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             February 1995

 Who deserves a credit for effort?
The ones who put on a hat saying we're
going to show the world we can be better
than the rest of this world. The hat
has been worn by many. Never take it off

     Most Valuable Group right now

    d=b                          d=b
    'o'            &             'o'
    /_\                          /_\

        For keeping up standards
             in the field.


The year could not have started off
better for the Dutch cooperation.
Releasewise, they could see themselves
being beaten in quantity only by F4CG,
but made sure to focus on the aspects
of bringing out games of a steady seal
of quality.

THE DUNGEON, by many regarded as the
most popular board there is, and indes-
putable fact is still up and running,
something that is admirable seeing such
a stagnation in the boardmarket state-
wise. At a time when European boards
are popping at pace that competes with
the growth of the African population,
and the American boards tend to fade,
we can still enjoy calling in at THE

Another aspect on the Dutch Cooperation
is their efforts in fixing games. Today
the firstreleases have a tendency of
coming out PAL only, and if fixed, it
is highly improbable that an American
rests behind the job. These Dutch
ambitious fellows, have provided the
boards with fixed games, something that
not only boosts quality, but also draws
up a sharp line between what is to be
considered as a proper release and not.

If they now only could avoid cheating
the releasecharts in what used to be
their magazine, VANDALISM, we'd have
a rather perfect harmony running.
Let us hope for that.               d=b

    Most Invaluable group right now


       ..      CHROMANCE      ..
       ><      CHROMANCE      ><


       Members dropping like flies
         and internal confusion


We have always been looking upon the
Hungarian based CHROMANCE as a reliable
group in quality. They have kept a
rather anonymous and low profile out
in the field, but always seen to it
to deliver the goodies, sometimes start-
ling us with unexpected releases.

With most of the people from the early
days, CHROMANCE lost a lot of its focus.
New people were added, some came out in
the limelight. When SPLATTERHEAD annou-
nced his deparature, many saw the poss-
ibilties for the group fade. HOMEBOY was
spotted asking questions about his own
group in public, inn mere confusion.
Today he is in ONSLAUGHT. What can we
from the group futurewise? More.

    Most Interesting Event right now

         d=b                d=b
         'o'      X'95      'o'
         /_\      X         /_\


         Finally a decent party
          outside Scandinavia
             for 64 and PC.


Scandinavians have always been pioneers
in the field of organizing parties. In
the very early days, back in the mid-
8O's, Sweden went down to history with
legendary parties, but also Norway,
Denmark, and most recently Finland have
put themselves on the map in the party-
attendants notebook. That is why we
particulary enjoy seeing a Dutch party
being organized under traditional stand-
ards. 64-wise, Holland has the benefit
being located in a more central part
of Europe, attracting, the Dutch, the
German and other close countries. People
that tend not to show up at Scandinavian
parties. What we hope now, is that the
Scandinavians pack their bags and settle
for a few days in Holland. We will.


    Most Admirable effort right now


        d=b    ONSLAUGHT    d=b
        'o'    ONSLAUGHT    'o'
        /_\                 /_\


         For daring to compete


It is not often these days that groups
are born that threaten the very top of
the market. We wander through groups
that have become habitual trademarks,
seldom anything new appears. ONSLAUGHT
came on as a project from various
groups throughout the world, where JAZZ-
CAT, former member from LEGEND seems
to be in charge of the core of the
group. ONSLAUGHT have allready proved
they're just not an overnight hype. We
have seen a few very decent releases,
and word has it there is still much to
come. They also succeeded in taking
over DOWN BY LAW, that was going through
a rough time with the now buried TALENT.
ONSLAUGHT may very well be a new,
wanted breed in our digital culture.
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