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        paranews - EDITORIAL...         
-after again one month, we in paramount 
 give you another issue of PARANEWS.    
 this is already issue 8 of our INTERN- 
 we hope you'll enjoy reading it, and i 
 personally hope to get some REACTIONS. 
 now, enough crap, here're the credits: 
-all coding and graphics by: THAGE.     
-cool music composed by: MOON.          
-all text edited by: DOMINO.            
 that's all for now, except for this, i 
 would like to DEDICATE this issue to a 
 special friend:                        
 thanks for all the effort, you put in- 
 to making this mag, ANDRE.             
 we hope you RETURN to us ONE day, pal. 


           paranews - NEWS...           
-STING and MANIAC are back in buisness, 
 check intern for more about this.      
-3DK and JACK DANIELS (corruption) left 
 paramount in order to join genesis.    
-WILDSTYLE (the old one, not blitz) was 
 kicked out, after being in a few days. 
-BREGO left ruthless, and joined us as a
-TWIST wasn't kicked out, but left us to
 join hitmen (sorry sander).            
-RICK left radius, to join paramount as 
 a modem-trader, original-supplier and  
 as a mega-swapper.                     
-THAGE of paramount decided to quit the 
 scene as he didn't feel like computing 
 anymore (good luck in the future).     
-our board WILD-SIDE went down, after a 
 few weeks.                             
-paramount has a new headquarters, call 
-the names of the three americans whome 
 joined paramount are: SKANDLE, PAHNTOM 
 OVERLORD, and SPEED DEMON.             
-TANGO and CASH left paramount to join  
 their former group cross (we FORGOT to 
 mention tis last month).               
-now, also the COOL board, MAD MAD WORLD
 became a paramount-board, yeah...      
-CHRIS (not the old) joined paramount as
 a mega-swapper.                        
-ok, that's all, if there should be some
 more changes, there will be a little   
 NOTE spreaded together with this.      


this interview, will be held with one of
PARAMOUNTS OLDEST member...             
yes, you guessed right, it is STAINLESS-
D = domino/paramount.                   
S = stainless steel/paramount.          
let's get started then...               
d - hello stainless steel, please intro-
    duce yourself to the readers.       
s - my real name is JOEY, i'm 18 years, 
    i come from miami/florida/USA, and i
    live in GERMANY for 10 years.       
d - in how many groups have you been,   
    and what were their NAMES?          
s - i've been i quite some groups BEFORE
    PARAMOUNT. to name the last one:    
    OCTAGON, wich was one of the not so 
    popular groups where i was in.      
d - since when do you have a 64, and for
    how long have you PIRATED?          
s - i got my 64 back in x-mas '85, and i
    started pirating in the middle of   
    '87. i'm also one of the FOUNDERS of
    paramount, so i must be a member,   
    since januari '89.                  
d - what do you prefer, a SPEED-crack,  
    or a QUALITY-crack?                 
s - hmm, GOOD question, indeed, i'd pre-
    fer a speed-crack, but a quality-   
    crack, is ofcourse always better.   
    i think WE manage both speed and    
d - please, describe your FEELINGS about
    the scene, nowadays!                
s - hmm, the scene ISN'T as cool as back
    in 86/87, since it's definitly going
    to the end. but it's still FUN for  
    me to be active nowadays...         
d - do you have any ENEMIES, or did you 
    have any in the past?               
s - hmm, well at least, i can't remember
    any, except for the people i DON'T  
    really like, ut i guess that's just 
    the way it is!                      
d - please give me your FAVORITES!      
d - crackers?                           
s - weetibix/scg (dead).                
    tridos/ikari (dead).                
    black shadow/flt (dead).            
    strider/flt (dead).                 
d - groups?                             
s - ikari + talent.                     
    esi (dead).                         
    tlc (dead).                         
    triad (old ones).                   
    fairlight (old ones).               
    dynamic duo (old ones).             
    fcs (dead).                         
    inc (old ones).                     
d - mags?                               
s - mamba.                              
    sex'n'crime (dead).                 
d - musicians?                          
s - jeroen tell/???.                    
    charles deenen/mon.                 
    evs and falco paul/20cc/bml.        
    jch, drax and link/vibrants.        
    martin galway.                      
    matt grey.                          
    rob hubbard.                        
    and some more OLD ones...           
d - coders?                             
s - cycleburner (i love digis).         
    panther (fli scrolls rule).         
    fli-inventer (some ex-bml dude).    
    hannes sommer/cosmos design.        
d - coder-groups?                       
s - blackmail.                          
    cosmos design.                      
    censor design.                      
d - have you gotten any FUTURE plans for
    the scene?                          
s - my future plans look like this. i'm 
    gonna try to stay as long as possib-
    le on the 64, and finish my GAME,   
    wich i've been working on for ages, 
    then i'll probarbly move to MS-DOS, 
    since the amiga-scene is completely 
d - what do you do BESIDES computing?   
s - hmm, i like to hang around with my  
    friends, and BOOZE a bit, but only  
    with friends. i also spend time with
    my GIRL-FRIEND, do long, long phone-
    calls (9 hours, and more), go to a  
    party (no so often) and and some    
    other things, wich i guess EVERYBODY
    likes to do.                        
d - what music makes you RELAX?         
s - puh, well lemme think, SLOW i guess,
d - what's your favorite song?          
s - CURRENTLY : be my baby/ub 40 and    
    robert palmer. also learning to fly/
    pink floyd.                         
d - what's your favorite TV-program?    
s - MTV.                                
d - please give me your favorites!      
d - food?                               
s - pizza and tacos.                    
d - drink?                              
s - coke, wine, sprite, tequella, beer! 
d - arcade?                             
s   hard drivin' 2.                     
d - car?                                
s - vw golf!                            
d - do you go to school, or do you work?
s - i'm going to a evening school (real-
d - do you want to greet some guys?     
s - yeah, hellos to: thomas, marcel,    
    kerstin, michi, ALL in PARAMOUNT and
 $  you roger, meet me in venlo again!  
d - THANKS for the INTERVIEW, joey!     
s - i THANK you, roger!                 


well, i CAN'T say there was no party, as
there was the ruthless/silicon party, we
just didn't visit it, and so i BORE you,
with just another venlo report, OK ???  
VENLO REPORT                    22-12-90
well, i won't mention the BORING trip to
the party place, because it was as usual
as every time...                        
when i (domino) got to the party place, 
the first people i saw were domino/marc,
and his friend lucky/radius.            
the first thing i did, was showing or   
let me better say, giving them the cool 
fire-work, wich i brought ALONG.        
first they thought, yuk... just another 
one of those lame firecrackers, but when
they detonated one, they quikly changed 
their minds...                          
these things ripp your hand right off!!!
anyway, we decided, to go into the party
place, and MEET some people!            
as usual, lot's of LAMERS (brainbombs), 
showed up, but also a lot of COOL dudes 
like: jihad/hitmen, hok/action, raze and
arrogance/x-ray, reset/transcom, douglas
 and dash/f4cg, asley and deejay/lotus, 
transfer/pulsar, b-wyze/dynamix, xox and
spitfire/action, deff and pyle/crazy,   
and many many more cool dudes...        
also some more MEMBERS of paramount were
present, like : 3DK and JACK DANIELS... 
many and cool wares were spreaded, and  
also many mags...                       
too bad that CORRUPTION wasn't ready,   
because many guys wanted to see the new 
outfit, and so we had to dissapoint all 
but, we could cheer many guys up, cos   
the new and good-looking PARANEWS got   
finished in time, and was ready to hit  
all the mag-charts (hehehe...)!!!       
well anyway, after spreading, and trying
to copy some new wares, we decided to   
LEAVE to party place, to get some food, 
(as usual),unfortunatly, we had to flee 
back into the party place, after detona-
ting some fire-crackers (cos some people
 got very pissed off, by all the noice, 
and they wanted to kick our NUTS in!).  
then, 3dk asked if we were going to the 
shop, because he needed some cigarettes,
and so we went out (carefully).         
all things were clear, and we went to   
the local grocery-shop, to get something
to drink, eat and some.                 
after that, we went into the party-place
again, and started to spread and copy   
once AGAIN...                           
there isn't much more to say about this 
nice meeting, except that is was one of 
the best ones of this year!!!           
a lot (!!!) of COOL dudes were there,   
many (!!!) NEW wares got released, and  
that's what made this meeting work out  
perfectly (except for the presents of   
the lambombs) !!!                       
i DON'T think a better one can be       
expected anymore in the future.         
let's WAIT and SEE !!!???               


          paranews - INTERN...          
-as you all might have allready read in 
 the news corner, STING and MANIAC have 
 returned to paramount.                 
 many of you guys didn't know, but many 
 GUESSED, that they were still there.   
 well, now we'll uncover the MISTERIES. 
 many of you thought PARALAX was sting, 
 but in one way you were wrong, cos...  
-paralax was BOTH sting and maniac, and 
 not only were they paralax, but...     
-sting was also active, as FANATIC...   
-and maniac was active as JINX...       
 so now all mags can write the thruth,  
 instead of just guessing a little!     
-VIOLATOR is NOT in paramount, as told  
 many times before!                     
 hey dude, what't the matter with you?  
 why do you CLAIM to be a paramounter?  
 you AREN'T, and WON'T ever be one, so  
 don't conTinue this violator/(p)-ACT,  
 or you will get into some serious      
 trouble, you LITTLE LAME PRETENDER.    
-NOTHING more, so kick the space-bar... 


     paranews - CONTACT CORNER...       
-for swapping the LATEST wares, and for 
 the PARANEWS send to domino/paramount: 
-DOMINO/paramount.     DOMINO/paramount.
-interested to trade some FINE wares ???
-JOE COOL/paramount.                    
 XXXXXXXX XX.                           
 XXXX XXXXXXX.                          
-for buying some cool and fast originals
 contact PARAMOUNT at:                  
-XXX: XXXXXX X.                         
 XXXX XXXXXXXX X.                       
-contact paramount's new MEGA-TRADER at:
 XXX: XXXXXX X.                         
 XXXX XXXXX.                            
or give our cool boards a call under:   
-SPECTRUM: XXX-XXX-XXXX.                
-that's all, please NOTICE, DON'T write 
 any names on the ENVELOPES, ok?        

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