Propaganda 06 ch06

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             BOD OF TALENT:
   Cool interview. The Charts seemed
better now that they are polled and not
      made up in peoples' heads...
          Loader game is good.

            CEVIN OF EXTACY:
 Message to Drake and Rockstar of G*P,
  Yo Guys! Freestyle/Ils told me that
 you guys are angry because I built up
 "Extasy!!" You think I have stolen the
 name from your cool legend, but I must
  say no. Motley/Death Sector was the
    first who built up a crew called
"Extasy", and this is now 1 1/2 Yrs ago.
I swap with him, and he ISNT ANGRY that
   I rebuilt his old crew. So I didnt
   understand why you guys are angry.

I hope all is cleared now and the little
           "War(?)" is over!

   PROPAGANDA sucks major dick,but at
   least the last edition showed some
 little aspects of positive journalism!

            GOD OF THUNDER:
Just read PROPGANDA #5! Geez,that's what
 I call a disk-mag! To be honest,I have
  never read any earlier issues before
just because some people told me it was
lame. To be honest,I think it beats the
  shit out of SHOCK,too! The intro was
     superb. Damn,I was surprised.
              Keep it up!

             DARK RAINBOW:
 I also got thru reading PROPAGANDA #5
  and I must say I like it even though
  it was the second issue I have ever
    read. But it was still good and
  informative. May the next issue get
              even better.

            CYBORG OF F4CG:
 Well,yeah,I hope it does. Because the
third and the fourth issue really sucked
   I'm glad to see that it is getting
       better again. Keep it up!

           HERO OF ILLUSION:
      Well,PROPAGANDA was better!
      So,it's going the right way.

I was very surprised about the 5th issue
   of PROPAGANDA because it was cool!
I liked it! All the other issues sucked
 because too much ragging and shit but
 this one was great! Keep it up,dudes!

 PROPAGANDA #5 was better than all the
   previous issues as it was not that
biased mainly caused by real charts this
 time and a new editor. But I disliked
 all that "Deb+Ollie=Love" stuff inside
  the mag. You should either stop that
  or rename the mag to "Love Affairs".
Moreover,I missed a correction from the
last issue in which Oliver wrote that I
 and 3DK built up a federation against

     him,which is nonsense. That is
 absolutely NOT true and he knows that.
 But you are on the right track though.

            SPIKE OF NOICE:
 Well,to my mind the issue #5 sucked as
  much as the former ones. I have been
asked several times to leave my opinion
  about the mag in Feedback and when I
 finally did it (honest,reasonable) it
  wasn't mentioned at all. I guess the
 editors just bear any kind of criticm.
  But I am used to this on this board,
where my messages get deleted sometimes.
 When I dared to write negative (true)
 facts about Antichrist. The only good
 fact about the mag is that it's called
 PROPAGANDA,so noone can have any wrong
      thoughts about the contend.

 Yep,after the weak issues it got back
it's old quality! I enjoyed it as ever.

  It was cool but when will you change
          the intro and shit?

I surely liked #5 more than the others.
The charts looked better than the other
            issues at least.
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