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CREDITS :                               
code & gfx : THAGE / PARAMOUNT          
text by    : DOMINO / PARAMOUNT         
music by   : MOON / FLASH INC           
yoho mates ...                          
once again DOMINO/PARAMOUNT presents yet
another issue of the PARANEWS ...       
of coz , as promised a new and cool code
done by THAGE/PARAMOUNT !!! thanx andre.
hope ya like thiz piece of code ...     
remember this is not a ordenaery fucking
lame disc mag ...      the paranews only
contains of paranews and info's !!!     
enjoy it ... and remember to vote for   
              PARAMOUNT ....            
                       PARAMOUNT RULEZ !


                 news !                 
- GODZILLA was kicked out of PARAMOUNT ,
  coz o fucking lazyness . he always    
  promised to finish the demo , but     
  nothing happend ... i fact we kicked  
  his ass out of our group ...          
- CORRUPTION won't be finished in venlo,
  coz the main code is not finished yet!
  by the way THAGE will code it....     
- GHOST left PARAMOUNT an rejoined his  
  old group CRUSADE .                   
- the war with the LAMEBOMBS is not over
  yet . but PARAMOUNT RULES !!!         
- TOM TAILOR was kicked coz of LAMENESS!
- LLOYD stopped ! jinx and domino took  
  over his contax .                     
- 3 american's joined us ... sorry i    
  forgot their names !                  
sorry ... no more happened in PARAMOUNT!
don't forget to vote for us ...         


            the interview ...           
this issue one contains an interview    
with my cool friend :   JOE COOL !      
D = domino (roger)                      
J = joe cool                            
letz start ...                          
D: hi joey , please introduce yourself  
J: name: XXXXX XXXXX ; 21 years ; 1.85 m
   tall ; 75 kg ; brown hair ; brown    
   eyes and of coz i live in germany !!!
D: since how long are you a member of   
   PARAMOUNT and in which groups have   
   you been before ?                    
J: since PARAMOUNT was built , i used to
   be a member of ...                   
   (1) trianon                          
   (2) fcs ( fantasy cracking service ) 
   (3) mdg                              
   and until the present moment i'm     
   leading PARAMOUNT .                  
D: when did you became famous ???       
J: i don't know .                       
D: how did you get your 'handle' ?      
J: i got i as i made holidays in spain .
   i saw a team with a snoopy on their  
   t-shirt on which was written the     
   sentence  'be cool ... JOE COOL'.    
   since 1984 i have it !               
D: since when do you own a c64 and for  
   how long have you been in the scene ?
J: i've got my first c64 in the year    
   1984 and since this time i'm in the  
   scene .                              
D: do you like the scene the way it is ,
   or would you like some things to     
   change ?                             
J: she shall be as she is right now .   
   lamer shall die !!!                  
D: who do you think or what do you think
   is the best ...                      
+  cracker      ?                       
+  crackergroup ?                       
+  magazine     ?                       
+  musician     ?                       
J: well in my opinion antitrack is the  
   best cracker .                       
-  best group ever dynamic duo .        
-  mamba , corruption                   
-  mon and vibrants                     
D: do you have any future plans ?       
J: no ,not right now .                  
D: of coz i'd like to ask you a few     
   questions beside computing , if you  
   don't mind ???                       
J: yes ! why not ...                    
D: to what music do you like to listen ?
J: i've no special style , i listen all 
   kinds of musics except , trashmetal  
   and hard rock !!!                    
D: hmm ,and what's your favourite       
   tv-prg ???                           
J: mtv !                                
D: do you have a girl friend ?          
J: no !                                 
D: are you still going to school , or   
   do you hav a job ?                   
J: i have a job and so i run many times 
   out of time .                        
D: how do you spend your spare-time ??? 
J: going to partys and playing handball!
D: do you want to greet some friends ,  
   and perhaps send a fuck off ?        
J: of course to 2x peter,dave,stan,tom, 
   brian,marc,andre,lars,andreas,and of 
   course you ...                       
D: ok ,thanks for this little interview,
   joey !!!                             
J: no problem ROGER ... bye bye !       


sorry,but this time there is no story in
here but instead we present you the :   
             venlo report               
well,as usual i (domino,roger) was once 
again much too early at the meeting     
place . at the entrance , there was     
nobody present at that time. so , i just
wandered around a little,just waiting   
for some people to show up ...          
after a while , started to show up ...  
these were only CULTURE and RUTHLESS !!!
we talked a little and as soon as the   
party place opened , we went inside .   
within half an hour a lot of people     
arrived and put up their compies ...    
(lots of amigas , but also many 64'er , 
for a change ) . after some minutes the 
first (second) PARAMOUNTERS showed up,  
being : 3dk and blitz !                 
they had along all latest (P) warez ,   
containing : CORRUPTION ...             
of course blitz was completely exited   
and couldn' be torn from the computer ! 
3dk , just hung around a little bit and 
explaining how 'corruption' was edited  
this month and what kind of cracks he   
brought along . a few time later my     
partner in crime showed up (DOMINO/MARC)
together with scarpa/byte brothers. marc
had some good news that our cool friends
other members of the BYTE BROTHERS were 
gonna come . marc and i went over to the
paramount place and dicided to copy sum 
new (P) warez . there we met ,sid,dense,
and douglas . we talked a bit with these
dudes,copied them the new paramount crax
and decided to go outside ...... at the 
entrance we met JIHAD/HITMEN !!! and of 
course also talked to him for a while . 
after this little chat we decided to go 
eat and drink something ! of coz we went
into the local snackbar . i was eating  
a big hamburger and i must say my eating
style is like a pig's one . marc was    
eating his special food ... pommes ... !
after all we decided to enter the party 
place again , which was now completely  
filled ... first we met hok/action and  
then after a small talk we met JOE COOL 
and CO. we spend the rest of the day    
together with these dudes , talking ,   
copieng and spreading the whole meeting.
more cool guys showed up , but sorry i  
can't remember them all .               
well , i can only say that 'the meeting 
at x-mas are always the very best' so   
don't miss them .                       


               intern !                 
this time i want to give you a little   
story about the LAMEST dudes in the     
whole SCENE ... yes you are right i mean
the mighty BRAINBOMBS ...               
mighty ??? he he he ... lame !          
ok . let's begin                        
the whole story begins at the point     
as THE EDGE/BRAINLAME wrote an letter to
JOE COOL in which they ask him to join .
but JOEY refused ... of coz !!!         
after they heard this they running wild 
and wrote an silly anti-note against    
PARAMOUNT ( specially to joe cool ) .   
in this sucker note they slag on joey   
and on the other paramounters ...       
they call us 'foundation of lamers' ... 
but i can only say take a look in the   
mirror and you will see the truth ..    
in fact we answered this note .         
you've written that , if we answer the  
letter a war is rising ... ok !!!       
you can have what do you deserve  ...   
you can have the WAR !!! BRAINLAME sux! 
you can't win coz PARAMOUNT rulez ...   
BRAINBOMBS a bound of fucking assholes !
die sucker !!!                          


            contact addies !            
            XXXXXXXXXXX XX              
            XXXX XX XXXXXXX             
         XXXX/XXXXXXXX (XXXXX)          
            XXX: XX XX XX X             
             XXXX XXXXXX X              
            XXX: XX XX XX X             
             XXXX XXXXXX X              
           XXXXXXXX: XX XX XX           
            XXXX XXXXXXXX XX            

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