Mamba 24 ch06 Black or White

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  here comes what you have been
  waiting for ???

  some people do not see the beam in
  their own eyes, so we were highly
  thrilled to see a mamba<-magazine
  review in issue #006 of shock,
  censor design's diskmagazine.

  loading up the column called
  'spotlights' (the column's name
  was already flattering us), we
  finally got to the review of mamba<
  issue #23 (the latest issue)

  surprise, surprise, gene (x-dom, now
  deadline) tried to bless the dear
  reader with his literary effusion.

  a mamba< review by gene of deadline

  oh yes, and the wiseacre did find
  quite a few things to criticize,
  mainly he pointed out how mamba< lost
  its objectivity, sides with friends,
  and that the editor has an 'attitude
  problem'. (btw. i did not know that)

  to back up his claims he quoted all
  kind of people, quoted mamba<, and

  gave lots of examples to make people
  believe how much this magazine
  changed during the last months.

  here is a major argument that was

  (about 'month in brief', 1st column)

  "this section had mistakes, some
   totally uninteresting crap, and
   some of the most stupid charts we
   have ever seen"

  sounds like omg in his best times...

  now,gene backs up his words by giving
  examples for this statement:

  "sorceress never admitted that she
   had phonesex with bod"

  "the voting topic was totally

  we say, sorceress did admit it in a
  released chatfile; we say, the voting
  topic was appropriate, many people
  told us so. "irrelevant" is only
  shock's opinion, doesn't belong there

  "...the most stupid charts we have
   ever seen.."

  gene asks about forgotten games in
  the list of first releases:
  "will you add it in the next issue ?"

  genius gene is already able to give
  us the answer by himself: "nope, ..."

  then we stop and think and ask our-
  selves what we have done when we did
  add 'the power, by genesis' and
  'j.w. compend, by ils' to the list
  of first-releases, after forgetting
  those games the month before ???

  so try again gene :

  "and to give a game from double
   density the same amount of points
   like a release from ocean is sheer
   stupidity... ...diskgames should
   not be counted"

  okey, nothing wrong with that
  argument, let us quote the same issue
  of shock, column 'the us-scene':

  "...terminator 2+ from ocean..."
  (by tsm)

  "...called snake mania +2..."
  (by double density, by exc)

  (same column, the charts: )

  "              releases

  3. excalibur ...  5 (incl. snake m.)

  4. tsm       ...  4 (incl. term. 2)"

  good work gene, you 'advice' mamba<
  not to count magazine games, but by
  the same token, in the same issue
  shock does it by!

  we don't mind, another one:

  (about the news & rumours section)

  "gp & victims never were in a co-op"

  genius gene wants to correct us, not
  knowing that these groups really have
  been in cooperation, any genesis
  member can be asked for confirmation.

  another one:

  "kt left gp months ago"

  "the blueboxing system did not only
   change in germany"

  we did not claim 'kt' left gp just
  recently, we did not claim the blue-
  box-system did change only in germany

  so i honestly do not see the sense in
  those statements, the more i could
  ask why didn't shock mention roy as a
  new member of genesis, as you listed
  up all other mew members ???

  again we can only say you should
  spend the time correcting your own
  mistakes before looking what other
  people do...

  gene is going to try another one:

  gene complains about the cure's board
  being in the mamba< board charts:


  "the cure said that nobody could vote
   for his board" (quote,gene in shock)

  ok, no problem with that, but is it
  really our fault when there are
  people who do not obey the cure and
  vote for his board though ?
  are we supposed to leave those votes
  out then ?
  wouldn't that be called a cheat ?

  answer the questions by yourself,
  'dearest' reader.

  well, gene would not have taken those
  votes into consideration, because he

  "...what that board does in the
   charts when you knew the cure didn't
   want it listed"

  is that what shock does ?

  isn't that called cheat ?


  the "biggest mistake" we have done
  by printing aycee's/tsm article
  called 'same song, different verse'.

  because "in this section aycee tells
           us her side of the story"

  yes, we did print that article by
  aycee, and from our point of view
  there is nothing wrong by publishing
  'letters to the editor', lettertypes
  that can be found in every newspaper,
  magazine etc today.
  on the other hand, we find several
  (biased) comments in shock that do
  not belong there.

  here are only a few:

  "the shadow decided to kill his ass-
   kicking group"

  "mystic cavern changed group again,
   this time it's black reign+genesis,
   but for how long ?"

  "untill (now) they haven't proved
   to be the leading force"

  "i'd say this is a good point for
   cosmos to stop, as they are probably
   at their top right now"

  why not though ?!?!

  another one:

  in our 'did you know' section we
  reported on a guy from israel called
  keediz/the force, who was seen on
  an us-board.

  shock states: ", there is no
  such guy as a keediz/the force
  calling out at all, and at least not
  from israel."

  now that is really funny, genius
  writes "no such guy at all", and he
  continues "at least not from israel"

  quite contradictory, first you say
  'not at all', then you say 'at least
  not from isreal'...genius doesn't
  even know about it by himself.

  he goes on: "i wrote that in our
  'facts an not so factual' section,
  you read it, and wrote it in mamba<
  without checking if it was true"

  genius gene claims mamba< is copying
  news etc from shock.

  we won't even comment on this, except
  for the little remark that there has
  been a guy called 'keediz/the force'
  who was calling the excalibur hq,
  mysts of avalon, and he did claim he
  was from israel. everybody on this
  board did see him, so did we...

  no need to copy from shock's
  excellent news-section.

  there are more things shock wrote,
  there are more things mamba< could
  respond to.

  what you just saw were some examples
  to make clear how objective shock
  did report on mamba<.

  to sum it all up, genius gene writes
  the editor of mamba< has an attitude
  problem, and i still can't see it...
  maybe other people do have such kind
  of a problem...

  be sure that you won't find anything
  else about this matter in any further
  issue of mamba< since we just wanted
  to show only one time, as an example,
  how easy it is to make other people
  or their work look bad.

  not our business, other magazines or
  people might continue this.

  and to gene, i want to say thank you,
  because my doctor told me having a
  good laugh once in a while is quite


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