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         S       F   A M

 This very issue of Propaganda (TM) and
  all our memories are dedicated to a
 person we all knew and liked, CHARLIE,
 (of Varsity!) who died in a tragic car
   accident on his way to the TCC '93
  this easter. Also best wishes to his
    girlfriend Andrea,we REALLY hope
   you will recover from your shock..

     One day, at a place far beyond
  humans imaginations we'll meet again
         and continue partying.

 S    T   P

 After his latest visit to sweden,
 TRONICS close friend reckognized a
 scary change of his skin, slowly
 coloring to yellow.He also has been
 seen wearing a Kimino and eating raw
 fish in the centre of Gothenburg.

 currently released their debut book
 'Diet Tips For Rookies'.. It's said
 to be VERY authentic..

 MURDOCK finally HAD the chance to
 skrew a chick but fell asleep shortly
 before doing the 'you know what'..

 BOD signed a contract with PENTHOUSE
 and is now working as a male full time
 phone sex operator.Fullfill your
 deepest desires and do call him at

 Psychobilly released a preview of
 RSI's member list, yet its only
 a 32 blocks seq text file..

 CBA of the Ruling Company has been
 recruited by CLEARASIL as object
 to test new essences..

 LA STYLE collapsed while setting
 up his board HACKCHECK.. Best wishes
 may be left as feedback, # is

     O   D   I  B   T        L

 8:OO am, Alarmclock, getting up phase,
 checking the answering machine.

 8:1O-12:OO pm, checking all the wares
 on 64, Amiga, Snes leeched the night
 before then lunch, two toast and a cup
 of coffee.

 12:O7-17:OO pm, calling the first
 boards, leeching, talking to someone
 on the parents phone..

 17:OO-3:45 am, talking to certain
 american girls, 3:45-3:46 am, normal
 sex life then going to bed..

     F        T  T   K      Q

    The next pages contain a kind of

 farewell interview from 2 persons that

  proved 'oversea relationships' might

             work.Read what


               had to say.

     Interview ofcourse done by me..

 MAJESTY: When exactly did you marry ?!

 ANTICHRIST: February 6th, 4:OO pm.

 MAJESTY: What were your reasons to
 take down MYSTIC CAVERN so out of
 the sudden Debbie ?!

 SORCERESS: It was time to get away
 from the BBS. At that time there was
 much going with me and Oliver and
 the board seemed less important at
 that time and I never regretted or
 missed it.

 MAJESTY: If there ever was, what were
 the best time(s) you had in the Scene.

 ANTICHRIST: The first 3-4 months I had
 a modem.

 SORCERESS: The best times were before
 the fight with Darren, and when
 everybody was friends rather than
 fighting. There were some people that
 were fun to fight with but other
 people who I considered friends
 started fighting between themselves
 and then it went downhill from there.
 I was friends with the girls in the
 scene, Guppie, Emerald but Aycee
 seemed to have a meaness against any
 girl that was new to the scene or
 anywhere involved which made people
 that didn't know me personally have
 the wrong thoughts about who I was.

 cont. I'm saying this now because I
 regret people not knowing the truth
 about how a lot of rumours got spread.
 And the best times were while doing
 Propaganda with Oliver.

 ANTICHRIST: Basically I always had
 a good time.

 MAJESTY: I'll give you ten words and
 you give me the first word that pops
 into your mind..


 Genesis*Project - My adopted family

 Mystic Caverns  - Partytime

 Phonesex   - Rather have reality

 HOK+RADAR  - Apology to HOK, Radar
              want a Cigarette ?!

 Talent     - The same says it all.

 Propaganda - Nobody can stand to
              hear the proof

 Oliver     - KISS,KISS,KISS

 Yourself   - Shiny, Happy, Smily,
              Kinky attitude (Ed.Ermmm)

 Wars       - I've had my share

 The Scene  - A nice place to visit
 but I wouldn't wanna live there.


 Genesis*Project - Europes #1 Intro

 Mystic Caverns  - The Quest

 Phonesex        - Propaganda

 HOK+RADAR       - "Where is the fly
                    swatter ?!"

 Talent          - Wrong name

 Propaganda      - The first two
                   issues were the best

 Debbie          - Food fight
                   butter in her ear

 Yourself        - King Kong Krazy
                   Koenig Kacke vom

 Wars            - I never really
                   considered having
                   any war. It was
                   always just a matter
                   of challenging and

 The Scene       - Genesis

 MAJESTY: Are you ever coming back, and
 if so, what would you do ?!

 ANTICHRIST: If I ever came back it
 would be as Antichrist of Genesis

 cont. and wouldn't it be fun to be
 a fixer and see the whole story from
 the other side.

 SORCERESS: As talented as I am I'd put
 up the board again and I'd have a new
 fixing group on my board.

 MAJESTY: What was the funniest and
 most dissapointing thing that ever
 happened to you while you were still
 in the scene that you still remember ?

 SORCERESS: The funniest thing was when
 Darren accidently read mine and Ollis
 private sub. I bet Darren had a good
 laugh too. And the most dissapointing
 thing was loosing first releases that

 cont. we should have got because
 nobody was around to fix for us...

 ANTICHRIST: The best times I had were
 with Snacky and Goblin and when I did
 Sex And Crime. And the most dissapoint
 ing was when Rockstar didn't rejoin

 MAJESTY: What are you doing now,
 concerning real life ?!

 BOTH: Right now we are having a good
 time, we go to the beach and I am
 (Antichrist) trying to get a syndicated
 as a cartoonist and during the past
 three months I finished my first comic
 book. (Sorceress) We are very happy,

 cont. and we have no regrets.

 MAJESTY: You wanna say HI and a lil'
 comment to somebody ?!

 SORCERESS: Hello to my old friends,a
 greet to Empire, Talent (Bod, get
 those releases out), Booze (Congrats
 to Methados), Rockstar+Drake (We miss
 you), to all in Genesis (big hugs),
 Majesty (you're still crazy, but still
 cool), La Style (when you call us
 TALK ENGLISH!), Powerplant (so you
 don't believe in oversea relationships)
 Skater, Radar (Snap, snap, snap-once
 the fool, always the fool), Nam,
 all the old Censor dudes, greets to
 Guppie and Emerald, Psychobilly (still

 cont. doing the list ??) and thats
 about it !

 ANTICHRIST: Greetings to Jihad (Banane)
 Snacky (Meister), Scrap (Still mad ?),
 Ses (Koenig), Hje, Tyger (Faule Sau),
 La Style (Send the cook book and the
 gummy frogs), Newscopy (prince of
 charming with a perfect hair dull),
 Jucke, Airwolf, Psychobilly (Meister
 Lampe), Communist, Arrogance and
 ofcourse you (AMOK RULES!!), Radar
 (Hows the civil service in California?)
 Eventhough we tried to mention every-
 one we probably forgot half the people
 sorry for that..

 MAJESTY: Thanks my friends..

 T    M      V      B        R

 (Divine Ultimatum)

 'If a girl gave you the option of
  choosing her pussy or a modem
  which one would you choose ?!'

 1] Pussy              -      41 / 66%

 2] Modem              -       4 / 6%

 3] Ask Modem Type     -      17 / 27%

                Ahhhhhhha ?!..

 'If you were a girl, which of the
  listed LEGEND members would you
  first choose to fuck ?!'

 1] Westbam         -         1O / 16%

 2] Powerplant      -          6 / 9%

 3] Skater          -         12 / 19%

 4] Goldfish        -          5 / 8%

 5] Hok             -         15 / 24%

 6] Darklord        -          5 / 8%

 7] Lexi            -          8 - 13%

 (Down By Law)

 'Which of these Talent Members would
  you most want to have sex with, no
  matter if you're male or female ?!'

 1] Bod              -        18 / 26%

 2] Majesty          -        19 / 27%

 3] Morrisey         -        11 / 15%

 4] Rockstar         -         8 / 11%

 5] Chrysagon        -         4 /  5%

 6] X-Tro            -         9 / 13%

 Still theres sthg to come up, not from
   me though, but I suppose Jucke and
 Newscopy ain't worse either. And thats
  about my monthly chapter, here, live
   and exclusively in Proooopaganda !

   Untill next month I say Laid'her..

     (Argh, and now I got slapped)

               Marco+Yvonne 7/21/93

            Go on reading...

            THE PARTY REPORT
                MAY 1993

Dear readers,

Many have already talked about the party
Some with a nasty tounge, some with a
dreamy glance. I must admit I had very
high hopes for this party, but some of
the arrangements didn't quite make up
to the promises made by the organizers.

64-wise, it must be regarded as a total
dropout, as the true addicts of the 8bit

fantasy prefered not to come. All to all
I think we were around 15O people, from
the 64, while the PC/AMIGA/ST
experienced an amount far over that.
Around 16OO, I think, which is easily
added up to a total amount 175O people,
unless I got things all wrong.


Living right in the heart of Gotheburg,
I didn't have any planes, trains or
automobiles to catch. (But so did my
fellowfriends in G*P..) We decided to
meet up at a local cafe, GEORGE DU VAL,
me, Jucke, Motley and Scope. We were
all impatiently awaiting the arrival
of our German section, and a lot of

other people for that matter. Strolling
our way down to the tram, we met up with
some pathetic dorks in ACTIVE, some FLT-
dude and our fellow trader, Walker/GP,
who seemed lost among these humble do-
nuts. He added on to our crowd, and from
here we decided to visit the partyplace.

Svenska messan, an exhibition-centre,
very huge, perhaps ideal for real shows,
a bit to noisy and caotic for a party.
PC and Amiga in masses, but in between
one could actually see the silouettes
of 64's, making more impact on me than
any other dorkish 16-bitcrap.

The juicy part about it was that it took
a million years walking through the

cascades of techno-bonanza to the other
end of the hall. A lot of dull, grey
and serious 16-bit faces, so serious
about everything. No laugh, no joy.
Just plain bore. We in GP had no
computers at all. I think that goes
for almost every 64 guy at the party,
apart from the ones coding that is!

Simple, 64-people have more fun! Every
8-bit-visitor proved a very positive
attitude. We were there to have fun,
chat along with people, and after a
few beers, chat along a little more!

God am I proud to have stayed away
from the ridiculous 16-bit culture.
I will not take part of it.

I must add, that one of the few positive
groups we bumped into, was the Swedish
section of Amiga-CRYSTAL who considered
the party so lame. Funny though, they
seemed to realize what a fresh way of
looking at things we had. A few years
back, most Amiga-people regarded us as
the scum of earth, not worthy. My oh my,
have opinions changed. The true Amiga-
peole nowadays experience an opposite
attitude. We are the veterans, the ones
that take it with a laugh, perhaps two.
They respect us, while we laugh at them,
or perhaps at least giggle a bit.

Being a true Gothenburg-hoast, I hoasted
GP to Liseberg, the amusement park right
next to the party (though the boring

LA STYLE and ASLIVE decided to sit
around in their car drinking beer -
peculiar way of having fun guys! )

People from the party were strolling
around everywhere. The arcade hall was
a written visit, not only for us, but
for the rest of the hackers in Sweden
at that time (so it seemed). A lot of
wicked rides, a lot of money and
soaking wet clothes.

The KYD/BALLE-arrangement promised later
that night was nothing but a disaster.
All their old productions combined with
a new crappy very 'socially aware' type
of video. Yawn. People were leaving
the show by the minute, and no wonder.

We were expecting a bit more. Even spent
a goddamn videotape on the crap!

The night passed slowly, so we decided
to spend it at my place, a few of us.
Tired and cozy, we all slept thru the
whole graphics competition, which meant
Scope never participated. Annoying fact
that had to be accepted.

Unfortunately, I had to attend a friends
graduation-party that night, and missed
a whole night down there. (even though
I spent the whole evening drinking bad
Censor-apple-liquor down there).

The demo-competion was the best I've
ever seen. Plenty of contributions, and

incredibly good ones. Seeing all the
64-addicts gathered in front of the
big screen was a natural kick. People
were screaming out their joys, astonish-
ed or not about the things on screen.
And as an Amigascene-mag pointed out
in their report, the 64-people once
again flourished in their joy. The Amiga
competion was a dead horse, even though
being kicked, still so dull. Grey faces
studying the screen without the itch
of a move, while we apperently really
enjoyed every minute, every second,
hungry and eating more of the cake.
In their eyes, we simply seemed to
have more fun. And did we not!

Way to go.

Now looking back at the party like this,
a month after, I feel very warm inside.
Though such a vague support, we always
had fun, and so did all the others.
Computers or not, we were there for
the fun, and we made sure we had it,
though I missed some nice faces there.
Where were YOU. They were here(64):

Fairlight, Red Sector, Genesis*Project,
JAM, Active, Light, Antic, Triangle,
Booze Designs, Twilight, Camelot, Oxyron
Crest, Flash inc, Hoaxers, Oneway, XAKK,
Sharks, Rebels, Gothic, Triad, Illusion,
Extend, Topaz Beerline, Noice, Maniax,
Censor Design, Trance, Decide, Wrath D.
Digital Designs and more.

What made it great? The names up there
did. The attitude, and the improvized
natural kick. People urged for a party
and got it. Now we want more.

You never know when this wonderful tale
will end. The 64 might fall, it might
rise. Next time there is something
coming up our alley, I expect to see
more of you as it may very well be
the last time we do. Until then,
keep up the spirit others
do not have.

Yours Sincerly,

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