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   |Some of the coolest groups that|
___|   ever set foot on the C64.   |____

Over the following 3 chapters, you will
take part in the biggest overview of
successful illegal names in history of
the Commodore 64. Some will probably
miss a group or two, and believe me when
I say it is often based on individual
taste. We have however tried our best,
to gather information and groups in a
juicy mix, trying not to leave anybody
out. To avoid a complete holocaust,
we are dealing with illegal groups only.
Have a pleasant 3 chapters of reading.

|1001 CREW|
 |One of the absolutely biggest groups|
 |ever on the 64, rooted in Holland.  |
 |When they developed the ESCOS and   |
 |launched their Borderletters, they  |
 |not only releses good pieces of code|
 |- they wrote history when removing  |
 |the border. One said it couldn't be |
 |done. HONEY, the leading profile of |
 |the group released some memorable   |
 |cracks. 1001 later on worked on sev-|
 |eral smaller games for CODEMASTERS  |
 |and MASTERTRONIC before heading to- |
 |wards eternity.                     |

 |was born in 1982 as a result of 2   |
 |people working in a softwareshop    |
 |selling VIC2O-software. As they con-|
 |tinued and headed for the 64, they  |
 |came to fill several disks and tapes|
 |with their software. Never any intr-|
 |os, but always a 1701-sign somewhere|
 |in the game, be it a sprite on the  |
 |mainscreen - or in the game itself. |

 |Out of many Danish groups came 2000 |
 |AD, late 1987. With a slightly mod- |
 |ified, but goodlooking rip-off of   |

 |TRIAD'S intro, they rose quickly.   |
 |In 1989 they also organized an app- |
 |reaciated party in Denmark, before  |
 |the last few members came to join,  |
 |and form BONZAI. (SONNY & TRAP)     |
 |A very successfull German, Austrian |
 |and Swiss project with ANTITRACK,   |
 |BIG BEN, MR.LEE and other classic   |
 |names in the frontline. WALTER later|
 |on formed CP VERLAG, the famous bud-|
 |getgame-company. 711 always started |
 |their scrolls with "..only 23 left".|
 |What it meant? Only 23 releases left|
 |until they would quit.              |

 |COCO, GENE, FIRKIN and other legends|
 |made the scene shake by the found-  |
 |ations as disks were starting to    |
 |flood by autumn 1987. COCO was at   |
 |the time the fastest cracker in Ger-|
 |many, and GENE as always one of the |
 |most hated - and respected. They al-|
 |slo arranged the "Cracker-Of-The-   |
 |Year-Award" in 1988. Check their al-|
 |ways classy intros. A personal favo-|
 |rite of Propaganda-staff.           |

 |German group born out of the popular|

 |HOK were cornerstones and combined  |
 |quality with speed. A-MAN became a  |
 |respected musician and his work can |
 |still be heard in several intros and|
 |demos.                              |

 |Strong German force that took on the |
 |world in 1985/86. They were also on  |
 |good terms with J.Kimmel (RED/JUDGES)|
 |which let them take good part inside |
 |the softwareindustry, and of course  |
 |releeases. Check out their version   |
 |of the German game THE BIG DEAL.     |

 |Swedish boardfocused group born in  |
 |1988. ELRIC was the man steering the|
 |ship, and was hated across the scene|
 |for his rude methods. LIGHT, CENSOR |
 |and TRIAD have had several of their |
 |members rooted in AGILE. Check out  |
 |QUEL HOMME (by former VIKING-members|
 |AZE&TRINITY) and all their Bah!-    |
 |scrolltexts. Their traditional intro|
 |can be found on among others IO from|
 |FIREBIRD, which was one of their    |
 |fastest releases.                   |

   Scenetown . The soap of the scene.

 |was born in Germany in 1985 and were|
 |battling with the top instantly.    |
 |They headed for an early career on  |
 |the Amiga and did so quite gently.  |
 |Since then, they have been reborn   |
 |twice on the Commodore 64, once in  |
 |1989, and once in 1992. The latter  |
 |one, is still the best to come, and |
 |are currently the absolute German   |
 |top. Their magazine RELAX has foll- |
 |owed them since the rebirth in 1989.|
 |The intro-collection released by    |
 |XENOX in 1996 is a good look into   |
 |the traditional ALPHA FLIGHT-style. |

 |An American group that was popular  |
 |in the early 9O's. Even though they |
 |had their glorydays when American   |
 |wares were on decline, they still   |
 |delivered a good supply of releases.|
 |Also PUDWERX, most praised NTSC-    |
 |fixer of all time, started his some-|
 |what trembling career in the staff  |
 |of A TOUCH OF CLASS.                |

 |Born out of the remains of ILLUSION |
 |as well as other members in 1993.   |
 |Set up the classical boards FORUM   |

 |and TERMINAL OBSESSION again, boards|
 |we thought were gone forever. AVANT-|
 |GARDE came to be the last supergroup|
 |ever on the 64 and dominated the    |
 |charts for 3 years. PBXELLENCE was  |
 |in fact EVS/20CC and TRICOM made so-|
 |me of the sexiest intros ever seen. |
 |Look at their meetingdemo from fall |
 |1995 for a classy glanceback - or   |
 |any of their intros and always acc- |
 |urate scrolltexts. Biggest release? |
 |We'd have to say the NTSC-fix of    |

 |came strongly in 1987. The cracking |
 |duo THE SYNDICATE was among others  |

 |one of the most profitable insti-   |
 |tutions for making money on their   |
 |piracy. AXIOM was another great sup-|
 |port for the group, but as MOSKWATV |
 |entered the squad, faith faded and  |
 |the scene was harsh in judging the  |
 |group - MOSKWATV is probably one of |
 |the most wellknow routinerippers ar-|
 |ound the globe. Check out all sple- |
 |ndid cracks done by CAPTAIN FUTURE. |

 |With a name taken from a popular     |
 |one-night-wonder, logo included (re- |
 |member "When will I be famous?"),    |
 |legendary names like PACO, BAMBAM,   |
 |GENE and COCO took BROS to the top   |

 |in 1988. Check out CircleTwister 1   |
 |and 2 as well as their early imports.|

 |Today the Finnish group is known as |
 |the leading demoproducers of the wo-|
 |rld, with a past in the WORLD-OF-CO-|
 |DE-series. Before MR.SEX started his|
 |crusade, late 8O's, BYTERAPERS was  |
 |also a fast, competitive cracking-  |
 |group on the mailmarket. It is one  |
 |of those groups, that never really  |
 |went away, even though they had     |
 |their slow phases over the years.   |

 |                                   |
 |                                   |
 |                                   |
 |     Insufficient Information.     |
 |                                   |
 |                                   |
 |                                   |
 |                                   |

 |As BOB, one of the biggest 64-coders|
 |of all time was kicked from TRIAD,  |
 |he took PSYCHO and parts from PARA- |
 |GON with him created Sweden's fast- |

 |est crackinggroup ever. Their cra-  |
 |cks often bugged, and they were cri-|
 |ticized for it, but they were still |
 |popular among the people. When the  |
 |non-Swedish-section members joined, |
 |MIRAGE and SKATER, they had success |
 |at their hands with the magazine    |
 |SHOCK. SHOCK became the biggest 64- |
 |magazine of all time, but what gave |
 |the group all respect in the hall of|
 |fame was their demos. Check out all |
 |and the SHOCKMAGAZINE.              |

 |An interesting group, as they were   |
 |born out of the FBI-CREW in Hungary. |

 |CHROMANCE were among the first groups|
 |to come along, even though communism |
 |still reigned in the Eastern parts of|
 |Europe in the late 8O's. Today CHRO- |
 |MANCE stands stronger than ever, and |
 |have to admired for going their own, |
 |silent way. In the early 9O's, they  |
 |also published the magazine ARE WE   |
 |THE BEST?, a magazine focusing on    |
 |legal matters. The group has been    |
 |running under MR.WAX since the start.|

 |The first competetive Belgian group  |
 |was run by the popular profile MADALL|
 |and they share a peculiar affection  |
 |to EDDIE, the popular mascot from    |

 |other releases - good ROCKMONITOR-   |
 |conversions of songs). MADALL also   |
 |wrote several intelligent, apprec-   |
 |iated articles about the scene for   |
 |ILLEGAL before the group disappeared |
 |in early 1989.                       |

 |Swedish legens who have been said to|
 |invent the trainier. Their classic  |
 |and wellspread version of GREEN BER-|
 |ET didn't offer infinite lives, but |
 |a possibility to choose the starting|
 |amount of lives. 256, was naturally |
 |the maximum choice.                 |

 |A group with good cracks, but also   |
 |dangerously sexy demos. Many said    |
 |that the group had some of the roots |
 |in GENESIS*PROJECT, and parts of it  |
 |was true, considering that SCRAP of  |
 |CONTEXT and ANTICHRIST/G*P cooperated|
 |on almost every field. When CYCLE-   |
 |BURNER came along, classics like TOP |
 |PRIORITY and YOUTHQUAKE were made.   |
 |Also check SIGN O' THE TIMES from    |
 |NOP/WEIRD SCIENCE, who is the same   |
 |guy. DRAKE and other Danes quickly   |
 |came to dominate the crackingcharts. |
 |With full rights, people should say. |

 |An intense career was started by far-|
 |mers in Austria and Switzerland back |
 |in 1989. The roots came from the un- |
 |fortunately forgotten TSK-CREW. With |
 |COSMOS, success was at hand. BIG BEN |
 |others made it memorable. A classic, |
 |traditional intro, with classic mus- |
 |ic, all to be seen in their peak re- |
 |lease - NEW ZEALAND STORY.           |

 |A terribly fast group, that took the |
 |trend by the throat. In 1989, the    |

 |American boards had become the ult-  |
 |imate source of releases, and that   |
 |in mind, CRAZY focues almost 1OO%    |
 |on that very market. When releasing  |
 |MAMBA, by many regarded as the best  |
 |boardmagazine ever (along with SHOCK)|
 |success was a fact. CRAZY was an     |
 |outlet for several legends, among    |
 |them DEFF and STINGRAY, but above    |
 |all, do look at GOTCHA'S incredible  |
 |art, appreciated all over the globe. |

 |Founded in Denmark, 1985 on close   |
 |terms with RED SECTOR and also FAIR-|
 |LIGHT. The group disappeared in late|
 |1987, heading for the Amiga.        |

 |                                    |
 |                                    |
 |                                    |
 |                                    |
 |Founded by THE BREAKER (who later on |
 |made a very notable comeback in RED  |
 |SECTOR in the 199O's), MR.ZULU and   |
 |other legends. What started out as a |
 |local outlet for friends, became a   |
 |global concept and when the UK market|
 |was at its peak, youngsters were di- |
 |vided up in three camps - PRO-IKARI, |
 |-FUSION or -DCS. Check their very ea-|
 |rly releases with great intros.      |

 |A Dutch strong label rocking the cha-|
 |rts in 1987-88, with roots in        |
 |Their most notable release was pro-  |
 |bably LOVE OVER GOLD, a neat sample  |
 |from LEVEL42, while DECIBEL showed   |
 |off in intros with big sprites and   |
 |music by RED/JUDGES. Several members |
 |were later seen in HOTLINE.          |

 |Denmark, 1986. The situation is stab-|
 |le, but the DOMINATORS - ROOZE, ZOO- |
 |LOOK, COSMO and others shake the pla-|

 |net by the balls. Their crusade con- |
 |tinued for a long time, even though  |
 |they have suffered from weak periods.|
 |to mention a few who took the group  |
 |stateside, when America exploded. The|
 |magazine CORRUPTION, edited by DEFF  |
 |and JACK DANIELS was also a release  |
 |under the same flag. A papermagazine |
 |called BUSINESS also saw light of    |
 |day, as virtually everybody was try- |
 |ing to replace the popular ILLEGAL.  |
 |Who can forget the King of cracks?   |

 |A group, long gone into history. They|
 |were known for both smaller product- |

 |ions and cracks - still, the most    |
 |credible release is still the ROCK-  |
 |MONITOR-conversion of "IT'S A SIN",  |
 |by PET SHOP BOYS, commonly used in   |
 |many of their intros.                |

 |A widely popular team, who besides   |
 |cracking developed the great ROCK-   |
 |MONITOR, a program that allowed 4    |
 |channels of sound (3 Sid, 1 Digi) and|
 |came to be frequently used despite   |
 |the rastertime-consuming routine.    |

 |The duo of myths. Who were they?     |
 |Whatever they were, they undoubtfully|
 |are the most legendary of all pirates|
 |on all platforms. Public favorites in|
 |1986, flooding your drives and tapes,|
 |busted 3 years later and from there  |
 |the story is untold. Check out the   |
 |rare sample-file circulating from a  |
 |phoneconference: "Are you the really |
 |from the DYNAMIC DUO?, "Yes", "Who   |
 |are you then?", "I'm the second guy".|
 |Not only Germany's, but the world's  |
 |trademark of a true veteran.         |

 |A German-based group that came as a  |
 |fresh vitaminpill in a group-stagna- |
 |ting scene. ROY (RADAR) took the     |
 |group to another level, establishing |
 |ragging as the number one way to com-|
 |municate. COOCOC, the small diskmag- |
 |azine developed originally by SHAPE, |
 |came out under the DYNAMIX-flag dur- |
 |ing a short period of time. DYNAMIX  |
 |later appeared on the SNES, with some|
 |of the original members knocking down|
 |software for the people.             |
|In the USA, the battle of America was |

|won by ESI. Legendary cracker MITCH   |
|and friends took the group to success |
|and came to totally dominate their ho-|
|memarket during 1985-1988. Who will   |
|ever forget their intro, with wonder- |
|ful (and slowed down) music by TONY   |
|CROWTHER from the crappy game R1-D1?  |
|Somehow, ESI always managed to beat   |
|the crap out of their opponents, UCF  |
|most obvious. The war resulted in sev-|
|eral interesting scrolltexts. For a   |
|ressurection with ESI, check the best |
|software ever to appear from America: |
|MADNESS or any other great American   |
|title. ESI later on moved to the Amiga|
|and did quite well, until joining for-|
|ces with legendary QUARTEX.           |

 |A product of STRIKE FORCE/MOVERS,    |
 |that even though a fairly short aff- |
 |air, came to dominate the ILLEGAL-   |
 |charts while at it. The group was    |
 |launced with much hype as people from|
 |STRIKE FORCE/MOVERS were busted and  |
 |the affair came public in a note.    |
 |Out of ILLUSION and other labels came|
 |ENIGMA in 1991. The group was comp-  |
 |etitive, but people slagged down at  |
 |them for an uninspiring name - keep  |
 |in mind that musicgroup ENIGMA was at|
 |this time numberone all over Europe. |

 |They also took the popular MAMBA-    |
 |magazine to their label. ENIGMA was  |
 |qualified, good and fast - but not   |
 |terribly exciting.                   |
 |NEWSCOPY(F4CG) all come from the ro- |
 |ots in the German-based EXACT from   |
 |Durern. Fast, good cracks, but also  |
 |two interesting demos - JUICY and    |
 |HEADS. The latter was produced and   |
 |developed by DELTA who later on coded|
 |the RSI-demos on the Amiga. Check out|
 |their first megademo, with a tremend-|
 |ous EDDIE-loader. EXACT died in 199O.|

 |EFFEQUATTROCIGI was born in Ferrara, |
 |Italy 1983, making it the oldest gro-|
 |up on any platform to date. Leader   |
 |MAO passed away in a car-accident in |
 |1994, but the group has continued    |
 |success since. SOLAR, a Belgian vet- |
 |eran also responsible for the classic|
 |papermagazine PIRATES has led the gr-|
 |oup since 1989. During the 9O's, F4CG|
 |recruited the remains of legendary   |
 |move appreciated and hated. Co-leader|
 |NEWSCOPY also publishes the magazine |
 |PROPAGANDA, while their intro-divis- |
 |ion has been praised for work across |
 |the entire field. Also on the PSX.   |

 |in Germany 1985 and were quick to be |
 |using intros with spritelogos and sc-|
 |roll. Good friends with almost every-|
 |body, and came to be pioneers on the |
 |American market. Imports by them,    |
 |were done in masses.                 |
  was born in 1987 (not 1986 as the new|
 |generation of FLT-members claim) when|
 |WCC split into two groups. The first |
 |group RELAX did quite well, but FAIR-|
 |LIGHT established themselves as a    |
 |soon to be dominating force. NO.1 org|

 |anized the group, but changed his ha-|
 |ndle to STRIDER after only 3 releas- |
 |es. FAIRLIGHT has become the biggest |
 |group ever, over all formats dominat-|
 |ing both Amiga and PC. STRIDER left  |
 |the 64 in 1989 (did a shortcomeback- |
 |release in ACE2088 from CASCADE, then|
 |heading for Amiga and PC for real)   |
 |Unfortunately, the real competitve   |
 |FAIRLIGHT we saw battling with TRIAD |
 |and IKARI in every chart, 1987-89 is |
 |far from its original core. Their    |
 |most successful cracker GOLLUM later |
 |on produced the game RUBICON from    |
 |21ST CENTURY SOFTWARE, a game that   |
 |was stolen by GENESIS*PROJECT.(GOOD  |
 |WORK!) STRIDER moved to the USA after|
 |a brief visit in Belgium where he has|
 |FAIRLIGHT TRADING, a company working |
 |with import/export. Check out their  |

 |classic intro, with music from DRUID |
 |2 & the LEGOLAND-DEMOS (developd by  |
 |the new FAIRLIGHT). BACCHUS, who took|
 |over after STRIDER has done some gre-|
 |at cracks, but also caused interesti-|
 |ng debates on the scene.             |
 |A Dutch/German group that became tre-|
 |mendously popular as they teamed up  |
 |in the cooperation FE+G*P in 1988.   |
 |The group later on passed away, but  |
 |left us with great memorable pieces  |
 |of work through the audial chambers  |
 |of SOEDESOFT as well as a great coop-|
 |eration demo with SPHINX.            |

 |Perhaps one of the oldest groups in  |
 |history, formed by the legendary Dane|
 |SODAN. SODAN left the scene for the  |
 |Amiga in 1986, leaving us with sple- |
 |did releases. His admiration towards |
 |software resulted in the highly app- |
 |reciated CRACKER'S REVENGE 1 & 2. As |
 |SODAN headed for bigger formats, he  |
 |launched SWORD OF SODAN - a game that|
 |became the first really big title on |
 |the 16-bit format. He is today res-  |
 |ponsible for the immensly popular TV-|
 |character HUGO that can be seen daily|
 |on Television in Scandinavia. (also  |
 |features in several games on the PC).|
 |Check out his first commercial game  |
 |THE VIKINGS (and read his personal   |

 |message to his friends in DYNAMIC DUO|
 |in the memory), his goodbye-file and |
 |the introcollections.                |
 |When the brits were at their best,   |
 |FUSION came along out of the ashes of|
 |the quite anonymous CCS. Leader IAN  |
 |spent an incredible lot of hours with|
 |the group disappointing his family a |
 |great deal. FUSION was rumoured to be|
 |freezing their cracks, and the issue |
 |was widely discussed on the boards,  |
 |the scrolls and the ILLEGAL. Even    |
 |though there was a sense of truth in |
 |some of the accusations, FUSION held |
 |the world in its hand for almost a   |
 |year and with that in mind - their   |

 |slogan MAN AND MACHINE will be with  |
 |us forever.                          |

 |born in Aachen 1985, lead by one of  |
 |the most controversial characters on |
 |the scene, ANTICHRIST. (then called  |
 |TIMELORD). There was a storm of de-  |
 |bates when it came clear that ANTI-  |
 |CHRIST also was OMG/AMOK, editor of  |
 |the first diskmagazine ever - SEX N' |
 |CRIME. SEX N' CRIME later on ceased  |
 |and devloped into PROPAGANDA, still  |
 |published. SNACKY, the cracker of    |
 |the group came be the most praised   |
 |cracker of all time, and his jewel-  |
 |versions deserve a note in history.  |

 |ANTICHRIST eventually fell in love   |
 |with SORCERESS, sysop of the GENESIS-|
 |board MYSTIC CAVERN. In 1993 he de-  |
 |cided to marry her and moved to New  |
 |York and left over the leadership to |
 |NEWSCOPY. The demosection developed  |
 |celebrities like BIZZMO and DEEK,    |
 |producers of classics like PARADISE  |
 |'91. Also check out the controvers-  |
 |ial release RUBICON, stolen by GEN-  |
 |ESIS from FAIRLIGHT as SNACKY and    |
 |TYGER were hired to make the prot-   |
 |ection for the game, the GP+EMP LOVE |
 |NEI-hate demo or any of the classic  |
 |jewelversions by SNACKY and GOBLIN.  |
 |GENESIS*PROJECT ceased as the active |
 |remains continued in F4CG.           |

 |A Danish group that came to represent|
 |their country in the very early days.|
 |Also among the first groups to sniff |
 |on the Amiga-market, as the Amiga1OOO|
 |was launched in 1985 - a market where|
 |they later ended up for good.        |
 |A glorious group with roots in Holl- |
 |and. Cracker POPEYE made sure to fill|
 |people's collections with essential  |
 |software - especially big programs   |
 |from the states. HOTLINE were later  |
 |reborn in several forms, but never as|
 |strong as in the early days. Surpris-|

 |ingly enough, the Brittish legend    |
 |BOD was part of HOTLINE, before he'd |
 |end up in TALENT. To take part of a  |
 |typical HOTLINE-release, check out   |
 |SKATE OR DIE, released week 43, 1987.|
 |If you have a decent collection, it  |
 |is most likely, that is the version  |
 |you have.                            |
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