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Opinion ! The mag that's different !!

We are sick of the mags with the votings, the news, the rumours and the interviews... Sex'n'crime, Rock'n'role, Remark, Soulnews, Newstyle, Fatalnews, Scene-press, Frontpage, Immortal flash, Cemetary-news, Loss of carrier, Vinews, Garfield news, Corruption and there are many more...
It's enough, don't you think !!! Some mags die, some new ones are coming... But in fact their all a bit the same...

We thought we'd come with something new, something different, something that hasn't been seen before... That's why we made this mag without news, without rumours, without an interview, without charts...

You can control this mag with joystick in port 2... Up and down will change chapter, fire to confirm... left and right is page back and forward...

Press space to enter the magazine with another style..

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