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|                                      |
| During the mid 8O's, all the kids in |
| the block were playing games on the  |
|  Commodore 64. The machine was the   |
|          talk of the town.           |
|                                      |
|   Today technology has passed the    |
|   Commodore 64 by a million miles.   |
|                                      |
| And the kids in the block play their |
| games on the PC, Nintendo and Sega.  |
|    In some cases, even the Amiga.    |
|                                      |

|But then something really interesting |
|  happened. The former Eastern block  |
|opened. And not having adapted proper-|
|ly the western block economically,    |
| one could hardly afford the PC,      |
|          Nintendo or Sega.           |
|                                      |
| So the Commodore 64 experienced yet  |
|           another success.           |
|                                      |
|    And with it, so did the games.    |

            C      S
            Cherry Software

The come of age

It may appear slighly odd producing
games for a computer that was launched
in 1981. The Commodore 64 is still the
same machine today, as it was back then.
The programmingtechniques are differ-
ent. Therefore the games we do today,
were impossible to do just a few years

The launch of a company
Cherry Software was founded in early
1993 with one firm belief - to produce
highquality software for the Commodore
64. To create a solid economy, and even
more importantly, routine in the soft-
warebusiness, we focues on the East
European market only. Since some 6
months back, Cherry Software has ex-
panded immensly. Moving to new offices,
employing new people and hiring even
more developing teams. Today Cherry
Software employs 12 entire freelancing
teams, all devoted in finishing their
products for the Commodore 64 market.


Finding the markets
Still, we know there is much more po-
tential market than the Eastern parts
of Europe. The Commodore 64 has since
its launch in 1981 sold over 15 millin
computers, making it one of the biggest
successes in digital history. Today,
1995 there are still 85O.OOO active
Commodore users, and it is our sincere
duty to let them know that we exist.

Great news from the front
Even greater news from the front have
appeared most recently. The German based
company ESCOM bought the entire Commo-
dore company, and with that announced
a relaunch in production of the Com-
modore 64. According to ESCOM, this is
not to cover the Eastern parts of
Europe, but instead focusing on an
entirely new market; China. ESCOM have
estimated over 2 million Commodore 64's
being sold there before the end of the
year. This triggers an enormous market,
and a great potential for all game-
creators who are still out there in
the field.

Taking the lead
Today we dare saying we will be leading
the softwaremarket on the Commodore 64.
Most of our programmers, in-house and
freelancing, have their roots in the
public domain/demosector, having had
all the time in the world to pollish
their talents.


Quality is the keyword
Our games will speak for themselves.
Unfortunately, there has been a slight
setback in the software market on the
Commodore 64. A few years of dull
puzzlegames and uninspiring titles
that have not quite managed to sail
under the flag of quality. That is
not what we want. But more importantly,
that is not what the players want.
They want addictive, beautiful and
stimulating games.

That's what they will get.

        Due to immense expansion

     C H E R R Y   S O F T W A R E

       seeks programmers for the
    as well as artist and musicians.

CHERRY SOFTWARE today employs 12 entire
development teams involved in producing
fullprice titles. Our negotiations with
 ESCOM will trigger a wide oppurtunity
    to joboffers and money to make.

  Send your qualifications and samples
    of artwork to the address below.

    |       CHERRY SOFTWARE        |
    |       CHERRY SOFTWARE        |
    | Att: Personel & Organization |
    |       Rullagergatan 9        |
    |       415 26 Goteborg        |
    |            Sweden            |
    |                              |
    |    Tel: +46/(O)31-373297     |
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