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            |  IMPORTANT  |
            |  IMPORTANT  |

 Due to the fact that I invented the...

        Top  THE REAL LIST  Top
        ---  THE REAL LIST  ---
        1 0  _____________  1 0
...the charts at the end of this chapter
   don't mean a lot. We don't do this
 release charts MONTHLY so that's why.

All that counts is THE REAL LIST and the
  RELEASE CHARTS only function as some
  kind of explanation why this or that
group got this or that amount of points!

              THE OFFICIAL
       d=b   RELEASE CHARTS   d=b
       'o'   RELEASE CHARTS   'o'
       /_\   PROPAGANDA #2O   /_\


     Introducing the point-system:
     Fullprice Games      6.1 - 8.O

     Budget Games         4.1 - 6.O

     Low Budget Games     2.1 - 4.O

     PD/Shareware         1.O - 2.O

     Previews             O.O - 1.O

   One bonus point can be reached by
  releasing a game 1OO% (!) Pal/Ntsc.
If another group is involved on the fix
 the point will be given to the fixers!
 Games that got released Pal only have
 to be fixed within half a year else the
  Pal/Ntsc version won't get counted.
 | Minus points will be given for...  |
 | _________________________________  |
 |  Re-releases              -7.O     |
 |  Re-re-release           -14.O etc.|
 |                                    |
 |  NO levelpacking          -1.O     |
 |                                    |
 |  NO or BAD trainer(s)     -1.O     |
 |                                    |
 |  INCOMPLETE or                     |
 |  BAD translation   -1.O / -2.O     |

  Unlike most other mags we won't give
 points for tools. Those releases will
  get mentioned but that's about it!!

  GAMES and such games that were done
 using a GAME MAKER will be ignored as
        well as TEXT ADVENTURES!

  Whenever we think somebody did some-
 thing special or something outstanding
  we will add one point to the normal
    score. It's also possible to get
    one extra point for a ware which
  normally doesn't deserve any points!


We just want to point out again that all
games have to be in English. Graphics in
 a different language don't have to be
   changed to get the first-release.

But you can either earn extra points by
  doing it as well as getting a point
  reduction for not doing it. It just
  doesn't matter for the first-release
          but for the points!

              PLEASE NOTE:
From now on such BAD translated versions
like 'BATTLE OF THURN/AFL' won't count!!

Personally I never expected somebody to
 do such a cheap translation of a game.

  The following boards have been taken
   into consideration whilst creating
   these charts (the major boards)...

|            DEAD ZONE - XXXXXXXXXXXX  |

ACCURACY                      O.5 points
The group that is dead by now released
two wares. One preview called PIECES
from Paranormal Activities (O.5 points)
and a 1OO% (pal) version of FASTBALL.
Even when Alpha Flight released a 1OO%
Pal and Ntsc version way before we won't
punish Accuracy with -7 points. Why?
Simply because you could read this in
their version "Although this might NOT
be called a FIRST RELEASE, the new
version you got now has an improved code
modified by Digahloe/Accuracy."

                            ALPHA FLIGHT
22.6 points                 ALPHA FLIGHT
Alpha Flight started off with two games
from Lwtcdi Software called THE ZINJ
COMPLEX (+fix/5.O pts.) & MC RAT (+fix)
3.1 points followed by PINFABALL (+fix)
from Manuter (3.1 points). As next AFL
came up with a 1OO% Pal/Ntsc version of
DIOROID from Cybertech Laboratories
(3.3 points). Onslaught released a
version before (which got Ntsc fixed by
Hitmen) but unnfortunately their coop
version crashs after the Hitmen intro
(on Ntsc). Now the Flight came up with
a translated vesion of BATTLE OF THURN
from Taurus @ by CP-Verlag. In my eyes
their version only deseves the points
because they found a gap in my rules!
A translated version like this won't be

counted in the future as it's major lame
in my eyes to translate a game the way
they did it... 4.5 points minus 2.O pts.
for a BAD translation = 2.5 points! As
next AFL claimed that they released the
1OO% version of THE WORM but still we'll
count the F4CG+AVT version which got
released way before. The original of THE
WORM crashs on some old computers and
AFL made it work now on those old comps
aswell but that's not necessary for a
first-release. As next AFL put out a
1OO% fixed version of COLONIAL TRADER
from Cascade/Vislogic (4.6 points). As
far as I remember TRC+SCS released a
version along with HIT (fix!) but their
version didn't work for 1OO%. Last but
not least AFL came up with a game that
caused some discussions: BALLZ (AFL
called the game BALLZ 1) from Reliance

Productions @ by LK Avalon. According
to Maja/F4CG (who's in contact with the
makers of the game) the AFL version is
only a 9O% preview. We'll count this
release as a superb preview (1.O pts.)
unless it turns out to be the 1OO% game.
Then we'll add the remaining points in

AVANTGARDE                   26.O points
Avantgarde started with a small preview
called REAXION (O.2 points) followed by
DUNGEON WARRIORS +fix @ by CP-Verlag
(4.2 points). Now AVT got Galland of
Cult to translate them the Slovakian
text of the following two games to
English... NUMM and MORFIX from Imaic.

NUMM +fix gets 3.2 whilst MORFIX +fix
only deserves 3.1 points. As next AVT
came up with 2 tools from NEW ENTRY
(no points) called STUDIO DELUXE and
LEVELMAKER DELUXE @ by Magna Media. And
once again 2 more previews called CUBIC
from Imaic Productions (O.5 points) and
CUSTER (O.7 points) from Hexagone Enter-
tainment saw the light of day. Next AVT
and F4CG came up with a very nice coop
release called MICZE VALDGIRA 2 (also
called VALDGIRS SWORD 2) @ by Timsoft
(2.O pts/pal). Just to let you know: AVT
and F4CG will share all pts on this and
further coop wares. Now they put out an-
other coop release: THE WORM +fix from
Nemesis Productions @ by Magna Media
(2.O points). AVT's next targets were 2
more Magna Media games called SPHERE-
BRAIN +fix (4.O points) from Trance

Connection and LACED TILES +fix of which
Chromance released a preview some time
ago (4.O points). Last but not least
they released 2 more coop wares along
got the first-release on this game with
a very lame translated version, AVT and
F4CG only share the points for their
brilliant translation (F4CG changed all
German graphics to English graphics).
Such an effort can't be punished with
minus points, as e.g. THE WORM 1OO%/AFL
didn't get minus points either. All in
all AVT and F4CG will each get O.5 pts.
for 'something special' (see rules!).
The last coop release was WONKY WORMS+fx
from Image Design (=Iceball/Motiv8) @ by
CP-Verlag (1.6 points).

21.3 points                    CHROMANCE
As far as I know Mr.Wax finished his
army duty and that's maybe the reason
why we see the Hungarian posse on top
again. They started their wares rush
with 6 previews... RECOG-NICE (O.1 pts),
CYBERSHOT (O.3 points), FLIPTRIS from
Art Core Labs (O.6 points), DECENT STRIP
POKER (already the 2nd preview of this
game) from New Entry (O.2 points),
TROOZE (also the 2nd preview already)
from APS (O.4 points) and MEGABRAIN from
Cyertech Labs (O.3 points). Now they
came up with several games such as...
SPEED +fix from Electric Religion (3.2),
MEMORY +fix from Oreal Productions (3.2)
and LUCKY EGG +fix from Art Game. Too
bad the game only consists of 2 levels

(4.8 points). As next <C> released two
tools (no points) called BITMAP TO HIRES
targets were four more previews called
DORIS 2 from Cyertech Labs (O.5 points),
MINESAPER from Marekszczepanski (O.4),
BOMB MANIA from Art 7 Productions (O.8)
and BOUNCY BALLS from Cherry Soft which
already got released by F4CG long ago.
The only difference was the CHERRY SOFT
STANDART INTRO which F4CG's version
didn't feature. But that's absolutly no
reason to release the same preview once
again. I still remember that e.g. the
didn't have to be released along with
their games in the past unless the intro
featured a different tune or something.
Anyway, <C> continued their wares rush
FLARE +fix from Eelectronic Software

(3.1 points) followed by a full-pricer
from 576 KByte namely BBURAGO RACE +fix.
Too bad <C> loses one point on this ware
as they had to put out a fix-file. But
still they get 7.2 points for this nice
Hungarian game. Last but not least they
came up with a game called ACE (PRO) +fx
from Art Game (3.2 points).

F4CG                         1O.3 points
F4CG finally managed to provide us with
a steady rush of wares again. Everything
got started with BUSINESSMAN @ by BIW
(2.1 points/didn't need a Ntsc fix)
followed by CRAZY - THE MINE CHASER...
MISTAKES TWICE +fix (what a name!) @ by
Loadstar (3.1 points) & DUOMATO - WHEEL

OF FORTUNE +fix @ by Assasin Software.
DUOMATO gets a point reduction of O.2
points as they didn't change the Polish
graphics in the game. Still they'll get
2.9 points for DUOMATO. Now F4CG came up
with a very strange Polish game called
CORE WARS PRO +fix (3.1 points) @ by
BIW. In the end they fucked up all their
previously hard work by putting out a
re-release namely BALLZ PREVIEW. F4CG
upped their version after AFL released
the full (Ntsc fixed) game which later
on turned out to be a 9O% preview only.
Fact is that AFL put out a 9O% preview
and afterwards F4CG released a 5O% prev!
Please note that eveything that is
contained in the F4CG preview is also
contained in the AFL preview aswell, so

it's not even a different preview (-7.O)
I still have to add the points they
deserve for those 4 games they released
in coop with AVT (see at 'Avantgarde'
for detailed info on those games)...
(2.O points), FIGHT FOR THURN (O.5 pts)
and WONKY WORMS (1.6 points).

-7.O points                     HARDCORE
Hardcore only managed to release one
single ware and that specific ware was
a re-release... FRED'S IN TROUBLE (pal)
which already got released pal only by
Alpha Flight way before (-7.O points).

HITMEN                        1.8 points
Hitmen didn't manage to release too
much but we all know that there's loads
to come from this group in the future.
They came up with ALIOTH preview from
Nostalgia Productions (O.8 points) and
they also Ntsc fixed VARI for TRC+SCS
(1.O point).
O.1 point                         LAXITY
Welcome to the world of first releases,
Laxity! Their debut first-release was a
preview called BLOCKBUSTER from Panic
Design. Normally such a preview doesn't
even deseve O.1 point but as it was
their debut release we'll give them O.1

MOTIV8                       -2.3 points
Motiv8 started off with a re-release...
Crossfire upped NUMM (pal only) to Dead
Zone but infact Avantgarde already put
out a fixed+transl. version way before.
Ergo: -7.O points! Afterwards we didn't
see too much from M8: THE FINAL CONQUEST
which already worked Pal and Ntsc (2.2)
followed by SKYT +fx @ by Nogamas (2.1).
M8 asked AFL to Ntsc fix the game for
them but AFL decided to fix the game
under their below budget lable called
RUHRPOTT-KNACKERS. Now M8 came up with
two more releases but unfortunately both
games don't deserve any points... TIME
BOMB @ by Logyk Software (txt adventure)
and SOLITAIRE (game in Basic). To round
things up M8 put out two previews named

which actually doesn't even deserve O.1
point and TRIC TRAC from Image Design
(also known as Iceball/M8)... O.4 pts.

14.9 points                    ONSLAUGHT
Onslaught managed to release this and
that. They started with two previews...
from Everlasting Style (O.4 points). Now
[O] provided the scene with a Pal/Ntsc
fixed version of FRED'S IN TROUBLE from
Cosmos Designs (5.O points) copyright by
CP-Verlag. Yep, it's @ by CP-Verlag even
when there is 'copyright by Markt und
Technik' written in the game. Just to
let you know: AFL released a Pal only

version of this game before and Hardcore
did a rerelease with their Pal version.
Now [O] came up with the 1OO% version of
from Fresh. Too bad that the game is
compiled Basic (Astro Compiler). That's
why [O] will only get two points for
something special. Now Onslaught came up
with two more previews called DEFENSIVE
from EBES (O.8 points) and BAFFLE from
Feniks Design (O.2 points). Funny is
that [O] called this preview BAFFLO
even when the name is BAFFLE. As next
Onslaught put out 3 more games called
OGRATON 2 (THE REVENGE) +fix from Fresh
Software (3.1 points) and MURDER IN THE
MONASTERY @ Softdisc Publishing which
didn't need a Pal fix. As this game is
a text adventure it won't get any pts.
The 3rd game in a row was TWIN TERRORS

+fix @ by Bad Bytes. Too bad all three
trainers on this game don't work! You
always have to play the game in cheat
mode, e.g. you will never be able to die
in the [O] version. That's the reason
why [O] gets -1 point but still they'll
get 2.5 points for TWIN TERRORS. At last
they released a small preview called
TUC (O.2 points).

PALACE                        O.9 points
The Finish based group managed to put
out a fine preview called MISFIRED. This
preview is one of the few that deserves
O.9 points.

                                 TRC SCS
31.5 points                      TRC+SCS
What can I say? Summer is over and the
ruling coop started to release games for
real again. They started with 3 previews
called PYRAMID (O.4 points) from Panic
Creations, LITTLE DUCK (O.2 points) and
COLONY from Parallel Logic (O.8 points)
followed by DORIS +fx from Cybertech
Labs (3.5 points) and DROPPER +fx @ by
Ace of Space Software (3.1 points). Now
they came up with a game that didn't
need a Pal-fix... ROLOID @ by Loadstar
(2.2 points). As next they provided us
with two more games: LOTTI from Thunders
which didn't need a Ntsc-fix (2.3 pts.)
and WESTBAM +fix (3.1 points). Now it
was time to release several previews
again... INVERTUS from Lepsi Development

(O.2 points), BRIX (O.4 points), NITRO
from Virtual Factor (O.2 points), THE
CROSS (O.3 points) & PUMPKIN (O.5 pts).
Now TRC+SCS announced the comeback of
Count Zero who immediately fixed some
wares for the coop. His comeback release
was EROTICA from Cybertech Laboratories
(4.5 points) followed by SPEEDY SLUG
which he didn't manage to fix 1OO%. Only
the Pal points will be given for this
Substance + Electic Brains game (4.O)!
As next we received HASH THE MANIAC IN
CONFUSING QUEST (Pal only) from Eagle-
ware International (2.8 points). I can
hardly believe that they released the
finished vesion of this game as the
original didn't even feature a loader
for the different levels but what the

fuck... Last but not least Peacemaker of
Hitmen Ntsc-fixed a game called VARI for
TRC+SCS. It's from Damage/Edge Design
and the coop gets 3.O points.

XENON                         O.2 points
They only managed to release one small
preview called WESTBAM (O.2 points).
Things looked better for them in the

              THE OFFICIAL
        Top  RELEASE CHARTS  Top
        ---  RELEASE CHARTS  ---
        1 0  NOVEMBER 1995!  1 0

    Rank      Group           Points
    ____      _____           ______
     01.      TRC+SCS          31.5
     02.      AVANTGARDE       26.0
    \03.      ALPHA FLIGHT     22.6
     O4.      Chromance        21.3
     O5.      Onslaught        14.9
     O6.      F4CG             1O.3
     O7.      Hitmen            1.8
     O8.      Palace            O.9
     O9.      Accuracy          O.5
     1O.      Laxity            O.1

        Top   MINUS CHARTS   Top
        ---   MINUS-CHARTS   ---
        1 0  NOVEMBER 1995!  1 0


   Rank      Group       Minuspoints
   ____      _____       ___________
    01.      HARDCORE       -7.0
    02.      MOTIV 8        -2.3

    |  ..   SHIT HAPPENS      ..  |
    |  ><   SHIT HAPPENS...   ><  |

             THE OFFICIAL!
        Top  FIXING CHARTS  Top
        ---  FIXING CHARTS  ---
        1 0  NOVEMBER 1995  1 0


   Rank     Group             Fixes
   ____     _____             _____
    01.     AVANTGARDE         07
    02.     ALPHA FLIGHT       06
    03.     CHROMANCE          05
    O4.     Onslaught          O4
    O6.     F4CG               O3
    O7.     Hitmen             O1

 If you feel offended or discriminated
  in any way feel free to complain by
  leaving e-mail to DEFF of AVANTGARDE
         on DREAM PARK (id:27)!

       Or send to (NEW ADDRESS!):

     |     Special thanks to:    |
     |      ULTIMATE HACKER      |
     |     MARC/ALPHA FLIGHT     |
     |     PEACEMAKER/HITMEN     |
     |  for their support/help!  |

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