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    EDITORIAL            Propaganda 14
___ EDITORIAL___________________________

Dear readers,

For the second time this very night,
I sit down, trying to concentrate
writing a few wise words. Normally I
should be able to, being a wise man,
and all, but somehow inspiration seems
to fade. A ciggarette did a bit of the
work, but I feel rather empty after
hours and hours tapping at the key-

It has been ages and ages since we last
set foot on earth with Propaganda, and
reasons have varied.

MOTLEY, our beloved hacker was involved
in a serious trial shortly after issue
13 was released, and it was a difficult
phase for all of us in GENESIS. Having
passed such an awful time as it was,
we were reluctant in doing anything,
but started planning the biggest event
of all time on this 8-bit miracle;
TRIBUTE 1994, a digital bonanza, an
orgy in the culture of the Commodore 64.
TRIBUTE 1994 has been most interesting,
and enjoyable taking care of, but it
has also been a very tiring process.
I for one, dedicate over 4O hours a
week on the event, hoping to accomplish
what you, the visitor, will consider as
a wonderful party. It will be.


I'd also like to take the oppurtunity
in saluting one of the most valuable
performances done on the 64 in the
199O's. THE PULSE is no longer put out,
and with it, goes the one and only
magazine I respected that dared speak-
ing their piece of mind. We may have
had our arguments in the past, but both
me and DUKE developed a friendship after
having dug down our axes, and today I
wipe some tears in sorrow with him
going away from the 64. The best of
luck wherever you go from here, Alex.

It is inevitable that a million maga-
zines will pop up, similar to the effect
when SHOCK disappeared a million years
ago. Some will be interesting, some

will be worthless, and some will be
pointless. However, with an increased
amount of magazines, quality will thrive
and with thriving quality, the readers
will have a wider choice and a better
focus on the accurate scene.

I'm looking forward to whatever the
future will bring magazine-wise, and
hope to see some really decent
journalism. At this point, I could
already name a few that do in fact
stand a chance, meeting the demand of
the public.

                   .. - Zzzzz....

Propaganda 14 is the first issue that
will officially be converted and dist-
ributed through INTERNET. We are proud
in doing so, adapting to the future,
and being the first Commodore 64-scene
related magazine to set foot there.
A whole new world, a brave new world,
with many more potential readers.

And while we're at it, why aren't you
already there?

                   ** - Yawn...

And while we're at it,
who said the 64 is dead?
Only the ones who couldn't
stand the struggle.

                    Yours Sincerly,



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