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Reformation #6 FairLight

Editorial Issue #6


Reformation issue 6

Released on the Camelot Party ´93

A mag by FairLight


... to another issue of this mag...

Time, rush again and we are back with the 6th issue of that mag.
Well, meanwhile some things happend! First I heart some rather
negative reactions from some guys that this mag has to few text,
old news and so on. Some time later I read some mags and found
The Reformation quite high in the charts. In some mag-reviews 
we are proclamed as the coming leader! (Hello Update!)

Some times ago I really thought about stopping this mag or to 
make a longer break but how morals can change during a week. 
hehe... Nope, lately I got some moral support from various guys 
and so I decieded to continue for at least one more issue. Maybe 
we also can organize a optimal board organisation as this was 
criticized quite much latley. Hmm, ... we´ll see...
Besides the integration of the other FairLight member is getting 
better and better!

It´s really not easy these days to form a mag which is liked by 
the major part of the scene, as there exists so much mags and
everyone with another (better) feature then the other. But life is 
hard I know...

To make a new "breeze of power" I also decieded to change the  
outfit a bit as I guess it´s getting boring with always the same one

Last minute report!

Yo we got a new co-editor. It´s:

Count Zero / Red Sector Inc.

In future he´ll make the "1st release list" every issue. Wait and see

Chapter Reviews

	Editorial			Black Priest
	Contact corner			Black Priest
	Network - join now! 		Watchman
	News				Lexi
					Black Priest
	Charts				Black Priest
	Chromance+Faces party ´93	Black Priest
	Future News			Black Priest
	Shock on SNES			Lexi
	German boards			Lexi
	Board hacker 1			Bird/Bronx
	Board Hacker 2			Lexi
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Chapter introduction


Chapter introduction

What can we present in this issue?

News & Rumours

This time we can present you infos about the following groups:

	Fairlight	Genesis * Project
	Illusion	Red Sector Inc.
	Talent		Avantgarde
	Success		Vision

Future News

Wanna know what´s coming from the following groups?

			Camelot	Faces

Contact Corner

Wanna get the addy from:

	Watchman/FLT 		Nightshade/SCS

Network - join it

In this article by Watchman/FLT you´ll find what a great thing a 
network is and how to get acces in one.

Board Hackers

There you´ll find 2 articles. One by one of the Sysop and the other 
is the exclusive interview with the "bad boy" who should done it.

Chromance + Faces party ´93

Just the facts about this party.

Shock on SNES

Well, remember the Shock times on C64? Now they are on SNES,
and in this article you´ll find some facts about it.

German boards

Detailed facts about all german boards!
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

How to reach us?


How to reach us?


For any supply for this mag reach us on these ways:

Through board:



Sysop: Lexi/FairLight

Euro biggest BBS! - 540 meggs!

Through phone:

AUT: 	   +XX/XXXXX-XXXXX 			 (Gerald)
SWE: 	   +XX/XXXXX-XXXX			 (Martin)

Through mail:

Black Priest / FairLight


Enduro / FairLight

The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Reaction since last issue


Reaction since last issue

No order...

Walker / Genesis * Project

... improve Reformation of drop it. I don´t like it that much!

Dear Jonas, 

Well, meanwhile I found out that you don´t like our mag that 
much, but please tell us exactly what do you mean with improve!
More text like many others begged? Nope I won´t write more 
than I want because then this mag will end like Nitro, Internal or
many others. Much quantity with low quality! I know at the mom
the "big" mags are at the top but if you seperate the readed 
articles of Nitro with the not readed you´ll get a lenght like our 
mag. Sure this is just mine (Black Priest) opinion but I stand to 
I also can´t think that you mean the News chapter to improve as 
most of our news are newer than in most other mags which are
far higher than ours in the charts. Sure sometimes we also 
publish wrong news but that´s natural as you´ll also find in other 
mags wrong news. Anyway we always try to spread right news, 
that´s why we put an ">" sign infront of proved news!
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Credits for this issue


Credits for this issue

No order...

	Programings by			Tron

	Graphics by			Creeper

	Acustics by			Red Devil

	Outfit planed by		Tron
					Black P.

	Responible			Black P.

	Editors				Black P.
					Count 0
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

News and Rumours



...the the news chapter

This time we can present you some real interesting news! That´s
because Lexi told us many hot news from the board scene!
So special thanks must go to him and his board!

Page Introduction

Page 2			Euro Board News
Page 3			US Board News
Page 4			Euro News A-G
Page 5			Euro News H-M
Page 6			Euro News N-Z
Page 7			Flash News
Page 8			FairLight intern
Page 9			General
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Euro Board News


Euro Board News

November/December 1993

Cyberdome / FairLight EHQ

>The board was down for some days, when a lightning struck
  blew Lexi´s C64. Meanwhile anything went normal again.
>Lexi even built up some more HD so in the late December the 
  board will have more then 500 MB! Another 40 MB HD is still 
  ordered so it could have 540 Meggs then! Far the biggest euro 
  board at the moment!

>Another sensation will be that the board maybe will run on a
  C65 sooner or later! (3MHz, 2MB RAM, 1581, 14400 baud poss.!)
  At the moment there exists 150 PAL C65 and 7 of them are in  
  FairLight hands.

>The GBU (German boards united) is in full action. It succeed till 
  now, but there are some people who want to join us. Seems that
  we´ve to make the 1st public voting action for the people who 
  want to get into the GBU.

The Graveyard / Epic EHQ

>It´s online again and now running Cyborg modded, soon to be 
  Romlinked + 170 megs!

  Sysop: Eddie

>Remember: The BBS will get a new # in the early ´94! Further
  details soon.

>As GATEWAY is closed it´s the new EHQ.

Warez Aquarium / FairLight WHQ

>Sledge plans to moved to Stockholm with his girlfirend. If this
  happends also the board will follow him down.

>Maybe WAQ will probably soon move to PC as Tron fixed C*Base
  for the PC!

Boards News Flash


>Someone hacked in 5 danish boards! Trickets one "Dominic" 
  got formated! Crossfire´s "Gateway" and Bird´s "Close UP" had 
  luck as they kicked the carrier earlie enough out! Tricket won´t 
  online his board again! he said that everyone who want´s it up 
  again should call him voice and tell it him, or his answering 

  First the thoughts was by Cavron/TRC but he seems to be OK as
  I heard from different peoples. Anyway we´ll try to find the real
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

US Board News


US Board News

November/December 1993

The US Scandal!

>After SusiUzi joined us there board (Intersection) runs under 
  FairLight flag.

  Short time after that her and Grego´s board (In Living Colours)
  got busted by AT&T for 950´s abusing!!! The boards are down, 
  maybe forever! The cops took all phones, computers and stuff.
  Susi and Grego don´t have to go to jail but that sucks anyway!

Chaotic Factor / Chromance

Sysop caeser joined Chromance. Therefore the board went their 
new US HQ.

Forplay / Red Sector Inc

It will soon have 1.25 Gigz online! 

The Dungeon

It´s now G*P+Demonix+Propaganda HQ. 
Sysop: Alchemist
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Euro News A-G


Euro News A-G

November/December 1993

A new elite group is born! Most important members are:

	Darklord, Weasel, Deff, Magic Man, Richie, 
	Jack Daniels, Derbyshire Ram, Lucifer

>Someone told most english software firms that Derbyshire Ram 
  is a cracker! So he won´t see a single original in future! Fuck 
  this bastard!

Genesis * Project

>LA Style quitted for SNES and built up a SNES G*P together 
  with Snacky! They mainly fix there.
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Euro News H-M


Euro News H-M

November/December 1993


They are now totally dead as Richie the last member left for 
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Euro News N-Z


Euro News N-Z

November/December 1993

Red Sector Inc.

>Irata is calling C64 boards again. (Seems his Amiga got blowed!?)


Hain rejoined...


>Chrysagon who is still in the scene joined Red Sector Inc for 
  some time but rejoined TALENT later again.


>Satan will get a modem soon. 
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

News Flash


News Flash

November/December 1993

>Radar/ex-ARCADE who is now called Lagerfeld got some 
  troubles with a guy named Karli/PHOTO. 
  Well, this guy seems to be a fake label. Majesty/TALENT or 
  Crossfire/EPIC seems to be the "hands" behind this label because
  they are in in a little war with him.

>Cruncher, Kid, Code 18 and maybe some more left there original
  groups and built up a new one called: IMPRESSION!
  There board is Crunchers one called: ICE CREAM CASTLE.
  Dr. Jones left again as he got in trouble with Cruncher as he 
  tried to format the Ice Cream Castle. Well, it isn´t sure if he´s 
  the one who tried it! Of course Dr. Jones said "I wasn´t!"
  Btw, the one who said that Dr. Jones is the "bad boy" was Toxyc/
  Extacy. Because he claimed that Cavron told him on phone 
  that he will do it. And Dr. Jones should told it Cavron.

Moses/TRANCE stopped his BBS because he got a phonecall from
prof. Plum who told him that this is his last chance to register his
C*Base for $70, otherwise Plum will take him to court.

Mr. Mister left TRANCE and is now searching for a new group.

Rumours said that Chrissie/REBELS got kicked. This is posted on 
some boards but Chrissie don´t think so!?

>Lynx/Crossline joined ATLANTIS while Jack Alien and Dr. Disk
  left. Also Ramirez joined.
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

FairLight intern


FairLight intern

November/December 1993

Again many things happend through this period like...

>SusiUzi/ILL joined us with her board "Intersection" short after 
  that she got busted and everything got away! More about it in 
  the US board chapter! Poor Susi!

>Gerwin was appointed as "Internal FairLight spreader".

>Enduro broke his arm and got some MAJOR problems with his 
  army job!

>Ogami finally got his accerator for his A1200.

>Rowdy got his driving licience for 125cc motorcycles! Good so!

>Watchman bought himself a new PC! (486 DX/33/4)

>The Sarge joined REBELS on PC, as FLT PC is not such a demo 

>We plan to release a compilation of the best games ever made
  on CD ROM, for all the PC, Amiga and MAC people who have a 
  working 100% emulator card.

>Lexi has some problems (war?) with Code 18/TRANCE.

>Avalon rejoined as Oxidy wanted it.

The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Don´t forget to call these FairLight boards


Don´t forget to call ...

... these FairLight boards ...

Warez Aquarium




Future Zone

The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Future News


Future News

the world of tomorrow

Soon coming demos:

Most of these demos will come at the Camelot party ´93.

	Camelot			Tower Power
	Crest (+Offence?)	???
	Eastgang		???
	Equinoxe		Cyberpunk
	FairLight		Legoland 3
	Oxyron			Coma Light 11
	Padua			Torture 3


Actually there coming demo TOWER POWER will be a trackmo. 
This master piece should take ca. 10 minutes!

	Code: Slammer (as Cruzer is too lazy at the moment!)
	GFX: Kring, Vic, Rob and maybe Wave too
	MSX: Jeff


>Cop got his A1200 and will start to produce game GFX for some 
  more money. But he´ll also stay in the C64 scene.

>Maybe they´ll release a demo at the Camelot party.

>Also another Cop GFX-demo is possible!
The Reformation         (C) FairLight



The European Rulers

of today

Well, the count system is like the one we always used. Send us 
your Top 10 charts in:

European Cracking Groups
Single European Crackers
European Demo Groups
Single European Coder
Best European BSS

US Cracking Groups
Single US Crackers

The #1 got 10 points up to #10 which becomes 1 point. Easy or?
The Reformation               FairLight

European Cracking Groups

   1.	(1)LEGEND			123
   2.	(2)Red Sector Inc.		101
   3.	(3)Success			87
   4.	(4)Chromance			75
   5.	(9)Epic				62
   6.	(5)Talent			52
   7.	(10)Vision			40
   8.	(6)Triad			34
   9.	(10)Fairlight			21
  10.	(-)Alphaflight			15
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

European Single Crackers

   1.	(1)The Burglar			142
   2.	(2)Powerplant			120
   3.	(3)Doc				108
   4.	(5)Crossfire			83
     	(7)Benson			83
   6.	(12)Count Zero			75
   7.	(4)Derbyshire Ram		62
   8.	(4)Bod				57
   9.	(12)Bacchus			32
  10.	(8)Antitrack			23
The Reformation               FairLight

European Demo Groups

   1.	(1)OXYRON			133
   2.	(7)Camelot			130
   3.	(8)Topaz Beerline		104
   4.	(9)Starion			83
   5.	(10)Visual Reality		71
   6.	(2)Crest			62
   7.	(4)Noice			59
   8.	(11)Antic			52
   9.	(12)Triad			43
     	(13)Fairlight			43
The Reformation               FairLight

European Single Coder

   1.	(1)TTS				105
   2.	(3)Tron				93
   3.	(8)Cruzer			88
     	(5)D´Arc			63
   5.	(-)Slammer			52
   6.	(2)Zodiac			41
   7.	(5)Flamingo			32
     	(7)Crossbow			32
   9.	(10)Glasnost			29
  10.	(14)Swoffa			12
The Reformation               FairLight

Network-join it!


"Cyberspace - for real!"

Article by Watchman/FairLight

What computer network spans the world, offers faster inter-
continental transmissions than normal modems, contains giga-
bytes of software and is legal? The answer is:


A network built around universities and schools around the world
The network is available in just about all cities in Europe, 
Scandanavia, North and South America, Asia and Africa. In fact,
if you´ve been able to see through all the hype about Cyberspace, 
but still believe that a global computer network is a kewl idea, 
this is the real life version you want... And it´s mighty kewl!

The things you can get hold of on internet is just about everything
you might think of, and some things you don´t think of, too! The 
services available on Internet are divided into several groups:

File Transfer: 	Normally via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) You can 
	log onto sites that keep all goodies in directories, 
	and you can download it for free. Much like normal
	BBS systems... There are illegal FTP sites too!

Multichat:	IRC is a system which let people log on and chat 
	with eachother, usually in subgroups such as 
	"hackers", "Elite dudes" or "hen-lovers" Serveral 
	kewl dudes from the PC and AMIGA scenes are 
	regulary chatting on IRC.

News:	A system of spreading news around the globe. The news 
	are divided into topics, for example comp.sys.amiga.hard-
	ware and comp.sys.cbm, where dudes like Antitrack and 
	The Chief from the scene write about there ideas and 
	problems. If you need information, and believe somebody 
	knows the answer, just post a question on news. 
	Latests News: there will be a comp.sys.cbm.binaries section
	where new C64 stuff will be available for downloading!

System resources:		By using TELNET you can log on to other 
		computers around the globe and run public
		programs such as file search systems, which 
		let you search for a file around the world, or
		search for books, by logging into the library 
		of congress.

E-Mail:	   This is a big service, Almost 10 million people are con-
	   nected to e-mail (nobody knows exactly how many!) for 
	   example Bacchus, Tron, Watchman, Antitrack, 
	   The Chief, most dudes in Triangle and many, many 
	   others (President Bill Clinton have e-mail!). The big catch
	   is this: If you only can get e-mail, you can use resources 
	   so that the library of congress.

How do you get internet access?

As said before, almost all cities have a local connection, even 
though it might only be 2400 Baud to the local computer, the rest
of the transfer around the world might reach Mbit speed! If you
don´t have the phone#, or haven´t internet access at school, you 
can always talk to the sysop at the nearest College or University,
it shouldn´t be impossible to at least get an e-mail adress.

You might have to pay a monthly fee, but then you can use it as 
much as you want. The big saving is the time to transfer files, and
that you usually only have to pay the local area phone toll. I, 
myself will probably have to pay 150SEK/month for my internet
connection at home, but then I´ll have 2 Mbit transfer directly
onto my harddisk! It won´t take long to save that money by 
cutting down on my phone usuage!

If you get internet access, or have any comments on this article 
then send me a letter, either snail-mail, or via e-mail to:
watchman Also try out the following ftp sites for 
commie wares:

... and soon the biggest of them all (unofficial FairLight FTP HQ):

See you in cyberspace dudes!
Reformation #6            (C) FairLight

Board Hacks 1


Lamer tried to kill all danish boards!

Article by Bird/Bronx


It all started when I called DOMINIC, and did get a carrier, but 
nothing more happend, only it wrote G and "Try G for guest".
Nothing more.... then the same day at 5:10 pm there was a guy 
connecting on my own board "Close Up" so I turned on my screen 
and I for sure got a shock, as when the screen was on, he was 
already in under my handle, so I didn´t see how the fuck he got in
password, etc. and when he got in main he wrote REM that is the
command for the remote control. That was where I kicked him 
off the board...

I called Crossfire/EPIC and told him what have happend, he said 
that the same to him... But he have maked so that even the sysop 
couldn´t get in REM... Clever move... and I told him about Dominic
he told me that it was 100% sure that the disc there was deleted...
And a shame for Tricket that he was in the army, so he couldn´t 
do a shit about it... Poor him...

So I must say that I have been lucky that my board survived, I 
have now made some changes so that it is more impossible to get 
under my acces. Let´s hope it never will happend again.

I´ve now talked with Tricket and he is angry, and he sure don´t 
know what to do about it all...

OK guess we never get that guy that tried to kill all danish boards

That´s all from me now, and don´t forget to drop by at
CLOSE UP/BRONX EHQ and BRONX mag called Earthshake HQ
at +XX-XX XXX XXX Sysop Bird (me)

                              See ya Bird/Bronx
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Board Hackers 2

Hacking Boards

This Chapter consists out of a few things that happened in the
European Area with some Boards and also a Statement of
Cavron of The Ruling Company/Vision.

But 1st the Story about the Hacking attempts in Europe.

Two Monthes ago, some Dumbfuck tried to Hack several Boards 
in Germany and Denmark.

The Visual Reality Headquarter named "Dominic" got
formatted under the Sysops Account.

A Few Hours later someone tried to format the Epic & Pulse
Headquarter named "Gateway" which is leaded by Crossfire/Epic.

After the Hacker failed there, he tried to Format the CLOSE UP,
whiich is the WHQ of the Groups BRONX and UNDERTAKERS.

But also there he failed because the Sysop "Bird/Bronx/UTS" was
at Home and wondering why someone enters the Board with
the Sysops Account.

Bird simply kicked the Hacker off before he could Damage the
Board and wondered how it may be possible that someone
could get his Sysop Access.

The Story:

After that, Crossfire/Epic wrote that he knows who the 
bloody Hacker was.

He stated that it was "Cavron/TRC" together with his Friend
named "X-Radical/Coderz/VSN".

Due to the fact that iit is really hard to find out who it was
Crossfire thought it MUST be Cavron bcoz Cavron called the
Voice Line of Crossfire 5 Minutes before the Hacking
Attempt Started.

So, a lot of Indices are speaking for Crossfires Theory that it was
Cavron and X-Radical who tried to Format the Danish Boards.

The Interview:

The Reformation Staff thought it would be nice to hear Cavrons 
Statement to the Story and the Article in the PULSE Magazine
So that he can try to clear everything up with Crossfires Point
of View.

(L) = Lexi/Flt
(C) = Cavron/Trc

[L] : Well Cavron, we all knoow what Crossfire wrote in the Pulse
      Dezember Issue about you and the Hacking Attempts on
      Several Boards in Europe.
      What Can you say about his Statement that YOU was it who
      Formatted "Dominic" and tried to Crash the other
      Danish Boards ?!

[C] : 1st of all, Tricket was a good Friend of X-radical,
      it was X-radical who gave the CyborgMod to Tricket.
      So why should we format a Board that we Supported
      with a new C*Base Version

[L] : What do you say about the Statements that Crossfire Wrote
      in the Pulse Magazine:

[C] : 2nd of all, nearly everybody knows how the Backdoor works 
      on C*Base.
      I also got a hell of Hacking attempts on my BBS in the last
      Times, so why should i the only Person who is able to hack
      a Bulletin Board system.
[L] : Sure, i was the one who formatted your BBS in the past.
      That makes sure tahat neary everybody knows how the 
      Backdoor works.

[C] : Well, Grego/Ils and me phoned Tricket and told him
      that it wasn´t me who formatted his BBS and that
      he should put it back Online.

[L] : Crossfire wrote that you formatted the BBS just to get more
      Callers on "State of the Art".
      Is that True ?!

[C] : Tis should be a Laugh or ?! i have Remote on several Boards
      in Germany and the rest of Europe. 
      so why the Fuck shall i format Boards.
      If this is a Fact that i formatted the Boards in DK
      i also would be able to Format the Ice Cream Castle and
      some other Boards
      I also gave the CyborgMod to Alchemist as his System got 
      Formatted from a Dumbfuck

[L] : What do you say about Crossfires offence against
      You in the "PULSE" Magazine ?!

[C] : I would say that he is in need of some new Friends.
      He is just in need of some Attention to get his own History
      buried, I know him from his old HOLOCAUST Times
      and i only can say that he is a Ripper and a Re-Cracker and 
      Also Jack Alien/AVT knows about his absolutely Lameness 
      And i only can think that Crossfire is trying to get more 
      attention with spreading lies against his biggest foes.
      He is so Lame, that he is raggin´ on whole VISION.

Interview with Cavron II

He is so lame that he calle Satan, Ray and Wolf of VSN
and told them to send the Police to them.
if they ever try to call him in the Middle of the Night again.

[L] : Can you give me some Special Motives that YOU didn´t
      Format the DOMINIC ?!

[C] : Well, it´s hard to make sure to make clear that i didn´t 
      Format DOMINIC.
      X-radical gave him the very 1st CyborgModded C*base and i
      never called there since i appied on this bbs.

[L] : Are you sure that X-Radical didn´t format the DOMINIC ?

[C] : Well, i don´t know exactly but it MAY be possible.
      Coz if he DIDit, he had told it to me right after he fformatted
      this BBS.
      Due to the Fact that he didn´t tell me anything about 
      Formatting any Boards i don´t believe that it was X-Radical.

[L] : Did you Format the German Lamer BBS named SANITARIUM

[C] : Nope, it wasn´t me, it was X-Radical.
[L] : Yeah , that was a good Job coz the Sysop named
     Holy Moses is a real LAME Asshole...

[L] : Do you want to say anything more about this ?

[C] : Well, Crossfire told to the other that i´m calling under Vortex
      Account on the other Boards.
      That´s a fuckin´ Lie, coz he only called my Board about 1 Time
      and i don´t need a Leechers Account like Vortex ones.
      I can say that i have a lot of accounts on the Boards, and due
      to the Fact that i have enuff accounts on the European 
      Boards i don´t need a Leechers Account like the on of Vortex.

[L] : Well thank you for this Words.
      I hope we all saw both sides of this Story now.
      For me it was quite hard to make this Interview coz i have 
      a good line to Crossfire and also to Cavron...


If you want to be Iinterviewed in some WAR Action 
Just leave E-Mail on the CYBERDOME

The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Chromance+Faces party ´93


Chromance + Faces party 1993


Join the ultimate party!




20th December, 9 am - 21th December, 2 pm


	- latest non-stop movie video performance

	- collest non-stop wallblasting muzax

	- data line to major US & Euro boards

	- cheap food & drink support, alcoholix included

Compos (cool prices)

- for C64, Amiga, PC: demo grafix, ,musix

- and special funny competitions!

Entry fee: 200,- Fts    For girls: free!

How to reach the party place:

Take a train or bus to the city of Szolnok. If you come by train 
take a bus from these lines: 5,6,7,8,15,18. Go to the 3rd stop and 
get down. Walk about 300 meters to the partplace. If you arrive 
by bus, the route will be shown by posters and arrows.


Chromance 		(++XX) X-XXX-XXXX		ask for Peter
Faces			(++XX) X-XXX-XXXX		ask for Zoli
Booze Brothers		(++XX) XX-XXX-XXX)		ask for Zsolt

And don´t forget: x mark the spot! LEAVE your house
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Shock on SNES


Sh0ck on SNES

Exlusive report by Lexi/FLT


Well, CENSOR really made it.
Rumors were going around the C64 Scene that CENSOR would
release a SNES Version of the Wellknown Magazine named
SHOCK, and they really did.

The Magazine itself is in the 4MBit Format for the 
"Super Magicom" SNES Copier.

Coding was done by GEGGIN/CENSOR.

The Magazin itself looks like the C64 Version, they really
used the Original C64 Graphics for the SNES Version
of the Sh0ck.

The only difference to the C64 Version is that they are using
the Sound from the SNES Game "Turrican III" from Factor 5.
The Music itself is from the Wellknown Musician 
CHRIS HUELSBECK, and it´s playing in Dolby Surround.

Most of the News are about the SCENE on SNES but they
also included a kind of HISTORY Chapter whith the full
Story of the SHOCK.

The Design and all the other Things exept the Music are 99% the
same like on the SixtyFour

Other Magazines ?

No, there aren´t any other Magazines for the SNES exept
some Lame AscII Text Files for Amiga and PC.

So the SHOCK is the ONLY Magazine avaailable on SNES.

Congratulations to CENSOR/SNES for making this Great Mag
possible on the Super Nintendo.

The Reformation         (C) FairLight

German boards


The German Boards



You all might have recognized that there are some People who
also run a Board in Germany.

Let´s have a Look to all the Boards which are known in Germany.

Ice Cream Castle

Sysop            Cruncher/Impression
Software         CyborgModded C*Base
Hardware         C64, 2*1581, No Speeder
Bps Connects:    12oo & 244oo

The Ice Cream Castle is one of the Younger Boards in Germany.
If you Log In, you will early discover that the BBS is running
a little bit Slow but that depends to the Fact that he
doesn´t run the BBS together with a Speeder like
the Wellknown "Jiffy Dos".

Rating              :55%
Graffix             :30%
Speed               :05%

Number : +XX.XX.XXXXXXX / 24 Hrs

Twilight World

Sysop             Eric/Laser
Software          DeathlokModded C*base
Hardware          C64, 2*1541, Jiffy Dos
Bps Connects      12oo & 24oo

The Twilight World is a BBS which is running on only two 1541
Drives, so you can´t expect a Big Up/Download.
The Graphicially Design looks Average but good.
The Sysop "Eric" is nearly every Time at Home and reachable for
a Decent Chat.
due to the Fact that the "Twilight World" in running under
the Hardware Speeder "Jiffy Dos" it is fast in pulling out
Text and Prompts.

Rating              :60%
Graffix             :50%
Speed               :40%

Number: +XX.XXXX.XXXXX / 24 Hrs

State of the Art

Sysop            Cavron/TRC
Software         CyborgModded C*Base
Hardware         C64, 1541, RamLink
Bps Connects     12oo & 24oo

State of the Art is a kind of weird BBS to me.
The System is COMPLETELY running on a CMD RamLink.
That means that the BBS is fuckin´ Fast at all.
Cavron also installed the Transfers in the RamLink.
The Text Prompts and Graphics are good looking and the whole
design of the Board is cool.
Hopefully Cavron get´s a HD 4o soon, then his BBS will be a Killer

Rating               :65%
Graffix              :75%
Speed                :80%


The Graveyard

Sysop             Eddie/Epic
Software          cyborgModded C*Base
Hardware          C64, CMD HD 17o, RamLink

Well, this is for Sure Europes Biggest and Fastest Board.
Since about 1 Month the Board is running on a CMD HD 17o
Parallel Connected to a RamLink.
The Graphics look cool, and also the Prompts are worth a Look.
The whole Board is really in a Kind of Graveyard Style.
The Sub Prompts look like GraveStones and
if you Want to Logoff without Posting you will get a Screen
showing a Zombie who tells you that you will get burried 
alive if you don´t Post in the Subs.

Rating                :70%
Graffix               :75%
Speed                 :81%


The Cyberdome

Sysop              Lexi/Fairrlight
Software           CyborgModded C*Base
Hardware           C64, HD 4o, 1581

The Cyberdome is the very 1st BBS in Europe who runned the
Wellknown CyborgMod.
The Graphics are nice looking and the Speed is also fast
because of a Jiffy Dos.
There are several GFX available like on all other Boards
who run CyborgModded C*Base.
The System will get expanded up to 5oo Megabytes in the end of
1993 and then the System will run Villain Emulator Modded.

Rating                 :60%
Graffix                :70%
Speed                  :60%


If you want Your Board tested in Reformation, Call :

The Cyberdome
Fairlight Ehq


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