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The Reformation #2 FairLight


The Reformation #2          FairLight

	Say your prayers little one
	Don´t forget, my son
	to include everyone
	you fucking dirty one!

Aaaand again, another issue of this mag. Issue 2 finally got 
released faster then we and probably also you thought! 
Maybe you blame me a bit about the few text here but Enduro
supplied me with really quite hot news and I didn´t want to keep 
them longer. Also a major part of the rest in this mag was 
supplied from Enduro, so give him some applouse to his work!

Well, as you see we have the same outfit like in issue 1, but 
maybe there will be soon some (little) changes as the main part of
the code beats every other mag codings. Really good work from 
Mikael (Tron). Just some few corrections should be done like to
improve the menu part.

So far with the intern shit. Because the spreading:
If you like this mag and you are a mega-swapper (at least 100
contacts) then we would invite you to become a official THE
REFORMATION spreader! In that case you would get the mag in
the same time like the co-editors to spread it as fast as possible.
If you are interested give a ring or send a letter to Black Priest.
Reformation is like Hulk Hogan. #1!

HEADLINES of this issue:

- SCENE RECORDS! A new chapter and idea. There we´ll show all 
   current scene records! More infos inside the chapter!

- Some facts about the Hunter "party"?!

- Again some troubles with Crossfire.

- You are searching for a driver to the LIGHT party? Read our
   Secret News chapter.

- Some facts about the coming ENTROPY party.

- Some legendary "did you knows..."

- An exclusive interview with the swapper #1. Airwolf/SUCCESS

- Some few contacts adresses

- Great & hot scene euro news (Future+today)

- Some demos goyt tested like:




Wanna more than this?                      

How to get in contact with the staff:

If you´ve any questions about "The Reformation" reach us on 
this board:

Warez Aquarium:
The Reformation HQ

call: +XX / XXX - XXXXX
Sysop: Sledge

Or by mail under:


The Reformation HQ


or call: +XX / XXXXX - XXXXX (Gerald) ONLY on Sunday!
(also for conferences!)

Enduro / FairLight


or call: +XX / XXX - XXXXX

Ayatollah / FairLight


or call: +XX / XXXXX - XXXX4 ONLY between 19-20 o´clock!

TG-ACME / Epic


or call: +XX / (X)XXXX - XXX 
Write us NOW!                                   

Important messages

"The Reformation" is a 100 % FAIRLIGHT product.

All rights reserved. Unauthorised ripping of text, public
performance are only allowed with the assent of Black Priest!

Copying to friends is allowed and wanted...
Make love not Bum Bum!                   

News & Rumours

General Infos                                      

Everytime when you see a "<", then you can be sure that the news
are 100% right, as we got them by the group themselves or we´ve
checked them!

This time nearly all news were supplied by Enduro so, as I wrote 
them down can´t use the "<" sign that often. As I only put that 
mark on news which I know that they are 100 % true.
But as Enduro told me, all news are 100% true anyway!

If you know some hot news post them on Warez Aquarium, or 
tell us them through phone of mail.
FLT - Delight of eternal might         

Elite Scene News and Rumours A-M


DMI will make an antimag for X-FIRE.

Milestone is under their label now.

Stash/ex-EPIC and Riddler/ex-ACRISE joined as original 
suppliers and swappers.

They are back for real now! True! The fake AFL 1970 by Airwolf
is of course dead. Btw, the group was rebuilt at the CEBIT 
meeting in Germany.

Members are:	Mario (old leader)
		Jack Alien/X-RATED

		and some old ones

Eliz/GOTHIC DESIGN joined.

Wave/VISION joined.

They released for the 2nd year: "RANSLIRPA 103.5%" as a big 
April joke! (red. Hmm those danish dudes seems never to be tired 
of such lame jokes...)

They´re now 19 danish members.

Dishy/CHROMANCE joined.

"Relax" is the name of their new mag after Mega Madness died.

Merlin left the scene

Crossfire is going to be kicked down if he shows up at the Light 

Ogami has send 2 piccies to the german mag 64´er for their GFX 
competition! Good luck!

Avolon got kicked out because of lazyness!

Watchman will start to crack again!

Gerwin cut down his swapping capacity!


The group seems to die soon!

Unifer left for SPIRIT.
Moon will probably left for ACTIVE.
Shade left for Amiga.
Zodiac only wants to code games in future!

Rumours that Creeper, Moon and Zodiac left for ANTIC is a big 
lie and spreaded by an GOTHIC DESIGN member.

<Mirage/LEGEND and Geir Tjelta

They already released 2 demos to make sure of their comeback.

<Morris and Digiblaster (ex Jinx) started the FOCUS Amiga div.
They already started producing their 1st amiga demo.

<There is also a chance of FOCUS demos on SNES!

Walker/ACTIVE joined

Antichrist and Sorceress are now married! Congratulations! The 
board "Mystic Cavern" (Sysop:Sorceress) will soon be up again!

G.O.T. and Motley are also back! (red. Rumours said that Motley 
allready joined RED SECTOR INC.!)

Scoope/TRIAD joined.

They got a Nitendo section in the states!

Antitrack is busy with his game codings.

Lexi/ex-F4CG,Darklord/ex-ILLUSION and A-Man ex/ARCADE

Rumours said that Yabba left for Amiga!
And the winner is ...                           

Elite Scene News and Rumours N-Z


Rumours said that the whole group joined TRIAD.

Silco almost stopped swapping on C64, but he still is active in 
doing graphics.

They died again because of an asshole act of Hunter! More infos
about this in the secret letters.

Count Zero/X-RATED joined. Btw, X-RATED seems to be dead 

Rock´n Role #25 is out early may.

Stormbringer/WOW joined.

Rumours said that TDK and Airwolf are the same guy.

Burglar is making a multi game!

NSD got over 6000 discs!

Defjay sold his C64.

Twist/DOMINATORS joined.

Cavron/NIRVANA joined.

Tech will mostly quit because of his newfound girl-hobby.

Bismark and Aktie quit.

Metro was never in.

Incubus had to drop most of his contacts after major problems 
with the post! He has only 50 contacts left now and the days of
megaswapping are over!

X-Radical/NIRVANA joined. 
Express to the top                               


CURVE and Bitmania died now 100%.

Rumours said that TRANCE is dead. 
Benno (Leader) shall have left for EXCESS and the mag "Ahead" is
now under EXCESS label.

"Scenario" is the new papermag of TRINOMIC made by Mr. Legal
Besides X-Tro and Curly Sue was kicked out.

AXEL is dead. MNS/AXEL new handle is now Sailor. He makes a 
new polish mag called ASTORIA. 
Code by: Hithot/SLT and Zephyr/IFX
Graphics: Croise/ESM
No more Single News?                       


Top 20 Mega Allround Charts           

Well, it´s always the same fucking thing when a new charts idea is
born. It´s hard to realize. Well, to make a long story short, we got
to few votes to present you here the "Elite charts ´93".

But don´t be sorry,angry or whatever, because Enduro found an-
other neat idea of allround charts, which we´ll present you here!
The following charts was 100% done by Enduro so all applouse to  
him. (OK, now Martin?)

Just some words to my old idea with the "elite charts". Please still
send me your votes if you haven´t done this yet. Because we´ll 
release these charts when we got enough votes!

First some facts about these new allround charts:

* All types of groups have a chance to enter, not only demo or 

* All members in the group on the charts are at least
   registrated in one counted magazine.

* I count each point a member or a mag receives in the selected 

* The charts is based on votes from these mags. 

- Moonlight #04
- Splash #15
- Scene Observer #07
- Miracle #07
- Remark #17
- Network #05
- Link #10
- Newspress #08

(As you can see there´re some changes of the selection, but don´t 
blame me, blame the editors which haven´t released their mags  
under this period like: CLIQUE,TRINOMIC,OXYRON,...

But the charts shows you a 100% fair view of the 20 strongest 
allround groups in the scene for the moment!)

().	 L Group	Suppliers: 		Points

 1.	1 LEGEND		Crackergroup:	3482
       	(Europe)		Demogroup:	12
                 		Shock:		2830
     	Tot. 13897		Powerplant:	2357 
                 		XXX:		1269 
                 		Doc:		1100
                 		Antitrack:	948
                 		Fletch:		149
                 		A-Man:		1750
 2.	2 FLASH INC.		emogroup:	3335
      	(Sweden)  		Hotshot:	1066
                  		Zodiac:		2558
      	Tot. 10713		Moon:		1064
                  		Metal:		524
                  		Creeper:	1812
                  		Crept:		234
                  		Zoris:		120
 3.	3 CREST     		Demogroup:	2644
      	(Germany) 		Crossbow:	2156
                  		Vision:		142
      	Tot. 8058 		Maduplec:	129
                  		Drax:		1748
                  		Deek:		325
                  		MSK:		152
                  		Xayne:		125
                  		Bizzmo:		591
                  		GBF:		46
 4.	6 OXYRON    		Demogroup:	2190
      	(Germany) 		Addybook:	1772
                  		Scene Observer:	487
      	Tot. 6179 		Pravda:		45
                  		TTS:		1439
                  		Axis:		66
                  		Pri:		99
                  		Dave:		31
                  		Amarok:		12
                  		Kirk:		38
 5.	5 CENSOR    		Crackergroup:	15
      	(Sweden)  		Demogroup:	1781
                  		Bob:		794
      	Tot. 6111 		Danko:		1673
                  		Dragon:		1560
                  		Sensei:		288
 6	9 FAIRLIGHT  		Crackergroup:	372
     	(Sweden)   		Demogroup:	1110
                  		T.R. (ex-WN):	698
     	Tot. 5901  		Bacchus:	126
                  		Enduro:		72
                  		Tron:		861
                  		Oxidy:		83
                  		Ogami:		2416
                  		Sarge:		85
                  		Ranger:		22
                  		Red Devil:	55
                  		Aaron:		1
Joy / CRSR right                               

Top 20 Mega Allround Charts ff.

().	 L Group	Suppliers: 		Points

 7.	4 LIGHT     		Demogroup:	2382
      	(Sweden)  		Smooth Criminal:45
                  		Flamingo:	1851
      	Tot. 5771 		Yabba:		1133
                  		Bappalander:	279
                  		Goblin:		81
 8.	7 ILLUSION  		Crackergroup:	2815
      	(Europe)  		Immortal Flash:	749
                  		Sauron:		889
      	Tot. 5476 		Derbyshire Ram:	546
                  		Enemy:		116
                  		Fist:		84
                  		Radar:		33
                  		Baze:		244
 9.	13 TRIAD    		Crackergroup:	938
       	(Sweden) 	Demogroup:		1937
                  		Gamers Guide:	99
      	Tot. 4788 		King Fisher:	593
                  		JFK:		181
                  		Alfatech:	73
                  		TDM:		252
                  		Incubus:	675
                  		Arcon:		87
                  		Mr.Ammo:	63
                  		Tech:		44
10.	10 CLIQUE   		Script:		4713
       	(Turkiey)		Remix:		75

       	Tot. 4788   
11. 	BLACKMAIL       	Demogroup   : 	3250
    	(Holland)       	Hein Holt   : 	4497
                    		Orc         :  	200
    	Tot. 7947

12. 	TALENT          	Crackergroup: 	4324
    	(England)       	Bod         : 	2904

    	Tot. 7228

13. 	TRIAD           	Crackergroup: 1529
    	(Sweden)        	Demogroup   : 2794
                    		Gamers Guide:  	252
    	Tot. 7124       	Incubus     :  	956
               			Tech        :   78
                    		Wingo       :   53
                    		Mr. Ammo    :   25
                    		SMD         :  	260
                    		JFK         :  	245
                    		King Fisher :  801
                    		Alfatech    :  	131

14. 	ARCADE  		Crackergroup: 	2854
    	(Germany)       	A-Man       : 	3205
                    		Tyree       :  	108
    	Tot. 6193       	Hok         :   26

15. 	ENIGMA          	Crackergroup: 	3274
    	(Germany)       	Penthagon   :  	243
                    		Elegance    :  	420
    	Tot. 6189       	Chrysagon   : 	1950
               			Ignorance   :  	302

16. 	CAMELOT         	Demogrouup  : 	2899
    	(Denmark)       	Glasnost    : 	2503
                    		Cruzer      :  	523
    	Tot. 6060       	Slammer     :  	135

17. 	SUCCESS         	Crackergroup: 	2742
    	(Europe)        	Nightshade  :  	854
                    		Airwolf     :  	323
    	Tot. 5174       	Guzzler     :   37
                		Dannie      :   87 
                    		Shocker     :   10
                    		Steel       :   17
                    		Burglar     : 	1104

18. 	M.O.N.  		Jeroen Tel  : 	4755

    	Tot. 4755

19. 	DOM      		Crackergroup: 	2938
    	(Denmark)       	Demogroup   :  	197
                    		Dogfriend   : 	1157
    	Tot. 4731       	Rockstar    :  	425
               			Twist       :   14

20. 	OFFENCE         	Demogroup   : 	1738
                    		Slowpoke    :  	467
                    		Red Wiz     :  	525
                    		Pal         :  	512
                    		Yup         : 	1347

The Future of the groups...                

- ENIGMA´n BLACKMAIL will soon quit.(More in Secret Letters)

- FLASH INC. will claim after their mega-demo (Prometheus 

- CENSOR will fall as they nearly only work on consoles.

- BRUTAL will disappear when Brutal Recall is dead!

- CAMELOT should claim after the release their mag.

Facts about the "Elite charts"

To make the story as short as possible I´ll only tell you the most 
important facts.

Well, to make fair charts, we need votes from guys which knows 
what they vote so, we´ll make here this "elite fair charts".

This look so, that cracker vote for cracker, artists for artists,...

So if you are a:

Musician, tell us your TOP 10 Musician charts
Cracker, tell us your TOP 10 cracker charts.
Artist, tell us your TOP 10 Artists charts
Coder, tell us your TOP 10 Coder charts

Well, you see we only need your TOP 10 charts every month. Not 
much work and so the most fair charts would be makeable!

Tell us your charts be mail or post it on our Warez Aquarium 

The Reformation Votes


+XX/XXXXX/XXXXX (Gerald) just on Sunday!

Warez Aquarium +XX/XXX-XXXXX

Well, of course not everyone is allowed to vote so just tell us your
votes, if you´re on the following lists...


Powerplant, Doc, Bod, XXX, Chrysagon, Dogfriend, Sauron, 
Antitrack, Rockstar, Benson, Mr. President, Crossfire, Fletch, 
Enemy, Psycho, Fen 1, Wild One, Bacchus, Burglar, Painkiller, 
Ignorance, Arrogance, Jihad, Richie, Sting, King Fisher,
Mr. Wax, Curlin, Wildcat, B-Wyze, Syndicate, TCH, Gene, DMC, 
Darklord, Tracer, Golum, Psychobilly, Derby Ram, Injun Inc., 
Astaroth, Racoon, Trasher, Amnesty, Jack Alien, Tyger, Hero;


Crossbow, Flamingo, Glasnost, Zodiac, Tron, TTS, Yup, Bob, 
Maduplec, Yabba, SES, Gremlin, Sam, Alf, Depeh, Olav M0rkrid,
Scroll, Mc Sprite, Vision, Syllinor, D´Arc, Asp, O. Stiller, CLF, 
Unifer, King Fisher, BX, Sam, Exilon, Oxidy, TCH, Phanter/CD, 
Cruzer, Slammer;


Ogami, Ranger, Hein Holt, Redstar, R.Nygaard, ANS, Red Wiz, 
Dragon, Mirage, Creeper, Vip, Paladin, Orc, Sparkler, Sensei, 
Zoomo, Rebel MC, Crept, Roman, Joe/Antic, Pal, Atte, Creat, 
Thunder, Cop, Bizzmo, Gotcha, Compyx, Electric, GC Sinn, Viny,
Wave, Napalm;


Kristian Rostoen, Joeren Tel, A-Man, Drax, Tim Follin, Markus 
Schneider, J.Bjerregaard, Guy Shavitt, R. Ouwehand, Danko, 
Matt Gray, Geir Tjelta, Metal, The Syndrom, Laxity, Zardax, 
Mixer, Scortia, Rage, Red Devil, Steel, Link, Soren Lund, 
Bappalander, Edwin van Santen, Falco Paul, Tracker, Page,
Charles Deenen, Moon, JCH, Avalon, Ratpoison, TDM, MSK, 
Xayne, Deek, Lars Hoff, Jesper Olsen, Griff, Daw, Swallow,

FLT - The finally Reformation...      

Contact Corner

General shits                                       

Well probably you´ll see that in this chapter are quite few 
adresses this time, that´s because,... you know it, because the fast 
release date. I guess you don´t care and so do we.

We´re heavy-We´re hard and smart!  

Wanna swap?




Amiga 600 + C64

Black Priest / Fairlight



TDJ / Focus



Sailor / ex-AXEL


The Reformation! - All you need!      

More than just swappings

Modem utis. and friendship: 

Ikarus / RSI + AFL ´70

And that´s it                                        


Introductions and Sorrys                   

Hmm, when you´ve read the "Editorial" chapter you´ll await an
interview with Airwolf/SUCCESS here.... BUT as there went 
something wrong with the post I haven´t got it in time. Also the 
modem way failed, as I haven´t got Norman´s number!
It´s curious, his adress you can found in nearly every mag but his
phone number seems to be Top Secret. Not even some SCS 
members has known it. 

But, to make you a bit happy I decided to put an old, already re-
leased interview with Antitrack/LEGEND here. As this one was 
one of the most interesting ones and we guess it´s better to release
an old interview than none. Or?  

The interview with Airwolf/SUCCESS will be released in the 3rd
issue then, if all works right.
Lame fucking comments all the time

The Reformation nostaly interviews

TR = The Reformation

A = Antitrack/LEGEND

TR: Salute Alex! Everyone knows you but anyway some details 
      about you would be nice.

A: In christmas 1982 a little boy called Alex happend to find a 
     Commodore 64 under the tree and guess what, he´s still using 
     the same computer till now!
     (Even the keyboard is the same... lovely.... ergh!!!!!)

     Now, this guy is a bit older orcourse (23 years to be precise...)
     and, he´s better known under his pseudo "ANTITRACK of
     LEGEND", and he still knows how to handle this little 

TR: You are quite inactive at the time. What´s up? A girlfriend?

A: Oh no, I´m not that inactive at all, but you guys just don´t see 
     what I´m doing, because it´s not a crack and I don´t release it.  
     In other words, I´m frequently programming little tools and 
     routines for myself, and I´m also the only one who can handle 
     them, so it´s useless to release stuff like that.

     But don´t worry, every now and then, there is an original that 
     is supposed to be difficult or a lot of work, so then I´m there 
     Girls are still allowed to send their proposal of marriage to my
     P.O. Box hahaha....

TR: You was the one who made COSMOS strong. You was the one
      who made Austria famous. Many guys says that you are the 
      best cracker ever! You are a legend! So why don´t you make
      money with your great abilities? Like Snacky/GP with crack
      protections or something like that...

A: I was the one who made COSMOS strong? Oh no, that must be 
     a mistake! I rather believe that SSD/COSMOS was the most  
     active guy. Cracking has never been a problem (at least not 
     for me), but getting the originals, megaswapping and modem 
     and having all the important connections was rather SSD´s job

     So far about COSMOS...

     About the money, I can happily tell you that my first game, 
     "Five a row", already was sold to GAME ON and I made a 
     profit of $580 for that one.
     Actually it was sold for $1340, but the music costed $80, the 
     travel to Germany to fetch the money costed $80 aswell, and
     the guy who made the graphics, who sold the game to 
     MAGIC DISK, who had the game concept also wanted to earn 
     ...ehm... $600, if I not mistaken. Well, and we´ll start another
     game soon. (But don´t hold your breath, I´m a kinda slow 
     during programming...)

TR: McSprite told me that you need 8 min for a cartridge crack! 
      Is that right or just a rumour?

A: Well, I suppose I´ve been misunderstood. The whole crack of
     "SHADOW OF THE BEAST" took an afternoon ofcourse. You 
     know, loading, crunching and saving and linking all the files 
     and playtesting took this time. What those 8 min were about:
     It was the time to study how the cartridges is constructed and 
     to choose a strategy to crack it. All the other time was only 
     executing my strategy and in this phase, no more surprises 
     showed up ofcourse.

     In general, when people ask me how long it took me to crack  
     something, I usually tell them how long I had to study the 
     protection in order to choose a strategy to crack it. I do not 
     consider all the loading,saving, crunching, testing etc.  
     As a real "WORK". Everyone knows how to handle "DARK  
     SQUEEZEER" so crunching, for example, is Darksqueezer´s
     work, not the cracker´s one!


TR: Who is in your opinion the best cracker ever?

A: That´s difficult. On the 64, I was more impressed by the old 
     guys´ works around 1985-1988, (Mister Zeropage, Teenside 
     Cracking Service, Jedi, etc...), and nowadays? Well, 
     Rockstar or Horizon/NEI are brilliant as always, but I 
     suppose the best cracker moved away from the C64 quite a 
     while ago and is rather being found on Amiga, guys like H.Q.C.
     I do know some bright local Amiga people and they do rather 
     fit in the best cracker ever category. (e.g. King Georg/ex-
     SUBWAY or in whichever group he is now).
     Far be me, however, to judge people! I like everyone who´s 
     doing great work, not "just" cracking, but making music,
     graphics, demos, games and tools.

TR: What´s your opinion to the lame little 20-100 blocks long self-
      written games by some coder who wanna just earn some 
      quick money?

A: Oh well, as my own game is 83 Blocks it does fit into this 
     category! Ofcourse I always delete games like that (my one  
     too.... oooops!) But if a game is particluarily very bad and it´s
     not the fault of the guy who sells it, but the fault of the guy 
     who buys this crap!

     (Walter Konrad, you´re free to guilty now! (Grin!))

TR: Has anyone teached you how to crack?

A: Nope, I found out everything by myself. Which took quite 
     some time.

TR: Who was the original supplier in glory COSMOS days? And 
      who is it now?

A: In COSMOS, SSD was responsible to get the originals, and I 
     can vaguely remember he had 4 guys in England who bought 
     them for us.

     Nowadays, my fellow LEGEND members (any of them) might
     send me something that is supposed to be lots of work. I really
     don´t like to work on simple or non-existant copy protections,
     you know.

TR: Well, let´s stop here with all this shit. Keep Austria ruling... 
      Bye friend...

A: It wasn´t shit. So long....

TR: Yeah! Sure it wasn´t! Thanks for the interview..

Interviewer was Black Priest

Secret Letters

Again troubles with Crossfire/Epic  

Article by Jack Alien/Alpha Flight 1970

All of you kknow the dude called Crossfire but did you know that 
all his so-called "1st releases" are "re-releases"? Not? 
Well, so you´re on the right place. Read this letter and you know 
that he´s a god damned motherfucker.

First of all the originals:

I swapped a long time ago with him and I sended him sometimes 
new originals which were not older than 2 weeks. After some day
(or weeks) he wrote back and told me that he´ve got my originals
some days before. But on the disc was the cracked version from 
The best comes... He sended me some originals who was much 
older than mine (over 2 weeks up to 4 weeks!), and there was 
some new cracked games on his disc, too. But he sended me not 
the originals from his cracks, only after they were older than 2 

Over to the so-called "1st releases"

He cracked the game DYNAMITE BENCH and gave it to EMPIRE
to fix this game. Ok, EMPIRE fixed it. But ... the game is the same 
like DYNAM-X and was cracked by ACTION in May 19??. OK if 
you don´t believe me so look out for both games and check´em out
from $6000 to $????. You´ll see that both games have nearly the 
same coding. He changed only the intro and the name. And there 
were 2 more but I can´t remember the names.
Now I heard that EMPIRE fixed again a crack from Crossfire of
EPIC, and someone found out that this game is again a re-release.
So I ask you... can Crossfire make real 1st releases or not?

OK, over to cracking games:

I got his version from POPEYE´s and I laught about his version 

	1. Many sprite bugs in level 2

	2. If you´re GAME OVER the game jumps to a little routine
	   which checked the addy $8ed0 (or so...?) that there 
   stands "start". But you must know that in the original is a file 
   with the name "start" and this file will be loaded if you´re
   game over. So you can press fire as much as you want and the
   game restarts never again. And the levels overload the addy 
   $8ed0 !!! So the name isn´t there again.

	3. When you finished all levels the game wants to load the 
	   end-sequence... but there´s no end-sequence on disc so 
	   the game fucks up.


He packed all levels and I ask you why? All levels are the same 
like in the game. So he spreaded a 270 blocks version. (the biggest
I´ve ever seen!) I made a 172 blocks version (156 blocks main + 16
blocks end-sequence, of course only 2 files!).


There´s again no end-sequence on disc.

So you can see that he´s only a totally lamer and I can´t believe
that so many guys vote for him or his group!?!
I´ve nothing against the other members from EPIC but against a 
pisshead like Crossfire.
War across the world - what a shit!  

Hunter/Paramount is an asshole!

Article by Lynx/ex-Paramount

Maybe you all know, that Hunter planned a copyparty on the 
3/4.4.1993 in the "Westfaehlischer Hof" in Borghorst. Party 
invitations and a disknote were spreaded, As we (Slayer, I, X-Tro
and Reject) arrived there, we were shocked. The "West-Faehl-
ischer Hof" was closed 25 years ago! Also Bigfoot waited infront of
this building. With the time more and more guys arrived
(SUNRISE,COMIC PIRATES to name a few). We waited till 17 
o´clock, and we drived meanwhile to Hunter´s home, but he was
not there. Some people called the police, because some guys  
throw the window from the building in. But, the police was 
FRIENDLY!!! They organized a new room for us, were we can 
sleep and held OUR party. It was in a youth hotel. The bad thing 
was, that one guy (don´t know exactly who) shouted out some  
nazi paroles. One turk heard it. He called some more from his 
gang, and they slag on Slayer/ex-Paramount and Decoy/Sunrise.
How stupid, they followed us to the youth hotel, but we called the
police again. They were by us, when the turk cames. They came 
with 3 cars and a motorbike, and again the police managed it to 
get a few room for us. The town is called Burg-Steinfurt and is 
6 km away from Borghorst. It was a sporthall. We felt save in this
sporthall, and we played a bit football. For sure, it was no copy-
party, but a nice meeting to the end. After some hours, the turks
stand infront of the doors from the hall. So far, we called the  
police again. Neverless, they came too late, but it was not the 
fault from the police. The turks thought then, that I shouted the 
Nazi paroles. So, one of them gave me a bang to my head. As I 
was on the floor ground more turks came, and they ragged on me
One with a fingerring, one with an baseballracket onto my back.
3 other turks were ragging with their feeds to me. After that, I
have now a very "blue eye" and many blue flecks. Some minutes 
later, the police came and I restored a notice. I hope that the 
police will find the turks, and that the turks will be throw out of 
Germany! Mayy you think that these hard words, but you know,  
that I´m absolutely no nazi. And after that, I´m no nazi, but it´s 
not fair to rag on guys, which doesn´t shouted any nazi-paroles, 
What I don´t understand, that these turks took all so seriious, and 
came with 20-30 people to us. Anyway, I don´t know why they 
shouted the nazi-paroles, but maybe it is cool? Fact is, in 
Germany aree living good germans and bad germans also good 
turks and bad turks. One of my best friend is a turk. Sometimes,
if I meet him, I say to him:" Yo old turksucker!". It´s a joke, and 
he take it as a joke. So, the reason why I left PARAMOUNT is 
clear now. Hunter fooled uss all, also Bigfoot/ex-PARAMOUNT. 
I can´t stand with an asshole in Paramount, also Bigfoot left now 
Paramount. It seems, that Slayer quitted due to that the 64 again 
and went to Amiga. 

(red: They guy who shouted the nazi paroles was REJECT of
ex-HITMEN. Just to mentioned!)
Troubles, troubles, troubles, troubles


Tests, Reviews and Previews              

 Coma Light SQR 71 / OXYRON
Parts:4    Rating: 89%

This demo was again meant as a "light" demo, because it includes 
the parts which are too bad for the soon coming COMA LIGHT 9. 
But TTS proved again his quality and his vector excesses.

Code: TTS		Graphics: TTS, RRR		Musics: Andre, Pri

Highlights of this demo:

- 2560 Plot scroll - Record!

- Complex vectors

- new art of plotball with 4096 plots!

- 7 colours inconvex vectors

Beyond Reality / Focus
Parts: 5   Rating: 80%

Code: X-Byte,TDJ,Compyx,Jacye
GFX: PDB,Compyx

- nice loader GFX by Compyx!

Hard Target / Paradize
Parts:6    Rating: 69%

Yes, you see PRZ is still alive and this demo was meant to be a 
"We are not dead" demo. The code and graphics are made by Silco.
Musics was made by some various composers.

There are no real highlights in this demo, just some more or less 
good graphics by Silco and some nice codings but no revolutions...

The Culture / Cult
Parts:10   Rating: 60%

Code: Cliff,Rogue,Odie,Lucky
GFX: Galland,Montana,Valiant,Rogue,Cliff
MSX: Top Secret,Marshall,Gero,Crush

- except some parts and the music this demo is rather bad. Like 
   in 1990!

- lame vector equalizers.

Sorry for so few tests, but through the fast release of this issue 
we couldn´t get more demos. If you want to be sure that YOUR 
demo will be tested just send it us and we´ll do it. In the end of
1993 you´ll see your demo then in the hall of fame 1993!
Warez Aquarium ++XX/XXX - XXXXX    

Future News

Euro Future News                             

Burp, again few infos here but HOT ones and that counts!


There might be an Elysium party soon. The party place will be 
located near to the polish border.


Remember to our last issue? We wrote that FLT maybe will make
a C64+RAM convertation of the Amiga game PINBALL DREAMS
After a small talk with Tron, we know now that the same guy 
who wrote the ball routine on the Amiga will probably come to 
Bacchus place and code it on the C64. But it´s still nothing 
promised yet!


Their new demo will be named "2nd best". The guys who will 
create it are:

Code:        Dub 1, Dennis, Ventura, Anorganic
Graphics: Silco, Hobbit, Genius, Cybex
Musics:    some various famous ones.
Hey, why did you not vote for us?     


Did you know that...                           

.......	the US fixer Horizon/NEC is a hungarian called Zoltan?

.......	the first version of the legendary music editor "Future 
	Composer" was done by Charles Deenen but illegal 
	spreaded by FIG/       . Charles was quite angry about that!

.......	Surfer/ACTIVE was in a cool TV-Show (Megafon) in
	Sweden? He had even wore "Active" T-Shirt! Cool!

.......	Powerplant/LEGEND is just 17 years old?
The german terror monks!                 

ENTROPY party 1993

Article by Bulldozer/Entropy

Welcome to the update on the ENTROPY party coming:

June 26th,27th in Rotterdam

The party will start at 17.00 cet and go on with it till 02.00 cet
only to continue on Sunday 12.00 cet till 0.00 cet.

Of course there will be a demo compo and a GFX compo but what
is special is the BLACK PANTHER competition for the nasty and 
mean award, so start practising now!

We told you in Tribune #35 we were having problems with the 
location for the party. Well, that is solved as well. The new  
location that will stand for 100% will be:

Cafe Betist
Jonker Frankstraat 100a


Indeed the pub I´m working in will be the partyplace! Owner 
Hans´ Bos has promised us a full co-operation and he´ll even make
sure there is a screen with a lenght of 3 meters!

How to get there???

1) By Train:

Go to Rotterdam CS, then take the underground to Beurs 
(3rd stop), from there take the other underground to Ommoord 
Zevenkamp and go two stops to Oostplein, from there take tram 
to Kleinweg for two stops, round the corner right and walk 100m.
There will be signs to direct you to the pub.

2) Bus

From Rotterdam CS, take the bus .. to Crooswijk for four stops 
and walk 500m back

3) By Car from Germany

Go to Rotterdam, take the split Rotterdam centrum, drive 
straight on till you come on a round- about, take I three-
quarthers, follow the road into a chicane, then turn left at the 
traffic lights and drive on for 100m and then it´s on your right.

4) By Car from Belgium

Cross the bridge over the Nieuwe Maas (Van Brienenoord-Burg)
and take thee Rotterdam centrum split. Follow the roundabout 
three quarters and follow the boulevard till you see a tropical 
swimmping pool called Tropicana at your left, then turn right at 
the first traffic lights. Pick up the trail of the tram which curves
from the left and right on your way, pass the metro station and  
then turn left. At the 2nd traffic lights, turn right andd after  
100m you´re there.

5) By car from the docks of England

See from Germany

Okay, that´s all you need to know, be sure to attend this party. If 
you want to stay we have some space at the time and there are
cheap hotels near.

For information call write or call:

Bulldozer / Entropy

I understand no dutch!?!                    

Searching for a driver to the Light


Article by Airwolf/SUCCESS

Well friends if you don´t have a driver to the Light party in 
Sweden you can drive with me (us). We search for some guys to
drive with us. This year we drive with a bus, so when you live 


...and you will drive with us then please write or call me (Airwolf/

At the moment we´ve 40% of our bus full so enough space for 

Reach me under:

Airwolf / Success


(red.: The text was a bit changed by us because Normans bit lame
Hey Spalter! Right Norman?             

Scene Records

Current Scene Records                       

In this new chapter we´ll show the world the current scene 
records. I think this is easy to undeerstand and we need not spent 
more words on it.

Of course we don´t know all records so, if you have done one or 
just beat one just tell it us with a little prove and you´ll be shown 
here until this mag will die!
We would be also glad if you tell us when we write a wrong

The chapter is shared in 3 sub-chapter:

	1) Coding records! 	Who is the best?
	2) Pioneers! 	First routines by whom?
	3) Curious! 	Curious records

The Coding records sub-chapter is also shared in:

	a) Bob records
	b) Plots records
	c) Vector records
	d) General records

The Pioneers sub-chapter is shared in:

	a) FLI stuff
	b) Vector stuff
	c) General stuff

just to get a bit outfit in this chapter.

You can see this chapter as HALL OF FAME.

Time to show the world who rules!   

Code Smashers

a) Bobs records

Highest amount of 7 colour multi-
colour resolution doublesinus shade-

This record is held by AXIS and GRAHAM (both OXYRON) with
4. They made this in their demo COMA LIGHT 8.

Highest amount of bobs in a scroll

1536! Again made by TTS/Oxyron in FANTASIA 3!

b) Plots records

Highest amount of plots in a scroll
(1 frame)

At the moment it is by 2560. Done by TTS/OXYRON in COMA 
LIGHT SQR 71. 512 more plots than in COMA LIGHT 8!

Highest amount of plots on a screen

16384 plots made TTS/Oxyron in their demo FANTASIA 3. This 
demo was meant as "light" demo as the parts in it was the ones 
who are to bad to be in a "full" OXYRON demo!

Most amount of plots in a plotball

TTS/Oxyron made a plotball with 4096 plots.

c) Vector records

Highest amount of surfaces in a
Glenz vector

40! Made by TTS/OXYRON in COMA LIGHT 8.

d) General records

Highest amount of mega D.Y.C.P.´s

At the moment it is by 15 mega DYCP. This record was done by
SLAMMER/Camelot in their demo "Produkthandler kom her"
He just made it to show how easy it is to beat Crossbow´s record, 
who made 11 of them.

Btw, rumours said that someone in WOW made 22 mega DYCP´s  
but nothing proved yet!

Highest amount of multi plexed

It´s NOT done by McSprite who beated all records in the past, but
SES/Genesis even beats all with 250! 

Biggest char D.Y.C.P.

A guy of HOAXERS made in FRANTIC 2 a 8x8 char D.Y.C.P.

Highest resolution of a GFX

Walt/Bonzai made a 320 x 200 (Amiga) resolution in LETHAL 
FairLight - the perfect team!            

Pioneers Records!

a) FLI stuff

First FLI rubber Kerfrens bars

Done by AXIS/Oxyron in COMA LIGHT 8. Btw, he made 48 of 

First real char/FLI splitter

Done by GRAHAM/Oxyron in COMA LIGHT 8.

First FLI tech tech

Done by McSPRITE/Cosmos Designs in their same called demo 
COSMOS DESIGNS. To realize this effect he worked a whole 

First flexible scroll over AFLI

Done by DEPEH/Antic in their demo BEYOND IMIGATION.

b) Vector stuff

First zoomable TV-vector cube


First filled TV-vector cube

Done by TTS/Oxyron in their demo COMA LIGHT 8.

First filled vector

Done by ZODIAC/Flash Inc. in their demo PARTY ATTRACTION.

First animated line vectors

Done by Swoffa/NOICE in their demo GOATLAND which made 
the 3rd place in the demo compo at the Light party ´92!

First pixelized vector

Done by EXILON/Horizon in their last demo THE LAST 

c) General stuff

First Shade plotter

Done by D´ARC/Topaz in their demo PROBLEMCHILD.

First char/hires splitter

Done by BOB/Censor in WONDERLAND 9.

First Silent bars

Done by SLIDE/Oxyron in COMA LIGHT 8.

First 8-bit sample

Done by BOB/Censor in WONDERLAND 9. The sample made 

First mag ever!

It´s not 100% sure but we guess MAGNETIC DREAMS/Magnetix
was before SEX´N CRIME.

First lightscorced plotball

Done by Swoffa/NOICE in GOATLAND.

First 7-colour Raytracer

Done by WALT/Starion in their demo OKSEN.

First JOY controlled Raytracer

Also done by WALT/Starion in OKSEN.
Shit, where is my brain?                    

Biggest phone bill

Probably it´s BLACK PRIEST/Fairlight with 21.562 oeS (= more
than 10.000 SKR or 3000 DM). (Maybe Tron could beat this 

Biggest scene member

It was GHOST/ex-CRUSADE who was 2.03m high, but I don´t 
know if he´s still active!

Heaviest scene member

We still search for it.

Most issues of a mag

It was MAMBA/Crazy (Ikari+Talent) with 25 issues.

Biggest mag

It was MAGNATIC DREAMS/MNX which lifed 12 issues and 
needed 1 whole disc (both sides).

Most creative scene member

It is Maduplec/CREST who actually works as Coder, Musician,
Graphician and swapper).

Longest demo serie

At the moment it is Censor´s Wonderland demos with 9 parts. The
10th part is also planned. Also Oxyron´s Coma Light serie is at the
moment by 8 parts but the 9th part should be released at the 
LIGHT party.
How many beer, is hier?                    

Who rules now?

Again a "Who rules" chapter? Yes but here we´ll show the charts
which guys made the most records or first routines.
We won´t say that these charts shows the best coders nowadys but
it shows which guys made the most best/first routines.
Of course the charts now aren´t very fair because there are many
records missing but that will be better in future.

Best coders:

Pl.	Name	Group		Amount
2.	Axis	Oxyron		2 
3.	Graham	Oxyron		1
	Slammer	Camelot		1
	SES	Genesis		1
	Walt	Bonzai		1

Most creative coders:

Pl.	Name	Group		Amount
	Walt	STARION		2
4.	Axis	Oxyron		1
	Graham	Oxyron		1
	McSpriteCosmos Designs	1
	Depeh	Antic		1
	FlamingoLight		1
	TTS	Oxyron		1
	Zodiac	Flash Inc.	1
	Exilon	Horizon		1
	D´Arc	Topaz		1
	Slide	Oxyron		1
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