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Howdy RELAX fans! 
Before we start to entertain you through the world
of journalism we'd like to take you with us,with us 
through the time back where it all has started and 
the entire magazines made their history. 
BEAMING you into 1989....
Sex'n'Crime is the one and only capable disc-mag on
the C-64. Allthough the magazine itself is quite nice
there is still an important thing that makes people
sceptical. Because of its monopol under the small 
amount of readable disk-magazines, the Sex'n Crime
editors have too much power about rumours in the 
scene. Exactly this power is often abused when 
articles deal with scene-groups that were disliked 
by the Sex'n Crime-staff.
Another thing is that the magazine has a reputation 
of being a Genesis*Project magazine. Even the fact
that it is done by a legal group called AMOK can't
deny the fact that this group is always in a special 
connection to G*P. 
These and more facts made it necessary to create
a counterpoise. But that magazine has to be a mag
that does say what's really going on. A magazine  
that does not care about big names. A magazine that
does not fear anybody.
THE  R E L A X  was born!!! 
The outfit of the first editions are not yet looking 
perfect, but the contents are the main things that
make it well-known so fast.
Everybody agrees that the RELAX-Charts were the
one and only fair charts.
All the reactions showed that it is a good idea to 
write this magazine. The Relax-staff's good
connections to all the big scene-groups made it to
the fastest magazine in the scene. And when it 
comes to roumors, scandals and wars, RELAX is the
first magazine that knows it, and doesn't avoid to 
say the truth. But that also had the consequences
that some people started to hate the Relax.
Big fights always followed. And even OMG's (Sex'n
Crime editor) gas attack to the RELAX reporter
SYS/AFL can't stop the success-story with the
way to the top. RELAX is quickly number one in
all the magazine-charts. This is more confirmation,
that the work must be good.
THE RELAX was worth the big effort.
But sometimes it's better to stop when you are at 
the top. Due to private reasons the whole RELAX 
team stopped it's activities and concentrated on the
main things of life. But you know it as good as any-
body else does. Once addicted to the scene,always
addicted. That answers why the former RELAX-team
always kept in touch with the scene and always knew
the leading groups and the whole scene activities. 
Dateline 1994:
The C-64 scene is in it's last round. THE PULSE,
one of the last really good magazines, is dead. But
the scene need it's informations from well-informed
There's no better time to come back with.....
THE  R E L A X - The last chapter of 64-History!
Read this magazine and start with us into the last
chapter of 64 scene-history. Join us on the last
trip of fun in the scene of your 8 bit friend.
We know this scene as long as it is a scene. We were
born with it and we will die with it.
You deserve to be informed and entertained by
capable reporters. You don't need an amiga 
business scene, because you want to have friend-
ship all over the world. You want to see what this 
bread-basket (how it is lovely called) is still able to
do. Remember: Every other scene is based on the 
C-64 scene. Without this scene, there wouldn't be 
any Amiga,Pc,Nintendo nor any board-scene at all. 
So let us all enjoy these last days of fun. And 
everybody will keep the 64-scene good in mind. 
Now we wish you much fun with the first edition after
our long break. We hope that you like it as we do.
Remember. This is a magazine for you. So help us.
We need your critics to become perfect! So send us
articles, news, rumours or just funny stories 
(no matter if true or just fictious stories. Sometimes
satires may provoke more actions than well-
conductad reports!).

But now go and enjoy all the other chapters.
Read this magazine and spread it. Think about all
the things above and create your own opinion about
the scene. We will just give you the facts for it!
This is probably the best way to introduce an old
famous magazine,such like the Relax. The previous 
trip through our time was made available to you by
our very own MAX of AFL. 
This edition and within the following numbers of 
issues will feature MORE charts,MORE news,MORE
details and MORE of everything YOU want us to 
print and report. The RELAX is your magazine to
identify your very own opinion about your and 
obvious this C64 scene. However,we don't fear
anykind of competition since each magazine is it's
own contribution to the scene. And anytime you
go and try to get rid off competitors you go one
step further to destroy our scene.
Anyway,after THE PULSE is no longer we got either
the chance to continue the magazine without it's
main editor DUKE who recently quit the scene or 
to continue with the RELAX on purpose to have 
a very similiar magazine to the pulse. Therfor we 
deceided to set up an opinion poll on THE EVIL 
ISLAND to let the public deceide in general what 
they like most. The next page will show you a snap-
shot of the opinion poll and how the public has
" Now that the succesful magazine 'THE PULSE' is
cancelled 'THE RELAX' will get released regulary 
in the beginning of each month. How do you like the
idea to take over the main contents of the pulse
including most of the old staff to get a very similiar
magazine to the pulse on purpose to provide the
scene with the usual amount of monthly releases,
Out of 59 votes....
1. Damn,yes. I think that would be a great solution!
- 34 votes = 57 % 
2. I'd like to see something different for a change!
- 09 votes =  15 % 
3. To be honest,i don't really care!
- 10 votes = 16 %
4. I don't need another magazine,neither the pulse
 or the relax!
-  6 votes = 10 %
The public has spoken and they want it this way,
so if you were a pulse fan you basically won't have
to miss anything. With most of the old staff we are
prepared to entertain you with almost everything
concerning this scene. However,due to the lack of
time and caused by a big pressure of the public 
readers we still couldn't finish this issue in time. 
Though this edition already features all the charts,
like the releases,the board and the mail voted
charts. The Us-scene report including their latest
happenings and the extended european news
report. Along we have a detailed story about the
DANE scandal written by RRR and a little Demo
review section also done by him. We have expected 
two more chapters for this issue,one by Mutant-X
concerning the US-scene and another SATIRIC
chapter. Both will get added to the next issue along
with different other improvements at certain places.
So please be patient and enjoy this edition so far,
and for that purpose support us with anykind of
reports,articles or just reactions. Remember,this
is supposed to be YOUR magazine so don't complain
about any contents if you don't have the pleasure
to work with us.
How to contact the RELAX staff....
Use either the mail way and write for anything 
concerning the above mentioned categories to:
           * RELAX MAGAZINE *
             XXXXXXXX XXXX

Or pick up the phone and call either our voice 
hotlines or our supporting bbs in the staates.
           * RELAX HOTLINE *
         * RELAX SUPPORT BBS *

            The Evil Island
           (24 hours online!)

The cast of credits for this edition are upcomming
followed by the people who are behind THE RELAX
staff and being responsible for this issue.
         * Main programming by:
             SKID ROW/AFL
         * Additional programming by:
        * Music manipulating by:
        * Graphic manipulating by:
           SKID ROW/AFL
General Editor....................Skinhead/Afl
Additional Editor.................Max/Afl 
Additional Editor.................Skid Row/Afl 
Release Charts Editor.............Marc/Afl
Us-Board Operator.................Ancient Mariener

This is the current RELAX staff for the October/
November issue but however there will probably 
appear various changes during the next issues.
The main outfit will get improved and like we have
already mentioned different chapters and areas 
in the magazine itself will get extended and improved
aswell. So far we hope you will appreciate the 
RELAX and provide us with your help to make this
again to one of your favourite sources....
Yours Sincerly,
Skinhead/Alpha Flight
General Editor,RELAX (c) 1994
:)  R E L A X   S A Y S   F U C K   R A C I S M  :) 

US-Scene Report

Welcome,Dear audience,to have a look with us onto
the current US-scene with including some latest
news concerning the Board scene.
To be honest,there recently isn't too much action
on the american boards mainly caused by the 
lack of calling cards. Just a few european traders
are still able to support the boards constantly. 
Mainly the dutch and east-european sector is still
able to use blue-box as one of the main possibilities
to abuse the phone fraud. However,different sysops
already followed the trend to install another toll-
free line to their board that can be reached by 
dialing +1-800+Acn. Mainly the major boards such
those lines especially for the american callers.
Hopefully more boards will follow the trend soon.
Rumours are going on that blue-boxing from 
Germany and from certain other euro-countries
is possible again,we will keep you updated.
PUDWERX/AVT officially left the scene and took his
board THE FORUM with him. According to him he got
a new job and he can not care about both,the 
scene and his private business. As a matter of this,
the scene lost one of the best fixers and the most
popular board.
were spotted mainly calling THE FORUM anounced
their comeback to the scene with Glory as their 
fixing group. Master Kracker used to be in groups
while SHARK was in INC and RANDOM. For the ones,
they don't remember about GLORY,here some more
details. GLORY was formed by COLDRAKE who was
the sysop of Citadell of Illusion (HTL,GLORY,ELITE,
NOT and HYSTERIC HQ) and THOR in 1992. The group
didn't least for that long when THOR quit the scene
Anyway,they apparently released the game "spook"
together with HARDCORE,even though the release
didn't even included a GLORY intro. If we will ever
see something again from the trio is still uncertain,
when THE FORUM disappeared the three buddies,
were gone as fast as they came.
EMPIRE started releasing again,mainly all the F4CG,
warez,fixed by RICH's brother MERCENARY .
Finally they could also get ahold of a new head-
quarter called MEANACE 2 SOCIETY operated by
NAPALM who obvious joined EMP aswell and after-
wards changed his handle into MIZAR. However,
due to the lame behaviour of MIZAR who was 
banished from different major boards,MERCENARY
kicked him out of the group. That means EMPIRE
remains boardless once again. 
The scene got pleasantly suprised with a new 
group namely ARISTOCRACY which managed to fix
and release different warez,mainly the ones from
Chromance. The status looked like NATAS,STYX, 
DOMINATION (Sysop Styx) as headquarter. However
the group seems not to be born under a good star,
because it's almost about to die. STYX and STAB-
LIZER went over to DEMONIX,while ASMODEUS re-
joined CARCASS. NATAS is the only remaining 
member so far,and since he is the one who formed 
the group he has to deceide what will happen. 
Whatever happens,we will keep you informed.
DEMONIX finally returned again and brought some
fresh releases and action to the boards. With 
STABLIZER and STYX they have gained another
fixer (though it seems like he still need some more
experiences,example TECTRON) and another 
North-headquarter with D.O.D (XXX/XXX-XXXX)
operated by STYX. 
add some new members like ZIRC0 and MOLOCH both
F4CG who joined them as 2nd group. Further UZZY,
aswell. According to UZZY another demo project
is on the way. 

There appeared a new lame trend with formating
boards. Recently a couple of boards like THE 
DUNGEON,TEI and HIC were the sacrifice of those
lame attempts. Whoever is behind those absolutly 
stupid acts will get uncovered soon or later. Most
of the boards got rid of the backdoors anyways.
Some people should think twice what they are 
doing. With each formated board they go one step
ahead to kill the scene. 

And actually there are not that many boards left,
worth to call. NIGHTWRITER (Sysop of Forplay)
went over to the PC while ACYEE took her board
THE SHAOLIN TEMPLE down,due to massive money
problems. Still uncertain when the board will go
back up again. 

However,at the end some good news,DREAMPARK
will go online soon though CYBORG (sysop) still
didn't announce for what group he will run it. 
Therfor CHAMELON finally made up his mind and
deceided when DIVINE ULTIMATUM will go back up,
F4CG and probably another group are the ones
he want to have on his board. Definitely not TALENT
or G*P,due to their unactivity. 

Well,that's all important news about the current 
US-scene. So incase you have any suggestions or
you need some further details about whoever,don't
hestitate and contact THE RELAX magazine. 
(/) Skinhead

Monthly Releases

                     The monthly Releases
Welcome to the World of monthly releases. This is
the complete list containing all warez that has been
released after the September issue of the Pulse.
So don't worry,we will take care about what is going
on and who is dominating this area for real,since we
do the rules and i am sure you will accept them as
being fair and correct and as usualy based on seen 
facts only.  

Following boards are accepted as Major boards 
and were taken into consideration by performing
the List. 

Holiday Inn Cambodia,Down by Law,The Dungeon,
The Evil Island and The Forum (for the last time).

Incase two (+) groups spread one release the same
time following boards will get observed aswell,incase
it will help to clear the matter and to avoid any

Edge of Midnight,Tunnel of Warez,Deadzone and
Chaotic Factor. 

The given point system is nearly the same as it used
to be in the Pulse. We will introduce it again in a
little summary.

Fullprice gets------   7.0-8.0 Points.
Budget gets-------   .  5.0-6.0 Points.
Low Budget gets--- -3.0-4.0 Points.
Public D. gets------0. 1- 1.0 Points.
Previews gets -----  0. 1- 1.0 Points.

A Ntsc fixed version will get 1.0-1.5 Points extra,
incase another group is involved with the fix the
points will be shared.

Incase the release has to be either levelpacked,
trained or translated and nothing of each category
has occured on purpose the release will get
punished after following pattern . . .

No Levelpacking-----0.5- 1.0 Points reducing.
No Training--------       0  .5- 1.0 Points reducing.
No Translation------   1.5-2.0 Points reducing.

A bugging version will get ignored until a 100%
release appears. Each correction will be punished
with -0.1-2.0 points. 

Re-releases or Rip-offs will get -7.0 points as soon
as they got uncovered.

Games they were made with a Game editor such as
S.E.U.C.K will get ignored. Not compiled Basic games
will get ignored aswell.

---------------Accept--------- 0.0 P.-----

They've released the Public Domain game ENERGY
MANAGER . 0.0 Points were given because the crack
version is far below 50%. The game bugs mostly 
in each area and the translation is far from 100%.

-----------Alpha Flight 1970-----  5  .3 P. ----

The flight started with an average preview called
THINK TWICE (0.6 points) and later on they released
the fixed version of BRAIN SPASM (4.7 points) from
CP Verlag.

--------------  Atlantis -------- 2.0 ------

They've released a not compiled basic game called
BATTLE SHIP DELUXE (0.0 points) followed by 
THE SESSION 2 (2.0 points).

------------- Avantgarde ------- 4.3 ------

AVT started with a very promising preview of 
REACTOR 2 (0.8 points),followed by BABYBLUES 
(c) CP verlag (4.5 points). Unfortunately they have
Re-released in Co-op with EXCESS 'SMASHER 2' an
Arkanoid clone that was released by C0DERZ a year
ago under a different title namely MAGIC BALLS.
However,after we arranged the case with AVT,we 
deceided not to punnish the release with (-7) points.

-------------  Chromance -------- 6.0 ----

They released the previews of TETRISACK (0.4 p.)
and BATTLE (0.5 points) and BALLA BALLA (0.5 p.).
Atleast they released ANTROCK which was fixed by
ARISTOCRACY (4.6 points).

--------------  Excess ---------- 0.0 ----

No points were given to SMASHER. 

-------------- Famine --------- 0.0 ------

A new american cracker group was born,but un-
fortunately they've started with a RE-release called
FENEMENT (- 7.0 points) released by Shazam a
while ago.

-------------- F4CG ---------- 31.1 ------

A fleet of wares invaded the boards from the old
group. At the beginning they released DRIP (4.9 p.)
(c) Tim Soft which was fixed by Empire. Then they 
put out an american fullprice game called 'PREHIS-
TORIC MAN (6.0 points), followed by an american low
budget game entitled SHERWOOD OPEN (3.1 points).
An average preview found the way to the boards 
called BLUBRIA (0.4 points). The following wares got
fixed by Empire: BIRDS (4.6 points) by Single Density
FIFTEEN (4.1 points), MINEFIELD (4.0 points) and
SUNDAY OF MIRCALES (4.0 points). And no points
will be given for the tool GUN PAINT from CP Verlag.

----------- Genesis Project ------- 3.8 ----

After years of abstinence they returned with
KILLER (3.2 points). Empire failed to release a 100%
fix and so a 2nd version was necessary. Their last
release was the preview of DOOMED WORLD (0.6 p).
-------------- Hardcore --------4.5 -----

They released together with GLORY the fixed  
version of SPOOK (4.5 points).

------------- Success+Trc ------ 0.8 -----

They released the unplayable preview of BORN IN
SPACE (0.3 points). Later on  they have released  
the preview of HEAVENBOUND but unfortunately it is
identically with the preview version of Chromance
released in early 1993. Then the preview of FUN-
DUEL (0.5 points) found it's way to the boards.

--------------  Shazam --------- 3.5 -----

They could only release the game HAMMER BROS,
(3.5 points) that made it's way to the boards.

--------------- Trance --------- 0.6-----

They managed to put out a playable version of
IMPERIOD (c) Talented Bank (0.6 points). The 
unplayable version was released by Alpha Flight
some time before.

(*) Additional Coments:

Tools,such as packers,graphic programms or
Music editors will get mentioned but ignored point-
wise. Therefor AVT didn't get points for both,
Colour-pack and Ab-cruncher V3.

The game SMASHER 2 released by AVT+EXS turned
out to be a bad rip-off from the game MAGIC BALLS,
released by C0DERZ a year ago. The code is absolut
identical,beside the Intro screen and the 1x1 Font
was exchanged. According to EMPIRE the game is 
even older then one year and got released already
seven years ago. So that would be the 2nd Re-
release of one game.
                   European release charts 
Rank        Group                  Points    Rel. 
01.  (05)   F4CG ----------------- 31.1 p.  --09
02.  (06)   Chromance ------------ 6.0 p.   --04
03.  (02)   Alpha Flight---------- 5.3p.    --02
04.  (./.)  Hardcore------------   4.5p.    --01
05.  (03)   Avantgarde-----------  4.3p.    --02
06.  (./.)  Genesis Project------- 3.8 p.   --01
07.  (./.)  Shazam---------------- 3.5 p.   --02
08.  (./.)  Atlantis ------------  2.0 p.   --01 
09.  (01)   Scs+Trc -------------- 0.8 p.   --02
10.  (./.)  Trance --------------- 0.6 p.   --01

                      US Fix/Import charts
Rank          Group               Points     Rel. 
01.  (./.)    Empire--------------23.8    ---06  
02.  (03)     Alpha Flight ------ 4.7     ---01   
03.  (05)     Aristocracy-------- 4.6     ---01   
04.  (01)     Avantgarde -------  4.5     ---01   
 "   (./.)    Glory-------------- 4.5     ---01   

Groups like F4cg,<C> and AFL still prove that they
are able to release constantly. AVT and SCS+TRC
had a rather slow month for a change. 
Talent,Motiv 8 and Dytec completly disappeared from
the market, I hope they start releasing soon again. 
However,Glory and Aristocracy will probably also
disappear but check the NEWS for further infos.

Empire did a major comeback this month with alot
of releases and their biggest competitor,Demonix,
will Re-enter the charts next time for sure.

AFL and AVT still fix their warez by themselfes,but
let's see what will happen after Pudwerx left AVT.

Anyway,we counted 26 releases for this issue,so
that is still better then nothing but i hope there will
be something like a x-mas rush once again. . . 

                                              Yours Marc/AFL

Global Report I.

Be welcome to the place of monthly News where
we will entertain you with all the latest happenings
around the world of the sixty four...

It's currently based on the "Elite" scene only
no matter if Legal or Illegal,we won't miss anything
that is of interest,we will be there and face the
facts of highest journalism Quality.

Therefor we offer you to take part of the latest
News itself. If you miss anyhing concerning your
own group, don't hestitate for a moment and make
sure to send us your news chapter, I am sure the
scene will appreciate it. Be a part of the Press
If there for instance appears some News of false
facts make sure and send us your complaints
and we will imediately check our sources and 
correct it within the next issue.

             * For news contact the Press * 

                          XXXXXXXX XXXX  
                     XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX

           * Call the Relax 'Supporting BBS' *

                The Evil Island  (24h Online)
      * Fantastic Four Cracking Group   (F4CG) *
To make it short,the group that has once been the
absolute absentee itself made an impressing
comeback to the scene. Not only release and
boardwise they've showed the today's scene 
that any group has the potential to fill a brick
in a wall. As foreseeable HAIN and MAJA combineted
both their Originals and Cracking abilities at a
perfect example. There can be a couple of releases
expected,since the group proved to be able to
provide the scene constantly.

Though there seems to be a little problem Board-
wise.  Since Stormrider quit and gave his
Board equipment over to ZIRC0 who was supposed
to continue running the glory 'TUNNEL OF WAREZ'
the board is more or less down,aswell the action
has been reduced. However,according to SOLAR
the problems should be hopefully solved soon.

Another quarrel was caused by MUTANT-X who
returned to the scene earlier this month.
According to the rest of the group he more or less
let himself back into the group without asking
anyone. However,after some arguements with his
own members he had verbally attacked in public on
the Forum he deceided to leave F4CG and to join
AFL instead,while The SNEAPER left F4cg to built
up his own group named 'HARDCORE',but later
rejoined,after some serious conversations with
SOLAR. CHIEFTY/Ex-Padua joined aswell. Finally
SYNDICATE who teamed up with F4cg a while ago,
recognized that his handle has been used by a
certain famous person some years ago,and changed
it to H-BLOXX. 

F4CG Status:Solar,Fen1,King,Sneaper,Playboy,Hain,
Knight of Decay,Theriom,Zir0,Spark,Idol,Neotec and

                    F4cg Worldheadquarter
                          Tunnel of Warez
                           * Chromance * 
After their amazing summer-rush they have slowed
down and lost somewhat of power. Mainly due to 
the lack of possibilities to call out from the hungarian
border though HOMEBOY and STAKE are proving
lately that there are still ways to reach the US-
boards. However,MR.WAX has to follow some of his 
members and will join the army the 1st of November. 

Allthough they have lost THE EVIL ISLAND to AFL,
they could add some new faces like ZAR who left
SCS+TRC and AMC who left CHARGED. Also their
old board  'EDGE OF MIDNIGHT' remains CHROMANCE
All of a sudden a very familier face namely ROUGH
returned to the boards and will probably maintain
his activities when he moved houses,again. 

SPLATTERHEAD who left <C> earlier last month
deceided that <C> is still the best he can do and
re-joined the posse.

<C> Status:Mr.Wax,Jazzy-D,Alex,Griff,Jinx,Painkiller,
Unholy,Rug Rat,Zar,Rough,Amc,Titanic,Wozio,Syco,
Druid & Sailor.
                   Chromance Worldheadquarter
                            Edge of Midnight
                           * Avantgarde *
They are probably the most popular Cracking Group
by now who managed to keep their standart as 
constant as their releases since the beginning.
With valuable warez and a good pressure to the
voters they are storming the charts.

However,a big loss has been with THE FORUM that
recently went down because PUDWERX found a new
Job and according to him he wouln't have had 
enough time to care about both,the board and his
business. So AVT did not only loose their only and
probably best fixer ever but also their one and 
only remaining board.
It is still uncertain when and which board they
will pick up. It is said that it's just a matter of time
when TERMINAL OBSESSION will go back up,along
with probably another new yet unknown board.

Though they got ahold of some new members like
IRONCAT who re-joined and NASTINESS INC. who
teamed up aswell but,however according to DEFF
is still in on trail and therefor stays in ENTROPY
as 2nd group. PBXellence (EVS) left to code some-
what of a good-bye demo.

AVT Status:JD,Jack Alien,Deff,Freestyle,Hok,A-man,
Darklord,Ironcat,Magic Man,Skywolf & Cybersurfer.
                      * Genesis Project *
After a long time the world could convince itselfs
that the old fame is still alive. They are not only
back in full effect boardwise but also releasing
warez again,while old faces like NEWSCOPY,JUCKE,
and WALKER started calling the boards again. In
co-op with AVANTGARDE they are arranging the
'TRIBUTE' a pure C64 Party that without doubts
can be an event of this century. The scheduled date
is the 18th-20th November.

Along they've added another very old familier face
the PUNISHER to their status. And to confirm all
rumours about AIRWOLF being still a GENESIS
member,it's definitely NOT true.

Boardwise,the future looks very promising with
DIVINE ULTIMATUM as new WHQ that according to
CHAMELON will go up again within the next few 
weeks. Rumours say that MY  STIC CAVERN  the
old GP HQ will come back aswell together with 
another new board called INTERTRADE but every-
thing is still uncertain and based on not proven

GP Status:Newscopy,Jucke,Walker,Ministry,Motley,
Scope,Tyger,Sorceress & Antichrist. 

                          * Alpha Flight *      
Alpha Flight appears and provides with full of power
when nobody expect them to do it. Even though 
there is actually a big lack of possibilites to get 
calling cards and therefor to reach the boards they
recently prove that it is possible with a steady 
amount of warez and calls boardwise. However,they
are more the mail-scene orientated then ever with
constantly quality releases to prove the scene that
they are supposedly not only a speed-cracking

They've added known faces like PEACEMAKER,
CURLIN,RACOON and VORTEX who all used to be 
members of MOTIV 8 a while ago.  Therefor SLIVER,
CENTAURION,HAWK & LEADER were kicked out due
to unactivity. 

Boardwise they've added another very well known,
board namely THE EVIL ISLAND that has been an 
AFL HQ already before CHROMANCE get ahold of it,
while HOLIDAY INN CAMBODIA remains aswell AFL
HQ unlike certain Magazine wrote. Since THE PULSE
is no longer in progress THE RELAX obvious took
over TEI as supporting BBS.

Afterall MUTANT-X/Ex-F4cg teamed up with AFL as
Cardhacker and according to him his board called
SEVENTH HEAVEN will go up soon when he solved
his Hardware problems.

AFL Status:Marc,Skinhead,Max,Skid Row,Honesty,
Phu-Q,Secret Man,Peacemaker,Murphy,Styx,Ream,
Aggressor,Mutant-X,Ancient Mariener,Xenox,Vortex
and Pol Pot. 

                Alpha Flight Worldheadquarters

                        Holiday Inn Cambodia

                             The Evil Island
                 Success & The Ruling Company
The ruling Co-op is still that active in both releasing
warez and providing the boards since the beginning.
That's what the world expect from a dominating
cracking group,however they got some serious
competitors with AVT and AFL who wants the top
spot aswell. But i am sure they will find a good 
solution to defend their current position chartwise.
However,beside SPECTATOR/Ex-Xenon who joined in
a while ago and THE DUNGEON that got formated by
some unknown IDIOT,has nothing special happend.

SCS+TRC Status:Burglar,Cba,Moren,Aj,Arrogance,
Mystery,Vengenance,Dannie,Cavron & Micorn.

                   Success & Trc Worldheadquarter

                           The Dungeon

                             * Talent *
The old pride didn't show that much of activity,
release wise. More or less they conspicious by ones
absence to the todays scene. Allmost caused by
lack of calling cards. MAJESTY was spotted on DBL
once in a while,when most of the german rest is
seen on the german boards. Nobody has BOD seen
on the boards either. 

However,they could add an old familier face namely
THE IGNORANCE while SORCERER,who has joined
Talent a while ago,changed his handle into XAVER
and claims up not only to be in CREST but also to be
the old XAVER from GBF designs. That is definitely
NOT true and for your pleasure we will bring you
more details and provements within the next Issue.

Talent Status:Bod,Majesty,Chrysagon,Count-0,Tbb,
Ignorance,Ramirez,Rockstar,Greenfrog,Xaver and

                     Talent Worldheadquarter

                              Down by Law

                              * Motiv 8 *
It got really silent around the group that once 
kicked ass and were known for a steady amount of
warez. After the german section (Peacemaker,Curlin
Vortex and Racoon) left to join AFL they lost alot
of power since they were the main traders and
card suppliers. However,TRICKET lost the interest
in running a board with just a little support from
his own group and kicked MOTIV 8 from DOMINIC,
even though,according to CROSSFIRE, most of the
members have tried their best to call and support
it regulary. However,in order to compensate the
loss of Dominic they've added a new Euro head-
quarter namely MOUNT OLYMPUS operated by
BIRD. So whoever said Motiv 8 is dead,is definitely
wrong and will hopefully get convinced soon from
any doubts. Afterall MERLIN left to built up his own
group called FANTASY.

Motiv 8 status:Mason,Crossfire,Iceball,Bird,Eddi, 
Grego,Natas,The fresh prince,Tg-acme,Ibanez,Clive,
and Daniel.

                Motiv 8  European Headquarter

                            Mount Olympus

You have reached the END of the first World-News
Chapter in the Relax. Please continue reading in the
2nd News chapter.

                                             (/) Skinhead/AFL

Global Report II.

                           * Excess *
They've showed the world to be more orientated to
the current US-board scene apart the mail scene
they've constantly supported with warez. They could
get ahold of another headquarter called CHAOTIC
FACTOR which used to be AVT HQ sometime ago. 
However,DEADZONE remains EXCESS HQ. On 
purpose to create a new team they've added some
fresh blood like,BTS and SPINBALL/both ex-MENTAL
ATLANTIS. For the right balance they've kicked 
MINDCRIME and JOSH,while LUCA quit the scene. 
However,EXCESS reached a good standart and
with some more action release-wise they are
capitable of even go further to the top.

The Staff could not get ahold of a complete member-
status and since we are not going to print either an
uncomplete or incorrect one we are going to 
deliver you with one for the next issue.

                    Excess Headquarters

                         Chaotic Factor


                              * Dytec *
This group did an impressing rush through the time
and already reached a good place at the top of the
current charts. However,no matter with or without
TRSI i am sure we can expect more to come quality-
wise. Talking about TRSI and the CO-OP that has 
splitted a while ago due to the absolute lack of 
activity from the TRSI side and according to FATMAN
the Co-op brought particular nothing profitable, 
beside two releases and further they promised us
an US-headquarter but we got none. Meanwhile 
nothing really happend to their status,so here it

Dytec status: Fatman,Dodger,Proton,Little Big Man,
Coda,Crep,Stone,Shaman,Rooster,Bo and Suzuki.

                 * Tristar & Red Sector Inc. *
Whatever you say,and for what purpose they've
ever added the name TRISTAR,the group that was
once unstopable and known for their steady amount
of releases, seems to be gone from the screen. 
However,let's wait and see if they will ever find 
tracks back to their old power and standart.

After certain intern problems concerning OB better
known as LAZYNESS who was said to be kicked out
of TRSI who,however denied such rumours and as a
matter of this afterwards put up a new german 
TRSI Hq called the RED BOARD. Anyway,we will follow
their doing and hope they will once return with 
their old strenght.

TRSI status:Irata,The Breaker,OB,Scat,Tnm,Midfit,
Mws,Crisp,Brain and Posdnugs.

                       Trsi Headquarter

                         The Red Board

                           * Atlantis *
Well,the group is known for a good warez support 
mail- and quality wise. That's their business and 
what they are constantly doing no matter what 
other people force them to do. They could gain some
more members to the group like SMD/ex-MOTIV 8,

ATL Status: Avalanche,Robocop,Dreamlover,Benno,
Snap,Underdog,Smd,Ram Jam,Mr.Giga,Gangstar and
Troop. Running for the biggest group,eh?!

                     Atlantis Headquarter

                       Fortress of Doom

                           * Fairlight *
Fairlight is doubtless one of the best overall groups
of today,no matter what will happen. They've got 
their specialists of all kinds and in each category. 
Their only aim is to deliver the world with quality and
envyless we do appreciate their work with a huge 
applause. They've got two more members with RAGE,
who used to be SNOOZE/ex-bronx and VOLUNTEER
who nevertheless will stay in ANTIC as 1st group.
FLT status: Avalon,Bacchus,Enduro,Gerwin,Dino,
Ogami.Red Devil,Harlekin,Grey Hawk,Rowdy,Sledge,
and Volunteer.

                     Fairlight Headquarter

                         Warez Aquarium

                              * Triad *
Triad is another good example when it comes to 
quality . Whenever they release something,though 
that has not happen too often these days,it has it's
very own style to express something to the world.
They've added some people to their status like,
VAIN,TAO and SLICE. However,they've also lost some
who recently left the scene. OWEN joined AGONY,
while HEAVYHEAD got kicked out.

Triad status: Jerry,King Fisher,Tdm,Sailor,Cash,
Dane,Kravin,Tango,Rave,2 Flower,Vain,Tao,Slice,
Mr.Ammo,Road Runner and Midnight Mover.

                      Triad Headquarters

                             The Studio
                       Illusion of Reality


                            * Legend *
The Legend itselfs over the last few years finally
felt off the throne due to their lack of activity in all
areas. JAZZCAT,the only remaining and active 
member atleast provides the scene with his brilliant
magazine DOMINATION and is also still quite active,
in both calling boards and mail trading. However,with
the loss of the SHAOLIN TEMPLE,that is offline for 
weeks now anyways,their 2nd remaining trader 
namely ATMOS disappeared aswell. PWP and REBEL
are still at the university in the USA while WESTBAM
has been lost in nowhere. Therefor GOLDFISH was
spotted on different boards and is said to return 
soon. TYREE is definitely not in Legend. 

Legend status: Powerplant,Westbam,Rebel,XXX,Doc,
Atmos,Jazzcat,Fletch,Skater and Goldfish.

                            * Oxyron *
The memberstatus of this group remains like in 1993,
with a single expection. PEACE left them in order to
team up with Noice.
There exists a rumour that a certain SUZUKI claims
to be a member of OXYRON,but that is definitely 
not true. According to RRR,TTS,AXIS,PRI,GRAHAM 
and SILDE who are the original members of OXYRON
since 1992, therfor nobody allowed him to join the 
group and nobody else has the right to do that. 
At this place we will give you a quote of the staff 
from Oxyron... " It is proved that it was just a lame
attempt from SUZUKI to get more known to the 
scene in the first place. After he got a call from 
RRR, he still claimed up to be an Oxyron member at
Sorcerer's (Talent member) address and applied for
the Talent membership so do not wonder about him
introducing himself as a Talent member in the 
near future".  So far to the statement of the 
Oxyron management. We will keep you updated. 
Currently they are working on two demos on the 
CBM 64 and two demos on the Amiga. According to 
their spokesman RRR they are aswell active on the 
PC, Archimedes and the Atari St Falcon but no se-
rious productions are planned on that machine so

Oxyron status: Asmodis,Axis,Biz-Kid,Graham,PRI,
RRR,Scrapper,Slide and TTS. 

                         * Hardcore *
All of a sudden they were born and appeared with a
fresh release,though it was made by their own 
member SNEAPER who recently re-joined F4CG.
There has been some rumours going around about
a new group but however,it's still uncertain how 
much of attention they will get from the scene. So
far nobody has seen anything after their release
of SPOOK.  If you will take a closer look onto the
member status there appear more or less people
they are known for their very own unactivity ever
since. Anyway,let's wait for a while and see.....

Hardcore status: Communist,Shocker,Raze,B-Wyze,
Anarchy,Shurican and whoever else....

                           * Regina *
Stand still for a minute and let's think about their
main and probably only support to the scene,but
therefor one of the best supports that can be done
with a magazine such as THE PULSE has been. Alot
of people disliked the arrogant style DUKE has used
for his magazine but be honest for a second and 
remember it was the only magazine worth to read 
for a long time until different other magz followed
with the trend to make a more serious news journal
based on facts only. However,none magazine
managed to keep his issues as frequent to the 
release date as DUKE did and therfor he managed
to be the number one within a short time. Anway,
DUKE deceided to leave the scene for some private
reasons and took THE PULSE with him and declared
REGINA as dead. Still uncertain what happend to
the rest but most of them were more or less active
on the PC anyway. However,maybe one time he will
be back with another suprise to the world. 

That's all so far containing the world of news,so 
incase you missed anything about your own group
don't hestitate to contact the press.

                      *  XXXXXXXX XXXX  *
                    XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX


The Charts I.

Welcome to probably your most favourite chapter
to see who is Top and who Not. We are your voice to
represent your opinion to the rest of the world,so
be a part of the majority and go VOTE or don't care
at all upon the result and don't complain.
However,we feel obligated to remind you once again,
to vote only for ACTIVE and presented people,since
the Charts are supposed to reflect the presence of
today and not the past. Who really cares about who
HAS BEEN once fame and to be honest who looks at 
e.g. Music charts containing half of old titles in it?!? 
We will constantly follow the charts and remove any
UN-active group or scener in it's category 
Remember,we got TWO charts for this chapter,to
reflect for one part the Mail voting scene and on
the other side the Board scene,since both 
categorys have quite a different opinion and atleast
to present you as of today the best and updated
Chart system ever.
To explain you the difference of it in advance,incase
there are any. The board voters are always a little
ahead concerning the Illegal charts,simply because 
they are able to notice when a group lost speed or 
activity release and quality wise,already within
a few weeks. For instance there are also quite some
categories left upon the board voters can't 
vote or judge about such as best Swappers.
Anyway,on the next pages you will see what has
happend to the Charts since the last issue of the
Pulse. We based our system on the ones that THE
PULSE used as we consider it being the most 
objective one. This time we took following Magazines
into consideration while performing the charts.
Propaganda #  14 , Newspress #  15 , Ing. Brain #  5 , 
Domination #  2, Skyhigh #  13 and the last Pulse.
The Board Charts are based on the Voting booth,
setted up on TEI/Relax HQ during the last month. 
Top ten Demo Charts
Rank   Last     Group                   Points 
01.    (2)      Camelot                 59
02.    (1)      Oxyron                  57
03.    (5)      Fairlight               51
04.    (4)      Censor Design           50
05.    (3)      Crest                   47
06.    (6)      Triad                   39
07.    (7)      Antic                   37
08.    (8)      Taboo                   36
09.    (/)      Spirit                  25
10.    (9)      Focus                   24

Top ten single coder
Rank  Last      Alias                         Points
01.   (2)       TTS/Oxyron                    58
02.   (4)       Slammer/Camelot               55
03.   (1)       Crossbow/Crest                53
04.   (3)       Tron/Fairlight                48
05.   (5)       MMS/Taboo                     45
06.   (7)       Bob/Censor                    42
07.   (6)       Zodiac/Flash Inc.             31
08.   (9)       King Fisher/Triad             27
09.   (-)       Glasnost/Camelot              26
10.   (8)       D' ARC/Topaz B.               25

Top ten cracking groups
Rank  Last      Group                   Points
01.   (1)       SCS+TRC                 55
02.   (2)       Avantgarde              51
03.   (3)       Alpha Flight            43
04.   (4)       Chromance               41
05.   (6)       Dytec(+Trsi)            33
06.   (5)       Talent                  31
07.   (9)       Motiv 8                 18
08.   (-)       F4cg                    17
09.   (10)      Excess                  12
10.   (7)       Triad                   10
Top ten single cracker
Rank  Last      Alias                         Points
01.   (1)       Burglar/Scs                   58
02.   (3)       Jack Alien/Avt                57
03.   (4)       Hain/F4cg                     50
04.   (2)       Powerplant/[L]                48
05.   (6)       Bacchus/Flt                   38
06.   (8)       Derby Ram/Avt                 35
07.   (5)       Count Zero/Talent             33
08.   (-)       Crossfire/Motiv-8             30
09.   (-)       Skinhead/Afl                  27
10.   (10)      Chrysagon/Talent              25
Top ten graphic artists
- -----------------
Rank  Last      Alias                         Points
01.   (2)       Electric/Extend               58
02.   (1)       Creeper/Antic                 56
03.   (3)       Ogami/Flt                     51
04.   (4)       Joe/Wrath D.                  48
05.   (5)       Cruise/Elysium                44
06.   (9)       Carrion/Elysium               37
07.   (6)       Hein Holt/Focus               34
08.   (7)       Rob/Camelot                   32
09.   (-)       Fazzel/Taboo                  31
10.   (8)       Mirage/Focus                  23
Top ten music composer
  - -----------------
Rank  Last      Alias                          Points
01.   (1)       Syndrom/Tia/Crest              60
02.   (2)       Jeroen Tel                     54
03.   (3)       Drax/Vib/Crest                 49
04.   (4)       Pri/Tia/Oxyron                 44
05.   (6)       Jeff/Camelot                   42
06.   (9)       Red Devil/Flt                  36
07.   (8)       Shogun/Agony                   33
08.   (7)       Zyron/Antic                    32
09.   (5)       Danko/Censor                   30
10.   (-)       Campod/Crd/Agony               28
Top ten single swapper
Rank  Last      Alias                         Points
01.   (1)       Calypso/Amnesia               59
02.   (5)       Tabasco/Flt                   50
03.   (8)       Spermbird/Excess              48
04.   (6)       Splatterhead/<C>              45
05.   (2)       Nightshade/Scs                41
06.   (3)       Derby Ram/Avt                 40
07.   (-)       Acidchild/Taboo               31
08.   (-)       Sebaloz/???                   28
09.   (-)       Sailor/<C>                    26
10.   (-)       Styx/Afl                      25
Top ten magazines 
- ------------- 
Rank  Last      Magazine                 Points
01.   (2)       Nitro                    53
02.   (4)       Skyhigh                  48
03.   (3)       Revealed                 45
04.   (5)       Reformation              44
05.   (6)       Ingenious Brain          42
06.   (7)       Jamaica News             40
07.   (9)       Update                   32
08.   (-)       Insider                  27
09.   (8)       Splash                   23
10.   (-)       Newspress                18
These are the current World Charts of October/
November 1994. If you were not satisfied with one
category don't complain but VOTE instead. Some 
additional comments are on the way...
Demo Groups: Finally CAMELOT took over the 
deserved top spot. However,OXYRON is nearby to
catch the tail. CREST is finally loosing places. FLT 
entered the top 3 while Topaz made room for SPIRIT
BYTERAPERS will storm the charts very soon. 
Single Coder: TTS and CROSSBOW changed their 
places while Slammer entered the top 3. KM had to
leave the top 10 for GLASNOST who Re-entered.
MR.SEX will probably already enter the Top 10 next
Cracking Groups: Nothing really happend on the Top,
beside AVT is almost about to kick Scs+TRC from the
throne. Vote either for DYTEC or TRSI as this is the
last time we will mention both together. F4CG finally,
entered the top 10 though they deserve an even
higher place. Legend finally left the charts,while 
MOTIV 8 climbed ahead.
Single Cracker: BURGLAR is still ahead though JACK
ALIEN is on the way ahean. HAIN entered the top 3,
.while PWP finally left them. Also XXX and BENSON,
both unactive ever since,made room for CROSSFIRE
Graphicans: ELECTRIC took over the lead and 
pushed CREEPER down one place. CARRION made
a good move to the 6th place,while MIRAGE lost two
places. BIZZKID had to leave and therefor FAZZEL
entered the top 10 for the first time.
Musicans: SYNDROM is not only number one already
for a good time but also the only guy who managed,
to get the amount of 60 points,that means he is 
curently number one in 99% of all magazines. 
Respect. RED DEVIL climbed three places,while
DANKO loses alot. Beside A-MAN who left the charts
after a short time and made room for CAMPOD,
nothing of interest has happened. 
Swappers: Seems as if CALYPSO is definately 
untouchable these days. He nearly got the highest
possible amount of points. However,both TABASCO,
and SPERMBIRD made a big jump and entered the
top 3 while NIGHTSHADE and DERBY RAM had to 
care for room. Also SPLATTERHEAD climbed again,
to a deserved higher rank. Another impressing 
point this time is the flexibility of the swapping
charts. Four new faces appeared like,ACIDCHILD,
CASH,KBS and LEECH had to say goodbye for the
moment,let's see what will happen...
Magazines: Since THE PULSE is no longer in pro- 
gress NITRO took over the lead,though THE PULSE
still got ?ost of all votes. SKYHIGH entered the
top 3 while REVEALED had to leave. These kind of
charts are still going very slowly,however NETWORK
made room for INSIDER who entered together with
the NEWS PRESS. We hope that the ones who voted
for THE PULSE will continue voting for RELAX.
So far you've reached the end of the mail voting
charts,so choose the 2nd chart chapter and
continue with the board voted charts.

The Charts II.

More Charts are upcomming! As probably one of the
first magazines we will offer you a seperate Board
voted Chart-system,based on the online auto voter
installed to THE EVIL ISLAND. 
This will hopefully give you an alternative to the 
usuall voted Charts based on either paper sheets,
spreaded and used mail-wise,that in most cases 
extensive comprehensives the mail scene only,since
probably most of all modem traders refuse that
way. It reflect to all probabilities the opinion of all 
those they call frequently the boards and either 
despise the mail way or just have no possibilities
to reply or fill out paper sheets. This is another 
advantage to the usual way to contribute the
Charts in a short and easy way. However,to get
an absolute opinion it's necessary that each modem
user support us atleast with the easy way, to be a 
part in the charts. For that purpose don't forget
to call the THE EVIL ISLAND  'RELAX HQ'  to use the
auto-voter and to support the charts with your 
Remember,if you don't go and vote you are the last 
one who has the right to complain about any dis- 
placed positions in the charts or the system itself.
Another difference to the mail charts are some of 
the categories. We have added the top 10 of the    
World-wide bulletin board systems along with the 
top 10 fixer and single fixer charts. 
For the right balance we have waxed the top 10 
single swappers and the top 10 magazines. Those 
categories are probably not that much of interest 
to the majority of the modem traders anyway. But 
for the fairness we will make a little opinion request 
concerning these categories and incase they will 
get accepted from most of the public we will add 
them to the following issues.
Anyway,enough said so here comes the official vote-
result for October and November 1994.
Top 10 demo groups 
Rank   Last     Group                   Points 
01.    (-)      Camelot                 45
02.    (-)      Oxyron                  34
03.    (-)      Triad                   32
04.    (-)      Fairlight               31
05.    (-)      Censor Design           30
06.    (-)      Byterapers              28
07.    (-)      Antic                   27
08.    (-)      Elysium                 25
09.    (-)      Style                   24
10.    (-)      Focus                   22
Top 10 single coder
Rank  Last      Alias                         Points
01.   (-)       Mr.Sex/Byter.                 29
02.   (-)       Slammer/Camelot               27
03.   (-)       Crossbow/Crest                26
04.   (-)       TTS/Oxyron                    25
05.   (-)       Glasnost/Camelot              23
06.   (-)       Brush/Elysium                 21
07.   (-)       Depeh/Antic                   20
08.   (-)       Thunder                       18
09.   (-)       MMS/Taboo                     16
10.   (-)       Sat                           15
Top 10 cracking groups
Rank  Last      Group                   Points
01.   (-)       Avantgarde              49
02.   (-)       Alpha Flight            44
03.   (-)       F4CG                    41
04.   (-)       Chromance               39
05.   (-)       Scs+Trc                 35
06.   (-)       Talent                  28
07.   (-)       Legend                  25
08.   (-)       Genesis Project         23
09.   (-)       Motiv 8                 22
10.   (-)       Fairlight               15
Top 10 single cracker
Rank  Last      Alias                         Points
01.   (-)       Burglar/Scs                   34
02.   (-)       Powerplant/[L]                31
03.   (-)       Rockstar/Talent               29
04.   (-)       Antitrack/F4CG                28
05.   (-)       Bacchus/Flt                   26
06.   (-)       Doc/Legend                    25
07.   (-)       Skinhead/Afl                  22
08.   (-)       Jack Alien/Avt                21
09.   (-)       Moren/Scs+Trc                 14
10.   (-)       Crossfire/Motiv 8             12
Top 10 graphic artists
- ----------------
Rank  Last      Alias                         Points
01.   (-)       Electric/Extend               29
02.   (-)       Cruise/Elysium                28
03.   (-)       Ogami/Flt                     26
04.   (-)       Dragon/Censor                 24
05.   (-)       RRR/Oxyron                    21
06.   (-)       Rob/Camelot                   20
07.   (-)       Bizzkid/Oxyron                17
08.   (-)       Carrion/Elysium               16
09.   (-)       Scope/Genesis                 11
10.   (-)       Mirage/Focus                  08
Top 10 music composer
  - ----------------
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Pri/Tia/Oxyron                  32
02.   (2)       EVS/20CC                        31
03.   (3)       Danko/Censor                    29
04.   (4)       Jeroen Tel                      27
05.   (6)       A-man/Avt                       25
06.   (9)       Shogun/Agony                    23
07.   (8)       Syndrom/Tia/Crest               22
08.   (7)       Reyn O.                         20
09.   (5)       Jeff/Camelot                    15
10.   (-)       Arne/AFL                        11
Top 10 fixing groups 
Rank  Last      Group                   Points
01.   (-)       Demonix                 35
02.   (-)       Empire                  31
03.   (-)       Avantgarde              24
04.   (-)       Aristocracy             22
05.   (-)       Alpha Flight            20
06.   (-)       Scs+Trc                 18
07.   (-)       TSM                     12
08.   (-)       Glory                   8
09.   (-)       -/----/-                
10.   (-)       -/----/-                
Top 10 single fixer 
Rank  Last      Alias                       Points
01.   (-)       Booze/Emp                   33
02.   (-)       Pudwerx/Ex-Avt              31
03.   (-)       Vizz/Emp                    28
04.   (-)       Sidekick/Demonix            26
05.   (-)       Peacemaker/Afl              23
06.   (-)       Cba/Trc+Scs                 21
07.   (-)       Mercenary/Emp               20
08.   (-)       Rockstar/Talent             17
09.   (-)       Massive O.                  14
10.   (-)       Skid Row/Afl                10
These were all the categories you could vote for 
so remember,if you would like to see some different
people or groups for a change or just one being 
higher,make sure you will call THE EVIL ISLAND and
influence the system with your voice.
As usually,at this place we will continue with some 
coments and remarks to the board charts.
Demo Groups: As seen in the ordinary charts the 
two leading groups CAMELOT and OXY  RON  are still 
ahead. The only big difference is that BYTERAPERS
already made it into the top 10 while CREST had to
leave them. More or less the main active groups
are dominating and that's what the people vote for.
Single Coders:The probably most popular and active
single coder MR.SEX/Byt. who recently released two
amazing demos right after eachother is dominating
the top of the charts and will without doubts storm
the mail charts aswell. SLAMMER reached a 
deserved 2nd rank while TTS is just at the 4th 
place. However,it's not my job to judge about who
is to high and who should be higher but finally guyz
like BOB,TRON or GLASNOST doesn't appear in the
ranks anymore,due to the lack of inactivity. 
Cracking Groups: As already mentioned the majority
of the Board voters judges mainly the speed of a
cracking group and their activity release wise. 
That means groups like AVT,AFL and F4CG are 
ruling for this month. For instance SCS+TRC are 
just voted to the 5th place,probably caused by 
a little slow month with the warez but these charts 
are certainly the most changing ones in just a 
little period depending on how much a group re-
leases and provides the boards. Therfor LEGEND
and GENESIS are still there while groups like 
DYTEC,TRSI or EXCESS,who constantly appear in
the normal charts, don't get voted due to the lack 
of support release- and boardwise.
Single Crackers: Unfortunately the old famous BUT
nowadays unactive crackers still seem to impresse
most of the voters since they once shaped the 
cracking scene on what the todays scene basically
runs on,though the main crackers of the actuall 
ruling groups are going to enter the top 10 on 
purpose to take over this sphere of power. 
However,BURGLAR is once again infront while PWP,
still maintain the 2nd place followed by old profiles 
ALIEN,MOREN and CROSSFIRE are one of those 
crackers they are going to replace different other
old speed crackers due to their activity both speed
and qualitywise.
Graphicans: ELECTRIC is still number one while 
CREEPER completly left the top 10. Therefor CRUISE
has entered the top 3. Also RRR and SCOPE finally
returned to the charts with a deserved place but
with the capitability to go even higher. 
Musicans: To a big surprise the supposly all time
favourite SYNDROM had to go down to the 7th place
while PRI dominates this category for a change.
EDVIN van Santen,with a good amount of fans behind
his back ever since seeing it from the board side,
earned a lot of votes and completly went through 
the charts and stopped at the 2nd place. Further,
DANKO seems to be more popular then DRAX and 
kicked him off to gain the 3rd place,compared to
the mail charts. However,A-MAN and finally ARNE
entered the top 10 while certain other known
composers had to made room.
Fixing groups: DEMONIX and EMPIRE,the only pure
american fixing groups they are left on the market
are ruling the top followed by AVT consisted of 
PUDWERX only,who recently has stoped fixing. 
ARISTOCRACY made it to the 4th place even though
there is just one member left.
The only real european fixing groups AFL and TRC+
SCS are on the 5th and 6th rank but for sure rising
onto the top soon,with decent fixers like PEACE-
BURGLAR are going to follow the trend to fix their
releases by themselfes. TSM and GLORY,both known
of having decent fixers and able to provide the 
scene are down on the 7th and 8th place due to 
their lack of activity. 
Single fixers: BOOZE or PUDWERX,that's the 
question. Both are brilliant fixers though BOOZE
hasn't done too much lately like his group mate
VIZZ. However,all three are still on the top of the
charts followed by SIDEKICK who was not that much
active either. Therefor the european fixers are
gaining more respect and votes with PEACEMAKER
and CBA. MERCENARY who was quite active during
the last months and brought his group to the TOP
release wise entered the charts. ROCKSTAR,whos 
another own story, still gets his votes and reached
the 8th place. Probably alot of people still consider
him as being one of the best euro fixers,without 
doubts he is,but due to his absolute absence to
the scene he will either fall away or stay at the
buttom of the charts. There is not a big difference
to MASSIVE ONSLAUGHT who is the unactivity in
person. However,finally SKID ROW has entered the
charts and will probably go even ahead. 
Well,so far this is all containg the current sixty-
four world charts. I hope you appericated them and
will constantly support us with all kind of stuff
during the next issues to be a part of your 
favourite computer scene. 
However,always remember to think twice before
you go and vote for something. There are alot of
people around nowadays who contribute something
to the scene and deserve to be mentioned some-
where. We all know the old famous people who once
made their way to the top and will always be a part
of our mind,but they had their glorious days and 
since the time is running by to quickly you better
go and vote for the todays sceners before it might
be too late. The wiseman has spoken.....
24 Hours online!


" ...slow scroll the damn beautiful landscapes of
another world over your monitor, huge amount of
enemies attack your DS-H75 Eaglefighter, genetic
manipulated mega aliens a la' H.R. Giger try to
stump you to stardust...
...a little girly, smart and alone tries to find her
way back home again, when only those horrible
lifeforms wouldn't be there...
...a hero in metalamour busts aliens with lightnings
away, endless mystical dungeons seem to devour
that metalhero forever...
Katakis, Giana Sisters, Turrican...
Just a few parts from the games from "Mr.C64"
who is no one else than...
In interview:
Manfred Trenz / Rainbow Arts
* Hello Manfred!  Everyone  knows your brilliant
games , but I am sure no one really knows that
person Manfred Trenz private due to the fact that
you are aversion to the public, so I am proud to
present an Interview with Manfred as world first!
So could you tell us something about the shy private
person, Manfred?
:) Aehm... Yeah, sure! As you know my name is
Manfred Trenz, I am 27 years old and I want to keep
it secret where I live. I like to play all kind of action
games on homecomputers, consoles and arcades.
I enjoy listening to Rock, Pop, Technosounds and
good games musics. My favourite movie is ALIEN II.
And last but not least I am a WWF-wrestling fan.
* So when was you addicted with the C64 fever and
and when you thaught "Hey man, this is cool, I also
like to be able to code such those stuff!" ?
:) I started computing late 1984 with the good, old
C64. 1985 than I got the idea to start coding on
this machine and as everybody knows, at the be-
ginning you have nothing to work with (no tools, no
* One day I saw a Manfred Trenz Demo (I think it was
1989) with animated chessboard balls. Since this time
I like to know if you have ever been in any computer
connection (group, federation). Have you?
:) Nah, I never felt joining or promoting a computer
* So how does look like the hardware from a profi?
:) My hardware? Mmmhhh... I own an Amiga 2000, an
IBM-AT and of course a C64 with two diskdrives.
* Everybody knows you as a decent, when not even
the most decent game coder on the 64, but can you
tell us all game projects you have done?
:) I produced 5  1/2 games and you should know them
as: Giana Sisters (graphics only), Katakis,  R-Type
(done in 6 weeks only!), Turrican I.+II. and Enforcer.
* What I really like to know is how you got a job at
:) Hehe... believe me or not, I got this job through a
graphic competition where I made the 3rd place. So
did you realized that all graphics in my games are
done by me aswell?
* What do you think about the illegal computer scene?
:) The good side: You see games before you buy
them (80% are absolute rubbish!)
The bad  side: Others see your games and don't
buy them (mostly!)
* I really ask me with what kind of software are
you working?
:) Most of my development-tools are selfcoded.  E.g.
my assembler is a special one which handles up to
320K source (!) in a few seconds (!!). There will be
the ultimate FLI-painter also coming soon! (Ed. It's
already out: FUN-PAINTER is it called!)
* What do you more prefer: to code or to paint ?
:) I don't prefer painting or coding. I like to do both!
* So do you ever thaught about doing your own
musics since you paint your own graphics in your
:) Oh, sure! In my next game (on Amiga only) I'll make
the coding, graphics and musics by myself!
* On Amiga? So it's sure I've to ask what you have
realized on Amiga yet!
:) I made the graphics of Turrican I. and I coded the
weapon logic, the Intro and the endsequence.
That's all by now.
* How much time did you need to realize e.g. Turrican
II. on the 64?
:) Puuuh... 10 months, because writing games is just
NOT only coding! (Ed. what ever you mean?!)
* Hehe... as next I really like to know how much you
earn for each game you finish!
:) Ha! That's a good question, but I won't tell ya'! But
believe me, "I am not rich" !
* I've heard you should drive an OPEL MANTA. I can't
believe it, but is it true?
:) Yumm,Yumm! Yeah, I have a very conspicuous car
with warpoint (wha'?), spoiler, big soundsystem and
so... but it's definetly NOT a MANTA, hehe.   What
strangle people all seem to see... tzetze...
* Ok, we are nearing us the end...  But wait, one
question: Is there also a biomechanic woman in your
electric controlled world?
:) Too bad, not! Bad maybe I'll find my C.Crawford
soon, who knows !?!
* Well Manfred, thank you very much so far! Thanks
for the time you spend for this interview. Maybe you
like to greet some dudes outta there !?!
:) Oh yeah... Greetings are going out to all good C64
game coders, graphic artists and musicians and all
who bought one of my hard coded games. Listen
Dudes, keep up this work. I enjoy watching cool demos
and don't like seeing that cool machine die.
Also thanks to you, Timo!  Bye Dudes!
*Farewell, Manni!
(Interview hold with Manfred Trenz by Skid Row/AFL)

Demo Reviews

                         Demo Reviews
Feel welcome to the demo review in the Relax. After
several years we are back to entertain and inform
you covering all parts of the scene, that means both
the cracking and the demo scene.
Due to the fact, that there were no actual demos
released within the last few weeks we decided to re-
lease a short summary of the demos released this
summer. It should contain the major productions and
we added some information about soon coming relea-
ses in order to keep you informed. They are based
on informations given by the responsible creators
to prove the credibility.
We start with 'A' like Antic. They've released a very
impressing production called "Lunacy 6 - the lost
sequal". It contained a raytracer on vector planes,a
rotate twister with 1008 (!) realtime calculations and
using 7 colours, a transparent vector routine and a
huge shadow morph part. Antic proved that they be-
long to the best demo groups around these days.
An old legend returned to our screen at the Assem-
bly 1994 called Beyond Force. This old finnish group
release "Attack of Stupidos 3".Their demo contained
a charplasma, a vectorcity,sierpinski fractals,zoom-
ing mandelbrot fractals and various and improved
vector routines worth to be watched. Beyond Force
is one of the few groups left that are presented in
the demo charts since the late eighties. A deserved
applause for their great work all over the years.
The most impressive comeback has been the return
of Byterapers this year.Within a few weeks they re-
leased "World of Code" and later on "World of Code
II" at the Assembly 1994. The most impressive fact is
that it seems that there is only one person standing
behind their success on the CBM 64 and his name is
Mr. Sex. WOC II contained a metamorphosis routine, a
vectorcity, a rasterscale,a realtime rotating zoomer
a vectorshow with a lot of different vector routines
and last but not least pixelized text to introduce the
real end part,an upscroller about an interlaced pic-
ture. In our opinion this group and the coder will
climb the charts very soon.

C like Camelot means that there is coming up some-
thing extravagant. Indeed "Camel Park" is something
outstanding combining absolute weird & funny loader
parts with a lot of old routines packed into another
nice demo.
The loader parts are "Pacman", "Cool Camel","Camel
Splash", "Camel Jumper", "Waterfall", "Tetris", "Heat
Fun" and "Odin's Skyride" while the real parts got
names like "Fullscreen Plasma", "Jumping Balls" (it
uses gravity!), "Fullscreen Chessboard","Asymetric
Zoom","Cyber Vector"(not impossible on Amiga 500),
"256 Radiusplots", "Bobby Border"(bobs in border)
and as the final "Floffy End". 
We guess that we do not have to add that the rou-
tines are the most advanced ones on the CBM 64 so
far and the loader parts impressed with wit and fun,
combined with great style and knowledge, but due to
the age of the parts you can not compare it with
their best demo so far called "Tower Power" were
Camelot has setted a new standart.
Charged follows to get introduced.Their demo-
name is "Crystal Sheep III" and it contains a lot of
conversations from the Amiga, like most of today's
demos being released in order to gain some atten-
This polish group presented a zoom routine, a plot
routine, two elastic line routines, various vector
routines (gel, glenz, filled, glenz, transforming, hyb-
rid), a vectorcity and a tunnel plot routine only in
order to name the most impressive parts of the 
demo from this talented group.
At the moment there are a lot of rumours that this
group is said to be dead but this is unconfirmed so
far. They continued the trend of the qualified and
talented groups from Poland like Elysium, Taboo and
Agony only to name a few.
Oxyron, the most active demo group ever, shocked
the scene with the release of their best demo relea-
sed so far. The name should not surprise anyone so
it was called "Coma Light 12".
The leader of most demo charts surprised with
a charplasma that imitates a fire as an introduction,
a fine picture rotator (the globe) using 16 colours,
a sideborder zoom scroller,a 16 colours rot zoomer,
Gourand Shading, Texture Mapping and to end this
demonstration, a small conversation of the Amiga
demo "State of the Art" from Spaceballs was shown.
Needless to say that their routines are realtime and
that most of the routines are so called world firsts  
on the CBM 64.
Even"Coma Light 11"must have been a great success
(even if it was only voted as no. 5 at Herning) as a
lot of groups like i.e. Byterapers and Beyond Force
copied some parts. 
There were a lot of other demos and dentros being
released this summer (i.e. Sandaly Jetboya/Agony)
but our intention was to present mega demos only
which got released this summer. We are very sorry
if your production is not mentioned in here. In order
to prove that for the upcoming issues we would ap-
preciate it to see you supplying the staff directly
with your demos in order to avoid delays. Be sure to
note the address somewhere stated in the magazine.
Furthermore our sources reported that following
groups are releasing their demos at the Tribute '94
in Gothenburg, Sweden:
Wrath Design(with an exclusive soundtrack from PRI
/TIA/Oxyron), Noice (they have promised something
outstanding), Agony (they will present their demo as
the first time at a party outside of Poland), Elysium 
and Taboo (in cooperation so we have to expect an
absolute promising release) and Oxyron (Coma Light
13, do we have to print more?).
We expect aswell some demonstrations from groups
that did not have confirmed something until now.They
are Crest (long time no see), Censor (Bob and HCL
stand for pure coding power and great design
as you know it from their former productions),Fair-
light (A swedish party without a FLT demo? We guess
Tron is creating something cool even he got recrui-
ted from the army some weeks ago), Antic(they won't
miss their chance in their country, too), Byterapers
(speed, power, force, motion, drive!), Beyond Force,
Triad (it is time to release a demo now), Camelot (or
are they saving their ideas for the Camelot party?),
Focus(have they finished Visual Delight II by now and
are they going to release a preview once again to
compete?) and Topaz Beerline (long time no see, too)
only to mention a few of the possible competitors.
We really hope that you have enjoyed this chapter
and to see you re-loading this chapter while reading
the next issue.
Best regards,


The Dane/Triad scandal
This article has been offered to various disk-maga-
zines like "Vandalism News" and "The Pulse" but un-
fortunally both magazines were not able to publish a
satisfying presentation. This is the reason for the
2nd release of the story, this time well presented
and the most important fact, in combination with the
runable picture files in order to prove the accuses.
This version got enlarged and contains more facts
compared with the previous one spread around so
Dozens of voters might be very disappointed after
reading the following lines. It is sad but true, some
people are always trying to compete in an unfair 
way to get some steps ahead of the rest of the 
It is a fact that some so-called graphicians are con-
verting graphics via cable from the Amiga/PC, some
others are using their scanner/digitizer to improve
their graphics, but this is more legal then ripping
graphics in my opinion, but the result will be always
the same - MANIPULATION of the competition.
This kind of discussion is currently held on various
machines and a lot of tricks/hints are going to be 
explained in "Upstream 09/Balance", an interesting
Amiga magazine, containing a lot of interesting sto-
ries about famous Amiga graphicians, worth to be
read even if you are not involved into the Amiga 
The following article is based on a pure random. At
one of the exciting meetings with Pha Q/Alpha Flight
some old warez has been shown and two very 
interesting slideshows of the year 1987 contained
graphics that has been used in the Triad slideshow
"Portfolio" spread in Nov. 1993, six years after
the appearance of the Playboy slideshows that con-
tained the sources of the artist standing behind the
Portfolio project - Dane/Triad. 
Both slideshows from the year 1987 can be ordered
at my address so that every reader can check it
out himself but to make it more easy the pictures,I 
am talking about got saved onto the disk as original 
(org./*) and Dane's version (dane/*). The pictures
were extracted and crunched in order to save
expensive diskmemory on your spreaddisk. The used
sources are "Playboy-Show 3" from the Super-  
sonics that contains the competition graphic for the
TCC '93 from Dane and "Playboy" from International
Cracker League containing both graphics, the  
Competition graphic and THE END graphic of the
Portfolio slideshow.
In order to check my results/intentions I showed 
all four pictures to Diabolo/Padua and Pha Q/Alpha
Flight and both confirmed that the pictures are 
identcially. You have to check following important
things to be able to compare the graphics,even 
if you are not a graphician and might not believe
into the facts:
Competition Picture:
* ear-ring on the left ear; right side of the graphic
* the necklace located on the breasts of the black
* the curtain (it is no plant!) at the left side of the
* the right hand around the curtain
* the size of the girl
The End Picture:
* the face
* the hair
The "The End" picture did not show more points as
he only used a small part of the picture while there
are much more details on the competition picture 
like the ear-ring, the necklace, the curtain and the 
way to display the right hand (arm) of the girl.
Nevertheless he did a fine job while improving the
sources and nobody has found out the secret of his
success - until now!
Anyway, I had a discussion with Death/Topaz during
the competition about Dane's skills having improved
a lot if you compared the graphics in the TWILIGHT
production called "Genesis" being spread some 
weeks/months before the TCC. It really seems 
that my intention was correct (ed. Dane was a mem-
ber of Twilight before he teamed up with Triad).
Furthermore it is really sad to see guys like him 
being in the charts. I really hope that the magazines
and the voters will think twice before they write 
their charts/votesheets and will come to to the only
possible solution - to bann Dane from the charts as
to create graphics is more than adding colours to
someone's sources. To recolour graphics there are
no special skills needed. Hopefully the voters will 
notice articles like this one in order to gurantee a
fair competition in our  today's CBM 64 scene.
Later on I received a reaction from Jerry, the lea-
der of Triad. Well, I accept his point of view but my
opinion is still a little bit different compared with the
statements from Jerry.
At first I want to point out that I had no chance to
request those facts as Rave had a delay for three
up to four months. This can be checked out at Marc/
Alpha Flight's address as he is trading with him, too.
I was thinking about the release of the story for
some weeks and months but finally I decided to
spread those facts and I am willing to take all con- 
sequences of the situation. I am a magazine editor
and it is my job to discover stories like this one. All
the readers and voters deserve is to be informed
about the truth, that is what I am standing for, today
and forever.
Jerry has stated in his letter that no one tried to
hide the fact that both pictures were based on digi-
tized sources but fact is that no one mentioned that
so far, neither in the competition nor into the slide-
show. It's very easy to say that most of the present
sceners these days did know that but the reality
looks different. Most sceners just have entered 
the scene within the last few years, as an example
I would like to present the eastern european scene
only to mention a few. I do not think that they have
ever seen the sources and that counts for the
majority of today's sceners aswell. This has been fi-
gured out by Jerry himself, too, but unfortunatelly
a little bit too late.
I really appreciate it to see that Jerry is cares
about his members and that shows that he is an ex-
perienced and qualified leader of one of the oldest
groups around these days, a person deserving re-
spect in my opinion.
Personally I do not think to have slagged down Dane
because it is a fact that this article would have been
presented more offensive and offending,in that case
I decided to take an objective way and added my opi-
nion. Furthermore my intention was definately not to
"hurt" Dane but I can understand his reaction. Un-
covered failures are hurting when the public got in-
formed about it. I do not have anything against Dane
because I do not know him personally.
From the side of Triad it looked like being slagged
down, but if they would read my article more care-
fully they might find out that I have not used words
like "lame", "lamer" or "loser" only to mention a few
words to slag someone down. Furthermore I 
presume that Jerry has never seen me ragging, 
otherwise his argumentation should be a little dif-
ferent. It is not coming up to my niveau to react with
words like "ASSHOLE" like Jerry did, but it is very
sad to see this kind of reaction from Triad. Is that
something to reflect the argumentation into another
I guess it is a little bit curious to suggest that I am
interested in more votes while i slag down another
competitor. Well, I personally do not care too much
about the charts nor I am so blind to think that I can
compete with a few logos against persons that are
spreading a lot of slideshows containing excellent 
pictures. I am painting graphics because I like to do
graphics and if there are some guys respecting my
work I am pleased but nothing else. Atleast i have no
problems to accept that there are a lot more talen-
ted people and I do not have problems to accept the
charts printed in the various magazines. My motiva-
tion that still keeps me in the CBM 64 scene is a fair
competition and the friendship.Friendship in my eyes
must be fair and to be reliable and I definately don't
care about persons licking ass. Those dudes do not
respect the person, they only accept the handle and
the group and this kind of behaviour can not be ac-
cepted from my side. I hate to see people competiting
in an unfair way, in sports and in the scene.
At last Jerry had a nice idea to start some serious
investigations for people who are using a cable to
convert "their" graphics from various machines. I
agree it is a huge problem but this is rather impos-
sible for me. There is no way to prove it the only
chance would be an artist confirming his deeds and
that is something I'm going to accept as the pulibici-
ty is informed about what he is doing. A fitting exam-
ple is JTR/Visual Reality, who never made a secret
out of the graphics being used in the Visuality trio-
It's not my fault that Dane used other man's sources
so please do me a favour, do not blame me for dis-
covering his deeds. I'm looking forward for a reac-
tion in the Gamer's Guide, even if I might disagree 
with the content of your public article. I still have 
some hitting arguments left so be sure that I am 
Best regards....

Welcome to the area of advertisments where you
get the chance to offer the rest of the world the
possibility to either contact you as a trader or
just to place a request through us. However,since
this is the first issue we couldn't get ahold of too
many advertisments so make sure you will use the 
RELAX constantly to spread your announcements 
through the world of the sixty four!
*  Contact the RELAX MAGAZINE *
Bad Bytes Entertaiment Software
is still interested in recruiting talented.....
CPU  Manipulators
VIC  Manipulators
SID  Manipulators
Send examples of your work together with a small
personal record to the following address:
Bad Bytes Entertainment Software,
Red Revil/Fairlight
XXXX XXXXXXX         - for music order
XXX, XXXXXXXX        - for music stuff swap
XXX XX XXXXXXXXXX    - for PC swap
XXXXXX               - cheat carefully!

XXXXXX XXXX           - cool Swap'n Gfx
XXXXXXXXXX. XX        - tapeswap (Hardcore etc.)
XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX     - cover/demoswap
XXXXXXX               100% to foreigner
 - NO CHEATING        
XXXXXXX XXXXX       -  Esm and <C> wares
XX. XXX X           -  Always and Astoria mag. HQ
XX-XXX XXXX X       -  Elite only!
XXXXXX              -  real hot orries
 -  prefer fast swapping
Lemming/Alpha Flight 1970
Janne Granberg
Laemittajantie 6
40820 Haapaniemi
XXXX-XXXX XXXXX      - 4 fast reply
XXXXXXXX. XX         - 4 votesheets & covers
XXXX XXXXXX          -  100% reply to all
XXXXXX               - 4 Amiga and C64 swap

Acidchild/Taboo   N.O.T.E.
XXXXXXX XXXX           - no ordinary swap anymore
XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. XX     - 4 covers, beermates, stamps
XXXXX XXXXXXX          - 4 swapping older demos+mags
XXXXXXX                - 4 acidtapes

- mainly for friendship !
Styx/Alpha Flight 1970
XXXX XXXXXXXXX            -  legal mailtrade on Amiga
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. XX       1200 and CBM 64!
XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX       -  (Game-) Graphics
XXXXXX XXXXXXXX         - 4 friendship
XXXXXXXXXXX XX          - 100% reply
XXXXXX XXXXXXXX        -  more originals wanted!
XXX, XXXXXXXX          -  For Reformation, Jamaica,
XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX       Inge. Brain, Mendip and Earth
XXXXXX                 shake
 -  cheat carefully !
The Murphy/Alpha Flight 1970
Skid Row / Alpha Flight 1970
-I'm still searching for some damn hot swappers!
That were all for this issue.

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