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         SCOPE _ OUR OWN WORDS...
         " The phone doesn't
              usually ring
           Sunday mornings... "

             from Newscopy
 Sundays are probably the worst of days
during the week. Indeed I hate them,
with their grey, dull atmosphere
triggering another week of work,
efforts and exhaustion. God, I hate

Sunday, March 19th, 1995, was probably
the worst of all Sundays I ever exper-
ienced. It was one of them hazy morn-
ings, where Saturday night made itself
reminded, with an aching head and dry
mouth. I was situated in bed, my body
neatly wrapped in the thick blanket,
my pillow covering my head trying to
avoid light to strike my sensetive eyes.

The phone doesn't usually ring Sunday
mornings at my place, apart from SOLAR
waking me up before he heads for work,
catching up with the latest, but this
morning, SOLAR didn't call. By 11 o'
clock sharp, the phone rang, and out
of my diziniess I was reluctant to pick
up the phone in the first place, but
somehow I managed to.

"Hello..", uttered MOTLEY on the other
side of the phone, and my first thought
was "oh no, do not wake me up for some-
thing about releases on a sunday morn-
ing", but quickly I realized the call
had a much more dark concept.

Time seized to exist for a second or
two, and what MOTLEY stuttered out
from the other side of the line was
unreal, nothing I could grab firmly.
I was totally startled, could barely
speak, and hung up the receiver to
gain strength before calling the rest
of our friends to spread the terrible
news; Scope, our dear Mathias Vinsa
had died in the Stockholm underground
6 hours earlier.

         " Me, Motley, Jucke
            Walker and GoT.
             But no Scope.   "


The first few days were the worts ones.
Gone were the calls from Mathias, where
he'd call me asking for all the latest
news, while we'd find each other talking
about everything but the news. A couple
of times a week, we'd be sitting there
laughing along talking memories, but
also the future. Now there was just
plain emptiness, a solid silence and
there we were with a million questions.

Nothing like this could really be hap-

pening. Mathias, who I'd known for
such a long time was no longer with us,
which was probably the worst part to
accept. The digital family we had dev-
eloped had lost a member. ME, MOTLEY,
That took time to work on. And thank
God we had our family, with its strong
ties to each other. You know, it's like
what people talk about, when they talk
about teamwork; It's all about chemistry
how the people function together, and
from what the 6 of had had the past 4
years, was chemistry at the best of
levels. It made us what we were, what
we are and will always be.

When I first ran into Mathias some years
back, me and JUCKE were looking for a

talented artist, and from there it was
not a hard decision to make. Mathias was
a small little guy, who didn't make much
noise back then. Not that he was the
silent type, once you got to know him,
it just took time for him to open him-
self for new people. At that point it
didn't matter much, because we all early
felt we belonged together. And there
were many jolly years to come to prove

I lived in Gothenburg, while Mathias
lived in Stockholm. Through the dist-
ance, we couldn't meet every weekend,
but well enough saw to it that all of
us met 4 or 5 times a year. What sur-
prised me, was that every time we met,
Mathias always grew as a person. He
proved abilities and characteristics

I never thought he had. He'd startle
me with his knowledge and way around
things. And jolly spectacles. All very
harmless, but always very funny.

         " ..Mathias fell
           asleep attempting
           to take a leek.   "


Like when going to Denmark, where we'd
all be sitting in the bar on the ferry,
making a terrible noise. All of us,
except Mathias who had spotted a girl,
the young type, at the other side of
the bar. Before any of us knew better
Mathias had jumped out of his chair

and invited her to dance, and there
he was at the dance floor performing
what TRANZIIE refered to as a 'minor
Travolta on stage', and indeed he was.

All of us were cheering at them, and
with them all alone on the floor, it
was even a more delicate task to em-
barrass them for the crowds of sitting
people. Unfortunately the two of them
never really happened, Kajsa living
in Gothenburg and Mathias in Stock-
holm. If only she'd know what a jolly
fart she never had! But the shy Mathias
startles us, and that's a good enough
reason to remember it!

Or at RAJRAJ, the notorious meeting in
Stockholm, where Mathias fell asleep
while attempting to take a leek. 2 hours

later, I found him sleeping, half stand-
ing, half sitting, forehead pushed to-
wards the floor, his hands frozen over
the zipper, exactly the same way he'd
had them before diziness struck him.

At the G*P SummerConference, we shared
laughs collecting bottles in Gothenburg
to afford food for the day. As foolish
as we had been, none of our money had
been spent on food so the last few days
were rather starving.

This is Mathias for me, the one I have
in mind, with smiles and nothing but

       "  ...The sick bastards
           should have gained
         some bloody 3 Swedish
          crowns which equals
            about 5O Cents..   "

A question, that sounds like a cliche,
but still not isn't has struck me late-
ly; Why? Why Mathias? Still I do not
have any answers, and I believe not
many have, if any. Mathias was just
so young, with his 2O years. All that
it took was the inch of a second and
he was gone for eternity from our sur-
face. Ceased to exist. That was hard
to cope with, and I didn't actually
accept the mere fact until I attended

the funeral a few weeks back.

The police have their theories of the
story, but all we can do is hope he
didn't have to suffer that very cold,
dark night in March. The autopsy re-
veals signs of human violence before
the train ran over him. And much of
the small evidence that can be gathered
around the case speaks of a robbery,
where the sick bastards should have
gained some bloody 3 Swedish Crowns,
which equals about 5O Cents. Now go tell
me this world isn't sick. By golly,
it is. And the sicker it gets, knowing
the dirty pricks responsible most def-
inately never will be caught.

Not long ago, we attended Holland, and

a vivid party that we had looked forward
to for a long time. It would have been
the most natural thing for us to have
Mathias along with us, but he wasn't.
Numerous are the occassions during the
trip when I'd find myself looking around
for Mathias blond hair, just to cheer
along in the world of beer. Sitting
at the ferry, at the party and in
Amsterdam, I'd find myself seeking
Mathias aproval with a "isn't that
right, Scopie?" during a conversation
only to quickly pull back with "keep
that in - Scopie is not here". I had
to remind myself, and so did a lot of
us on that trip.

Somebody said that time heals, and I
believe that is true. But it will be
long until the shades of that dark

night fade, and only the good memories
rise to the occassion. The funeral was
a good start, and through my sobs it
was truly delightful to get the chance
to say goodbye to Mathias for real,
once and for all. That day, there were
so many of us there. Family, relatives
and friends who shared the same sorrow
and grief. But we all shared that
everlasting picture of Mathias at
the very top of his life, knowing how
much he loved it. And though he only
got 2O years, we know this; they were
all good ones.

And though I only had the chance to
know him during the latter part of
them, Mathias is always with me.
Again and again, I find myself going
through memories of Mathias. All the

insane parties in Denmark, all the
private meetings and celebrations. I
was positive that the memories was all
I had from the poor fellow, and it was
in my task to maintain them whereever
I went.

But truth is, I don't have to.

I know Mathias will live in my heart
for as long as I live. I'll carry him
with me, at all times. When I'm 55,
he'll still be 2O, young and passionate,
with his broad smile over his face.
That's the fine part of it, I guess.
And I'm never letting that fact go.
Mathias, I will remember you for as
longs as I live. We will meet again.


__________________________ from Walker _
MATHIAS,    I sure miss you mate.
            Delivered by the gods,
            Taken by the hands of fate.

 This is the only text i wished i never
  had to write. Mathias, also known as
SCOPE is dead. The truth is that i don't
     belive it yet. But it is true.



 Then i was in the same group as him...
And we really had aa jolly good time at
  those weird meetings as WL and Bluez'
places. After a couple of years we ended
 up at the Party-93. Me,Scope & Motley
were drinking alot and had lots of fun!!

 Suddenly, after a couple of months we
were in the same group, GENESIS*PROJECT.

Then, a sunday morning a couple of weeks
ago, i got to know it: Mathias is dead.

               I MISS HIM
            ...I MISS HIM...


________   _______ from God Of Thunder _

First, Regards to the Vinsa Family.

Death can sometimes hit our lives fast,
and by that make us face the truth, that
nothing is forever. When it comes to
Scope, I wish it could be. Scope was not
someone I could call my best friend, but
the times I meet him and spoke on the
phone with him he gave me a reflexion of
being both a friend and someone you
could trust, and he sure was. We shared
much in music taste and without him I
would never had started painting on this
machine again. simply, he was one hell
of a guy. That's why life can be so un-

fiar. Scope had so much left to give,
scenewize as one of the most talented
artists ever, and in real life as the
happy and positive guy he was. I will
always remeber him with a smile. Rest in
peace Mathias.


________________________ from Tranziie _

Dear Mathias,

I will remember you my friend, as the
one i always could get the truth from,
the one that i could trust. During
the years we've known eachother, you

did never let me down. Your smile that
swept across your face when we met is
something i will miss. The cheerful
voice of yours is something that is
stuck in my mind and so it will remain!

 You, not beeing selfish in any way, nor
beeing the one that cared about the
scene that very much. Just doing what
you enjoyed. You were not really the
one that cared about your position in
those dumb charts, just steadily
shocking me with your graphics.

With our common apetite for music and
fun, we seldom got bored when we met
up for concerts or other events.
It was more like the opposite, we just
didn't want to waste the opportunity to
enjoy the atmosphere, to cease the day.

 Now, sitting here with nothing but the
best of memories from you, i let my
tears roll down my face..You will always
have a special place in my heart.



 THE MISSING                from Motley
It's quite hard to write this at this
 very moment. Tomorrow we're going to
put Scope's ashes to the cemetary.
The feelings are almost paradoxal,
speaking of the real Funeral that was
arranged some time ago.

Anyhow, I would like to tell you all

little bit about Scope = Mathias Vinsa.

First of all, He was my Truely BEST
FRIEND. Weirdly enuff he was the most
non-violent guy I've ever met in my
whole life. I never had a fight with
him. He was almost like a brother for
me and a Great friend.
The way I met him was sort of extra

I called his Big Brothers BBS called
"ATTRACTION". Suddenly someone takes
me to a chat mode. Ofcoz I thought it
was his brother Shark/Censor, but no.
This person tells me that he is Shark's
little brother who is currently living
in Switzerland as his step-dad was
working for the Swedish Embassy.
Anyhow, we keep "talking" through the

computers, time goes by, suddenly we
notice that we've been talking about 6
hours or so and it's getting quite light
outside. So, Mathias tells me that he
will be leaving soon back to
Switzerland, so we decide to meet just
before he leaves. And we did, after that
we kept swaapping little now and then.
We joined the same group, met again when
he was in Sweden on Vacation on the

I started calling him little now and
then DIRECTLY from my home.
Time went by, then one day he calls me
and tells me that he has moved back to
Sweden. And as I heard that I directly
asked him "Wanna join my group?
DeathSector". And he said "ehmm.. yeah,
sure"... And it clicked. A new stronger

ground was built under us.
I started to visit him, learn to know
his family. The friendship grow to a
more steady form. And Suddenly it hit
me, that he was my truely best friend.
A friend I could trust with Everything.

Scope's graphical talent's weren't that
awesome in the beginning. But he got
more skills when years went by.
We joined other groups, many times
ending together in the same group.
I introduced Interlaced FLI (FunPaint)
to him. First he was little sceptical,
but he seemed to continue experimenting
with it. It ended up that he was using
it all the time. Well 99% of the time.
Did a lot of pictures. Then we started
to wonder what we should do with 'em as
they were so huge. Newscopy came up with

 the idea to use 'em in Propaganda as a
New Picture to each episode, and it was
Called PROPAGRAPH. We used only little
amount of his pictures in the Propaganda
 as it didn't come out that often.
So there are some amount of Pictures
that are not released, but are to be
released in the Future, in Propagraph's
and in a GRAFIX COLLECTION that Scope
wanted us to release. We started making
it, but it still haven't seen the light
of this day. But soon will for sure.
To Salute our very good friend and also
make his will go true.

His "departure" is very hard for me to
accept as it is to his family.
But it's a clear fact and has to be
accepted in one of these days.
We had alot of great times going out to

parties, or just simple staying aat home
doing stuff with computers.
He gave me so much, But in the end ,
took away so much and left a huge empty
hole to our hearts.

With a tear in my I miss him and
remember all our great moments we had.
I'm so greatfull that I had the chance
to know such a good person.
And so Sorry that he had to be taken
away from us so early.
The Question of "WHY?" circulates in our
minds so often, thou without an answer.

As they say, "only the good die young".

The Propagraph Picture of this issue
contains that last Pictures Mathias

was drawing 12 hours before his sudden
accidental death.

This issue of PROPAGANDA is dedicated
to the Memory of MATHIAS VINSA and to
his FAMILY, those who so much mean for


It is fascinating what kind of memories
remain in my mind, after all those years
being a groupmate to Scope. The really
clear memories of Scope are not the
important happenings, but small funny
personal experiences we had together.
As i figure Scope will be reading what
i am writing in a way or another, i'd
rather not write sad things. Scope was

a happy guy, and i'm sure he'd be alot
more pleased if i went on like i always
do. I spoke to Scope's big-brother, and
he was very positive about my attitude
towards the tragic loss. I will try to
remain the happy spirit of Mathias, and
the atmosphere he was surrounded by.


The entire swedish section was present,
and LA Style from Germany was also
there. The active remains of the G*P
Family was at its peak, and we were so
damn cocky. As a tradition, we in G*P
always left the parties in order to go
out and eat together. If everyone had
money enough, we went to some pretty
nice restaurant, where we stayed for

hours, basically just being together,
talking about everything from the scene
to stories from our real lives. As our
image was considered very important
towards the rest, we were never drunk
on parties by that time.
However, when we sat there, Scope
suddenly said: But hey', we've never
been really drunk together" All of us
stopped talking, just thinking of the
embarrassing fact. We had probably done
everything apart from that forgotten
detail. Said and done. As it was a
saturday, and Sweden is a country that
sucks concerning alcohol-politics, it
was impossible to get ahold of anything
to drink, and besides, it was ofcourse
strictly forbidden inside the party-
place. LA Style had some beers in his

car, which we shared, but we wanted
more. When getting back to the party we
tried to find a way to get more to drink
and someone (i think it was motley)
said: Hey Scope! Your brother is in
Censor... Why not go and ask him. They
ALWAYS have booze, haha...
Scope dissapeared, and came back with
a bottle of something that looked like
whiskey. He got it from Psycho, and
when Scope had asked Psycho what kind
of stuff it was, he had just replied:
-Hey, its booze man, drink it!" I opened
the bottle, and it smelled weird, but
still okay. There were party-arrangers
running around everywhere, so we tried
to find a calm place where we could mix
the booze with some soda or anything,
and as Scope seemed pretty nervous about
the arrangers seeing us, i had to do it.

When finished, i took a zip, just to try
it out, and i almost puked! This was the
worst shit ive ever been drinking! Scope
tried it and agreed, making weird faces.
He coughed, and then said:   -"JUCKE,

I guess this really was nothing
interesting, but it still is one of
those memories that will always stay
within me..

Before i end, i'd like to share my
warmest feelings towards Scope's
wonderful family. Especially his
big brother, Shark/Censor who i'd
like to share the big sorrow with, and
his warm-hearted mother who always

made me feel welcome when i was visiting
him. I wish you the best, and i'd like
to thank you for being there for Mathias
when he needed you, making his last
months in life happy, cause he must have
been happy, having a family like you..

I never got the chance to say goodbye
to my dear friend, and if i would have
got the opportunity, i'd really tell
him how much i liked him and how much
i miss him today.

-Fear not Mathias, even if you're not
 with us physically, your spirit will
 Always be with us. We cannot see you,
 but we can feel you're there.. One
 day we will all re-gather, and have

 a good time, just like we always used


 a good time, just like we always used

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