Mamba 24 ch02 Facts and Gossip

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  unlike in the last 23 issues, we
  decided not only to list up the facts
  about recent events, but we will
  also inform you about the gossip that
  comes along with the news, hoping to
  make it yet more interesting for you.

  the danger of printing incorrect
  news is the higher of course, but
  the reader has to make up his own
  mind anyway, when it comes to believe
  we did never, and we will never write
  news in an incorrect way on purpose

  * elite

  the striking news of the month;
  conan decided to return to the c64
  scene. him, maniac (x-pandora) and
  sting (x-enigma) are the only known
  elite members at the moment.
  knowing that elite did always make a
  big secret about their member list,
  one could guess there might be more
  active members.
  citadell of illusion is the elite hq
  in the states, shared with the us-
  importing group glory. one first-
  release for elite so far (exile, by

  * dominators

  the dominators member status looks
  quite a bit different, there are no
  englishmen in the group anymore:
  derby ram, nme, sonic (x-icecube),
  dmc and the us-member the cure were
  kicked out. shortly before gene and
  rebel left dominators. internal
  affairs were the reason for this.
  3dk quit the c64 scene, now being in
  dom amiga. jack daniels did put out
  another issue of corruption on his
  own. also macro nit was kicked out.
  after dropping disintegration, the
  new hq is tunnel of wares XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  the new dom member status looks like
  this: tricket, cosmo, dogfriend,
        duke, animal, jack daniels,
        hulkster, silent (x-sonny)

  dominators has one release in our
  first release charts.

  * blue boxing

  blue boxing turns out to be the most-
  used way to pheak for europeans, it
  works for almost every european
  country, and common knowledge says it
  is safe. at&t's lose more and more of
  their original importance.

  * genesis (victims)

  the genesis and victims cooperation
  did last for one day only, the
  victims member joined genesis, as
  there were rockstar, tronic, janec,
  drake, roy, sorceress and arabian
  knight (x-sorcerer).+airwolf/murdock
  however, arabian knight and tronic,
  who is still living in japan at the
  moment, have been kicked out.
  mystic cavern is the gp us-hq.
  hok left action and joined genesis,
  but left to rejoin action after one
  day already. genesis with 7 releases
  on position #3 in our first-charts.

  * north east importers

  south of heaven is the new nei hq,
  sysop is razor blade. sir cyro
  (x-attacker) joined nei as a hacker.
  10 releases and position #2 in this
  month's first release charts.
  former hq reign in blood is down.

  * talent

  with 12 releases talent holds the #1
  position in the charts this month.
  freestyle and dave have been kicked
  out of talent. a cooperation with
  skid row did never exist.

  * excalibur

  mysts of avalon, one of excalibur's
  two headquarters, is down. the sysop
  the ozz was caught for hacking
  calling cards, and was said to be in
  jail for a short time. he has been
  already seen calling out again.
  the shadow was kicked out of exc,
  bulding up an own group again.
  skreemer seems rather belong to the
  inactive part of exc.
  7 releases, pos #3, tie with empire
  in the first-charts.

  * tsm

  stealth of tsm was billed for using
  the 'wrong' way to phreak, he is
  said to be returning to the scene
  though. question is when...
  rainman being tied to his home due to
  a car accident got more active in the
  pirates-world again.
  again the #1 spot for tsm,10 releases

  * odissey

  death of odissey. yeyus, sparky and
  jrc joined trc. the trc+tbi coop is

  * deadline

  deadline consists mainly of x-dom
  members, such as the cure, rebel,
  sonic, dmc, derby ram, gene, nme.
  their headquarter is disintegration,
  one release for them this month.
  gene's euro board is deadline/eni hq.

  * 635'er

  XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, the probably most
  popular hack-dialup, went down.
  the ford motor company decided to
  quit this system due to the abuse.
  lots of phreakers are concerned.

  * glory

  black reign went dead. dead zeppelin,
  thor and coldrake formed glory.
  their headquarter is coldrake's bbs
  citadel of illusion, also elite hq.

  * sharks

  active they are again, one release
  this month, teenage mutant turtles.
  (our heros, their ninjas)

  * verdict

  krs#1/verdict is back in the scene.

  * enigma

  ninja of enigma took his euro-board
  'the ultimate sin' down.
  basilisk, sysop on gee spot, joined
  enigma. sting left to form elite.
  4 releases for enigma, get them to
  position 4 along with action this

  * action

  airwolf left action to join genesis,
  so did hok, but he returned after 1
  day. jihad being active again.
  position #4 for action aswell.

  * empire

  not much to say about empire, 7 real
  games were put out since last issue
  of mamba, pos. #3, tie with exc.

  * mirage

  despiser was seen calling out again
  after a little break, other than that
  there didn't seem to happen very much
  in this group either. 4 releases
  and pos # 5.
  their main trade-partner hysterics
  on #6 in the euro first-release

  * legend

  sensation (x-twilight of madonna
  cracking group) joined legend.
  8 releases this months get them to
  pos #2 in the first-charts.

  * f4cg with 2 releases, pos # 7

  * archmage's board, disk shoppe, is
    back online, open for c64, amiga
    and pc. the quickening

  * zapped joined fairlight

  that's it! before we forget it (ahem)

  mamba< won't be sold on 'game on'
  anylonger, genesis' magazine
  propaganda took over. in case you
  don't want to miss any issue of
  mamba<, write to us.

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