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  interview with tristan/empire

  ?: hi tristan tell me your real name,
     your weight, height, age, etc.

  >: my first name is scott, i weigh
     about 130 pounds, i am about 5
     feet 8 inches, (kinda short, eh?)
     i got blond hair and blue eyes.
     i am 16 by now and turn 17 in
     september. i live in virginia/usa.

  ?:in which groups have you been all
    the time you were around?
  >: well, as far as the wares scene
     goes i have been in and out of the
     scene alot. i started calling out
     in 86/87 and joined twgi (the
     world greatest importers) for
     about 3 weeks in 87. after that i
     hung around solo until 89 when i
     joined rot (reign of terror), that
     was with the real group with task
     master/evil, executioner/exodus
     and swan song. in december 89 till
     february 90 i was in fantasy. then
     i quit and in march 90 empire was
     formed and i joined them. i work
     for empire now as a hacker and
     an importer.
  ?: so you retired at least once. what
     would you say is the scene today
     like, compared to former times.
     is it lame?!

  >: well, i would not say that i often
     quit or changed groups because
     alot of groups never had their
     shit together to stay around and
     be productive.
     and as far as comparing the old
     days of the scene to now, i would
     say it was much better then. there
     has always been competition for
     a release, but nowadays there is
     so much competition that groups
     hate each other just because...
  >: ...of a point. back a few years i
     had friends in many groups i had
     competition with...
     and all the newcomers have no
     respect for the guys who have seen
     the scene evolve.

  ?: hm, sure. but we don't have much
     competition these days,... (erhm,
     never mind.) would you change
     anything if you would have magical
     power on the scene,..?

  >: as a matter of fact i would. i
     would go hokus pokus and have the
     software firms support the 64 like
     in the past.
  ?: mh, yeah good answer. that would
     also solve the problems you talked
     about, i guess. so, facing the
     scene nowadays, what would you say
     are your favorites...

  >: cracking group:(all time:) ucf

     cracker:(all time:) jj the breaker

     importing group: rad

     demogroup:(nowadays:) plague far as the american guys

  ?: do you own an amiga?

  >: no, but someday i will. but, i
     will never neglect the old 64!!!!!

  ?: yo! what are your hobbies besides
     computing, tristan?!

  >: my hobbies consist of skate
     boarding, learning cyber space/
     virtual reality and drinking!!
     and i'm definately a music lover.

  ?: yeah, quite exciting hobbies,...
     did you ever regret from the
     scene, scott ?!
  >: not to this day. i have enjoyed
     the sorta 'small time power trip'
     on the scene. when you have 1000s
     of people who get the wares what-
     ever way they can and see your
     name in all those releases, they
     sorta idiolize you and try to
     think of themselves in our
     positions. it's fans man!

  ?: hm, alright. so you are used to
     drink, what do you drink...?

  >: beer man, imported beer is much
     better than the american pussy
     weak beer.

  ?: yeah, that's an argument, although
     i never tasted any american beer,
     ...hehehe. well what other favour-
     ites do you have?!

  >: movie: jacob's ladder + excalibur
     music: stuff like rush, janes
            addiction and front 242
     sport: football
     game : krackout on the 64
     girl : blonde chicks man! and
            great lews of course!
     foot : pizza with ramen noodles!
     soda : coke
     book : neuromancer

     arcade game: ghost'n'goblins
  ?: ok after asking what you really
     like and someone could make you
     happy with, tell us, what really
     pisses you off, i mean what makes
     you breaking walls ?!

  >: a phonebill over $500

  ?: did you ever had one over $500 ?

  >: put it this way, 3 of my walls are

  ?: where did you get your handle

  >: from the websters dictionary, no
     just kidding. my handle was in-
     spired from the authurian legend,
     a story during the medievil times.

  ?: are you still in school, tristan?

  >: yeah, bummer eh?!

  ?: nono, just, will you go on,
     college or whatever?

  >: yea i will! but will you go and
     become a news reporter ?!

  ?: i thought i would take the
  ?: scott! tell me what do you do when
     it is hot like these days ?! don't
     tell me you're sitting infront of
     your computer and answer stupid

  >: yea, that's lame, but even lamer
     is someone asking questions on a
     hot day! hehehe!

  ?: i got already night, but you, hehe
     do you phreak and hack for fun?!
     or do you wanna start out becoming
     a good fixer or even coder ?!
     i mean there isn't any money to
     earn with your 64, is it?!

  >: well, i used to do industrial
     espionage! but i would rather
     remain my place at #1 importer/

  ?: oha! hehe. mh, so how do you
     usually hack?!

  >: don't ask dario. you've seen
     products of my social manipulation
     don't you ?!

  ?: mh, can't think of more questions,
     lemme see,argh the last interviews
     belong to the biggest rubbish i've
     seen... but this should be a good
     point to ask you about your...
  ?: ...thoughts towards mamba, can it
     still compete with shock ?!

  >: ya! sure, as long as it is infor-
     mative to the max, and is totally
     fair and keeps up on everything
     correctly in the american scene it
     would be great. you really need an
     american guy to do the american
     scene or to help at least.

  ?: would you be a man for this job?!

  >: hmm,.. yeah, i like to deal in
     such great colaborations as mamba.

  ?: mh, you know you make enemies with
     a mag. you can also make friends,
     if you know what i mean, but i'd
     rather like to warn you, hahaha,
     ok, what would you change along
     with disc-mags ?

  >: well, but the guys i hang around
     with now in the scene are pretty
     good friends like you said, when
     you run a magazine you have a lot
     of little crybabies getting mad at
     the editors cuz they think they
     fucked up on something.

  ?: and what do you think about other
     magazines ?
  ?: why would you say,do people create
     such a magazine ?

  >: like wares it's just a hobby. i
     look at it to help you dealing
     with people in the real world.
     that is about the only asses you
     can gain from this wonderful

  ?: what are your future plans inside
     and outside the scene ?!

  >: well, in the scene i will keep on
     hacking. later maybe programming.
     outside of the scene: finish
     school, visit s0me of my...
  >: ...friends all over the globe.
     and i wanna work with virtual

  ?: wanna greet some friends at this
     point ?!

  >: yea! first off all the guys in
     empire, for staying active and
     never being lazy. stay active
     forever! greets to some more
     friends like: sequencer, the guys
     in plague, joe cool, richie, the
     yo yo's, fist, edwin van santen,
     ...argh there are too many i know.
     if i greet them all, the whole mag
     would be 'tristan, my hellos!'
  ?: ok, last question. you admire the
     demo scene. is there anything that
     disturbs you about the actual one,
     or do you just say, that's the
     scene that makes this computer
     stay alive ?!

  >: mh, the demo groups are better
     than the software firms in

  ?: yes sure, but it's the same over
     here. the software firms always
     steal ideas from other genius
     coders in the scene. what do you
     think ?

  >: hmm, yea no doubt. those guys
     doing shit that was never thought
     to be possible on the 64 before.
     hell, the programmers/demo makers
     rule the commodore.
     they should  own  it !!!

  ?: quite good final sentence...
     i gotta go, thank you for the
     interview, tristan. we see you

  ok, only one interview this month,
  check out 'personalities' for further

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