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 remember: we in relax never manipulate 
           our charts!                  
 (1). ikari+talent                      
  (2). illusion                         
   (3). 711                             
    (4). contex                         
     (5). genesis project               
      (6). dominators                   
       (7). action                      
        (8). success                    
         (9). f4cg                      
          (0). fairlight                
 (1). black mail                        
  (2). contex                           
   (3). x-ample                         
    (4). megastyle inc                  
     (5). cres                          
      (6). the ruling company           
       (7). nato                        
        (8). horizon                    
         (9). master design group       
          (0). bones                    
 demo of the month!                     
 red hot cilli pepper from crest        
 best three musicans!                   
 (1). vibrants                          
  (2). m.schneider  x-ample             
   (3). maniacs of noise                
 best three single coder!               
 (1). mr.cursor                         
  (2). helge k. x-ample                 
   (3). crossbow                        
 best three single cracker!             
 (1). mr.lee/711                        
  (2). sauron/illusion                  
   (3). snacky/gp                       
 the three lamest dudes!                
 mtv - dualis - spitfire                
 the best game of the month!            
 ninja warriors                         
 the worst game of the month!           
 chase hq                               
 red.:thanks for all your votings       

news & rumours

 news and rumours!                      
 - stephan from action news was caught  
   by the police.pd-soft and adresses   
   were founded.                        
 - spitfire of action was caught by a   
   software firm. some people hate      
   that he had cracked 'target' guess   
 - 711 died on the 31.12.89             
 - almost all members of x-rated joined 
   titan (there about 40 members now)   
 - dualis release now also a mag called 
   'lies' in this mag the will print all
   the lies (???) from other magazines  
   red.:we think that this lies are only
        wrong informations!             
 - rhythm joined wwe                    
 - shadows might join megastyle         
 - sonix/gp was caught by post because  
   of stamps cheating!                  
 - babygang also released a mag         
   red.:don't you think that it is      
        better to help the other mags?? 
 - a wile ago act 501 died              
 - spirit and kwi/wwe are now on amiga  
 - there're two groups in germany who   
   called 'digital underground'.one     
   group says about the other group that
   there are lamers.                    
 - bhf and trend of traxion joined      
 - hoaxers will release (also) a diskmag
   called 'homonews'                    
 - shadows has turned legal and is now  
   called panoramic designs             
 - coococ is now made by dynamix,f4cg,  
   wwe and science 451                  
 - dominators and arcana now make the   
   papermag business in cooperation     
 - overlander/redline joined matrix     
 - hawkeye and ultrafox left sodom to   
   join matrix                          
 - rene left alpha flight 1970 to join  
 - spy left fbr and joined transit      
 - defcon 1 is dead                     
 - tj lazer (ex lotus) rejoined x-ray   
 - nemesis was kicked out of taelnt!    
 - rough/tat isn't a sodom member       
 - freddy/sodom and doyle (ex thrash)   
   are coding a game                    
 - my t fast (ex ionix) left amok       
 - tmb/arcana stopped swapping          
 - mtv/bb is now legal                  
   red.:why don't you left the c64 ???  
 - blitzkrieg joined the fleet of x-ray 
 - trap and sonny left trc on the       
   dom-party to join success            
 - asterix and mantronix (both fantasy) 
   are back                             
 - tanner joined rti                    
 - tfd (ex level 99) and jim (?) joined 
 - nam/nuclear rejoined contex          
 - x-men joined nec                     
 - the board 'hellsgate' is now f4cg's  
   and inc's hq!!                       
 - nightwriter joined atc               
 - deep purple/rti stopped cracking     
 - cosmos designs sold their game to    
 - rumours told that the radwar party v5
   will be held in spain for ten days at
   a hotel from a blasters member!!     
 - the amiga mega demo from red sector  
   will be coverted to the c64 by       
   x-ample,the judges,mario /voices of  
   brain,marcus of radwar and ...       
   red.:remember this is only a rumour  
 - doctor dream and unknown (ex share)  
   joinrd sharks.                       
 - zone 45 will from now produce the mag
   'smooth criminal'                    
 - tmb left afl and formed with some of 
   his friends a new group called 'over-
 - att, big ben, hermes, namesis and    
   macumba (??) wanna rebiuld 'cosmos'!!
 - mr.cursor and scrap joined genesis   
 - pat/fresh joined fbi-crew!           
 - 'mad' is a new group in australia    
 - the war between 'the force' and      
   'tera' is over!                      
 - ben and stylerouge sold their c64    
   and build 'sodom' on amiga           
 - indiana jones left yankees to join   
   manowar and left them again to join  
 - the most dudes heft acid and build up
 - punch/exos joined saga               
 - he lamer group 'relax' changed their 
   name into saigon                     
   red: why ?!? haha it was nice to kick
 - nato is now only a demo group        
 - expert left sodom to join paramount  
 - rrr was kicked out of paramount      
   red.: if someone need a lamer than   
         take this one!                 
 - the bord 'the ediction' is closed for
   all europeans because atnt ask the   
   sysop why so many europs call with   
   illegal credit cards!                
 - perno and judge from flt joined      
 - thred from flt was kicked out because
   he was to lazy!                      
 - trc search for new coders, cracker   
   and graphicer                        
 - crest won the asm demo-competition   


 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXX                          
 for swapping and hot originals write to
 afl hq                                 
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX                 
 XXXXXX XXX XXXXXX X                    
 XX-XXXX XX XXXXXXXX                    
 XXXXXXXXXXXX XX                        
 XX-XXXX XX XXXXXXXXXX                  
 wanna buy the new issue from outbreak  
 from afl, then send 1.50+return postage
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXXXX                       
 XXXXXXXXXX. XX                         
 XX-XXXX XX XXXXXXXXXX                  
 new spirit/x-rated                     
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXXXXXXX                    
 matrix/zone 45                         
 XXXXXXXXXX X                           
 X-XXX XX XXXXXXX                       
 XX XXXXXXXXXX. XX                      
 XX-XXXX XX XXXXX                       
 sodom search for new members           
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXX X                       
 wanna buy the latest originals?        
 then send your phonenumber to:         
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX                 
 XXXXXX X.X                             
 XXXX XXXXXXXX                          
 contact sodom amiga sector             
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXXXX XX                    
 elect hq/x-rated                       
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXXX XX                     
 mnl/shape (for buying graphics)        
 XXXX X. XXXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXX. XX                           
 X-XXXX XXXXXXXXX                       
 buy the new papermag 'scenenews'! send 
 two 3.5 disks to:                      
 X/X XXXX X. XXXXXXX                    
 XXXXXXXXX. XX                          
 X-XXXX XXXXXXXXX                       
 express/process (64+amiga+vhs+music)   
 XXXXXXX XX                             
 X-XXXX XXXX                            
 call sodom's vmb: XXX XXX XXXX         
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXX XX                      
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXX XX                      
 red.: if you want to stand in the      
       advertisment then you must send  
       charts or (and) nand in the      
       advertisment thenews ! thanks!   

party report

   radwar patry v4 - "apocalypse now"   
         date : 6. january 1990         
 the party started at 17 o'clock! party 
 place was the discotheque "la quinta"  
 in heinsberg! ca. 150-200 people show- 
 ed up the dicco !!!                    
 groups like : x-ample,x-ray,lotus,amok 
 vision,alpha flight,sodom etc. visited 
 the party !!! of course the whole      
 digital marketing team,mario van zeist 
 mr.cursor,radwar and grafenreuth too ! 
 some amiga guys aswell !!!             
 a music-group did their show and the   
 german tv(wdr - highscore!)filmed the  
 party and did some interviews !!!      
 by answering some funny questions you  
 could win some (old) games or some     
 other stuff !!! the party ended at 3   
 o'clock in the night ! the most guys   
 drove home but if you wanted to drive  
 home by train you had to wait till 10  
 o'clock because that time the first    
 bus drove you to station !!! but you   
 could sleep in the disco till 10...    
 of cousre there was more action on     
 that cool party, but i'm tired, so do  
 not kick me for this !!!               
 now let's wait for radwar v5...will it 
 take place(?)...                       
           yours, juergen !!!           

next party

 next parties                           
 titan copyparty                        
 date : 03.02 - 04.02.90                
 time : start 02.00 pm (03.02.90)       
        end   05.00 pm (04.02.90)       
 place: siegelsbach (west-germany)      
 entry: 5 dm (please changa your money  
        into dm)                        
 for invitations write to:              
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXXXXX                      
 the 'dallas' computer-meeting          
 date : every 1st saturday of the month!
 time : start 10.00 am                  
        end   06.00 pm                  
 place: XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX                
        XXXXXXXXX XX                    
        XXXX XXXXXXX                    
        XXXXXXX - XXXXXXX               


 this time with thomas heinrich from    
 r: how old are you?                    
 t: i'm now 19 years young.             
 r: how long do you have your computer? 
 t: at the beginning of 1986.           
 r: in which groups you have been?      
 t: first i started alone, then i formed
    'the electronic boys'. after a half 
    year in teb i joined x-ample.       
 r: what do you think about cracker?    
 t: when they don't crack games from us,
    then they me equal. but i think some
    of these guys are real good coders. 
    i ask me why they make no money with
    they're abily's.                    
 r: what make you in the moment and what
    are your future plans?              
 t: at the moment i work on:            
    hydrogenese, hawkeye ii, thunderball
    cyrus, depressed and more. my future
    plans are to make a lot of money and
    making games soon on amiga and atari
 r: who's the best single coder?        
 t: i think it's mario von zeist and    
    helge kozielek.                     
 r: do you have a girl-friend?          
 t: no.                                 
 r: what do you hate?                   
 t: read errors, bad graphics, colour   
    jumpers in my graphics.             
 r: do you go to venlo?                 
 t: sometimes.                          
 r: where do you make your holidays?    
 t: i don't know yet.                   
 r: what is your dream car?             
 t: a honda crx.                        
 r: which guys are your best friends?   
 t: the x-ample members, some guys on my
 r: what do you think about disk-       
 t: i like disk-magazines when they     
    write the truth.                    
 r: the best party (copy-party)?        
 t: venlo meeting, but it's getting     
 r: how did x-ample become so popular   
    and famous?                         
 t: we make quality productions. that's 
    the reason for our famous.          
 r: who are the best painter and        
 t: best painters:  1. bob stevenson    
                    2. robin levy       
                    3. x-ample (tpa)    
    best musicians: 1. maniacs of noise 
                    2. t.d.+m.s. (x)    
 r: who are the best groups?            
 t: i think we are the best group,      
    because we can all things. tell me  
    another group who make good music,  
    nice graphic and can code difficult 
  thanks for the interview, we hope to  
   see you on the next venlo meeting!   


 logo competition!                      
 send us your logo for your or another  
 in the next issue (issue 6) we will    
 say who win the relax one year for     
 for our adresses look under about mag! 

a story!!

 about a lame liar!                     
 rrr an ex member of afl and paramount  
 has spread a note called 'fuck some    
 lamers'! in this note he wrote with his
 lame brain that:                       
 relax is not a mag it is an illness    
 relax write absolute crap              
 relax write lies                       
 relax write adresses without permission
 relax copied the idea from amok        
 this lamer said that sting of paramount
 had never left paramount to join alpha 
 flight 1970.                           
 but the truth is:                      
 that sting had left paramount for three
 days to join afl. there he cracked     
 strider and another game!!             
 a few guys (also paramount members) can
 bear witness this!!!                   
 then he wrote that he was never kicked 
 out of afl!                            
 but the truth is:                      
 he was kicked out of alpha flight also 
 a few paramount members can bear       
 witness this again!                    
 abter this he wrote that we in realx   
 printed adresses without permission    
 from the owners!                       
 as we had phoned him he said that he   
 means another mag (you see how lame he 
 also he said that we had copied all    
 ideas from amok and we are to lame to  
 draw a logo ourself, so that we must   
 buy a logo from x-ample.               
 ok, the mainidea is from amok. but look
 at our mainmenue (can you see this in  
 sex'n'crime). have we a flashing in the
 text? no! but in the scroller! can you 
 see a scroller in sex'n'crime? no!     
 about the logo:                        
 also we have a quality logo not so a   
 shit like (opal with n'n'c or trust    
 with pin up...)                        
 at last he wrote that another lamer    
 called 'master' had code the relax and 
 we had only change something in it,    
 after our changes the realx didn't work
 with action cartridges!                
 marc and thomas had code the relax!!   
 michael of afl improved the up and down
 but it works on all cartridges! but re-
 member only lamer works with cartridges
 personaly to timo (rrr):               
 look at yourself how lame you are!! all
 points are lies and you are not able to
 bear witness them. also you were kicked
 out of afl and paramount because of    
 and you lamer wanna join now wwe???    
 ha!ha!ha! that will be a shame for wwe!
 if you wanna see his lame note?? then  
 contact us!! we send it to you!        
 some personal words from marc to timo: 
 you are a big coward! why do you always
 runaway from me? like in venlo?? and   
 remember i kicked you out of afl and i 
 wanna kick your face! let's wait for   
 your party. i'll come to kick you and i
 wanna see your two bodyguards! and then
 we will laugh about the two smurfs!!   
 and master had code the first intros   
 for afl for money??? are you lame! he  
 was a member of afl! why must i buy an 
 intro?? i can code my own intro!!      
 master is also so lame as you! he was  
 kicked out of afl after one month!!!   
 you reached the end! build now your own
 opinion about this fucking lamer!!!    

about mag

 about mag!                             
 your magazine 'relax' will be released 
 every venlo-meeting!                   
 but remember: we try to produce a mag  
 that can help you to be informed of    
 the 64er scene, so we need your help to
 do that.                               
 so please send us your votes, news and 
 send them to one of these dudes:       
          X/X XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX         
             XXXXXXXXXXXXX XX           
            XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX          
               XXXX XXXXXXX             
   or call me under: (+XX) XXX XXXXXX   
please if you send stuff then only legal
              XXX XX XX XX X            
            XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX          
               XXXX XXXXXXX            
             powell of sodom!           
            (+XX) XXX XXX XXXX          
               XXXX XXXXXXX             
for the charts we want to know from you:
         the best cracker groups        
         the best single crackers       
           the best demo groups         
             the best coders            
      the lamest dudes in the scene     
       the best games of the mounth     
      the worst games of the mounth     
            the best musicans           
 also you can send us ideas to produce  
     this (your) magazine better        


thanks to the following dudes for their 
news and help: action - crazy - alpha   
flight crew - sodom crew - x ample -    
- light - dominators - wwe - duplex -   
titan - trc - zone 45 - x rated - saga -
 overdive - genesis project - sharks -  
digital underground - hoaxers - etac -  
lazer+actual - f4cg - triumwyrat -      
remark (send me your magazine) - fbr -  
soldiers - irongods (fuck ya amiga) -   
the times and to all the others!        
all codings by sodom and alpha flight   
the cool tune was done by mok of defence
this char was made by a cool dude!      
the glory logo done by x-ample      
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