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Reformation Issue Eight

Editorial Issue #8


Reformation Issue Eight 
(The Olympic Edition)

Sweden made it! Gold!

Page Instructions:                                                                         

Introduction				Page1
Chapter informatione			Page2
Ed´s word				Page3
How to reach US				Page4
Future News				Page5



Jippie,the swedish hockey team really rules, this is 30min after 
final of the decade!! Really nice to see those heros kick the ruff 
and unfair Canadians and the fucker who judged the match away!
Well, if don´t you know, Sweden beat Canada with 3 - 2 after
sudden death skill shots. Long live the hockey-team and
mother Svea! Hurray, hurray, hurray!!

I hope that this issue will bring you much joy,vote for it!!!

The Gods who made the eight issue come true were:

ENDURO-The Main Editor




Art: Creeper (last time)

Sonic: Red Devil
Official spread by:

We also wanna greet the following for their support:

Liv Recksen,whole FLT-crew,Oxyron,Censor,Triad,Camelot,
Antic (thanks Depeh),Talent,Trance,Topaz,Success+TRC,Legend,
Wrath Designs,Natas,Chromance,Rebels,Padua,Bronx,Avant-
V.R,EVS,Triangle,Light,Lunds Cracking Team,Excess,WoW,all 
voters,all spreaders,Swedish Hockeyteam,Ulf Ekman and ofcoz 
all others who deserves it...
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Chapter information:

Monthly news:

All about the action the past month (Febuary)


The biggest and best chart ever made,just read it!

Board Chart:

The callers at cyberdome made their choises,who´s on top?

Wild Side:

New chapter, the funniest ever made, I guarantee...

Swedish Meatballs:

New chapter, read about the ruling boardscene!

The Party Zone:

All about the forthcomming parties around,get there!!

The Word Zone:

Point of views from Depeh,Bacchus and ME,read it!!

Network - The  Final:

The complete version of this new gurysystem!

The Small Screen:

Lexi checked out some interresting movies,which ones??

Demo Zone:

Oxidy got his thumbs out of his ass and reviewed Padua&Spirit!!
Well, i guess you miss the Group Profile and the Interview 
chapters, hold on, they´ll be back next month for sure...
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Ed´s Word:

Well, my worst month for ages, if you don´t like this issue, then go
and hang yourself,got it?? The same to you who really thinks it 
takes one week to create a magazine with quality,beat it!
I´m sorry for not having our new logo,but til next issue,there´ll be
some changes for sure,read the Future News...
Also, i mindbreaker to other magazines, send me a note why you 
all think your magazine is better than this one,if you don´t then 
don´t ever bother to claim such crap,got it?!
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

How to reach US?:

For any supply for this mag reach us on these ways:

Through boards:



Sysop: Lexi/FairLight

Euro biggest BBS! - 540 meggs!

Sysop: Sledge/FairLight

Fairlight WHQ!

Sysop: Spirou/FairLight

Fairlight EHQ!
Through phone:

SWE: 	   +XX/(X)XXX-XXXXX			 (Enduro)
SWE: 	   +XX/(X)XX-XXXXXX			 (Oxidy)
SWE: 	   +XX/(X)XXX-XXXXXX			 (Watchman)
Through mail:



Everything about Reformation!!!
Oxidy / FairLight


Bacchus / FairLight


(Need orginals...)
Red Devil / FairLight

(votesheet HQ)
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Future News:

Well, can´t say to much but issue nine is going to be amazing,
Tron will update this version with functions like a music-chooser
and a brand new font+slidelogan, I just can´t wait!!

Also, there´ll be new chapters like music and graphicreviews + 
old ones back like Group Profile (Censor) and interviews with
BoB/Censor and Hein Holt!!!

Well, I guess we will hit the #1 spot til summer now!
Now I7m off for three weeks, too tird,zzz...
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Monthly News



(Febuary 1994)

Page Instructions:

Page 2			Euro News (A-F)
Page 3			Euro News (G-O)
Page 4			Euro News (P-Z)
Page 5			Other news...


Pewh, what a busy month! I guess there´s news for all of you out 

All news aren´t printed in this chapter, but you´ll find the rest in:

MegaWorld (groupnews)
Board Chart (opinion poll.)
The PartyZone (all about parties)
The Word Zone (AntiCrossfire)
Swedish Meatballs (boardnews)
If you got any hot news or rumours,don´t hesitate,send them to:



or post them in the subs at:



The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Euro News (A-F):


	 They are NOT DEAD!
	* Many rumours lately have been about the turkish
	  Splash-making team. In some magazines the group is
	  declared dead, but as we got a send from Mr.Brain/Acy,
	  who says: Yes, Falcon left the scene, but Acy and Splash
	  aren´t dead just for that, I´ll take over the leadership and
	  the role as an editor for the magazine aswell,but I can´t
	  tell you when it´s going to get released as I´m into very much
	  right now...

	* They got two new USHQ, as Terminal Obssesion and
	  The Forum is UP again! 
	* Terminal Obssesion will be open one month,than turn
	  into  private board which The Forum already is...
	* Both Prodigy and Pudwerk is said to be back for real!

	 DerbyShire Ram joined!
	* Yes, finally he had thought it through and joined
	  up in the middle of Febuary, but I guess he´ll need
	  a new original supplier...
	* Rumours says that HOK/x-TRSI will join later...

	* Earthquake/Cosmic Style joined in as a artist and
	* Xor entered the modemscene again after being out of 
	  it for years, but when the next Explorer will be released,
	  that´s another story...

	* Got their board 3rd Reich up again, read more in 
	  the Swedish Meatball chapter...

	* Drax will together with Metal, make the music for
	  Turrican III (PC+Amiga version), also some music will
	  be done to the game Lollipop (PC)...

	* At the next party, they will together with Taboo,release
	  their demo called Altered States, it´s a sure favorite,
	  I guess...
Flash Inc.

	* Rumours says that Bumboo/Jam joined them and will
	  create a new magazine together with The Spy...
	* Zodiac, Moon and Red Star will soon release two new
	  games for the C-64...

	* We lost one member and added one, namely:

	* Bappalander left us and the scene for studying,he felt
	  that he could´t fullfil the membership demands!
	* Tasasco/Jam joined in the middle of February,he was
	  the leader of Jam, which is run by Tchad.
	  He will be one of our main mailtraders and will start
	  writing for this magazine too...

	* TCC got cancelled (read The Party Zone)

	* February was a busy month for us and we finished:

	* Skauenland (1discdemo-code:Oxidy,gfx:Ogami,VDK)
	* Red Devil Tracks 2 (his new musiccollection)
	* Red Violation 2 (Avalon´s new musiccollection)

	* Rumours said that Sneaper left the scene,but he hasn´t,
	  not completly anyway...
	* Memeberstatus 18.2: Solar,Antitrack,Fen 1, Idol,
	  Ze Smasher, Neotec, Mr.Alpha, Playboy, Larry, Scorpie,
	  King, Stormrider, Sneaper

	* Will arrabge the Easternparty (Read The Party Zone)
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Euro News (G-O):

Genesis Project

	 L.A Style,Snacky,Tyger left!
	* Yes, as we wrote in the last issue that L.A Style opened
	  a S-Nes board, Snacky and Tyger left the 64 scene for
	  S-nes aswell...
	* Splatterhead and Lord Crusifier left their old AFL-team
	  and joined up..
	* Rumours says that Twist/Trance did that too!

	* This two month old german group is dead again after
	  several intenal problems. The start for this group wasn´t
	  the best as they got three re-releases!
	* Their board Ice Cream Castle is down and burried forever
	  as Cruncher left the scene for PC!

	* Just when all claimed their eternal death, this member-
	  status was posted on the U.S boards:
	* Powerplant, Westbam, Rebel, XXX, Atmos, Doc, Fletch,
	  Tyree and Skater!!
	* (does this mean that Sh0ck is going to be released again
	  or is it just another fakestory?)
	* Antitrack left them for F4CG.
	* Powerplant finished his game,but couldn´t get it sold as it
	  was already cracked,(what a story,eh?)
Motiv 8

	* Read the Word Zone chapter...

	* They will release a papermagazine about the GFX and
	* Their old board The New Dawn is said to up soon again!

	* They are certainly NOT dead as they´ll release HackPack 4
	  real soon... 

	 Addybook is DEAD!!
	* Yes, it´s true, Machine and Peace famous magazine won´t
	  be released anymore as they claimed Eternaldeath in the
	  last issue (15). Scrapper, the only active left will write
	  for SkyHigh instead, which is their only magazine now...
	* RRR joined AFL as a second-group.
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Euro News (P-Z):


	* Well, they run out of inspiration and Zar,Rawfish and
	  Gorefest left for SCS-TRC, Flashback is now under that
	  label too...
	* Syco and Scull joined Atlantis

	* The first issue of their papermag Artpress is soon out!
	  Contact Neotec if you want it...

	* Some important changes during this period:

	* The Silver Surfer (TSS) left for Silicon, both on C-64
	  and Amiga
	* Nightshade made his comeback by the end of Febuary,
	  he explained his unactivity as No Inspirationperiod!
	* Rumours says that Moran left the scene for PC!!

	* Yes, also TRSI went the same way as RSI did, on the
	  friday 25.2, Count Zer0 declared them as dead and joined
	  Talent... The explaination is that the group wasn´t
	  worthy to be run with out Psychobilly as a leader!
	  Nearly the whole TRSI followed Count Zer0, like Irata
	  and some more dudes...

	* They´re getting bigger and bigger...
	* New members:	Ignorance (x-Enigma)
		Count Zer0 (x-TRSI)
		Outlaw (x-Impression)
		Irata (x-TRSI)
		+ some more TRSI-members...

	* New members:	Avatar (x-Bronx)
		Achilles (x-Active)

	* They´ll soon got their demo Cyberdreams ready, with gfx
	  from Dane and music from TDM&Tango, code by
	  King Fisher himself!!

	* They will arrange THC (read The Party Zone)
Visual Reality

	* Their latest project "AmigaSaga II" is soon ready:
	  Code: Mick
	  Gfx: JTM
	  Music: Drax

	* A new founded group by: Dr.Jones,X-Radical,Cavron,
	  Dr.Zzap,Sub Zer0,X-Raffi and Toxy!
	* But the start could have been better, three rereleases!
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Other news...

Callers Busted!

Well, this time it was Dr.Acid and Barfly/Extend turn to get 
busted! They have used Finish tele-cards for some month now,and
suddenly the police were tracking them...
They took all the computer equipment away from Barfly and now
Dr.Acid waits for a razzia at his house too...
Beware all, the security system for the Telecom´s have been im-
proved.. more about that in issue nine!

Last Words:

Hmm, guess that march will be an exciting month, what is the 
real truth about the death of TRSI? Why do all wanna join 
Talent? Will Sh0ck be released again? Willl you vote for this 
magazine? Well, let´s see if we can get answers on this question...

The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Mega Charts


JAN - FEB 1994

Page instructions:                                                                         

Introduction				Page1
MegaChart 1-9				Page2
MegaChart 10-20				Page3
Facts about chart			Page4
Singlecharts				Page5
Last Words				Page6
Some facts:

	All types of groups have the change to enter the charts,
	not only demo- or crackergroups!

	All members in the groups on the charts are at least 
	registrated in one counted magazine.

	I count each point a member or a mag receives in the 
	selected disc-magz!

Mags released this period were:
AddyBook #15
ChitChat #05
Earthquake #20
Magness #05
NewsPress #13
Revealed #03
Update #10

Well, only magagazies with smaller charts were released this time
and the will ofcourse affect the MegaChart too...
The charts in the magz were more up to date than they ever have
been, inactive groups made big falls and active ones climbed as 
never before, but that´s they way it goes sooner or later,right?

Also, the big magazines,like Splash,aren´t that often released and 
many of the votes get old,but they´re counted and do ofcourse
dominate the charts,got it?

Well, now, some suprises will follow on the pages and new for
this issue is that I also created single Megacharts,read them then 
you´ll know the names of the sceneheros of the beginning of 1994!!
The Reformation               FairLight

World Top 1-9 (Jan-Feb´94)

1.(1) OXYRON (Germany)
Total: 10480

	Demogroup		3074
	Skyhigh			1430
	TTS			3164
	Axis			654
	Graham			28
	RRR			320
	Bizkid			430
	PRI			1318
	Peace			62

	* Oxyron still rules the world, but lost one of their magz
	  called AddyBook...
	* Status: Active (SkyHigh)
	* Future: Will dominate awhile now...
2.(2) CREST (Germany)
Total: 10156

	Demogroup		3242
	Crossbow		2920
	Maduplec		492
	Vision			62
	Drax			1176
	Syndrom			1972
	Deek			356
	Deekay			36

	* Crest couldn´t knock Oxyron down this time,but their
	  skillful musicans achive more and more points...
	* Status: MidActive (Syndrom+Deekay at Party´93)
	* Future: A demo = #1...
3.(5) SUCCESS+TRC (Europe)
Total: 7015

	Crackergroup		3626
	Burglar			2084
	TSS			280
	Nightshade		736
	Brush			273
	Steel			8
	Guzzler			8

	* Can anything stop this coop?
	* Status: Active (lots of cracks!)
	* Future: Where´s FavourMagazine??
4.(6) CENSOR (Sweden)
Total: 6933

	Demogroup		2842
	BOB			1356
	HCL			214
	Alfatech		71
	Danko			1612
	Dragon			618
	Sensei			220

	* Climbed two places,SPASMOwalk...
	* Status: PartyActive
	* Future: Got two new members,active ones,well,do
5.(4) FAIRLIGHT (Sweden)
Total: 6682

	Crackergroup		402
	Demogroup		1022
	Reformation		1004
	Tron			948
	Oxidy			12
	Bacchus			412
	Red Devil		710
	Avalon			24
	Ogami			2148

	* Bappalnder left,but with Oxidy´s new demo,FLT will
	  rise for sure...
	* Status: VeryActive (SkaeneLand,Red Devil collection,
	  Future: Going stronger...
6.(7) TRIAD (Sweden)
Total: 6460

	Crackergroup		1750
	Demogroup		912
	Gamers Guide		542
	Arise			494
	King Fisher		1314
	JFK			41
	TDM			717
	Thunder			228
	Dane			462

	* The losses last time didn´t affect the streght
	  of this group, up one place!!
	* Status: Active (Arise,Gamer´s Guide,Dane)
	* Future: The new demo could bring them to the top 3!
7.(10) CAMELOT (Denmark)
Total: 6143

	Demogroup		1652
	Revealed		1020
	Glasnost		884
	Cruzer			258
	Slammer			162
	Raz			83
	Rob(Wave)		680
	Jeff			1110
	Metal			294

	* At last the danish demogroup made their breakthrough
	  and climbed 3 places, WELL DONE!
	* Status: Active (Revealed)
	* Future: A sure winner!
8.(3) LEGEND (Europe)
Total: 5436

	Crackergroup		1194
	Powerplant		1968
	DOC			1120
	XXX			1093
	Fletch			61

	 *As I said before, the have begun the long way down
	     now, only a miracle can save them now!
	 *Status: Inactive
	 *Future: As AntiTrack left there is no active member left
	            now,soon dead?,i hope not!
9.(11) ANTIC (Sweden)
Total: 4589

	Demogroup		1064
	Explorer		154
	Depeh			260
	Creeper			2244
	Zyron			820
	Incubus			47

	 *Antic enters the top 10,thanks to Creeper...
	 *Status: Active (Explorer,Zyron)
	 *Future: One place up or down...
The Reformation               FairLight

World Top 10-20 (Jan-Feb´94)

10.(13) TRSI (Germany)
Total: 4338

	Crackergroup		2774
	Benson			812
	Count Zero		712
	TBB			40

	* Lost Psychobilly,Mr President,but
	  is still going stronger,well deserved!
	* Status: Active (some 1´ies!)
	* Future: Hang around top 10
11.(12) TALENT (Europe)
Total: 3822

	Crackergroup		1190
	BOD			986
	Chrysagon		1212
	Rockstar		101
	Hain			333

	* Ignorance and Hain joined,powerful!
	* Status: Active (some qualitycracks)
	* Future: Get stronger and enter top 10!
12.(14) FOCUS (Holland)
Total: 3483

	Demogrouup		1006
	Hein Holt		1662
	Mirage			608
	Sander			68
	Compyx			43
	JVD			96

	* Yup,did climb two places,untouchable!
	* Status: Active (Demos)
	* Future: Heading for top 10 now!
13.(8) FLASH INC. (Sweden)
Total: 3372

	Demogroup		1316
	Zodiac			1444
	Moon			612

	* What a fall,rough times now for the team!
	* Status: Inactive
	* Future: If Zodiac just codes games,then GET OUT!
16.(14) TOPAZ (Finland)
Total: 3319

	Demogroup		1490
	D´Arc			1746
	Benno			30
	Beat			24
	AMJ			29

	* Two places up, D´Arc is successful now!
	* Status: Active (Demo)
	* Future: Stick around place 15.
15.(15) TRANCE (Germany)
Total: 3311

	Crackergroup		722
	A-Head			1592
	MG			85
	Bizzare			912

	* Kept the place they entered at last time!
	* Status: Active (A-Headmag)
	* Future: Maybe fall down coz of loosing members.
16.(new) EXTEND (Finland)
Total: 3155

	Demogroup		302
	Eletric			2286
	Atte			478
	Paladin			89

	* BANG!!! After being allmost in for one year now, they
	  suddenly smash in,Eletric is popular...
	* Status: Active (lots of Graphics)
	* Future: A sure thing to climb!
17.(19) PSYCICS (Belgium)
Total: 2280

	Jeroen Tel		2280

	* WHY is he going up,think before voting!!
	* Status: Giga Inactive (get it?)
	* Future: He is past now,his days are OVER!
18.(re) ACCURACY (Turkiey)
Total: 2244

	Crackinggroup		47
	Splash			2196

	* They are NOT dead as rumours says...
	* Status: Inactive
	* Future: Try to release Splash soon,long time ago now!
19.(new) TABOO (Poland)
Total: 2139

	Demogroup		1006
	MMS			948
	K.M			38
	Acidchild		147

	* Wow, another polish group enters,is the future C-64
	  scene in polish hands??
	* Status: Active (utilities+demo)
	* Future: A winner for sure!
20.(18) ELYSIUM (Poland)
Total: 1902

	Crackergroup		482
	Inquiry			89
	Demogroup		30
	Cruise			688
	Carrion			510
	Longhair		103

	* Knocked down by another polish group,eh?
	* Status: MidActive (only Cruise is active)
	* Future: Demo = climber!
The Reformation               FairLight

Facts about charts

* Out of the chart:			* Near the chart:

	ILLUSION (dead)			MOTIV 8 (1898)
	EPIC (dead)			SPIRIT (1628)
	COMIC PIRATES (dead?)		LIGHT (1632)

Three groups died and went out, the longawaited entry from
Extend is suddenly true,smashed in at place 15!
Fun to see TWO polish groups now in the chart,I think the c-64
future lies in Poland,more right than wrong,eh?

Also,very nice to see that the voters today take more care before
filling in those tons of sheets,unactive groups don´t belong in the
chart and it´s very fun to see many newcommers too...
Let´s just hope that it´ll continue like this in the future too...
Let´s sumary the chart:

World Top 20 Chart (Jan-Feb´94)               

(p)	(l)	(group)		(points)
---	---	-------		------
 01	01	OXYRON		10480
 02	02	CREST		10156
 03	05	SUCCESS+TRC	7015

 04	06	Censor		6933
 05	04	FairLight	6682
 06	07	Triad		6460
 07	10	Camelot		6143
 08	03	Legend		5436
 09	11	Antic		4589
 10	13	TRSI		4338

 11	12	Talent		3822
 12	14	Focus		3483
 13	08	Flash Inc.	3372
 14	16	Topaz		3319
 15	15	Trance		3311
 16	--	Extend		3155
 17	19	Psycics		2280
 18	re	Accuracy	2244
 19	--	Taboo		2139
 20	18	Elysium		1902

 21	--	Motiv 8		1898
 22	--	Spirit		1628
 23	--	Light		1632
The Reformation               FairLight

Mega Single Charts (Jan-Feb´94)

Well, a new idea is introduced by Enduro. The idea is simple,
these charts show you the best individual acters in the scene with
no differnce which group they´re comming from,f.e Guy Shavitt 
can also take place in these charts...
Let´s enter:


1.(-) CREST 	3242p.
2.(-) Oxyron 	3074p.
3.(-) Censor 	2842p.
4.(-) Triad 	1750p.
5.(-) Camelot 	1652p.
Comments: No comments.

1.(-) SCS+TRC 	3626p.
2.(-) TRSI 	2774p.
3.(-) Legend 	1194p.
4.(-) Talent 	1190p.
5.(-) Motiv 8 	912p.
Comments: Big changes, the crackingscene is getting weaker...

1.(-) SPLASH 	2196p.
2.(-) Nitro 	1623p.
3.(-) A-Head 	1592p.
4.(-) SkyHigh 	1430p.
5.(-) Miracle 	1387p.
Comments: Splash is NOT dead,but where´s The Pulse and 
Revealed (don´t you like danish magazines??)

1.(-) TTS/OXYRON 		3164p.
2.(-) Crossbow/Crest 		2920p.
3.(-) Zodiac/Flash Inc. 	1444p.
4.(-) BoB/Censor 		1356p.
5.(-) D´Arc/Topaz 		1216p.
6.(-) Tron/FLT 			948p.
7.(-) MMS/Taboo 		948p.
8.(-) King Fisher/Triad 	834p.
9.(-) Flamingo/Light		824p.
10.(-) Axis/Oxyron 		654p.
Comments: Atlast the unactive coders are fading away,watch out 
for MMS,that polish dude is a codermiracle!

1.(-) BURGLAR/SCS+TRC 		2084p.
2.(-) Powerplant/Legend 	1968p.
3.(-) Chrysagon/Talent 		1212p.
4.(-) DOC/Legend 		1120p.
5.(-) XXX/Legend 		1093p.
6.(-) BOD/Talent 		986p.
7.(-) Crossfire/Motive 8 	986p.
8.(-) Benson/TRSI 		812p.
9.(-) Count Zer0/TRSI 		712p.
10.(-) Jack Alien/Avantgarde	504p.
Comments: Nothing special here,generation swift,nothing else to 
add,Jack Alien is a new face in these events...

1.(-) ELETRIC/EXTEND 		2286p.
2.(-) Creeper/Antic 		2244p.
3.(-) Ogami/FLT 		2148p.
4.(-) Hein Holt/Focus 		1662p.
5.(-) Joe/Wrath 		1399p.
6.(-) Cruise/Elysium 		688p.
7.(-) Rob/Camelot 		680p.
8.(-) Dragon/Censor 		618p.
9.(-) Mirage/Focus 		608p.
10.(-) Atte/Extend 		478p.
Comments: The only ones which preform high quality and action 
are the graphicans,even Hein and Dragon are back for real now,
amazing!! Eletric enters the #1 spot for the first time in his life,

1.(-) JEROEN TEL/PSYCICS 	2280p.
2.(-) Syndrom/Crest 		1972p.
3.(-) Danko/Censor 		1612p.
4.(-) PRI/Oxyron 		1318p.
5.(-) Drax/Crest 		1176p.
6.(-) Jeff/Camelot 		1110p.
7.(-) Guy Shavitt/SCS 		997p.
8.(-) Zyron/Antic 		820p.
9.(-) TDM/Triad 		717p.
10.(-) Red Devil/FLT 		710p.
Comments: Jeroen Tel is no longer active on the c-64,so why do 
you all vote for him,try Geir Tjelta instead!

1.(-) BIZARRE/TRANCE 		912p.
2.(-) Nightshade/SCS+TRC 	736p.
3.(-) DerbyShire Ram/AVT 	512p.
Comments: The days of megaswapping are over,now it´s im-
possible to choose the best swappers,maybe it´s useless to have 
CONTINUE...				--)

Last Words...

Yup, I hope you now have a full view of the scene today,many 
changes have been and still many more will come so see you next 
time at the end of March in issue nine!

If you have reactions to the charts,then send a mail to:


or leave a mail at Cyberdome +XX-(X)XXX-XXXXXXX,Lexi/FLT

The Reformation               FairLight

Board Charts


FEB 1994

Page instructions:                                                                         

Introduction				Page1
Top 10 Crackergroups			Page2
Top 10 Demogroups			Page3
Top 5 Magazines				Page4
Last Words				Page5


Well, here you got one of the two parts viewing we in the staff 
will make in each issue, the other part is ofcourse the vote-sheet
charts, but the votes were to few this time as we haven´t even 
released the vote-sheet yet, but some dudes sent in votes on 
paper, thanks, the votes will be in next issue...

Yes, don´t forget to vote fair for fair charts, got it?!
Don´t forget to send in the votes in time, course old votes won´t be
counted as we all want fresh and fair charts, not old and unactive

Also, you miss the Euro-board chart, but only the FLT-boards 
got votes (92%) so,the chart was not even close to be made, will
try next time again,if i really need it...
Send your Vote-Sheets or Papervotes to:

(official VOTE HQ)


and boardvote at:


THINK BEFORE VOTING!!!                                                            

Be rude - Be Count Zer0/Talent                                                   


1.(-)SCS+TRC 		8p.

2.(-)+TRSI+ 		7p.

3.(-)CHROMANCE 		5p.

4.(-)TALENT 		4p.

5.(-)ALPHA FLIGHT 	3p.

6.(-)AVANTGARDE 	3p.

7.(-)TRIAD 		3p.

8.(-)F4CG 		2p.


10.(-)VISION 		2p.

Well, the SCS+TRC co-op rules, the second placed TRSI is now
dead too, so guess a competitor is out of question for the following
month... Hmm, more votes til next time, can it be lower amount?

Question: Where is Motiv 8, they topped the 1st release chart in 
Pulse feb.issue, something stinks here and it´s not my soxx!!
Got to get it, Reformation...                                                           

Top 10 DEMOGROUPS (Feb´94)

1.(-)CAMELOT 		5p.

2.(-)OXYRON 		4p.

3.(-)CENSOR 		4p.

4.(-)CREST 		3p.

5.(-)PADUA 		3p.

6.(-)TABOO 		2p.

7.(-)TRIAD 		2p.

8.(-)FOCUS 		2p.

9.(-)ANTIC 		2p.

10.(-)SMASH DESIGNS 	2p.

Phew, not much voting here, don´t you like the Demoscene on 
the boards?? If I had counted the votes for FLT we would have 
won as we got 6 ones,eh?

The chart is fresh like the spring,well voted,but try to call Cyber-
dome each month for updating the top 10, we don´t wanna have 
unactive groups in the chart,will we?

Try also the vote-sheet...

We Don´t put ourselves at the top...                                               

Top 5 MAGAZINES (Feb´94)

1.(-)THE PULSE 		8p.

2.(-)PROPAGANDA 	4p.

3.(-)REVEALED 		4p.

4.(-)ARISE 		3p.

5.(-)SKYHIGH 		2p.

Yup, i like this chart, we got seven votes, but why count them, 
you know the truth anyway...

I really miss the big magazines like Script, that is what I call a 
24 hrs working magazine...

We Don´t put ourselves at the top...                                               


Well, atlast we present you the result of the opinionpoll:


(19 votes, 42 %)

(14 votes, 31 %)

(12 votes, 27 %)
Well well, do NOT accuse us for cheating a chart now, as this is 
NOT a chart, just an opinion poll., this excactly what the callers 
at CyberDome voted for, blame them not us... (but why blaiming 

Well, interresting to see the result of the next opinion.poll...

That´s all this time, but in the next issue we will present a high-
standard chart,both based from vote-sheets and boardvoting...

Thanks for your cooperation...                                                       

The Wild Side



(take a walk on the...)

Page instructions:

Introduction				Page1
It´s Raining Cats´n´Dogs		Page2
The Word				Page3
Play it again SAM			Page4

Well, first it was Mamba/Crazy l8ter on it was Sh0ck/Legend, 
even l8ter it was The Pulse/Regina, now it´s time for real proos to
rag down the scene, no HARM is allowed just BULLSHIT!!!
Responsilbe are Beavis and Butthead and noone else, but beware 
they´re out after you, sucker!!

Think you could do better than this??, send contributions on a
toiletpaper to:


Veteg. 10
272 37 S-hamn
Going, going, gone, TRSI...                                                             

thanks to Creeper...

It´s Raining Cats´n´Dogs:                                                                 

Ten sure ways to die:

1.Wait for an aussie group to enter top 10 in the democharts...
2.Play van Dammes brother in Kickboxer 1-3...
3.Have a look like a sausage and Airwolf is hungry...
4.Wait for BlackMails next demo...
5.Vote for Motiv 8 at #1 in charts...
6.Simply join Motiv 8 and think Crossfire is cool...
7.Have a reggie-concert at a Ku-klux-Klan meeting...
8.Wait for Aslive´s next send...
9.Try to pay Tron´s telephone bill for the next year...
10.Rename yourself into Crossfire and enter a copy-party...
Did you know...
...why Powerplant is not seen anymore, yes it´s true, some trees 
DO grow up in the skies...

...that Bizkid is called Biscuit by his mother...

...that Stash/Afl´1970 just entered the PC-scene, wonder how he 
could manage to do that, is he in coop with Burglar?...

...that BoB/Censor really was Bob in Twin Peaks and also got paid 
royalty from BoB hallonsaft!

...that Tech/Triad parents forced him to leave the scene...

...that Woise/Maniax still thinks Dreamline/Jam excist and
printed that in Miracle #9...

...that it´s impossible to catch Joyride/Chromance when it´s windy

...that Natas/Fosie BBS is an x-Ikari member...

...that Walker/Genesis Project got the biggest NKOTB collection,
in the whole world (including nude pictures of Donny)

...that XXX/Legend can´t write...

...that Bumboo/Flash could´t have his old handle left,as Disney 
Pictures didn´t allowed him to call himself Dumboo...

...what´s red,ugly,hairy and soon married?

...Jerry/Triad is Dane/Triad´s father...

...why Uptonogood/TSR is really Up To No Good?

...that TTS/Oxyron is the only 24 hrs working member in the 
scene, but got paid from the other members for not quitting and 
make Oxyron die...

...that if you check out the word ugly in a lexicon, you´ll find a 
picture of Crossfire/Motiv 8 there...

...that Oxidy thinks a phonebill over $30 is too high and a shame...

...that Neotec/Rebels and Eletric/Extend got mixed and were
called Rainbow at the Party´93...

...why Static/Gothic got no friends...

...why ATT/F4CG can´t get a work on a railway station...

...that Black Priest´s parents is from Africa...

...that Nightshade likes Take That and have never missed any of 
their concerts (neither has Skater/Legend)

...who´s sister called herself A-girl...

...that Adolf/Censor masturbate to Winnie Mandela...

...that Jesus last word´s were: Vote for Just Another Miracle,

...who doesn´t even KNOW what a rerelase is...

...who complained to the magz about why they didn´t have a 
cheat-mode for them who wanted to be #1 in ALL charts...
3 things that makes you no Airwolf:

1.Surfer/Active stand with his T-shirt with his group-slogan:
  "Active - the girls no.1" on the back of it...

[A]: Haha, the girls #1,haha, I think that suxx, I wanna be the 
     boys no.1...

2.You can´t get the role in the video to "too fat for my U-boat"...

3.You simply don´t like Sindy dolls...
Rerelasing ME? No way,not ever...                                               

The Word:


Hell why are the People telling me to buy a Dictionary ?
isn´t my English just Perfect ?!


How can someonne Dare to write Bullshit about my ruling Group
I have to Grab my Noter to release a Note about this Magazine
There noone can say that it is a Re Release... Hah


Damn, i don´t know what i should do with all those Amigas laying 
in my Room....I better steal some more useful as Amigas all the
Time when i´m on a Party.


Well with the Time i really also believe in the Shit that i´m 
telling the People every Day on the Boards.
Would be great to have that much Cards as i say everytime just to
be a Kewl fella....
In Fact i don´t even have the Money to pay the Modem i bought
from Lexi/Flt ages ago with the promise that i pay it when i
got it.....


Damn, i have the 2nd oldest Board in Germany, and my BBS is
even better than every other System but for some Reason nobody
exept my own Members call here....


Moses Modded C*Base Sucks Dick, i´m running a Elite Board but 
for some reason i only get 2 Calls a Month...
Bah, my FD 4ooo has true Jiffy Power, and all in all i´m the only
Modder wwho is able to make that cool C*Base Versions as


Fuck Animals or Under Age,
Sign off : Mister Mister


I´m a Cool Coder and i don´t know why all the People are 
Laughing about me and my English ?!


Well, in Germany nobody stands my Raggings but when they
find out that everybody slaps on my on the US BHitlist 2


Well you poor Guys are just Slaves for Rich People like me.
All Normal Workers should be banned in KZ´s and all those
who aren´t able to work annymore should be putted in the
old Gas Room that my Uncle Adolf made.


Well Actually AFL is the Biggest and Best Group on Earth.
Hah, We also rule the AMIGA Scene....
The Evil Island is the BEST Board in the USA.


Wanna Buy a Calling Card ?! No i don´t have a Card for myself but
in Future i will suply cards to my Suplier...
Isn´t that a Deal ?!


Well cool that Nobody found out that i´m CARL/PHOTO...
So i could Rag on Radar all the Time without getting slapped
by the whole Scene.


Just checkin´ In...have to smoke some Shit..


Damn, my Phonebill is higher than DM 100.-
I have to stop calling out, otherwise my Dad will kick my Ass.


Welll...Ahem.....Shit....Where is my English ?


Well, i can´t paint in Normal Mode, i´m addicted to FLI 
and Hires FLI Editors....everything else has too big Pixels...


Well, elite or not elite, i can´t figure out these two sentences...


I hate EG,EU,capitalswines,Deutschland,rich,money...  eh, is there
anyone who could borrow me a nickel?...


Hmm, just one more thing to complete my board, do anyone got a
house I can be in...


What, don´t ever say that I can´t write english again...
(or I´ll send Airwolf, my teacher on you)


Hehe,mm, well I WAS only coding at the party mom...
Groupjumping - ME?                                                                   

Play it again SAM:

The Billboard-chart:

1.Too fat for my U-boat-?
2.When will I be famous-Dumboo
3.Losing my Religion-Duke 0
4.The Return of the Innosence-Skier
5.Club Hopping/Ex-sult
6.Would I lie 2 u/#7
7.Go West/noBrush
8.Push it/Dizzy
9.American Dream/Wedge
10.Living on my Own/2000ad
The two lost jokes:
* Three girls were walking into the sleeping hall at the Party III, 
  suddenly they stopped as they saw a naked man on the floor, 
  totaly boozed out, but got a papermagazine hiding his face...

  They looked at his organ and the first girl said: It can´t possibly 
  be my Bacchus/FLT... The second one said, nope it´s not my Lexi/
  FLT either, hmmm, said the third one, it´s noone from FLT at 

* Do you know what a sailboat and Elton John got in common?

  - Both got Mercury in the back...
		Beavis and Butthead
Urk, I´ll think I´m gonna throw up...

Swedish MeatBalls


(the Swedish boardscene)

Page instructions:                                                                         

Introduction				Page1
Just boar(e)d				Page2
Ultimate C-BBS				Page3


Wow, another new chapter in this fab. magazine, well what´s up 
this time, a chapter about stupid swedish blondes or could it 
possibly be something about Jucke/G*P cooking??

Nope, this is one about the best European boardscene, yes, the 
swedish one, and becourse this mag got many swedish readers, it´s
natural that they got a chapter too (yes, including me...)

Of course it´s awesome reading for you outside this cold country 
too, now go A-head...

Europe - Faster Than Light??                                                       


All about the action on the swedish boards, still haven´t called 
them yet?, you bastard!
Yes, febuary was a quite busy month for Sledge, as there was a
calling boom at this board, hopefully will the action follow the 
board down to the capital of Sweden as Sledge will move in there 
by summer... 
Hmm, Spirou left the board for six weeks, army duty, and what 
happend on the second day, the board hung up, sorry all, but it 
won´t be useful to call before W.12, as Spirou is out til then and 
has no possibility to fix it before...
The board has been down since the summer´93 and we wrote that
Adolf left the scene forever in the last issue,but what happend,
on the 10.2 it was up again with Adolf as sysop,well done,but it´s
future won´t be long if the amount of callers will be low...
Jerry, the sysop, upgrated this board which now is said to be one 
of the absolute fastest boards around, low action though this 
Not much action here the past month, cool to see that Oneway is
active one their sub, THEY ARE NOT DEAD suckers!!
After being down for some weeks, Natas the sysop fixed the error
and it´s up again, lot of action ofcourse and the online game really
* The old Illusion board, Paradize, is down, but not burried as 
  rumours says, course Sodapop will move into the GBGcity but a 
  local dude will take over the board and run it,yes, let´s hope it´s 

* Illusion of Reality (Triad Hq) is down since awhile now,also 
  Dreamline (Jam Whq) is down since may´93,got it all you who
  still print them in your boardlists...

* Oxidy/FLT will probably NOT open his board WEDLOCK as he 
  don´t have time for it (school,coding etc.), maybe he will open it 
  later this year...

* Wrath Designs new Hq is still not up as X-Flash run out of 
  money to open it, he will try again this summer!

* Rumours says that Noice will put up the New Dawn again,but 
  who and when? Also a dude called Farmer from the #1 town in 
  Sweden (simrishamn) will maybe open his board Zentral again,
  but he needs a H.D, if you got one or know one who have, call:
  0414 - 160 89 (nicklas)...

* The are now excisting over 150 amigaboards in sweden and 
  actually three of them have C-64 areor,call:

  REPULSE +XX-(X)XXX-XXXXXX (???/The Silencer)
For reactions or news, leave E-mail at:

	Ware´s Aquarium/FLT Whq +XX-(X)XXX-XXXXX
	Future Zone/FLT Ehq +XX-(X)X-XXXXXX

or send a snail-mail to:



Hockey- The Swedish GOLD!!!                                                       

The Ultimate C-BBS PeeZee/64

by: Sledge/FLT
You may have heard rumours about a new bbs program called
c-bbs or Tron bbs? It´s the new BBS program done by the main
coder in Fairlight, namely Tron.

This new BBS program is in some ways different from other BBS
programs on the C64, bcoz you don´t run it on a 64, but on a PC
computer (finally PC can do something useful!). The program is
developed on a 16 Mhz PC 386 computer in C environment. That
means it´s a real fast program too. 

Why Tron decided to make a BBS program on a PC for 64 users is
quite simple. He wanted to have a powerful board that ways fast
, easy to expand and cheap equipment. On a PC you have 640k
memory to use and if you have more the 1 megabyte in your
computer, then you can use cache programs for greater speed.
And PC computers are cheap today, atleast if you buy a XT or a
286 computer. A complete XT system with 20 megs HD and 640k
memory + CGA monitor can be found at a price of 50-100 dollars
And that is a real cheap system too if you just are going to
use it as a board. And a XT is fast too for 2400 bps users. It will
run as fast as any C64 board with a HD. But you can take advatage
of backup programs copy programs, defragment programs when
your HD are fragmented like hell.

The program is completely compatible with Cbase 64. That means
you can convert all the mail and letters that have been done on
your old system. Even the userlog can be converted. That is
something very useful. Bcoz who would like to buy a new BBS
program when you already have a powerful board that have a
big base of posts and users. Then it´s very useful to take the
whole userfile and mail with it. 

The outifit is very like Cbase, but there are some improve-
ment too. It has got a better sub system, with a fullscreen editor
for 80 columns users. And it has got Punter, Xmodem, Ymodem
and Zmodem protocols with heavily improved UD area.

C-BBS is a 100% full working color graphic board. And it will look
just like you called a real C64 board, only bigger and faster
(it all depends on the equipment you use).
It will support 40 and 80 column display, with c/g, ansi and acsii
as options. Even the sysop will se a 40 column display when some-
one logs onto with 40 column choosen.
Everything to keep the real feeling there of running a real 64

Users will see new improvements on the E-Mail, UD and subs-
system sides. When you have more then 1 mail in your private
mailbox you will be able to choose which one you want to read
first unlike Cbase scroll system which can be quite annoying
sometimes. And you can delete just one mail if you wanna keep
the other for further use.

On the sysop side there will be a total change to what Cbase users
are used to. You will now have better group access, mail to all
users command, better access editor etc. The list can be long.
It will also have a FREE network module included. And a personal
network code too so that everyone that wan7t to take part of the
C-BBS NETWORK can be that. And that is something real cool.
The board will pack all mail files with PKZip or something like
that and then send it. No transfertime what so ever.

The sysop will also be able to connect a C64 in the COM2: port on
the pc with a nullmodem cable. So that he can see logon to the PC
and see how everything looks on his C64. That is a great deal when
you have modded your prompts and would like to see how it really
looks like for a caller. And then you can transfer files from the
C64 in a easy way. Perhaps quite slow if you don´t have a Swiftlink
or a C128 (9600 bps). But then again, there are utilities and tools
on how to build a cable and connect a 1541 to the com post on the
PC and direct copy files form the 64 diskdrive.
SKAUNE - Living on The Edge...                                           @>@

The Ultimate C-BBS continue...

But then you might think, the PC has got only 8+3 chars, that will
look stupid. But no, the C-BBS has got full length filenames up to 
16 chars so that all files will look the same. Great, isn´t it? 

The program will also be compatibly with the new Novell-
Dos version 7.0, which supports longer filenames then 8+3 chars
like the standard Dos. But for you guys that don´t have or don´t
want to have Novell Dos 7, keep to your old system and that´s fine
too, because you will be able to use 16 chars filenames anyway.

This is perhaps the best BBS program up to date for C64 users.
And this program is expandable beyond imaginations, since you
have so much memory to use. This will perhaps be the most
popular BBS program too, since it can handle all famous modes
like C/G (64 & 128), ANSI (PC/AMIGA), ASCII for all others. And
mainly because of the low price of the program, probably to be
set around 350 skr or 44 dollars. And you will get alot for your
44 dollars too, a BBS program for C64, PC, AMIGA and
a NETWORK module, prompt editor, Cbase 3.0 mail/posts/user
converter so that C*Base owners won´t be left behind.

I suggest you to buy this program if you want to have the C64
board of the 90´s when NETWORKING is something HOT and will
be more and more usual. It can´t be better then this. Get it!

Norrland - Living on the (SL)edge...                                      @>@

The Party Zone


(open for all sceners)

Page instructions:                                                                         

Introduction				Page1
THC-party				Page2
F4CG-Easternparty			Page3
TCC-cancelled!				Page4


Yepp, another fresh idea in this magazine, well it´s easy, just send
partyinvitations,partyreports or other articles concerning parties
for the C-64 to:



or leave an e-mail at Cyberdome +49(0)202-7160781,Lexi/FLT.
The Reformation               FairLight


The Highland Conference 1994

(Official summer party)


The swedish elite on the leading machines invites you to a con-
ference, arranged conferences, so we have put lots of effort in 
doing this party the ULTIMATE!

Some of the guys behind this party have been in the scene since
the middle 80´s and have lots of experience how a party should be
like and what to have in mind when organizing a party.

17 - 19 of June


Some facilities:

Some of the highest compoprizes ever, one of Europes´ss biggest 
exhibition hall,the scene awards(the scene´Oscar´),synthesizer 
concert live on stage (Slients+Equinox),CD will be available and of
course tons of other great suprises will be presented in the REAL

To catch the real invitation,just do like this:

Fill in on a paper:		Group

send it to:

The Reformation               FairLight

F4CG Eastern Party (for C-64 only!)

Hey dudes! This time the raw guys in FFourCG are arranging a
party in Italy!

The party is the very first one held in Italy,so try your best to
come as it will surely be an awesome situation...

The place is in a little town near Udine (which is about 120km
from Venice..) called Plsino di Pagnacco (uh!?),with room for no
more than 100 people.. This is B-coz this party is just an exper-
iment and if we (I) see it goes well, we will arrange a bigger one 
at the end of June!

We don´t wanna say that we have mega-record-breaking prizes 
for the democompo. just B-coz there won´t be any compo as long 
as we don´t get atleast 5 groups taking part of it...

Instead a music and graphic compo will be held,and as there is NO
democompo,the prizes willl (hopefully) be quite high.

Entrance: 30DM,35$
Date: 4-5 April (Eastern)

The entrance includes free drinks and pizzas as long as we have 
ones left,also some cafeteria...

As the place is so little,there aren´t any shop or bar,but there is 
one about 200 m far from the place.

The partyline will sadly NOT be at the partyplace as well use for 
it the line of Playboy´s home!

It´s prefered that you book a place B-coz if you come and there is
no room left,you´lll be kicked out after 11.00 pm.

For more detailed information,book a table or for even a map,


Too bad I can´t come Playboy, but I really hope your party is going
well coz a pure C-64 would be awesome to join in,hehe!/Enduro
The Reformation               FairLight

TCC is cancelled!!!

Well as we wrote in the last issue,that we and Horizon would 
organize the TCC party for the second year is sadly cancelled!

Why? The budget didn´t match the plans, we needed about 
300.000 SEK (about 40.000$) more to run the party and that was
too much, the sponsors couldn´t fill the gap so the party had to be
cancelled,but we do still work on a TCC-party for 1995,see you

The Reformation               FairLight

The WordZone


(open for all sceners)

Page instructions:                                                                         

Introduction				Page1
Magascene/Depeh				Page2
Crossfire/Enduro			Page3
Swappmania/Bacchus			Page4

Yepp, another fresh idea in this chapter,which will as the name 
says,give all the sceners the right to have their word and 
opinions,just write to us and we´ll publish your thoughts, it could 
be about someone you dislike or something you want to change
with new ideas,got it? YES!

Send your mail to:


or leave an e-mail at Cyberdome +XX(X)XXX-XXXXXXX,Lexi/FLT.
The Reformation               FairLight

MAGASCENE by Depeh/Antic

Hello scenefolks! I want you all to read this article and wake up 
and smell the reality!

This scene is right now being destroyed by all these fucking 
magazines around. Why does every fucking group got to have a 
magazine? I don´t think it´s so very fun to get a sending with 2 or 
3 magz on and nothing else...

I don´t think is is so very stimulating to read the same charts,
same news, same reactions in every single mag. I think that you 
mag-editors should learn how to code or draw graphics or make 
music and you should start to make demos instead.

We all don´t want a scene with only magazines,do we?? No,ofcoz

Mark my words when I´m saying that this scene is turning into a 

Why can´t two or three magazines go together into one bigger,
more fair, better mag or best of all, why not just have one disc-
mag were for exaple the 10-20th best magz have joined forces 
and created a super mag, this would do a mag more objective, 
more fair in charts, more text each issue!

Think about this idea and hopefully some of you will go together
to create a supermag, but sadly enough, I think that you out 
there are far too egoistic to do this...

But I can promise you that we would get a far much better scene
with more DEMOS around...

Well as I AM a mag-editor, I think i could give Depeh an answer.
First of all, the amount of magazines haven´t grown but have de-
creased! But why you feel like it only excist magz is becoz there
nearly aren´t any demos produced anymore, only a few each 
month. Not like the old days when there were plenty of demos 
around, but why aren´t there any demos? The answer is splitted,
but my own opinion is following:

1.In the past it took one week to create a demo, it was one filed
  ones with quite simple code,but scrollers!
  Nowdays it takes month to create those 1 disc demos with lots of
  new scene records and design, if anyone releases a smalll demo, 
  nobody likes it, the time has changed! We want big demos in
  these days which are Amigainspirated (TowerPower), not those 
  small demos from three letter groups like we wanted 1990!

2.The amount of coders have decreased the last year which is 
  naturally as many have left for the Amiga and PC scene. They
  which not left, are sometimes not qualified to create a BIG 
  superdemo with 15 parts,but can easily code an outfit for a 

Well, got it, and further on with your thoughts of a Supermag.
That idea is only going to work in the ways of theory,coz the
sceners live too far away from each others and would have
problems to communicate,even if all got modems!

But if it would work, i surely agree with you Depeh!

The Reformation               FairLight


Hmm, where to start this article about the jerk himself:

Well, as you all can read in the subs of Cyberdome, I and X-fire 
have a little cute war, but why? Read on...

It all started when X-fire let Epic die and founded Motiv 8,where
he still is in... We in the Reformation staff got the news that not 
all Epic-members were informed about the actions and that the 
group Vision joined up in Motiv 8 too...

Well,we printed these news in issue 7 after checking it all out,coz
we DON´T print false news in this magazine, but three days after 
the release I got a note from X-fire called: Correction to #07. In 
this note he claimed that he sure had informed ALL Epic 
members in time before the splitting and that only three Vision 
members did join M8, "the only useful ones"from Vision as X-fire
said! He also wrote that if you wanna read true news then read 
The Pulse (a mag were he is a co-editor in)!

I didn´t take too much notice of this note, but would have it in
mind and give appologies in the next issue for writing that the
whole Vision crew joined M8 and not just 3 of them, yes it´s true,
what a crime I did writing those horrible things!!

But,then I called Cyberdome and what did I see,X-fire acused 
Reformation for being a LAMER magazine and that nobody he 
knows likes it, only lamers do...

It was now I became ANGRY on that bastard, why did he write 
those words I thought and tried to call him up,but he HANGED
up,how lame! So from now on I am in a personal war with that
creep til he gives the whole Reformation staff an appologie, got 
that Kim?? Or are you too shy or lame?

Enough now, but before you call us lamers,recall your moves
when you did put Motiv 8 as number one in the charts of your
very own Pulse-magazine...

The Reformation               FairLight


Howdy hackers!

I´d like to discuss swapping.

Why swapping???

I take that swapping may have two purposes; For bigger groups
that produce lots of materials of their own, it´s a way of spreading
the stuff to a wider audience. Hopefully some of the persons who
get the disk will pass it on further.

The other alternative is that you want programs someone else has
so you send stuff to trade with in order to get the stuff.

In both cases there must be an obvious point in having the data
on the disk intact. If files on the disk are broken, then there was
no point in sending that file at all.

And yet, every week I get a few packs with disks that seem like
they passed hell and returned. They have opended sleves, no
cover sleves, visible defects on the media and so on...

Obviously these disks don´t work, or only work partially. Please
tell me the reason to send one of those.

When I started computing in 85, I spent the same amount of
money, buying one disk as I now pay for ten. Also the quality is so
much better. Even the highest quality of disks could freak out and
be useless to the reciever.

So, if disks are so cheap, and the need to pass on the data is the
primaty target, why do people send these disks???

I´ll tell you a secret: All copy program I know of have a feature
called verify. This function makes the program tell you when it
didn´t manage to put the data safely on the disk! Turning verify
OFF is saving a time, but the cost in the other end is obvious: You
cannot trust the output from your system!

I discussed the subject with Surfer/Active, and his opinion was
that he only sent the disks, so that the receiver got a look on
what Active had produced. As most of them don´t pass the
programs on, he could see no use in sending working programs.
I guess Surfer could just as well swapp printouts of the directory,
which wouldn´t be as wulnerable as the disks.

I think this is idiotic!


* Send -working- disks
* Use verify while copying
* Use some sort of hard paper to protect the disks
* Always send back the stamps!

If you cannot fulfill these demands, then don´t bother sending to
me. That´s for sure!

The Reformation               FairLight

Network Final



(all you need to know...)

Page instructions:                                                                         

Introduction				Page 1
Network Preface				Page 2
Network The List			Page 3
Connection Problems			Page 4
FTP sites for C-64			Page 5

Yes, the first time we presented this subject was in issue six, this
time we give you the full story you need to know for using one of 
the absolute best methods in the BBS-scene, namely NETWORK...

For even more information try:



(also toolswapping)

Reformation #8            (C) FairLight                                             


What computer network spans the world, offers faster inter-
continental transmissions than normal modems, contains giga-
bytes of software and is legal? The answer is:


A network built around universities and schools around the world
The network is available in just about all cities in Europe, 
Scandanavia, North and South America, Asia and Africa. In fact,
if you´ve been able to see through all the hype about Cyberspace, 
but still believe that a global computer network is a kewl idea, 
this is the real life version you want... And it´s mighty kewl!

The things you can get hold of on internet is just about everything
you might think of, and some things you don´t think of, too! The 
services available on Internet are divided into several groups:

File Transfer: 	Normally via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) You can 
	log onto sites that keep all goodies in directories, 
	and you can download it for free. Much like normal
	BBS systems... There are illegal FTP sites too!

Multichat:	IRC is a system which let people log on and chat 
	with eachother, usually in subgroups such as 
	"hackers", "Elite dudes" or "hen-lovers" Serveral 
	kewl dudes from the PC and AMIGA scenes are 
	regulary chatting on IRC.

News:	A system of spreading news around the globe. The news 
	are divided into topics, for example comp.sys.amiga.hard-
	ware and comp.sys.cbm, where dudes like Antitrack and 
	The Chief from the scene write about there ideas and 
	problems. If you need information, and believe somebody 
	knows the answer, just post a question on news. 
	Latests News: there will be a comp.sys.cbm.binaries section
	where new C64 stuff will be available for downloading!

System resources:		By using TELNET you can log on to other 
		computers around the globe and run public
		programs such as file search systems, which 
		let you search for a file around the world, or
		search for books, by logging into the library 
		of congress.

E-Mail:	   This is a big service, Almost 10 million people are con-
	   nected to e-mail (nobody knows exactly how many!) for 
	   example Bacchus, Tron, Watchman, Antitrack, 
	   The Chief, most dudes in Triangle and many, many 
	   others (President Bill Clinton have e-mail!). The big catch
	   is this: If you only can get e-mail, you can use resources 
	   so that the library of congress.

How do you get internet access?

As said before, almost all cities have a local connection, even 
though it might only be 2400 Baud to the local computer, the rest
of the transfer around the world might reach Mbit speed! If you
don´t have the phone#, or haven´t internet access at school, you 
can always talk to the sysop at the nearest College or University,
it shouldn´t be impossible to at least get an e-mail adress.

You might have to pay a monthly fee, but then you can use it as 
much as you want. The big saving is the time to transfer files, and
that you usually only have to pay the local area phone toll. I, 
myself will probably have to pay 150SEK/month for my internet
connection at home, but then I´ll have 2 Mbit transfer directly
onto my harddisk! It won´t take long to save that money by 
cutting down on my phone usuage!


NETWORK - The List

Let´s continue with the folks on the net:

Euro Scene Cracking/Demo Groups:			Chief/Padua			Ano/Padua	Antitrack/F4CG			Mercenary/Extend			D´Arc/Topaz			Anvil/Topaz			Trax/TRC			CBA/TRC			Hazor/Beyond Force		Solomon/Beyond Force		Sage/Beyond Force		Boss/Beyond Force			Mirage/Focus			TDJ/Focus			Joe/Maniax		Mr.Fantasy/Maniax
Pontus		Bacchus/FLT			The Alchemist/FLT			Watchman/FLT			BX/Origo				Destino/Origo			Greyrat/Lower Level			Burglar/Success		Matrix/Zone45			Challenger/Offence			Cycleburner/Megastyle			Rune/x-Hoaxers		Cruncher/Trance			Rockstar/Talent			Motley/G*P			Sauron/x-Illusion		Jesus/Silicon
State side scene dudez:			Wolfgang/Second Dimension			The Shadow/HWA		M.O/x-Legend			The Wiz/Expose/Style		Elwix/Style		Wraith/RPG		Fubar/RPG				Pol POT/Holiday Inn C. BBS		Intruder/Empire			Rundy/x-POD	Rad Man/TSM			Moloch/Armageddon			IceBreaker/Armageddon/BDS			Blackice/Eclipse
Aussie mates:		Stomper/TSR		Giorgio Armani/TSR		Neptune/TSR		Logic/TSR			Z/The Force			Christopher Jam
Some useful euro C-64 dudes:			Marko Makela (HW dude)			Sean Capes (Game Writer)
Some useful state side dudes:		R.Knop (FTP site)		Craig Taylor (C-Hacking)	Coolhand			Cliff, Author Cuckuu Egg			64 dudez (BDS)
Dudes who have left the scene:		Orlorin/Dominators			Euzkera/Censor		BlackHole/Blasters+TRC		Scorpion/Contex				TMB/Extasy



Now over to the connection problem. Most people get their 
access at their school or university, so find out if there in any 
internet e-mail available at your school, and if you can get an 
account. Even if you can´t get ftp, news, telnet, irc or the other 
services, an e-mail account will give you access to these services 
inderectly, I will talk about how that is possible later on. If you 
can´t get e-mail at the school, instution or at work, then you can 
get an account at a commercial dial-up centre. I only know of 
such laces in germany at the moment (supplied by Tony) so here
it comes:


Name:	Individual Network e.V. (IN)
Dialup:	Contact for number
Area code:	+49
Local access:	Almost whole Germany
Long distance:	Provided by user
Services:	E-mail,usenet feeds,UUCP,SLIP,ISDN,shell,ftp,telnet,
Fees:		15-30DM/month 

Voice:		+XX-XXXX-XXXXX (Andreas Baess)
Ftp info:

Name:		Individual Network - Rhein-Main
Area codes:	+49 069
Local Acc.:	Frankfurt/Offenbach, Germany
Long Distance:	Provided by user
Services:	Shell(Unix),ftp,telnet,irc,gopher,uucp feeds
Fees:		Slip.ppp.isdn: 40DM, 4DM/Mb

Ftp info:	n/a

Name:		INS - Inter Networking Systems
Dialup:	contact for number
Area codes:	+49 23
Local acc.:	Ruhr-area, Germany
Long distance:	provided by user
Services:	e-mail,uucp,usenet,slip,ppp,isdn-tcp/IP
Fees:		fees for commercial institutions and any others:
		ip:$290/month minimum

Ftp info:	n/a

Dialup:	contact for numbers
Area code:	+49 089
Local access:	Munich/Bavaria, Germany
Long distance:	provided by user
Services:	mail,news,ftp,telnet,irc,gopher,slip/ppp/uucp
Fees:		from DM 20 (mail only) up to DM 65,full Account with PPP

Voice:		n/a
Ftp info:*
NetWork- wasn´t that a magazine??                                         

FTP sites with C-64 stuff:			(			(		(		(	(			(		(		(	(		(		(			(		(		(			(			(			(			(		(		(			(			(		(			(
IMHO the best boards are  FUNET and CCOSUN, they have the 
most cbm stuff around and some of it are really very nice, legal 
but nice...

That´s it! Enjoy this megathing now!                                          

The Small Screen




		(by Lexi/FLT)

Page instruction:

Introduction				Page 1
Deep Space Nine				Page 2
SeaQuest				Page 3


Checkings outside the scene is the the mainsubject in this 
chapter... It´s including reviews and talks about lost movies or 
series that weren´t that popular on Cinema but´s worthy...

Well,send filmreviews, charts or whatever to:



Look Sharp Homer...                                                                     

Deep Space Nine:

Well, another NEXT GENERATION of the Star Trek Saga.
Not Directed by GENE RODDENBERRY but it plays completely in
the Original Star Trek Universe....

The Story so far....

Deep Space Nine is a Space Station in the Orbit of a Planet
named "Bajo" which was under the Control of a Race named 
the "Cardassians".

As the Cardassians left the Planet they also left their Headquarter
Space Station Deep Space Nine.

The Bajorans asked the Federation of the United Planets for Help
to get their Planet to democracy and to be a Part oof the 

Cpt.Sisco, is the oone who has to overtak the Station which is a
Complete City with Shops and Amusement parts and take it to a
Federation Outpost and to Guarantee the Bajorans Freedom and
Safety against the Cardasians.

Once Arrived with the Enterprise under the Command of
the Wellknown Cpt.Jean Luc Picard he directly comes in some 
trouble as his Peope find a kind of Stabile Wormhole.
This Wormhole Guarantees a Kind of Trading Monopole and
nearly all Races want this Position for their own.

The whole thing comes oout of Control as a Cardassian WarShip
and a Federal Space Glider get lost in the Wormhole.

All in all a nice Series, but the Stories are a bit too boring.
Most of the Time stupid Blah Blah, but the Special Effects are 
like from one of the Best Movies ever made.
Even the "Next Generation" of Star Trek doesn´t have that 
ammount of Special Effects which are made with an Amiga 4ooo.
Who framed the Vulcans?                                                            


Well, a TV Series Directed by Steven Spielberg and 
sponsored by COMMODORE.

The Story so far....

The Date is somewhere in the next Century and Mankind finally 
discovered the last Mystery on Earth. The Oceans.
They settled on the Oceans Ground and several Countrys made
Finacial Alliances to get all the Profit from the Grounds of
the International Oceans

Due to the Fact that there are naturally Borderwars, the Leading
Nations found the "United Earth Organisation ´UEO´"
With Money they got from Donations the built the biggest
Submarine ever, the SeaQuest.

A Ship that is 300 Meters Long, the outher Skin is a Lifeform to 
protect the Ship against the High Pressures of the Deep Waters.

As a Female Captain Ignores the commands from the HQ of the
UEO Northberg, they try to get one of the Designers named 
"Jonathan Bridger" as Captain for the Seaquest.

Bridger has Quitted the navy Service as his Son and his Wife Died
and started to learn Dolphins to Communicate with him.

But finally he Takes over the Command of the Ship and is ready
for a lot of Adventures.

Well, Due to the Fact that the Series is Sponsored by 
Commodore it has a fuckin´ lot of kewl Grafixx and Effects.
But the Storys mostly Suck Disk.
I´m disappointed about Steven Spielbergs work in this
Series and better someone should shoot the 
Storybook Writers......

Better watch Melrose Place instead...                                            

The Demo Zone



(send demos to Oxidy)

Page Instrucions:

Introducion				Page1
Torture III				Page2
Tales of Mystery			Page3
Hall of Fame				Page4


For the last issue i reviewed all the demos released at the Herning
party 1993. But, for some technical reasons, like errors on the disk
we had to skip it. And I´m not very fond of writing it all again.

I have a new form of setting points for the demos. I give extra
points depending on how many parts there is.
Consider, you make a demo with only one part. You make
everything almost perfect. That would result in a very high grade
for the demo. Therefor I give 2 percents of the score extra for
every part. This is just done to make the points more fair.

I will also publish all the scores for every issue, and in the end of
1994 we´ll se what demo scored the best during the year.

Anyway, For this issue I´ve only got my hands on two demos:

Torture III from PADUA
Tales of Mystery from SPIRIT

Please note: I will only give positive scores for the TURN DISK
part. So if there´s only graphics I won´t give any points for code
since it would drag down the average score.

When will BML next demo be out?

Torture III - Padua


You see some heartbeats and hear some beeps. They go faster and
faster and ends with the death of whomever it was.
The line divides and goes apart and the beep turns to music. Some
text followed by the Grim Reaper, DEATH. It fades away, some
more text. A logo is shown and after some seconds blood appears
beneath. Fades, more text and a Torture 3 logo. Text and it fades

Code:   5/10
Gfx:    6/10
Music:  7/10
Design: 7/10


First there a short sample saying "Here we are..." sung by Freddie
Mercury. Some blue ´padua´-sprites appear on top and bottom
and in between a text saying "the stylers are" zooms up. It 
morphs to "back" and then it all fades away.

Code:   5/10
Gfx:    5/10
Music:  7/10
Design: 7/10


The screen fades to grey. Then a paperwrapping animation
making a hole in the middle. A Padua logo fades up in the hole.
The grey sorroundings disappear, the logo changes colors to
braun. It stretches upwards and doubles its size. Moves down and
get some more colors. 
 It starts to load, after a while sideborder scrolls is shown on the
top part of the screen. One infront of the other. 

Code:   6/10
Gfx:    5/10
Music:  6/10
Design: 7/10


The screen goes dark grey. A hand is reaching up on the screen
from the lower border. A circle fades forth between its fingers.
Some 256 pixel morphings take place inside the circle. On top
there´s a lightgrey 1x1 scroller. 

Code:   6/10
Gfx:    5/10
Music:  5/10
Design: 6/10


This part is really weird. That´s mainly because of the strange
tune. On top there´s some text written in different colors. Below,
three interference circles is shown. Unfortunately it´s not actual
interference. After this the part bugs out totally, so I cannot
comment this part further.

Code:   5/10
Gfx:    3/10
Music:  5/10
Design: 4/10


First a short sample saying "This is not over yet.". A T3 logo is
swinging in from the right and stops in the upper left corner.
A disc swings from the left and stops in the bottom right corner.
Two small turn disk texts slides in and stops in the empty spaces.

Gfx:    6/10
Music:  5/10
Design: 6/10


This part is almost too simple. On top and bottom there´s a tiny
Padua sprite-logo. In between a big charplasma. It fades away...

Code:   6/10
Gfx:    3/10
Music:  5/10
Design: 5/10


In the middle a raster divides the screen. The lower half is grey,
and a Padua logo fades forth. Just over the raster there´s a scroll
and on top a seven color bobvector is shown. After a while the
bobs turn into a text writer. 

Code:   7/10
Gfx:    4/10
Music:  5/10
Design: 5/10


A red square is shown in the upper left corner. In the upper
right there´s some greencolored text giving some information.
Below this there´s a Padua logo. In the square they show some
scanned pictures. First a C64 followed by a motorcycle.
Then a picture of Polonus girlfrind, Beata, and
Polonus himself is morphing.

Code:   6/10
Gfx:    5/10
Music:  5/10
Design: 6/10

When will BML next demo be out?
Torture III - Padua cont...            


A fullscreen picture of a rat with a The End logo. A scroll comes
out of the right ear and enters the left one. The rat´s right eye
blinks. After a while it all fades away and a onecolored simple
Padua logo fades up. Some seconds passes and it explodes. 

Code:   5/10
Gfx:    6/10
Music:  6/10
Design: 7/10


Code: (5+5+6+6+4+6+7+6+5)/9 = 5.56
Gfx: (6+5+5+5+3+6+3+4+5+6)/10 = 4.80
Music: (7+7+6+5+5+5+5+5+5+6)/10 = 5.60
Design: (7+7+7+6+4+6+5+5+6+7)/10 = 6.00

Score: (5.56+4.80+5.60+6.00)/4 = 5.49

Amount of parts: 10
Extra: 1.0 + 10 * 0.02 = 1.2

Final Score: 5.49 * 1.2 = 6.59

When will BML next demo be out?

Tales of the Mystery - Spirit


First some graphics advertising ´Spirit Entertainment´. It fades
away, another picture showing a piece of forest. Next picture
appear. Some monks with torches walk on a path up to
Stonehenge. Yet another picture, this one with a logo saying:
´Tales of Mystery´ and below a monk is reaching for the sky in
some sort of ritual. The monkpart of the picture disappears and
it loads. Some of the graphics are converted but atleast they have
the courtesy to tell us. 

Code:   5/10 (Unifier)
Gfx:    7/10 (Ans)
Music:  8/10 (The Syndrom/TIA/Crest)
Design: 8/10


In the middle of the screen some scrollers are raytraced upon a
ball above. Below, some trees on each side of a square where a
number of pictures are shown.

Code:   8/10 (Unifier)
Gfx:    7/10 (Ans,Cane)
Music:  8/10 (Cane)
Design: 7/10


On top of the screen we have (again) some trees with a square in
the middle. In the square we have some shade-line-vectors. A new
effect. Underneath this a Spirit logo with some kind of movie-
flasher. On top of the graphics there´s an expanded spritescroller.

Code:   8/10 (Unifier)
Gfx:    6/10 (Ans)
Music:  7/10 (Dos)
Design: 7/10


First of all a FLI-picture slides in from the right and slides out
after some seconds.
A halfscreenpicture of some eyes and two hands reaching against
us. Between the hands a small Spirit logo.
Below this there´s some scrollers on top of a 2 screen wide
AFLI-mover. Just one thing I dislike, the effect is too far to the
right. I know it´s not possible to centre it, but it sure looks ugly.

Code:   8/10 (Rcc)
Gfx:    7/10 (Ans)
Music:  7/10 (Cane)
Design: 6/10


An IFLI picture is shown. Nothing more to say. 
Since this isn´t actually a part I won´t count the code in this one.

Gfx:    8/10
Music:  8/10
Design: 3/10


Two logos appear on the middle of the screen. One saying
´Tales of´ and one saying ´mystery´. They move apart and stop at
the top and bottom of the screen. On the right middle part of the
screen some text explains what´s happening.
In the middle a poor starfield with some vectorbobs. After a
while you get some filled vectors. And as the final they put it all
together. Vectorbobs with filled vectors around it. Looking good...

Code:   9/10 (Rcc)
Gfx:    5/10 (Ans,Cane)
Music:  8/10 (Dos)
Design: 8/10


Code: (5+8+8+8+9)/5 = 7.60
Gfx: (7+7+6+7+8+5)/6 = 6.67
Music: (8+8+7+7+8+8)/6 = 7.67
Design: (8+7+7+6+3+8)/6 = 6.50

Score: (7.60+6.67+7.67+6.50)/4 = 7.11

Amount of parts: 6
Extra: 1.0 + 6 * 0.02 = 1.12

Final score: 7.11 * 1.12 = 7.96

When will BML next demo be out?

Hall of Fame

Top Demos 1994 (Jan-Feb):

1.  7.96   Tales of Mystery/Spirit
2.  6.59   Torture 3/Padua

After every issue I´ll print the top so far. This will give you a fair
view of the best demo throughout the year.
If you have any demo you want to be reviewed in a coming issue
or you just want to complain then send it to this adress:

Reformation demo section


Next BML - hahahahahahahaha!!
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