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            the interviews

  first one is a well-known oldtimer,
  ...strider of fairlight giving

  mainly into the us-demo scene is
  sequencer of empire...

  > ^ mamba

  s ^ strider


  to conduct this interview me
  (freestyle) and strider/fairlight met
  on a loopline. he called the loop and
  i called collect. when the operator
  dialed the loop, strider was already
  on and told the operator that he was
  the owner of a sex-shop. the operator
  asked if i'd like to talk to that
  horrible sex-shop-owner, and i agreed

  so the interview got started...

  s : so this was funny ehh ?

  > : hehe, yeah a great start for this

  s : ok, i'm ready to shock the public

  > : alright tony, would you please
      introduce yourself to the reader-
      ship of mamba and to your even
      bigger number of fans ?

  s : alright, as many of you guys know
      my real name is tony, i'm about
      194 cm tall and my weight is

      nearly 100 kg. i'm drinking
      damned too much beer. my
      favourite beers are beck's and
      the american beer called michelob

      i'm blond and blue-eyed. my job
      in fairlight (amiga+pc) is to
      organize new originals and to
      make sure they will be cracked
      well. further, i have a cool and
      also well-known brother called
      aaron. he's leading the c64
      section of flt nowadays. btw, i'm
      21 years old.

  > : how would you characterize
      yourself ?

  s : yeuch...i think i have quite a
      big ego but still i'm strict and
      fair (fairlight forever) and i'm
      proud that i never backstabbed
      or cheated any guy in the
      computer scene. i'm pretty honest

  > : what are your hobbies ?

  s : professionally i'm working in a
      computershop, i mean i'm the
      owner of that shop.

      besides i'm doing the whole
      organisation for flt on amiga and
      now also on pc. besides of this
      computer domination i'm going
      out with friends to bars, pubs
      discos..i'm drinking a lot of

  > : any girl friend around ?

  s : nope.

  > : when did you bring fairlight to
      life and who were the original
      members ?

  s : that would have been in 1986 ehrm
      no rather in 1987 when i built
      up fairlight together with
      black shadow and gollum.
      i was taught how to crack by
      lancelot/wasp. many experiences
      finally brought me to the top.

  > : who were the first guys you met
      on c64

  s : that were bernd/radwar and danish

  > : genesis, who has written the
      protection for gollum's game
      rubicon, released that game
      before the final contract with
      the softwarecompany was signed.
      any comment to make ?

  s : g*p sux! this was just tough shit

  > : what does your computer look like
      on the computer ?

  s : well, in the future the fairlight
      pc-section will get more and more
      power. we, or better i, coz i'm

      the only person right now on pc,
      already made 25 releases within
      2 months. pretty much i'd say.
      we are in coop with the american
      group usa on pc.

  > : if you could have 3 wishes full-
      filled, which ones would they be?

  s : getting rich, making my company
      successful and moving to the
      states. oh, and of course finding
      the right woman.

  > : if you were god, what would you
      change in this world ?

  s : i'm already god. hehe  eehrm...
      i would probably take away all
      the communism . i'm a real
      commie-hunter. you know our
      slogan in flt is: kill a commie
      for your mommy

  > : many countries are thinking about
      removing their army. what do you
      think about this abolition ? and
      do you think there will be more
      wars in europe ?

  s : no, i don't think there will be
      any more wars in europe. anyway
      every nation needs an army. but
      i'd prefer it if every country
      would have its proper and
      professional army with real
      fuckers who make much noise and
      stuff like that.

  > : what do you think about
      greenpeace ? ( this question is
      dedicated to the maineditor of
      this mag, hehe)

  s : i'm capitalist so i think it's
      really stupid and lame to
      sacrifice yourself for something
      like that. i mean they are doing
      their job well, it's good that
      someone is doing something
      against the pollution. but if i
      could choose between a million
      dollar and a forest i'd choose
      the $$$.

  > : alright, some final words ?

  s : i'd like to greet all flt-members
      on the c64. i have loyalty with

  them. once a fairlighter, always a
  fairlighter. further i'd like to
  greet everyone on the c64 cos the
  c64 scene ruled/rules and amiga and
  oc scene suck hard. abusing each
  other, cheating, backstabbing and
  money, those are the most important
  words on amiga and pc-scenes. yeah,
  it wasa great time on the c64. i
  really loved my c64 and i think i
  was a good leader there. i never
  backstabbed anyone. i gave the c64-
  section to my cool brother cos i knew
  that he's able to lead it like me...

  fairlight forever. the home of the
  real crackers.

  if anyone likes to contact me
  (no swapping) send something to :


  > : alright, thanks for this inter-

  s : no problem...

  interview with sequencer

  s: sequencer

  >: mamba (gta)

  >: hello neil. i have a good line to
     you, so let's start the question-
     answer game... please have a short
     introduction towards your person.

  s: hello avid readers... this is neil
     voss or as everyone knows me,
     sequencer. i am an american musi-
     cian (i know, oh boy...) and i've

  been on (and off) the scene for a few
  good years now. i've been in some
  good groups and some shitty ones, too
  but that's life. anyway, personally
  i stand a menacing 5'7" and weigh
  about 140 lbs. i am not really out of
  shape but i am no really outstanding-
  ly fit person. i enjoy hanging out
  with friends and partying and shit,
  and at home i use my spare time to
  play keyboard. anyway enough bs real-
  ly what i'm looking for is to do more
  work on good demos/etc. and for some
  commercial work as well... i guess i
  can give out contact info later...
  (ed.:sure you can...)

  well i better allow some more
  questions before i talk myself into a

  >: ok, nice introduction though. how
     did you infiltrade the scene, how
     did it all start with you? why did
     you get a musician on the 64?

  s: oh, well i started on the scene
     itself by calling boards and chat-
     ting with the sysops and what i
     did was log-on graphics screens
     for them (ed.:do i know that?!?),
     usually getting me good status...

  ...with them and shit. i basically
  just was cool to people as i could be
  and over a few years i got to be
  where i am at now, i guess ok... (i
  really have been kind of out of it
  lately)... i was interested in call-
  ing boards to get new music editors
  and music files mostly, as at first i
  used "sidplayer-editor" (uggh)...
  when i got into using "future
  composer" i really started growing
  ability wise pretty quick. i like to
  use the commodore mostly because it
  is unique sounding and i haveqmaster-
  ed some things about the sound on... over what i have done on the
  amiga. i just kind of got hooked on
  c= music crap...

  >: ha,ha, oh well, it's not crap you
     do i suppose, hm, are you still in
     contact with any scene dudes since
     you remarked that you'd be outta
     the scene at the moment. perhaps
     you know some other good composers
     for example what do you think of
     jeroen tel, jch, deek, reyn, or
     any others you'd like to name?

  s: ok, this should be fun...

  ...for a few months i have been off
  the scene though i wish to stay in
  contact at least partially.. the big-
  gest reason i stay on the 64 is some
  of the most crafty musics i have ever
  heard which have been done on it...
  mostly i should add by jeroen tel.
  the man has become kind of an idol
  for myself, as i think all of his
  stuff comes off exactly the way he
  planned it too... i also admire dif-
  ferent guys for different reasons,
  like deek for coming up with good
  funky stuff that is moreso unique,
  reyn for the soundtracky style music

  ...that isn't so much typical of the
  '64 (like the "last ninja 3" ingame
  theme...). jch's editor is wonderful
  and his tunes follow up the same and
  to drax this is really not a slam...
  i like some of his older tunes much
  better... rob hubbard is also a very
  great composer, (ed.:on pc now...) i
  loved his ingame tune for knuckle
  busters... anyway...

  >: what inspires you to do tunes and
     which editor do you use for them?
     what kind of style do you prefer ?

  s: ok, my inspiration is either to
     fit a setting someone gives me or
     a logo with appropriate music, or
     i'm just jamming out on my key-
     board and come up with something
     i i have the "jch-player"
     and i'm working on releasing some
     tunes for it. i have to get used
     to the feel even though it is
     quicker/easier than any other
     editor i have had. for the most
     part i have done my best working
     on "voicetracker" (dutch usa)...
     i wish i could code my own player,
     but my machine language knowledge

  ...doesn't go past making a simple
  music driver or something...

  >: uh well, hehe, time for the favo-
     rites of sequencer...

  food:  faijtas, steak and cheese subs
  drink: wine coolers or cherry coke
  movie: too many to pick one
  (real) red hot chili peppers
         good alternative stuff with
         funky feel or new sound
         good jazz or unusual funk
         danny elfmann
         anything but top 40 shit

  more favorites:

  book:  pet semetary (i don't read)
  girl:  not mine! has to be that
         swedish exchange girl at my
         school, osa...
  board: i used to enjoy warez castle,
         but too many big headed people
         with little jobs... i don't
         really like boards anymore...
  game:  creatures/mad flunky/
         times of lore

  >: what do you do in your sparetime
     when the computer for once bores
     you ???

  s: it frequently does... i go out
     with my girl friend/friends, i
     like to go out and then land at
     good parties, i work (uggh), like
     to go out on the speed boat.
     or go around late at night prank-
     ing people i disfavor on rare

  >: hm... what do you think of the
     current scene when it bores you
     that often to be around?  would
     you change it if you could cast
     a magic spell on it?

  s: well, less emphasis on games...
     too many people want them and on
     the 64 they really are not usually
     i wish some more smart people
     would make good games/demos. more
     people would make money and there
     would be better things available
     to 'swap'. there are just too many
     people copying and not enough
     really good stuff...

  >: hm, i'm really out of ideas what
     to ask you more. but here's a last
     one: what makes you crush walls,
     what can really make you kill?

  s: i really hate it when i get a nice
     big paycheck from work and my pa-
     rents take it for car insurance
     for my shitty car... i mean they
     have money up the ass but they
     take mine anyway...  oh well that
     is life. (ed.:parents suck, they
     just live because of you...)
     i also hate people who are too big
     for their britches and people who
     judge others without knowing them.
     the scene is full of those types!

  >: word! some last words you wanna
     tell out? go ahead...

  s: well, i don't want to use this
     interview for a plugbut i am in-
     terested in getting in touch with
     good composers/artists/coders and
     also to do some real work on this
     machine. i am mostly sick of the
     scene because i am really looking
     to be part of making games/demos,
     but all i get is fan mail from
     people i have never heard of from
     russia and china and crap... i am
     usually slow to respond but i will
     if it is important... contact me at:

  XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (best if during week-

  or write... XXXXXXXXXX

  well, i close this off by saying
  hello to scott (tristan), steve and
  tim (tld)... thanx for putting up
  with my lazy ass. and also highs to
  the guy interviewing me (hehehe)...

  ...further the other musicians
  featuring jt, cd, drax, link, ro, rob
  hubbard, deek, that guy in the third
  world and the other homeys here steve
  again and tim, image, speed demon,
  reverb, those guys that use my sounds
  and the others... and also the people
  i still think i remember... damage
  inc., steve, etienne (the oahh mannn
  guy), the other empire guys, old jeff
  (is he still alive?) and all others
  that in my tired stupor i have for-
  gotten - so sorry...   ...bye

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