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  T   T          P          A      d=b
  The Traditonal Propagnada Awards 'o'
It is always a bit of a drag trying to
figure out a few names that have per-
formed efforts rising above the others.
Everybody does their share of the work
these days, and seldom do we find people
worth crediting or discrediting.

So we tossed and turned in our chairs,
and sitting here at the Propagandahouse
we thought up some decent poll-winners
that simply served the purpose.

Agree or disagree. The awards are ours.


          M    V        G
          Most Valuable Group

           d=b A          d=b
           'o' Avantgarde 'o'
           /_\            /_\

 - For making cracking dangerous again..

Seldom have I seen such intense activi-
 ties taking place around a group. Not
   only have they managed to offer us
  the slickest competition of all, but
  putting the legendary boards back on
line, for sure helped pushing the event

further. At a time when cracking seemed
 to stand still, and the scene was left
  off with budgetcracking labels that
 performed no-good-versions, AVANTGARDE
   saw to it, to deliver the best of
 both worlds. Some say it is as sequel
 to the successful ILLUSION and I guess
 in many ways it is. Many members from
 the ILLUSION days are still the same,
  but fortunately having left the not
   so desirable ones left behind, and
taking in new, talented and interesting
       faces for the whole sceme.

  By Golly, if I had a bottle, a glass
 I would sincerly drink to AVANTGARDE.
 But now, I focus on the future, and I
     do so with a smile on my face.

         M    I           E
         Most Interesting Event

         d=b S         T   d=b
         'o' Success + Trc 'o'
         /_\ joins forces! /_\

- The smartest move that could be done..

Finally we see clever group organization
 doing what's best for the group(s) and
 its future. Finally, Holland has pro-
  duced a group with intense impact on
  the rest of the scene, and with com-
petitive qualities matching only the
      elitest spots of the market.

 It has been long ago since we saw good,
 successful cooperations. IKARI+TALENT,
 a few that were successful enough to
      state a name in 64-history.

 It is my firm belief that TRC+SCS will
 state their names in carved stone, and
  may this glorified cooperation be a
 long lasting one. After all, only time
     can tell whether it will last.
            So far, so good.

 Putting out "Lemmings" with a fix from
  EMPIRE shows a great deal what this
 force is capable of, and the involved
  claim there is more to come. Indeed!

        M    D             E
        Most Disappointing Event

         .. The loss of the ..
         ><  Spring party.  ><

   - A terrible loss in 8-bitstory..

 Since the good old days of the 64-scene
 there has always been a traditional 64
party around Easter. It has been a major
 Swedish event that has triggered a lot
of wicked hackers to show up from all
over the globe. We can go back to groups
 HORIZON, LIGHT and more just to cover

some of the names who have been involved
in organizing the events. Somehow, these
 names have become evident in terms of
partyfixing, especially HORIZON and
LIGHT. At the party by CAMELOT around
Christmast in Denmark, FAIRLIGHT and
HORIZON announced TCC II, as a mighty
sequel to the one taken place in May
1993. Somehow, however, the event never
got to see the light of day, leaving
many dull faces left behind.

Once proud group, TRIAD took on the job
of getting their name involved in an
Amigabased party with EQUINOX, but
judging from people speaking at the
scene, this will be nothing compared
to what the traditional parties usually

were like.

So where does this leave us? Can we
expect anything decent, partywise in
the future? We might.

Every September, a bunch of the elite
from the boards meet up in London to
take part of the show, that sadly
enough features no Commodore 64 any
longer. However, this is an important
traditional event, that means frequent
good mood and a lot of good clubs.
This event WILL take place as usual,
in September 1994.

Rumour has it, another Danish party
is being planned for a Christmas 1994
event. The Danish Christmas parties
have already become known as the
hacker Mecka being bonanza in terms
of everything. Dare we pray for another
sequel. I do.

Years ago, there used to be parties
organized around the Halloween days
to name a few were involved in these

project. Another nasty rumour has it
a party will occur this November, in
Gothenburg, Sweden, boasting a 64-
only event with a lot of old people
finding their way back to take part
in tributing an old machine. More
information on this later.


                         ** - Newscopy
                         \/    Genesis
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