Propaganda 16 ch09

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            THE SAGA GOES ON
            THE SAGA GOES ON
              by Tranziie

CROSSFIRE sent an article to various
magazines, concerning the commotion
about his release FUNBALL PRV, that was
originally released by ACTIVE. I have
already written an article about this,
but the story goes on, it sure does!

 I was not alone, NIGHTSHADE had his
eyes open and wrote an article, based
upon the same facts and truths that i
had been using. Now, this has not
been replied to from Kim as from what
i have seen, but he might do!

VENGEANCE did follow up this, and in
VANDALISM NEWS #18 we could read
VENGEANCEs say in this story!
A few days ago we could lay our hands
on VANDALISM 19. To jump back to the
#18, Kim accused VENGEANCE for putting
out a fake note, in where he would
wrote a text in issue 19, just to let
the scene know that he was brave
enough to stand up to his words and
to let us know that it's wasn't a fake.

VENGEANCE did close this case, so will
i and PROPAGANDA. What we simply just
do not understand is why Kim just can't
for once realise that he is trapped
with facts and admit that he made a
misstake instead of writing hysterical
notes, attacking each and everyone that

is involved. We in PROPAGNDA has got
our hands on the complete story about
this FUNBALL PRV. Thanks to ACTIVE!
We also got a letter from RIDDLER, he
thanked us for standing up and defending
his group in this case. We see no reson
not to do, PROPAGANDA investigates!

When one reads a story and makes his
opinion, it doesn't prove much. BUT,
when there is more than one, there is
no coincidence that we wake up and go
searching for the truth.

The case is closed....Guilty! ..

       Tranziie/Propaganda Staff

           TRIBUTE  PART TWO
           TRIBUTE, PART TWO?
              by Tranziie

In TRIBUNE we could all read NASTINESS
own opinion about TRIBUTE. What you
read was his opinion, with his personal
feeling he wrote it. We'd like to add
some things he did missunderstand or
simply didn't know of.

With his expectations of 35OO, he must
have been dreaming. Where the ammount
of 35OO came from was the INVITED list.
I never expected more than 35O as a
maximum. NEWSCOPY was a realist some
weeks before this event and aimed for
2OO as a maximum. Close..21O payed up!

Someone should learn to read!

Not mentioning all 11 topics he'd listed
in his mag, we only pick a few that we
see of importance for the public.

The promised demo jury; voted down
some weeks before this event. What we
like to add is that it was a fair vote
and that realising that most legends
would never show up, we simply had to
let this pass us by.

Nostalgic demo show; was made for YOU,
the visitors and since most was busy
with either gaining new contacts or
simply just enjoying this event, the
lack of audience made us change our
minds and basically enjoy TRIBUTE.

We just couldn't see any reason to
show demos when noone was looking.

Scene Jeopardy; Only 2 challanges.
What we like to add is that we in the
staff lost the questions two, TWO hours
before the Deadline, we had to make
TWOHUNDRED questions. Brainstorming is
not that much of a fun when you have
been working 36 hours in a row.

Jucke's promised Live performance; All
caused by troubles with the equipment
needed. This together with the fact
that the promised PUB was cancelled by
the owner of the Pub.

There was a MYSTIC TAVERN was open
during the most strange hours, not many
knew about this. We simply understood

what it would result in...

Just to let you know.../Tranziie!
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