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              THE OFFICIAL
       d=b   RELEASE CHARTS   d=b
       'o'   RELEASE CHARTS   'o'
       /_\   PROPAGANDA #19   /_\


 Introducing the NEW (!) point-system:

     Fullprice Games      6.1 - 8.O

     Budget Games         4.1 - 6.O

     Low Budget Games     2.1 - 4.O

     PD/Shareware         1.O - 2.O

     Previews             O.O - 1.O

   One bonus point can be reached by
  releasing a game 1OO% (!) Pal/Ntsc.
If another group is involved on the fix
 the point will be given to the fixers!
 Games that got released Pal only have
 to be fixed within half a year else the
  Pal/Ntsc version won't get counted.
 | Minus points will be given for...  |
 | _________________________________  |
 |  Re-releases              -7.O     |
 |  Re-re-release           -14.O etc.|
 |                                    |
 |  NO levelpacking          -1.O     |
 |                                    |
 |  NO or BAD trainer(s)     -1.O     |
 |                                    |
 |  INCOMPLETE or                     |
 |  BAD translation   -1.O / -2.O     |

  Unlike most other mags we won't give
 points for tools. Those releases will
  get mentioned but that's about it!!

  GAMES and such games that were done
 using a GAME MAKER will be ignored as
        well as TEXT ADVENTURES!

  Whenever we think somebody did some-
 thing special or something outstanding
  we will add one point to the normal
    score. It's also possible to get
    one extra point for a ware which
  normally doesn't deserve any points!


          |    PROPAGANDA    |
          |    PROPAGANDA    |

We just want to point out again that all
games have to be in English. Graphics in
 a different language don't have to be
   changed to get the first-release.

But you can either earn extra points by
  doing it as well as getting a point
  reduction for not doing it. It just
  doesn't matter for the first-release
          but for the points!

          |    PROPAGANDA    |
          |    PROPAGANDA    |

  The following boards have been taken
   into consideration whilst creating
            these charts

|            DEAD ZONE - XXXXXXXXXXXX  |

             PLEASE NOTE
             PLEASE NOTE...
  D          ______________
  Due to the fact that the cooperation
  between Hardcore and Onslaught split
 we'll just take the points reached bz
 the coop and divide them to two. This
 means: both parties will get the same
 amount of points added to their normal
  score (the score they reached since
 they are working on their own again).

            ? 11.3/2   (RET)

   In words: Each group will get 5.7
  points added to their normal score.

-7.O points                       ACCEPT
The masters of re-releases hit back once
again! This time with a release called
BOMBERMAN 90% which is the same game as
BOMBSQUAD, first-released and fixed by
Red Sector Inc. in May 1993.

ACCURACY                      O.4 points
Even Accuracy entered the world of first
releases with 2 previews from Accuracy
Arts (go figure!)... MASTER TETRIS (O.3)
and FLAGMANIA (O.1 points). Later on
they released two more previews from
Turk Design which don't deserve any
points at all... SHOOT and SUPER BALL 2.

                            ALPHA FLIGHT
19.2 points                 ALPHA FLIGHT
Are you ready for take off? AFL started
with 2 Pal/Ntsc releases at once... BAD
BALLS from S.P. (3.1 points) and SPOOK
100% (no points). SPOOK got released by
Hardcore (and fixed by Glory) way before
but Alpha Flight discovered that the
Glory fix flickers like hell on Ntsc.
Still AFL won't get any points for their
1OO% version of SPOOK as they didn't
release it within the limit of 6 months.
Now AFL hit back with some more wares...
DARKEST ROAD 2 (no pts/text adventure)
from Commodore Format followed by a GEO-
METRIC 2 (4.8 points). GEOMETRIC 2 got
released by Avantgarde before but their
version was Pal only. All of a sudden
Disaster/AFL from Russia (!) started

calling the American BBSes and upped two
re-releases for AFL namely WALKERZ PV.
(AVT) and BOMBERMAN PV (RSI). Still no
minus points will be given as Disaster
has been kicked out of AFL one days
before he upped those 2 re-releases. He
even confired that by posting it in
public (DP!). Now Alpha Flight managed
to release the big overdue: SWORD OF
HONOUR (Pal only). Unfortunately they
had to release a fix-file (-1 point).
Still they'll get 6.1 points. Next they
came up with CATCH IT preview (O.2 pts.)
followed by BLACK IT (Pal/Ntsc) @ by
CP-Verlag. But once again they had to
upload a second version (-1 point) as
their first version wasn't fixed 1OO%.
That makes 3.O points for BLACK IT. Now
they released a fine tool (no points)
called SOFTSPRITE EDITOR followed by

CROSSES & CIRCLES (+fix) from Upscene
Productions @ CP-Verlag (3.3 points).
AFL's next target was the nice game
PARTY QUEST @ by Magna Media (4.7 pts).
PARTY QUEST didn't need a fix and as AFL
translated the entire text to English we
gave them +1 point for their hard work.
As next we got COLONIAL TRADER of which
AFL claimed that it would be the 1OO%
version of the game but later on it
turned out to be a second preview only.
Cascade gets AFL O.5 points whilst
HANGMAN (+fix) from Sectech Designs gets
3.1 points. Now AFL didn't pay attention
well enough an 'landed' their first re-
re-release (Accept already re-released
it before) with the Pal only version of

SLATERMAN (-14 points). A few days later
they released a Ntsc fixed version of
SLATERMAN but unfortunately they didn't
put it out within the six months limit
(=no points). As next Ignorance provided
the scene with ZIP COLLECTION V2 (tool).
This actually is a strange release as
this tool is YEARS old and I personally
don't see any need to release something
like that with an AFL intro infront of
it again. Whatever! Now we got SHA-JONGG
@ by Magna Media (4.2 pts) which didn't
need a fix at. AFL got 1 extra point
added to the normal score as they did a
hell of a job by translating the game to
English. As next we have seen a release
that caused some trouble again due to
different groups releasing it claiming
aall their versions would be the one and
only 1OO% versions. In the end AFL just

released a fix file to their version to
make their earlier version work 1OO% Pal
and Ntsc (-1 point). Still they'll get
3.6 points for LEPPARD from Miracle Des.
@ by CP-Verlag. Now AFL put out a game
called FAST BALL (+fix) @ by Loadstar
(3.4 points) followed by DREAM preview.
Chromance released the same preview at
the same time. Points will be shared
which means both AFL and Chromance will
get O.2 points. Too bad for the Flight
that they did a re-release in the end...
SUPER PAC BALL preview already got put
out by Onslaught way before (-7.O pts).

ATLANTIS                      2.9 points
A rather nice period for Atlantis this
time. They managed to release 2 previews
from Cascade namely: STARBLAST (O.1 pts)
and COLONIAL TRADER (O.3 ppoints). Next
the released a game in coop with AVT...
NONSENSE from FLP Group (2.O). Last but
not least they hit back with two more
previews: STAR SCAPER from Tectron (O.4)
and CF ADVENTURE (O.1 points). CF ADV.
didn't get a higher score as the preview
wasn't playable and as it was still in

57.2 points                   AVANTGARDE
They started off with a neat preview
called WALKERZ from New Entry @ by EBES
(O.7 points). Finally Suicide managed to
release a 1OO% Pal and Ntsc version of
the German budget game FLUMMI'S WORLD
from Substance. AVT gets 7.O points for
their great release. Furthermore Suicide
of Avantgarde also managed to Ntsc-fix
the 59 Prods intro which makes 2 more
first releases for AVT... POZITRONIC
(4.5 points/Pal-first by Palace) and
PRA-SE (4.6 points/Pal-first by AFL). As
next the guys in AVT managed to release
the first 1OO% Pal/Ntsc version of the
Hungarian fullpricer called LONG LIFE @
by 576 KByte (9.O points). Shortly after
that release they hit back with a small

preview called ORACLE 3 - THE FINAL
CHAPTER from APS (O.2 points) followed
by COLOURATION (+fix) from XL.C.US and @
by Commodore Format (3.7 points). And
yet once again AVT were the only ones
to release a proper version of THE HOUSE
from Expression and @ by CP-Verlag. Even
when they had to release a fix file (-1)
they'll still get 3.7 pts for THE HOUSE.
Now Avantgarde released a small game
called NONSENSE in coop with Atlantis.
Points will be shared which means that
both AVT and ATL get 2.O points. Now
CAPTURE (+fix) from XL.C.US copyright by
Commodore Format saw the light of day
(3.7 pts.) followed by the 1OO% version
of IKKIUCHI (+fix) from Digital Excess @
by CP-Verlag (4.6 points). Next targets
were GUESSER (Pal/Ntsc) from Lepsi Dev.
@ by CP-Verlag (2.4 points) and two

previews from XL.C.US called TWIN BALLS
(O.4 points) and CAPTURE 2 (O.2 points).
Due to Deff's holidays AVT got beat on
two CP-Verlag games namely ARTRIS from
Color 7 and MYSTERY. As Alpha Flight's
fix on ARTRIS wasn't 1OO%, AVT simply
released the 1OO% version (4.3 points).
AFL also released MYSTERY Pal only and
Suicide simply Ntsc fixed the bitch and
another 4.8 points must be given to AVT.
Now Avantgarde brought you the game that
everybody was waiting for: WALKERZ from
New Entry @ by EBES (7.O pts). Onslaught
released a so-called 'fixed' version
before but their Pal/Ntsc version just
turned out to be the Pal only version.
WALKERZ gets 7.O points as it's neither
a budget game nor a full pricer. With

6 Pounds it's something inbetween, a
mid-pricer. All of a sudden AVT put out
a game called RELAX from Electric Brains
which turned out to be AVT's first re-
release as the game already got released
by TRC+EMP in 1992 (-7.O points). Now
Avantgarde fixed a game called SILVA POD
from Shikwave @ by CP-Verlag for the
guys in Hardcore (one point/fix). Last
but not least Avantgarde came up with a
small preview called MORTAL DOGFIGHT
(O.4 points).

CHROMANCE                    26.O points
Chromance just managed to release a so-
called 1OO% version of BLACK QUIZ but
infact the earlier version released by

TRC+SCS already satisfied everybody.
That's why the <C> version won't get any
points. The next ware put out by <C> was
a tool called HARDTRACK COMPOSER V1 from
Inflexion Development and @ by Tim Soft
followed by TETRISACK (+fx) from Stratos
(4.1 points). Now the Hungarian posse
released 2 previews called VIRTUS (O.4)
from Art Game and LACED TILES (O.9 pts.)
from Exile Productions followed by a
ware called ABNORMAL FACTOR from Therapy
(3.4 points). We count this version as a
Pal release only even when they say they
fixed the game. That's not true as they
didn't fix the scroll in the border. The
last 2 titles put out by them were GAME
(+fix) from Oreal. We all know that
Steve once released this game before but
the version he released under TRC+SCS

didn't include the Oreal intro. That's
why it's no re-release. Chromance gets
3.1 points for their 1OO% version. Now
the Hungarian posse came up with a
budget game called ANGEL OF HELL @ by
Oliver Software (6.1 points). This
score features a bonus of one point as
<C> has re-drawn the main picture! At
last <C> provided us with DUNGEON MASTER
preview (O.4 points) and VIDEO MEANIES
(3.O points). VIDEO MEANIES is @ by
Mastertronic and is originally a game
from the C= Plus 4. Dale of Exile just
converted the game from the C= Plus 4 to
the C=64 so it's obvious that it's a
Public Domain game (2.O points). As <C>
fixed the game one point will be added.
At last they released DREAM preview and

they will share the points with AFL (see
above!)... O.2 points! Damn, I nearly
One Minute Artworks/Art Game (3.4 pts).

                                    F CG
21.O points                         F4CG
F4CG started with a small preview called
MYSTERY (O.4 pts). We know that several
previews with the same name have been
released before (e.g. by RSI & AVT) but
this infact is a different game. Now
they released 2 games which didn't need
a Ntsc-fix at all: OMNIBUS (2.1 points)
and ABC-PUZZLE from Biuro Informatyczno
Wydawnicze (2.1 points) followed by
CASTLE (Ntsc-fixed by Cerebus/F4CG) from
Marex (4.O points). Now F4CG provided us

with SOKOBAN PREVIEW (O.2 points) from
Kolegaasada Soft. This actually is not
the old SOKOBAN from 1984 by Spectrum
Holo Byte @ ASCII Corp. It's just the
same game idea and the same game name.
Now F4CG provided us with two previews
called PORTAL (O.5 points) and SAPER
(O.4 points). Even by writing "Saper
preview... released on request of Deff
coz he loves Minefiled clones!" won't
allow me to give F4CG more than O.4 pts
for this preview! 8-) As next we got
KOLKO which didn't need a Ntsc fix. This
release will get 1.6 pts. only. We gave
them -O.5 pts. as the graphics are still
in Polish. Well, F4CG now released two
more Polish games called MONSTRUM (+fix)
from Mirage Soft (3.9 points) and DEADLY

CRYSTAL by Biuro Infomatyczno Wydawnicze
(2.1 points/game didn't need a Ntsc fix)
followed by LAZERTECH (2.4 points) copy-
right by Loadstar (didn't need a Pal fx)
and PLUFF preview from Asphyxia (O.6 p.)
Now F4CG supplied us with 2 more prev's
called LOST @ by Loadstar (O.3 points)
and BODEGA EJNAR (O.4 points). BODEGA
EJNAR normally deserves more points in
my eyes but the preview flickers like
hell and also the screen turns black if
you lose one life. In the end they came
up with a handy tool called DRAZPAINT V2
(tools=no points) and a small game named
TRENER. TRENER won't get any points as
the game is compiled Basic.

FORTRESS                      O.1 points
For the very first time this rather un-
known group managed to first-release
something, a preview of a game (?) named
S.P.I.X. (O.1 points). Normally a prev.
like this doesn't even deserve O.1 pts.
but as it was their first attempt to
enter the world of first-releases we
give them O.1 points anyway.

HARDCORE          3.5 + 5.7 = 9.2 points
Being solo again they only managed to
release SILVA POD from Shikwave @ by
CP-Verlag. Pal points go to Hardcore
(3.5) whilst Avantgarde gets one point
for the Ntsc fix of SILVA POD.

4.4 points                        HITMEN
Hitmen is just once again back in bizz
and they surprised everybody with a nice
comeback release from Electric Brains &
New Entry called CANNON CRAZE preview
(O.8 points). Just to let you know...
CANNON CRAZE is the same game as BASE
ATTACK of which TRC+SCS put out a first
preview some time ago. Whatever... next
the guys in Hitmen released CROSS IT
preview from Direct Designs (O.3 pts.)
followed by 2 Ntsc fixes for Onslaught:
AMNESIA from Twice Effect (1.O point)
and SHATTERLANDS 100% (1.O point). Last
but not lest Hitmen fixed a game for
TRC+SCS called FUN DUEL (1 p.) followed
by THC BROS. preview which actually
flickers like hell (O.3 points).

MOTIV8                        2.7 points
Motiv8 started with 3 previews from
NOGAMAS... SKYT (O.1 points), BOUNCY
(O.1 points) and OOPS V.2 (O.1 points).
OOPS is already the 2nd preview of this
game. Also the first preview has been
released by M8 and the only difference
compared to the earlier version is the
small game-intro. Now the guys in M8
released the worst production from
CP-Verlag ever... MINITRON V1.1 from The
OWL's (1.1 pts). Even the game-intro of
this crap was done by using the Magic
Disc Intromaker. That's the reason for
the one point reduction. I can hardly
understand how somebody dares to put out
a piece of crap like this under their
'normal' lable instead of their below

budget lable. Whatever... Next M8 pro-
vided us with 5 tool (5 times no points)
patch file to DMC 5.1! Now M8 supplied
us with a small preview called WONKY
WORMS from Image Design (O.3 points).
Next M8 put out 1O (TEN!) releases but
unfortunately all (!) of those releases
don't even deserve one single point all
in all... THE MATRIX CROWN @ Logyk Soft
(text adventure=no points), TEMPORAL @
The Guild Software (text adventure=O.O),
MEAN MINES PREVIEW from Solaric Games
(didn't even deserve O.1 points) and
Software (compiled Basic=no points).
The above mentioned game looks nearly
exactly like the game "4 TEAM SPEEDWAY"
which got first released by Deadline

long long ago but according to Crossfire
MANAGER is no re-release but an updated
version of an old game!". Whatever...
To complete the list of those glory 1O
games we have to add the following...
games are @ by Loadstar and all of them
are in Basic (=no points). The 1Oth game
is DAMSELS IN DISTRESS 2 from Real Frank
Productions @ by The Guild Software. It
actually is a text-adventure so no pts.
will be give! The last game put out by
them was a Basic game called JIGSTAR @
by Loadstar. Even when it's in Basic we
will give the game 1.O point for 'some-
thing special'!

-7.O                             NEMESIS
This new group surprised everybody with
a game called DUCK PARK (Pal only) which
later on turned out to be GUN DOGS from
1984 (cracked by Antisoft). After this
rather bad start Nemesis died and
continued as Pandora again!

ONSLAUGHT        7.6 + 5.7 = 16.9 points
Onslaught being solo again managed to
put out a nice amount of wares. They
started with 4 previews... GENOCIDE from
Lightside (O.4 points), FLASHBACK (O.2),
CYBERWING from Bigtime Software (O.6),
ICE TEA from Century Art-Studios (O.7)

(which reminds me of good old Hat Trick)
and SUPER PAC TWINS (O.7 points) @ by
Commodore Format. Now Onslaught managed
to get their hands on AMNESIA which is
supposed to be a Twice Effect game.
According to Twice Effect the last word
on that strange release is not spoke yet
but future will surely tell us all.
Meanwhile Onslaught gets 5.O points for
AMNESIA whilst Hitmen gets 1 point for
Ntsc fixing the game. Ooops, nearly
forgot SHATTERLANDS 100% (3.6 points).

                      ONSLAUGHT HARDCORE
11.3 points           ONSLAUGHT+HARDCORE
The first ware put out by them was a
small preview called REMEMBER (O.1 pts).
This game is not the same REMEMBER which
already got released by Riff Raffs long

ago but infact it looks quite the same!
To be honest the arrows got ripped from
the first REMEMBER game. Now the coop
hit back with 5 more previews: RAINBOW
(O.1 points), BILBO from Yellow Byte Inc
(O.1 points), SILVA POD from Shitwave
(O.6 points) and DELUXE STRIP POKER from
New Entry (O.2 points). As next HCON
released an American budget game called
THE EVIL PRINCE @ by Treshold Production
and Thunder Team. They had to release a
fix file to make their version work 1OO%
but still they get 5 points. Now HCON
came up with a release that caused some
trouble. Their version of DANGER BALL
is Pal only (Yes, it needs a Ntsc fix!)
whilst Chromance released a so-called
fixed version but the <C> version crashs
ofter the game intro (on Ntsc). Afterall

HC+ONS will get the Pal points unless
somebody cares to fix this P.D. game.
Some say it's no P.D. but if I have a
look at the note from the makers in-
cluded on the game it's obvious it's PD!
Let's quote them "This is no official
C=64 game!" That and the quality of the
game speaks for itself (1 point). The
last two releases done by the coop were
WARFLAME @ by Bigtime Software (3.6 pts/
didn't need a Ntsc fix) and TROOZE prev.
(O.4 points). Please note that TRC+SCS
released a pv of WARFLAME in Jan. 1994.

PANDORA                      -5.8 points
The just re-build Pandora had their

comeback with TANIS PREVIEW from Byte
Brothers (O.2 points) followed by
THORION (Pal only) @ by Logo Software.
As THORION is a game it normally doesn't
deserve any points but as there was a
small m/l intro infront of the game we
will give Pandora one point anyway. Now
Pandora released FOOTBALL MANAGER'95
featuring a bad translation. As Basic
games don't get points anyway we can't
decrease their score due to a bad
translation. Their last release turned
out to be a re-release. They put out
TILE REVENGE @ by Explosive Design which
is the sane as MAGIC TILE @ by Kingsoft.
MAGIC TILE already got released by
Lutschers years ago. Afterall Pandora
gets -7 points for their re-release.

                                 TRC SCS
14.4 points                      TRC+SCS
The coop started with a game called
KACPER from Vermes/Marex. We won't count
this release as KACPER is the same game
as KULFON released way before. The only
difference is a different name and some
small improvements gfx-wise. As TRC+SCS
released KACPER in Polish it doesn't
count point-wise anyway. Next they came
up with a fine tool (no points) called
TASM V5.6X followed by a huge (2 sides)
preview of CASTLE @ by 576 KByte. Please
note that this game is not the same one
F4CG released. Too bad that this preview
was only in Hungarian language: O.5 pts.
And again the ruling coop brought us
another preview called BRAVE copyright
by CP-Verlag (O.6 point) followed by the

the Ntsc fixed SHAMAN (5.O points). Now
they came up with a small game called
LOGIC (+fix) from Villains (3.4 points)
followed by 7 previews... TWIN TERRORS
V2 (O.4 points) from Cloak and Dagger
Designs, FASTBALL (O.4 points) from
Paranormal Activities @ by Loadstar,
SHOPPING AG @ by CP-Verlag (O.O points)
and MAGIC FORMULA (O.8 points) from
Electric Brains and New Entry, BOMBEL
(O.1 point), CELTIX from 59 Productions
(O.6 points) and MAYHEM from Digital
Expressions (O.2/unplayable). SHOPPING
AG didn't even deserve O.1 point. The
game (preview) is in Basic and also
TRC+SCS didn't bother to translate the
German text to English. To end TRC+SCS's
list we have to mention FUN DUEL from
Neoplasia/Weissenfels Section @ by
CP-Verlag (2.4 points).

     | **    ..    ..    ..    .. |
     | \/    \/    --    /\    >< |
            Additional note:
 We didn't count the release of NUTS -
released the Pal only version long long
 ago%$)4/2 6RMPOhromance put out a Pal
and Ntsc version (fixed by TRC+SCS) and
  yet later on Alpha Flight released a
so-called 1OO% version. All this hassle
 is good for nothing as nobody released
the Pal/Ntsc version within half a year
 after Gulas released its Pal version.
     | ..    ..    ..    ..    ** |
     | ><    /\    --    \/    \/ |

              THE OFFICIAL
        Top  RELEASE CHARTS  Top
        ---  RELEASE CHARTS  ---
        1 0  September 1995  1 0

    Rank      Group           Points
    ____      _____           ______
    01.       AVANTGARDE      57.2
    02.       CHROMANCE       26.0
   \03.       F4CG            21.0
    O4.       Alpha Flight    19.2
    O5.       Onslaught       16.9
    O6.       TRC+SCS         14.4
    O7.       Hardcore         9.2
    O8.       Hitmen           4.4
    O9.       Atlantis         2.9
    1O.       Motiv8           2.7
    11.       Accuracy         O.4
    12.       Fortress         O.1

         ..   MINUS CHARTS   **
         ><   MINUS-CHARTS   \/
             September 1995

     Rank      Group        MINUSpoints
     ____      _____        ___________
     01.       ACCEPT          -7.0
     03.       PANDORA         -5.8

   NOTE: Accept and Nemesis sharing
         the top but Pandora will be
         a hard competitor next time.

             THE OFFICIAL!
        Top  FIXING CHARTS  Top
        ---  FIXING CHARTS  ---
        1 0 September 1995! 1 0


   Rank     Group           Releases
   ____     _____           ________
    01.     AVANTGARDE       (13)
    02.     ALPHA FLIGHT     (07)
    03.     CHROMANCE        (05)
    O4.     Hitmen           (O3)
    O5.     F4CG             (O2)

 If you feel offended or discriminated
  in any way, feel free to complain by
  leaving e-mail to DEFF of AVANTGARDE
         on DREAM PARK (id:27)!

   Or simply send your complaints to:


     |         Thanks to:        |
     |     MARC/ALPHA FLIGHT     |
     |  for their support/help!  |
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