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 PROPAGANDA                  Newscopy&
 PROPAGANDA ON TOUR'95       Tranziie

did something very unusal. They managed
to put together a terribly cozy party,
attracting people from all over Europe.

As always, the people from the C64 were
there to prove the fact we enjoy our-
selves the most, while other format
fall behind. It is simple. We have a
good time and they do not. Putting down
our days to text does nothing but
confirm this.


Thurday / April, 2Oth               \/
So the day finally came, when we were
about to set of for Holland. Sometimes
I'd find myself wondering how come this
piece of digital plastic could provide
enough determination to send me to
Holland, but some things will never
cease to surprise me.

I was stupid and ambitious enough to
still be working the same day we were
to depart but as I quickly glanced at
my watch, I set of for the Central-
station, downtown Gothenburg. And with a
flinch of my eye the relatives of the
digital plastic were gathered again.

       " The ferry functioned
          basically as a bar
          for most of us...   "

Knowing we had a 24 hours boattrip
ahead of us, we planned in detail how
those hours should be spent, before the
very arrival in Holland, Friday after-

The ferry functioned basically as a
bar for most of us, providing us with
beer and other needs, putting us on a
fairly cozy basis to start with. And
then again, when not having seen each
other face to face for quite some time,
there is always much to talk about. Cozy

enough, and a couple of hours later, we
took our seats in one of the restaurants
to enjoy quite a fabulous buffet,
accompagnied by more chatting about
life in general. MOTLEY and I took the
oppurtunity to enjoy and promote a good
bottle of red wine, while the other
barbarians stuck around with their beer.
I do say!

   "  Having 15O people screaming
      "I'm the Scatman - Badaba bee
      baapaabaa-ra" on the dancefloor
      is not really my idea of what
      fun is...                     "

Having passed down the last piece of the
desert the night was nothing but ours.

The ferry boasted two discos, or night-
clubs if you prefer, but the first one
did not really appeal with pathetic
people facing midlife crisis drowning
their sorrows in bewerage.
But then again, the other one, for the
youth, was not much to mention either.
Having 15O people screaming 'I'm the
Scatman - Badaba bee baapaabaa-ra' on
the dancefloor is not really my idea
of what fun is, though we all showed
particular interest to the bar and its
productions. When the Karokee came on
around midnight, we had had just about
enough, and set of for our cabins.
Still so small, we were determined we
could continue our crusade there, but
somewhere along the way, we faded into
a dark, hazy sleep to wake up the next

Friday / April, 21st
So this was Holland. So this was Amter-
dam. A bit tired, but all tense about
what to expect, we arrived at the
Amsterdam central station, where our
dear collegues CBA, MOREN, JRC, MISTRI
from SUCCESS+TRC came to wish us warmly
welcome to their humble country. For
starters this was a pretty interesting
part, but while realizing just how darn
late SOLAR and PLAYBOY (F4CG) were for
the rendez-vous, it came to a point
where we all were ready to lynch the
poor fellows. No problem, I say. The
situation was taking serious turns, and
were checking our weapons for the
execution, but as SOLAR came running
with a big hug, my heart just melted.

So much for the bloodbath.

   " JUCKE and PLAYBOY immediately
      took the chance to exchange
         tips and hints in the
           smoker's world...       "

Escorted to our youthhostel by CBA we
checked in, left off our luggage and
were ready to take on the city of
Amsterdam for real. KENTUCKY FRIED
CHICKEN served as dinner, something
that should have pleased SOLAR a great
deal, but all of our meals were dis-
turbed by our terrible manners. Some
of us enjoyed letting the chickens fly
from table to table more than eating
them. And as we burped in pleasure,

JUCKE got his first part of the deal
with Holland, our first coffeeshop;
"The Grasshopper". JUCKE and PLAYBOY
immediately took the chance to exchange
tips and hints in the smoker's world,
while the rest of us did mostly focus
on the beer.


The crusade continues and stops by a
Tivoli. The more childish bunch of us
took the chance to perform a smaller
war with scooters, and with three teams;
we bumped the shit out of each other.
I must add that the first mentioned won
by far, leaving the others far behind!
Still, JUCKE and PLAYBOY refused to

participate in our flashbacks of
childhood, and prefered discussing more
smoker's tips by the wayside of the

The night boasted PROPAGANDA and F4CG
all over the city, and as we continued
our cruise at a pub close to the red
light district, extasy was close.
Arriving back at the youthhostel, we
did so giggling, determined to continue
the atmosphere in the basement, which
we did with class. Too much, I figure,
hearing the neighbors bang on the wall.
Poor them.

Saturday / April, 22nd
No more Amsterdam, no more. Today was
Utrecht, today was X'95, the awaited

and much talked about event of spring.
Arriving some time before opening, we
gathered outside, where some of the more
interesting profiles from the scene
started showing up. RADAR, TRICOM/AVT,

     "  Avantgarde and F4CG were
         showing the FUCK-YOU-
       ONSLAUGHT Intro, hopefully
           offending some...      "

Having organize TRIBUTE'94 I was pretty
surprised with the size, being almost
none at all, but the place had an in-
credibly cozy atmosphere that was easy
to enjoy. We did our share and prefered
not entering the computerrooms, but

stayed in the sofas around the bar,
where we could perform our own feast.

       " ...Jack Alien exposing
          his beuatiful belly
            to all the world    "

GANDA staff was gathered where DEFF
would be serving as our noble bartender.
Rock n' roll master FREESTYLE gives
lessons about how to roll joints, and
we gladly watch. A real yoda he is!
Time passed quickly now. AVANTGARDE
and F4CG were showing the FUCK-YOU-
ONSLAUGHT Intro, hopefully offending
some, only to continue the cruise by

the bar. JACK ALIEN and SUICIDE from
AVANTGARDE made quite an astonnishing
entrance with JACK ALIEN exposing his
beautiful belly to all the world, and
it was interesting seeing how people
conciously took an extra step to avoid
coming in his path, yell or smell.

       "  ...and again he had
         to face the fact what
         a poor drinker he is. "

And finally the time came for jolly
good fun! To live up to the glorious
success with the notorious quarters-
game from ECTS, fall 1994, we restarted
the game. FREESTYLE, who so pathetically
lost last time, teamed with courage as

well as TRANZIIE, BURGLAR and some
others. The deal was on, but it did not
take long for FREESTYLE to repeat the
famous Londonphrase ; "Please do not
make me drink another one", and again
he had to face the fact what a poor
drinker he is. We took the oppurtunity
to triumph but having acheived our goals
stopped playing quarters.

JUCKE, on his behalf took a fairly in-
teresting turn at the party. Having
smoked about an acre of pot, dozed of
at 9 o' clock, which made him a VERY
reliable socializer. Mingling with
the people in his sleep, most probably.

MORRIS/F4CG made quite an impression
with his utter silence, continuously
listening to his Walkman. Very social

indeed! DRAZ/F4CG took the chance to
change this however, and fed him with
an entire bottle of Jegermeister, and
by golly, MORRIS came out wasted for
the 2nd time in his life! Polacks are
indeed funny. The next 6 hours you'd
find the guys wandering around, some-
what out of balance, and so enter-

ARCOSS and some other small groups made
a fairly childish appearance at the
party, but PLAYBOY, ME and DRAZ saw
to it to put them back where they be-
longed. It is remarkable how there are
always some people who can never behave
correctly at a party.


Sunday / April, 23rd
Competition day came over the nation,
and we were keen on looking at it, as
always. Competitions somewhat mark the
highlight of the event, as in this case.
Unfortunately, SOLAR, JUCKE, DRAZ, PLAY-
BOY and me were out with SOLAR'S chicken
mobile looking for sandwiches downtown
Utrecht, something that proved more
difficult than it normally should. So
we missed the competition, but came
about right on time, to pick up the
2nd price on stage for our contribution
to the democompetition. However, REFLEX
definately showed the world - again -,
a demo that came out as one of the best
I've ever seen. The rest of the party
was pretty much just waiting to head

back to Amsterdam, and we did so
some useful Swedish words. Hopefully,
they will carry them for life.

The party had come to an end, but we
still had a couple of days to spend
in Amsterdam. BURGLAR took us out one
night, and the others we simply had to
stroll our way around ourselves. Those
were good days however. Slow and hazy
days, where we had a chance to to pick
up the speed. Red Light District, more
Coffeeshops, shopping and MOTLEY'S in-
credible surprise. JUCKE even vanished
for a whole goddamn day, only to come
back with a smoked smile on his face.
And attending the SEX MUSEUM, really
got DRAZ going, realizing just how
much he enjoyed watching pornographic

movies from the early 2O's.

And now looking back at it, some time
having passed, I do say another memory
has been created. Again the people from
the 64 proved the fact that we know how
to have a good time, while the others
do not. I wonder why.

X95 came out one of the most pleasant
parties I've ever attended and my
deepest of respect is pointed out
to the people behind the organization
for doing it.

But the PropagandaTour is not over yet.
Our next stop is Assembly'95. What's


 **        Everlasting quotes        **
 \/            and awards            \/

  ______________       _______________
  Very hip since       Very lame since
     Holland                Holland

  ______________       _______________
     Hookers             Girlfriends
        *                     *
     Scooters               Cars
        *                     *
     Farting               Burping
        *                     *
   Coffeeshops              Boards
        *                     *
    Bad Demos             Good Demos

           Most Stoned Charts
         1.Spectator    TRC*SCS
   **    2.Freestyle Avantgarde   **
   \/    3.Jucke                  \/
         4.Playboy         F4CG
         5.Mistri       TRC*SCS
         6.Sander         Focus

           Most Drunk Charts
       1.Morris              F4CG
  ..   2.Morris              F4CG   ..
  \/   3.Morris              F4CG   \/
       4.Jack Alien    Avantgarde
       5.Curlin      Alpha Flight

            Smelliest Charts
       1.Nastiness Inc.    Angry
  ..   2.Nastiness Inc.    Angry   ..
  ><   3.Nastiness Inc.    Angry   ><
       4.Nastiness Inc.    Angry
       5.Danzig             TRSI

             Farting Charts
   1.Draz     F4CG (Many and smelly)
   2.Newscopy F4CG (LOUD!)
   3.Devil    F4CG (Smelliest)
   4.Motley   F4CG (Bad timing)
   5.Solar    F4CG (Always gross)
   6.Jucke         (Sensual)

 [SLOOOOW]: "There is too much action
             here. People should slow


               FREESTYLE & JUCKE

 "I have to go home early to beat
  you all at uploading the demos"

               WHEN LEAVING THE PARTY.

 "Knulla! Fitta!"




 "It feels like I've been here
  before. Have I?"

             HE HAD VISITED 1 DAY

 "Where's Propaganda?"

              AT THE PARTY.

 "Coming out 3 days after the party."

              EDITOR NEWSCOPY
              PROMISES TOO MUCH.


                 ** - Who's
                 \/   smiling now?

X                                  by

Catching up with CBA a few days before
the probably most talked about event
on the 64 right now, we asked about the
preparations, a slight background story.


-The whole idea of arranging a party
 was something we had in mind way back
 and Myself (CBA) finally made up our
 minds and gave it a shot. Planned a
 weekend in April 95, marked it with
 a crayon and the project was named X95.
 With hope of yet another one of those

 great 64+Pc parties, without Amigas
 showing nothing but Xcopy screens.

 TIM,known by his work behind the SLC
 parties has the experience, so things
 did move on quite fast, even though
 there were some slight problems to be
 solved and we took care of them as soon
 as they blocked our way to the X95.

We, the PROPAGANDA staff first heard
about this at the party in Denmark.
Reading one of the 15OO fliers that
were spread around the scene.

CBA continues; With a WWW page on the
 Internet, a PC dentro and ofcourse the
 massive support from the Magazines on
 C64 did help us to spread the info on
 this event. It sure helped out, and now

 most recently, the public interest
 has been enormous...

Who can we expect to meet, some of the
legends and oldies??

-I personally guess the people that
 will show up will basically be the
 core in the scene of today, but there
 might be some of the ones that has
 left, went to Pc and so on, or in
 other words, the remains of the scene
 we have today. The main reason for
 holding this party is to meet up with
 them and not only to see their names
 on the boards, but to be able to
 confront them face to face. To be able
 to meet your friends in person and not
 just someone that is known as an alias
 from the boards. We really miss those

 old parties, like VENLO and SILICON.

What is the partyplace like?

- It is big enough to hold the 3OO we
 have set as a limit. This way it gives
 the right atmosphere and not like the
 halls at the Denmark parties, with
 25OO lamers infront of their Amigas and
 like Zombies copying discs.
 The atmosphere is something important,
 and that's why we didn't rent something
 bigger. We find this place perfect!

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