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              THE OFFICIAL
       d=b   RELEASE CHARTS   d=b
       'o'   RELEASE CHARTS   'o'
       /_\   PROPAGANDA #16   /_\



     Fullprice Games      7.O - 8.O
     Budget Games         5.O - 6.O
     Low Budget Games     3.O - 4.O
     PD/Shareware         1.O - 2.O
     Previews             O.O - 1.O


   One bonus point can be reached by
 releasing the wares 1OO% (!) PAL/NTSC.
  If another group is involved on the
PAL/NTSC version, points will be shared.

 Games that got released PAL ONLY have
 to be fixed within half a year else no
         points will be given.

   Minus points will be given for...
    Re-releases                -7.O
    NO levelpacking     -O.5 / -1.O
    NO trainer(s)       -O.5 / -1.O
    NO translation      -1.O / -2.O


  Unlike most other mags we won't give
 points for tools. Those releases will
     get mentioned but that's it!!

  GAMES and such games that were done
  using a GAME MAKER will be ignored.

  Whenever we think somebody did some-
 thing special or something outstanding
  we will add one point to the normal
amount of points. It's also possible to
  get 1 extra point for something that
  normally doesn't deserve any points!


  The following boards have been taken
   into consideration whilst creating
            these charts...


To avoid misunderstandings the following
   boards will be observed aswell...


      HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOoooo.....

ACTIVE                        4.O points
They entered the world of 1st releases
with FUNBALL (PAL ONLY). This game is
nothing else but the second game from
Octabits... better known as FLASH INC.
It seems like this game is unfixable as
groups such as Demonix, Empire and
Byronic didn't manage to Ntsc fix it.

O.1 points                        ACCEPT
Accept's premier first-release was an
unplayable preview called EARTH 3. This
preview normally doesn't even deserve
O.1 pts. but as it was their premier...

ALPHA FLIGHT                 23.6 points
A not so brill month for AFL this time
compared to their wares-rush last month!
They started off with a real bummer...
IKETA (Pal/Ntsc) from Tritex (c) by
CP-Verlag (4.8 pts) which got released
by Excess before but unfortunately they
didn't get it Ntsc fixed in time. IKETA
was Peacemaker's GOOD BYE fix before he
joined the army! Next we had three
previews named CROSSES AND CIRCLES from
Upscene Productions (O.4 pts), SWIRL...
THE COMETS ARE COMING from Bad Bytes and
Softdisk Publishing (O.4 pts.) and
TRAILRUNNER (O.O pts.) from Transmission
Soft which didn't even deserve O.1 pts.
SWIRL PV got released Pal/Ntsc but that
doesn't count anyway! Their next target

was MASTERMIND (Pal/Ntsc) from Upscene
Productions @ CP-Verlag (4.3 points)
followed by a small remake of Super
Mario's Revenge called SUPER MARIO'S
ESCAPE (Pal/Ntsc) @ by Paradize Software
(6.O pts/German budget). Next they
brought us a tool @ by CP-Verlag called
DESTRUCTION (no points) and the Pal only
version of PRA-SE from 59 Prods @ by
CP-Verlag (3.6 points). Last but not
least they came up with a 1OO% Pal/Ntsc
version of TIM TRIS from Agony Design
copyright by Tim Soft (4.1 points). TRC
and SCS released this game Pal/Ntsc
before AFL but unfortunately their
version wasn't 1OO%. Still the AFL got
one small gfx-bug in their version but
as that bug is so minor (one pixel) we
count the AFL version as the 1OO% Pal &
Ntsc version.

O.4 points                      ATLANTIS
They only managed to release a small
preview named BLACK HEART (O.4 pts).
This preview is said to be playable but
we still didn't figure it out. BLACK
HEART preview contains graphics done by
Megabyte of Crest.

AVANTGARDE                   24.O points
They started with an UK-budget game
called BLITZ 2000 @ by Visualize. This
game got released along with Talent as
Count Zero Ntsc fixed the game for
Avantgarde (6.6 pts.). Points won't be

shared between AVT/TAL as Talent will
only gain the points they deserve... the
fixing points. AVT's next targets were
MOTLEY TETRIS (Pal) from Cosmos Designs
(3.7 pts) @ by Talentebank and TRONIC
FORCE (Pal/Ntsc) from Twice Effect @ by
CP-Verlag. TRONIC FORCE got Ntsc fixed
by Empire which makes 4.5 pts for AVT.
Now they released COLOR PACK 2 from
Patience @ by CP-Verlag (no pts.) and
KITRON V.2 Pal/Ntsc (2.O pts) along with
Demonix. This version of Kitron needs a
a small explanation: It's NOT Kitron 2,
it's just a better version than the
official sales version. That should
explain why AVT won't get full points on
this version... 1 point for the Pal/Ntsc
version and one point for 'something

special' (see rules!). Finally they came
up with the long awaited budget game
HEAVENBOUND 1OO% (6.O pts.) from Cosmos
Designs @ by Talentebank. TRC and SCS
already spread their version of the game
before but unfortunately their version
didn't include THE STORY file at all!
If TRC+SCS would have released THE STORY
file along with their version (even in
German) points would have been given
to TRC+SCS instead (minus one minus
point for a missing translation tho').
Still a release has to be 1OO% and it
doesn't matter if let's say the end
sequence or a story file is missing.
Last but not least they upped 2 previews
called SPHEREBRAIN from Trance Condition
(O.8 points) and BODY BLOW (O.4 points)
as first to the American boards.

4.1 points                     CHROMANCE
A rather slow month for Chromance! They
released a preview called GO from Oreal
(O.1 pts) followed by 2 Griffith Design
wares... SPACE BALL preview (O.6 pts)
and BLACK AND WHITE (3.O pts./already
working Pal/Ntsc). Please note: This is
NOT the same Black & White distributed
by CP-Verlag some months ago! Next the
Hungarian posse released a preview named
MEMORY 2 (O.3 points) and at last they
released EARTH 3 PREVIEW from His-Team
Design (O.1 points). The same preview
got released by Accept before but the
<C> version included a nice title-pic
the Accept version didn't. Still they
get O.1 points only.

F4CG                         3O.O points
F4CG started their PAL ONLY wares-rush
with ORBITS @ CP-Verlag. They just
slapped an intro infront of the original
and added the passwords for this game.
Normally such a version wouldn't count
(even when you add the passwords!) but
as nobody else managed to release a
proper version of this game points will
be given to F4CG (3.O points). Next they
delivered us an American game called
Productions, Inc. which didn't need a
PAL fix. This game won't get any points
at all as it's compiled basic. F4CG
released a frozen version which didn't
include any instructions at all. That's

why Avantgarde and Burp upped their
versions which were about 7O blocks
shorter and included some info on the
game how to play it. Finally they came
up with something decent... AGENT UOP
(Pal) @ by L.K.Avalon (4.O points) and
FLUMMI'S WORLD preview from Substance
(O.8 points). Now they released the 1st
complete game from Cherry Software... a
budget game called MEAN CAR (5.2 pts).
First it seemed like their version did
not work 1OO%. Fact is that you have to
fill the memory with zeros on some
computers, else e.g. the gfx in level 2
might go crazy. Whatever, next was the
1OO% Pal version of the Public Domain
game DINOX from APS (1.5 pts) followed
by 2 previews called LEPPARD (O.5 pts)
from Miracle Designs and PACIFIC (O.4).
Finally a long awaited preview of a

game on a fullprice label hit the
boards.... BOUNCY BALLS @ by Cherry
Soft (O.9). Troep and Garbage released
nearly the same preview at the same
time. Still F4CG didn't collect enough
points and came up with two complete
games and 3 previews: MEMOLOGIE (Pal)
from Cherry Soft (3.3 points), MAGIC
BALL (Pal) from Biuro Informatyczno -
Wydawnicze (to typo!!) which gets 3.O
points but normally shouldn't deserve
any points at all because of the low
quality, SHAMAN preview from Static
Bytes @ by Cherry Soft (O.7 pts), DOOM
preview (O.6 pts) and finally DEADLINE
preview from Visualize (O.2 points).
DEADLINE preview gets O.2 pts only as
Avantgarde already released a similar
preview of this game months ago and the
only difference between those two prv's

is that the F4CG version features two
levels instead of one level (AVT). No
big difference after all. The last stuff
they put out this month was a Pal only
release from Cherry Soft called ARCADE
PILOT (5.9 points/budget game).

12.9 points                     HARDCORE

They started off with 2 previews called
HARRY V.2 from M.D.G. (O.7 pts.) and
MIZMO TERRAN from Human Research (O.7)
which later on got fixed by Demonix.
Later they shocked everybody with the
Pal releases of two German budget games:
FLUMMI'S WORLD from Substance (6.O pts)
and RIDDLERS AND STONES (5.5 points).

MOTIV8                        7.8 points
Just in time Motiv8 is back on track
for their 1 year celebration... SPEED
preview from Stardesign (O.O pts.) and
Sebastian Garbe. M8 claimed that their
version of SYSTEM 3 would be Pal/Ntsc
but infact it isn't as the loader fucks
up on Ntsc. Later on they released a
game called SPEED BALL from Stardesign
that didn't need a fix (3.O pts.) along
with CYCLIA preview from Gametech Prod.
(O.O pts) and COMPARE 2 preview (O.2)
and FIELDRUNNER preview (O.3 points).
Last but not least they released
Slotfest Software (1.O pts) which

didn't need a Ntsc-fix. This release
would normally not deserve any points at
all as it's a Basic game but still we
give them 1 extra point. I know we're
too nice.

6.8 points                     ONSLAUGHT
This new group started off with a huge
preview of the game MISFORTUNE from
Bad Bytes. As this new preview differs
A LOT from the preview earlier released
by TRC+SCS we give them O.9 points. Next
they came up with CASTOR (Pal/Ntsc) from
Zeut @ by CP-Verlag (4.4 points). At
last they released a Public Domain game
named MODEM FLAGHUNT from Loadstar and
Softdisk Publishing. This game didn't
need a Ntsc-fix (1.5 points).

PALACE                       -3.5 points
Unfortunately the first game they put
out was a re-release (-7.O pts). LATENT
FUSION from Direct Designs @ by CP-Verl.
got released (Pal/Ntsc) by AVT before.
Palace claimed that the AVT version
wasn't 1OO% as their version didn't
include a dox-file. But this dox-file
is not necessary at all as the official
sales version of Latent Fusion didn't
include a dox-file. Furthermore their
version of this game wasn't 1OO% at all.
In their version you simply can't enter
your name on the number 1 spot in the
top 5 even when you gained enough points
for rank 1. Also have a look at the big

thang at the end of each level, kill it
and compare how it disappears in the AVT
and in the Palace version. In the Palace
version it gives you major flickers.
Last but not least the Palace version
contains graphics bugs in form of a
cursor at the top of the gfx in level 1.
To sum it up... Palace's version of
LATENT FUSION is NOT 1OO%, it was Pal
only and the dox-file didn't belong to
the official sales version. Everybody
could make up a dox-file like that. At
least they get out one game sticking to
the rules... POZITRONIC (Pal) from 59
Prods @ by CP-Verlag (3.5 points). A guy
called French Hawk released a 'fixed'
version but his supposed Pal/Ntsc
version is not worth shit.

                                 TRC SCS
41.8 points                      TRC+SCS
The ruling cooperation started their
wares rush with NOCTURNO (Pal/Ntsc) @ by
L.K. Avalon (5.O pts) and RUNNING BALLS
(Pal/Ntsc) from Thunders (4.O pts). Then
they released GEOMETRIC 2 preview from
APS (1.O pts/top score!) followed by
METALLIC LEGEND (Pal only) from Turkuaz
Yazilim Grubo (no typo!)... 3.4 points!
Their next targets were FUSSBALL preview
(O.3 pts) and SHATTERLANDS (Pal/Ntsc)
from Bad Bytes @ CP-Verlag (4.6 points).
Finally they managed to release COMPLEX
(Pal) @ CP-Verlag (4.O pts) followed by
MEGA FORCE (Pal/Ntsc) @ by Commodore
Format (4.O pts), DUEL (Pal/Ntsc) from

Skyle (4.O pts) and COMBINATION from
The Creators (Pal/Ntsc) @ by CP-Verlag
(4.1 points). Last but not least they
released the Pal/Ntsc version of a game
that F4CG put out before (Pal only)...
COLDARIUS (4.4 pts.) from Agony Design
@ by Bad Bytes and PAYDAY (Pal only)
from CP-Verlag (3.O points).

TALENT                        4.O points
found its way to the US boards. Their
brilliant version also deserves an extra
point for 'something special'... they

Ntsc fixed the game, translated the
entire game from German to English and
also changed the German graphics into
English graphics. Talent gets 3.O points
for their Pal/Ntsc version of this
Public Domain game and 1 extra point for
their oustanding version which makes 4.O
points all in all.

                      TRISTAR RED SECTOR
O.2 points            TRISTAR/RED SECTOR
"The saga continues!" quote TRSI! Well,
they continued their saga (?) with COLA
QUEST preview from Paralyze. Too bad the
saga-release deserves O.2 points only!

XENON                         4.3 points
Last month they surprised (?) us with
the preview, this time they released the
complete game: HYSTERIA from Virtual
Factor (4.O pts.). TRC+SCS Ntsc fixed
the game for them and therefor points
won't be shared... they will get the
fixing points only. Their second and
last release this month was LINGO
preview (O.3 pts.) from Miracle.

              THE OFFICIAL
        Top  RELEASE CHARTS  Top
        ---  RELEASE CHARTS  ---
        1 0   JANUARY 1995   1 0

    Rank      Group           Points
    ____      _____           ______
    01.       TRC+SCS         41.8
    02.       F4CG            30.0
    03.       AVANTGARDE      24.0
    O4.       Alpha Flight    23.6
    O5.       Hardcore        12.9
    O6.       Motiv8           7.8
    O7.       Onslaught        6.8
    O8.       Xenon            4.3
    O9.       Active           4.O
              Talent           4.O

    11.       Atlantis         O.4
    12.       TRSI             O.2
    13.       Accept           O.1
    --        Palace          -3.5


             THE OFFICIAL!
        Top  FIXING CHARTS  Top
        ---  FIXING CHARTS  ---
        1 0  JANUARY 1995!  1 0

Rank   Group             Releases
01.    TRC+SCS           (7)
02.    Alpha Flight      (4)
03.    Talent            (3)
04.    Demonix           (1)
       Empire            (1)


 If you feel offended or discriminated
  in any way, feel free to complain by
leaving e-mail to DEFF of AVANTGARDE on
        one of these US-boards:

          DP - TD - HIC - TEI

    Or just mail your complaints to:


               Thanks to:
            JACK DANIELS/AVT
        for their support/help!

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