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            ..   BUSTED   ..
            /\   BUSTED   /\
 There has been some very bad news that
   is happening this month concerning
    most of the DOMINATORS members.

It's hard to have all the facts at this
 time because it is just happening now.

 Duke/Dom Was busted yesteday 3/11/92.
They were taping his phone converstions
 for 2 weeks. About 6 pm (U.S.time) the
cops came to his house and searched his
room, taking his computer equipment and
his papers with phone #s and other info.
The Cops also went to Dogfriend's house
 but as Paul refused to let them search
  his room, they just took him in for
questioning. He was released a few hours

  later. While he was being questioned
   they played a tape of him having a
  conversation with Duke. Paul simply
said he did not think the voice was his
own and since they didn't have anything
else to hold him for, he was let go with
 the cops telling him they would return
the next day to do a search of his room
        and go thru his papers.

 Duke on the other hand was held for 18
hours!! The DOM members have been unable
  to get in touch with him so we don't
know the exact details on his situation

 Janec/G*P has also been busted. He has
 been charged with two counts of phone
    fraud for using AT&Ts and PBXs.

 The cops came to Janec's house and his
   mother signed a paper giving them
  permission to search his room. They
  found one of his at&t's written on a

 We are at the point where we dont know
     who will be taken in next. An
 important thing to remember is you do
NOT have to let the cops in unless they
  have a search warrant. They will try
   to scare you, but unless they have
solid proof against you, Just tell them
 you know nothing. A tape is not usable
               in court.

  The Members of DOM are keeping a low
    profile until they have further
    information about the situation.

  We all think someone narced on Duke,
   but will we ever know who it was?
Seems that as soon as the group started
releasing,they have this happen to them.
 Whoever you are who did this, and I'm
  saying this because it just seems to
strange that it happened all of a sudden
by itself, you are tearing the 64 scene
apart. For whatever sickminded reasons
 you have for doing such a thing, if we
  ever find out who you are it will be
the first time in the 64 scene where we
 all come together and make an example
 out of you! So,I suggest you get down
  on your knees and pray we never find
            out who you are!

 To the DOM guys, we hope for the best
       and we are with you 1OO%!

            THE DEMO REVIEWS
            THE DEMO REVIEWS
DEMOs have throughout the years been of
  great importance to the C64 scene...
  Without the hard working coders, the
 diligent graphic artists and the funky
 musicians, this scene would have been
 dead ages ago!! Not even the amount of
   people upgrading (i.e. the AMIGA)
 seems to stop the demo-creators! They
are well aware of the gigantic audience
out there...-The biggest audience on any
         home computer today!!!

This is why I am honoured to be the one
 introducing you all to the chapter of
PROPAGANDA dedicated to the DEMO SCENE.
 I am (hopefully) from now on editor of
this chapter... I am STEVE of X-FACTOR!

  As the regular PROPAGANDA reader has
already observed, this is the first timz
I do the demo reviews for PROPAGANDA...
Hopefully you, both authors and 'users',
will enjoy the following pages... But do
not forget that what I write is strictly
 MY personal opinion!! So don't get too
 pissed off (Or exited for that matter)
about my statements...z You can slag me
if I write incorrect technical info, but
   you can only argue with me if you
           DISAGREE with me!

To those of you who don't know me (God,
have mercy with the bewildered spirits!)
I can say that I am a programmer! You'll
find some of my work in TIMEWASTER 1 and
2, Armageddon 1+3 and varzous 1-pagers!
 (And I STILL hold the record of coding
the longest scroller ever!! Baaah!)

But now let's get started! I will credit
 the demo!),DESIGN and ORIGINALITY in a
scale from 1 to 1O - 1O being the best!
I will try to review anything that gets
out, but I will need YOU to send me your
 products if you want to be sure it is
  reviewed here... I can't swap my way
 into getting EVERY release, you know!!
    (Address will follow later on!)

 The following demos will be reviewed:





  Finally PARADIZE is back with a new
 demo. Their latest production was (as
  far as I know) WET DREAMS 1, a good
  demo with some new ideas... So I was
   anxious to see their new product.

               THE INTRO
 A good looking PARADIZE BITMAP logo is
   placed in the top of the screen...
  The logo is in the SIDEBORDERS, too.
MOZICART logo is (slowly!) pixelized in
the lower part of the screen... It (the
 MOZICART logo) dissapears again, some
lines of text are thrown onto the screen
 and a new part appears... (Notice the
real nice 'fade' routine used in for the
PARADIZE logo.Also using the borderkill!

The next part (part of the introduction)
  contains a WET DREAMS logo, and the
number "2" rotating around the a couple
of axis'.. It's precalculated but looks
     O.K though. Real catchy music!

   MENU/PART-SELECTOR (Or whatever..)
 Consists of a flexing PARADIZE logo in
  the top (...Now WHERE did I see THAT
            before.. Hehe!)
 A 3D starbackground (Nice looking, but
not calculated, as far as I can see...)
 is behind a text telling you to choose
               a part...

-Is an funny part inspired by Nintendo's
GAMEBOY. A 2 pictures high Gameboy(Drawn
 in Hi-Res) waves up'n down... And when
you presss SHIFTLOCK, the action comes.

   The screen freezes and if the LCD-
display on the gameboy is visual to you,
you're able to play a cool little TETRIS
 Good to see something new... And even
 the coding isn't exactly incredible, I
 will add extra points because I'm glad
 the PARADIZE'rs coded this little game
for their DEMO instead of eg. selling it
    to Magic Disk!!!!!  Nice going!

This part is a new version of the chess-
 board part in WET DREAMS 1. The impro-
  vement is that the board now handles
COLORS, too!! I actually liked the first
 version of this routine better, as the
 chessfield is pretty small this time!
The coding is very simple.. A stretching
  FLI routine for the Y axis, and the

 X-axis manipulation is done by trans-
ferring new data (bitmap + colors) into
     the top line of the stretcher!
The part doesn't actually give me a hard
 on, but it is not low standard either!

   An ORIGO inspired part I guess.. A
plasma routine using interlace! (I know,
  interlace is a completely misleading
   word for this, but after some geek
 decided to call it that, everyone else
on this computer does it too! Interlace
 usually means that you'll get a higher
 RESOLUTION! On the C64 it means 'more
 colors'! Ohwell..)  The 'interlace' is
done partly by pushing the screen 4 bits
down and 4 bits to the right each second
 frame.. And even though it DOES give a
  nice coloreffect, there are NOT 4O96

      colors as the authors calim!
But a good part with good design and O.K
            code, afterall!

Is a graphic-oriented part. It has a (In
 my opinion, though I'm no graphician!)
 great looking picture of JAMES BROWN..
(Erh.. Whoops! A GARGOYLE, ofcoz! hehe!!
  Only those who read the scroll will
understand me!)   The picture is partly
in the lower borders, and a real raster-
 time consuming scroll is in the upper
 border. There's practically no code in
  this part, but as I already said, it
              looks good!

 Is nothing new whatsoever!! -And real
simple coded too..  The graphics are (as

usual) real good! A linecruncher-routine
  with VSP moves text/pictures around!

 Includes the very first filled vector
made in Holland ever(!) (Atleast that's
 what PARADIZE says, I wouldn't know!)
 The objects are not animated, which is
 what makes this part good! But still,
there's absolutely nothing new about in
 it!!  The objects are pretty slow, but
this is probably the best coded part of
          this demo, anyway!!

              EUROPE 1992
 Now THIS is a strange part! A picture
  of Europe appears, you select which
country you come from, and then Holland
  zooms up and starts rotating! Ehrm?

The final part! A bended logo rotates in
the top of the screen over some bit-map
pictures.. Below, the credits are fading
               up'n down!

WET DREAMS 2 from PARADIZE is good demo!
 Not great.. It lacks of real original
ideas and extravagant code! I know that
the coders from PARADIZE are better than
  their parts in WET DREAMS 2 showed..
Hopefully they will proove themselves in
   the games they'll be making now?!
 Anyway, the graphics were great! -And
what about the music?! I didn't mention
           the music at all?
 Simply because all the tunes (By Geir
 Tjelta/MOZICART) are SO good that thay
    deserve a 9 without discussion!



CAMELOT is a fairly new demogroup consi-
 sting of people from various group eg.
     LIGHT, VISION, LASER + more..

 They got well-known after 'THE UNNAMED
DEMO' (With the cool zoomer!) - Now they
   definately got their breakthrough!

               THE INTRO
A nice picture by SCOOBY/LIGHT shows up
on the screen in a nice way. The picture
 dissapears and a cool starfield shows
 up. It is a little corny, but it gives
an incredible feeling of 3D! Text about
 the demo is fading up'n down over the

             SUT R0V MOSTER
Is a fullscreen DYPP scroll.(The first!)
The DYPP itself is built on animations,
but it still looks cool and smooth. And
  another very important thing is that
most of the rastertime is still LEFT in
  that screen.. The coder was only too
lazy to add more too it!(Typical..hehe!)

        JEG ELSKER BROS(Me too!)
Is a small effect part to fill the disk!

A huge wave of graphics fills the screen
(Hard to describe, but reminds of a huge
        4O-FLIsplits routine..)

Seems to be a Flash Inc. inspired part..
A vector-dot ball with 128 dots!!! Yes,
Flash Inc. inspired, but waaaay better
 than Zodiacs vectordotballs.. There's
just a 1*1 scroller and 2 small logos on
the screen exept for the big ball.. But
 the ball is enough to make this a cool

  A kinda weird part showing 6 swinth-
lines.. But the lines are both fast AND
 in 6 DIFFERENT COLORS!!! Furthermore,
 there's a scroll below the lines with
colormerging in it.. Gives an OK effect.

My personal favorite part of this demo!
It consists of a fucking cool vecot-box
 (W.hidden lines) with little IMAGES on
  the sides!!! Real Amiga quality. The
images are boxes, a logo,an ace-plotter,
 a cross.. You name it! Also, using the
 joy you can select a totally different
 thing: Transforming line-vector! Good
  idea to include it in the same part.
(Ofcoz it would be dumb to separate it,
 as the calculations are the same.. But
there ARE groups that would do it just
  to get another part for their demo!

Is a y-pob plotter. Simply. It was sup-
 posed to have sinus'es in it too, but
as CAMELOT had problems in linking the
  demo they couldn't fix it in time..

              FREE DET-DUR
 A 'raster-part' as I call them! A logo
i situated in the top of the screen, and
 under it there are 7 rastersplits! And
sprites overlapping the intire thing..
 The lower part of the screen has some
tricks that makes you look twice before
pressing space.. (Eg.a 4Ochars unexpand-
 ed lowerborderscroll) - But a piece of
         cake to code, really!

            SVEND'S EVENTYR
Consists of 15 mega-dycps.. Real boring
 to look at, and from what I know, it's
 not the record either! So nozhing more
            about that part.

            JEG VIL HJEM MOR
Is probably the part that shocks people
the most (As also lamers are zble to see

          how good it looks!)
It's a C64 version of the famous KEFRENS
 (vertical) rasterbars.. The coding is
  nothing special, but it still looks
extremely good,and I know that the Amiga
dudes were all pretty shocked when they
             saw it! Hehe!

ONE YEAR CAMELOT 3 is a demo waaay above
 average.. It hasn't got much zraphics,
 but they are not really needed either!
  The routines speak for themselves..
This demo also won the 2nd pricz at the
  Danish Amiga/C64 party in Aarszlast
year. (Yeah..They took their time before
           releasing it!!!!)
Before I end the review of this demo let
me say to whoever reviews demos for HOT-
 SHOT: NO! SPIRIT could NEVER havezwon,
   not even if they were well-known!

     The result was fair as it was!

(Notice; I left out MUSIC as Duck LZrock
(The CAMELOT musician) didn't do enough
      of the music to get marks..)

 Since my deadline is just a couple of
  hours away, I will only do one more
 review this issue!  But - REMEMBER to
  send ME YOUR DEMOs if you want them
  reviewed here next time! The address
         will follow later on!


 -And FINALLY! After 3 years, BLACKMAIL
   stroke back with the follow-up for
  their enormous hit, SOPHISTICATED 3.
Everyone was exited to see it, including

 While a part is loading, you are very
   professionally introduced to DUTCH
           BREEZE.. No code.

             PETER & DRAGON
 An animation of a dragon flying over a
 beautifull (Bitmap) landscape.. At the
end, a picture shows up and the loading
             (IRQ) goes on!

            3D LOADING POWER
   A 'double density' (The demo) and
  HAWKEYE (The game) inspired part! A
 'Dutch Breeze' logo swings across the
 screen, and while the IRQ loading goes
 on, you can control the music (Like in

            ELITE FLI SCROLL
This part is very old, and may therefore
      by some be considered lame!
   But what it is, is an FLI scroller
   (From right to left) with a bitmap
           picture under it.
 (The idea of this part is that it was
 supposed to be (one of) the first FLI
scrolls ever.. But BLACKMAIL is SUCH an
active group, so they never released it)

            THE COW SAYS MOO
 Just an IRQ loaderpart featuring a cow
and 2 flies! Quite neat, though!

             ODE TO ARTISTS
  Is a collection of some of the best
graphics ever drawn on the C64! The code
 isn't anything special, and BLACKMAIL
  (Hein) only did one of the piccies!

             FLIP THE FLOP
  Well, in the middle of the screen it
says TURN DISK.. And the letters in this
 TURN DISK logo are rotating around the
                Y axis..

             THE COLLECTION
And here it is.. The best graphics ever
 done on C64! Hein design managed to do
 some INCREDIBLE FLI pictures, and they

   are all in that part.. But I can't
  describe graphics, so why don't you
check it out yourself. Again, the coding
is nothing special. Ok, the routine that
  makes the pictures come looks good!
              But still..

              SOFT AND WET
  Again, more Hein graphics! A girl on
 silksheets wants you to rubb her joy-
port (Which we all cherfully do, right?)
 The girl is drawn SO perfectly, and I
have to admit this is the first dot-girl
  I ever really considered beautiful!
(And she's still wearing her high heels,
a thing that REALLY makes you go wild!)
(Geeez.. Falling in love with a computer
          girl!? I'm a nerd!)

              And finally:

               YO FREDDIE
which is the end part. Neat end-logo, a
    text-techtech and awesome music!
 (Actually, this must be the first part
     with DEMO code in it?! Hmm..)



  And this ends the demo-previews for
Next time I'll home much more (And much
hotter) demo for you.. IF you send them
               to me!!!!



ALL demos I recieve will be reviewed in
    the next issue of PROPAGANDA.. I

Ok, I hope you liked it, and see ya next

                Yours, STEVE of X-FACTOR
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