  ^
HITMEN/Moonchild                     1      86     + 2 ^
U-TURN/Carnage                       1      106    + 1
^ Skip Intro Option

SHOVE                                 F      L      T
ONSLAUGHT/Sting                       1      102    •

SKIDMARKS PREVIEW              F      L      T
SCS & TRC/Burglar              1      127    •

SKYLIGHT PREVIEW               F      L      T
F4CG/Skinhead                  1      77     •
RAYDEN/The Falcon              1      90     •

AFL 1970/Violator        1      117    •
HITMEN/Racoon            1      101    •
SCS & TRC/Burglar        1      92     •

SQUARES                             F      L      T
AFL 1970/The Ignorance              1      91     + 1 ^
AFL 1970/The Ignorance              1      86     •
DISORDER/Goat                       1      84     •
EXCESS/Master S                     2      98     •
F4CG/Derbyshire Ram                 1      92     •
HITMEN/Moonchild                    1      83     •
ONSLAUGHT/Sting                     1      85     •
WOW & ROLE/Sorex                    1      73     •
WOW & ROLE/Luis                     1      65     • ˜
^ Skip Intro Option
˜ Intro Missing from Main Game

STAR MERCHANT                     F      L      T
DISORDER/Gothic                   1      168    • Ch Tr
HITMEN/Moonchild                  1      142    + 1 Ch Tr

SWEEPMINER PREVIEW            F      L      T
EXCESS/Master S               1      42     •
LAXITY/Didi                   2      38     •

TARGET                                  F      L      T
AFL 1970/The Ignorance                  14     351    + 2 ↑
HITMEN/Moonchild                        3      253    + 3
LAXITY/Didi                             13     253    + 2 ↑
RAYDEN/Schizofrenia                     34     507    •
↑ Fastload Enable/Disable Option
↓ This Version is Only Introlinked to the Original

TERMINUS 2 PREVIEW            F      L      T
HITMEN/Racoon                 1      76     •
LAXITY/Didi                   1      49     •
WOW  & ROLE/H-Bloxx           1      45     •

TRAZ PREVIEW                     F      L      T
ACTIVE/Bordeaux                  1      45     •
AMNESIA/Calypso                  1      56     •
EXCESS/H-Bloxx                   1      47     •

TRIC TRAC                              F      L      T
F4CG/Derbyshire Ram                    2      100    •
LAXITY/Didi                            2      82     •
MOTIV 8/Crossfire                      3˜     185    •
˜ An Extra Dox File Included

TROOZE                                  F      L      T
AFL 1970/The Ignorance                  1      141    + 3 Pw
ONSLAUGHT/Sting                         1      174    + 3 Pw Fx ☼
ONSLAUGHT/Sting                         3      177    +4  Fx ↑
☼ Fixed by Galland
↑ Fixed by Donar

UPSIDE DOWN V1                    F      L      T
F4CG/Jack Alien                   17     446    + 4 Fx Pw
HITMEN/Moonchild                  2      400    + 3 Pw

UPSIDE DOWN V2                   F      L      T
AFL 1970/The Ignorance           23     407    + 4 Fx Pw^
AFL 1970/The Ignorance           4      363    + 4 Pw ↑ ^
LAXITY/Didi                      3      382    + 3 Pw ↑ √
^ Skip Intro Option
↑ Fastload Enable/Disable Option
√ Cheats Found

VISION                                   F      L      T
ACTIVE/Trasher                           2      216    •
AFL 1970/The Ignorance                   2      200    + 2 Fx
AMNESIA/Ream                             2      205    •
HITMEN/Moonchild                         2      188    + 4 ^
SCS & TRC/Burglar                        2      209    + 3 Fx
^ Skip Intro Option

WORDS D. C. EASY PRV.          F      L      T
ACRISE & EXCESS/Vague          1      43     •
HITMEN/Moonchild               2      67     + 3 ↑
LAXITY/Didi                    1      52     •
MOTIV 8/Mendrake               1      108    + 1
↑ Hi-Score Error Repaired

XIOM                                     F      L      T
ACTIVE/???                               2      130    + 5 Pw
AFL 1970/The Ignorance                   1      127    + 3 Fx ☼
AFL 1970/The Ignorance                   1      116    + 5 Pw
DISORDER/O'Dog                           2      126    + 5
F4CG/Skinhead                            2      141    + 4 Pw
HITMEN/Jack Alien                        2      138    + 4 Pw
LAXITY/Didi                              2      121    + 4 Pw
SCS & TRC/Count Zero                     2      133    + 2 Fx
WOW & ROLE/Triangle                      2      101    + 4
☼ Fixed by Danzig

ZWEI BERETEN                     F      L      T
PENTAGRAM/The Falcon             2      224    •

48 HOURS PRV                     F      L      T
EXCESS/Stormfront                1      107    • Tr

5 X 5                                   F      L      T
DISORDER/Goat                           2      68     •
F4CG/Derbushire Ram                     2      92     •
SHITMEN/Hisbolla                        2      69     •

That  have  been the games from 1997. See you in the
forthcoming editions with the current releases.

Best regards,

Caledonian/Alpha Flight 1970
Derbyshire Ram/Alpha Flight 1970^Remember

Mail Charts

                           < MAIL CHARTS >
Welcome  to  one  of  the  most  POPULAR  chapters in
scene magazines, the charts section.

RELAX  MAGAZINE  has  changed  the  charts section
staring  this issue, presenting "true" mail charts and
still the approved mega charts conception in order to
present  a quite precise information about the charts
situation in the CBM 64 scene.
|RULES| Please  make sure to read the RULES very
------- carefully before submitting your votes.

SELF-VOTING  is  NOT allowed and strictly forbidden!
This  one  and  only  rule is known since the very be-
beginning  of  public  scene charts and has been used
by almost all magazines over the years.
Nevertheless there are still some persons left think-
ing  they are clever enough to OUTWIT the system for
personal and/or group  interests to MANIPULATE the
charts  suiting  their  needs.  Enclosed  please  find a
self-explaining   list  with  GUIDING  LINES  to  AVOID
the public notification for SELF-VOTING!

                           DON'T VOTE FOR:
• YOUR  GROUP (avoid to vote for ALL group(s) con-
   firming your membership)
• GROUP  COMRADES  (avoid  to vote for fellow group
   members  including  members  of ALL crews confir-
   ming your membership)
• GROUP  PRODUCTIONS  (avoid  to vote for any pro-
   duction of your group, including ALL crews confir-
   ming your membership)
• OTHER  PRODUCTIONS  (avoid  to  vote  for produc-
   tions  you  are  REGULARY involved in as a STEADY
   factor, such as magazine (co-) editors)

In  order  to  keep  the  charts actual please avoid to
vote  for  people  having  LEFT the scene many years
ago as we are NOT presenting ALLTIME charts yet.
Furthermore  the  charts are supposed to present a
representative   overview  about  the  BEST  in  their
very  own  subjects  and should NOT be influenced by
sympathy/friendship  votes  as we are NOT promoting
a MOST LIKED charts system.
|HOW TO SUBMIT VOTES? | Relax    Magazine   actually
----------------------- offers  a  lot  of  different
ways to submit your votes.

Mail  traders  have  the  chance  the  fill  in the paper
votesheet.   Please   contact   the  official  votesheet
spreaders if you have not received a votesheet yet.
Regular  board  callers  have  the  chance to use the
VOTING  BOOTH installed at THE ESCAPADE, Relax Ma-
gazine EHQ, a quite comfortable and easy way to vote
for  your  favourites.  Furthermore  it  is possible to
leave mail containing your votes at Marc's account on
our headquarters EDGE OF MIDNIGHT and THE ESCA-
PADE or any other elite board worldwide.
The DIGITAL VOTESHEET, an idea already adapted by
lots  of  competitors, has been created to allow board
and  mail  scene  related voters submitted their votes
via e-mail. In case there is actually no copy of the di-
gital votesheet available you can submit your votes in
a plain e-mail, too.
Last but not least the is the ONLINE VOTER at RELAX
ONLINE, our quite popular homepage project, another
comfortable  method to submit your votes, once again
suiting the needs of mail and board scene, too.

|RELAX POINT SYSTEM| Relax  Magazine  is using the
-------------------- TRADITIONAL and APPROVED
system  awarding the #1 entry with 10 points, #2 with 9
points  down  to  #9 with 2 points and finally #10 with 1
point  to  keep a transparent and well working charts
|STATISTICS: | The  following  top ten lists have been
--------------  created compiling 101 votesheets.

Here we go...

                      TOP TEN DEMO GROUPS
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (1)      Oxyron                        702
02.    (3)      Byterapers                    664
03.    (2)      Crest                         519
04.    (5)      Smash Design                  423
05.    (6)      Lepsi De                      378
06.    (4)      Reflex                        365
07.    (/)      Albion                        312
08.    (/)      Resource                      217
09.    (8)      Active                        182
10.    (10)     Samar                         163

No BIG changes in the top 3. CREST and BYTERAPERS
changed places while OXYRON remains on top.
Both   SMASH  DESIGNS  and  LEPSI  DE  climbed  one
place  while  REFLEX has fallen down from 4 to 6. AC-
TIVE  lost  one  place while SAMAR managed to remain
in the top ten list.
New entries are ALBION and RESOURCE, sending out
AGONY  DESIGN  and  WRATH  DESIGN.  Close to a top
ten ranking is COMA.

                      TOP TEN SINGLE CODER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (2)       Graham/Oxyron                   612
02.   (3)       Crossbow/Crest                  579
03.   (4)       AEG/Smash Designs               513
04.   (1)       Mr. Sex/Byterapers              492
05.   (5)       Druid/Agony Design              412
06.   (8)       Fuben/Oxyron                    336
07.   (7)       Zorc/Reflex                     291
08.   (9)       MMS/Taboo                       212
09.   (6)       Quiss/Reflex                    159
10.   (/)       Goldhand/Samar^AFL              112

GRAHAM  took  over  the  top  spot,  climbing together
with  CROSSBOW  and  AEG  one  place each, resulting
that MR. SEX dropped from the top spot to four.
DRUID  and  ZORC  managed  to defend their positions
from  the  last  edition  while  FUBEN  and MMS climbed
into  direction top.
GOLDHAND  qualified for a top ten entries and repla-
ced ED who has left for nowhere, the place out of the
top ten list.

                   TOP TEN CRACKING GROUPS
Rank  Last      Group                         Points
01.   (2)       Alpha Flight 1970             691
02.   (3)       Hitmen                        673
03.   (1)       Success & TRC                 667
04.   (4)       Chromance                     596
05.   (6)       F4CG                          512
06.   (5)       Onslaught                     432
07.   (10)      Motiv 8 (+)                   426
08.   (7)       Laxity                        396
09.   (/)       Triad                         231
10.   (/)       ROLE & WOW                    207

ALPHA  FLIGHT  1970  took over the pole position this
time, followed by HITMEN with SUCCESS & THE RULING
COMPANY falling from 1 to 3.
CHROMANCE remains on 4, followed by F4CG and the
Hungarians in CHROMANCE changing places. MOTIV 8,
who  lately died, took a big leap from 10 to 7 while LA-
XITY went one position down.
New  in the charts are TRIAD and ROLE & WOW, taking
over  9  and 10 by replacing ACTIVE and EXCESS who
left the top 10 into direction nirvana.

                   TOP TEN SINGLE CRACKERS
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (3)       Burglar/SCS & TRC               596
02.   (2)       Ignorance/AFL                   512
03.   (1)       Jack Alien/Remember             507
04.   (4)       Moonchild/Hitmen                482
05.   (5)       Didi/Laxity                     430
06.   (/)       Fungus/F4CG                     364
07.   (7)       Derby Ram/AFL^REM               312
08.   (9)       Sting/Onslaught                 216
09.   (8)       Mr. Wax/Chromance               117
10.   (/)       Calypso/Amnesia                 101

BURGLAR  took  over  the well deserved top spot this
time,  followed by IGNORANCE and JACK ALIEN as the
top trio.
In  the  midfield  MOONCHILD,  DIDI  and  DERBYSHIRE
RAM were capable to defend their previously reached
positions  while  STING  and  MR. WAX changed places.
FUNGUS  entered the charts by storm, coming from 13
to  be found on 6, the first American to be found here
since  ages.  Furthermore  CALYPSO entered the top
13th to 6th spot. Also CALYPSO managed to enter the
ten  list.  Based  on  two  new  entries  two men had to
leave,  the former number ten DONAR and surpringsly
SKINHEAD who was located at 6 last time.

                    TOP TEN GRAPHIC ARTISTS
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (2)       Deekay/Crest^FLT                431
02.   (7)       Valsary/Samar^Lepsi             427
03.   (6)       Electric/Extend                 411
04.   (1)       Joe/Wrath Design                356
05.   (5)       Cruise/Taboo                    341
06.   (3)       RRR/Oxyron                      312
07.   (9)       Rayden/AFL 1970                 271
08.   (4)       Creeper/Antic^DCS               256
09.   (/)       Mike/Byterapers                 212
10.   (/)       Sebaloz/Lepsi De                197

DEEKAY  finally climbed one position into direction top
to  take  over the pole position while VALSARY took a
big  step from 7 to 2. ELECTRIC managed to re-enter
the top three.
JOE  has not only fallen down from 1 but aswell out of
the  top  three  to 4. RRR lost 3 places while good old
CREEPER  even  lost 4 places. Former leading profile
CRUISE remains on 5 while RAYDEN climbed to 7.
MIKE  and  SEBALOZ  entered  the top ten at 9 and 10
while  CUPID  and,  totally unexpected, ASTAROTH left
for the endless widths of nowhere.

                   TOP TEN MUSIC COMPOSERS
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Mitch & Dane/Crest              516
02.   (3)       Drax/Vibrants/Crest             412
03.   (2)       PRI/TIA/Oxyron                  402
04.   (7)       Fanta/Bass/Oxyron               346
05.   (/)       Shogoon/Taboo                   312
06.   (4)       PVCF/Reflex                     296
07.   (/)       Wizard/SCHN^AFL                 254
08.   (9)       Trident/Active                  212
09.   (/)       Zyron/Oxsid/F4CG                167
10.   (/)       Morbid/Bass/ONS                 113

MITCH  &  DANE  have  had  absolutely no problems to
remain  on  top  without  any  remarkable concurence
pointwise.  The  top trio is filled up with DRAX and PRI
who changed places.
FANTA  walked with big steps into direction top again,
getting  back  from  7  to  4  while PVCF keeps conti-
nously  falling  down,  as well as TRIDENT who lost one
position compared to the previous edition.
After  a  short absense both SHOGOON and ZYRON fi-
nally  re-entered the top ten list, followed by two new
faces  here  with  WIZARD and MORBID, the very first
Australian composer to be found in the top ten. With
four new entries four men were forced to leave. They
strange to see JEFF and PRAISER leaving.

                      TOP TEN MAIL TRADERS
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Violator/AFL^Lepsi              617
02.   (2)       Dr. Soft/Albion                 531
03.   (4)       Derby Ram/AFL^REM               496
04.   (3)       Racoon/Hitmen^Lepsi             471
05.   (5)       Acidchild/Triad                 396
06.   (6)       Walker/F4CG                     374
07.   (10)      Sebaloz/Lepsi De                311
08.   (/)       Floyd/Willow^Panic              210
09.   (7)       Funxilla/SCS & TRC              197
10.   (/)       Razor Ramon/ASC                 135

Absolutely  no changes on top with VIOLATOR and DR.
SOFT  defended  their  leading  positions with DERBY-
SHIRE RAM entering the top three.
RACOON  has  fallen  down  to  4  while ACIDCHILD and
and   WALKER   defended   their   rankings.  SEBALOZ
gained  another  two places to enter position 7. FUN-
XILLA  keeps  on  losing the touch to the top placings
and has to live with number 9.
New  entries this time are FLOYD and RAZOR RAMON,
sending off EL BANDITOS and SPERMBIRD.

                         TOP TEN MAGAZINES
Rank  Last      Magazine                       Points
01.   (1)       Domination                     664
02.   (2)       Vandalism News                 612
03.   (3)       Driven                         576
04.   (9)       Nitro                          546
05.   (6)       Emphatic                       431
06.   (4)       Propaganda                     427
07.   (7)       Contrast                       312
08.   (/)       The Crest                      251
09.   (8)       Vitality                       246
10.   (5)       The Tribune                    135

The  top  trio  consists  out  of two Tasmanian and one
American   production  and  remains  unchanged  with
It  seems that NITRO started the engine as they were
able to take the charts from storm, climbing from 9 to
4.  EMPHATIC was able to climb one position, too, while
PROPAGANDA  has  fallen 2 and THE TRIBUNE 5 posi-
tions into direction bottom.
The  only and lonely new entry this time is THE CREST
at  8,  sending  off  Palladium  out  of the top 10 play-

Will  someone  be  able  to  challenge  the  DOMINATION
next  time?  Will THE CREST be able to enter the top 5
next  time?  Will  SCENE+ be  able  to  enter the top 10
next  time?  Questions  to  be answered in the SPRING
EDITION of Relax Magazine, coming in late April 1998.

Please  keep  in  mind  that the presented entries are
NOT  manipulated  by the Relax Magazine staff, do NOT
reflect  our  opinions  and  do  NOT present  our  but
VOTERS' personal favourites.

Best regards,

Violator/Alpha Flight 1970

Mega Charts

                           < MEGA CHARTS >
Welcome  to  one  of  the  most  POPULAR  chapters in
scene magazines, the charts section.

RELAX  MAGAZINE  has  changed  the  charts section
starting this issue, presenting "true" mail charts and
still the approved mega charts conception in order to
present  a quite precise information about the charts
situation in the CBM 64 scene.
|RULES| Please  make sure to read the RULES very
------- carefully before submitting your votes.

SELF-VOTING  is  NOT allowed and strictly forbidden!
This  one  and  only  rule is known since the very be-
beginning  of  public  scene charts and has been used
by almost all magazines over the years.
Nevertheless there are still some persons left think-
ing  they are clever enough to OUTWIT the system for
personal and/or group  interests to MANIPULATE the
charts  suiting  their  needs.  Enclosed  please  find a
self-explaining  list  with  GUIDING LINES to AVOID
the public notification for SELF-VOTING!

                           DON'T VOTE FOR:
• YOUR  GROUP (avoid to vote for ALL group(s) con-
   firming your membership)
• GROUP  COMRADES  (avoid  to vote for fellow group
   members  including  members  of ALL crews confir-
   ming your membership)
• GROUP  PRODUCTIONS  (avoid  to vote for any pro-
   duction of your group, including ALL crews confir-
   ming your membership)
• OTHER  PRODUCTIONS  (avoid  to  vote  for produc-
   tions  you  are  REGULARY involved in as a STEADY
   factor, such as magazine (co-) editors)

In  order  to  keep  the  charts actual please avoid to
vote  for  people  having  LEFT the scene many years
ago as we are NOT presenting ALLTIME charts yet.
Furthermore  the  charts are supposed to present a
representative   overview  about  the  BEST  in  their
very  own  subjects  and should NOT be influenced by
sympathy/friendship  votes  as we are NOT promoting
a MOST LIKED charts system.
|HOW TO SUBMIT VOTES?  | Relax    Magazine   actually
------------------------ offers  a  lot  of  different
ways to submit your votes.

Mail  traders  have  the  chance  the  fill  in the paper
votesheet.   Please   contact   the  official  votesheet
spreaders if you have not received a votesheet yet.
Regular  board  callers  have  the  chance to use the
VOTING  BOOTH installed at THE ESCAPADE, Relax Ma-
gazine EHQ, a quite comfortable and easy way to vote
for  your  favourites.  Furthermore  it  is possible to
leave mail containing your votes at Marc's account on
our headquarters EDGE OF MIDNIGHT and THE ESCA-
PADE or any other elite board worldwide.
The DIGITAL VOTESHEET, an idea already adapted by
lots  of  competitors, has been created to allow board
and  mail  scene  related voters submitted their votes
via e-mail. In case there is actually no copy of the di-
gital votesheet available you can submit your votes in
a plain e-mail, too.
Last but not least the is the ONLINE VOTER at RELAX
ONLINE, our quite popular homepage project, another
comfortable  method to submit your votes, once again
suiting the needs of mail and board scene, too.

|RELAX POINT SYSTEM| Relax  Magazine  is using the
-------------------- TRADITIONAL and APPROVED
system  awarding the #1 entry with 10 points, #2 with 9
points  down  to  #9 with 2 points and finally #10 with 1
point  to  keep a transparent and well working charts
|STATISTICS  |  The  following  top ten lists have been
--------------  created compiling 09 magazines.

VITALITY #2/Albion                      July 1997
THE CREST #5/Independant                November 1997
NITRO #24/Excess                        November 1997
DESIGN #2/Lepsi De                      November 1997
PROPAGANDA #25/Independant              November 1997
COLONY NEWS #2/Singular                 November 1997
THE CREST #6/Independant                December 1997
DOMINATION #10/Independant              January 1998
RELAX MAGAZINE #23/Phuture              January 1998

And here we go...

                      TOP TEN DEMO GROUPS
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (4)      Crest                         81
01.    (1)      Oxyron                        81
03.    (2)      Byterapers                    68
04.    (3)      Reflex                        66
05.    (5)      Smash Designs                 63
06.    (8)      Lepsi De                      31
07.    (10)     Taboo                         24
08.    (/)      Samar                         22
08.    (6)      Profik                        13
10.    (/)      Graffity Produkt              12

CREST  jumped  three  positions  up to share the pole
position  with  the  other German demo pride OXYRON.
BYTERAPERS and REFLEX lost one position each.
SMASH  DESIGNS  remains  at  5  while  LEPSI DE and
TABOO continously go into direction top five again.
New  in the top 10 list are SAMAR and GRAFFITY, both
replacing  AGONY  DESIGN  and  WRATH DESIGNS who
are  near  to  the  charts  as well as ACTIVE, ALBION
and NO NAME.

                      TOP TEN SINGLE CODER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Mr.Sex/Byterapers               85
02.   (3)       Crossbow/Crest                  80
03.   (2)       Graham/Oxyron                   75
04.   (4)       AEG/Smash Designs               62
05.   (5)       Fuben/Oxyron                    45
06.   (6)       Zorc/Reflex                     37
07.   (9)       MMS/Taboo                       33
08.   (8)       Druid/Agony Design              24
09.   (7)       Quiss/Reflex                    13
09.   (10)      Clarence/Graffity               13

MR.  SEX  remained  on top while CROSSBOW and GRA-
HAM changed places.
The following places remained almost unchanged, with
the  expection  MMS climbing from 9 to 7. Equally on 9
(and 10) are QUISS and CLARENCE.
This  time  the  coders  who  just  missed to enter the
top 10 were GOLDHAND and KM.

                   TOP TEN CRACKING GROUPS
Rank  Last      Group                         Points
01.   (2)       Alpha Flight 1970             83
02.   (3)       Hitmen                        80
02.   (1)       Succes & TRC                  80
04.   (5)       F4CG                          58
05.   (4)       Chromance                     53
06.   (6)       Laxity                        43
07.   (7)       Onslaught                     38
08.   (8)       Motiv 8                       27
09.   (9)       Triad                         16
10.   (10)      Excess                        5

The  neverending  flight,  ALPHA  FLIGHT  1970,  took
over  the  leading  position  this time while SUCCESS &
THE RULING COMPANY and HITMEN are equally on 2.
F4CG  and  CHROMANCE  changed  positions  while the
daring rest remains unchanged.
Close to the charts this time are ACTIVE, the re-ac-

                    TOP TEN SINGLE CRACKER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Moonchild/Hitmen                85
02.   (2)       Jack Alien/Remember             77
03.   (3)       Burglar/SCS & TRC               72
04.   (4)       Ignorance/AFL 1970              69
05.   (5)       Didi/Laxity^N0                  58
06.   (6)       Skinhead/ex-F4CG                25
07.   (9)       Sting/Onslaught                 22
08.   (/)       Mr.Wax/Chromance                15
09.   (8)       Hain/ex-F4CG                    11
09.   (10)      Derby Ram/AFL^REM               11

Absolutely  no  movement  in the top 6 this time. STING
managed  to climb two positions from 9 to 7 while HAIN
lost one place. MR. WAX re-entered the charts by re-
placing CBA, who recently returned to the scene.
Crackers  close to the top 10 are CBA, FUNGUS, JAY-

                    TOP TEN GRAPHIC ARTISTS
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Deekay/Crest^ONS                80
02.   (2)       Joe/Wrath Design                75
03.   (4)       Electric/Extend                 62
04.   (7)       Valsary/Samar^LD                59
05.   (5)       RRR/Oxyron                      55
06.   (3)       Cruise/Taboo                    54
07.   (7)       Astaroth/Agony Des.             26
08.   (9)       Stone/Agony Design              20
09.   (/)       Rayden/AFL 1970                 13
10.   (/)       Sebaloz/Lepsi De                8
10.   (6)       Creeper/Antic^DCS               8

The  top  duo  remains  unchanged  with  DEEKAY  and
JOE,  this  time  chased by ELECTRIC who re-entered
the top three.
VALSARY  jumped from 4 to 7 while CRUISE has fallen
down from 3 to 6.
New  in  the  charts  are  RAYDEN  and  SEBALOY who
have  replaced  MIKE. Close to the charts are next to
Mike AEG and TYRANT.

                    TOP TEN MUSIC COMPOSER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Mitch & Dane/Crest              74
02.   (3)       Drax/VIB/Crest                  69
03.   (2)       PRI/TIA/Oxyron                  65
04.   (4)       Jeff/Hype/Camelot               46
05.   (7)       Shogoon/Agony Des.              38
06.   (6)       PVCF/Reflex                     32
07.   (8)       Fanta/Bass/Oxyron               29
08.   (5)       Praiser/Reflex^Faith            27
09.   (9)       Syndrom/TIA/Crest               17
10.   (/)       Trident/Active                  12

MITCH & DANE managed to defend their favourite po-
sition  once again, this time followed by DRAX and PRI
who have changed places.
SHOGOON  climbed two places from 7 to 5 while PRAI-
SER lost two places from 6 to 8.
TRIDENT  entered  the  top 10 and replaced COMPOD.
Close  to the charts are next to Compod ZYRON, MOR-

                       TOP TEN MAIL TRADER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Violator/AFL^Lepsi              58
02.   (7)       Walker/F4CG^N0                  44
03.   (2)       Funxilla/SCS & TRC              43
04.   (5)       Racoon/Hitmen^Lepsi  4 1        
05.   (3)       Acidchild/Triad                 30
06.   (8)       Sebaloz/Lepsi De                24
07.   (4)       El Banditos/TRC &SCS 23         
08.   (/)       Floyd/Willow/Panic              19
09.   (10)      Derby Ram/AFL^Rem               18
10.   (6)       Dr. Soft/Albion                 17

VIOLATOR  still manages to hold on to the top position
while  there have been drastical changes on the next
places.  On  two  and  three WALKER who came from 7
EL  BANDITOS  has  lost  3  positions  while  DR. SOFT
even  lost 4. New in the top 10 is FLOYD who replaced
Close to the top 10 are SPERMBIRD and ZAPOTEK.

                         TOP TEN MAGAZINES
Rank  Last      Magazine                       Points
01.   (3)       Vandalism News                 63
02.   (2)       Relax Magazine                 57
03.   (1)       Domination                     51
04.   (6)       Driven                         37
04.   (4)       The Tribune                    37
06.   (8)       Propaganda                     33
07.   (9)       Vitality                       29
08.   (4)       Nitro                          28
09.   (7)       Contrast                       25
10.   (10)      Emphatic                       12

After  two comeback issues VANDALISM NEWS retur-
ned  to  the  top spot taking it over from DOMINATION
while RELAX MAGAZINE remained on 2.
Curiously  THE  TRIBUNE remained in the top 4. After
sharing  this  position with NITRO last time this time it
is  DRIVEN  with a similar amount of votes while NITRO
went  down  to  8.  Both  PROPAGANDA  and VITALITY
climbed  2  places while CONTRAST lost 2 places after
quite  a  while  without  any issue released. EMPHATIC
remained in the top 10, holding the last free position.
Close  to  enter  the  top 10 are ARACHNOPHOBIA and

Please  keep  in  mind  that the presented entries are
NOT  manipulated  by the Relax Magazine staff, do NOT
NOT  reflect  our  opinions  and  do  NOT present our
but voters' personal favourites.

Best regards,

Violator/Alpha Flight 1970

1997 Awards

                           < 1997 AWARDS >
Another year has finally passed so the time has come
for the annual awards chapter to honour the activity
and  outstanding  efforts  shown  in  the  year  1997,
elected  and  choosen  by  all current Relax Magazine
staff members.

Unlike  other  publications  our staff concentrated on
the  activity  shown  in  the  year  1997 only, formerly
shown  efforts  in  the  previous  years  may be men-
tioned,  too, but definately shouldn't be the factor for
any  decision  in  this area. Furthermore, we took the
ENTIRE  year  1997  into  consideration  and  did  not
provide  an  annual awards chapter weeks before the
year  has  been  over,  for those with a finer eye for
the small but remarkable details left in the scene.

                          1997 DEMO GROUP
The  surprise  from  Hungary,  having  already shown
the  first  promising  attempts  in  1996, has provided
some  of  the better and remarkable releases done in
in  1997.  Since  Coma  was able to combine design and
coding  power a bit better than the concurence it was
no  surprise  to find them on top as the runner-up of
The  German  based  demo group SMASH DESIGNS has
been the most active demo group on the CBM 64 in the
past  two  years. The quality hasn't been the best but
winning  two  of  the  major  demo events wtih Mekka &
Symposium 1997 as well as The Party 1997 next to the
Wired  1997  is  for sure worth to be mentioned, a se-
cond  on  default  due  to the lack of activity shown in
this area.
The  fresh  impressions of "Oneder" are perhaps re-
sponsible  for  a remarkable third position of OXYRON
both  here  and  at The Party 7, once again a brilliant
dentro release by the northern lights of Germany.

Last  year's  champion  CREST could NOT provide the
known  and  expected  quality  level  to qualify for the
top  three  this  year  and  ended  on  a disappointing
sixth spot. Nevertheless the German demo veterans
around Crossbow came up with a few remarkable
releases, too, like the Krestage series.

                         1997 SINGLE CODER
John's  remarkable  and  highly appreciated work for
"Oneder"  has  been the only reference for his elec-
tion,  but that reference was according to our jury a
rather  remarkable  effort providing the scene a fine
example of powerful coding.
OSWALD/Coma   can   celebrate,  or  complain  about,
another top position for Coma. His work for "Wildfire"
and "Void" are the fresh impressions not ignoring the
activity shown before this year.
AEG/Smash  Designs  made  it  up to number three as
the  most  active  coder  of  the  past  two  years  by
winning  just  alone  in  1997  three events. His latest
production  "Second  Reality"  is  for sure one of the
best  products  ever  from Smash Designs, still it was
NO mindblasting work.

Last   year's  champion  CROSSBOW/Crest  has  been
voted  on  5 only.  Compared with the stunning relea-
ses,  demo  and  tools, in 1996 the year 1997 has NOT
been so impressive regarding Crest's releases.

                       1997 CRACKING GROUP
The  ruling  cracking  group  is  coming in form of the
ruling  cooperation from Holland, providing an overall
good  quality  in both crack and release quality mixed
up  with  the  most  positive  reputation of all current
cracking groups.
ALPHA FLIGHT 1970, the winner of the previous year
granted  award, can be found on a for the group dis-
appointing  second position only. The flight has provi-
ded,  like  in  1996,  the  most  releases  and a rather
good  overall  quality  level.  The setback is that some
people  succeeded  in  damaging the relative good re-
CHROMANCE  is  a group without scandals and headli-
nes,  operating  on  a  more  silent basis. Still activity
and  board presence were again at an acceptabel le-
vel over the year 1997.

Chartwise  for  sure  HITMEN  was  the runner-up of
1997,  a  phenomenon  which  must  be  based  on  the
strong  mail  releases  from  Moonchild and Jack Alien
since  in  the  first release business there have been
rather  large  periods  where  the  hitmen  have been
rather inactive.

                       1997 SINGLE CRACKER
         BURGLAR/Success & The Ruling Company
Success  is  the name of the group he once joined and
success is what he brought his group in 1997, but not
only  in  1997. Fine cracks and useful specials like his
REU-routine is what divides class and average.
JACK  ALIEN/Remember's  work in the oldie sector is
highly  appreciated and his decision to leave the cur-
rent  cracking scene behind to concentrate on oldies
only seems to be a rather clever decision.
DIDI/Laxity and MOONCHILD/Hitmen reached an equal
score  and  made  it  up  to 3, a decision based on the
activity  shown  for  the  mail  sector  where  both did
come up with some quite remarkable versions.

Home  alone  at  4  is  CHRYSAGON/Alpha Flight 1970,
followed  by  DODGER/Dytec and THE IGNORANCE/Al-
pha Flight 1970.

                       1997 GRAPHIC ARTIST
                    VALSARY/Lepsi De^Samar
The  Polish  graphic  artist  is  for  sure the shooting
star  of 1997. He has proven his talent in form of re-
markable  fullscreen  pictures  and  neat  logos to be
found in countless demo and magazine productions.
DEEKAY/Crest^Onslaught   could   not  convince  the
staff  to elected for the top spot again. Nevertheless
he  did some fine art for e.g. the Krestage demos, The
Party  7  competition picture and "Oneder", Oxyron's
contribution to The Party 7.
ELECTRIC/Extend   has   provided  once  again  some
stunning  artwork in form of competition pictures and
in  demo releases such as "Kuppa" or in the unrelea-
sed "Total Egypt", both from Extend.

There  have  been  quite  a lot of other skilled artists
who   have   provided  some  excellent  masterpieces,
such  as RAYDEN (winner of Mekka & Symposium 1997
and  The  Party 1997), SEBALOZ and TYRANT who un-
fortunately  could  not score enough points to qualify
for the top three.

                       1997 MUSIC COMPOSER
                    MITCH & DANE/Crest/Hype
Winners  on  default. The Scandinavian duo once again
after  the  award  in 1997 managed it to provide some
stunning soundtracks and won one the most important
demo  scene events, The Party 1997's music competi-
tion.  The Vibrants-like style really never gets out of
The   Polish  runner-up  WIZARD/Alpha  Flight  1970^
Street Children & Exon has provided his soundtracks
to  some collections, magazines and demo releases as
well as to his own huge collection released in his first
half   of   1997.   Fresher  impressions  of  his  latest
tracks  could  have  been  heard  in Afl's "Too Mutha-
fuckin' Evil".
METAL/Vibrants,  the  music  veteran  regarding this
top  three,  did  strike back with a rather fine collec-
tion  (regarding  the musical aspect) called "Past And
Present"  and  some  exclusive  soundtracks  for va-
rious magazine productions.

The only composer who was able to follow the top trio
closely  was  nobody  else  but ZYRON who improved a
lot over the past few years.

                          1997 MAIL TRADER
            WALKER/Fantastic 4 Cracking Group
His  life  is  dedicated  to collecting software and mail
trading.  Fast,  reliable  and  with  a  large archive of
CBM 64 software in his back Walker is able to satisfy
everyone,  atleast  according  to  the  people trading
with him.
One of the last year's winners VIOLATOR/Alpha Flight
1970^Lepsi  De  can  be  found on 2 only and it seems
that  Violator  has  decreased  the  intensity rate for
mail trading a little bit in the past twelve months.
DERBYSHIRE RAM/Alpha Flight 1970^Remember is al-
ways  a  very  fast  and reliable mail trader with per-
haps  one of the largest archives for CBM 64 oldies.
Unfortunately  he  has once decreased his number of
contacts  dramatically  so  that  only a few, compared
with previous years, could enjoy this service.

Together  with  Violator were 1996 three mail traders
awarded  for the number one spot, namely EL BANDI-
TOS/Success  & TRC and FUNXILLA/Success & TRC.
They  could  keep up this position and especially Fun-
xilla has decreased this activity level dramatically.

                       1997 SCENE MAGAZINE
DUKE's short but powerful appearance in the Propa-
ganda  staff has been responsible for a rather posi-
tive impression and a remarkable face-lift of the ma-
gazine.  Unfortunately  he left to establish Scene+ so
we  will  keep  patient  how Propaganda will be doing in
the future.
DOMINATION has been quite entertaining, too, even if
the  author  is  usually mixing up facts and fantasy to
provide  the scene a book of fairy tales according to
his  interests.  Nice  to  read,  nice presented and on
default the only alternative for the second position.
THE  CREST  is  a  quite  young magazine and the only
monthly  released  left  these  days. Nevertheless the
content  and  the  overall presentation does not pro-
vide  anything new or stunning what hasn't been seen
seen before in The Pulse, Relax Magazine, Domination,
Propaganda or Vandalism News the past few years.

Last  year's  favourite  DRIVEN  has  reached a good
fourth position. Unfortunately the magazine did not
really  made  any  progress unlike the other competi-
tors  who  worked  hard  to  improve  and  to  bring a
fresh breeze into their productions.
SCENE+,  brought  along  by  Duke  and the FairLight
gang,  might  be  a  top  candidate  for 1998 after the
promising  first  edition  which  did  unfortunately not
provide the from the editors promised best magazine

                         1997 FIXING GROUP
                         ALPHA FLIGHT 1970
Having  released the most warez in 1997 is it no sur-
prise that the flight has provided the most fixed ver-
sions, too, offering generally a quite good quality le-
SUCCESS  &  THE  RULING  COMPANY  is  known for a
quite  good  quality  level  and  did  not disappoint the
scene  this  year,  too,  by gaining many awards in the
illegal area of the scene.
CHROMANCE  has  been  voted  on a remarkable third
position for their effort shown in 1997, even if "Jum-
ping  Cubes" is a setback while considerating the last

Last  year's  winner  on  default  HITMEN hasn't been
very  active in this area this time so it is no surprise
to find them behind Onslaught on 5 this time.

                         1997 SINGLE FIXER
         BURGLAR/Success & The Ruling Company
Like  in  the cracking section overall good quality and
low  failure rates are responsible for the success of
cracking  groups and the related persons. Compared
with  the  competitors and the endless 100% struggles
Burglar  did the best job of them all, so one more well
deserved award for Holland's ruling cooperation.
THE  IGNORANCE/Alpha Flight 1970 has been respon-
sible  for  the  most  releases  in  1997, nevertheless
there  have been unjustified doubts by some persons
about his skills which have been made taken into con-
deration during the election.
The  third  position  is  shared  by FUNGUS/F4CG and
JAYDEE/Chromance,  both  rather  fresh  faces  in a
section  where  most  of  the  time  only  familar faces
could  be  found.  Remarkable  that both have been or
are actually related to Chromance.

1996's  favourite  JOLZ/Onslaught  only  made  it to 4
while  Onslaught  activated  two  more  fixers  to care
about  their  releases.  Galland left after a short time
for  Legend  while  DONAR/Onslaught made it to a re-
markable 7th position in this awards ceremony, too.

                      1997 RELEASE QUALITY
                         ALPHA FLIGHT 1970
The  overall quality index has been calculated by divi-
ding the total number of points through the number of
releases.  AFL's index is 3.5 points, calculated out of
73.2  points  and  21  releases  (17 games and 4 pre-
SUCCESS  &  THE  RULING COMPANY could provide an
overall  quality  index of 2.2 points, working with 30.9
points and 14 releases (8 games and 6 previews).
ONSLAUGHT's index is at 2.0 points by providing 33.5
points out of 17 releases (7 games and 10 previews).

                   1997 RE-RELEASE RECORD
The  fantastics  managed  it  to release 4 of 8 re-re-
leases  made  in  1997,  an impressive record started
with  "Wladca",  "Skylight  Prv.",  "Plasma"  and ended
with  "Thepsos  Prv."  which made even Accept's for-
mer effort shown in this area looking quite weak.
Following   on  the  places  with  one  re-release  are
CHROMANCE   ("Jumping  Cubes"),  ENDLESS  PIRACY
("Babylon  Prv."),  LAXITY ("The Run Prv.") and ONS-
LAUGHT  ("Space  Tracker  Prv.").  Endless  Piracy's
effort  is  quite remarkable, too, providing a 100% re-
release  record  since  their  debut and final release
has been nothing else but a plain re-release.

                            1997 COMEBACK
He  came  back  and  proved that he is still capable to
compete  with  the  best in media business. At first he
decided  to  concentrate  on  Propaganda because he
explained that there is no interest in managing a com-
plete  magazine  on his own and that a group member-
ship is totally uninteresting for a magazine editor but
it  seems  his  mind  changed  and  joined  FairLight to
start Scene+, the follow-up to The Pulse. Well done!
FAIRLIGHT  created a quite remarkable media racket
around  and  about  their comeback and unlike others
the  old  Swedish legend was capable to provide a few
releases,  including  the  magazine  Scene+.  While the
illegal  section  mainly  consists  out of former Motiv 8
members  the  hope  still is that atleast the legal sec-
tion can deliver a few remarkable releases.
LEGEND  did  return  with  a bang and introduced the
first  web  board to the CBM 64 scene. Unfortunately
the German legend could not provide one of the pro-
mised  quality  releases  so  only  a  remarkable third
position was possible.

On  the  following places the returned Vandalism News
and CBA can be found.

                       1997 FAIRNESS PRIZE
Unlike  the  usual  behaviour  shown  these  days  the
Hungarian  based  demo  group generously avoided to
start  an  impressive  public  relations campaign when
they  found out that Panic's demo "Speedway" contai-
ned  unauthorized material. Thumbs up for Resource!
That's fairness and the spirit of the so-called friend-
ship scene!

                      1997 UNLUCKY FELLOW
                  ALG/Alpha Flight 1970^Samar
Due  to  a mistake caused by the editors of the Polish
paper  magazine  "New  Fiction"  some  scene  related
persons  started to claim that ALG ripped graphics in
order  to  sell  them  to  commercial  magazines.  Just
within  a  few weeks he became the enemy for the Po-
lish  scene  without  investigation  and requesting the
background information.
The reputation of ALG is spoiled forever. The damage
might  be touched up but can never be completely re-
paired again - a big hurrah for the so-called friend-
ship scene!

That have been our 1997 awards. See you again here
in January 1999 for the 1998 awards.

Best regards in behalf of the staff,



                             < INTERVIEW >
Feel  welcomed  to  Relax  Magazine's talkshow casted
for  the  Winter  1998  edition.  Our  guest this time is
WARP/Equinoxe who made himself a name as program-
mer  and  magazine  editor for productions like "Inge-
nious  Brain"  and "Shout!" in the CBM 64. If you won-
der  why  it  became  a  little  bit silent around him you
will definately find the answers here.

?:  Hello  Markus.  Welcome  in  the talkshow section of
our  January  1998  edition.  As  usual,  we  start with
some  standart  questions. Please introduce yourself
to  our  readers,  regarding  the personal aspects of
your real life.

!:  Hello.  My  name  is  Markus Peter, and I was born in
the  year  1978.  Right now I'm studying at the univer-
sity of Regensburg and also work for a internet com-
pany called SPiN.

?: After having had a look inside your private life, how
about  your  scene  career?  What is the story behind
your  having got in touch with the CBM 64, the scene,
the  groups  you  have been a member of and last but
not least how did you got your handle?

!: Ok.  My  first contact with the scene, apart from the
demos and magazines I received occasionally through
different  sources,  was,  when I met a guy in my Judo
training,  who  was  at  that time in a local lamer group
called  VIPER... That was... about 1990? I don't know it
exactly  anymore...  That  group  was  releasing  some
demos and recracks at that time. Do I need to mention
that the routines of the demos were stolen? Anyway...
I  managed  to convince the others in the group to do
some  real  stuff.  So  we decided to create a demo on
our  own.  At  that time, Viper was in negotiations with
another  group  about  merging  or  doing  a  coop. We
then  stopped  contact with the rest of the scene and
started creating our demo.

And now about my handle: when  I  was in need of a
handle  at  that  time, some day simply "WARP" came to
my mind, so I called myself "Mr. Warp" in the beginning,
later  on  simply  "wARp"...  It  has  neither  to  do with
OS/2  3.0  (which  came  a  long time after I chose my
handle) nor with Star Trek.

?:  Equinoxe started as a demo group but later on the
group  got  famous  while  releasing two highly appre-
ciated  magazine  projects.  Can  you  please  tell  the
story  of  Equinoxe,  something  about  the  roots and
perhaps even something about the future?

!:  As  explained above, I first was in that lamer group
called  Viper.  When  we  finally  finished  our demo, we
recontacted  the  guys we negotiated with once about
a  merge. They told us, that their group was dead, and
that  a  huge part of them is leaving for a game design
label,  while  others  do  not  know  what  to  do. So we
merged with the rest of them. Equinoxe was born.

The  real  reason  for  the success Equinoxe had was
its  amount  of  mail  traders. Unlike other groups, we
did  not  focus  on  megas wappers,  but  instead  had
plenty  of  swappers  with about 50-70 contacts. Our
friendly  swappers  were the reasons we belonged to
the  most  liked  groups in the mail scene at that time,
as the polls showed.

I  have  to  admit, that one of the main reasons "Inge-
nious Brain", our first magazine, got so popular in the
beginning  was  its  outfit.  I  was inspired by seeing a
magazine on Amiga once which had pictures in the text
and  all  the  stuff  we  later  on  implemented in IB - I
wanted to have the same effect on the C64.

IB  was  the  reason  Equinoxe  became  known  in  the
scene  -  at  first  because of the outfit, later on be-
cause of the amount of text - also high quality text.

?:  In  the  magazine  business you are known as main
editor  of  magazines  like  "Ingenious  Brain" and the
follow-up  "Shout!",  a  synthetic merge of "Ingenious
Brain"  and FairLight's "Reformation". Just after one
issue,   which   has  found  a  bright  audience  in  the
scene, the project slowed down. What can you report
in  review  about  both  magazine projects and do you
think there is a chance to see once issue #02?

!:  Even  before the Shout! project, the fate of "Inge-
nious  Brain" was already closely tied with FairLight.
After all, more and more of our swappers started to
become  inactive. Especially RED DEVIL and TABASCO
played  an  important role in the release of IB #5. Red
Devil  produced  lots of music for us and Tabasco was
the   main   votesheet   spreader   and   also  diskmag
spreader...  Without  Tabasco  IB #5 would never have
been released probably.

After IB #5, Enduro/Fairlight contacted me and asked
me  about joining FairLight and taking as many people
with  me  as  I  want,  as  long  as this helps me to run
Reformation.  I  denied,  so  the idea of the FLT & EQX
magazine coop was born... also known as Shout!

I have to say afterwards, that I'm rather disappoin-
ted.  I  mean...  FairLight  is  a great group, and those
people  I was in contact with were very friendly... But
at  that  time,  they  simply  did not manage to give you
the  support  we  needed. Neither did they provide me
certain  tools  and  codes  from Reformation which we
wanted  to  integrate  in the Shout! code, nor did they
deliver the amount of text they promised.

We  managed  to  release  Shout!  #1  anyway. But then
strange  things  started  to happen. Tabasco announ-
ced  he  will  leave,  Enduro didn't have time for Fair-
Light  anymore,  Bacchus  wanted  to  leave  and Tron
was  inactive  for  a  long  time  already. Furthermore
some  funny  people  spreaded  the  news  that  I was
quitting.  This  all,  combined with the fact that the in-
ternal  organization of Equinoxe broke down because
Antifan  and I simply did not have the time anymore to
keep  up the contact with everybody lead to the inac-
tivity  of  EQX.  Afterwards  I  left the scene, as even
more  of  my closest friends left, and EQX broke down
completely  with me being out of the scene and Antifan
being  inactive.  Shout!  #2  was about 70% finished at
that time, by the way...

I  consider  it very unlikely that Shout! or IB will ever
return.  I  would need to enter the scene again, and I
will  not  do that unless somebody manages to get EQX
totally active again... I do not want to be an organizer
anymore, nor do I want to join another group.

?:  You are one of the very few persons with a sister
having  been  active scenewise, too. What is she doing
these  days?  And what the other Equinoxe members?
What are they doing these days?

!:  Common  MISUNDERSTANDING.  MAV/Equinoxe,  has
the same surname as me. So people often thought she
was  my  sister...  But  she  isn't.  I cannot answer the
question  what she's doing today. I've no contact with
her anymore...

And  about the other EQX members: some of our mem-
bers  have  joined  other  groups. A few of them even
got  rather  famous. I do not have contact with the o-
ther ones who also left anymore. Some people still are
around  under the EQX label and wait for the organi-
zation (= Antifan and me) to get things running again.

?:  The  demo  scene is getting more and more uninte-
resting  as  the  current  demonstrations  are merely
a  bad copy of formerly seen PC/Amiga effects in the
notorious  4x4  chunky2planar  mode only. Originality
and   system  based  design  is  totally  missing  these
days.  What  do you think about this negative develop-

!:  I cannot say anything about the latest demos - I've
not  seen them anymore. Anyway - that trend already
started  in  my time, and I have to say, IMHO it sucks.
Sure... It was nice at that time to show the others that
the  C64  can  also  do  that  things...  But  the  demos
started to look ugly on the small screens...

I really do not like it.

?: Today several sub-cultures called scene are more
important  and  more  popular than the real thing, the
CBM  64  scene.  Have  you  made  any  experience on
other  platforms like Amiga/PC or on console systems
like    PSX/N64?    Are    those   scenes   interesting
alternatives to the CBM 64 scene in your opinion?

!:  The  C64  was and will ever stay "the real thing". I
do  not  have  overview  of the PSX/N64 scene, but I
remember  the time when parts of the scene switched
to  SNES...  The only scenes which could keep up part
of its original nature were those on the Amiga and the
SNES...  The  PC warez scene was far too commercial
and  now  those  parts  of it which switched to the In-
ternet are simply lame...

The demo scene on the PC was doing some nice things
-  but  after  all, on today's or 3-4 years old PCs it's
no  big  problem  to  achieve good looking effects in a

Interesting  for  me,  though, are the occasional com-
petions  for  creating  Java  based demos/intros now
taking place...

?:  The  Internet  is  getting more and more important
for scene life these days. What does it mean for you?
What   do   you   think  about  the  possibilities  of  the
various   services,   such   as   IRC,   FTP,  WWW,  and

Hmm. The internet rocks... Need I say more? I loved it
from the very beginning. I would prefer though, if the
amount of newbies in the net would be a lot smaller...

?: You are working for the company "Spin", a company
known  to  many homepage maintainers due to the fact
that  it  is  offering  guestbooks  and scripts allowing
chats  on  homepages  for  free. This is the chance to
introduce  the  company  to the CBM 64 scene and the
chance   to   place   an   advertisement   for  sceners
interested in your services.

!:  We  founded  SPiN  about a year and a half ago, and
today  it's  the  SECOND  LARGEST  provider for free
guestbooks  in  the  world,  runs  one  of  the  largest
Java based chats in the net and also one of the major
players   in   the   chat/conference   market   with
customers  like  Nokia  Asia,  Canadian  or  Swiss TV,
Credit Suisse, Mercedes Benz etc.

Our homepage is at - Have a look
at  it...  You  can  reach  some  of  our  services from

?:  Being  classified  as  a  professional web designer,
what  do  you think about the current CBM 64 related
homepage   projects   and  especially  about  the  new
shooting   stars,  web-bbs  systems  like  "Second  To
None"  and  "Spankerz  Heaven" based on CGI-script

Phew...   I'm   actually   more   a   programmer  than  a
designer...  I  have  to  admit I haven't seen those web
BBS  systems.  I'm completely out from the scene. I've
no clue of what's going on.

?: Especially the IRC and channel #c-64 has been into
the  spotlight  of  critism  lately,  as  scenewise totally
unknown  people,  persons  which  NEVER  have  done
anything  valueable  for  the scene, started to attack
established  or legendary sceners for minor reasons
in  a  non-acceptable way just to find attention in this
questionable   way.   Have  you  already  made  similar
experiences?  What  do  you think about this negative

!:  I haven't been on #c-64 for a long time now. Hehe...
I remember, when I still was there very often, our (=
other,  partly legendary, ex-sceners and I) favourite
thing  was  too  mock  visitors  who  were  still  in  the
scene. Was just a joke though.

I  cannot  judge what happens on #c-64 now, but what
you   told   me   sounds  very  very  bad.  Those  guys
attacking  legendary  sceners  just  make themselves
ridiculous.  I  hope  no  one  really  pays  attention to

?:  Everything  has to come to an end, Relax Magazine
can't   made   an   expection  here.  Here  in  the  last
question we usually offered our interview partners to
place  greetings,  messages or whatever else you in-
tend  to  insert  here.  It was nice to have you as our
guest this time.

!: Ok. I have to greet all ex-members of EQX... It was a
nice  time  with  you...  Also  I  have  to  say  SORRY to
certain  people,  who  are  maybe  still  in the scene. I
promised  some  of  them  to  code  certain  things for
them,  shortly  before  I  left,  and never finished that

The  C64  scene is still the best there ever was - en-
joy  it as long as it is still enjoyable and you have the
time to be active there...


Best regards,


Demo Scene

                           < DEMO SCENE >
Welcome  to  "Demo Scene". Ofcourse it is no re-defi-
nition of our old demo reviews chapter, but since this
chapter  is  offering  by  far more than only plain re-
views  and  is  dealing  with information and overviews
about  the  current happenings in the demo scene the
old name was not really reflecting the content exactly.

After  the release of "Speedway" by Panic at the As-
sembly some rumours came up that the demo contains
ripped code. Our research lead us to EDHELLON/Re-
source who explained the incident:
"The  last part in 'Speedway', the complex line-vector
in  320x200  resolution  (the only hi-res part in that
demo  as  far as I remember) is ripped from our 1995
demo,  'Virtual  Brutality',  which  was  released under
the  Exile  label,  as  Resource didn't exist back then.
Actually 'only' the vector coordinates are ripped, and
not  the  whole  effect,  since  the point of the part is
how  the  coords  were calculated (since only a simple
lineroutine   is  needed  beside  the  coords  for  that
part)  I  thought  it  was appropriate to call that part
For  the  proof  you  can  compare  the  memory from
$2800 in our demo, and from $3000 in Panic's one, if
I remember right... after some talk with Throne/Panic
he  admitted  that  Jer/Panic  took  out the data from
our demo, but the other Panic members DID NOT know
anything  about  it  until  I  found  it out... please make
sure   that  it's  clear  for  the  readers  that  it  was
JER/Panic's action, and it's NOT the whole Panic team
responsible for this sad event."

In  order  to  cover both sides of the story we asked
THRONE/Panic about Panic's position in the affair:
"Nothing  was  DIRECTLY ripped from RESOURCE, Jer
had  some  source  codes  which he had obviously got
from  Dale when they traded some code earlier. So he
used a piece of the code but NOT the whole routine. I
know  that  EXILE's  part  looks  similar, but the real
truth  is  that  we  DIDN'T  take  anything out of their
demo.  Isn't  RIPPING  just  taking  something out of a
demo?  In  my opinion it is. USING is just simply to use
SOURCE  CODE.  Do  you  see my point? I wouldn't call
this  incident  ripping  at  all. But Resource's anger is
justified,  Jer was very stupid to use that code. What
the hell was he thinking? Obviously nothing! :( Anyway,
we've  talked  with  Resource about this matter and it
looks   like   we  solved  it.  And  we'll  continue  to  be
friends,  at  least  me  and  Edhellon/Resource. I also
also argued with Jer about this and almost kicked him
out of Panic. I made it clear to him that such fuck ups
WON'T be tolerated again."

It  seems  to be quite clear that both parties behaved
gentleman-like  and made no big deal out of this affair.
NO  campaign  got  started, NO denying, NO lies, just a
modest  discussion  to  clear  the  matter  and  that's
definately   the  way  things  should  be  handled  in  a
so-called friendship scene. Thumbs up!

Now  let's  turn  to  the  overview  about the current
The  AMIGANICA  party  in  Hungary, a PC free event,
brought along two productions, "WILDFIRE" (extended
review follows) by the runner-ups from Coma, a 8-bit
re-mix  into  direction  "242"  (Virtual Dreams^Fair-
Light)  and "State Of The Art" (Spaceballs), both Ami-
ga  releases,  aswell as "DAY OF JUSTICE" by Replay
Inc.,  in  fact  not  a  remarkable  effort  compared to
The  ZOO '97 party did not fullfill the high hopes for a
new  Extend demo since "TOTAL EGYPT" won the com-
petition  but  was NOT released due to the fact that it
was  unfinished. One can only hope that the 100% ver-
sion  will  follow  soon.  "MIND  PREVIEW" by Vandals &
Damange  was  NOT released, too, for similar reasons.
"AQUARIUM"  by  Scallop  is  an introduction to the by
Agemixer new founded group looking out for new mem-
bers.  "LOVELY  DAYS"  by  Yleisradio is merely some
kind of fake release, in the cracking scene it would be
named a budget label release.
ASTROSYN  '97  was  one  of  many parties held in the
Eastern  part  of  Europe,  to  be more precise in Po-
land.  Arise  came  along  with  "MOVE  PREVIEW",  As-
craeus  with  "ONLY  CODE",  Fraction  with   "POWER
OFF"  and  Scorn  in cooperation with Medium brought
In  Australia,  home  of  the  koala  bears  and kanga-
rookies,  PROJECT  '97 has held. Here Chrome relea-
sed  the 22% version of "PANDEMONIUM", a demo they
they have spent 3 years of development time on.

With  the annual christmas party in Denmark the demo
scene  brought  along conciliating conclusion of a ge-
nerally disappointing year 1997. The Party VII, scof-
fers  called it "Batteries not included -The Party un-
plugged",  has  been definately the demo highlight last

With   Alpha   Flight   1970  and  Hitmen  two  so-called
cracking  did  contribute. ALPHA FLIGHT 1970's "TWO
MUTHAFUCKIN' EVIL" was tending into direction slide-
show instead of a demo. HITMEN's "EIERFEILE II" was
the sequal to the party demo released at the X-97 in
Eindhoven/The  Netherlands,  a  typical  but  nice de-
signed  party  demo  including  one of those notorious
party scrollers.
SMASH  DESIGNS  proved once again in an impressive
way  that  they  are  the  most  active  demo group on
perhaps  all  remaining platforms. "SECOND REALITY"
has  been  a  conversation  of  the  PC demo "Second
Reality"  once  made  by Future Crew. "DESERT DOTS
2"  is  the  sequal  to Desert Dots, another one is the
series  of  Smash  Designs  demos. Last but not least
Haujobb's  demo "ART BIZARRE" has been created by
SmashDesigns, too. Indeed an impressive record. Only
Reflex  did  manage  to  come  up  with three extended
demo productions at The Party 1995, too. OXYRON did
prove  their  position  in  the demo scene once again,
outclassing  several  trackmo  releases  with  an  im-
pressing dentro called "ONEDER", a worthy follow-up
to  Dawnfall.  The  runner-ups from Hungary, COMA &
RESOURCE,  surprised with another fine trackmp re-
lease  entitled  "VOID",  combining high quality coding,
some very good graphics and overall good musics to
provide one of the very few demo highlights for 1997.
Quite a while it has been rather silent around the east
German  group  REFLEX  who  stroke back with a 66%
release  of  their  production "BREITBANDKATZE". It
would be really nice to see a 100% in the near future.
From  the  former  Czech  Republic  CULT  sent  out a
lifesign,  too,  unfortunately "THIRST" has only been a
lifesign  compared with their former work. "DARK TA-
LES" from FOCUS features the already well known in-
tro  and  an  old  unreleased  demo  part. The special
feature  is said to be random routine providing a 2nd
scrolltext  from  time  to  time.  "STILL  PUMPIN" from
Neoplasia  is a short dentro as the coder unfortuna-
tely  lost  some  parts of his source code. Not too im-
impressive codewise but it should be the message ac-
cording  to the authors. "KRESTORY" from Crest is a
slideshow  than a demo. This production provides high
resolution  greyscaled screenshots of all parts to be
found  in  the Crest demos from 1988 - 1994, almost a
promise that the sequal might come out sooner or la-
ter, too, containing the more actual demo parts. Last
but not least LEPSI DE's trackmo called "SENSATION"
was  supposed to compete at the competition, too, but
due to organisation problems it did not.

      < Demo conversations - a new phenomenon? >
In  those dark decades when everyone is complaining
about   everything   and  everyone  is  regarding  the
old-style  as  the  optimal  solution  for demo projects
the  topic  originality  has been taken into considera-
tion for countless discussions regarding the aspects
new school demo design and conversations has been
covered rather controversial.

With  SMASH  DESIGNS' conversation of "Second Rea-
lity"  the  heated discussions did grow up again. After
getting  continously  blamed for presenting similar lo-
res  effects  over  and  over again Smash Designs fi-
nally presented a demo with only a few lo-res effects
left,  nevertheless  now  the  critic decided to reflect
the  attention  away  from  this  topic  and to complain
about  the  idea  to convert an entire demo project to
the CBM 64.
Curiously  the  idea  to  convert COMPLETE demos or
atleast  to  copy  the  design  and  concept  has been
found  many  years  ago,  too.  Ian  and Mic presented
some  of  their demo parts first on Amiga and later on
the  CBM  64,  perhaps  it  is  unknown to some people
refering  to  the old-school ideology. How much routi-
nes which have been first released on Amiga are con-
sidered to be true CBM 64 routines these days? Ten?
Twenty?  Fifty?  Hundred? We can't give you the cor-
rect  answer,  can you? How much routines in today's
CBM  64  demos are based on routines first released
on Amiga/PC? 60%? 70%? 80% or about 90%?

During  old-school's highlight period the situation was
not  very  different.  The innovating Amiga production
"COMA"  by  the  legendary  Rebels has been the first
techno-like  video  conversation  on  the Amiga and it
did  not  take  too much time to find various clones on
the CBM 64. The most popular one was made by BON-
ZAI, their version was called "Bonziiied". DIGITAL EX-
CESS'  demo  "Digital Excess" has not been too diffe-
rent, same goes for TRIAD's "Red October". All three
productions have been fine examples of demo making,
some  of  them can considered to be top of the class,
still  the fact remains that it were slightly varied con-
conversations,  too,  what often seems to be IGNORED
by the old-school addicts.
Coming  a  step closer to the present MELON presen-
ted  "MINDEXPANDER",  a totally untypical but defina-
tely  stunning  Amiga  demo.  No world records and no
revolutionary   graphics.  Next  to  the  unique  Melon
demo  design  the feature that the demo action is only
shown as long as you press the mouse button made it
to become a real classic not to miss in any collection.
Once  again  the guys in TRIAD came up with their re-
markable conversation named "Mindexpander", aswell
a fine production not to be missed in any collection.
Spaceballs'  amazing production "STATE OF THE ART"
and  Virtual Dreams^FairLight's "242" on Amiga com-
bined  video  sequences  with short text clips timed to
the  music  and went a step closer into direction pro-
fessional video clips for music videos. Coma picked up
the  great  conception  and  presented a nice CBM 64
version of it.
At  the  moment  the  final  chapter  is  Future Crew's
"SECOND  REALITY",  for sure a milestone in PC demo
making as demo making on PC has been lightyears be-
hind  Amiga  productions  back in time. Smash Designs
converted  the  demo  according  to their skills. To be
honest,  it  has  been  the  best  Smash  Designs demo
ever seen so far, still that does not mean it is a really
outstanding production.

The  fact  remains  that  all  above  mentioned groups
earned  their  well  deserved applause for their con-
versations  while  Smash Designs is the only group to
be  harsh  critizised for converting a complete demo.
Perhaps  it  is not a problem based on the conversa-
tion  but  merely  reflecting the personal feelings and
antipathy towards a group boasting in an impertinent
way  with  their  average skills only, and this is infact
the  only  reason  worth  to  be  discussed. After CBM
64's  star  started  burning  out and Amiga as well as
PC  computers  got  more and more popular many left
the  CBM  64  behind to look out for new shores to be
explored.   Others  accepted  the  challenge  to  show
that  the CBM 64 is capable to work wit advanced co-
ding and techniques according to the 8-bit, 64 KB and
1  MHz  limitations.  Those people kept the scene alive,
those  people  have been productive and those people
took  their  fame.  Now  more  and more people return
and  wonder  about  changes  which  took  place after
they  left,  or  let's  better say DESERTED. The majo-
rity's  effort  is  COMPLAINING while Smash Designs is
ACTIVE,  accept it or not, the PRODUCTIONS released
on  this  computer system keep  the scene alive, even
if  the productions are not up to the known quality le-
vels. There's atleast one point for Smash Designs ex-
pressing  that a demo created on and for the CBM 64
is  a CBM 64 demo, that's something many people seem
to ignore these days.

Originality is the topic to be discussed, not continous-
ly  the meanwhile boring 4X4 chunky 2 planar discus-
sion.  Even  in  the  old  days  of record hunting many
groups  presented  similar parts destinated to break
the  records they have seen in current productions.
Whilst some failed others succeeded, and that are the
groups  we  remember.  It's  not  a  phenomenon  that
came  up  with  4X4  c2p. Is the one complaining about
flickering routines aswell complaining about flickering
IFLI, MCI or SHIF pictures, too, all picture formats to
be  counted into direction new school demo desing? It
is  important  what has been done WITH the formats, it
is  NOT the format to be blamed. Cool demos as well as
lame demos can be done in either 1x1 or 4x4.

When  the  last demo producing crew is gone and when
no  more CBM 64 demos are going to be produced the
critic  will hopefully notice that complaints and critism
only  can't  keep  a  demo  scene alive - ACTIVITY and

                     < The making of Wildstyle >
Since  demo  scene  is  supposed to be more than just
plain  reviews  following  please find some background
information  to Wildfire, a sort of "making of". Our new
colleague Clarenec has met Oswald in channel #c-64
on IRC in order to provide the following statements.

C:  Could  you tell me how this demo idea came to your

O: I had this idea a 1-1.5 years ago after watching the
242/FairLight  demo  on  the Amiga, but I had to rest
the realisation for a long time, because I simply hasn't
got  the  necessary hardware for it. But now with the
helping hand of Bigfoot/Breeze I managed to fulfill my

C: Are you satisfied with the result?

O:  Well,  it  could  be  much  better,  but  the demo was
finished  during  the last 2 days before the party in a
very  big  hurry.  I  mean  the  choreography could be
much better, with more ideas, and more varied. But I'm
satisfied  with  everything else, so I wouldn't make the
rest different.

C: Tell us some technical datas about the production!

O: Approximately  200  kbyte  packed  data  of anima-
tions. The animations are refreshed every 4th frame.
Could  be  replayed  faster,  but  then  the animations
would be too short.

C: Do  you  think  that  others  will copy your idea and
start doing this kind of demos in the future?

O:  Yes,  many  people  told  me  on  the  IRC that they
always  wanted  to  do  this kind of demo. For example
Groepaz/Hitmen  and  the Singular crew told me that.

C:  Do  you consider Wildfire a 'milestone' in C64 demo

O: In my opinion it is (immodesty...). But for sure it is a
new  style,  something  different than usual. This demo
can  be  considered  as  a  reply  for  the  Triad demo
called  Mindexpander, because in that demo Traid said
'this  is  a  serious  attempt  to  renew  and refine the
traditions of C64 demomaking'.

C:  Talking  about  other's  work,  what is your opinion
about the Star Wars animations in Love by Agony?

O: That's a very different story, because that's just a
part  of  a  demo and has no timing to the music at all.
So,  the  technique  is  the same, but the style is NOT.

C:  Do  you  plan  to  make  a  similar demo like Wildfire

O: I plan to make a similar to State Of The Art/Space-
balls (Amiga demo as well), similar to it's technique and

C: Ok, thanx for answering my questions!

O: You are welcome!

Please  continue  reading in Demo Scene II where you
will find the demo reviews.

Best regards,

Clarence/Graffity Produkt

Demo Scene II

                          < DEMO SCENE II >
After the overview about the current demo scene ac-
tivities the second part of Demo Scene is finally pre-
senting the demo reviews.

                     < ALTERED STATES 50% >
When  people  are  normally thinking about Poland and
Polish  demo  groups two famous names come into clo-
ser consideration, Elysium and Taboo. To go stronger
than ever both groups united forces for an ambitious
project called Altered States. Unfortunately the demo
was  never  finished so after three days Taboo finally
decided to link and release their parts.

                    Clarence about the coding:
This  is a two sides long irq-loader demo (we can say:
trackmo).  This  demo  is  one  of those ancient pieces
of  demos  which  the  creators  released years later
they  were supposed to. According to the note on the
disk  actually  the  demo got released three years la-
ter  than  planned.  For  those  who refuse to believe
this  I  can  prove  that  this  is  true as I met in 1994
Cresh  of Taboo here in Hungary in his summer vaca-
tion  and  he  brought with him the demo parts. As far
as  I  remember  all  parts  which are in the demo now
were ready in 1994, too (only the linking was missing).
After all I wanna say that it was a waste not to relea-
lease  the  parts up to date because in it's destinated
time it would have been a very big bang.
Just  remember  Reflex's famous 'Access Denied' with
that  fast (almost) fullscreen vector routine. It was a
bit  of  shock  in  its  time. In my humble opinion Taboo
made  a  much better vector routine of that kind (will
be  analysed  later)  and could release it earlier than
It is also necessary to mention that this demo suppo-
sed to be a cooperation demo with Elysium.

Ok,  let's  talk  about  the parts in detail. After a text
screen  immediately  we find ourself in the first part.
This part contains a two dimensional blue object in the
middle of the screen which rotates around it's middle
point (z axis). Whilst rotating it also changes shapes,
like  triangle,  square,  hexagon etc. Meanwhile we can
see  maximum  eight  white  little  balls  falling from the
upper  border  to  this  rotating  object and bouncing
around  from  the object, giving an impression of real
gravity. A very nice and original routine. In m opinion
the  screen  looks a bit empty even though the effect
is  nice  (some  more  gfx  or  something is missing). A
very posoitive point of the part are the nice bringing
and  taking  effects  (e.g.  the blue object rolls out at
the end).
Next is a part they call 'double vectors'. It's an effect
released  earlier by other groups. It means two filled
vector  cubes. In two rasterlines you see one cube in
the  next  two  rasterlines  the  other  and  again  the
first,  etc.  Both  the  cubes  has  three different co-
lours.  The  vectors  aren't  bigger  than  a  16x16 big
character   mask.   This  part  isn't  anything  special
The  upcoming  part  is  very  original.  It  contains  a
Greek styled pillar which is stretching and twisting at
the  same time. Like it is made of rubber or something.
It  consist  of hires overlapped sprites, which gives a
soft  and  beautiful  moving.  It  contains  all  the gray
colours  with  colour  dithering too. The column moves
left  to  right  using  all  four borders of the screen.
Very good idea, and realisation!
Ok,  next  is the hardest coded part of the demo in my
humble  opinion.  Three  coloured fullscreen high filled
vectors.  The  part  starts  with  a  very  good effect
which  fits  to  the  music,  too.  From  all border a big
square  zooms  into  the middle of the screen, it stops
and  starts  to rotate as a face of a vector cube. The
framerate  of  the  vector routine is very good. I can
remember  some  demos  with  much smaller filled vec-
tors which were not faster than this one! The routine
is  realtime,  includes  hidden  surface  vectors, glenz
vectors, and some complex vector objects with trans-
formations. Whilst transforming, changing the colours
of the vector objects. A very good part.
A  nice  plot  tunnel is the next effect. Updating every
frame.  Very smooth routine  including enough random
numbers  placed  dots  in  the  tunnel.  The  end of the
tunnel  moves  in  X and Y, the dots are coming closer
with twisting. Using the whole character screen. In my
opinion the best of it's kind yet on the C64.
After an Altered States picture we reach a greetings
and  loader  part.  Taboo call it 'Melon texts'. I haven't
seen that Melon demo yet including this effect, but it's
nice.  Three  character  high text lines comes into the
screen  from  the right border and stops after a de-
creasing  amplitude  of  swinging  from  left  to  right.
Whilst  the borders are open the drive stops loading.
When  the  texts  stops in the middle of the character
screen,  the  drive  continues to load quickly. Hmm... I
like border effects so I adore this one too.
After  the  greetings a big animation screen comes to
the  screen  with  FLD  bouncing. It includes a 'worm-
hole'  effect.  Hard  to  explain  how  it does look like.
I can compare it to a crater what swallows it's surfa-
ces. I have seen this effect in a PC demo first.
After  the flip disc part and 4 IFLI pics the next part
arrives.  It's  a  nice loader effect. Fountain of dots.
The name tells it all, so I don't need to explain it.
Next  part  is  a  40x25  chars  big  8x8 zoomrotator
routine.  Updating  every  frame, zooms and rotates a
pic around it's middle point. Includes two pictures. The
first is a fractal, the second is a VERY hardly recog-
nizable  tiger  (?).  Looks  very ugly. In my opinion the
WORST  part  of the demo, but we can forget it's ugly-
ness  if  we  remember  that  when  it was made, it was
Ok,  the  following  part  is  an interference. But not a
simple  one.  The  best  ever released in my opinion. It
uses  the  whole character screen with two circles, a
hires   character  circle  and  a   x-expanded  sprite
circle   switched  it's  priority  behind  the  character
circle, so it's hard to recognize that it's x-expanded!
Looks very good.
Then  we  reached the last part of the Taboo parts in
Altered  States. It's a simple upper/lower border up-
scroll with proportional font. Includes credits, perso-
nal  greetings  and stuffs like that. At the end we can
can see an ASCII logo and a 'ready' prompt.

The  demo  was  coded by the 'Matula brothers' known
as  MMS  and  KM  of Taboo. All in all the coding is high
standard.  I  give  84%. Hope to see the Elysium parts
some day, too.

                      RRR about the artwork:
Cresh,  Fazee,  Shaman and Wayne have been respon-
sible for the artwork.

The  show  begins  with  a  pretty decent surrounding
graphic  in  multicolour  bitmap  format for the hybrid
vector  part.  However, the light colours have been a
bit  too  light  in  my  opinion.  Following is the FLI logo
stating  Altered  States,  infact  a  pretty decent logo
with a nice motive of an eye and interesting design as
the text can be found above and beyond the eye, per-
haps  a  touch  too  much  Amiga  orientated.  The last
piece of art on side one is the IFLI turn disk log, ba-
sed  on  a fine idea. Centered are red lips of a female
mouth  with  a frog looking out, surrounded on the left
and  right  side  with  a  turn disk logo in some kind of
sea  landscape  and  lots  of reed next to it. Like said
before,  the idea is just excellent while the realisation
is not that good. Especially some colours aren't really
fitting,  nevertheless  the  overall  impression is quite
The second side surprised with a little IFLI slideshow.
Picture   one  is  presenting  a  prostationing  knight
which looks a bit like the maid of Orleans, well realised
with  fitting  colours.  Picture  two  is  showing a dead
airforce  pilot in his clothes. In the background there
is the skyline of an airport. It's nice done and detailed
but  today  it  could  have  been done in MCI for sure,
too.  Picture  three  is a real kicker, a mixture of the
notorious  Tankard  dog united with the Tankard alien
or  gremlin  as  some  prefer.  It's definately a pretty
well  drawn picture but somehow the dominating brown
palette  is looking a little bit monotonous. Picture four
is  providing  a  scenario of battling knights. The main
character can be found on his horse in brown scales
while the other, enemy knights have been drawn using
blue scales. Indeed a quite nice and impressing pictu-
re, too. After the short slideshown a fountain in hires
can  be  found. Having a look closer to the color set-
tings  it  must  be  advanced hires (hires FLI), a very
impressing  one  regarding the graphics format. Last
but  not  least  there's a plain standart ASCII (c/g ->
board graphics) Altered States logo.

Overall  the  graphics  combine talent and nice ideas,
unfortunately  most graphics haven't been optimized.
Regarding  the  fact  that the artwork is supposed to
be about three years old already they really deserve
some  more  respect  but after all the rating can only
be at 81%.

Two  guys are responsible for the demosound. On the
one  side  we  have SHOGOON/Taboo and on the other
side there's DRAX/Vibrants.

The  demo  blasts  off in style with the first tune rea-
ding  Drax all over it. Catchy lead, groovy bass, some
polished  arpeggios... it all adds up to one of the best
tunes  I've  heard  so far this year. Too bad the pro-
grammers   chose   to   cut  off  this  ingenious  piece
instead of letting it fade out.
After  that  Shogoon  takes over and shows us how i-
dentical instrument arrays can give rise to different
levels  of  quality.  His  first  contribution  begins with
some  nice  sound effects, and then they surprisingly
drops  the  pace  to  a  vibrants-like  soundtrack.  It
doesn't   go  beyond  the  clone  stadium  though,  the
sounds  make  it cook on medium flame, especially BAD
appears  the bass sound, which is of the wimpu varie-
The  second tune is not different and can only be ac-
credited  for  changing  the  demo  atmosphere a bit.
Again  that  lightish bass... but hey, what's that? Com-
pletely unexpected, a small but nice mood shift occurs
with  some  rather  gloomy  arpeggios  and  that very
same  WIMPY  bass  undergoes  some  pitch changes,
suiting  very  well to the rest. This is the best part in
Shogoon's share of the soundtrack.
It's  time  to change diskside now and Drax decides to
play  a  few  more  notes. While this tune is not as po-
lished  as the first one, it still is very good, with some
intriguing  arpeggios  and  FUNKY bassriffs which, at
some point, beautifully modulate with a $21 sound. The
lead sound sometimes clashes a little bit with the rest
but  that's  a  MINOR niggle, it's still a great tune, and
certainly suiting the pic-show it's accompanying.
Then  Shogoon steps back up again, but he must have
downed  a  few  beers since this time he only manages
to  bring  very  samey  music.  The  sounds  no longer
convince,  especially  the bad melody drums. The con-
fused melody (a $51 getting 'high' - no kidding =) does
NOT  come  over  either. Momentarily there is a reco-
very,  as  the  following tune puts down a threatening
atmosphere, sort of an end-of-level boss confronta-
tion  music.  Unfortunately the drums lack the neces-
sary  'Oompf'  to  fully  convince,  so I guess you'll be
meeting "Wario" instead of "The Machine".
And  finally,  in  the  mandatory  upscrolling end part,
you  get  a  happy  multispeed  tune,  you know, of the
tweeting  and beeping  kind.  Sound-fx are plenty and
varied,  whereas  the lead melody is going overdrive.
There  must  have been a lot of work involved in doing
this tune and I respect that, but 'too much can be too
much',  as  my  granny  once  said.  Again,  the bass is

Now,  how can you quote all this? I've rated the tunes
from Drax and Shogoon separately and then reduced
them  to  the  same  weight. That way, both composers
are evaluated on an equal basis. The final mark is the
mean of these two values, resulting in 71%.

                         < WILDFIRE/COMA >
Coma  is  one of the positive surprises regarding the
past  two  years, mainly presenting their productions
at the Hungarian parties but aswell at The Party. Out
of  the  overall good work Coma has received a lot of
awards  in  this  edition  so  make  sure  to  read  our
awards chapter in this edition, too.

                    Clarence about the coding:
This  demo  was  released at the Amiganica Hungarica
party in November 1997 and won the demo competition
there  (and deserved the victory for sure). The demo
demo  got mainly coded by Oswald of Coma, except for
the  upscroll  which  was  coded  by  Vic  of Coma. The
demo  is  two  sides  long.  The  first side contains the
boot file, a Coma animation and the note.
The  second side is full of data files. The Coma anima-
tion supposed to be infront of the demo, but because
of it's size there occured some problems linking it in-
front of the boot file. I remember Oswald at the par-
ty sweating because of this. By the time pressure he
decided  to  release  it as a separate file. It contains
a  very  big  hires Coma logo which is spinning around
the  y  axis.  The  animation is consists of 32 realtime
depacked  phases  and  looks  a  bit ugly because you
can  see  cuts  in  it. Oswald told me that, the cuttings
are  inevitable,  because  there  is no memory left for
using  a  buffer  for  the screen. Ok now let's see the
demo itself...

The  demo  is  based  on an Amiga demo conversation.
That is the 242 demo by Fairlight and also it's similar
to  the  "State Of The Art" demo from Spaceballs. It's
based  on  a  lot  of  digitized, resolution reduced and
animated  'movie  effects'  which are changing in syn-
chronization  with the music. Ofcourse on the C64 it's
very  hard  to  realise  because  no much memory for
storing the animation phases. This problem was solved
by a very fast irq load routine Oswald used, which al-
ways  loaded  new animations into one part of the me-
mory,  whilst  the  other part of the memory was used
for  playing  already  loaded animations. For reducing
the  resolution  of the source digitized animations the
routine  used  4x4  resolution  in  multicolour  (3  co-
lours).  This  is what the demo is all about, we can say
for the first time on the c64!

Ok, after loading the boot file, flipping the disk we are
confronted to an interlace picture. It scrolls out and
a text with big font tells us that 'there is no fun with-
out animation'. So after a little loading (all goes in irq
with already started music), the mucic is getting har-
der  and the animation show starts. The following little
animations are played like: the camera scans the key-
board  of  an  old  type  C64,  a Coma logo with moving
circles in the background, the kamera zooms out from
an  eye,  a  dancing-kicking-hair  shaking girl in many
variations   (inverse,  rewind  played,  slowed  etc),  a
spinning  or  zooming  Commodore sign etc. The anima-
tions  are  showed  several  times. The color changes
everytime.  For  an  effect  in the music, the animation
stops when the camera is showing the run stop key of
a  C64.  Then  a  sprite  upscroll  comes and the demo
ends. The show goes for 3-4 minutes.

Overall  a  good  job  from the Coma crew, and a very
original demo. For the code I give 65%, but if I should
appreciate the idea, too, I would give much more!

                      RRR about the artwork:
The  only  remarkable  graphic  has  been supplied by

Centered  in  this  MCI  picture you can see on top an
old-styled  3  coloured  Wildfire logo. Beyond the logo
there's  some  a  female  dressed  like  one  of  those
comic super heroes. However, the colour combination
choosen for the gloves and boots aren't too fitting. In
the  left  part  of  the  screen there's a planet on top
and  more  into  direction button there's some kind of
cemetery.  The  front  object  is  a  combination  of  a
tombstone  with  the  letter  combination "Coma" and a
cross  with  a sort of unidentifically alien skull. In the
right  part  there's  some  kind  of super nova, a star

Overall  the picture is quite well done but it definately
profits a lot from the fast first impression which is in
fact  very  good  and  ofcourse  from  using  the MCI
format.  Unfortunately  the  picture is displayed for a
few  moments  only  what  makes  further impressions
impossible - unless you extract it. Judged as a single
picture  the rating would be a bit higher but having in
mind  that's  the  only  piece of art in a demo/trackmo
the rating has unfortunately to be lowered to 57%.

                    VIP about the soundtrack:
Performing artist is WACEK/Arise. He made one tune,
which covers the entire demo.

One  thing  I  always  think  of  when  hearing Wacek's
name,  is  that neat little Arise-dentro called 'Inside'.
It  consisted  of  5  small, but moody compositions, all
very  attuned  to  eachother.  Admittedly,  the instru-
ments  used  weren't  the  best on the market techni-
cally, but all was so cleverly done that the result de-
erved high marks.
Unfortunately,  after  that,  I  never  heard  anything
comparable  anymore.  Sure, Wacek uses the same in-
struments,  but somehow the sparks are gone and his
recent tunes never seem to get burning. Still, with his
every  new production I keep my fingers crossed and
hope it reaches the 'Inside' quality again.

In  the  demo  these  hopes  almost  were fulfilled. The
initial  part  of  the  music  featured  a sickening bass
sound  and  very  basic  instruments, making up for a
gloomy  cemetery  atmosphere. Could this be a return
of the 'old' Wacek?
Alas  no. After a small but nice transition you get the
'new' Wacek: a break-beat rhythm which is launched
with  best  of  intentions  but  spoiled  by a high-pitch
snaredrum,  conventional  instruments  ($55, #41 and
the   likes)  creating  little  tension  in  this  mediocre
techno-tune  and,  to  top  it  off, the odd harmonical
glitch  now  and  then.  The whole is carried by an en-
joyable  'drivealong'  bassriff,  the  only more or less
positive aspect in the music.

One  thing  saves  it  from total anonimity, though, and
that's  the way it's synchronised to the demo-action.
Most  of  the time, when you see things whizzing in and
out  of  the  screen,  suitable sound-fx can be heard,
from  little  explosions  to  some spatial arpeggios. I'm
pretty  sure  the  programmer's had his hand in this,
too, but either way, this is a mark up.

Keeping  this  in  mind, I'm declined to give a rating of
53%,  but only with the music as part of the demo, not
on it's own.

Best regards,

Clarence/Graffity Produkt

Paper Art

                             < PAPER ART >
Hello,  dear  reader.  Welcome to the very first cover
reviews  chapter entitled "Paper Art" in Relax Maga-

In this chapter you will find the following content:

       > PAPER ART - the introduction and reviews
       > ALG VS. ELECTRIC - the NF scandal

                         < The introduction >
I  hope  that  this  chapter  will become quite popular,
especially    in    the   cover   scene   which   is   still
enlarging nowadays. I think there are no sceners who
haven't heard about Electric, Duce, Junkie, Astaroth
or Zapotek - the best known cover designers.
The  cover scenery is a bit separated from the "real
C-64  scene" as there are many guys who had never
anything  to  do  with  computers,  but they are really
good  paper  graphicians. I hardly ever can find even
a  single  word  about cover artists in disk magazines
what is quite strange for me as covers are made just
to  keep  disks  inside  them.  When  demo reviews are
something  normal  why  not  to review covers and all
other pictures created by many talented painters?

Maybe  some  of you will remember the cover competi-
tion  held  by  Extend,  to be more precise by Electric
and Duce? I'd like to present something similar in Re-
lax  Magazine to make sure having only ORIGINAL and
FRESH  covers  in here. If you are interested in get-
ting  your  artwork  reviewed  in  here  and you think
your  work  is  above  average  and can compete with
the  best  please submit your work(s) by sending it to
the following address (do NOT cheat the stamps!):

            Flash/Reflex/Street Children & Exon
                     XXXXXX XXXXXX
                     XXXXXXXXXXX XXX/X
                     XX-XXX XXXXXXXXX
                     call: ++XX/XXX-XXXXXX

There is NO deadline as if I receive five good covers
I  am going to review them for the actual Relax Maga-
zine edition. An every cover that has been sent later
will be reviewed in the forthcoming edition.

                              THE PRIZE:
Every winner will get all submitted covers, a disk with
RELAX MAGAZINE,  some  extra  covers and the most
important  thing  -  FAME!  I  hope to create an extra
page  in the Internet (maybe on the Afl homepage with
all  scanned  covers).  Everything  depends  of   your
reactions, is this a good idea or nobody is interested
in paper graphic... Please send your reactions to:
[aniolek]or [relax].

I  hope  to  see  positive  reaction from your side and
I'm  waiting  for first compo covers (pictures). Please
don't forget to write your addy on the backside!

Well, so let's start with five choosen covers... I'll point
out:  design,  graphic and overall impression. You can
receive 0-100% in each cathegory...

For this edition I have received the following covers:
"ARISE"                 Rodney/Arise
"CYBERART"              ALG/Alpha Flight 1970^Samar
"TOTAL EPYGT"           Junkie/Extend^Doom Patrol
"ALTERED STATES"        Electric/Extend
"WHAT IS ART"           Wacek/Albion^Arise^Lepsi De...

I  have  to  say  that all five covers are really GREAT
and  present very HIGH quality. All covers were made
in  1997 except the cover by Electric which was pain-
ted in 1994 but finally he released it in 1997...

               "ARISE DESIGN" 5Rodney/Arise6
This cover looks differently from the others presen-
ted in this review. Rodney is still a bit uknown artist,
especially outside of Poland,so let's look closer at his
brilliant art. Firstly the technique is brand  new when
it comes to painting covers,as everything was drawn
with pastels in full color! Unfortunately only the ory-
ginal was so colorful,all spread copies are of course
black and white,but it really looks cool! The first side
contains  only  a nice girl which could be compared to
the  Baroque  ort  or something like this. The coolest
things  are  light  and shade effects which look really
impressive!  The backround is simply filled with black.
The second side is filled mostly with a bust of a women
quite  similar  to  the  first one,it's also old styled and
great  shaded.  There  is  also  a  simple  logo  "Arise
Design"  which  only  adds some coolness to the whole
composition.   Generally   this  cover  seems  to  be  a
real  masterpiece  and  I wonder why people still miss
so  talented  artist  in the charts! I hope to see some
more quality pictures from Rodney in nearest future.

Graphic:         95%
Design:          90%
Impression:      98%

Points  are not enough to express my impression, you
have to see it with your own eyes!

      "CYBERART" 5ALG/Alpha Flight 1970^Samar6
ALG  is  rather well known for the scene and not only
because  of his covers! You surely have heard about
the  incident  with  Electric  and his cover sold to the
polish science-fiction magazine. Everything explained
to  be a big misunderstanding and I think ALG is clear
now!  This  time he has changed his specyfic style and
made  an exclusive cover for Samar which looks quite
nice.  This  one  is  just  one sided picture of a pretty
woman  named  Stacey Winn, she's 20 years old Cana-
dian and her motto is: "To want is to can! ".
Everything  is drawn very smooth, the pixeling is also
very  precise,  especially  the  background  is pixeled
great  and  shows  us  some strange faces, eyes, etc.
This girl seems to have right,she really could do many
things  if she only wants it! I have to say that she's in
my   type!  ALG  is  a  very  active  graphician  so  he
should appear in the charts very soon...

Graphic:        85%
Design:         90%
Impression:     85%

Well,  maybe it's not a revolution in paper graphic, but
you should have this cover in your collection.

Let's see another masterpiece from well known artist
Junkie  who  made  an  exclusive cover for the latest
Extend demo called " Total Epygt"...

      "TOTAL EPYGT" 5Junkie/Doom Patrol/Extend6
Everyone  has  his  own  style,  but I could recognize
Junkie's  covers  everywhere!  This time we have one
sided  cover,  but...  shit, it also might be two sided as
the second half is turned upside so its more fitting to
call it one sided... So, it's perfectly smooth pixeled like
always  in  Junkie's  pieces  and  everyting is outlined
to  give  a  very  nice  result  and  to make this cover
looking  very  clear. Hmm, it's really hard to say what
is  painted  here  so  maybe  it's  a  crazy bird, a man
with  an  egg-shaped head and some pipes coming out
of  his  head and his underbelly (!) On the left there's
a  demonic  fish holding the Finnish flag (if I'm right!).
And  of  course  a  logo  "Total Epygt", very stylish...
I can't say that there are many details on this cover
but   the   idea  and  overall  result  are  really  cool!
I really hope to see Junkie more active this year!

Graphic:     90%
Design :     96%
Impression:  95%

            "ALTERED STATES" 5Electric/Extend6
I  think  I  don't  have  to say that Electric is actually
the  best  cover  designer  and  seems to stay on the
top  for  a  very long time having been still active and
kicking  ass with his new productions,not always con-
cerning  to  the scene as he uses to make an exclusi-
ve  graphic for some underground zines (Silvullinen).
This  time  we  have  a cover made in 1994 exclusively
for Taboo & Elysium and their demo "Altered States",
but   it  was  finally  released  in  1997  after  a  huge
delay. So let's review some olderart by Electric...

The  first  side  is  completely  filled with a cyborg (?)
who  is  damn  long  haired!  Everything  is   perfectly
pixeled,  shaded  and looks very realistic. The second
side  contains  a  nice  logo  "Altered  States"  and  a
woman  sitting on it. Hmm, if it's a woman as she's quite
strange  for me... Again every detail is drawn close to
perfection.  Well,  seems  that  Electric  outclasses all
cover  designers nowadays even with three years old
covers,  but  it's nothing strange after years of hard

Graphic:         97%
Design :         96%
Impression:      99%

...And finally the last cover for this edition ...

     "WHAT IS ART" 5Wacek^Arise^Albion^Lepsi^...6
Wacek  is  rather known as a musician, but maybe you
don't  know  he's also coder, graphician, cover artist
and DJ! He's also active at the PC scene and creates
really  great  music  there! But,let's see as his latest
paper  release. The first side contains some  various
women  (quite  nice!) and some poems (?). The second
side  is  much  more interesting, we can see a face of
a  woman  (a  bit  strange) and some smaller women on
the right, everything is pixeled very precisely.
The  whole  composition  is  a  bit  chaotic,  but  every
detail  looks  very realistic and the graphic fits right
to  the question - What is art? - "What is the essence
of reality? What makes you think? This is ART..."

Graphic:        85%
Design :        93%
Impression:     85%

So  finally  we  have  reached  the  end  of  this small
cover  review.  I  know  that some people won't agree
with  my rating, but it depends of what you personally
like and what kind of graphic do you prefer...

                     < THE OVERALL RATING >
                       ^ THE BEST GRAPHIC ^
01.   ELECTRIC/EXTEND       97%
02.   RODNEY /ARISE         95%
03.   JUNKIE/EXTEND         90%
04.   ALG/Afl^Samar         85%
      Wacek/Arise/...       85%

                        ^ THE BEST DESIGN ^
01.    ELECTRIC/EXTEND       96%
       JUNKIE/EXTEND         96%
02.    WACEK/ARISE/...       93%
03.    ALG/Afl^Samar         90%
       Rodney/Arise          90%

                    ^ THE BEST IMPRESSION ^
01.   ELECTRIC/EXTEND       99%
02.   RODNEY/ARISE          98%
03.   JUNKIE/EXTEND         95%
04.   ALG/Afl^Samar         85%
      Wacek/Arise/...       85%

                        ^ THE BEST COVER ^
01.   ELECTRIC/EXTEND       97%
02.   RODNEY/ARISE          94%
03.   JUNKIE/EXTEND         93%
04.   Wacek/Arise/...       87%
05.   ALG/Afl^Samar         86%

Yours sincerely,

Flash/Reflex/Street Children & Exon

                      < THE ALG "SCANDAL" >
The  fire  hit  the  trees  of the scene, carried by the
dark    and   evilish   breeze   of   what   people   call
prejudices       and       rumours.       The      demons,
self-complacent   acting  as  prosecutor  and  judge,
covered  as  anchor  men made an excellent cruel job
by  destroying the reputation of a young and talented

In "Nowa Fantastyka 11/98" some sceners have found
a  piece  of paper art done by ELECTRIC/Extend but
signed  by  ALG/Alpha Flight 1970^Samar. Immidiately
the   scene   suspected   ALG   to   be  a  ripper  and
backstabber  ripping  off  the  work of scene related
persons   by   selling   it   to  commercial  magazines,
disregarding  the fact that he is a quite skilled artist
himself.  Unfortunately  right  after  this  suspect the
scene PREJUDICED him without really knowing what is
going  on.  People scoffed at ALG while others hurted
him  badly.  There was no need to request what really
happened  since the so-called and praised friendship
scene  actually  prefered  to  ban instead to request
the issue, to act and to destroy his reputation before
knowing  what  was  really  going  on.  This lead to the
fact  that  he  got kicked out of Samar right after the
rumour reached an every single Polish scener.

As  some  people  still  do  not  need  to  listen  to  his
explaination  we felt free to print his note, translated
from Polish into English.

"A  couple  months  ago  when  I started reading "New
Fiction"   (ed.  Polish  paper  magazine,  original  name
"Nowa  Fantastyka")  I  recognized that there is a lot
black-white  graphics used in this magazine. I decided
to  contact  the  editors  and reported about the CBM
64  based cover-scene. I have requested if they are
interested  in  a  sort  of  cooperation  with  a  group
creating  such  type  of  graphics  in order to publish
them in their magazine.
I   sent   and  offered  them  my  creations  and  as  a
reference  to  the  CBM  64  cover-scene  also  some
covers  made  by  well  known  profiles  like  Electric,
Flash,  etc.  to  show  them  what's  it  all about and to
create  some  kind  of interface to connect the scene
and  the  magazine.  I  have  marked  all pictures they
were  allowed to print (read: my work) and also those
which  were  not  meant  to  be  printed  as they were
example  pictures  from  the  well known profiles only.
Until now I havenn't received an answer from NF.

In   the   November   edition   they  printed  Electric's
poster  signed with my name. I immidiately rang up the
responsible    editors   and   received   the   following

 1.) They MISUNDERSTOOD my letter
2.) ELECTRIC will receive money for the unauthorized
publication of his power. I don't know how much money
as it is not decided yet. I have already forwarded his
address to them.
3.) The  editors promised to clear up the whole affair
as  soon  as  possible  in the magazine. Unfortunately
preparing an issue takes approx. 2 - 3 months.

I want to express that I did not earn a single buck. My
intention  was  to  do  something  for  the  scene as it
looked  quite  strange  to  me  that so less people are
doing  something  with  their talent. As for the title of
this   message,   is  this  really  a  chance  for  cover
painters? Yes, I think I proved it is. I have found out
that  not  all  submitted artwork will be published as it
should  fit  to  the  topic of the stories and articles in
the  magazine so there should not be any logos in the

For  those  who  want  to  get  closer to the topic can
contact me by using the following address:

                  ALG/Alpha Flight 1970^Samar
                 XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX
                 XX. XXXXXXXXXX X/XXX
                 XX-XXX XXXXXX
                 Telephone: ++XX(XXX)XXXXXXX

For  those  who  think that it's not enough to enforce
the  situation  here is the official declaration made by
"Nowa    Fantastyka"    concerning   the   "ALG    vs.
Electric" affair.

           "Nowa Fantastyka" Issue 1/98 Page: 81
                      NOT TOMASZ BUT TOMMI
In  "NF"  11/97  the  picture  printed  on page 68 was
signed,   by   mistake,  with the handle  of  Mr. Tomasz
Sobierajski.  In  fact,  the real drawer of that picture
is  Mr.  Tommi  Musturi,  who  comes  from  Finland.  We
would like to appologize both graphic artists for that

Best regards,


Party Radar

                           < PARTY RADAR >
Welcome  to  this  edition's Party Radar where we are
able  to  provide  you with the results of

                           > AMIGAnica #01 <
                                > Zoo '97 <
                            > Astrosyn '97 <

as well as a party report by Ned/AFL/N•P about

                             > The Party 7 <

and in Party Radar II and III the invitations to

                   > Mekka & Symposium 1998 <
                              > Flag 1998 <

in order to keep the celebration generation updated.

            AMIGAnica HUNgarica CONference #01
                      November 08 - 09, 1997

                * CBM 64 DEMO COMPETITION *
Pos.    Points     Production              Author
01.      263    Wildfire                    Coma
02.      180    Day Of Justice              Replay Inc.

                * CBM 64 MUSIC COMPETITION *
Pos.    Points     Production              Author
01.         147   Power Of Magic           Wayne/Ideal
02.         105   The Doll                 Con/Leader^Xymox
03.         87    Oblivion                 Flash/Leader
04.         77    Partysong                Carlos/Breeze
05.         36    Lightyears After         Freakis/Coma
06.         18    Compomusic               Eclipse/RSC^Xymox

              * CBM 64 GRAPHIC COMPETITION *
Pos.    Points     Production              Author
01.       266    Love                       Poison/Singular
02.       140    Aliens                     Gerync/Different
03.       105    Alien Visitor              Cybortech/Graffity
04.        37    Wizard                      TGM/Singular
05.        25    Jamiroquai                  Balance/Replay Inc.

                 * CBM 64 WILD COMPETITION *
Pos.    Points     Production              Author
01.         134    Firg a TVben          Pofik
02.          65    Pista17               Relative
03.          34    Compo music 1         Mephisto/Therapy
04.          12    Compo music 2         Mephisto/Therapy

                * CBM 64 INTRO COMPETITION *
Pos.    Points     Production              Author
01.          87    Goodbye Bigfoot         BBT/Breeze
02.          56    1k Ugly                 BBT/Breeze

                                  Zoo '97
                      November 21 - 23, 1997

                * CBM 64 DEMO COMPETITION *
Pos.    Points     Production              Author
01.    ----      Total Epygt               Extend
02.    ----      Mind Preview              Vandals&Damage!
03.    ----      Aquarium                  Scallop
04.    ----      Lovely Days               Yleisradio

                * CBM 64 MUSIC COMPETITION *
Pos.    Points     Production              Author
01.    ----      El[in                      Deetsay/Panic
02.    ----      Stalgia                    Deetsay/Panic
03.    ----      Modulation                 !Cube/Trauma^Pal
04.    ----      Fading, In and out..       AMJ/Side B
05.    ----      Left Ear Bleedin'...       Addict/Topaz
06.    ----      Wader Shores               Agemixer/Scallop
07.    ----      Apina                      Abaddon/Damage!
08.    ----      Space Shit                 Britelite/Dek^AD
09.    ----      Extreme Silence            Agemixer/Scallop
10.    ----      Purple Shades              Britelite/Dek^AD
11.    ----      Vlzzz                      Thor/Extend
12.    ----      Jamaica                    Wide/Extend
13.    ----      Bumtsich                   Barracuda/Extend
14.    ----      Reggae                     Wide/Extend
15.    ----      Ganjaloop                  Barracuda/Extend
16.    ----      -1:00-                     Thor/Extend

              * CBM 64 GRAPHIC COMPETITION *
Pos.    Points     Production              Author
01.    ----      My Trans                 Electric/Extend
02.    ----      Love Lisa                Electric/Extend
03.    ----      "Pyykkivuoro"            Biological D./Ydl
04.    ----      Huora                    Doc/Vand.^FD^Mst.
05.    ----      Last Ninja Remix...      Lasse V

                 * CBM 64 WILD COMPETITION *
Pos.    Points     Production              Author
01.    ----      Kätevää                   Offbeat
02.    ----      Nameless Rage             Galactus/Damage!
03.    ----      Kiimaa, Kaljaa & K.       Damage!

Pos.    Points     Production              Author
01.    ----      Megakines                PSTK
02.    ----      Avaruusohjelma           Jaffa/Dek^Static
03.    ----      True Lameness II         Britelite/Dekadence
04.    ----      64                       Yleisradio

                              Astrosyn '97
                       December 13 - 14, 1997

                * CBM 64 DEMO COMPETITION *
Pos.    Points     Production              Author
01.         38    Move Preview             Arise
02.         32    Only Code                Ascraeus
03.         30    Power Off                Fraction
04.          5    Bang Preview             Scorn & Medium

                * CBM 64 MUSIC COMPETITION *
Pos.    Points     Production              Author
01.         37    n/a                         Wacek/Arise/...
02.         24    n/a                         Stiff/Scorn
03.         23    n/a                         Max/Scorn/...
04.         16    n/a                         Luke/Nipson/Arise
05.         14    n/a                         Stiff/Scorn
06.         11    n/a                         Gregfeel/Lepsi
07.         10    n/a                         Rodney/Arise

              * CBM 64 GRAPHIC COMPETITION *
Pos.    Points     Production              Author
01.         26    n/a                         Bimber/Arise
02.         24    n/a                         Katon/Lepsi De
03.         20    n/a                         Informer/Scorn
04.         16    n/a                         Sebaloz/Lepsi De
05.         14    n/a                         Max/Scorn/...
06.         13    n/a                         Informer/Scorn
07.         11    n/a                         Wacek/Arise/...

                           THE PARTY 1997
                      December 27 - 29, 1997

The Party 1997 again took place from 27th to 29th of
December,  again  in  Aars,  the  location  with a lot of
tradition  as  also  TP  91, TP 92 and TP 96 were held

The  organizers this year came up with a much better
and powerfull equipment and a hired security service,
which was supposed to explain the relative high price
of 300 DKR entrance fee.

Just  now  at the beginning I should mention that they
BLEW  UP  the  big  beamer, which was supposed to be
one  of the biggest and most expensive in Europe (did
our  money go there?). The good thing was that in the
damned  seventh  year  for  the  very  first time they
signed   an  insurance  contract  (did  our  money  go
there?).   Having  blown  up  the  beamer  for  the  big
screen   The  Party  seemed  to  have  reached  their
worst point? WRONG!

Some   time   later   the   local  city  power-generator
melted,  what  in  fact ment that the party place itself
and  the  whole city didn't have power for exactly two
and   a   half   hours.  You  think  now  the  party  had
reached its worst point? WRONG!

After  having  fixed  the  power-supply  problem (this
year's   party   topic  curiously  was  "Batteries  Not
Included".  How  could  they  know  in  advance?)  the
so-called   security   service  turned  out  to  be  the
WORST  ever  seen  at  any  party  by  coming to each
table  and  they  just  allowed  people  to keep ANY of
their equipment turned on in case they are right now
working  on  their  demo. You think this finally was the
worst point? WRONG!

In  case  the  beloved  "security"  might ever see you
having  any "useless" equipment turned on they would
(AND  DID!!)  cut  the  cables.  Not to forget that while
the  power-breakdown  ALL  doors  were  opened  so
cars  and  trucks  could  light in for the people not to
get  in  panic the loony ideas of the security got even
worse  (YES!  Possible!)  as  if you weren't actually in
hall  when  the  crash  happened they didn't let you in
The  bad  thing about it is that at that point one would
have been in the position to steal your equipment. As I
am  already  saying  so much on the security I think I
can  even  go  on.  Ofcourse  alcohol  and  cigarettes
were  forbidden  to  keep  the  party  flavour  on  the
lowest possible level.
And  this  year  the security was strict as in an army
camp.  Not  to  forget that walkie-talkies, spraycans,
banners  on  cables  etc.  ofcourse were also strictly
NETWORK?  On  The  Party  it worked most of the time
while  the  domain  ""  and the server was
already  down on the first day and still is weeks after
the party!

To be honest this party was so bad that it is not even
worth  one  good  word  at all. But as it is a party re-
port  for  Relax  Magazine  I'll also mention what hap-
pened "scene-related".

On the event itself the CBM 64 community was atleast
dominating  the  Amiga  folks.  What was a pretty good
feeling.  Groups  present on The Party ofcourse fea-
tured  major groups such as Alpha Flight 1970, F4CG,
Oxyron,  Smash Designs, Hitmen, TRC & SCS and some
A  big suprise was REACT from the former Czech Re-
public  or  Coma  and  Resource from Hungary coming
the  long  way  to  join  the  party.  Most of them being
dressed  themselves  a  bit weird but they were more
than welcome as they were proving a definitive scene
spirit. Thumbs up!

Coming  to  the  most  important  event,  the C64 demo
competition.  It was set as the last event on the whole
party,  according  to  organizers, to put the best for
last (word up!).
The competition was hosted by Heavyhead/NetPhre@-
kers,  who  REALLY did a good job in sorting them the
most  interesting  way pre-recorded on S-VHS. Even
if  not  fair in some people's eyes the second demo by
Smash  was  treated  with  the spacebar in each part
after  just  a  second. In my eyes the best way to be-
ware the crowd of violence seeing all the known and a
hundred  times  used  effects by Smash Designs once
again.  Also  thumbs  up for "Haujobb", a group origi-
nally  operating  on  the  Amiga,  releasing  their very
first  CBM 64 demo ever and already being much bet-
ter  than a LOT other demo groups (hmh, but who co-
ded  and  realised it? The effects looked so overused
and  the  style seemed to be similar to a kinda smashy
ones?!  HINT!  ED: check $d000 in the final part). For
the  results of the demo-, gfx- and music-competition
please see below (ed. The Party organisation came up
the officially confirmed results on January 16, 1998).

                * CBM 64 DEMO COMPETITION *
Pos.    Points     Production              Author
01.      560   Second Reality             Smash Designs
02.      228   Oneder                     Oxyron
03.      200   Void                       Coma & Resource
04.      166   Breitbandkatze             Reflex
05.       94   Season Greetings           Beer Boehmler
06.       66   Party Test                 Scala Productions
07.       54   Art Bizarre                Haujobb
08.       50   Thirst                     Cult
09.       30   Still Pumping              Neoplasia
09.       30   Desert Dots II             Smash Designs
11.       26   Too Muthafuckin'...        Alpha Flight 1970
11.       26   Alles Homo Oder...         Commodore Cowboys
13.       24   Trip To...                 Cascade
14.       16   Party Pussy                TRSI & Lightforce
15.        4   Fettes Saumonst. 2         Accept Party Posse

                * CBM 64 MUSIC COMPETITION *
Pos.    Points     Production              Author
01.       275   BlackOut                   Mitch & Dane/Crest
02.       164   Motorway 4                 Fanta/Bass^Oxyron
03.        78   Blue                       Carlos/Breeze
04.        60   Space Of Chaoz             Orcan/React
05.        47   The King Of ...            Lunatic/Cult
06.        33   Getting Jazzy              Fuben/Oxyron
07.        27   Sonate                     Daddy Kool/GFB 64
08.        23   Anne's Groove              Gerard Hultink
09.        20   Rape                       Top Secret/Cult
10.        19   Hrabal                     Greatix
11.        14   Concussion                 Sonic/Smash Ds.
11.        14   Jullow                     Zzap/Noice
13.         9   The Brews                  Rayden/AFL 1970
14.         8   John Thumb                 Heinmck/T.U.M.

              * CBM 64 GRAPHIC COMPETITION *
Pos.    Points     Production              Author
01 .      238   Little Y. O. Granny     Rayden/AFL 1970
02.        89   Spice Up Your Life      Dane/Crest
03.        70   Grünschnabel            Warp 8/Flash Inc.
04.        69   Untitled                Tyrant/RSC^TPY
05.        62   Dragonwar               Splash/Resource
06.        52   Angry Man               Reekol/React
07.        46   Biocontrol              Felidae/Reflex
08.        29   Multimediot             Deekay/Crest
09.        24   Devil                   AMN/Anarchy
10.        23   Bomb The Bass           Hardsequencer/DTC
10.        23   Don't Fuck With Me      Earthquake/CS
12.        22   Batman Brät Fisch       Cyclone/Abyss
13.        14   Dexter 64               Cruzer/Camelot
14.         8   Breakthrough            Zeldin/Cascade
15.         6   A-Ko                    Bud/Wow
16.         5   Hopeless                Hoogo
17.         4   Ellis In Chains         Vip/Role
18.         2   Cleveland Indians       Iron Man

The  events  this  year again featured the VERY cool
"The   Rave"   in   the   second   night.   DJs  such  as
Ronny/Teklords  (Amiga),  who  even released a vinyl
on  SUPERSTITION,  or the beloved slaveFRIESE (aka
Mr.Friese) did a very great set there (definately our
money went into that equipment there!).

Other  competitions  are  not  worth  being mentioned,
such  as  bodycrashing (ed. to empty a bottle of Coke
as  fast  as  possible).  Also  a  lot  competitions were
cancelled, e.g. Win95Demo.

Interesting  new  competitions also were held such as
"Fast  Web"  or  "Java",  focusing  to the Internet. In
case  you wanted to take part in the "Fast Web" com-
petition you had to carry you computer into hall 3 im-
mediatly  after  the  anouncement and then code your
page  right  on  the stage in hall 3. Pretty stupid idea
As the first people I saw there all had a notebook and
a big advance regarding time and deadline this way.

Finally I'd like to add a positive comment on The Party
97.  This  year there were 4 different kinds of TP 97
t-shirts  present,  the  normal white one for the visi-
tors,  the  orange ones for the very agressive orga-
nizers,  red  ones for the main organizers and infor-
mation people and finally MINT-shirts for the network
people.  This  allowed  you to hide your beer when you
saw  the  bad  coloured (orange) ones, get FAST help
for  the network in case you saw mint, or even got an
electrician  to your table if you ask the red-coloured
guys.  Well,  and  maybe  kick the ass of a lame kid in a
white shirt.

Whilst talking about lame kids another VERY bad point
comes  in  my  mind.  Due  to the fact that tables were
just  reserved  in  hall  1  for people who payed in ad-
vance  you might easyly have a guess who was in hall
Besides  all  the  sceners  that  came  along  with  the
party  bus organised by Weasel/Hitmen you were only
able  to  see  13-17  years  old kids playing Quake2 in
the  network. That was the most senseless (ab)use of
the  very fast network (twisted pair at up to 1140K!!).
In  case  the  organizers  care  about  the  sceners'
opinions  and  maybe  even  read  one or two articles
about  their  event  they  should  consider  going to a
city   where   batteries  are  included  and  definately
re-think (if they ever did!) the table reservation.

The  so-called  "Party-Closing" can be considered as
the  best  part  of  TP  97.  After the main-organizer
"Rizzi" said his words he put down the microphone on
the  stage  for the public which was a great opportu-
nity for the Symposium&Mekka organizers to do some
promotion  (which  they  already did alot [!!] at TP be-
fore) and finally THE chance for XXX/Haujobb to sing
the  new  (in-)  official  scene  song  for Symposium &
Mekka  '98: "We Are Family"...  with a great vocal res-
ponse from the crowd!

Thanx for reading my article, feel free to contact me
and   I   really  hope  to  meet  you  all  at  "MEKKA  &
SYMPOSIUM '98" in Fallingbostel/Germany.

ned/Alpha Flight 1970 [ned]

So   much  about   the  parties  held  in  the  past  few
months.  Please  load  the  following  chapters to note
everything about the soon coming events.

Best regards,


Party Radar II

                         < PARTY RADAR II >
              Mekka & Symposium 1998 Invitation
           The German Easter Party organized by


                            < Introduction >
In the last years, this demo scene event has grown to
the  best  and biggest German party and its name can
sometimes  be  heard together with "The Party", "The
Gathering" or "Assembly" in the same sentence.

That  doesn't  mean  it's just another huge anonymous
lamer  conference;  in  1997  we  had  750 visitors, in
1996  the Symposium had 640, the Mekka 300 visitors,
in 1995 the BlackBox Symposium had also around 300

This  party  is  known  for  its  "scenish" flavour, for
prominent  sceners  being  there and for high-quality
releases.  Attenders  come  from  all  important  plat-
forms,  that  is mainly the C64, PC, Amiga and some o-
ther  systems  such  as  the  Atari.  For  the Mekka &
Symposium 1998, we expect about 850 visitors having
four nice Easter days.

                          < Location & Date >
The  party  place  is  situated  between  Hamburg and
Hannover,  in a small town called "Fallingbostel". Most
of  you  already  know  this hall from the Symposium &
Mekka  '97  and  we  are confident that the space will
suffice one more time. Some mistakes we've made last
time  will be corrected, so we'll have a dark hall in the
day-time,  better  sound  equipment and clean toilets.
The address is:

Heidmarkhalle, An der Heidmarkhalle 1, 29683 Falling-

A  phone  number  will  be published on our WWW site a
few days before the event starts.

If  you're  going  to  come  by  car, you will be driving
down  the  highway  A7  - Fallingbostel is announced.
From  the  highway  exit,  there will be signs directing
you  to  the  party place. Also, people living there will
know  you by your weird look and gladly point you the
way to the Heidmarkhalle.

When  coming  by  train,  you  have  to use some major
train  to  either  Hamburg  or Hannover (whichever is
nearer  to  you), and change for Fallingbostel there.
Then  you  can  make use of the free 24h Bus Shuttle
service  we  will  set  up  like  every year. You should
have  contacted Raw Style (for address see below) in
advance,  just  to  be  sure.  If you're coming without
equipment,  you can also take the walk (half an hour).

We'll open the doors on Friday, the 10th of April, 12:00
CET.  The  party  will  last until Monday the 13th, 12:00

The entrance fee for the whole time amounts to 40 DM
(about 25 US-Dollars). We don't take foreign curren-
cies. Girls and Mat/Ozone get in for free! There is no
table  reservation,  and no possibility of paying in ad-
vance!  Money which is left is spent on the competition
prizes. Bring your own power connectors!

There  will  be  an external sleeping hall right besides
the  party  hall.  Nevertheless,  if  you  need  a  quiet
place to sleep, you can stay at the local youth hostel,
which is located about 500 m from the party place. If
you  have  the  necessary  member  card and you are
interested, this is the address:

Jugendherberge  Fallingbostel,  XXX  XXXXXXXXXXXXX

                              < Bus Trips >
1.  Preliminary  route: N"rnberg (Germany) - Bamberg
-  Coburg - Kassel - Fallingbostel.  Small detours are
possible,  and  the bus will also pick you up in any city
in between.  This trip is organized by e605/SDI:
e605 or phone XXXXX/XXX.

Are you organizing another bus trip to MS98? Please
contact Raw Style so we can add it to this section!

                               < Features >
Just a short overview, details are coming up below:

> Lots of competitions for Amiga, PC and C64
> Competitions presented on a big screen of 6x4 m^2
> Powerful sound equipment
> Place for 1200 visitors plus equipment
> Live music performances (even non-Techno!)
> Traditional entertainment provided by Steeler!
> Party network with Internet access
> Internet cafe
> A city nearby, with shops and bars
> 24h Drinks & snacks available on the party
> ...and the unique Mekka & Symposium party feeling!

                            < Competitions >
The first version of the compo rules we published was
very  restrictive  -  some  of  you might remember. In
the  course  of events, some people complained about
them.   Some   complaints   were  well-reasoned,  some
were   not.   After  three  months  of  discussing  and
making the rules more open, we came up with this final
rule  set.  We  find  it's  a  good  compromise  between
technical  progress  and  keeping  a  kind  of scenish
spirit by limiting possibilites.

> The competitor must be present, or in case of group
   contribution, at least one person of the group.
> All entries must be delivered until deadline (for time
   table see below)
> There  will be a preselection for the music competi-
   tions  (we  can't  show 200 modules). The selections
   will be based on quality, not on names or music sty-
> No contribution disks, videos etc. will be given back
> You have to agree that we'll spread your contribu-
   tion   during   and  after  the  party,  via  Internet,
   BBSs, CD-ROMs etc.
> Just  in  case: The rules might still change; stay tu-
   ned to announcements.

Two fine competitions to honour the roots:

The C64 Demo Competition
Maximum size is a standard 5.25 DD disk (both sides).

The C64 4K Intro Competition
Maximum  size  is  4096  bytes  (not  more  than  16.12

Note  that  there  are also the C64 Graphics and C64
Sound competitions...

The  competition  computer contains a new SID and an
Action  Replay  MK6,  and  is  connected  to  a 1541-II
floppy drive.

The PC Demo Competition
The  summed size of all the files belonging to the Demo
must  not  exceed  6 megabytes (6291456 bytes). The
demo must work with an SB16, too.

The PC 64K Intro Competition
The size may not exceed 64 kilobytes (65536 bytes).

The PC 4K Competition
The size may not exceed four kilobytes (4096 bytes).
A nosound option doesn't have to be provided.

The  configuration  of the PC and some general notes
go like this:

> CPU: Intel Pentium 166MHz, 512K Level 2 Cache
> RAM: 32MB
> Sound:  Gravis  Ultrasound PnP 1MB and SoundBlas-
   ter 16.
> Graphics:  An  S3  Trio64V+  (80C765)  based card
   with  2 MB of display memory, SDD 5.3a or later will
   be running.
> We   will   be   running   MS-DOS  7.0:  Win95  is  not
   running, it has been shut down into MS-DOS mode.
> Maximum   resolution   is   800x600.  Please  try  to
   avoid  excessive mode switches, as this may lead to
   considerable video beam drop out times.
> All  entries  (except the 4K ones) must also work if
   no  soundcard  is present, or they must provide an
   explicit -nosound option.
> All  entries  must  be  handed in on double- or high-
   density FAT (MS-DOS) formatted disks.

The Amiga Demo Competition
The  summed size of all the files belonging to the Demo
must not exceed 3 megabytes (3145728 bytes).

The Amiga 40K Intro Competition
The size may not exceed 40 kilobytes (40960 bytes).
40K, not 64K!

The Amiga 4K Competition
The size may not exceed 4 kilobytes (4096 bytes).

The  competition Amiga is a 68060-based machine. We
don't  know  yet  whether  it  will  be  an  A4000 or an
A1200,  and  it doesn't matter either.  Your contribu-
tion  has  to work on a 68030 with 8MB FastMem. As-
signs  and  installation  scripts are forbidden. Custom
libraries may be used, but not installed outside of the
contribution   directory.   All  entries  must  come  on
double-density (!) Amiga disks.

The Graphics Competition
Maximum resolution is 640x480 in 24 Bits TrueColor.
The  entries  must be handed in IFF, PNG or TGA for-
mat.  JPEGs  will  not  be accepted, due to the loss of
quality.  The  size of the file shouldn't grow beyond an
MB, unless you've made some stupid error.

The C64 Graphics Competition
All formats/modes are allowed, the contribution must
be handed in as an executable file on a standard C64

The ANSI Competition
Due  to the rising number of ANSI-painters, the com-
petitions are flooded by many entries not worth to be
shown,  making  a  proper  voting  impossible. To avoid
having  a  preselection,  we  decided  to  organize the
ANSI-   compo  like  a  traditional  fast-compo.  Thus,
every  participant  has  to  paint a logo and some ob-
jects  that  are  declared some time before the dead-
line.  You will have three hours for creating your en-

AcidView 3.99 is the official compo-viewer.  First, the
picture  will  be  shown  in  Textmode  (80x25) using a
BPS  of  2400  and  then again in VGA.  Comments and
suggestions may be sent to Paul
Nothdurft@2:240/5527.23 (aka Trate/FBK&Purge).

All  the  entries  will be shown at least twice, at diffe-
rent daytimes.

The MOD Competition
Allowed  are  ProTracker  modules  only,  that  means
four  channels,  and  playable  with  all  the  usual mod
players  on all the usual platforms.  The only restric-
tion    is:    Don't    use    more   than   447   kilobytes
(457728  bytes). We will show twelve selected entries
to the audience, using ProTracker V2.2a on Amiga.

The XM Competition
Don't  use more than 713 kilobytes (730112 bytes). We
will  show  twelve  selected  entries  to  the audience,
using  the  latest  FastTracker on an AWE64. Only XM
modules  and  other formats playable by FastTracker
are allowed!

The C64 Sound Competition
All  formats  allowed, the entry must be an executable
file   delivered   on  a  standard  C64  disk.  The  C64
screen will not be shown during the competition.

We will show 4:27 (four minutes and twenty-seven se-
conds) of each song.

The 32K Game Competition
For  PC  and  Amiga.  The  above configurations apply.
Maximum  size  of  all files is 32768 bytes. Temporary
files  on  the harddisk are allowed, they will not be in-
cluded  in the byte count. They will be removed before
playing  the  game.  The  coder  will  play  it on the big
screen.  If  you  are  planning networked games, con-
tact  us  in  advance. We will do a preselection on this
competition to ensure that no two-hours gag program
will  win  again,  instead of one of the games into which
into which the programmers have put a lot of work!

The Wild Competition
Use  any  hardware  you want, and hand in your work
on  a  VHS  or  S-VHS  tape.  You may also bring your
wild  hardware, but please get in contact with the or-
ganizers  in  advance  to  make  sure  we can actually
connect it to big screen beamer.

The Fast Intro Competition
The  one  thing  that must not miss on any party. Sur-
prise surprise ;-)=

                                  < Food >
We'll  sell  sandwiches,  snacks  (Mars, Snickers etc.)
and  Coke/Sprite etc.  all the time. Currently we can't
guarantee that there will be more food supply, but we
give  our  best  to  have a snack-bar with fries, ham-
burgers etc. in front of the building. Besides that you
can   still   walk  those  few  meters  into  the  city  of
Fallingbostel  and  make  use  of  the  shops and bars
there (most shops open only on Saturday). Of course
you may also bring stuff from home.

                               < Network >
There will be a reliable party network with high-speed
Internet  access.  Details  will follow later, but we are
planning a Fast Ethernet (100Mbps) system!

                           < General Rules >
The  usual  legal  mush:  We  are  not  responsible  for
stolen  computer  equipment  or  other personal items
you  bring with you. We aren't responsible for perso-
nal   injuries   either.   Take  care  of  yourself,  your
friends and your luggage. We didn't have much trouble
with  theft  on  our  parties,  but  it might be better to
think  twice  about taking a certain valuable thing with
you onto the party.

The  use of alcohol is hereby explicitly forbidden. Af-
ter  facing  severe damages and personal attacks on
the  last  party due to heavily drunken individuals, we
chose  to  put up this rule. Drunken guys won't be let
let  inside,  disturbing  guys  will be put outside. Don't
consume Vodka in front of the stage. Don't vomit onto
the floor.

If  we  find  you  to be destroying things, either intel-
lectual  property  (hacking  the  network  system), or
physically  damaging  the building, you can be sure we
won't forget you.

Please  respect German law. Illegal actions, especially
regarding  software  piracy,  can  not  be  tolerated.
Dutch visitors should try to be aware of the fact that
weed is an illegal drug here.

Have  fun!  And if you have ideas of what might be fun
on  the  party,  don't  hesitate  to contact us, even on
the party. You're part of the party.

                              < Time Table >
• Friday, 10th April
 12:00 Opening
 16:00 Opening ceremony

• Saturday, 11th April
 15:00 Deadline I: all music and graphics competitions,
          Wild competition, 4K Intro.
 18:00 C64 Music competition
 20:00 Graphics competition
 23:00 Wild competition

• Sunday, 12th April
 01:00 C64 Graphics competition
 08:00 Module competition
 10:00 Deadline II: All intro competitions, Game 32K.
 1 1:00 4K Intros Amiga, PC, C64
 13:00 Graphics, repeat
 14:00 XM competition
 16:30 Game 32K competition
 17:30 C64 Graphics, repeat
 18:00 Deadline III: All demo competitions.
 18:00 40K Intros Amiga
 20:00 64K Intros PC
 22:00 PC demo competition

• Monday, 13th April
 00:00 Amiga demo competition
 02:00 C64 demo competition
 05:00 Voting deadline
 10:00 Prize giving, closing ceremony
 12:00 End of the party

                         < The  Organizers >
These  are  only  a few addresses, they should cover
most anything you might want:

HARDBALL/AMABLE      (PC, general organization)
GERMANY               [hardball]

RAW STYLE/LEGO (Amiga, competition organization)
Michael Krause, Mannesallee 24, 21107 Hamburg, GER-
MANY                  [rawstyle]

GANDALF/PHANTASM (Amiga, general organization)
Frank Schliefer, Am Musterplatz 27, 21220 Seevetal,
GERMANY                 [f-schliefer]

CHAOTIC/SMASH DESIGNS  (C64,  general  organiza-
tion)                       [chaotic]

DECCA/LEGO (Amiga, general organization)

MOM/CUBIC TEAM (PC, Network organization)

STEELER/PHANTASM (Amiga, Entertainment)

SULTAN/TEKLORDS (Amiga, Security)

DOJ/CUBIC TEAM (PC, general organization)

CRASH/POLKA BROTHERS (PC, general organization)

                         < More Information >
It pays to have a look at our WWW page now and then.
It is located at "". Don't hesitate to
contact   any  of  the  organizers  personally,  if  any
questions  are  open!  The guestbook is also a matter
of  expressing  criticism, but we consider it more nice
if you were also to send us a personal e-mail in addi-

Please continue reading in Party Radar III, providing
the invitation to the Flag '98.

Best regards,


Party Radar III

                        < PARTY RADAR III >
                   THE FRIENDSHIP OLYMPICS

Controlled  Dreams and Relentless, in association with
Crimson   Jihad,   with   invaluable   help   from  Liquid
Sounds,  Contract,  ABC  and  Coma  (C-64)  members
proudly present you the final invitation to FLaG '98 -
European  Demoscene  Meeting.  This textfile contains
most important information about the event.

Some crap about the party itself. It is the second time
FLaG  is  organized, first it happened July 1996. Then
it  became  the  largest  party  ever  in  Hungary, and
some  of  its records are still unmatched; for example
it  was  the  only  four-days  long  demoscene meeting
ever  in  Eastern  Europe,  etc.  FLaG '97 never took
place, we cancelled it, but now we resumed organizing

The exact date is and place is:

6th - 9th February 1998.
Hungary, Budapest, 1134 Tuzer utca 56/58.

So it is four days o'fun again. Hungarians, don't whine
about  school  and  worktime! Take a look at the time-
table  before  not  coming  because of reasons like "I
gotta  work  on  Mondays",  etc. The compos will begin
early in the evening on Saturday, and they will end at
around 21:00!
The party will be held in a large school building in Bu-
dapest,  Hungary.  Here  is  a brief guide to get there
by  the  local  public traffic. You can find a map in the
invitation  intro  and  at  the  FLaG  '98 homepage (its
address is at the end of this text).

First move your ass to Budapest. I guess most peop-
le  will arrive by train. There is a metro stop at every
railway  station.  If  you  arrive by plane, catch a bus
and that will take you to the metro. Get underground.
Check  which line it is: M1 (yellow line), M2 (red line) or
M3 (blue line). It is easy to find out which line you are
travelling, since the information tables on the red line
are  red, etc. You must take the blue line. All three li-
nes  are  junctioned  at the stop named 'Deak ter'. So
get  to  the  blue  line,  and  travel  to the stop named
'Lehel  ter'. Here climb upground, and take a ride with
the tram number 14. (Only number 14 is available, so it
won't  be a hard guess.) You must travel 3 stops. Get
off  at  the third one, and head left. There you'll see a
large,  blue  building,  with  a big FLaG banner hanging
on it. You have arrived.

First  of  all,  this  is  a  TRULY ELITE party. It's main
purpose  is  NOT to entertain lame kids playing Quake
all  the  days.  This is for real sceners only! We won't
advertise it on TV, in newspapers, etc. just to attract
lamers. Our goal is not to reach the 10000000 visitor
number,  and even not making piles of money this way.
We don't expect more than just the best of the scene.
The entry fee is relatively cheap:

750 HUNGARIAN FORINTS = 4 USD or 5 DM approx.

Not a big deal. This is all you need to pay, and nothing
else.  So  those  only  willing  to play during the entire
party  better  stay  home. But what will real cool guys
get for their money?

> First  of  all, the usual stuff. We'll have a projector,
  large  hi-fi  equipment, and such. We'll have a buffet,
  operating round the hour. We'll try to build and keep
  a  party  network alive. With Internet, ofcoz. It'll use
  OS/2  Warp  Connect;  thanks  go  to OS/2 Team for
  making  it  possible.  Another thanks fly to Matav for
  the ISDN.
> CD-ROM writing service will also operate.
> There   will   be  some  professional  presentations.
  These  will  include  "conventional" ones, when a guy
  comes, and tells about how kewl their products are.
  But  these  may  even  be interesting. Take a look at
  the timetable for details.
> The   first   night   -  Friday  -  will  be  a  so-called
  Coder-L  Nite.  This  means  we'll hold an open forum
  for  coders where they can meet and discuss about
  engines,  rotators  and  such  crap.  The  idea  came
  from TomCat/Abaddon (remember his 'Chrome' 4Ks),
  who'll  also  hold  a professional presentation about
  raytracing.  Maybe  even  some  software companies
  may pop up, looking for programmers to employ...
> We'll keep the sleeping area guaranteedly silent and
guaranteedly comfortable, thanks to the matrasses
from the PE room.
> There  will  be  a  place that guaranteedly will not be
  silent:  the rageroom for those arriving with a large
  audio.  There  they can turn on the afterburner for
  Prodigy!  Ofcoz  some  moderation  is  needed  after
> Every visitor will receive a free can of beer!
> The party is free for girls, although an entry ticket
  should be bought to vote.
> And of course we'll hold the regular compos.

PC  demo,  PC  64K  intro,  PC-Amiga  4K  intro, Amiga
demo,  Amiga 40K intro, C-64 demo, C-64 music, C-64
GFX,  Pixel  gfx, Wild GFX, Raytrace, Wild compo, Multi-
channel,  4  channel,  PSION  compo,  PHuN compo and
Graffiti compo

Let's see the rules. Ain't much.
8 megabytes. It mustn't be 100% animation, but shorter
anims  are accepted. It must stop when pressing Esc.
No writings on the hard disk.

64  kilobytes.  The  intro must not contain played ani-
mation.  It  must  stop when pressing Esc. Don't touch
the hard disk.

4  kilobytes,  PC  and Amiga will compete in one cathe-
gory.  The  intro must not contain played animation. It
must  stop  when  pressing  Esc. Don't touch the hard

The  rules  are  the  same  like in the PC demo cathe-

The rules are the same like in the PC 64K cathegory,
except that it is 40K.

Maximum  length: 4 disk sides. If running the demo re-
quires  user  interaction,  one  of the makers must be
present at the compo machine during playing.

No  remixes, stolen or digitized tunes. This compo will
be separated from the others.

C-64 GFX
We  only  accept  contributions  in executable format.
The  contribs  must not contain musics and/or visual
effects like scroll, etc. Don't scan.

Only 100% hand pixelled works! Photoshop, traces and
scans  will  be  kicked  real bad. The limit is 640x480,
256 colors.

Here   you   can   enter  with  any  QUALITY  picture,
drawing,  photo  montage made using Photoshop. We'll
only  display  real  artful  pics!  The  limit  is
800x600x16M. (This is the projector's mode limit.)

Guess  what.  Limit:  800x600x16M. Forget stolen ob-

Maybe  you  already noticed the absence of the lamer
compo.  This  is another wrong door to knock with la-
merdemos!  This  category is for raytraced anims, vi-
deoclips,  etc,  only  some  lame  Hungarians think it is
another  Firg-compo.  All three compo machines and a
VHS  VCR are available to play the contributions, plus
a special wildcompo machine, provided by Intel Hunga-
ry and Pixel Multimedia:
Pentium-II  233  MHz,  64  MB  RAM,  Matrox  Monster
3DFX,  GUS  PnP  16  MB. If you need any other hard-
ware, you should provide it.

Accepted  formats: MOD, IT, S3M, STM, XM, or anything
else Cubic Player can play. We will play 10 musics. This
compo will be separated from the others. No remixed,
stolen or fully digitized tunes.

Same  to  the multichannel compo, except for the num-
ber of channels. All modules will be played on PC.

Our main supporter is PSION Hungary Ltd. You know,
the guys with those cool little things, called palmtops,
featuring   a   RISC   chip  to  make  Internet  access
faster.  The  task is to write a quality demo about this
pocket  machine  or  other  PSION  product.  Just  to
avoid  misunderstandings:  THIS  MUST  BE A PC PRO-
PROGRAM,  NOT  A PSION ONE. It is worth to compete,
since  the  winner will receive a PSION machine worth
of  150,000 forints (apprx. 800 USD or 1100 DM) from
the  hands  of  a  PSION  representative! Information
about  PSION  products  - like pictures, etc. - can be
found  in  the  attachment  of  the invitation intro, but
you can also DL it from our homepage. You can freely
use any PSION product names and/or logos. The only
need for the demo that it must support Sound Blaster
and must be able to run from a Windows 95 DOS task.
We  said task, no need to run it in a window. It doesn't
need  to  be a realtime demo, it can even be an anima-

For the artists of the spraycan. Due to the great in-
terest  shown,  we  changed the rules. Any number of
contestants  may  enter  the compo, but we have cans
only  for  the  first five entrant. Other entrants must
bring  their own paints. Of course anyone may use his
own  cans,  even  beyond the given ones, and you can
also  use  your  own spraycaps. We have enough wall
for  everyone: a piece of rendered wall, approx. 4m x
5m  size  per skull will be given. The winner will be vo-
ted  by the audience. We will show the scanned photo-
graphs  of  each  work  on  the  projector during the
compos.  Contestants may enter the competiton as in-
dividuals or as a group.

Entrants already signed up:
Tyrant/Therapy^Resource,   Enok/Urinate^Chrome^
Label Zero, Blackdog/UiT and Xtro/Contract

Well,  all  we can say that it won't be another one from
that  boring  we-are-funny-haha  brand  of so-called
fun compos. This will be real 313373 PHuN...

The general rules for all compos:
> First  and  foremost, the most important: we will dis-
  qualify  nonserious  entries. We are bored of lamer-
> One  artist  or  group  may only enter with one pro-
  duction per category.
> You needn't be present personally to enter a compo,
  but  give us some way to send you the prize in case
  you win.
> No compo entry fee.
> Controlled  Dreams  and  Relentless will not enter to
  any   compo   as  a group, other organizers may not
  contribute as individual artists.
> If  we have any problem with your stuff, for example
  it  doesn't  run on the compo machine or so, we'll try
  to tell it to you. But we won't search the entire buil-
  ding  for  you,  so  it's better you don't to disappear
  before the compos. We will test all contributions.
> Disqualified  entries  will  not  be released after the
  compos.  This gives the author(s) to release it some
  other party later.
> If there is only one contribution in some category -
  or none at all -that competition will be cancelled. The
  single  entrant  will be asked whether to release his
  work or not.

We  don't  really agree with some fellow party organi-
zers,  who  provide  the latest PC equipment available
during  the  compos,  just  to  tell they had such cool
compo  machines.  We think a compo machine should be
a  computer  like  everyone  use.  So,  our  preferred
configurations are:

Intel  Pentium  180,  32 MB RAM, Tseng ET-6000 2 MB,
GUS Max 1 MB, MS-DOS 6.22, XMS.

A  1200, Blizzard 1200/60, 16 MB Fast RAM, 2 MB Chip

C-64  2  (grey  breadbox-type),  Action Replay MK7,
new SID, plain 1541-II.

Don't  think we can't get a P233MMX any time we want,
but we don't want. The Tseng ET-6000 is a sure thing
now,  so  prepare  to  use  VESA 2.0. Our projector's
display limit is 800x600x16M color. Warning, nonstan-
dard  resolutions  (eg.  350x480) may produce weird
picture. Please forget resolutions above 800x600 in
the art compos, we will not convert pictures.

Promising anything about prizing may end up in suck-
ing  bigtime,  so  we  promise  nothing  -  we won't give
neither  less  nor  more than at any other party. This
means  hardware, software and maybe some cash, all
around  3-400,000 forints worth, and - as we told in
the  pre-invitation  -  no  sofware-only  prizes will be
given.  But we can promise one thing for sure: we are
not  lamers,  and  won't  make ourselves ridiculous by
giving mousepads or Pascal handbooks...

Contributing  and  voting  are  simple.  You copy your
product  to  3.5"  disks.  Or  5.25"  ones, if you are a
64'er.  Warning,  we  won't  accept  anything  on  hard
disks!  CD-ROM  disks,  audio  and VHS cassettes are
accepted  in  the  wild  compo  only. Now you go to the
entrance.  There you grab a plastic bag and an entry
form.   You   fill   out   the  form.  There  will  be  some
questions  about  the  title  and  the  category  of the
contribution  on  it.  Fill  it  precisely!! And readable!!
Then  you insert the disks and the form into the bag.
Only  one  contribution  per  bag!  Sorry  if  you need
lotsa  disks,  but  this  is  the  only way not to mix the
stuff  up. You close the bag, and insert it into the box
standing nearby. You are done.
Entering  the  graffiti  compo requires finding Tomcat
before the deadline.

Voting  is  even  more  simple.  You  will  receive  your
voting  form  with  the ticket. It will be attached to the
ticket,  it  must  be  torn  off.  You  fill this during the
compos,  and insert into the voting box. Only one form
per skull! We'll keep an eye on this.

We  don't  organize  a  party  just  to  force  rules on
everyone.   This   means   nothing  is  forbidden  that
doesn't   make   any   problems.  Alcohol  and  smoking
aren't  forbidden,  but  please, if your smoke bothers
others,  don't  be  a  butt,  and  move away. And don't
mess with others drunken. If you vomit, you will clean
it up. That's all. Ah, btw. enjoying drugs is against the
Hungarian  laws.  Breaking  these  rules will end up in
breaking   your  face.  Don't  organize  a  nonofficial
graffiti  compo for yourself! All caused damage will be
subtracted  from  the  prizes.  You  should keep your
eye  on  your  stuff,  because  if anything disappears
from   your   equipment,   that's   your  problem.  In  a
lawyerlike  manner:  The  organizers  don't  take  any
responsibility  for  hardware,  software and anything
else brought to and/or used at the event.

This  is  the  planned timetable of FLaG '98, but this is
not final! Some new programmes may pop up, times may
change,  etc.  The  final timetable will be announced at
the party.

• 6th Febrary, Friday
 16:00 Opening
 21:00 Coder-L  Nite  opens, lasts until you get bored
         (may even begin sooner)

• 7th February, Saturday
 09:00 Borland  presentation:  The  future  of coding:
 12:00 Intel presentation: The next generation of
          CPUs: The Merced architecture
 14:00 PSION  presentation:  The  next  generation of
          palmtop machines
 15:00 Multichannel  compo  deadline,  4 channel compo
          deadline and C-64 music compo deadline
 16:00 IBM & OS/2 Team presentation: Java VisualAge
          under OS/2
 20:00 Multichannel  compo, 4 channel compo and C-64
          music compo
  21:00 Graffiti compo deadline
 22:00 Graffiti compo (will take place some 500 metres
          from the partyplace, so take a coat...)

• 8th February, Sunday
 12:00 Silicon   Graphics  presentation:  Professional
 14:00 313373 PHuN compo
 15:00 All compos deadline
 18:00 Compos start
 22:00 Approximate time of prizegiving

• 9th February, Monday
 10:00 Closing
 12:00 Killing people still in the building
 13:00 Bagging up bodies
 14:00 The organizers leave
 15:00 You got locked in the empty building alone...

FLaG  would  never happen without the following com-

4M  Computerbonto  Kft.,  Borland Magyarorsz, Deut-
sche   Messe   AG  Hannover,  DUFA  Paints  Hungary
Kft., IBM Magyarorszag Kft., Intel Magyarorszag Kft.,
Internetto,  Matav  Rt.,  Mikropo  Computer Kft., Pixel
Multimedia   Kft.,   PSION   Magyarorszag  Kft.,  Silicon
Graphics,  OS/2  Team, OS/2 News and Trans-Europe
Management Kft.

Some guys & girliez who made this event possible, and
without  whom  organizing  FLaG  would have been im-
Lord/KNG^CJ, Lay/CJ, TomCat/ABD, BLT/REL, Atko,
Jennifer 8 and Mo

I guess you already have the final FLaG invitation, but
if  you  need  a  spare  one,  call  one  of  our bulletin

The Next Generation - CD WHQ: (06-96) XXX-XXX
SceNet BBS                    (06-1) XXX-XXXX
Koala Land BBS                (06-23) XXX-XXX

Or hit the Internet:˜zotya   official homepage

If you have any questions, write to Tomcat/Controlled
E-mail : engineer
Snail  : Polgar Tamas, 1139 Budapest, Kartacs utca 7.

You  needn't reserve neither a table, nor a ticket, we
have  both  enough.  Come  all! We did serious work to
make  this  event  possible,  and give you a really re-
markable party.

Finally  you  have  reached  the  end  of this edition's
Party  Radar.  Hopefully you have found the informa-
tion you were looking for.

Best regards,



                             < NET GUIDE >
The  activity  on  the info highway is boasting and full
of  activity.  It offers unlimited options and millions of
addresses/URLs covering everything people are in-
terested in.

In  this  edition  we  have  had  a look on the following

                    > Chromance
                    > GoDot
                    > Mekka & Symposium 1998
                    > Padua

and we are providing the latest information about the
public CBM 64 scene mailing lists of

                    > Motiv 8
                    > Padua

Enjoy  this  trip and perhaps you will add one or ano-
ther of the introduced homepages to your hotlist.

• CHROMANCE (Lion/Chromance)

Chromance  is  an  old  and  established cracking and
demo  group  originating  from Hungary. After quite a
while  on  the Internet with their FTP-site "Gangsta's
Paradise"  they  have  finally  decided  to  go  with an
official homepage online, too.

The homepage project (provider: technical university
of  Budapest)  is  providing  moderate  access  rates
floating   from   1756   down  to  23  CPS  (chars  per
second)  and informs about everything that has to do
with   the   group   and   its  members.  The  document
CHROMANCE  provides  the  credits  for  the project.
NEWS   informs   about   the  latest  happenings  while
MEMBERS   is   providing   an   overview  and  further
information  about  the  current  of former members.
PRODUCTIONS   states   the   productions   made   by
Chromance,  in  fact  the  cracks  from  1997  and all
demos,  intros,  magazines  and utilities ever released
and  created  by the Hungarian pose. HEADQUARTERS
presents   the   current  headquarters,  boards  and
ftp-sites,    along    with    the    numbers/URLs,
classifications  and  c/g/ASCII  screens belonging to
the  headquarters.  GALLERY  is  a photo gallery with
quite a lot of photos and supporting text stating who,
what  and  where.  Finally  the  obligatory LINKS page
helps  to  nagivate  to  different  destinations  on the
data highway.

The homepage is quite nice designed with a lot of good
graphics  and  small  clip-arts,  on the other hand the
WIDTH  and  HEIGHT  settings  for the graphic images
haven't  been inserted so you can only get an overall
impression  of  each  document  when  all images have
been  loaded  in,  and  that  can  take  a  while  [minus
record  has  been  23 CPS]. With the width and height
preferences the document is displaying the document
in   the   same  expansion  as  with  completely  loaded
images  so  that  you can continue surfing without the
document  changing  sizes  with an every "new" image
depacked  and displayed. It's for sure worth a visit if
you have some more spare time left.

• GODOT (A. Dettke & W. Kling)

Who hasn't already heard about graphic conversation
set  GoDot,  propably  the most powerful graphic tool
ever   written   for   the   CBM 64?  GoDot  was  once
published  by Magna Media (64'er) and these days the
actual   versions   are   getting   distributed  by  PPE
(Performance  Peripherials  Europe)  in  Europe  and

The  homepage  project  (provider:  America  Online -
AOL)  is  offering  quite good access rates and gives
an  answer to almost all questions concerning GoDot,
with  lots  of illustrations in both German and English.
While   reviewing  we  took  the  German  version  into
consideration   offering   material   to   the   following
headlines.  HOWTOGODOT  is  based  on Arndt's article
series  written  for  64'er  but it is ofcourse updated
and polished for the data highway. GALLERY is almost
self-explaining  with  lots of examples converted from
the  authors  themselves  and  GoDot users as well as
links  to  any  other  interesting  homepages  offering
mainly    of    the    FLI    technique   based   formats.
64-COLOURS  is nothing else but detailed information
about  the  CBM  64  colours  and the correct palette
settings  GoDot  is  using while converting. SITE NEWS
is  an  overview  about  new  installed online features.
The  WORKSHOP  is  a  course  and  a must for all who
want to use GoDot up to the limits on the best possible
way.  ADVERTISEMENTS  provides  a  short  overview
about  the GoDot sales version, shareware packs and
other   useful   tools  supporting  the  GoDot  system.
Finally  the  obligatory  LINKS  page rounds up a nice
homepage presentation.

The overall design is based on the GoDot screen style
known from the CBM 64 package with lots of graphics
and illustrations to support the explaining text. After
reading the prepared texts everyone should be able
to use the GoDot package according to his needs. It's
functional and well explained, what to expect more?

• MEKKA & SYMPOSIUM 1998 (RawStyle/Lego)

Mekka  &  Symposium is for sure the most successfull
and  ambitious  demo  scene party series ever held in
Germany,  originating  out of the BlackBox-Symposium
and Mekka meetings to become a worthy challenger of
parties   like   The  Party  (Denmark),  The  Gathering
(Norway) or Assembly (Finland).

The  homepage  project  (provider:  NetGate  Matthias
Rojahn)   is  offering  quite  good  access  rates  and
gives    an    answer   to   almost   all   questions   the
interested    reader    might   have   about   Mekka   &
Symposium  1998,  the  famous  German  party series.
NEWS  is  dealing  with  the latest updates around the
party. GENERAL INFORMATION reflects practically all
information  known  from  the  latest  information text
file.  COMPETITION  is  giving  an  overview  about  all
competitions   that   take  place.  MISCELLANEOUS  is
storing    all    important    contact    addresses,   the
motiviation  of  arranging  a party series in Germany,
general   thoughts   about   the   demo  scene  by  the
organisers  of the Somewhere In Holland party series
and   background  information  about  the  history  of
Mekka & Symposium. GUESTBOOK is the place to share
the   opinions   about  the  project,  to  give  hints  or
complaints  to support the organisation. OUR CD-ROM
is  an  advert  for  the  MS  97 CD-rom containing all
releases  made  at  the  1997 event. RELEASES holds
text files and binaries about the party ready for d/l,
at  the  moment  that  are  text  files  and  the  Amiga
invitation  intro  in classical CBM 64 style created by
Raw Style. LINKS will finally store some URLs to other
party homepages.

The   design  of  the  homepage  is  quite  remarkable,
expect  for  a few photos showing the hall (inside and
outside)   and   the  big  screen  for  the  competition
presentations  next  to  the  Symposium  & Mekka logo
as   well   as    the   CD-Rom  cover  (1997)  no  other
graphics can be found. The great usage of tables and
playing  with  background  and  font  colors  makes it
worth  watching  even  if  you  are  not  interested  in
information about the party itself.

• PADUA (Anonym/Padua)

Next to Masters Design Group and Crest is Padua one
of  the oldest German demo groups still considered to
be  active  and has provided the scene lots of stylish

Once    having    connected   the   homepage   project
(provider:   Interactive   Networx)  is  offering  quite
acceptable  access  rates and brings along you want
to  know  about  Padua.  MENU  is  practically  a  table
where   you   can   choose   the  documents.  NEWS  is
providing the latest information regarding Padua and
its  members.  MEMBERS  is the actual and the all-time
memberstatus.  PICTURES  is  one  of those notorious
photo  galleries.  RELEASES  is providing an overview
about   all   Padua   releases   ever   made  with  even
further  information  such  as credits and backups in
multiple formats and archives. LISTS states all mailing
list  projects hosted by Padua. FAQ is giving answers
to  the  mailing  lists,  the  group Padua and the origin
next  to  further  theories about the name Padua. The
GUESTBOOK   is   the   place  to  visitors  to  sign  in,
obligatory in most homepages like the following LINKS
document,   too.  SEARCH  is  offering  a  few  search
engines regarding the CBM 64. CREDITS does honour
those   who   were   responsible  for  the  realisation.
INTERNAL  is  a  private  section  for Padua members
only as a login and password is requested.

Padua's  homepage is a quite nice Internet presenta-
tion.  Nice  designed, with a nice logo and good struc-
tures. Some more different graphics woul be fine.

                             [Mailing Lists]
After  the sudden death of Motiv 8 we investigated to
receive  further  information  about the future of the
mailing  list running under the Motiv 8 label. ICEBALL,
the   maintainer,  explained  to  Relax  Magazine   "The
mailinglist  WILL continue in the future. But if whether
it  will  be  run  under a groupname or not is yet to be
If you are not on the list yet you can easily subscribe
by     sending     a     blank    e-mail    to
[c64list-subscribe]  to get immidiately
validated by the robot.

Padua's   mailing   list   [c64]   is   actually  the  most
frequently used public scene mailing list even if Motiv
8's   has   on   paper   much  more  subscribers.  The
activity just speaked clear words during the past few
weeks  so  that even some persons unsubscribed due
to the flood of e-mails arriving each day. Actually the
activity  on [c64-waf] caring about the demo project
"We Are Family" slowed down a little bit. For magazine
editors   and  other  interested  persons  Padua  has
opened  a third public list providing information about
the  latest  happenings  in  Padua. Just send a mail to
[update-request]  stating  SUBSCRIBE  in
the  body  to  notice  all  about  the  latest movements
going on in PADUA.

If you are interested in further information about the
different   mailing   lists   hosted  by  Padua  you  can
communicate      with     the     responsible     program
"Majordomo".   Just   send   a   list   to   the  following
address   [majordomo]   with   one  of  the
following commands in the body:

• help
and Majordomo replies further and useful information

• lists
and you receive information about the lists offered

is stating further information about the list

• subscribe LISTNAME
your application to get registered for the mailing list

• unsubscribe LISTNAME
if you want to leave the list

If  you  are  a validated user any of the lists you can
contribute by sending mail to [LISTNAME].

Please  always  replace listname with either C64, WAF
or UPDATE, depending on what list you are
interested in.

That  has  been  our  journey to the data highway for
this edition.

Best regards,


Open Letter

                           < OPEN LETTER >
Open  Letter is our quite unregular presented reac-
tions chapter which has been published whenever in-
teresting  reactions  have  reached  our  mailbox   or
mail folder.

This time COUNT ZERO, member of Success & The Ru-
ling  Company and colleague in the Propaganda staff,
decided  to  share his opinion in form of a reaction to
to our work in Relax Magazine 22, to be more precise
to  the  highly  appreaciated  chapter  series "Games
People  Play".  Andreas  kindly  took  the opportunity
and continued the saga.

 Games People Play IV - A short longlasting reaction
First  of  all,  let  me  tell  you  that  I  really  enjoyed
reading  RELAX  #22  ...  Most  of the text reflected a
modest atmosphere which makes people like me conti-
nue reading. Good work! Keep it up!

Now  for  a  little  reaction concerning "Games People
Play".  I simply HAVE TO comment and this must be the
first time in ages I actually comment to a magazine. My
name was mentioned THAT often, I simply have to ...

I  just  want  to  explain  the  basics  along  with some
comments  which  come  to  my  mind.  Ofcourse this is
also  meant  as  a  'THANK YOU' for regarding me as a
person  having  a good reputation cracking and fixing
wise ...

Basically  when  I  check  a  game  I  make  up  my own
opinion  about  the  release.  Pointwise,  cracking and
fixingwise...  I  actually  try to be objective and check
the  code of the crackers and fixers aswell as every
other good reviewer should do.

Now  a  couple  of  games  have been mentioned in the
chapter which I would like to comment aswell. First of
all  MYSTERY.  Even IF some people for some strange
reason  found  bugs  on  the initial release, there was
nobody actually be able to specify memory addresses
or  anything  else.  As said in the chapter it should be
normal  for  a  100%  version  to state the bugs which
got  removed.  Especially  on  a release like MYSTERY
memory addresses are NEEDED.

LEMMINGS  from  AFL  was  fun  back  then.  The mail
version  was  the best re-crack I ever saw and made
Skinhead   look   REALLY  dumb.  Meanwhile  different
sources  have agreed with me. Strange they didn't do
so back in 93 (was it 93 ???).

I  simply  have  to agree with Newscopy on one thing:
There are always 2 sides of the story. That's common
for  the  scene  and for life aswell. We all should have
caught  that  point by now, as most of the people still
hanging  around  in  the  scene are old enough to get

THE  CASTLE released by Onslaught was a very inte-
resting  case  aswell.  This  was the FIRST TIME in MY
scene  career  (?) that I heard of a game of which NO
original existed anymore inside of a group. I got back
to several people mentioned by Jazzcat to me in email
and nobody still had that game.
So whenever a fix on a game IS necessary and I fix it
in  a  way  that  it works on PAL and NTSC without the
need  of  a  checker  I  surely  keep  the  original for
further proof if needed.
Sentences  like:  'The  original is 6 sides!', I still don't
believe. Maybe with an extended block availability map
fill function that game can grow to 6 disc sides, but it
definately wasn't that way. The way Onslaught tried to
proof  it,  was  uploading  the  translated  but unfixed
mainfile to the boards. Still not enough proof to me as
ANY  fixer  can  make a game he fixed also look like it
needed  a  fix.  Furthermore  stupid  DODGER deleted
the  file  without  forwarding it to me. Strange enough
that Onslaught wasn't able to mail it to me.

As  said before I make up my opinion about the points
a  release  deserves  by checking it a little closer. IF
there  are facts which I wasn't aware of I usually get
back to the guys who did the release and try to clear
out  things.  Incase  problems still don't get solve this
way,  I  stick  to  what  I made up before. Afterall it is
obvious  that  the  group  doesn't  care  at  all. If new
facts  arise  which  are  trusty and not obvious point
hunting I ofcourse recapitulate my opinion.

After  all I am writing a chapter which people can use
as  check up aswell. Everybody doing crap stuff gets
punished.  No  matter  if  it's F4CG, AFL 1970 or even
SCS•TRC.  I even punish myself for stupid things I did
(see:  Propaganda  #24).  We  are  all  humans  and DO
mistakes  from  time  to time, but if people try to make
wrong  things  look  correct  by  CRYING  as LOUD as
possible  so  that all criticism goes down under, that's
pure stupidity. Yeah ... I actually MEAN ONSLAUGHT.
They   are   ragging   me  on  the  boards  by  exactly
knowing  that  I  will  not  call  in  the near future, but
hardly  dare  to check into Second To None or Span-
kerz Heaven, where I am a regular.
Even   the   beloved   IRC  conversations,  which  ARE
available  to the ONS release responsibles seem to be
feared by them. It's impossible most of the time to talk
facts with people that cry THAT loud.

Nevertheless,  Propaganda's list will continue the way
it  is  now  and  along  with  the  majority of magazines
people  SHOULD  see  that we stick to our own rules,
unlike Vandalism News.
Have  YOU  ever  heard  of  2  groups sharing points
when   there   are  2  PAL/NTSC  releases  by  these
groups???  I  NEVER  did...  "PLASM"  and   Vandalism
News  was  the BEST LAUGH in a long time, right after
"RUNDES  LEDER"  which  most definately IS compiled
Basic  and  still  gets points on beloved Jazzcat's list
(and Jazzcat's list of releases that will gain NO points
due  to  having been done in a game maker, Basic, etc.
is DAMN long ..).

Does   that   show   objectivity?  Are  the  rules  still
up-to-date? Is Jazzcat a competent reviewer???

Things  never  to  be  answered  by  me,  but  by   the
objective reader.

Count Zero/TRC¤SCS/Propaganda Staff
10th November 1997
e-Mail: count0

The   opinion   stated   above  does  NOT  necessarily
reflect the opinion of the Propaganda Staff. Current
events were taken into consideration when making up
my  own  opinion,  which  was  in  no way influenced by
Aliens or AustraliEns.

Count Zero is a trademark of The Ruling Company and
Success Spank Enterprises, 1997
All Rights Reserved.

Thank  you  very much, Andreas, for the reaction and
sharing  your  points  with  us. We have to agree that
some  people  will never learn to behave according to
the  rules,  accepting  them  seems  to  be  one of the
difficulties people are facing when they intent to take
over the charts by storm.

In  what  kind  of world are we living when a CORRUPT
but  a  few  blocks  shorter crack is higher regarded
than a WORKING one?
In  what  world  are we living to read in Domination #10
that  Onslaught  did  NOT  receive  points for "Cannon
Craze"  while  already in Relax Magazine #22's yearly
releases,  released  exactly  three  months  ago,  the
release "Cannon Craze" (fix, 4.8 points) can be found
as  an  Onslaught  release? Just load in the magazine
on  your CBM 64 or visit Relax Online in order to find
a  correct  calculated version where minor mathema-
tical problems have been fixed.
In  what world are we living when rules say Basic ga-
mes  don't  receive points but Basic games containing
machine language elements get awarded with points?

It's indeed a quite strange world, or should we better
say  over  the past few years it has become a rather
twisted  world?  It  is definately NO question anymore
WHAT  production  has  LOST  the  faith  of the board

Like  said  before,  when  other  sources  using their
publication for personal/group propaganda we will be
there,  uncovering  weak  offenses  made without any
basis.  NOT  to  show  off  like  some may think, NOT to
defend  ourselves  like  others  love  to  claim, NOT to
attend  to  personal  interests  but simply because of
the   vision   of  a  reliable  and  objective  publication
presenting  FACTS instead of fantasies, a service we
are providing our readers exclusively.

Right   fitting   to  the  previous  paragraph  we  have
received e-mail from DERBYSHIRE RAM, who was very
surprised   to   find  an  EXTENDED  and  INCORRECT
reflection of his statement made to the question "What
do you think about point hunting?".

Hi Timo,

Well    I    just   read   the   chapter   'ATTENTION'   in
'Domination',  what  can  I  say?!  For a start, the only
question  I was asked by 'Jazzdump' was quote "What
is   your   opinion   of  point  hunting",  and  there  my
opinion is in black and white.

They  have  really  glossed this one over to suit their
needs,  even  the  point hunting  is  not  as  true as I
wrote  it,  I  do  not  deny  for one moment what I said
about   'Samber'   and   'Ice   Guyz'   because   it  was
perfectly  true, neither the 'AFL' version of 'Samber'
or  the  'F4CG'  version of 'Ice Guyz' were 100%, that
was plain for anyone to see.
I  did  say  also that 'Relax' was 'AFL' motivated, but I
said  the  same  about  'Propaganda',  'Domination' and
'Vandalism  News'  but  these  were  never  mentioned
either.  Currently  I am awaiting a reply to an e-mail I
sent to Jazzcat a short while ago, I want to know why
he  has  linked  together topics spanning a five to six
year   period,   because   most   of   those   personal
comments  made  about  you  personally in that article
are the words of 'Vengeance' in the main.

I  am still trying to come to terms with the collation of
that  article,  a  lot  of  this came out in discussion on
the  phone with Matt, and he has not called me now for
well  over  a  year,  if not longer, he boasted that you
had  been  taken 'for a ride' by him even before then,
but  what  puzzles  me more is the fact that 'Jazzcat'
gets all that text from one question he asked me back
in September, and that was purely asking my views on
'Point  Snatching',  you  saw  my answer to that in one
paragraph, and I still stick by what I personally think.

Everything else is TWISTED round, words, sentences,
even  paragraphs  to  suit their cause. I also told him
that  editor(s)  had  a right to their own opinions, like
he  does,  but  this  never  appeared  in  print. All the
other  topics  are  years  old,  history,  I did add in a
totally  seperate  paragraph  that  your  opinions  of
'Vengeance'  and  'Jazzcat' were not very high due to
past performances, and maybe this was, only MAYBE,
the reason you were eventually venting your feelings
towards  them. They have known for years that there
has    been    bitterness   between   'Vengeance'   and
yourself, and I stressed that a lot of this information
came from Matt himself, which again did NOT appear in

Those  are  my  feelings,  I  DO  NOT  LIKE  MY WORDS
TWISTED, but I will do no more about it, I will accept all
the  flak  and aggro I get, I am sorry but I just feel I
want  to  break  from  all  the  CHILDISH  part  of the
scene,  as  I  said,  I  am  sick to the eyes with 'points
systems',  I  do  not give a toss if something does not
work  on  US  64's,  that  is their problem, my problem
now is to face the music and the flak.

If  there  is  anything  else  in  there offensive, well I
apologise, but it will be THE LAST TIME I DO ANYTHING
FOR 'ONSLAUGHT' EVER, even the UK scene news.


Thank you, Barry, for this notification. We decided to
let  things rest now because it's a total waste of time
and  energy  to start a conversation with an indivual
that  manipulates  and  publishes  statements made by
other   persons.   It   definately   shows  a  lot  about
RELIABILITY  and  OBJECTIVITY.  How low can people
go  for  a questionable reputation? We don't think this
is  the  end  but  only the peak of an iceberg standing
for  all  what is known about Jazzcat so far. Is there
any    more   fitting   example   proving   how   certain
so-called  editors  are ABUSING their magazines as a
WEAPON? No, definaltely not!

Those   guys  loving  to  play  games  have  had  their
appearance  in  Relax  Magazine 22. We are not willing
to  WASTE more expensive memory on happenings like
those we refered to. The sense is missing when those
so-called    editors    are   MANIPULATING   or   even
CREATING   reactions   using   handles   belonging  to
other,  non-involved  persons.  Some  time  ago we all
were allowed to read something about a concrete wall.
We   were   allowed   to   read   that  the  competitors
stopped  reading our publication but steadily critized
an  every  single paragraph to be found in the actual
editions.  How  is it possible when it hasn't been read?
Some  people  hopefully  might  start  WONDERING and
THINKING  about  these  rather  QUESTIONABLE  me-
thods  in order to find and SEE the truth. Fairy tales
can  be  found  in  other  scene  magazines.  So  much
about  it  as  WE  are  interested  in letting this affair
REST  since  WE  are  NOT playing those games. Unlike
others we can provide facts.

The  following  reaction  from  G/Role would be one of
the role models for a release charts FAQ (frequently
asked questions) catalogue.

...  you  had  only "Terminus 2 preview" in the release
charts  for  Role  &  WOW.  I know Role & WOW isn't the
greatest  cracking  group  but  we  bring also a lot of
other  games,  too,  like "Squares" and so. If you want
I'll  send  our  monthly  crax so that you can review a
little more of us ...

Dear G,

The  sense  of  release  charts is to report about the
FIRST RELEASES made by the competition groups and
definately  NOT  about all cracks a group provided. If
you are not familar with the release charts rules you
will find them quite detailed and easy to understand in
our release charts chapter.
However, our new chapter(s) called "THE BEST" have
exactly  the  function  you  considered of our release
charts  chapter.  If you'd like to support us with your
releases  any  help  is appreciated, so please contact
the  responsible  editors  (CALEDONIAN  and  DERBY-
SHIRE RAM) to make sure that all Role & WOW releases
will be taken into consideration.

Finally  there  is  an interesting reaction from EROL/
HITMEN which shows how fast rumours can run out of

... I expect a comment about Relax being a RACIST ma-
gazine.  I  always  thought  that Relax is a really cool
mag and my personal favourite...

Dear Erol,

we  originally  did not intend to remark it since that is
really  out  of  content.  Just take the Relax Magazine
editions  and  look  out any content supporting racism
or  facism.  You  won't  find any indecent political con-
tent  since it does NOT find into a scene magazine due
to our philosophy. Furthermore it is NOT known to the
management  that  any actual Relax Magazine editor is
supporting  poticial  extremists  or right-winged par-

Getting  doubts  because of claims without any back-
ground  made  by  lamers looking for attention is okay
but  we  think  that the reader show start looking out
for  the happenings to see what is going on instead of
blindly  believing  in  anything  what  can  be  found  in
those questionable yellow press afflicted magazines.

Well,  that  should  be  all  for  this  edition. Hope some
individuals found the answers they were looking for.

Best regards,



                        < ADVERTISEMENTS >
Welcome  to  the  area  of  advertisements where you
get  the  chance  to  offer  the  rest  of the world the
possibility   to  either  contact  you  as  a  trader  or
just  to  place  a  request through us.

To  see  your advertisement in this chapter you HAVE
to  fill  one  of  our  VOTESHEETS,  to use our VOTING
BOOTH or our ONLINE VOTER.  Your advertisement
can be found in the binary version and on RELAX ON-
LINE, our quite popular homepage project.
In case too much advertisements have approached us
we  feel  free  to  cut  the supporting text in order to
present as much addresses as possible.

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If  you have submitted an advertisement and you have
NOT  found  it  in  this  edition it might have been deli-
vered  after the deadline or the memory has been al-
ready  filled to the limits. As we do NOT intend to pre-
sent  multiple  advertisement  chapters in just one is-
sue  we will MAKE SURE that your advertisements will
be included in the forthcoming edition.

Best Regards

Violator/ALPHA FLIGHT 1970

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