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                           * Editorial *
The  9th issue of the RELAX magazine was brought to
you once again by Bad Bytes Entertainment Software.
in  order  to  guarantee an acceptable support of in-
formation for your personal amusement.

It  was  amusing  to  read  the releases of our concu-
rence which announced that the RELAX won't be pub-
lished  again and that we would merge with the old and
well  respected magazines CORRUPTION and MAMBA, a
plan  which  was skipped in the early days of January
1995  and  was  already rejected at the major boards
in  the United States and with the release of our pre-
vious  MARCH issue, an issue which seems to be igno-
red  by  the  well  informed  authors  when  they have
edited  and  released  their  magazines  partly  weeks
after  the  appearance  of  our production. About the
reliability of news and rumours we would like to quote a
good   friend  and  contact,  Derbyshire  Ram/Avant-
garde:  "Mags  can  make  friends  and enemies. It de-
pends  how  you read them or how much you are pre-
pared  to  believe.  I  even  take 'news' very lightly at
first until I am sure it is not just speculation."
A  lot  of  magazines just copy their 'news' from other
competitors or from votesheets news which were co-
pied from the above mentioned source believing in the
fact that the content might hit the truth, atlast a little
bit.  During  the  last  weeks once again it was proved
that  this  policy  is responsible for a lot of mistakes,
mistakes  which  can  not  be  detected by uninformed
persons who depend to the news support from maga-
zines  and  who  believe in the written text. Implanting
personal  comments  are maybe funny or entertaining
but  not the job of a news chapter in a serious maga-
zine.  INFORMATION  not MANIPULATION is the correct
way to serve the readers, therefore we observe our
sources  supporting  various  facts  and later on the
information twice or even trice in order to be able to
care  about  our  content.  For  sure we also try our
very  best to present an acceptable style and langu-
age  keeping  in  mind  that most of the staff have left
the  school  ago  years  so they do not have too much
sparetime  left  and edit their columns in a real hurry
regarding   the   deadline  and  the  mass  of  regular
scene jobs they are involved in. We all try our best to
avoid  spelling or to be more precise typing errors, a
problem  that  occurs  when  you  really  have no time
left  due  to  several  reasons. We improved here and
hoping to see those pleased who started to complain.

The  scene is still alive and dropped partly back to an
old  and  partly  forgetten period of the glory CBM 64
days  with the appearence of a person re-starting to
format the boards in the states. Furthermore we had
our eyes on the discussions, wars and struggles ma-
king  the  scene interesting these days. It is needless
to  say  that  we  prefer to take an objective position
whether  if  our  reporters/editors  are  involved or
not  as  a  magazine should not be a forum for perso-
nal opinions but an informative and independent media
offering  facts for those who are interested in read-
ing  what  is  going  on these days. The basic idea of a
magazine is to take the place of a newspaper or to be
more precise, a serious newspaper, collectiong all in-
teresting  facts  and  happenings that occured in the
period  between  the  release  of  the  actual  and the
previous  issue.  The charts should be taken as some
kind of mirror for the activity and the skills of active
persons  which  keep the scene alive these days. The
advertisement  chapters  are  quite useful for people
who  have  a major interest to get in touch with other
people  spending  their sparetime with the media com-
ter  or  to be more precise with the beloved CBM 64.
In  various conferences the main editors agreed that
it  is more important to present proved facts instead
of blowing up the text amount with uninteresting text,
therefore  we  prefer  a system with a limited amount
of  chapters  and  text  offering  as much interesting
texts  and  information  as  possible.  This  is what we
stand  for  and  offer,  but  it is up to an every single
person  to  choose  his/her favourite style of editing
magazines  as  our  intention is definately not to bore
the  scene-related  audience. It is the bright mass of
different  magazines  that  guarantes  a proper flood
of information, a situation that could change radically
with  monopoles  or  various magazines released by a
group  in  order to be a propaganda media instead of
an independent review on what is going on today. This
is  our  very  own  service  for the scene, a combina-
tion  of skills collected in a long scene-career. We al-
ready  competed  in 1989 and continue our quest still
in  1995.  The  third  issue after our comeback in No-
vember  1994  is supposed to be some kind of special
issue with masses of information you used to like du-
ring the past few months and maybe years if you had
the pleasure to read this magazine in late 1989 and in
early 1990 aswell.

We  would  like to say thank you for the news support
to  Spectator/SCS&TRC,  Intruder/Avt, Graham/Oxy-
ron  and  the entire group Alpha Flight who supplied a
lot  of  facts,  information  and  delivered  them conti-
nously  all  over  the  previous weeks and weeks bet-
ween the release of the March and of the April issue.
This months content looks like:
GLOBAL  REPORT  is,  like usual, having a critical look
at  the  happenings  in  the scene or if you prefer, at
the news and rumours
RELEASE  CHARTS  are,  as usual, a record of all the
first  releases  which  have  been  uploaded by all the
various   cracking   groups   at  the  american  major
boards,  edited  by  the Masters Of Law, like they use
to call themselves.
BOARD  CHARTS,  collected  once  again on the voting
booths  on  the  RELAX  supporting boards in Europe
and the United States.
MAIL  CHARTS are a proper combination of the so far
rarely  spread  RELAX  votesheets combined as mega
charts  with  the  various lists out of the concurence
magazines spread around these days.
INTERVIEW  will  bring a spotlight on an old legend and
one  of  the  most hated persons around: LAGERFELD
or  if  you  prefer  one  of his former handles, RADAR
and ROY.
BACK TO THE ROOTS beams you back to the more glo-
rious   days  of  the  scene  when  the  Venlo-Meeting
still was something special, not a boring Kindergarten
like it is these days.

If  you  have  any  reasons  to get in contact with the
editorial  staff  of  the  RELAX, grap a pen and paper
to note the following mail and e-mail addresses, in or-
der to submit your votes, news and rumours, any kind
of reactions or atleast your address(es)/advertise-
ment(s). Feel invited to get in touch with us via:


THE EVIL ISLAND (acc. 4)         ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
THE ESCAPADE (acc. 63)           ++XX/XXXX-XXXXXX
(accounts belong to: MARC/ALPHA FLIGHT 1970)

The  well deserved credits for this issue, released at
the  X-95  party  in Utrecht, arranged by FOCUS and
SUCCESS  &  THE  RULING COMPANY, must be given to
the following worthy people:
Programming                             Leeway/Afl, Skid Row
Additional work, linking                Marc/Afl, RRR/Oxy
Magazine Artwork                        Skid Row, RRR/Oxy
Magazine Soundtrack                     Arne/Afl
Magazine Main Editors                   Marc/Afl, Max/Afl, RRR/Oxy
Magazine co-editor                      Deff/Avt

For  the  next  issue  we are able to announce a very
new  outfit  which  was  planned, worked out and ham-
mered  into  perfection  by Fuben/Oxyron. This is for
sure the very last issue using this outfit, an outfit we
accepted  and a lot of people disliked. By judging ma-
gazine  people  should ever keep in mind that the text
should be the topic to talk about even if we think that
this  outfit  had an acceptable standart. All those who
did  not  accept  this  one  might  be satisfied with the
next  one  and for sure we expect some critical views
on  the  next  one,  too, but there might be no version
that will please everyone around in the scene, a sen-
tence we add to Murphy's computer laws.

Enjoy this issue and be patient for the next one since
we  already  started  to collect more news, topics and
advertisements  in  order  to please you in the future
on  the  same  or maybe at a more advanced standart
as we used to deliver all over the last few issues.

Best regards,

Global Report I

                        * Global Report *
Again  we  have  been  returning to publish the latest
CBM 64 scene gossip here.

We  have  checked  up  most of the news and rumours
very carefully in order to avoid false information for
our  dear  readers so we accepted only reliable per-
sons  as worthy informers for this chapter. Since we
are  only  human creatures aswell it might be possible
that  we  did some mistakes even we tried our best to
avoid  them.  If  you  have  found some we really would
appreciate it to see you informing us about our failu-
res at the well known address stated somewhere else
in this magazine.
                    * Hardcore & Onslaught *
On  their  seek  to  become one of the biggest groups
ever  in the CBM 64 history Onslaught enlarged their
memberlist once again, not only while adding new mem-
bers because they allied with the german based crew
At  first  Stake/ex-Chromance  joined  in  as original
supplier,  cracker  and  modem  trader. To guarantee
a  flood  of  Onslaught  warez  for  the mailscene they
were  successful  to add two mega-swappers to their
status.  At first Arthur/ex-Fun Factory joined in and
renamed to Balance. Later on KBS/ex-Regina agreed
to  be  listened in the Onslaught status, too, aswell as
Authentic who left Excess for them. Marcus and Jay-
ce/ex-Hardcore,  alias  The  Ministry,  are said to be
regular  members  of the fleet, too. From New Zealand
The Hegg found his way to this group and joined in as
second group.
The battle around the membership of Eliminator seems
to  be drawn now since Eliminator is a member of both
groups,  Avantgarde  and Onslaught. SMD already ex-
plained that Onslaught is his second group only so he
is  a  member of both groups, Atlantis and Onslaught.
The Ignorance decided to leave Onslaught in order to
join  Alpha  Flight 1970. Deathlok decided to follow the
trend and joined the forces of F4CG.
Finally  there  was  an  official declaration that Count
Zero is no member of Onslaught (we already reported
about  it in Issue 08) but a member of Fairlight on the
Super Nintendo Entertainment System.
Hardcore  recruited  Rage  and Volunteer, both mem-
bers on trial in Fairlight.

Current HC & ONS memberstatus looks like: (= 39)
Authentic,  B-Wyze,  Balance,  Bizarre,  Blockbuster,
Chotaire,  Chrysagon, Communist, Deekay, Eliminator,
God,  Heavyhead,  Homebody, Insane, Jayce, Jazzcat,
KBS,  Majesty,  Marcus, Morbid, Protheus, Rage, Rami-
rez,  Rap,  Raver,  Raze, Shades, Shocker, Shuriken,
SMD,  Sphere, Stake, Steel, The Hegg, Upbeat, Venge-
ance, Volunteer and Xentor.

HC & ONS worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
DOWN BY LAW                             ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
PIRATE ISLAND                           ++XX/XXX-XXXXX
WESTPOINT                               ++XX/XXXX/XXXX

                        * Alpha Flight 1970 *
Once  again  Afl  is  responsible  for  some  important
headlines  these days. At first they were successfull
in  recruiting one of the best crackers around these
days,  to be  more  precise  The Ignorance who finally
landed  in  Afl  after  the odyssey throught Dytec and
Onslaught at the beginning of the year.
Atleast  a  lot  of  magazines  tried  to persuade their
readers  that  this  group  is  in a crisis, a fact which
can not be confirmed due to their REGULAR presence
at  the  US  boards and the flood of quality warez re-
leased under their label.
Finally,   after  moving  houses,  Mutant-X  is  back  in
business  after  some  weeks of disappearance and a
familar  face  found  the  way home with Skinhead who
returned  from his short trip to Avantgarde. Afl goes
UK  with a new british member called Shuze/ex-Chro-
mance  who  booked  a ticket for the flight. High in the
fix for the inhabitants of the alpha galaxy. High in the
northern  part of Europe called Norway Zapotek/ex-
Atlantis was recruited a megaswapper, too.
Skid  Row,  the  second Alpha Flight member returning
from   his  trip  to  Avantgarde,  decided  to  quit  the
scene  once  again.  Murphy  decided to have a break
from  the  scene  to  work  on his Techno DJ career.
Lemming  run out of money and can't afford to recon-
tact his old contacts. Secret Man and Leeway actual-
ly  have sparetime problems due to their jobs and the
neccessary  education  and  a  lack of motivation. All
above  mentioned  four  group members still belong to
the group but won't appear in the official membersta-
tus  as  long  as  they finally return to continue their
work  and  announce their comeback. Leeway left the
scene  in  order to seek for new horizons at the PC.
Peacemaker,  Curlin,  Vortex  and Racoon will quit the
scene  after  the X-95 party. Mystical Paradize went
already down!

Current Afl memberstatus looks like: (=16)
Agressor, Ancient Mariner, Arne, Calypso, Ignorance,
Marc,  Max,  Mutant  X,  Pol  Pot,  Ream,  Shuze,  Skin-
head, Stash, Styx, Xenox and Zapotek

Afl worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
THE EVIL ISLAND                     ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
ESCAPADE                            ++XX/XXXX-XXXXXX

                               * Motiv 8 *
After  a  lot  of members left this group for different
reasons  this  time  Motiv  8  can proudly annouce the
appearance of Mizar/ex-GP, ex-Empire in their mem-
berlist.  His  board  "INTERTRADE"  will be the Motiv 8
worldheadquarter in the future. Iceball returned from
Fairlight  to become active for Motiv 8 again after his
"on trial" membership in the old legend.
It  seems that their israelian swapper Daniel has been
kicked out due to his lazyness and inactivity.

Current Motiv 8 memberstatus looks like: (= 12)
Bird,  Clive,  Crossfire,  Eddie, Grego, Ibanez, Iceball,
Mason, Merlin, Mizar, Natas and TG-Acme
Motiv 8 worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
INTERTRADE:                                ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
MOUNT OLYMPUS                              ++XX/XXXX-XXXX

             * Success & The Ruling Company *
Around one year ago a lot of CBM 64 boards got for-
matted  by  an "unknown" person. Atleast this person
seems  to back in business or another person immita-
tes  those  notorious  deeds.  His  first  and hopefully
last  target  was the SCS&TRC and DEMONIX whq "THE
Based  on  school problems Titanic was forced to re-
duce  the  amount of his contacts down to 30 so he is
only trading with his closest friends at the moment.

Current SCS&TRC memberstatus looks like: (= 25)
Action   Jackson,  Alchemist,  Burglar,  Cavron,  CBA,
Coolhand,  Credo,  Dannie,  Def  Beat, Jity, JRC, Lord
Crucifier,  Micron,  Moren,  Mystery,  Nightshade, Re-
play,  RMC, Sailor, Skarabee, Sliver, Spectator, Splat-
terhead, Titanic and Trax
SCS & TRC worldheaquarter(s)/board(s):
THE DUNGEON                               ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
STATE OF THE ART                          ++XX/XXXX-XXXXX
THE LOST EMPIRE                           ++XX/XXXX-XXXXX

                 * Fantastic 4 Craking Group *
H-Bloxx  decided to jump once again. After he left his
group F4CG for TRSI he returned to re-join them af-
ter some days. These days he left for Excess.
With  SCOPE  being killed in a traffic accident another
member  has  left  the fantastic "four", a person well
known  for  his great effort for PROPAGANDA and his
graphics  serial  called  PROPAGRAPH.  In his work we
will take him in memorial. For those who are interes-
ted in more bloody details he felt infront of a subway
(or for these few who prefer British English: Under-
Deathlok,  who  already  installed  some  800 toll free
numbers  for  a few worthy european boards, left the
australian  based  group  Onslaught to become active
for  the  fantastics. Furthermore they announced the
membership of a so far unknown fixer called Cerebus,
but  some rumours pretend that his origin is downun-
der.  Time  will  tell, as usual, and offer more informa-
tion.  Cyborg,  sysop  of  Dreampark  (F4CG,  Avt and
Propaganda  headquarter)  and wellknown for his ap-
plications  and  updates of CBM 64 terminal program-
mes, decided to enlarge their memberlist aswell.
Current F4CG memberstatus looks like: (= 19)
Bitman, Cerebus, Deathlok, Fen 1, Hain, Idol, King, Maja,
Morris, Motley, Mr. Alpha, Neotec, Newscopy, Playboy,
Sneaper, Solar, Spark, Walker and Zirco

F4CG wordheadquarter(s)/board(s): 
DREAMPARK                                  ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX

                             * Oxyron *
No  month  without  new rumours and scandals around
Oxyron.  Fact  is  that  RRR was not kicked out of the
group  like  certain  other  magazines  stated and the
updated information reverses the fact that the group
seems to be dead and out of members!
In  order  to  enlarge  the  memberlist a talented pro-
grammer  called Fuben/ex-Chromance (demo section)
joined  in  and  further  demonstrations called PARTS 
on  the CBM 64 and TEMPLE OF DECEASE on the Ami-
ga will be released at the end of April 1995. Further-
more  a  second demo for the CBM will be coming, con-
taining routines from Axis, Fuben and Graham.

Current Oxyron memberstatus looks like: (= 8)
Asmodis,  Axis,  Fuben,  Graham,  PRI,  RRR,  Scrapper
and TTS

                            * Avantgarde *
A  lot  of  decent releases hit the boards worldwide in
order  to  prove  that  Avantgarde  still  is one of the
competitors for the number one spot.
Skinhead, and Skid Row who does not even own a CBM
64  anymore  as  he  sold his equipment, went home to
re-join  ALPHA  FLIGHT  1970, their  home  and origin
before they left for Avantgarde.
Insider  information reports that all inactive members
are blacklisted and removed from the memberlist.

Current AVT memberstatus looks like: (= 11)
Decilion, Deff, Derbyshire Ram, Eliminator, Freestyle,
Intruder,  Jack  Alien,  Jack  Daniels,  Suicide,  Thorn
and Tricom

AVT worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
DREAMPARK                                  ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX

                    * Megastyle Productions *
The old legendary demo group Megastyle Productions
(MSP) formerly known as Megastyle Incorporated re-
turned.  They already released their comeback demo,
a  demo  in  the  Kalle  Kloakk series, and promised to
work on further productions.
Sparkler, their main graphic artist, is working for the
console  game  company FUNCOM Production like most
of the norwegian amiga demo scene, too.

Current MSP memberstatus looks like: (= 6)
Brooz,   Cycleburner,  Rage,  Scroll,  Space-Roy  and

Load GLOBAL REPORT II for more detailed information
about groups which were not mentioned yet.

Best regards,


Global Report II

                        * Global Report 2 *
What  is  the reason for the mass of false information
spread  around  these days? People use to believe in
suspicous   informants  or  magazines.  Later on they
copy  those rumours and spread them around, having
in  mind  their  sources which are for sure reliable in
their  opinion.  Often it is more smart to watch out for
more  facts  or  to request those rumours directly at
the  group(s)  involved  in  before starting to spread
lies  which are definately wrong and influence the re-
gular scene life in a critical way.
The  content  of  both  Global  Report  chapters were
collected  and  hammered  into  perfection  by reliable
pesons and rTporters. Enjoy real INFOTAINMENT.
             * Tristar and Red Sector Inc. *
TRSI  is  actually  one  of  the  groups  living from the
fame  collected  years  ago.  A lot of new persons re-
placed the persons who made TRSI what is used to be
after their great comeback. After updating the name,
to use the cooperation name for all current systems,
TRSI lost most of its power.
Members  like MWS (ex-Radwar) got recruited but ne-
ver  did  something  to  show that they are back. Now
they  recruited  Conan  (ex-Strike  Force, ex-Elite),
the  legendary cracker and coder (i.e. Leonardo). We
are  really  looking forward to see these legends be-
coming  active  once again, hoping that their member-
ship is not only a public relation gag to attract atten-
tion  and  fame back to their reputation. According to
their  spokesman Midfit MWS will arrange once again a
Rainbow-Party what it supposed to be one of the ma-
jor  happenings scenewise in Germany. Conan in more
involved  with the SNES section but cracked i.e. Pac-
ball  for  the CBM 64 section. Furthermore Midfit ex-
plained that the leading duo of the CBM 64 section, to
be  more  precise  Irata  and Midfit, did not agree with
OB's  statements  in  the  Shout!  interview and kicked
him out of the group.
Actually they are trading with Onslaught as they pro-
mised  to export the TRSI first-releases to the major
boards in the states.

Current TRSI memberstatus looks like:
Conan,  Crisp,  Danzig,  Grey  Eminence,  Irata,  Midfit
and MWS. (= 7).

                             * Fairlight *
After  many  months  of silence we are able to report
about  the  home  of  real crackers and the choice of
the anti-communistic generation.
At first the Fairlight magazine "Reformation" and the
Equinoxe magazine "Ingenious Brain" merged into one
released under the project name "Shout!".
At  first  Rage and Volunteer left for Hardcore, later
on Iceball returned to his friends in Motiv 8. All three
persons were members on trial.
More movements have been recorded, this time to en-
large the Fairlight status. Highlander joined as sysop
and  Pharao  (ex-Bungalow/Jam)  as  swapper taking
over  most of Tabasco's contacts who is said to have
stopped  swapping.  Moonchild, a well reputated crak-
ker  in  Poland, left Fatum in order to work in full po-
wer and effect for the old legend.

Current Fairlight memberstatus looks like:
Avalon,  Bacchus,  Enduro,  Gerwin, Grayhawk, Harle-
kin,  Highlander,  Moonchild, Ogami, Pharao, Red Devil,
Rowdy,   Sledge,   Spirou,   Tabasco,   Tron,  VDK and
Watchman (= 18).

Fairlight wordheadquarter(s)/board(s):
WAREZ AQUARIUM                             ++XX/X-XXXXXX
FUTURE ZONE                                ++XX/X-XXXXXX

                  Single News and Rumours:
* An  unknown  group called Laxity recently released
   a  game  called  Timtris  in cooperation with the well
   known  group  Alpha Flight 1970. According to their
   spokesman  Marc  they  have not been asked or in-
   formed  so  they  take  distance from this so-called
   coop  release.  Fact is that Afl did not repair a de-
   fect  original  but  released  the full game and final
   sales  version from the game.  It seems that the re-
   sponsible  cracker  Didi,  who  joined  Atlantis a few
   weeks ago, still needs some lessons in cracking bu-
   sines and did not make new friends with this kind of
   LAME behaviour.
   As  you  probably  know Rebels are dead. After the
   release  of  News Press both Rebels and the maga-
   zine  were  declared as dead and most members like
   i.e.  Neotec  teamed up with Atlantis where they are
   going  to edit the magazine Immortal Flash. More de-
   tailed  information  about  Atlantis  will  follow in the
   next issues.

   Atlantis worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
   FORTRESS OF DOOM                 ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
   POWER ENGINE                     ++XX/XX-XXXXXX

* Sentinel,  the  former  leader  of Excess, decided to
   leave  them in order to work independent. Red Rock
   took over the leadership. Bordeaux/ex-Acrise has
   teamed up with them after announcing his comeback.
   while H-Bloxx/ex-F4CG decided to accept the mem-
   bership  of  Excess  aswell. The Authentic, a danish
   swapper,  left for Onslaught. Atleast Sgt. Pepper is
   said to have returned to the scene and to Excess,

   Excess worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
   DEAD ZONE                               ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
   SANITARIUM                              ++XX/XXX-XXXXXX

* Cupid,  formerly  known  as Sinister, left his second
   group  Arcoss  in  order  to be a member of Extacy
* Morris,  a  former  member of the group Cross, has
   been  returning to the scene and re-started mega-
   swapping   and  joined  the  norwegian  demo  group
   SHAPE,  these  days more known due to the activity
   of their music label Bluez Muz.

* Accept  is  actually  sharing  an  US-board with the
   group  NETPHREAKERS.  The  board is called DIVINE
   INTERVENTION,  the sysop is Hightower and you are
   able to connect while dialing ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX.

* Diabolo  has  left  Padua due to the fact that he has
   definately  no  time  left for computer activities. His
   fate  is  similar  to  Death/Topaz Beerline, both are
   working  on  a techno DJ career and arrange local
   parties in the surrounding of Soest. Death renamed
   into  DJ  Dolphin. After reading the fantastic review
   of  the  game MYSTERY (90%) in Commodore Format
   Diabolo  decided  to  improve  the  game  in order to
   sell it to a decent company.

* According  to  some french Atari sceners who were
   present  at  a convention in Bremen the Saturne V3
   party got cancelled and will take place later on this
   year. More exact details will follow.

That  have  been  all  facts we collected for this issue
and  really  hope  to  have  met  your approval and to
meet you in the next issue, too.

Release Charts

      The Official Release Charts for the Relax

           Performed by the Masters of Law...

                          Marc and Deff

Introducing the point-system...

  Fullprice Games     7.0 - 8.0 points
  Budget Games        5.0 - 6.0 points
  Low Budget          3.0 - 4.0 points
  PD/Shareware        1.0  - 2.0 points
  Previews            0.0 - 1.0  points
One bonus point can be reached be releasing the
wares 100% (!) Pal/Ntsc. If another group is involved
on the Pal/Ntsc version, points will be shared.

Games that got released PAL only have to be fixed
within half a year, else no points will be given.

Minus points will be given for...

Re-releases              -7.0
No levelpacking          -0.5/-1.0
No trainer(s)            -0.5/-1.0
No translation           -1.0/-2.0
Unlike most other mags we won't give points for
tools. Those releases will get mentioned but that's it.

GAMES and such games that were done using a
GAME MAKER will be ignored.

Whenever we think somebody did something special
or something outstanding we will add one point to the
normal amount of points.
It's also possible to get one extra point for some-
thing that normally doesn't deserve any points.

The following boards have been taken in to
consideration whilst creating these aharts...

Holiday Inn Cambodia       XXX-XXX-XXXX
The Evil Island            XXX-XXX-XXXX
Dream Park                 XXX-XXX-XXXX
The Dungeon                XXX-XXX-XXXX
Down by Law                XXX-XXX-XXXX

To avoid misunderstandings the following boards will
be observed as well...

Dead Zone                  XXX-XXX-XXXX
Fortress of Doom           XXX-XXX-XXX 

                     Accept (-28.0 points)
For the first time in the history of the sixty four
a game got RE-re-released LATENT FUSION (-14.0
pts.). First it got released by Avatpgarde + Ntsc fix
 then Palace re-released it only Pal and then
Accept comes with their strike! After this they re-
released SPOOK (-7.0pts), Hardcore & Glory re-
leased a fixed version some months ago and then
they re-released SLATERMAN (-7.0pts), F4Cg re-
leased the pal version weeks ago!

               Alpha Flight 1970 (24.0 points)
They started their wares rush with the fixed
versions of PAYDAY (4.0pts), ORBITS (5.0pts) from
CP Verlag. Then they released the fixed version of
the Budget game PACBALL (6.5pts) from Paradise
Software followed by COMPLEX (4.0 pts) but they
upped a fixfile so we will give -1 point for this!
After this they released in cooperation with Motiv 8
the fixed version of MEMOLOGIE (2.0 pts), so the
points will be shared!  Followed by KLEPKOMANIA
(-7.0 p.) because they thought it is the full game, but
it was only the preview, that got released by F4CG
some weeks ago. Last but not least they upped a little
preview called PROE-DOES (0.5 pts),Roll OVER
(4.0 pts) from CP Verlag and DARKFORCE(5.0 pts)
from Magna Media they translated the game to eng-
so we will give 1 extra point! Both games run on Ntsc!
                    Avantgarde (55.2 pts)
Their wares invasion started with ARMY DAYS (3.3
pts), GANGSTER (3.4 pts) both games run on Pal/
Ntsc, then they released GHOSTTOWN (4.6 pts) fixed
by Empire and the fixed version of ASHIDO (5.1 pts)
from Tim Soft, they will get one extra point because
they painted the graphic from polish to english! After
this they upped a textadventure called DARKEST
ROAD (0.0 pts), a cool preview named ARTRIS (0.6 p.)
and TIME TRAVELLER (3.3 pts) from Marex, no Ntsc
fix was needed. Their wares rush continues with
MINSWEEPER (4.5 pts) from CP Verlag fixed by
Peacemaker of Alpha Flight and the fixed versions of
DEADLINE (6.7 pts) a english Budget game and
TRISS (3.5 pts) from L.K. Avalon. They released the
fixed versions of MEANCARS (3.6 pts), Chicken
(6.5 pts) a english Budget game and SQUARE SCAPE2
(4.6 pts) from Commodore Format. Followed by the
pal version of GEOMETRIC 2 (3.8 pts) from Magna
Media, the previews of KOSHIMO V2 (0.5 pts), THE
HOUSE (0.2 pts) a unplayable version and usefull
tool called CENIMATE (0.0 pts). Last but not least
they upped BOMBI (1.0 pts) it is not sure yet if this
is the final version or only a preview so we will give
only one point for it till we know it is 100%!

                    Chromance (1.0 pts)
The started with LONG LIFE (1.0 pts) a little preview
NUTS (4.0 pts) fixed by TRC+SCS followed by RISK
(3.0 pts) and JABOJADA (- 7 pts) released by
Troep + Garbage some weeks ago!

                         Dytec (0.0 pts)
They upped HANSEAT (0.0 pts) a german game with
out a translation so no points will be given!

                        F4CG (5.1 pts)
They started with the previews of WORM (0.3 pts),
HYPERCARS (0.3 pts) and KLEPKOMANIA (0.5 pts).
Then comes the pal version of JUMPBALL (3.0 pts)
and the fixed version of MINEFIELD (1.0 pts) from
Assasin Software, they released the pal version
some weeks ago, so we give only the fix points!
Last but not least they upped the fixed version of
MINEFIELD (0.0 pts), fixed by Empire for F4CG
months ago. You can't re-release your own game so
no points are given!

             Hardcore + Onslaught (15.5 pts)
A new cooperation is born and they started with
TELNYR 1 (0.0 pts),TRIO (0.0 pts) and BESIEGED
(0.0 pts) all three games are in Basic so no points!
Followed by MORTROX (3.0 pts), two previews called
BOLO 2 (0.2 pts), TWIN TERRORS (0.3 pts) and Tool
Collection (0.0 pts) like in the old days and Music
tool called DMC 4.0 PRO (0.0 pts). Then they rel-
eased the fixed version of LONG LIFE (9.0 pts) it
is a hungarian Fullprice from 576 Kbyte Software.
Followed by a so called fixed version of FLUMMI'S
WORLD (0.0 pts) they stopped the music at level 3
to get enough rastertime. This is no fix = no points!
At the end they upped FIREBUG (3.0 pts) from
LOADSTAR, the game looks like 1982!

                         Motiv 8 (7.5 pts)
They upped the fixed version of DYSTOPIA (6.0 pts)
from Visualize a english Budget and two previews
OOPS (0.3 pts) and AVOIDEM V2 (0.2 pts). In coop-
eration with Alpha Flight they released the fixed
version of MEMOLOGIE (2.0 pts), the points will be
shared! Followed by three games from Loadstar
called ROTATION RAZE (3.0 pts), S'WORDS (3.0 pts)
and BESIEGED (-7 pts). Besieged got released some
days earlier from Onlslaught, so MINUS points! Not
to forget the tool DOUBLE COPY (0.0 pts).
No points will be given for COMPARE 2 (0.0 pts)!
It is the same coding like KONCEPT coded by Twice
Effect in 1992 for CP Verlag! It is a lame way to get

                   TRC + SCS (15.7 pts)
They started with the previews called LOGIC (0.3p.)
EROTICA (0.8 pts), Vision (0.8 pts) and Sonny (0.9p)
Followed by FRUITMANIA (3.8 pts) a second version
was necessary so -1 point and CYBERBALL (3.7 pts)
from CP Verlag, both games doesn't need a Ntsc fix.
Then they upped the fixed version of BLACK QUIZ
(4.4 pts) and a new kind of ASSEMBLER. Not to for-
get that they fixed NUTS (1.0 pts) for Chromance.

                      TRSI (0.7 pts)
They released only a small preview named NO NAME
(0.7 pts).
                      XENON (0.3 pts)
They released only previews DANGER  BALL (0.1p.)
RAZ (01. pts), LOST MAZE (0.1) and ALIEN WAR (0.0 p)

       On the next page you will find the charts!

                   European release charts 
Rank         Group                      Points
01.  (04)   Avantgarde               55.2
02.  (02)   Alpha Flight 1970        24.0
03.  (03)   SCS+TRC                  15.7
04.  (06)   Hardcore+Onslaught       15.5  
05.  (08)   Motiv 8                  7.5
06.  (01)   F4CG                     5.1
07.  (05)   Chromance                1.0
08.  (13)   TRSI                     0.7
09.  (08)   Xenon                    0.3

                            Fixing Charts
Rank          Group                     Releases
01.  (01)    Alpha Flight             6
     (./.)   Avantgarde               6
02.  (02)    TRC+SCS                  2
03.  (05)    Empire                   1
     (05)    F4CG                     1
     (05)    Hardcore+Onslaught       1

That's all for this issue...
                     Yours,  Marc & Deff

Board Charts

                    * THE BOARD CHARTS *
Welcome  to  your  probably  moqt favourite chapter,
the  charts.  The  Relax  is  the  only  magazine so far
offering  seperate  board and mail charts in order to
show  the charts from two different worlds in the be-
loved CBM 64 scene since modem traders do not have
the time or possibility to fill votesheets.

In  order  to  guarantee  those charts we already in-
stalled  a vote booth at THE EVIL ISLAND, the RELAX
WHQ. Furthermore we have planned to install a similar
system on THE ESCAPADE, RELAX EHQ. Just continue
to call the boards in order to influence those charts.
and to see your favourite charts in here.
                    Top Ten Demo Charts
Rank   Last     Group                   Points
01.    (2)      Oxyron                  90
02.    (1)      Camelot                 88
03.    (4)      Fairlight               77
04.    (6)      Byterapers              73
05.    (5)      Censor Design           71
06.    (3)      Triad                   69
07.    (7)      Antic                   61
08.    (8)      Elysium                 60
09.    (10)     Focus                   47
10.    (./.)    Agony                   15
                       Top Ten Single Coder
Rank  Last      Alias                         Points
01.   (1)       TTS/Oxyron                    83
02.   (2)       Mr. Sex/Byterapers            82
03.   (4)       TTS/Oxyron                    85
04.   (3)       Crossbow/Crest                76
05.   (6)       Brush/Elysium                 70
06.   (5)       Glasnost/Camelot              69
07.   (9)       MMS/Taboo                     63
08.   (7)       Depeh/Antic                   59
09.   (10)      Sat/Camelot                   33
10.   (9)       Thunder                       21
                    Top Ten Cracking Groups
Rank  Last      Group                   Points
01.   (2)       Avantgarde              79
02.   (3)       Alpha Flight            75
03.   (1)       F4CG                    70
04.   (5)       SCS & TRC               67
05.   (4)       Chromance               60
06.   (6)       Talent                  56
07.   (10)      Onslaught               49
08.   (9)       Motiv 8                 41
09.   (10)      Fairlight               19
10.   (7)       Legend                  09
                      Top Ten Single Cracker
Rank  Last      Alias                         Points
01.   (1)       Burglar/SCS                   76
02.   (2)       Powerplant/Legend             70
03.   (4)       Antitrack/F4CG                69
04.   (5)       Jack Alien/Avt                65
05.   (10)      Kirby/Atl                     60
06.   (5)       Bacchus/Fairlight             52
07.   (8)       Skinhead/AFL                  50
08.   (7)       Doc/Legend                    30
09.   (9)       Moren/SCS                     21
10.   (/)       Ignorance/AFL                 19
                     Top Ten Graphic Artists
Rank  Last      Alias                         Points
01.   (1)       Electric/Extend               64
02.   (2)       Cruise/Elysium                56
03.   (3)       Ogami/Fairlight               51
04.   (5)       RRR/Oxyron                    50
05.   (4)       Rob/Camelot                   47
06.   (10)      Mirage/Focus                  45
07.   (9)       Scope/F4CG                    33
08.   (8)       Carrion/Elysium               31
08.   (4)       Dragon/Censor                 20
10.   (7)       Biz-Kid/Camelot               14
                      Top Ten Music Composer
Rank  Last      Alias                          Points
01.   (1)       PRI/TIA/Oxyron                 78
02.   (4)       Danko/Censor                   75
03.   (5)       EVS/20CC                       71
04.   (5)       Syndrom/TIA/Crest              70
05.   (4)       Jeroen Tel                     67
06.   (8)       Jeff/CZP/Camelot               63
07.   (6)       Shogoon/Taboo/Agony            58
08.   (9)       Arne/AFL                       53
09.   (8)       Reyn Owehand                   25
10.   (10)      A-Man/Avt                      20
*                    Top Ten Fixing Groups
Rank  Last      Magazine                 Points
01.   (2)       Alpha Flight             76
02.   (1)       Empire                   70
03.   (4)       Avantgarde               65
04.   (3)       Demonix                  60
05.   (6)       SCS & TRC                55
06.   (/)       ./.                      ./.
07.   (/)       ./.                      ./.
08.   (/)       ./.                      ./.
09.   (/)       ./.                      ./.
10.   (/)       ./.                      ./.
                     Top Ten Single Fixers
Rank  Last      Magazine                 Points
01.   (2)       Peacemaker/Afl           73
02.   (1)       Booze/Empire             64
03.   (6)       CBA/TRC                  63
04.   (2)       Pudwerx/ex-Avt           54
05.   (4)       Sidekick/Demonix         50
06.   (7)       Mercenary/Empire         47
07.   (6)       Vizz/Empire              40
08.   (8)       Rockstar/Talent          32
09.   (10)      Count Zero/Flt           30
10.   (/)       Jack Alien/Avt           24
If  you  are  not  satisfied  with  these  results do not
even think about starting to complain. Just call the
boards and start voting on the voting booth on your
favourite board THE EVIL ISLAND.
Furthermore  it  is  possible  to  vote  on  Holiday  Inn
Cambodia,  Escapade and Mystical Paradize, too. Just
leave an E-Mail with your personal votes to Marc/Afl
and  it  is  going  to  be taken into consideration while
creating these original board charts.

Best regards,

Marc/Afl & RRR/Oxyron

Mail Charts

                     * THE MAIL CHARTS *
Welcome  to  your  probably  most favourite chapter,
the  charts.  It is the area to find out who is TOP and
who is NOT. These charts do not reflect only the vo-
tes  collected  from  the  Relax votesheets but aswell
the official charts from the following magazines com-
piled to become the official MEGACHARTS:

VANDALISM NEWS 20 (Onslaught)             MARCH 1995
SHOUT 01 (Equinoxe & Fairlight)           MARCH 1995
NITRO 18 (Excess)                         MARCH 1995
THE TRIBUNE 50 (Angry)                    MARCH 1995
CONTRAST 01 (Genlog)                      MARCH 1995
NEWSPRESS 16 (Rebels)                     FEBRUARY 1995
EXTACY   LAND 04 (Extacy)                 FEBRUARY 1995
SMASH 09 (System)                         MARCH 1995

These  actual issues have been taken into considera-
in  order  to guarantee new charts that even reflect
the latest opinions from those who fill the votesheets
in order to support this chapter.

If  you  do  not agree with the content of this chapter
do not start complain but grab a pen and a votesheet
(or  a  piece  of  paper  to note your votes on it) and
send  it  to  its'  destination.  You are responsible for
the  results  so take care about your votes and sup-
port  active  guys  who  are  able  to  keep the scene
                    TOP TEN DEMO GROUPS
Rank   Last     Group                   Points
01.    (1)      Oxyron                  90
02.    (2)      Camelot                 80
03.    (4)      Fairlight               55
04.    (10)     Byterapers              53
05.    (5)      Censor Design           51 
06.    (3)      Crest                   50
07.    (7)      Antic                   43
08.    (8)      Taboo                   24
09.    (6)      Triad                   20
10.    (9)      Agony Design            15
                      TOP TEN SINGLE CODER
Rank  Last      Alias                         Points
01.   (1)       TTS/Oxyron                    90
02.   (2)       Slammer/Camelot               80
03.   (8)       Mr.Sex/Byterapers             61
04.   (3)       Crossbow/Crest                58
05.   (4)       Tron/Fairlight                43
06.   (5)       MMS/Taboo                     38
07.   (6)       BOB/Censor                    30
08.   (9)       Axis/Oxyron                   26
09.   (/)       Graham/Oxyron                 25
10.   (/)       Depeh/Antic                   14
                   TOP TEN CRACKING GROUPS
Rank  Last      Group                   Points
01.   (2)       Avantgarde              79
02.   (1)       SCS & TRC               73
03.   (3)       Alpha Flight            60
04.   (4)       Chromance               59
05.   (7)       F4CG                    46
06.   (5)       Talent                  27
07.   (6)       Excess                  25
08.   (/)       Fairlight               20
09.   (9)       Motiv 8                 18
10.   (8)       Dytec                   15
                      TOP TEN SINGLE CRACKER
Rank  Last      Alias                         Points
01.   (2)       Jack Alien/Avt                76
02.   (1)       Burglar/Scs                   74
03.   (3)       Hain/F4CG                     66
04.   (4)       Derbyshire Ram/Avt            47
05.   (7)       Bacchus/Flt                   37
06.   (8)       Mr. Wax/<C>                   29
07.   (5)       Powerplant/Legend             25
08.   (9)       Skinhead/Afl                  20
09.   (/)       CBA/Trc                       16
10.   (6)       Count Zero/Tal                12
                     TOP TEN GRAPHIC ARTISTS
Rank  Last      Alias                         Points
01.   (2)       Creeper/Antic                 86
02.   (1)       Electric/Extend               79
03.   (3)       Ogami/Fairlight               64
04.   (4)       Joe/Wrath D.                  50
05.   (5)       Cruise/Elysium                49
06.   (7)       Fazee/Taboo                   47
07.   (8)       Carrion/Elysium               22
08.   (/)       Roder/Agony                   21
 09.   (/)       RRR/Oxyron                    19
10.   (6)       Rob/Camelot                   18
                   TOP TEN MUSIC COMPOSER
Rank  Last      Alias                          Points
01.   (1)       Syndrom/TIA/Crest              86
02.   (2)       PRI/TIA/Oxyron                 85
03.   (3)       Jeff/CZP/Camelot               59
04.   (4)       Jeroen Tel                     52
04.   (5)       Drax/Vibrants/Crest            49
06.   (6)       Zyron/Antic/SWE/TR             47
07.   (8)       Shogoon/Taboo                  34
08.   (7)       Red Devil/Fairlight            26
09.   (9)       Danko/Censor                   16
10.   (10)      Compod/Agony/AMP               12
                      TOP TEN SINGLE SWAPPER
Rank  Last      Alias                         Points
01.   (1)       Calypso/Afl                   83
02.   (6)       Intruder/Avt                  66
03.   (2)       Spermbird/Ex                  56
04.   (4)       Derbyshire Ram/Avt            52
U5.   (3)       Tabasco/Flt                   49
06.   (5)       Splatterhead/Trc              45
07.   (8)       Sebaloz/KA/LD                 27
08.   (/)       Lemming/Afl                   24
09.   (7)       Nightshade/Scs                19
10.   (10)      Starlight/Xtc/Tpy             18
                       TOP TEN MAGAZINES
Rank  Last      Magazine                 Points
01.   (2)       Skyhigh                  89
02.   (1)       Nitro                    68
03.   (4)       Reformation (+)          54
04.   (5)       Revealed                 52
05.   (6)       Jamaica                  51
06.   (3)       Ingenious Brain (+)      50
07.   (10)      News Press (+)           26
08.   (/)       Gamers Guide (+)         21
09.   (/)       Vandalism News           19
10.   (7)       Insider                  17
Oxyron is still leading the charts and promised to re-
lease  two  demoes  within the next few weeks/months.
The highest climber is for sure Byterapers who were
on  position 10 and invaded position 4. Reflex is, after
their  great  demo "Access Denied", very close to the
Top Ten.

Nothing  new  when  we  have  a lot at the top three in
the  coder  charts  except  for  the fact that Mr. Sex
climbed in an as impressive way as his group Bytera-
pers.  He  can  be found the well deserved third posi-
tion.  With Graham you can find the third Oxyron pro-
grammer  in the top ten and just for the record, Oxy-
ron  lately  recruited  a promising talent called Fuben
and  we  wouldn't be surprised to find him here, would
we?  Zodiac and Glasnost had to leave the charts due
to their inactivity scenewise.

Avantgarde  finally took over the crown in the illegal
section of the charts. The dutch cooperation has fal-
len  down  to  position 2. Fairlight entered the charts
while Triad left them so an old legend replaced an old
legend. Just curious.

It  seems  that the fate of the single cracker depends
on  the  fate  of their groups so Jack Alien was voted
as  the  best  protection remover these days so good
old  Burglar  got  banned  to  position 2. CBA entered
the  charts  and  replaced  Crossfire who did not get
enough points to qualify. The Ignorance and Chrysa-
gon  are  very close to the top ten even if we did not
saw a decent crack from Chrysagon since ages.

With  Roder  and  RRR  two  new  artists  entered  the
choosen  circle  of well ranked artists. Unfortunately
talents  and  legends like Hein Holt and Mirage did not
qualify  due  to  a lack of votes, sad but true. Next to
the  above  mentioned  Biz-Kid  is  very  close  to the 

Syndrom  is still leading the world of notes with PRI in
his  neck. There was no movement except for Red De-
vil and Shogoon who changed their positions. Close to
the  top ten are Fanta and PVCF who recently relea-
sed some remarkable music-collections.
In  the  world  of  the  mailtrader  Calypso was able to
defend   the  top  spot  while  Intruder  is  taking  the
charts  by  storm and seems to the candicate for the
top  spot next time. Just curious but Lemming who did
not  send  out anything for ages entered the Top Ten
this  time  while  Styx moved down to position 12, to be
more  precise  out  of the charts. H-Bloxx is close to
enter one of these 10 positions next time.

In  the  world  of  information  and  entertainment  the 
scene  biggest  disknote  took  over  the  top position
while  Nitro  takes  place  at position 2 this time. Fact
is  that people who use to fill in those countless vote-
sheets  seem to love dead magazines or if you prefer
magazines  which  won't  be  released any longer. With
Reformation,  Ingenious  Brain,  News  Press  and  the
legendary  Gamers  Guide  four magazines proclaimed
their  final  issue  while  the situation around Jamaica
is  still  not  clear  yet.  We are still missing magazines
like  Propaganda  and  Domination which seems to be-
long  to the upper class publications these days while
comparing  them  with  the  bright mass of magazines,
We really hope to see that the rumour about The Pul-
se  having  a  comeback becomes true. The Tribune is
close  to enter the Top Ten so there is definately no-
thing  left  to  add  if  we comment the magazine scene
these days.

Are  you  interested in more charts? Just load both,
the board and release charts, and check them out!


Interview with Radar/ex Victims alias Roy/ex Dynamix

:) Hello Hartmut, please introduce yourself to our

* Hey Marc. Well, I guess I don't have to introduce my-
self anymore, but as there are a hell lot of lamers in
the scene nowadays, who call themself 'elite' after
being in it for like a few month, I better tell those
dumbs who their real god is. In short words: 24 years
old, studying medicine in 6th semester, engaged and
not into boring 64-crap anymore. I'm actually making
money due to buying, selling and mediating houses and
plots to other people, whats makes me being able to
live with a standart of luxus like driving a new
Porsche 911 Convertible and living in the most ex-
pensive part of Hamburg aswell as being a respected
member of the higher society. In a short form, I'm all
and I have all what others are not and will never ever

:) You have been in the scene for a long time. In that
time you were in the best groups ever. Please tell us
about your career in the scene from the start. In-
clude how you got your handle!

* I for sure started like everybody else did. once I
got a C64 like in 1983/4 with this old tapedriver. I
started local swapping, got a disk-drive and pu-
blished a so-called 'add' in a few computer-magzines
So the swapping got me into touch with the scene and
after a while I knew a few more 'famous' guys who
kinda helped me to get started. So I started to join
groups. Those I remember are: TMB, Shape, New
Formula Crew, Beastie Boys, Dynamix, Success (the
real and first one!), Victims, Genesis Project, Arcade
Illusion. Eventough I was freelancing like one and a
half year between the last groups (due to the start
of the scene-lameness!) and I guess I also forgot to
metion a few. About my handle, I started off then
years ago under 'Snoopy', later I changed to 'Roy'.
The name 'Roy' got me pissed off after a while bcoz
I couldn't make the fools understanding that it wasn't
my real name at all, so 'Radar' came up to my mind.
Thats what I'm still using nowadays. About the rest,
well I started to learn machine-language, was crack-
ing games and even coding demos in the very past.
Also I was running a magazine called 'Coococ' once,
which actually was good. Lateron I started seroius
hack-/phreaking and published one of the first
european boxes ever on the C-64. Lotsa rips I saw
afterwards, believe me. Also I was playing around
with my special toys in system-hacking. I guess the
best thing I ever did was disconnecting the complete
FBI-system in New Jersey once, concerning TV-re-
ports about me at that time. Oh well, also I did code
one of the best C-Base-Mods, still running under
51-689-8893 (Holiday Inn Cambodia!).
:) You left the C-64 scene for PC. Why? Please give
us some further informations about your PC-avtivi-
ties (group, job, future, etc.)!

* Right now I'm in Dominators. I guess I'll be in there
for a long time as i really like those guys. The old
64ers are in there aswell, like Drake, Dogfriend,
Cosmo, Animal, Magic & Jihad. We are working on
seroius Pc-stuff right now, and it's growing every

:) Please let me know about the difference between
the C64- and the Pc-scene.What experiences did you
make in the you are PC already?

* Actually, there is a big difference between those
two scenes. The PC-scene is comparable to the 
Amiga-scene. The Pc-scene is split in various types
of people. Like 40% are doing pure money-business,
like selling tapes or CD-ROMs filled with the latest
wares. And thats a lot as everybody knows. Usually
there is more than 40MB getting released very day.
This goes for mainly tools and games. Demos are
sometimes rare, sometimes they just flow. Looks like
it really depends on the mood the coders are in and
if there is a party going on where they can earn
some money. Also there are like 40% of the people
doing pure trading. So they own a hell lot of lines and
pump'n leech the latest stuff, mainly ISDN for euro-
peans. A fulltime-job, but it looks like they don't have
anything else to do in their life. Oh well, we had and
still have this shit on C64, people without a life spend
most of the day sitting in front of their computer
and do useless crap like xperiencing with coding or
cracking. And of coz they fail most of the times. But
to come back to the traders they are important for
the PC-scene. There are just too many boards and
wares to keep it going yourself. So you actually need
this people to get your wares spread, otherwise
somebody else from another group will do the job
and you lose the race against time. Unlike the C64
scene. Its not that hard to u/l a file of 120 blks to like
4 major boards. The groups on PC are splitted in a
different member-status. So the group info-files
contain the seniors, the  members, the couriers and
board-distribution sections. Some of the groups go
democratical ways, like we in Dominators do. Other
bigger groups have one or two guys at the top,
praying their will to the +50 members of their group.
One of the funniest thing is that you can officially be
in like two groups at the same time. Like crackers
sometimes are in a wares-group and in an utility-
group at tjhe same time. Thats automatically means
that you have to speak scepsis out to those people
and have to find out about their thrustworthy. You
never know of who is getting internal informations
and of who is going to spread the words then. We in
Dominators reduced the member-list down to like 12
people, only persons we know and can thrust. What
works, as we know eachother since years back from
the C64-time. When you know people like Jihad, Drake
Dogfriend, Cosmo and Animal, you know what I mean.
We stick together and do perfect workout, what you
can't do when you have like 40 members in your
group. So we are kinda different concerning the
group-leading stuff and take it easy all thr times,
what gives us the fun we want to get. That's the point
Also the board-scene is totally different compared
to the C64-scene. First of all, the setups of the PC
boards are weird sometimes. What means first of all
you don't split the system into subs and drives. We've
'conferences' and each conference contains the
'drive' and 'sub' in one section. What is okay after
you get used to it! But the people don't like posting
that much. Compared to the amount of callers a
system is getting every day, the posts are slow-
flowing. The wares go like hell when you have a good
support of your bbs and have the right group on it,
like a courier-group (groups only trading wares of
other groups). And when you know the PC you can
imagine that there are things which you usually can't
do with the C64. Actually I just coded the first C-
Base-Mod for a C64 system, which contains two
computers for two nodes (lines) and where those two
persons are able to caht with eachother (plus the
sysop can join it!). But you can't u/l or d/l at the
same time, what is understandable, aswell there are
waiting-times for saving the messages to the system-
drive. But thats done within milliseconds. You see the
scene is different. And due to the fact that the PC
can't do real sprites, the action-games are rare as
you do have to do 'on-screen-coding' and that slows
down the speed and fun of a game, aswell there is a
limit set. But as I don't give a fuck about the games
and only play some of the good ones sometimes, I
don't care about it!

:) What do you enjoy in real life?

* I like hanging around with my girl-friend and usually
I don't miss any rave-party at all. Also, I prefer good
eating at expensive restaurants, expensive clothes
and to show the low-lifes what they can't manage to
handle: style and class! I like gala-dinners and some-
times just a 'normal' weekend in certain clubs and
pubs, places where normal people can't join.

:) What are your favourites of the past:

* Cracking Group  : Ikari
   Demo Group     : Ash&Dave, Blackmail, Crest
   Coders         : (fuck, don't remember those...)
   Graphican      : HD, Orc
   Cracker        : Rockstar, Doc, Antitrack
   Magazine       : Shock, Mamba
   Boards         : Holiday Inn Cambodia, Forum, The
                    Addiction, 2nd to None, Terminal
   Composers      : Rob Hubbard, Jeroen Tel, EvS

:) In your opinion, how would you rank into elite-
scene nowadays and in the past? Why?

* For the very past, the guys I saw calling who knew
what they were talking about and who knew what they
were doing. For nowadays - is there any 'elite'-scene
left? I don't think so! Concerning my informations and
sneaks, there are too much idiots around! But let
them keep on uploading originals with a linked intro
in front of the files, I know they can't do jack shit at

:) If you would have to re-enter the scene agaoin and
you ould become anything to your choice, what would
it be?
* It would be like what I left as, a cracker.

:) Which parties have you joined in the time of your
scene life?

* Guess I was at the best and biggest party ever,
the Ikari+Zargon-Party back in the 80s. Also some
smaller like the Venlo-meetings, Dominators+Upfront
Party in like 1989 and just recently the ribute-party
in Sweden.

:) Have you ever had any remarkable quarrels on the
boards whole still calling out?

* I guess I was in war with like 90% of the scene. So I
don't give a fuck! There are just a few guys who
I think they are cool, and I'm still in touch with most
of them. The scene was filled with pure dorks, so I
had to show them their lot. And I did, oh well... haha!
Not for nothing I ruled the charts of the 'Most hated
person' for years. And I got the top-spot everytime
Fuck it, I could care less about it (ask the PC         

:) Thanks for the interview, Hartmut. Any last words
to our readers, like greetings etc. ?

* Yeah well, I will try to get a greeting-list exclusive
for you right now. so here it comes in random order:
Pol Pot, Solar, Rockstar, Drake, Marc, Deff, HOK,
Freestyle, Jihad, Tyree, Jack Daniels, Bod, Darklord,
Excel, Skater, Master-Kracker, Thor, Prodigy, Gene,
Joe Cool, Richie, NME, Rebel, Derbyshire Ram, Mutant
X , Murdock, Technique, EvS and Falco Paul, ION,
Orc, Hein Design, Antritrack, Goldfish, Pudwerx, The
Dominant One, Spitfire, Goldrush, Hero, Jeff Smart,
SSD, The Buccaneer, Leffty, Swan Song, The Anar-
chist, Factor-X, Grim Reaper, Sonny, Mitch, Father
Time, Fletch, Shadow, Skinhead, Bob, Peter Parker,
Psychobilly, JCH, Hazor, Illusionist, Rich, Booze, Ex-
tremist, The Unholy, NAM, TMB, X-Factor, Dr. Cool,
Adolf, Arrogance, Syndicate, Tanner, Flush, Dolla,
Macro-Nit, Inxs, Megasnail, Crumbsucker, Conan, Bit
Bandit, Bam Bam, Lexi, Violator, Massive Onslaught,
Raze, Gadget, Gotcha, Kid, Dead Zeppelin and last
but not least Parson and Oeko-Peter.
I know that like 40% of this names are unknown to the
scene feeds nowadays, but when reading those
names with mine in combination - this is the real
scene history. For the rest: stay lame and rott in
daddys ass while mom does you the finger-stick-to-
dick-fuck. Or is it like you prefer a blow-job done by
good old granny?

:) Thanks Hartmut, we will see us in Utrecht! Bye...

     Interview done by Marc of Alpha Flight 1970!

Back to the roots!

           Back to the roots: Venlo-Meeting Part I  
Back to the roots we go - back to the eighties - back
to the notorious copy parties.
It was always something special, when the scene met
on copy parties. The basic thing was, just like the
name says, to meet people and to swap newest soft-
ware, but also older programs to complete the CBM64
collections. But the second reason to visit these
parties was to meet the real good sceners and to
get to know your contacts. People you allready mail-
traded with for many years, you propably allready   
talked to them by phone but never ever met before.
The first parties in germany were secret and only
invited people were let in, just because of the strong
german laws against computer piracy. The more
hidden informer the cops had in the scene, the more
often these copy parties ended in a razzia.

The funniest party I can remember, was the Madonna
Cracking Group (MCG) party in germany. This party
(who wondered) was of course visited by the cops. 
Good that there were plenty dudes who had problems
to find the party place and arrived later than pro-
mised. From their cars they were eye-witness of a
very funny (I'm just sarcastic) act, where crackers
ran away like rabbits escaping from their hunters,
just because the party ended in a razzia before it
started at all.

Due to things like that, the illegal meetings in germany 
became rarity, they were simply too dangerous. So
people had to search for something different, a place
where they could meet in safety.

Wich other country than the netherlands was more
magnificant with offers like harmless computer-crime
laws and legal marijuana consumption. The nether-  
lands are close to germany and easy to reach for
everybody else aswell. The city Venlo was the best
solution for everybody. At that time there allready
existed a lame computer-meeting in Venlo, wich took
place every two or three months. More and more
elite people came to this meeting and soon it was the
most famous computer-meeting in europe, happening
every third saturday a month.

There was a big hall offering  place for about 400-  
500 people. In good times it was full filled with people
from the beginning in the morning to the end at the 
afternoon and 80% of them were sceners, most of 
them more elite than lame. But all together elites and
lamers united. It was always something special to go
to Venlo. Not only because you met your friends and
group-mates, but also because it always happened
something funny.

Allready when you entered the arena, you noticed
those two fat brothers who organized the meeting
and who looked after everybody, if the rules were 
followed. It was always funny to see the people fooling
the fatty twins. Just like Zazz of The Wanderer
Group (TWG) who entered the stage, took the micro-
phone and blowed with all his strenght every possible
body-noise into it. The hall was laying down by 
laughing. I've never seen a dude running away so
frightened but having funny while he was escaping 
from one of the fatty duo. It was just as if King Kong
would play Hide and Seek (but without hiding!) with 
him, the hall was trembling that people thought of an

Here in Venlo there was the best possibility to
spread wares the easy way. If you had a first 
release, just on the day the meeting took place you
only had to walk from computer to computer and let
everybody copy it. You could be sure that it was
spread all over europe two days later. All the good 
disk and paper-magazines were released on the 
Venlo-meeting. Legendary ones like Sex'n Crime, 
Magic News, Relax and others were regulary brought
out only on these meetings.

You can say that every Venlo-meeting was nice, but
the most remarkable ones were the december-
meetings. Everybody had holidays and that's why 
even guys from the farest and deepest parts of  
europe visited Venlo and made the christmas-meeting
Resumed you have to admit that every real elite
should have visited an old Venlo-meeting once in his
lifetime. And in fact most of them really did!
Unfortunately now that the scene is in its last
historic chapter, the Venlo-meeting is shadow of
itself. No more 64-sceners, just lame computer
addicted losers going on everybody nervs with
all their lame machines, copying, copying and copying.
The more the better, the longer the cooler, but in
fact we have to laugh about them. They don't have the
fun we had!
They were never, and will never be, part of a 
REAL GOOD SCENE - Unlike us! We are superior!                   
Don't miss the next issue: 
Venlo-Meeting Part II  with:

-  Gas attack ends in a komA <

-  Fighting fists causing >Amok run 

-  and more traditional stuff!

...Yours  M A X ...! 

Demo Reviews

                         * Demo Reviews *
There  was not that much activity on the demo market
as  expected  but  to  be  honest,  what  is left on this
machine?  Demoes  can  be  expected  at (big) parties
where the authors hope to earn a few bucks and this
behaviour  is  heading  into  the wrong direction if we
are  interested  in keeping the scene alive. The prize
money won't be too high as long as you do not compe-
te in the 16/32 bit area.
Fortunately there are sill people left who find an an-
cient  thing  somewhere  in  a  corner or in the cellar
remember  that  they  were  once  skilled competitors
when  they  worked  with  this breadcase. Next to the
fabolous  return of the finnish one man show Bytera-
pers  the once famous group Megastyle Productions,
formerly  know  as Megastyle Incorporated (MSI) dis-
covered  that  there  are still some effects left to be
realised  on  a thirteen years old computer system, a
period   of  popularity  no  other  system  might  ever
reach  in  its  original  version  without any technical
changes  like  new processors, improved graphic and
sound  cards  and  all  the  usual equipment to update 
the PC or the Amiga.

Fact  is that this months' hope are two parties. There
is  the  Saturne party (V3) in Paris/France, offering
very  high prizes for the best contributions in all the
various  competitions  and on the other hand there is
the X-95 where you were able to leech a copy of this
magazine  and  where  you  will  be able to meet all the
famous  groups  from Holland and Germany due to the
mass of reservations from some of the best and most
popular  groups around these days. In the next issue
we  will have a critical look at the releases spread at
both  parties, now it is time to review a comeback de-
monstration from Megastyle Productions.

Great Kloakman (and his struggle...)/Megastyle Prod.
Megastyle  was  once  ruling the charts when most of
today's  aces  did  not  dream of the skills they might
have  today.  Very  impressive demoes have been for
sure  Kalle  Kloakk,  Digital  Messiah or Brainstorm 3
only  to  name  a  few  titles  during their successfull
days in the late eighties and early nineties.

If we have a look at the coding we should keep in mind
that  most routines were finished in the early nineties
so  they can not be compared with the bright mass of
routines  coded these days as it would be rather un-
fair  in  our opinion. Scroll, who coded all parts of the
demo,  presented  an  intro  part  featuring  2x2 text
display,  an  interlace fli picture probably showing the
Megastyle  crew  or what is left these days and a co-
mic styled koala title picture. Beyond in picture, in the
lower border, is an unexpanded (!) 1x1 Dycp, a routine
we have not seen so far. After the intro the note got
implanted  in order to guarantee that an every spec-
tator  will  read  it for sure. It is a neat 1x1 upscroller
and some chars are falling down randomly what looks
quite  nice  indeed. Pressing space surprised us with
a  fli  scroll routine. Two pictures will be shown here,
one  per  screen  shaking to the left and to the right
side.  The girl looks quite impressive while the towers
are nothing special at all. The next part offers a giga
Dycp  using  next  to  the  full screen both, the upper
and the lower, borders what makes it look much more
impressing.  On  the screen you are able to regard a
nice  koala graphic presenting the annual snow choas
in  Norway.  As one of first guys ever MSP presented
RGB-rasters  some years ago. The routine here isn't
very  impressive  as  we  have  seen  fullscreen  RGB
plasmas some years ago. On the buttom of the screen
there  is  a  big scroller where the chars are built up
3x3  chars  high elements. The last part is one of the
largest  scrolltext  parts  ever.  Scroll  managed it to
create  on  of  the  most  impressive scrolltexts ever
written.   According   to   the   authors  it  is  $1DCBB
(= 122043)  bytes  long  and fills nearly twice the me-
mory  of  a standart CBM 64. For those who are inte-
rested  in  Megastyle,  its members and their history,
those  brave  guys  should  not hesitate and read the
scroll which restarts if you have reached the end so
you can be sure that we did it.

Rating:  It  is  for  sure a nice demo but fact is it does
not  come up to today's standart what is impossible if
you  have  not seen all the important demoes from the
major demo groups. When Scroll's skills will return we
can  for sure expect some masterpieces if they don't
lose  the  interest in this machine once again. Most of
the  graphics were drawn by Sparkler who works to-
day  from  Funcom  in Norway, a company which deve-
lopes  console games and recruited nearly the entire
norwegian  Amiga  demo  scene for their projects. His
artwork  is  aswell some years old but can be still re-
garded  as middle-class masterpieces and there is no
need to hide them behind the work for other artists.
The  style  of the Jolly Poppers was always quite uni-
que  and could not been classified all over the years.
All  the  pieces  are very nice but today's standart is
much  more  advanced.  We really hope that the group
can  adapt  today's  standart  very  soon  in order to
give  the established top groups some worthy compe-
tition as long as this machine has a living demoscene.

As  this  one  was  no  ordinary  review as you use to
know  it  from  our  side we hardly expect some fresh
creations  that  could be taken into consideration for
the  next issue. The latest gossip reports about some
unexpected   surprises  from  certain  groups  which
were  said  to  be dead or which were more known for
their effort in the cracking business. You will be able
to  read more about it in the next issue of the RELAX
Magazine,  one  of  the few magazines left worth to be

Best regards,


                      * Advertisements *
Welcome  to  the  area  of  advertisements where you
get  the  chance  to  offer  the  rest  of the world the
possibility   to  either  contact  you  as  a  trader  or
just  to  place  a  request through us. However, since
this  is  the  third  issue  we  couldn't get ahold of too
many  advertisments  so  make  sure  you  will use the
RELAX   constantly  to  spread  your  announcements
through the world of the sixty four!
To  see  your  advertisement  here, contact the Relax
staff.   The   contact  addresses  already  have  been
printed in the Editorial so re-load that chapter, grap
a  pen  and  paper and do not hesitate to submit your
addresses and advertisements as soon as possible.
             * Bad Bytes Entertaiment Software *
         is still interested in recruiting talented.....

Programmers, artists and composers on the following
computer  systems: Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga
(AGA) and IBM PCs and compatibles.

Send  examples  of  your  work  together with a small
personal record to the following address:

                          Urgently wanted:
1764  Ram  Expansion  with  256 or 512 KB. If you are
interested  in  selling your unit or you know where to
order it for an acceptable price contact

              * Druid/Agony Design/Amorphis *

- no ordinary swapping anymore!!!
- to order musics for your commercial productions
                     * Red Devil/Fairlight *
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XXX XX XXXXXXXXXX           - for PC swap
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                  * Wozio/Elysium/Chromance *
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XX. XXX X            -  Always and Astoria mag. HQ
XX-XXX XXXX X        -  Elite only!
XXXXXX               -  real hot orries
                     -  prefer fast swapping
                        * Morris/Shape *
XXXXXX XXXXXXXX       - MEGAswapping!

                       * Acidchild/Taboo *
XXXXXXX XXXX              - no ordinary swap anymore
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XXXXX XXXXXXX             - 4 swapping older demos+mags
XXXXXXX                   - 4 acidtapes
                          - mainly for friendship !
   * Splatterhead/Success & The Ruling Company *

                          * RRR/Oxyron *
XXXX XXXXXXXXX                        - legal megaswapping
XXXXXXXXXXXX XXX. XX                    on Amiga 1200 and
XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX                     CBM 64
XXXXXXX                               - (game-) graphics

                   * Scrapper/Oxyron *
XXXXXX XXXXXXXX             -  PC swapping on both 3.5
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX          disks or streamer tapes
XXXXX XXXXXXXXX               (Qic 80)

                      * Dr. Science/Atlantis *
Dr. Science

                   * Intruder/Avantgarde *
XXX XXX XXX X                       - desperately wanted:
XXXXX XXXXXX                            Action Replay V6

                     * Jazzcat/Onslaught *
XXXXX XXXXXXX                   - all ONS first releases
XX XXXXX XXXXXX                 - Domination, Vandalism
XX. XXXXXX, XXXX                - H/P stuff

         * Calypso/Amnesia/Alpha Flight 1970 *
XXXXX XXXXXXXX                              - cheat carefully

                           * Maja/F4CG *

                    * Funny/Fun Factory *

                     * Vengeance/Onslaught *
XXXX'                           - Onslaught release
X XXXXXX XXXXXX                 - Vandalism
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                 * Sebaloz/Keen Acid/Lepsi *
Orlando Magic Fan Club             - MEGAswapping
X/X XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX            - 100% reply

                        * Syco/Chromance *
If  you  are interested to buy the latest techno tapes
mixed  up  by  experienced  techno  deejay's  for nice
prizes  do  not  hesitate to contact the Factory-E dj
team under the following address:

                    * Diabolo/Factory E *
XXXXXX XXXXX                         - slow PC swapping

For  DM  20,--  you  will  get  a high quality tape filled
with  the  latest  tracks  being  played  in  the insider
clubs, no commercial trash like others might offer.
              * Frank/Lepsi Developments *
XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX                      - 100% reply

              * Derbyshire Ram/Avantgarde *
Remember  to  note  only the text beyond the underli-
ned  handle in order to avoid problems for the people
you  would  like  to  contact.  Furthermore  it might be
quite  useful not to cheat your contactsending and to
use  enough postage in order to guarantee that your
package will reach its destination.

For  the next issues we hope to enlarge this chapter
by  25%  with the kind help from Sebaloz and Intruder
who  already  spread  some copies of the Relax vote-
sheet.  We  would like to take the opportunity to thank
all  of  you,  regardless  if  you  have spread or filled
them,  for  your effort and your help to make the re-
lease of this issue possible.
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