Propaganda 15 ch08

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          d=b    AWARDS    d=b
          'o'    AWARDS    'o'
          /_\              /_\
The trickiest chapter of them all to
figure out. The one and only chapter
that can really offend, and the one and
only chapter that can really encourage
you to set new standards.

The awards are based upon actions,
activities and happenings within the
groups that we take particular interest
in observing. Now I urge you to turn
the page and continue in the world you
have chosen to take part of. Are you
ready to take your responsibility?


         d=b  ALPHA FLIGHT  d=b
         'o'  ALPHA FLIGHT  'o'
         /_\                /_\
It has been a rough time for the groups
active board-wise. Not only has calling
out become a task hard to perform for
some, but also boards have been on de-
cline, and as of today, ALPHA FLIGHT
are among the few, to constantly visit
the boards, and still managing to main-
tain two of the most popular systems in
the world, namely being THE EVIL ISLAND
FLIGHT represents a lot of the calls
and action on the boards in the USA.

Throughout the past few, say 6 weeks
ALPHA FLIGHT have seen to it to provide
us with an enormous source of wares,
firstreleasewise, and indeed grabbed
a firm grip around the mailmarket. It
is admirable, with such efforts put into
reality, at a time, when many people
have doubted the future of our market.

It is arguable whether this will main-
tain however, now that AVANTGARDE, an-
other German force are digging into the
dirt again after a short period of
decline, mainly due to DEFF'S final
exams taking place.

Looking at it, I've only got one thing


            ..  TALENT  ..
            ><  TALENT  ><

TALENT was a group that many people
have looked up to from the newer gen-
eration of our scene. Way back in the
glorious cooperation days, and a few
years on, the group had a name that
brought fear to its competitors. Today,
things have indeed changed a great deal.

The man of impact, BOD, vanished long
ago as a regular face from the boards,
and with the British gamemarket fading
away, the group never really managed to

adapt to the newer markets, thus being
in other European countries. MAJESTY,
always happy face, kept up the spark
for a short while, but has recently
vanished himself. At one point, MAJESTY
announced the return of SPOTLIGHT, old
liked magazine, but the magazine never
saw the light of day again, and that is
basically where we stand now.

Another fatal blast was the so called
firstrelease of EUROPEAN SOCCER CHALL-
ENGE, a re-release that was originally
put out by IKARI way back.

Today, I sense that not much will come
from this squad in the future. But I
do hope for a sign of life. Soon.


    d=b  DENMARK   A       P       d=b
    'o'  DENMARK _ Another Party!  'o'
    /_\                            /_\
With TRIBUTE slowly fading in our hearts
we can happily set our aims for another
party. The traditional Danish party
speaks for another annual success with
tons of participants for all formats.

There have been lots of rumours about
the party. The most tragical of all was
about there not being a party at all,
while others spoke of a party, entirely
without support for the Commodore 64.


It is now clear that CAMELOT once again
can stand as proud organizers of the
64-division, and as they do, we pack
our bags and set of for Herninge, DK.

Demowise, I think we might see a mass-
ive releaseorgy, where groups we missed
at TRIBUTE will take part.

Partywise, I would not dream of missing
out on the friends to meet on this jolly
happening. Every year, I go there with
expectations of what will be, and every
year I come home with the best of
memories. Now, do take your stand, and
provide the scene by showing up and
taking part of what might be considered
the biggest of all traditional parties.


             T   L
        d=b  The Launch of  d=b
        'o'      RELAX      'o'
        /_\      RELAX      /_\

When THE PULSE said goodbye to a scene
that had taken the magazine to its
heart, people sighed and people cried.
THE PULSE had quickly grabbed a grip
around its readers, and with it, they
set new standards of what a magazine
should be like.

In my eyes, the scene stagnated a bit
when THE PULSE went down, being such

a powerful medium. Many people probably
saw it as a huge fall, and I do not
doubt the magazine took some people
along with it to the deep, chilly
grave of 8-bitters.

ALPHA FLIGHT was quick to announce their
launch of RELAX, a magazine that was to
take over where THE PULSE left off.
Unfortunately it took them some time to
fulfill their promises, but the result
was worth waiting for.

RELAX succeeded in producing a magazine
that had big similarities to THE PULSE,
apart from the news, now written in the
PROPAGANDA-way, with more analytic and
observing views at the groups.

RELAX may very well along with the today
so successful ALPHA FLIGHT become one
of the new standards in this scene.

The coverage is global, and with the
group behind it constantly being able
to call out, we will hopefully see this
as an continuous era.

A magazine with competent staff is
welcome in this scene, where so few
manage to maintain, or even ever reach
interesting standards. With RELAX in
mind, I think we might just have new
pages to turn, no stories to read,
and digital journalism at a basis that
do not function as ALPHA FLIGHT-
promotion. We don't need that, you know.

 d=b  A        Y
 'o'  Awards - You earn them!
The Awards are interesting. Hopefully
they will provide you with urges to
thrive and to grow. Our aim is to make
this a highly respected, and desired
title. And it should really be. With
the scene we experience today, we need
people do thing above the ordinary.
You can be that one.

Do not forget that we are watching you.
Not the other way around.

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