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 remember: we in relax never manipulate 
   our charts like another magazine !   
 (1). ikari & talent                    
  (2). illusion                         
   (3). 711                             
    (4). action                         
     (5). fairlight                     
      (6). contex                       
       (7). nato                        
        (8). censor design              
         (9). dominators                
          (0). dcs                      
 (1). blackmail                         
  (2). contex                           
   (3). megastyle inc.                  
    (4). nato                           
     (5). ruling company                
      (6). x-ample                      
       (7). poltergeist                 
        (8). horizon                    
         (9). master design group       
          (0). atg                      
 demo of the month!                     
 wonderland iv from censor design!!!    
 best three musicans!                   
 (1). markus schneider /x-ample         
  (2). maniacs of noise                 
   (3). vibrants                        
 and again our votes aren't manipulated 

news & rumours

 news and rumours                       
 - marc of alpha flight hq stopped the  
   most of his criminal activities. he  
   works now 'only' for the relax and   
   swap only with some cool friends!    
 - derek b. left censor design to join  
 - transcom will stop at the end of the 
   year (unknown, their only coder and  
   cracker has still stopped for months)
 - newstyle of poltergeist is now in    
 - unifier also joined censor design    
 - swallow is now back in the scene     
   after he got bored on the amiga!     
 - doyle of trash and thomas heinrich of
   x-ample write a game                 
 - merlin of cheyens joined wwe and     
   changed his name into tws            
 - atg and power of pain are in coop now
 - my-t-fast of ionix joined amok       
 - the whole wuppertal section of dualis
   were kicked out then they joined     
 - matrix isn't dead! they're only 3    
   members (peter the master, sam and   
   lord of time). the most crackers went
   to crazy, some other guys build up   
 - dr. cool (ex galaxy) joined censor   
 - tir from wwe is now 100% back on the 
   c-64, after he has sold his amiga,   
   because it was to lame               
 - the game 'katakis ii' will be soon   
 - someone did a funny (lame) demo were 
   it stood 'coded by bob of censor'. it
   was a funny joke, wonder who did it? 
 - squelz and dark lord are no longer in
   censor. they went to amiga!          
 - scoundel and asshole of ionix stopped
 - mad left wwe                         
 - red from wwe formed a legal music-   
 - legion is dead, some of the members  
   started a new group called looc. a   
   few weeks later, looc died. express  
   and andy capp joined process         
 - dr. hook of damage joined wwe        
 - a new disc-magazine had released     
   called 'the times'!                  
 - yankees and bb coop splitted!        
 - jog (ex pulsar) joined dcs!!??       
 - and now a 'very' glad story (the     
   gladest story we ever had heard!)    
   omg's mag sex 'n crime (or was it    
   sex 'n slime?) from amok and genesis 
   project will not stop producing their
   (red. oh guys! will it never end???) 
 - sys of drive joined alpha flight 1970
 - marc of hotline code a game in the   
 - marc of alpha flight has got his     
   modem now a half year and not since a
   few days as other mags wrote !       
 - tom of mcg will be free of jail near 
   christmas !                          
   (red. hope to see you in the scene   
   again - as lamer killer! or what??)  
 - michael and chr of alpha flight code 
   a game soon!                         
 - omg told us that the mag 'mamba' also
   released under the amok-label!!!     
   (red. we aren't released under the   
   amok-label like a few other mags!)   
 - also rap-x and ultrafox of sodom code
   a game!                              
 - slide (ex duplex) joined orion       
 - ziggy from acid joined legend        
 - 20cc is and was not in amok!!!!      
 - vector is dead! exory rejoined       
   unicess. raw, detch, detch and some  
   others joined daniax                 
 - waran (ex wot+zeb) joined g*p for    
   some days, then he change his name   
   into mr. german and joined dynamix   
 - crazy and lotus are now in coop!     
 - dr. error/sodom changed his name into
   double trouble                       
 - esi-germany asked crazy if they would
   code a disk-mag for them and beastie 
   boys! of course crazy won't do!      
 - moskwa tv was caught by the police!  
   all adresses were founded!!!         
 - the titan and kiss coop splitted     
 - tmb ex success is now in arcana      
 - pulsar realized their last demo      
   'happy end'!                         
 - there will be soon another mag on    
   disk published by orion! it's name   
   will be 'corruption' and the graphics
   were done by contex, but we've wait  
   till venlo-january for the first     
 - ioliom from brand-x joined vision. he
   changed his name into plygone!       
 - the whole lazer members in germany   
   left to join manowar! they realized  
   some cool cracks as one of the first!
 - the joker left fbr to join tnt (a    
   group in ireland)                    
 - there is a new group in the scene    
   called 'cia'!                        
 - trash is dead! freddy joined sodom!  
 - slaygon left triad!                  
 - slash, skater, cox (netherlands) and 
   trantor (germany) left drive to join 
 - twp (ex action) is back, he is now in
 - axel f and sir s joined action!!     
   (red. they're good programmer!!)     
 - sting of paramount left the c-64     
   scene!! he is now only on the amiga!!
   (red. will paramount fall down now?  
    because sting was the fast original 
    supplier!! let's wait and see!!!)   
 - bad of contex quitted the scene!     
 - alchemist from fairlight is back in  
   the scene!!!                         
 - image of nato is now in quartex!     
 - nemesis from dominators joined talent
   + ikari!                             


 if you wanna buy the new papermag      
 'outbreak' from alpha flight 1970      
 then send 1.50+return postage to:      
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXXXX                       
 mok of defence design                  
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXX XXXXXXXXX                 
 fatal news                             
 XXX XXXX                               
 X-XXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
 euzkera/censor design                  
 XXXXXXX. XXX                           
 X-XXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
 XXXXXXX XX XXXXXXX                     
 XX XXX XX XXXXXXXXXX                   
 X-XXXXX XXXXXX                         
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 if you wanna buy new originals then    
 write to:                              
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX                 
 if you wanna buy an intro or an demo-  
 part then send your ideas to:          
 rap-x of sodom                         
 XXX X XXXXXX                           
 XXX-XXXX XXX XXXXXXX                   
 XXXXX XXXXXX XXXX                      
 XX XXXXXXXX XXX                        
 XXXX XXXXXXXXXX                        
 XXX. XX XXXXX XXXXXX                   
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXXXXXXXX                   
 ionix hq (search for new members!)     
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 the nukebusters                        
 X.X. XXX XXXX                          
 XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX                       
 XXX XXXXXXX                            
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXX                      
 X-XXXX XXXXXXXX                        
 XXXXX XXXXXXXX                         
 XX-XXXX XXXXX                          
 wanna buy hot originals???             
 then contact afl hq:                   
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX                 
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXX XX                      
 or call his vmb: XXX-XXX-XXXX          
 XXXXXX XXXXXXXXX                       
 XXXXX XXXXXXXX                         
 XX-XXXX XXXXXXX                        
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXXXXXX                     
 XXXXXXXXXX. XXXX                       
 XXXXX XXXXX                            

party report

 partie report                          
 giant and unitec party from 2/3 dec.!  
 the party started on saturday at ten   
 o7clock. partyplace was a big room over
 a pub in gummersbach. we entered first 
 at two o'clock, because we had to wait 
 for django who hat to work till twelve 
 o'clock! after paying six dm entry we  
 got a shock...a cool'n big room but    
 only 25 peoples on the party and so    
 many amigas! we thought that more dudes
 will follow later, but nobody else came
 lotus, thrash, transit, orion, event,  
 fbr, alpha flight, vision, sodom and   
 giant*unitec showed up the party. there
 was also a demo-compettion but first   
 i'll tell you the story about django   
 from transit of which you will hear    
 sure more in the near future...        
 after django and slime/orion came back 
 from a trip to the petrolstation they  
 were totally drunken! (why not???)     
 as django began to talk bullshit the   
 owners of the pub wanted to kick him   
 out, so we (powell/freddy/wiz-art!)    
 phoned django's father to come and to  
 drive him home. his father couldn't    
 belive that his guy was drunken but he 
 said that he will come.. with the      
 police to make an alcoholcontrol. as   
 the mates heared the word 'police', the
 amiga guys took their computers and    
 left, the others just took their       
 illegal stuff to bring it to their cars
 or in another room. then we went on,   
 but with 100% (no) alcohol! as django's
 father came, django sleeping and puked 
 sveral times. his father was very angry
 then an amulance came and brought      
 django into an hospital. the party went
 on, but at 12 o'clock pm the electric  
 wqs switched off to 80%, we only could 
 hear some music. we keeped us alive by 
 doing shit, hearing music and sleeping1
 in the first morning hours we went on  
 with the demo competition...           
 1. place => alpha flight/vision !      
 2. place => trash       /orion         
 3. place => fbr         /saga          
 all in all the party was a big flop,   
 but that's not giant*unitec's fault.   
 at the end i must thank jam's mother   
 (???) for keeping my friend django     
 alive (of course the others who helped 
 thanks to powell/sodom for the report! 

next party

 next parties                           
 upfront, trilogy and dominators        
 christmas party!                       
 date : 26.12 - 30.12.89                
 time : start 12.00 am (26.12)          
        end   03.00 pm (30.12)          
 place: randers (denmark)               
        in a school called              
        'norrevangsskolen' in the north 
        from the town                   
 entry: 80 dkr (about 20 dm or 7 pounds)
        people without invitations can  
        except to pay more. you will    
        have to pay with danish kr.     
 all major groups will be presented at  
 this party, also a few guys from the   
 states, so show up.                    
 titan copyparty                        
 date : 03.02 - 04.02.90                
 time : start 02.00 pm (03.02.90)       
        end   05.00 pm (04.02.90)       
 place: siegelsbach (west-germany)      
 entry: 5 dm (please change your money  
        into dm)                        
 for invitations write to:              
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXXXXX                      
 the 'dallas' computer-meeting          
 date : every 1st saturday of the month!
 time : start 10.00 am                  
        end   06.00 pm                  
 place: XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX                
        XXXXXXXXX XX                    
        XXXX XXXXXXX                    
        XXXXXXX - XXXXXXX               


 this time with nosah of dcs!           
 r: how old are you?                    
 n: i am getting on a bit new - 30!     
 r: how long do you have your computer? 
 n: i bought a 64 in 1983 and still     
    have it now (five repairs and six   
    years later). i bought my amiga in  
    june this year.                     
 r: in which groups you have been?      
 n: my first group was zenith which i   
    joined in april 1988. i left them   
    in september 1988 and with in a few 
    days i had joined dcs.              
    in june of this year, after driving 
    back from the falkland islands i was
    so disappointed in the state of dcs 
    that i left and joined nato. but i  
    realised after a few days that dcs  
    was my life - so i rejoined and got 
    mik to join from pulsar. i'm now    
    trying to entablish dcs on the amiga
    i have quit on the sixty four.      
 r: who are the best groups?            
 n: best groups - well, on the sixty    
    four as i left the scene i remember 
    the following:                      
    talent   (but to bigheaded)         
    nato     (but to bigheaded)         
    illusion (good guys, good crackers) 
    action   (very fast sometimes!)     
 r: who are the best painter and        
 n: best painter:                       
    i don't answer that because my      
    soundchip broke about four months   
 r: why don't you drive to venlo?       
 n: i don't drive to venlo because i    
    can't drive!! also i work a lot of  
 r: what do you think about the papermag
 n: 'illegal' was brilliant, jeff smart 
    was the man who started the ball    
    rolling. everyone else (including   
    iguana) simply emulated his ideas.  
 r: who are the best friends from you?  
 n: i have many friends in the scene    
    because i don't like to war, but    
    really good friends who have done a 
    lot for me:                         
    rocky (ex abnormal) illusion        
    sauron and garfield illusion        
    the doughnuts                       
    jeff smart                          
    ssd cosmos                          
    bag 'n zag/horizon                  
 r: what do you hate?                   
 n: i hate crackers who are just so     
    bigheaded and call everyone lamers  
    and who war because they don't know 
    any better. (i.e. megasnail)        
    i hate acid music                   
    i hate disks that have been smashed 
    to pieces by the post.              
 r: do you have a girlfriend?           
 n: i don't have a girlfriend because   
    i don't think my wife would like it 
    (or my two daughters!).             
 r: why do you went to amiga?           
 n: i think the amiga has a great future
    it's starting to take off. the      
    sixty four scene is to congested now
    everyone gets the originals, every- 
    one trains, levelpacks, file        
    integrates - it's all the same.     
 r: where do you make your holidays?    
 n: holidays? what are they? i have a   
    wife, two children and a cat to     
    suppove. i don't get time for       
     thanks for the cool interview!!!   


 logo competition!                      
 send us your logo (s)!!                
 in the next issue (issue 5) we will    
 say who win the relax one year for     
 for our adresses look under editorial! 

a story!!

 the true story about omg and g*p!      
 sometime ago timelord (tnt) was caught 
 by the police. just for this antichrist
 (frank) decided to stop because of     
 as timelord didn't want to stop he     
 decided to be antichrist! again some-  
 time later antichrist (frank) came     
 back and is now the other 50% of       
 antichrist. so antichrist is on the    
 one side frank (original antichrist)   
 and tnt (wellknown as omg of amok)     
 that's build antichrist!!!             
 something about genesis project:       
 every gp member has a double handle!!  
 here're some examples:                 
 sci alias snacky                       
 he use this handle if he can't make a  
 good version of a game!                
 lumberjack alias boozer                
 he use this name after some troubles   
 with the police! he swaps under boozer 
 for amok and as lumberjack for gp!!    

about mag

 about mag!                             
 your magazine 'relax' will be released 
 every venlo-meeting!                   
 but remember: we try to produce a mag  
 that can help you to be informed of    
 the 64er scene, so we need your help to
 do that.                               
 so please send us your votes, news and 
 send them to one of these dudes:       
          X/X XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX         
             XXXXXXXXXXXXX XX           
            XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX          
               XXXX XXXXXXX             
   or call me under: (+XX) XXX XXXXXX   
please if you send stuff then only legal
              XXX XX XX XX X            
            XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX          
               XXXX XXXXXXX             
             powell of sodom!           
            (+XX) XXX XXX XXXX          
               XXXX XXXXXXX             
for the charts we want to know from you:
         the best cracker groups        
         the best single crackers       
           the best demo groups         
             the best coders            
      the lamest dudes in the scene     
       the best games of the mounth     
      the worst games of the mounth     
            the best musicans           
 also you can send us ideas to produce  
     this (your) magazine better        


thanks to the following dudes for their 
news and help: action - crazy - alpha   
flight crew - sodom crew - giant&unitec 
- cfa - lazer - fristies - daniax - trc 
- wwe (dr.hook call me) - dominators -  
omg(for telling shit about us) - roy of 
dynamix (thanks for da letter and the   
phonecall) - thrash (for the prev.) -   
titan - ionix - dualis - nukebusters    
(for the tree-phreaking! cool!) -       
process - illusion (thanks for calling  
me the  letter arrives you soon) -      
remark (send me your magazine) - fbr -  
soldiers - boozer/lumberjack gp (to vote
 gp on the first place!) - wot (burp and
yup call  me) - irongods (fuck ya amiga)
 - the lamer group relax for steeling   
our name - triad (jonas call me or send)
 - crest - the force - the times - fatal
 news - censor and to all the others!   
all codings by sodom and alpha flight   
the cool tune was done by mok of defence
this char was made by a cool dude!      
the glory logo done by x-ample          

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