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 --------------        last position    
  (1). dcs                  (-)         
  (2). 711                  (-)         
  (3). action               (-)         
  (4). paninaro             (-)         
  (5). dominators           (-)         
  (6). talent               (-)         
  (7). rough trade inc.     (-)         
  (8). nato                 (-)         
  (9). cosmos               (-)         
 (10). x-ray                (-)         
    these votes aren't manipulated!     
 -----------           last position    
 (1). megastyle inc.        (-)         
 (2). black mail            (-)         
 (3). contex                (-)         
 (4). logic                 (-)         
 (5). trc and wwe           (-)         
    these votes aren't manipulated!     
 demo of the month                      
 => the real demo <= from paramount     
     this vote isn't manipulated!       
 the three best musicans                
 (1). lords of sonic        (-)         
 (2). 20cc                  (-)         
 (3). chris huelsbeck       (-)         
    these votes aren't manipulated!     

news and rumours


 news and rumours                       
 -a few members of cheyens build up a   
  new group called rizing!              
 -the sharks are rebuild again!         
 -master of sodom was caughy by police! 
 -macumba from dynamix joined 711       
 -boozer, hires and olle from genesis   
  project have stoped their illegal     
 -after nearly caught by the police,    
  boozer works now for the (il)legal    
  group 'amok'!                         
 -a touch of class is dead              
 -all members of dualis joined sodom    
 -tmb from byterapers joined afl 1970   
 -unibit is dead!                       
 -image designs wrote an intro for      
 -marc of sphinx joined hotline         
 -silversurfer is back in the scene!    
 -dogfriend sold his c-64 because he    
  must go the army!                     
 -derek b. left crazy and joined nato   
 -dave and rocker from virgin, servant, 
  python and rockstar from byterapers   
  joined contex!                        
 -dirk of alpha flight was caught by    
  the police! no addys were found,      
  (only) 250 discs!                     
 -stefan of duplex joined paramount!    
 -tobias of gf went to crypt!           
 -baker of red sector inc. build up a   
  new group called 'byronic'            
 -morris was kick out of paramount!     
 -joe cool, magic cirlce and dr. death  
  joined paramount!                     
 -breaker of paramount was caught by the
  police, so he stoped all his illegal  
  activities and want to start to code  
  a game!                               
 -tom of sodom stoped all his illegal   
 -groorc from unibit left the c-64 and  
  bought an amiga!                      
 -bitman, fatboy and metallica left the 
 -storm was kick out of sodom           
 -tankard was kick out of channel 42!   
 -kreator, tupe and storm wanna build   
  up a new group!                       
 -link want to create a music-company!  
 -all channel 42 members joined rought  
 -share is dead                         
 -orion was rebuild from ex-stardom     
 -ultrafox of sodom went to spherical   
  designs inc.                          
 -lois and bow joined red sector inc.   
 -papillions wanna start a comeback!    
 -blo is now in vision                  
 -hph left vision and works now for     
  double density!                       
 -andre of sodom joined tdc             
 -dust is in war with: contex, rsi,     
  shape and vision!                     
 -elect and damage are now together     
 -drake left 2000ad and joined          
 -sphinx bbs 'cycloid guild' closed!    
 -jb/sphinx opened a bbs in holland!    
 -two members of double and one member  
  of bytestar joined tnf'77             
 -atomic and bandit are now in amok!    
 -after tmb, 2705 and two amiga members 
  (woody and legal eagle) left pulsar   
  pulsar is now dead!!                  
 -moskwa tv (you now the lamer from bb!)
  wanna join yankees                    
 -raistlin of rough trade inc joined    
 -know was kicked out of alabama and he 
  joined detail! they kicked him again  
  and then he changed his name into c4c0
  and now he joined 'action' !??!       
 -action,contex,genesis project and     
  dominators are in war with 'virgin'   
 -spitfire wrote an letter to the atm-  
  news! he said: i don't care about     
  being number one on any lamer-chart.  
  but, i promise to declare war on you  
  if you don't scratch that word        
  'action' of the lamer-charts. just    
  write 'spitfire'.                     
  atm-news answered: after your letter  
  i must laughing!! i write now only    
  'spitfire' ok? but the charts are not 
  in my opinion! if you think i've fear 
  about you than you must have a brian  
  relax says to atm-news: stop talking  
  shit! every amok member wrote the     
  charts as he like!! in our opinion    
  'spitfire' must stand in a chart for  
  cool guys, not in a lamer-chart!!     
we give no security for all informations


 tom tiger/fist 11                      
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXXXXXXX                    
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX X.-XXXXXXXX                   
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 original supplier wanted!              
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX                 
 marc/alpha flight 1970                 
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX                 
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXX X                        
 joe/heaven 17                          
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXXXXXXX                    
 sun spark/event                        
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXX XX                      
 XXX XXXXXXX                            
 XXX-XXXX XXXXX XX                      
 iron cat/wolfen                        
 XXXX XXX XXXX                          
 XX-XXXX XXXXXX X                       
 andre/ the dead crackers (tdc)         
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXX X                        
 ultrafox/spherical designs inc         
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXX-XXXX XXXXXXXXX                     

party reports

 party report(s)                        
 sorry in this issue there isn't any    
 report. because the relax team hasn't  
 got yet a driving-licence!             
 but in the next issue there will be a  
 report (we hope).                      
 if you make a party, or if you visited 
 a party then send us your party-report!

 next parties                           
 -transcom & fairlight party at the     
  28.10 - 29.10.1989 in france (paris)  
    if you make a party then send us    
      an invitation and we'll come      


 our first interview was made at the afl
 hq with ross of sphinx !               
 r=relax  s=ross/sphinx                 
 r:how old are you?                     
 s:i'm 15 years old.                    
 r:who was your group founded and when? 
 s:sphinx was opened by some netherlands
   a few years ago.                     
 r:what's your job in sphinx?           
 s:i'm a spreader, and i do a little bit
 r:how many members have sphinx?        
 s:i think five active members and some 
 r:how did your group get so famous?    
 s:cause we have some good coders and   
   painters and a cool modem-trader.    
 r:who is the best and the horst in the 
 s:in my opinion dcs is the best,mtv and
   wido are the worst.                  
 r:what are you doing if you are not    
   sitting in front of your computer?   
 s:sometimes i go swimming or i ride my 
   girly - oh sorry i mean my bike.     
 r:what do you hate?                    
 s:of course lamers, cops, postmens, and
 r:do you have a girlfriend?            
 s:no but a video with cool pornos!joke!
 r:what are your future-plans?          
 s:in a few weeks i'll left sphinx and  
   wanna join afl with some other sphinx
   members, i hope chrizz and jonny boy 
   will come with me.                   
 r:why do you wanna left sphinx?        
 s:cause i have trouble with b-man.he   
   think he is the best cracker and also
   the best swapper.                    
   an example how cool he can crack:    
   d.o.u.b.l.e. b-mans version: 130 bl. 
   editor from b-man: 20 blocks         
   and main progy: 110 blocks           
   he saved from 0801 - ffff            
   that's lame!! or??                   
 r:why do you wanna join alpha flight?  
 s:cause i think that this group will   
   have a big future!                   
 r:what do you think about diskmagazines
   and which one do you like best?      
 s:i think magic-news is the best one.  
   and your mag is really cool for the  
   first amok i only can say:  
   fuck off !  we have enough lamers!!  
 r:hard words!                          
 s:but this is my opinion!              
 r:so ross thanks for the interview!    
  next time interview with mr.cursor !  
               (we hope)                


 sticker and cover charts!              
   send us your stickers and discovers  
    winner will get this mag one year   
               for free!                


 here will stand the positiv and negativ
           letters wrote us!            

about mag

 about this magazine !                  
 -votes for cracker and demo groups!    
 give the groups points from one to ten.
 ten is the highest and one is the can vote for so mutch groups
 you know.                              
 -votes for musicans!                   
  tell us your three favourites.        
 -demo of the month!                    
  vote for only one demo!               
-remember:don't vote for your own group-
 -if you wanna get our magazine faster  
  then send us return postage and one   
  disc (to save on it the ralax mag)    
               reply to:                
            XXXXXXXXXXXXX XX            
           XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX           
              XXXX XXXXXXX              
          (+XX) (X) XXX XXXXXX          
            'ask for XXXXXX'            
                 or to:                 
          marc of alpha flight          
              XXX XXXXXX X              
           XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX           
 spreading date of relax: 3rd saturday  
                         of every month 


 coding: marc (afl) & thomas            
 logo  : x-ample (thanks a lot!)        
 music : alpha flight 1970              
 char  : by a cool guy!                 
 thanks to the following guys for help  
 us to create this real 'scene' mag!    
 thanks to: action (spitfire)           
            alpha flight (whole crew!)  
            sodom (powell)              
            sphinx (ross & b-man)       
            red sector inc (mr. bit)    
            paramount (scratcher&steve) 
            crypt (stan)                
            ... and some lamers         
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