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*                                      *
*         e d i t o r i a l !          *
*                                      *
 hello ladies and gentlemen..           
 oh! it was a lot of work to do, but now
 it's ready.. RELAX ISSUE 6! we hope you
  like our new menue as much as we do!! 
 credits for all the work go like this: 
 intro credits:      main menue credits:
 coding:             coding:            
 MICHAEL T. (MCH)    MARCEL S. ($FE)    
 graphics:           graphics:          
 JOERG E.   (CHR)    HARRY N.  (SYS)    
 music:              music:             
 MARIO K.   (MOK)    MARIO K.  (MOK)    
 the relax-team (editors) are:          
 THOMAS O.           MARC M.            
 ANDRE S.            HARRY N.           
 TOBIAS H.           JUERGEN D.         
 to be one of the most actual magazines 
  we need your help, so please send us  
         X/X XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX          
           XXXXXXXXXXXXX XX             
          XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX            
             XXXX XXXXXXX               
  or dial: (+XX)(X)XXX/XXXXXX (XXXXXX)  
           X/X XXXXX XXXXXX             
            XXXXXXXXXXX XX              
          XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX            
             XXXX XXXXXXX               
  or dial: (+XX)(X)XXX/XXXXXX (XXXXX!)  
 to all COMPANIES:                      
 please send us games/previews which we 
 can test or news about any soon coming 
 productions.. (thanks a lot)           
 that was all again,we wich you a lot of
 entertainment with this issue and don't
 forget to grap  the next issue which'll
 be released on the 3rd saturday of may!
 just meet us in venlo, on hobby-tronic,
 or on any other party! later,yours:    


*                                      *
*             c h a r t s !            *
*                                      *
 CRACKER CHARTS:                        
 PLACE            GROUP      COUNTRY    
 05.......censor design.......sweden    
 12.north east crackers..........usa    
 DEMO GROUPS:                           
 01.......censor design.......sweden mail......holland    
 03...... megastyle inc......holland    
 06......ruliog company......holland    
 07............level 99......germany    
 10.......cosmos design......austria    
 DEMOS OF THE MONTH:                    
 NAME                          GROUP    
                                 donalds restaurant......crest    
 02..........the wriggler.......nato    
 03...........sun for fun...fbi-crew    
 THE BEST MUSICIANS:                    
 NAME                        COUNTRY    
 02.......maniacs of noise...holland    
 03.20th century composers...holland    
 THE BEST SINGLE-CODER:                 
 THE BEST SINGLE-CRACKER:               
 NAME                          GROUP    
 persian golf inferno                   
 cracker-charts.......give points 1-10  
 euro-importer........five best groups  
 demo-groups..........give points 1-10  
 single-coder.......  five best coders  
 single-cracker.....five best crackers  
 best game(month) of the game  
 worst game(month) of the game  


*                                      *
*         i n t e r v i e w !          *
*                                      *
 this time we made it with da well known
 magazine  editor and  from  some  dudes
 hated guy:omg (some freaks may run amok
 now.. anyway,he's a good friend of us!)
 r:introduce yourself, tell us some per-
   sonal things about you.              
 o:my name is omg and i'm da main editor
   of -SEX'N'CRIME-. i used  to  be  the
   nauseating timelord (tnt) of genesis*
   project about two years ago but i got
   busted and i decided to turn
   i founded amok. actually amok is more
   an agency of computer artists  rather
   than a group.                        
   i was born 20.11.1970 so i'm 19 right
   now. i'm 1.82 cm tall and i am german
   (not proud but german though).       
 r:why do you make a disc-magazine?     
 o:well, sex'n'crime  was  nothing but a
   joke when  we did it first. there was
   nothin'like that before exept ILLEGAL
   (on paper). we simply mixed the ideas
   of illegal and  normal demos. amok is
   mainly doing games and  anything else
   you can earn good (legal) money with.
   1st it was great fun to do a magazine
   but nowadays it really is a shit of a
   work. but i still enjoy it as long as
   there a couple of people who like it.
 r:what do ya say about the rumours that
   you are omg,scrap and antichrist on 1
 o:hahaha... see, SPITFIRE invented this
   stupid bullshit a long time ago in an
   article  he had  written  for pirates
   (papermagazine). it was very annoying
   so i got  pretty angry. i didn't harm
   him so i  couldn't understand  why he
   attacked me.later on i found out that
   the  whole   reason   was  spitfire's
   jealousy. he always  wanted to be the
   no 1 in  germany, no  matter  in what
   cathegory. he slaged  down genesis as
   they are a lot better and much faster
   than action.simply check da us-boards
   there  are  dozens of  first-releases
   from genesis,but there has never been
   any from action exept target.spitfire
   also  slagged  down  all  other  good
   german groups as soon as they started
   to be on any concurrence. see,i could
   not  think of  one single elite-group
   in  germany that  hadn't had  trouble
   with action in the past.spitfire also
   wanted  to have the best diskmagazine
   so he  slagged on sex'n'crime without
   any i was in genesis before
   he simply combined his was against'em
   and us (amok) and  daimed i was anti-
   christ and scrap even thought he knew
   he  was  lying. but  short  after  he
   realized  that he  could  never  ever
   possebly  get through  with  this and
   apologised.simply check his disk-note
   "alive now  and 4-ever". so, spitfire
   invented  this shit  and  demented it
   soon after.those who still believe in
   diz bullshit should check their brain
   or  simply  try  to  give  reasonable
   answers to these questions:          
   a:if i was a cool graphican and coder
     (scrap) a very  good swapper (anti-
     christ-no 1 in  all  swappercharts)
       doing a magazine (omg) why should
     i split  up all these  abilities on
     three persons?  wouldn't it be much
     cooler if i had all these abilities
     as one single person?              
   b:where should i get the time from to
     do all this shit? a day has only 24
   c:if i really was scrap   antichrist,
     who  are  scrap and  antichrist (on
     telephone-conferrences'n parties..)
   d:if i was scrap and antichrist, what
     would be so lame'bout,that schmucks
     like spitfire  dare to boast around
     and slag on us? actually i  believe
     it  is  impossible  to invent three
     characters (antichrist, scrap, omg)
     and make them all "famous".a lot of
     people  can't even  become "famous"
     as 1 character (hi,MOSKWA TV).     
 r:what do ya say about the little think
   that happened with the MAGNETIX-game?
 o:i did not ask them to  send it. i was
   in  holiday  when they  send it to me
   (the weeks around  christmas and  new
   year), so i never  even saw it. scrap
   (a very good  friend of  mine) had my
   plk and  the keys to my house to feed
   my canary-birds.i also offered him to
   open all post that wasn't private but
   obviously  for omg (my  public handel
   on computer). so,it definitely is not
   my  fault. only  magnetix  fault. why
   didn't they tell me before they would
   send their game to me?! i might could
   have avoided what happened now. i can
   not  blame scrap  either as that what
   he didwas simply what every "cracker"
   does.he "steals"money from the compa-
   nies by  realeasing  their games. the
   point here's only that it was not any
   british company but magnetix. i can't
   help it.i'm telling the whole world 2
   become legal. i fucken' can't help it
   if nobody listens to me!             
 r:what was the  worst and  the greatest
   thing in your computer life?!        
 o:the greatest  thing  are the parties.
   expecially RADWAR's(!) parties. these
   dudes sure know how to run a party...
   booooy,they are cool.a pity that we'd
   trouble  so long. the worst thing.. .
   hummmhhh.. well, i guess  everytime i
   have to  suffer the injustice of some
   freaks and  life general. many people
   start a war with me for no reason ex-
   ept 4 some little missunderstandings.
   why do we all have 2 waste our energy
   to fight each other? why can't we all
   stand together? ('mon,folks, computer
   is a hobby!)                         
 r:what's your biggest wish?            
 o:a life without problems,so that i can
   concentrate  on the things and people
   i love, and to witness  official lan-
   dings of  extratrerestrial life forms
   on earth.well,most of all i'd like to
   have a license 2 kill all human waste
   with  an iq lower  than  the  certain
   degree  needed  to realize  that love
   and  peace is the  source of process.
   war and violence is primitive and, as
   you'd say: L A M E !!!               
 r:what do you think about crackers?    
 o:crackers won't bother me as long as i
   do  not have to  suffer from them. if
   they leave me alone i won't harm them
   either. but i promise blood and tears
   to those who dare to crack amok warez
   anyway, you can't  live with 'em, you
   can't live without 'em!              
 r:which was (is still?) the best  group
 o:well,in my very personal opinion it's
   GENESIS*PROJECT.not only because they
   are good  friends of mine but as they
   are a compilation of power. snacky is
   is the  best cracker in the world, no
   doubt. people like  arrogance  may do
   many trainers,but they are double-and
   tripple trained and of no use at all.
   snacky's versions  are the  shortest,
   best trained and least filed cracks i
   have ever seen in my life. and i'm on
   c-64 for about 4 1/2 years now, but a
   cracker better than snacky i've never
   seen. he  can   crack  everything, no
   matter how hard the protection is.and
   that is what  cracking is all about!!
   removing protections,trackloaders etc
   not putting a stupid intro infront of
   it or puttin'sum lousy trainers which
   can b found with every cheap cartrige
   futher  more  goblin  is a  very good
   modem-trader  and one  of the fastest
   crackers   nowaday, still  his  speed
   versions are better than  other peop-
   le's "quality-version".he proved 2 be
   better than all these double training
   "crackers" when he cracked licence to
   kill with 44(!)trainers.bizzmo is the
   graphican i ever's simply inc-
   redible.deek and technic(alias jesper
   olsen of amok)are excellent musicians
   aswell. lumberjack,fgth,frankieghost,
   raistlin and  tdm are radical coders.
   all this makes genesis the best group
   of all time.they are among the top 10
   in all  disciplines  in the charts. i
   couldn't name  one other  group which
   ever was able to manage that.        
 r:what are your best friends in scene?!
 o:my best FRIENDS're buccaneer/wot,paul
   and barry of the nukebusters,scrap/gp
   damien/ opal, tanner,vip/ crest, jens
   of crypt,marcel,thomas,ackermann,anti
   -christ/genesis,all of the relax-team
   nosah/dcs,jesper olsen,alf+spike, hex
   hacker/tera,zounds/matrix,judge/ tro-
   pic,spook/powerzone,tj/ success, baal
   /f4cg and many,many more.sorry but it
   is quit late and i simply can't reme-
   mer  them all  even tough  many  more
   would deserve it.                    
 r:if  you could  change the scene, what
   would you do?!                       
 o:nothing.many people try 2 be cool and
   complain about the scene nowadays  as
   there have  been a lot of groups less
   in the past.yes,maybe there were only
   a few good groups,but those who comp-
   lain'bout that nowadays wouldn't have
   been  among   these  few elite-groups
   nowadays. so they  are only  "famous"
   because  many   other  lamers  became
   famous asswell nowadays.             
 r:describe a lamer (no names, please!) 
 o:lamer.well, i don't  know. i actually
   don't even know where this word comes
   from. maybe it's being used as an ex-
   pression of complete incompetence coz
   lame means slow an male (latin) means
   bad,sick etc.. (MALE=LAME)... anyway,
   nowadays  a lamer is  somebody who is
   overestimating himself, no matter how
   good he really is.i think 20cc's lame
   they're very good,but they think they
   are  the best  and all  others  don't
   even know to spell "music".in my opi-
   nion maniacs of noise are the one and
   only fucken' best!! moskwa tv is lame
   aswell.not because he is that bad,see
   i would never be able to ripp all the
   things that moskwa tv has ever stolen
   but i'd never try 2 tell anyone i was
   a coder or anything like that,but mtv
   does. he is trying  to impress others
   by  things  he didn't  do himself but
   steal it from others.l a m e!        
 r:what are you doing in your sparetime?
 o:i'm  reading  a lot of  books, mainly
   science fiction, horror  and fantasy.
   sometimes i even read comics, if they
   are well done (u-comix, schwermetall,
   storm,art-collection...).i also go to
   cinema every week (thursday), i never
   miss a new movie,and if i do,i get it
   on video a couple of weeks later. but
   i  also like intelligent  movies with
   a good story, a good camera'n perfect
   special effects. i like to  be caught
   by the atmosphere of a movie. i spend
   my weekends at scrap's place,downtown
   or at parties.(or in bed..)          
 r:tell us your favourits (movies,drink,,etc..)                     
 o:cars:mitsubishi pajero (my father has
   one and  i sometimes  drive to school
   with it. i simply love that thing. it
   has huge trackwheels.)               
   drinks:applejuice or banana milk.    
   food: "schlemmersteak" (some  kind of
   steak with a very taste white sauce'n
   piece  of  pineapple, cool  stuff  in
   movie:howard the duck(da main actress
   lea  thompson, looks  fucken' good!!)
   and all movies from monthy python.   
   music: sisters of mercy,art of noise,
   evrithmics , jean  michel  jarre, the
   smith,helloween  and rondo  venitiano
   (a bit mixed up,eh?)                 
   colour: deep purple,black            
   country: usa and australia.          
   actor: harrison ford                 
   actress: lea tompson                 
   strip: duffy duck, bugs bunny        
   computer: c-64 (i got an amiga aswell
   sexpartner: female (shoot all gays!!)
   i hate  rassists ,heavy  metal music,
   acid  rap, gays, light  colours (pink
   etc.), stupid people who don't under-
   stand  me, bad  videocopies, flicking
   rasters,future composer, ro-muzak and
   basf discs,tapes  etc..              
 r:why can  people vote  for themself in
   your magazine?                       
 o:simply to know wether they're lame or
   not.see,if a group votes i never know
   what they  think about themselves. in
   my opinion  those who put themself on
   place 1 are hyperlame. but i also was
   ment as a buffer 4 cheating.i thought
   i could keep  people away  from chea-
   ting as they didn't need 2 send wrong
   charts  under  a  wrong  name. but  i
   failed. lamers like anthrax and lazer
   gave 10 points 4 themselves  and zero
   points  to all (!!) other  groups! or
   they  simply  send vote-sheets  under
   wrong names.lame,lame,lame..i finally
   decided to  skip this opinion all all
   the lamers weren't able to handel it.
   from now  on nobody can vote for him-
   self in  SEX'N'CRIME  anymore. (don't
   blame me,blame the lamers who misused
 r:do you want to give some last words?!
 o:yes,i'm really looking forward to see
   your new mainprogram.i bet it's gonna
   be coooool.. send soon,pal! good bye,
   and thanx for interviewing me.       
 r:also thanks to you,omg,for this maybe
   a bit long (?!) but anyway  real nice
   interview.. bye,and stay cool!  


*                                      *
*   n e w s  a n d  r u m o u r s !    *
*                                      *
 -GOLDEN DISK will release 'TETRADOS',a 
  game coded by GRECO,very soon..       
 -SPHINX is nearly dead:                
  tom tailor,mike   headhunter went to  
  ALPHA-FLIGHT.chrizz,skater   stealth  
  joined CULTURE and johnny also left   
  to join CONTEX.'bad habbit' is now a  
  contex board too.                     
 -the next 'HIGH-SCORE' will be on the  
  26th of may.some of the topics:       
  computer-virus,software-quiz,a demo-  
  competition,game-tests and many,many  
  more.. if you wanna take part at the  
  demo-competition send your demos to:  
            5000 koeln 100              
  write also to this address if you want
  that 'high-score' will be released by 
  the 1st german tv-station ard.        
 -golden disc will release a game called
  'THE YAWN' in the near future..       
  (exclusive game-test in this issue)   
 -euzkera joined SCIENCE 451            
 -RRR was kicked out of depredators and 
  joined union,he want to make a mag in 
  cooperation with duplex               
 -an unknown group called ALPHA have    
  stolen the alpha out of an afl-logo,  
  it was made by CHR of ALPHA-FLIGHT!   
 -Rough Trade Inc. is dead!             
 -Genesis*Project will release a 4-years
  demo with the name 'agains all odds'  
 -ruling company will make a magazine   
  called NEW TREND,the first issue will 
  be released in venlo/april!           
 -ORC and HEIN DESIGN make a gfx-company
 -ralf,han solo and warboy were KICKED  
  OUT of Alpha-FLight,soon after also   
  warboys friend glenn left afl and both
  joined genesis.their mag OUTBREAK will
  now be released under G*P and F4CG.   
 -kreator/VISION joined depredators.    
 -CRAZY+lotus are now in coop again.    
 -croydon left dom to join NATO!        
 -stanz joined DYNAMIX                  
 -a NEW COMPANY is found: PLATINIUM (for
  more informations look under DIFFERENT
  THINGS) it was build by $FE/EX-LEVEL99
 -OCCULT changed their name into optical
 -after a small war between gene/ILS and
  the EXECUTIONER of EXODUS (he did not 
  give him codes anymore!) illusion     
  dropped! they  are now exclusive with 
 -after a two years vacation,FUSION is  
  back! they said that they'll soon be  
  the WORLD  1 again.but since now they 
  ONLY released ONE first release!      
 -X-FACTOR of EXCALIBUR was billed by an
  american phone excalibur  
  LOST THEIR a consequence from
  that action and legend gave games to  
  other groups.                         
 -FANTASY IS BACK again! they are now   
  exclusive with ACTION! but rumours    
  say that action gets their codes from 
 -LEGEND gave a game to demonix.they    
  also released 'sonic boom' from       
  activision and gave it to several     
  groups,but nobody was able to fix it! 
 -the guy who ran the exc-legend bbs    
  'HIGHWAY STAR' was caught! so his bbs 
  is now down!so don't call 215-865-9926
  anymore.asterix made an own board     
  called 'artificial intelligence'.it is
  now excalibur-legend headquarter!     
  the number is 301-989-0899 !          
  the first,but their 1st version DIDN'T
  WORK!then they released a 100  version
  but it DIDN'T WORK,either!then they   
  released another '100  version' and   
  now DIDN'T WORK either!    
 -ozone (some unfamous americans)       
  released a game called ducky dun from 
  an italian software house.this game   
  was CRACKED by sphinx ! they cracked  
  it in late FEBRUARY,but ozone RELEASED
  it at the 5th APRIL 1990 as a first   
  release !                             
 -wanderer was kicked out of NEC,because
  he made a demo under the 'nec' lable  
  and he started to run a 'nec' bbs     
  without the permission of horizon(nec-
  leader!).he is now in evil.           
 -the rumour that the executioner of    
  EXODUS stopped all computer-          
  activitives is not true! he made a    
  small break,but he is now back in     
  buisiness !                           
 -acording to some rumours GRIMREAPER of
  exodus will be soon KICKED out of XDS.
 -tir/COSMOS changed his name into twist
 -xerox left DCS and joined the sharks  
 -the kid of demonix was busted because 
  he carded some modems for europeans ! 
 -RALF (ex-alpha flight) joined vision  
  his mag SEX'N LOVE is now a real      
  cracker magazine,not only a sex-mag.  
 -the fantasy/falcon bbs in new york is 
  now a FANTASY   ACTION board.         
 -the HORIZON party in sweden this      
  eastern was a BIG FLOP.               
 -there will be a DRINKING COMPETITION  
  on the pc-show in london between NATO 
  and ILLUSION.that was decided on a    
  conference.illusion will compete with 
  rocky,sauron,reble mc and some others.
  they are sure that they will win it.  
 -twilight zone joined FUSION.they      
  cracked some games and released them  
  without an intro.                     
 -maniac of PARAMOUNT codes a   
  let's wait'n see !                    
 -COSMOS SLAGGED that DOWN,that they    
  cracked some VERY OLD rumour 
  that he will also release a MEGA      
  TRAINED version of PACMAN !           
 that was it for this month.we are SORRY
 for only some news!the next one will   


*                                      *
*           r e a c t i o n s          *
*                                      *
this letter is written by marcel siegert
-better known as $FE/LEVEL 99. i'm going
to tell you some facts and i want you to
read them WISELY and to ACCEPT them.    
  nowadays every group is angry about   
other people or groups using their intro
or recrack programms. some time ago i , 
marcel, found my own company called :   
  as our first game 'TRANSFER' will be  
 released soon, i have to say: "if you  
are angry about groups, who recrack or  
steal intros, ect., i will be VERY ANGRY
  if you crack any kind of 'PLATINIUM'  
productions. so this is ment as a FIRST 
WARNING to you! maybe it's hard to read 
  something like this, but if you are   
 able to use your brain a bit - you'll  
understand me, i hope.                  
otherways if you think "hey, he's tellin
shit - we don't care what PLATINIUM says
 and we'll crack their products -       
PLATINIUM has to tell you again: this is
the FIRST WARNING and if you don't dare 
to crack our productions, we will be the
  ones who make you C.O.P-SHOCKED and   
 please don't think we are not able to  
catch you - we are able to, for sure !! 
 many friends in the scene will inform  
us immediately if there appears a crack 
on the scene net.                       
o.k. enough for that.                   
 hey, you can- CODE ? do MUSIC ? paint  
 lovely GRAFICS ? on C=64 or AMIGA ?    
don't hesitate to send some examples of 
your work to :                          
              XXXXXX XXXXXXX            
              XXXXXXX XXX. XXX          
              XXXX XXXXXXX              
or call :  +XX(X)XXXX/XXXXXX from 6 pm  
                               to 8 pm  
 this adress is also ment for groups or 
coders who have done a programm and want
to sell it. send a preview version or a 
copy of the ready programm and we'll see
if it's possible to sell it and to make 
you an offer.                           
PLATINIUM promises not to release any of
your productions to the scene.          
 so, now the end is coming near, but i  
want to say a last sentence, you should 
keep in mind:                           
"don't attack us - and we won't attack  
yours sinceresly,                       
marcel siegert ($fe)                    
PLATINIUM SOFTWARE                      
relax: we've the same opinon like       
       platinium,and we will help       
       them if it's necessary..         
 in this corner you can write everything
 you want,so send us letters,letters and

game tests

*                                      *
*         g a m e   t e s t s !        *
*                                      *
 THE YAWN                               
 golden disk got it again.. another nice
 graphic-adventure! it is in german, but
 anyway real cool: the graphic+sound was
 done by're
 from  frank illgen  and all coding  was
 done by byteriders!! the story plays in
 the middle ages,you are the knight dirk
 and the king called ya to kill a giant!
 if you get it,and bring him the head of
 the  giant you can merry his doughter!!
 the whole  text is written quit funny  
 it makes lot of fun to walk through the
 different places!! it's a real hit, and
 if you  understand the  german language
 just buy it, it'll come out in the near
 FANTASTIC SOCCER                       
 just another soccer conversation.. this
 was the first i  thought as i looked at
 the cover! but in  fact  zeppelin-games
 did it  not very fantastic  with  their
 latest production! normal graphic+sound
 make this  low-budget  game to  nothing
 special at all, it's no flop but if you
 are a football-fan and if  you look for
 a real good one better snatch micropose
 soccer or any other one..              
 this is  the first game from platinium,
 and in my opinion they made their  work
 very well.. graphic  and sound are very
 nice,and the game makes lot of fun. you
 are a small roboter and have 2 drive on
 a kind of platform on which you have to
 search for puzzles, but be carefull you
 have  lot of  enemies. the game is quit
 difficult,so you'll have a real long ( 
 cool) time to play if you want to reach
 the end!!                              


*                                      *
*         d e m o  -  t e s t          *
*                                      *
this is just a new part of this magazine
  for this issue we'd not enough demos  
which we could test,so make sure to send
        your productions to us..        
           X/X XXXXX XXXXXX             
            XXXXXXXXXXX XX              
          XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX            
             XXXX XXXXXXX               
             XXX XXXXXX X               
            XXXX XXXXXXXXX              
             XXXX XXXXXXX               
 we test as many demos as possible, but 
ALL demos we will get, take place in our


*                                      *
*            p a r t i e s             *
*                                      *
 VENLO PARTY (03/90)                    
 after one hour traveling we reached the
 hall in blerick at 11 o'clock.many cool
 people were at the party,not as much as
          last time,but anyway:         
 sphinx.culture. manowar.ruling company.
 after many  cool talks with friends and
   readers we watched out what kind of  
 stuff was going on, many magazines like
 sex'n'crime, scene-press,mamba,pirates,
  addresses 2,etc.. were spread'n also  
 many cool tools,demos and other things 
  came out this day! all in all it was  
 a great happening,and one is for sure: 
      see you in venlo next month!      
 NEXT PARTIES/MEETINGS:                 
 hobby-tronic'90 and computer-show'90 in
 the 'westfalenhalle dortmund' from  the
 25-29 of april!                        
 if you know about any soon coming party
     please inform us - thank you!      


*                                      *
*          a n n o u n c e s           *
*                                      *
*                                      *
*     you made a game or utility ?     *
*you wanna code, sell grafix or music? *
*                                      *
* write to: PLATINIUM                  *
*           XXXXXX XXXXXXX             *
*           XXXXXXX XXX. XXX           *
*           XXXX XXXXXXX               *
*           XXXX-XXXXXXX               *
*           +XX(X)XXXX/XXXXXX (X-X XX) *
*    maxell of DIGITAL UNDERGROUND!    *
*                                      *
*            XXXXXXXXXXX XX            *
*             XXXX XXXXXXX             *
*             XXXX-XXXXXXX             *
*  ZOMBIE BOYS are looking for a cool  *
*       graphix man and mucicer        *
*                                      *
*                X.X. X                *
*          XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX           *
*               XXXXXXXX               *
*                XXXXXX                *
*           bitbyter of ETAC           *
*                                      *
*           XXXXXXXXXXXX XX            *
*          XXXX XX XXXXXXXXXX          *
*           XXX XXXXXXXXXXX            *
*         gringo of ALCOHOLICS         *
*                                      *
*             XXX XXXXXX X             *
*            XXXX XXXXXXXX             *
*             XXXX XXXXXXX             *
*     double trouble from DIGITECH     *
*                                      *
*             XXX XXXXXX X             *
*            XXXX XXXXXXXX             *
*             XXXX XXXXXXX             *
*                LEGEND                *
*                                      *
*              X.X.XXX XX              *
*           XXXX XXXXXXX XX            *
*               XXXXXXX                *
*            select of ???             *
*                                      *
*               X.XXXXX                *
*          XXX XXXXXXXXXX XX           *
*            XXXXX XXXXXXXX            *
*                XXXXXX                *
*          chris of DOUBLE U           *
*                                      *
*            XXXXXXXXX XX              *
*           XXXX XXXXXXXX              *
*              XXXXXXX                 *
*         grozier of BROWBEAT          *
*                                      *
*           XXXXXXXXXXXX X             *
*             XXXXX XXX                *
*              XXXXXXX                 *
*           yvo of MANOWAR             *
*                                      *
*           XXXXXXXXXXX XX             *
*         XXXX XX XXXXXXXXXX           *
*          XXX XXXXXXXXXXX             *
*          goblin of LIGHT             *
*                                      *
*           XXXXXXXXX XX               *
*           XXXXX XXXXXX               *
*              XXXXXX                  *
*           slime of ATG               *
*                                      *
*           XXX XXXXXX X               *
*          XXXX XXXXXXXX X             *
*           XXXX XXXXXXX               *
*         tcv'75 of DOUBLE U           *
*                                      *
*             XXXXXX XX                *
*           XXXX XXXXXXXX              *
*              XXXXXXX                 *
*      contact ALPHA-FLIGHT 1970       *
*      for the latest originals:       *
*                                      *
*             XXXXXXXXX X              *
*         XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX X         *
*            XXXX XXXXXXX!             *
*                                      *
*           jzor of ZONE 45            *
*                                      *
*              XXX XXXX                *
*            XXXXX XXXXXX              *
*               XXXXXX                 *
*            darkwolf/ROYAL            *
*                                      *
*             XXX XXXXXX X             *
*          XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX          *
*             XXXX-XXXXXXX             *
*           the joker of TNT           *
*                                      *
*           XX XXXXX XXXXXXX           *
*            XXXXXXXXX XXXX            *
*            XXXXX XXXXXXXX            *
*           razor of PARAGON           *
*                                      *
*           bjoern gislason!           *
*           XXXXXXXXXXXXX XX           *
*            XXX XX XXXXXXX            *
*                XXXXXX                *
*           tel:+XX/XXXXXXXX           *
*slaine/UNION (c64 and hip house music)*
*                                      *
*          XXXX. XXXXXXXXX XX          *
*            XXXX XX XXXXX             *
*               XXXXXXX                *
*              jedi/LIGHT              *
*            XXXX XXXXXXXX             *
*                                      *
*              XXX. XX X               *
*             XXXXX XXXXX.             *
*                XXXXXX                *
*              deff/CRAZY              *
*                                      *
*             XXX XXXXXX X             *
*            XXXX XXXXXXXX             *
*             XXXX-XXXXXXX             *
*          the collector/FORCE         *
*                                      *
*           XXXXXXX XXXXXXX            *
*           XX XXXXXXXX XXXX           *
*            XXXXXXXXX XXXX            *
*         XXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXX         *
*              XXXXXXXXX               *
*            the judge/AMOK            *
*                                      *
*             XXX XXXXXX X             *
*             XXXX XXXX X              *
*             XXXX-XXXXXXX             *
*        chris/ALPHA-FLIGHT 1970       *
*                                      *
*             XXX XXXXXX X             *
*            XXXX XXXXXXXXX            *
*             XXXX-XXXXXXX             *
*                ESCAPE                *
*                                      *
*             XXX XXXXXX X             *
*             XXXX XXXXXXX             *
*             XXXX-XXXXXXX             *
*            point of ENTRY            *
*                                      *
*        bbs: XXX - XXX - XXXX         *
*            tomahawk/OPALE            *
*                                      *
*            XX XX. XX XXX             *
*             XXXXX XXXXX              *
*                XXXXXX                *
*        tel:(+XX) XX XX XX XX         *
*            einstein/ORION            *
*                                      *
*             XXXXXXXXXXXX             *
*          XXXX XXXXXXXXXX XX          *
*               XXXXXXX                *
*                NATO                  *
*            XXXX XXXXXXXX             *
*         XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XX          *
*             XXXX XXXXX.              *
*               XXXXXXX                *

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