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The editors have come out of the blue,
at least to my knowledge. They have no
real experience working for any of the
established magazines, so they have
sneaked their way in serving the
readers the most essential things -
the news, the release charts, demo
reviews and interviews. They appear to
be serious with this magazine, and
although they have absolutely no
originality, they have a good heart,
and that goes a long way.

I am really surprised at the effect
THE PULSE MAGAZINE has had on mags of
today. Almost all magazines have adopted
up to several of my old ideas, and that
is a great compliment. However, now that
I am writing for PROPAGANDA, I find
myself getting a little irritated at the

fact, that others have taken my ideas -
and are now using them to beat the mag
I am working for in the charts. Here I
am referring to the demo reviews, the
PROFILE chapters (name of the interviews
in THE PULSE) - and the fact that the
crest call their edition the October
edition. Before THE PULSE, no mag was
called anything but by the number. Oh,
how bittersweet this industry can be!

Ah, well. the crest is more of an
informative magazine, than a writers
magazine. They serve very little debate
- if any - and that is definitely their
biggest weakness. Perhaps with time,
they will discover the importance of
creative writing, and begin to take a
more aggresive stand towards the
direction the scene is taking.

It is the media's most important role to
guide the scene, and keep the sceners
motivated to keep on going. the crest
leaves out both things, and that needs
a bit of work.

This edition quite okay, if you want to
just read the news and get updated on
the chart situation. The demo reviews
are also all right - in fact, they are
the best part of the mag in my opinion.

However, if you desire a more in-depth
look at the scene, you may find this mag
to be inadequate. But again, this issue
is a bit better than their last two, but
not enough to get an extra point - till
they grow a little more, and start
inventing new ideas, exclusive to them

VANDALISM NEWS is a different magazine -
very different indeed. It is not so much
the contents of the mag, that makes it
special; it is more the tone, which is
practised by VENGEANCE, I am referring

To be honest, I find it difficult to
understand, how a magazine, which is
edited by a person who writes "Hmmm.."
in the editorial, can be rated as a top
magazine. But it is popular, and
although it has had a long break, and
returned with a shaky comeback edition,
it is about to take back the number one
spot, as the voters voice of best mag.

The 29th edition is a much better
edition than the comeback issue.
VENGEANCE has picked up his act, and
seem to put more effort into completing
the chapters - instead of starting them,
and closing them, before the topic at
hand has been fully completed.

The program of VANDALISM NEWS is not
exactly overwhelming in its size, and is
easy to describe. There is a bit of
news, a couple of charts and some mag
reviews, some addresses and interviews,
as well as a bit of opinions about
scene affairs to top it all off. Not the
biggest program of all, but enough to
earn the title as a board magazine.

However, the small program leaves
something to be desired, and I cannot

help feeling a bit disappointed, that
there is no special, new ideas as an
extra treat for the readers. Come to
think of it, this is what I miss in just
about most mags these days.

The news is available in all mags, so
is the charts, the adds and the mag
reviews. Why VANDALISM NEWS seem to
think, that the usual stuff is good
enough is beyond me. However, if you
have ambitions of becoming the best
mag - and here I am not referring to
the charts - you would have to serve
the readers something, that others are
not able to.

This seem to be the case for a few mags
only, and vandalism is not part of that
group - yet!

The main audience of DRIVEN is the NTSC
demo scene. In an in-depth interview
with editors of DRIVEN, COOLHAND and
ELWIX, they talked about DRIVEN as a
mag - and their role in motivating the
NTSC scene into becoming more active.

If nothing else, DRIVEN has succeeded
in breaking out of a hopelessly starved
for attention NTSC scene and achieve
world-wide acclaim. To the luck of the
NTSC scene, DRIVEN has managed to cast
a lot of light on the ntsc scene, which
has undoubtedly helped it a lot - and
will help it stay alive for the years
to come, I am sure.

DRIVEN is not a very large magazine, but
a small one-filed production, written
and produced by Americans - with the aid
of some PAL sceners. Its main coverage
and interest is the NTSC scene, and that
is a manageable job.

The news leaves the readers up to date
on current events, but also keeps track
of productions to come in the near
future out of the NTSC community. It is
a brilliant idea, and a first in the
magazine industry. In addition to the
short, but still complete, coverage of
NTSC news, DRIVEN serves articles about
NTSC groups, with in-depth interviews
and much more. It is without a doubt
the best ntsc magazine ever produced,
not that the NTSC scene is known for
putting out top magazines.

The PAL scene coverage is a bit of a
disaster though, as no real news is
being served. It is more of an update on
the projects various groups are working
on, instead of the more conventional
type news chapters, which keep track of
members, groups and that sort of thing.

In addition to the news coverage's,
DRIVEN also serves the readers demo
reviews, internet stuff and other
practical and informative chapters.
There is a bit for everyone, and much
of it is based on original ideas - which
I love to see in magazines.

Keep in mind, this is a NTSC mag, and
not a PAL production!

 **........ |JUDGEMENT PAGE| ........**
 \/\/--/\>< |JUDGEMENT PAGE| ></\--\/\/

NITRO                                 ..
NITRO 24TH EDITION                    /\
RELAX MAGAZINE                        ..
THE CREST                             ..
THE CREST 4TH EDITION                 /\
VANDALISM NEWS                        ..
DRIVEN                                ..
DRIVEN 24TH EDITION                   --
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