Mamba 21 ch09 Personalities

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          (split) personalities

  every month, from now on, we will try
  to introduce some scene-dudes to
  you. (more or less in brief)

  this month we caught...

  tricket/dominators fredrik

  2.handle: shark/censor

  3.age: 19 years sodertalje/sweden

  5.height: 172cm (ca. 5 ft. 9")

  6.weight: 64kg (ca. 141 lbs) career: 1988-89 light
                          89 triad
                       89-91 censor

  8.hobbies: radio dj, computer, girls
             and beer!

  9.job: saab, producing the engine friends in the scene:
    censor, horizon, i+t, genesis,
    ninja, rainman, jedi and much more!

 11.self-description: i'm
                      parties & girls.

 12.say something: call my board...
    soon 40 mb & ucbbs... mike

  2.handle: asterix!

  3.age: 18 years silver spring, mary land, usa

  5.height: 6'1 (ca. 182.5 cm)

  6.weight: 150 lbs (ca. 68 kg) groups...sol, atc, fbr
            fantasy, excalibur, destiny

  8.hobbies: girls, lacrosse, and
             weight lifting.

  9.job: i'm going to college (usc)... friends in the scene:
    phantasm, illusionist, the barber,
    x-factor, pathfinder, wanderer,
    the ozz, mantronix
    and tbb! (yeah right, never!)

 11.self-description: pretty laid back
    type of person, only if i'm fucked
    with, is when i can play dirty...

 12.some words: lastly but not least
    don't count me out, who knows, i
    might be returning and bringing
    a few old friends too! i'll leave
    it at that! l8a...asterix! matt armstrong

  2.handle/group: the despiser/mirage

  3.age: 20 years east liverpool/oh  usa

  5.height: 6 ft 2 (ca. 185 cm)

  6.weight: 210 pounds (ca. 95 kg) career: started as a
    runner with a demo-group called
    'ssc', a little known us demogroup.
    then started running wares for
    mirage, did this and did well for
    quite a few months, then was asked
    to join mirage which i have been in
    since approximately 9+ months or so

  8.job/school: well i'm currently
    working at a grocery store as a
    midnight stockboy. but i am moving
    in less than a month from now to
    attent a college.

  9.hobbies: computers, of course,
             movies and going out with
             my girl friend. friends in the scene:
    there's my roomie,cerebral parasite
    a pretty cool dude. then there's
    sonny, i have gotten to know him
    real well in the past few months.

     a hard one, well i guess i am your
     average person, like spending time
     (and lots of money, unfortunately)
     with my girl friend.
     i sorta take computer different
     than most, i live with the policy
     that this is a hobby and for fun.
     i don't think that it is fun to
     rag and bag on other people, i
     think that's lame. so i generally
     get along with everyone. i try to
     keep on the good side of everyone,
     no matter what they might do or
     have done. (ed. wise words!)

  12. speak: greets to... sonny,
             illusionist (a real cool
             dude), nightwriter,
             prodigy (a cool sysop),
             aycee, my buddie andreas
             and last but not least,
             good ole' john! thomas

  2.handle/group: spitfire/action

  3.age: 19.5 (exactly by release of
         mamba) (ed. ??) willich (between
    krefeld & m'gladbach; germany

  5.height: 191 cm (6ft 4")

  6.weight: 168-172 pounds (not sure)
            (ca. 187 lbs) career: i started back in
    '87 as spreader, got introduced to
    some real elites (by that time) by
    airwolf (now in action) and started
    in august '87 taking over the
    leadership etc. of xades society.
    in december '87 (fcs-party) i had

    my real start and in march/april
    '88 action was born. (by me)

  8.hobbies: computer, friends (male+
             female), baileys+beer,
             cinema, bowling, pool
             billiard, chess!, party,
             car driving (+crashing?!)
             soccer and watching video/
             tv and telephoning some-
             times. (a lot, i know)

  9.job/school: i quit school before i
                got my final exams cuz
                of boredom and cuz i'm

    doing good enough producing soft-
    ware to be an independant salesman. friends: action, empire,
                   pathfinder, transcom
  (lkj), tarkus team (amiga) and the
  rest are just good contacts. but the
  ones i named before are real friends
  and already proved (at least action
  and tarkus team). the rest i have a
  very good relationship with but yet
  they didn't have to help me with any
  personal non-computing problems.
  (i better count lkj as well)

  11.self-description: it is very easy
                       to make me
     angry, i shout a lot then, but i
     can forget something very fast if
     it's some trouble between friends.
     i hate backstabbing and never
     forget/forgive this amd i just
     like comparing myself with the
     state israel. whenever they get
     hit once, they strike back twice!!

     hmm, i'm rough (unfriendly ?!?) to
     people i don't know, but if you
     know me a bit better and i know
     the other, you can easily realize

   that i can be a very good friend
   that doesn't lie or backstab to you.
   (ed. i know one person who thinks
    'yeah, right' now)
   ...unless it's not better for you(!)
   that i do!

  12.words to your fans: yoyo...oh boye

                         and remember
                         my personal
                         description. deepak

  2.handle: pathfinder

  3.age: 18 years new york city/usa

  5.height: 5 ft 11 (ca. 177.5 cm)

  6.weight: 220 lbs (ca. 99 kg) career: in 1987 i was in
                     survivors, then
                     3 weeks later

   joined esi until they died, shortly
   after i quit the scene, and then
   came back on june 12th 1990...
   my bbs became g*p for a year, then i
   joined atc, then quit atc, and bbs
   is dom+ics whq.

  8.hobbies: football, boating, dancing stony brook university friends: hitman, sidearms,
                  dark rainbow, ninja,
                  tricket, kt

  11.self-description: i am a fun guy
                       to be with. i am
                       in live, and
                       easy going.

  12.some words: hellos fly out to...

  hitman, sidearms, dark rainbow, sunny
  skater, spitfire, nightwriter, peter
  bod, asterix, mantronix, mk, tricket,
  nme+rest of dom, ninja, all of ics,
  ratnuts, narc, kt, richie, excell,
  sioux, crumby, sting, tyger, rock*,
  joe cool, freestyle, grim reaper,
  pudwerx...     call tunnel of wares! jesper jensen

  2.handle/group: tricket/dominators

  3.age: 19 years naestved/denmark

  5.height: 178 cm (ca. 5ft 11")

  6.weight: 65 kg or more (ca. 143 lbs) career: c.c.c. ('85)
                     technical (86)
    sidewize (87), new aces (87)
    noise (88) dominators (jan. 88)

  8.hobbies: bodybuilding, girls,
             computing, parties, and
             having fun!

  9.job: i work in a huge company
         called holmegaard/royal

 10.friends in the scene: too many to

 11.self-description: if i settle a
                      goal i reach it.
    i'm too aggressive (?). i love to
    party and i love girls.

    i like to hang out with my friends.

  12.say something: salute the kings.
                    greetings to all of
                    you, behind the

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