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 (01). dcs                              
 (02). talent+ikari                     
 (03). cosmos                           
 (04). 711                              
 (05). action                           
 (06). genesis project                  
 (07). dominators                       
 (08). nato                             
 (09). rough trade inc                  
 (10). crazy                            
 (11). nec                              
 (12). f4cg                             
 (13). x-ray                            
 (14). fairlight                        
 (15). illusion                         
 the best demo groups                   
 (01). black mail                       
 (02). contex                           
 (03). mega style inc.                  
 (04). the ruling company               
 (05). nato                             
 (06). horizon                          
 (07). sphinx                           
 (08). bonzai                           
 (09). master design group              
 (10). logic                            
 the best musicians                     
 (01). 20cc                             
 (02). maniacs of noise                 
 (03). lords of sonics                  
 the best demos of the months           
 (01). insane reality/trc               
 (02). vector mania  /mdg               
 (03). batmania      /atg               
      the votes aren't manipulated!     

news and rumours

  news and rumours !                    
 -a new music-duo was formed by markus  
  funk/giant-designs and by thg of      
  cyber-style the name is sonical       
 -marcus schneider (lords of sonic) is  
  now in x-ample                        
 -e.s.i. want to start a comback with   
  two amis and one german member.       
 -sharks are now only 9 members the     
  rest joined success                   
 -bryce/duplex stopped all his work on  
  the c64 forever                       
 -paramount seems to release a mag just 
  about the activities in paramount     
  called 'paranews' and they code on    
  'real demo 2'                         
 -the spy of the rizing must stop his   
  work cause of the army.               
 -nemesis/dominators code a game        
 -dom has a new danish cracker called   
 -rastan left whoop and joined 'pretzel 
 -a new group has been formed in sweden 
  called 'royalty'                      
 -phobia is dead                        
 -tankard joined illusion               
 -some members of zone 45 left to form  
  a legal group                         
 -watchman (ex shit) joined triad       
 -ross of sphinx, stan of crypt, ralf   
  and rene of red sector inc, marcus    
  and tobias of vision joined alpha     
  flight 1970                           
 -about the 'first strike' recrack from 
  contex: somebody removed the contex   
  intro from 'first strike'.then he     
  started to sread it like an original. 
 -tristar is dead, madman and warboy    
  joined red sector inc                 
 -orion bbs: XXX-XXX-XXXX               
    euro hq:+XX XXXX XXXX               
 -the cooperation between trc+wwe       
 -zombie (fbr/usa) joined paramount     
 -the force are in war with tera        
 -greco of nato wanna code a game       
 -fusion wanna make a comback           
 -abnormal is dead                      
 -array is dead                         
 -blackline were kicked out of hotline  
 -servant/action left the scene         
 -mr.mad from falcon joined nato        
 -tfg 9001 joined lazer                 
 -mac magix is now also a member of     
  scoop, but he continue workink in trc 
 -wizzkid (logo creator of atg) joined  
  the ruling company                    
 -atc is back                           
 -atg code a game called 'lephal'.as gp 
  ask them to joined gp they said no.   
 -x-ray bord hellsgate usa: XXX-XXX-XXXX
 -x-ray is not in war with crazy        
 -diamand design is a new sofywarefirm  
  like double density.there first       
  production was a cool converter       
 -royzex is dead.all members joined     
 -bronx is no member of lazer           
 -mtv/bb used in the last part from his 
  last demo a coding from ironcat/wolfen
 -mtv make a federation against amok    
  the said that the borussen front will 
  help him. hey mtv don't start a war   
  against us (relax).we will come with  
  the gelsen-szene.                     
 -paninaro is dead                      
 -a new group is born called acm it is  
  formed by some members of the         
  blasters inc, team 2003 and micro     
 -conix is back in business!he joined   
 -giant designs is now in coop with     
 -raistlin left rough trade inc and     
  joined nato.he was kicked out and now 
  he code a demo for gp                 
 -spacie/oneway joined gp               
 -a new group was builded called trash  
 -magnum (falcon) joined poltergeist    
 -slash left hurricane                  
 -megadeth is dead                      
 -the last edition of fbr is the joker, 
  he is the irish member                
 -tere are only 2 proper groups in      
  ireland. fbr and tnt/excess           
 -fbr are releasing a megademo soon     
  called 'annesia 2'                    
 -a new group is born 'sioux'           
 -war between orion and goldfish of     
 -stet left sharks and joined sucess    
  after that he left the scene          
 -ssd of cosmos left the scene forever. 
 -a new finnish demogroup was born      
  called 'raze' it included some        
  members from uzi,axiom,crazy and unit5
 -dr.stuffi was kicked out of impulse   
  now he is in raze                     
 -anvil left crazy and joined unit 5    
 -criminal/trapez was kicked out, cause 
  he was unactiv and a bad coder.       
 -there is no war agains sampox/crazy   
 -tlb/trapez is planning to start a     
  paper mag                             
 -zwimmer (ex eurasia) joined beathoven 
  a finnish-amiga-music-group           
 -out break a new magazine from red     
  sector inc.                           
 -ikari is now in cooperation with      


 iron man/ubix                          
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXXXXXXX                    
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXXXX                       
 for visual game graphics write to:     
 x-ample architectures c/o              
 XXXXXX XXXXXXXX                        
 XXX-XXXX XXXXXXXXX                     
 X. XXXXXXX                             
 X. XXXXXXXXXX. XX                      
 X-XXXXX XX                             
 XXX-XXXX XXXXXXXXX                     
 (also for party invitations)           
 jara/act 501                           
 XXXXXXXXXX XX                          
 X-XXXX XXXXXX                          
 big fos/wws                            
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXXXXX                      
 XXX X                                  
 XX-XXXX XXXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXXXXX XX X                       
 X-XXXX XXXXXXX                         
 action j./trc                          
 XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX                      
 XX-XXXX XX XXX XXXX                    
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXXXX                       
 XX XXX XX XXXXXX                       
 X-XXXXX XXXXX                          
 a brandnew demo-crackergroup from      
 finland is looking for a famous group  
 where to join.they've 6 members        
 XXXXXXXXXXX XX                         
 XXXXXXX-XXXXX XXXXXXX                  
 order your graphics in high-quality    
 also for games at:                     
 markus funk (wiz-art)                  
 XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. XX                     
 XXX-XXXX XXXXX                         
 XXX XX. XX XXXXXXXXXXX                 
 X-XXXX XXXXXXXXXX                      
 the judge/acid                         
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXX                          
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXX XX                      
 search for new cool members            
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXX XX                      
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXX X                       
 XXX XXXXXX                             
 XXX-XXXX XXXXX XX                      

party reports

personal computer show report           
as we reached the show on friday, the   
29th of september it was only for vip   
(business & special guests), so it      
wasn't as full as normal. many software 
-companies were there like rainbow arts 
, ocean, system 3, activision, accolate 
, us gold, gremlin, psygnosis, hewson,  
mastertronics, the edge, electronic     
dreams and a lot of others companies.   
they all presented a lot of games like  
batman, ghostbusters ii, punisher,      
fighter bomber, dynamic dux... which    
are coming out soon (or a still on the  
markt). they also spread a lot of cool  
posters, t-shirts, stickers and mags,   
some for free some and some for money.  
also many well known freaks from the    
international scene shown up like: 711, 
f4cg, hotline, blasters, nato,fairlight 
, mr.cursor, mdg, dcs, ikari, cosmos,   
vision factory, red sector and myself   
b-man/sphinx (i know i forgot some      
dudes-sorry!). the other two days on    
saturday and sunday) were also quiit    
nice, but there were to much shitheads  
likes acid freaks and other people.     
it was also lame that some that some    
companies sold their posters+stickers   
wich were on the business-day for free. 
nearrly no new kind of stuff was sold   
there (only gamez like batman) the      
software-companies took the disks out   
of the floppys, so nowone was able to   
steal previevs(like it was last year,   
right eh-hotline+ikari) but anyway, the 
pc-show was a great hit,and i'll see    
of course next year again               
  thank for b-man/sphinx                

next parties

  next parties !                        
 -light-triad-oneway copyparty          
  date :2.11-5.11                       
  for invitation write to: goblin/light 
                           XXXXXXXXX XX 
                           XXXX XXXXX   
                  or call: (XX)XXXXXXXX 
 -lazer legal party                     
  for invitation contact lazer          


 this time with spitfire of action.     
 r:how old are you ?                    
 s:i'm 17 years old.                    
 r:when did you get your computer and   
   what happens since this day ?        
 s:i got my c64 1984, on the fcs party  
   in december 1986 i started to trade. 
   i build xades society and in november
   '88 i started cracking, since march  
   1989 i'm in action.                  
 r:how many members does action have ?  
 s:since the 21/10/89 we've 6 members   
 r:what are your future plans ?         
 s:to be the number one in the scene.   
 r:who is the best in scene ?           
 s:at the moment there is no real no#1, 
   but if i've to vote for one i would  
   vote for 711.                        
 r:what do you think about disc mags &  
   which is the best in your opinion ?  
 s:there are to much but if i've to     
   rank them i would do it like this:   
   1.magic news                         
   2.magnetix dreams              'n'crime                        
   5.soporisic magazine                 
 r:what do you hate ?                   
 s:nazis,war,uniformed people,dudes     
   meaning they are faster than action  
   but ain't it, environmental pollution
   and so on...                         
 r:do you have a girl-friend ?          
 s:if i've desire i'll catch one but    
   only for a short term.               
 r:what's your job in action ?          
   (sometimes),magic news...            
 r:how did action get so famous ?       
 s:fast cool cracks and my knownless    
   (bad repute)                         
 r:how did action always get the origi- 
   nals so fast ?                       
 s:sometime ago i spend some money for  
   the 3rd world, i was the millionst   
   and i got an abo for fast originals  
   as a present.                        
 r:what's your opinion about the scene? 
 s:many assholes and it's a hard job.   
 r:what's the average of action's       
   members ?                            
 r:do you want more members ?           
 s:we are not disinterested in new ones,
   but only special dudes...            
 r:why the freaks call you spitfreezer ?
 s:they've had no better idea.          
 r:what can we except from action in the
   future ?                             
 s:many first-releases.....             
 r:what is your opinion about copy-     
   parties ?                            
 s:sometimes quit cool.                 
 r:who is your idol ?                   
 s:i want to be an as cool cracker like:
   mr.lee,megasnail and antitrack but   
   for this you need three years in the 
 r:where can cool dudes meet you ?      
 s:in venlo,at the phone,at home and    
 r:other hobbies ?                      
 s:girls and parties!                   
 r:who are your best friends in scene?  
 s:all action members,goblin/light,     
   forgotten are misted because of      
 r:thanks for the interview.bye         


 cover and sticker competition          
 send us your stickers and covers       
 in the next issue (issue 3) we will    
 say who win the relax one year for     
   send your covers and stickers to:    
          XXXXXXXXXXXXX XX              
         XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX             
            XXXX XXXXXXX                


  we haven't got any letters belonging  
  to this corner so no feedback this    
             sorry dudes!               

about mag

   about this mag !                     
  this magazine was created by sodom    
  and alpha flight 1970                 
  if you want to vote or tell us some   
         news then write to             
           XXXXXXXXXXXXX XX             
          XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX            
             XXXX XXXXXXX               
  or call us: (XX) XXX XXXXXX           
            or write to                 
        marc of alpha flight            
            XXX XXXXXX X                
         XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX             


  credits !                             
  coding : marc of afl 1970 and tom     
  logo   : x-ample                      
  music  : mac magix/tr c               
  char   : by a cool dude               
  thanks to the following guys for      
      voting and telling news           
  action,sphinx,alpha flight,sodom,red  
  triad, giant design ... .. .          
  and to all the other cool guys.       

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