Propaganda 16 ch06

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 ........**  THE PARTY FOUR  **........
 ></\--\/\/  THE PARTY FOUR  \/\/--/\><
Having a jolly time at TRIBUTE, not
long ago, i pack my bag and head for
Denmark. Meeting up with F4CG-Sweden
on the bus and various 64 heroes aswell
as some RAZOR 1911 paymembers. Twisting
up eachothers minds and expectations
about this event did kill some time on
the endless bustrip, it sure was long!

Waking up in Gothenburg, trying to
focus ones eyes on the snowstorm that
swept across the ferry terminal. Off
for some breakfast and to meet up with
Seemed like we all had some sort of
physical hangovers...

The ferry, Dear ferry...Entering the bar
and waiting for the first beer to come
in. Minutes later we all felt that this
could only lead to one place...PARTY!

 Our voices and laughters were raised
with the ammount of alcohol, while the
sea got windier. SEASICK! Quite funny
to see those poor dudes that couldn't
handle this, neither alcohol.

SCOPE, now more known as TRAVOLTA proved
his skills on the dancefloor the last 3O
minutes, managing to pick up a dancing
queen(Kajsa). We nod and smile!
Acting Dj myself, playing old KISS tunes
for the dancefloor and especially the
king of bizarre:GOT! **

From now on, the bustrip was quite fun
and harassing RAZOR 1911 for hours
did make it even more fun, sure did!
WALKER sure helped us to keep the jolly
laughters up for some more time, all
the way to Herning. If looks could kill,
WALKER would have been dead long ago!
HERNING, thanx god..Standing inside the
famous place! Paying up the entrance
and we all entered the place, halls of
dreams for sure. Finding a cosy little
corner to put our stuff in and off to
find some sceners worth talking to.
Sure we found some, noone mentioned and
noone forgotten, fair??

Later on, going downtown for some extra
yummy and spicy beefs at BONES, the
place where we fell in love! Dividing
up in two tables, GOT and I found out
that the Danish girls here sure did
twist our minds. Heard that the others
said the same, Yes they sure did agree!

Leaving the restaurant with a loud burp
we head back for the party, just in
order to get some sleep and team with
some more for the traditional Pub-tour.
Hoping for sleep, well...Turned out that
there was quite much pot circulating
and those Dutch fanatics sure had some
weird stuff, made our dear SCOPE
pass the Pub-tour and crawl down into
his sleeping bag for quite some hours
instead. The others of us went to James

    JAMES DEAN, More than a rebel..
This little pub was crowded with the
most strange sceners. Noticed that the
last year lovebirds, NIGHTSHADE with
girl was sitting there with CBA and
boy did we have fun. The more beer
there were, our Karaoke skills rapidly
were increased. Many, MANY beers and
laughters later going back to the party
to meet up with JUCKE.

 Shivering and shaking through the night
in a hall that easily could have been
used for figure skating, both due to its
size and the freezing cold. NEWSCOPY,
how is you isciatia now??  SUE THEM!
><><>< Cold, Cold, freezing!

Having the luck of finding a place, more
or less a restricted area with a carpet
as a protection towards the cold.
Moving upstairs, but the luck only
lasted for some hours, could have been
since the horrible smell of potsmoke
that came from this little area!!

Party staff friendly guided us away
from this, luckily without noticing the
pot smelling..Well, who wasn't using
poison? GOT even went to the infodesk
telling them that he'd been breaking
the rules concerning drinking and using
dope."Sorry, what shall i do now?"
Imagine their looks and their confusion
about this information they got!
\/Put that cigarette of yours out..NOW!

Sitting with some breakfast, just more
or less drooling over the girl(Linda!)
in the cafeteria,GOT and I once more
pointed out that the danish girls are
sooo cute, yes we sure have to admit it!

 Heading for the traditional Supermarket
tour, harassing the employees and the
customers in general with our prescence.
Ending up in a burgerbar, having an
enormous apetite for food. Now, here we
got this idea of a Private compo, since
the Party staff cancelled the 64 music
and graphic compos. Rapidly there was
a massive ammount of posters spread
around the place and did we get some
response? YES, we'd like to thank each
and everyone that made this possible!
Results are to me unknown!!

Once the darkness fell over our dear
rainy Denmark, we began to stir up the
dreams and hopes about yet another night
downtown, this time CRAZY DAZY were
honoured by our visit. Laughter and
giggeling about this and that were the
main topic throughout the night!

 Meanwhile, the democompo were held back
at the party, came as a shock to the
Pc and Amigas, with their comments
about the machine of ours still able to
keep it up! We take such things for
granted and teasing them for their
silly vector demos did make it even
more fun for us!
Wish that the organizers knew a tiny
bit about sound equipments, horrible
noice during the first demos, yeach!

Time passed us by, the bigscreen still
pumping out demos, graphics and endless
ammount of musics. All sudden, the
hall was rapidly emptied and the cause
of all this:the demo compo was over!
And once more the Amiga/Pc's proved that
they don't know how to party!**
We, the brave 8bit knights on the other
hand kept the atmosphere up with our
miracle machines. We intend to do so!

With a yawn, we pack our gear together
and head back for the good old Sweden,
home sweet home!

      Tranziie / Propaganda Staff!
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