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  hi freaks!
  we got something new for you. it's
  called the '64-scene-adventure' and
  it was done by gotcha...
  the rules are simple. everyone can
  play this, it's a kind of iq-survive-
  just pick one of the answeres a),b),
  c),d),..and it's continuation-number
  go like this:
  00)understood the rules?!
   a)yes! (type +)
   b)no!  (01)
  01)ok, now you should have understood
   otherwise, type 'return' (type +)...
        the 64-scene-adventure
 00)yawn, again such a day, you just
  decided to stay home because school
  bores you off. the alarm-clock is
  ringing and with a smart kick you
  dumb it into the paper-basket. your
  64 is still turned on, coz you packed
  a new first release the whole night
  through. you stand up and decide to:
  a)look for the game if it properly
    has been packed.(03)
  b)call horizon & send the ware.(04)
  c)call extremist & send the game.(05)
  d)open a beer-can, have breakfast and
    turn off the computer.(02)
  e)look for dad to say 'hi!'.(01)
 01)you step into the kitchen... aaah!
  coffee'! suddenly your mom gets you
  from behind and beats ya twice in the
  neck! "bastard, go and hurry up! you
  are late for school!" you...
 a)say:"mom, the teacher gave me a free
   day, coz i got a first-release!"(14)
 b)beat your mom right between the eyes
   with your baseball-bat! (06)
 c)grab your stuff and go to school
   without having breakfast.(15)

 02)god! that was luck! you turned off
   the 64, right before all chips would
   have been blown! fog extends in your
   room, you run out of the window (09)
   ...out through the door-way.(10)
 03)shit! it crashed! you decide:
  a)to pack again speed 7.(11)
  b)to pack again speed 'h'.(08)
  c)to quit the scene, coz you have no
   first release anymore!!! (47)
  d)to join genesis, maybe snacky could
   teach you how to pack... (12)

 04)horizon got waken up. he is very
  angry. he says:"make sure the game
  works or i don't greet you anymore in
  the intros!" you stutter:
  a)"please, zsolt! gimme an at&t card
   i call direct!" (25)
  b)fuck off! i call excellence to fix
   my game! (26)
  c)n.noo,no!the game worx fine! (22)
 05)"yoyoyo!" it goes, you were lucky
  to reach etienne! but after one hour
  trying to figure out what he says you
  give up and decide to:
 a)quit computing,coz you called direct
  and you'd never have the money to pay
  this horror-bill. (15)
 b)send him an 'ata', although he is
  still talking. (07)
 c)go out to send him the mail, while
  he still is talking. (09)

 06)damn! what are you doing, it's
  against the law! police brings you in
  jail,where you spend the rest of your
  life like tbb,eating rats and ragging
  to the mirror. - g a m e   o v e r -
 07)you wonder how clever he is! he
  realized you've sent an 'ata' and
  typed 'atd'. but somehow you got a
  bad line! what is all those "yoyo's"
  about?!? you...
  a)send the ware though. (08)
  b)type +++. (19)
  c)type +++ and 'ato' fastly! (37)

 08)fucked up! what a shit you think!
  you now...
  a)turn off the computer. (02)
  b)decide to have breakfast. (01)
  c)decide to have sex with roy on the
   telephone. (38)
  d)start over packing. (03)
  e)quit shit and go out! (09)
 09)you take the way out of the window!
  merde! you didn't realize you live on
  the 15th. floor! but luckily you get
  saved from falling down by a flag-
  pole at the 6th floor. you...
  a)cut off and continue falling. (41)
  b)you ask the old lad at the window
   to help you back in. (42)
  c)you start crying and wait until
   someone will save you. (16)

 10)you hit the stairs up! there's only
  one way! (01)

 11)ah! shit! takes hours... you...
  a)call out to gene.(13)
  b)call parson and shadow on 3way!(48)
 12)you pay $1200 to join g*p.but after
  10 minutes omg calls you up and says
  you would be kicked out. you...
 a)hang up, bluebox on his number and
  call a chinese-time-tell-recording.
  then you go out. (06)
 c)you call kt and give him back his
  12, or was it 14 virgin cards, you
  got from him. (17)
 d)you call up parson to ask him if he
  wants to join your new built up group
  for $1200 because your bank goes mad
  after you took that credit. (30)
 e)you warn him, you would tell every-
  body about he being antichrist,time-
  lord and even bonecrushing bill! (18)
 f)you ignore him and stay g*p! (15)
 13) gene's answering machine again
  makes those weird voices like bod's
  machine does or like a boing 747 when
  it hits big ben. after half an hour
  listening you decide...
 a)to call kt/g*p (31)
 b)to call roy/victims (36)
 c)to make suicide (09)
 d)tape the sound on your answering
  machine. (14)

 14)you find yourself back in a bed in
  hospital. you...
 a)cool your right ear! (15)
 b)you take the gameboy and gamble.(46)
 c)you stand up and go home. (23)
 d)you cool your left black eye. (15)
 15)what a weak lamer you are!!! you
  don't deserve being in the scene!!!
  - g a m e   o v e r -

 16)you wait and wait... but nothing
  happens... (16) might be game over,eh

 17)kt's mom is online with you. she
  tells you the boy has to take a bath
  because he came home from playing in
  the sandbox with frank/enigma. frank
  has made him to eat sand so they had
  an arguement. he would call back l8r.
 a)you tell her to fuck off! (06)
 b)you ask her very angry why the two
  didn't ask you to join them?! (20)
 c)you tell her how you look like. (24)
 18)weird! you got no success like sys
  of afl, everybody has known years
  before you, so they are all bored of
  your 'great' story.
 a)you rebuilt the 'fao'. (62)
 b)you give up, because you see you got
  no chance against evil omg, so you
  quit computing. (56)
 c)you call antichrist to tell him he
  should kick out omg instead?!?! (28)

 19)click you are gone!
    no carrier.
  a)what now? (20)
  b)who knows? (21)
  c)maybe parson and shadow know...(26)
  d)no,the are dumb faggots! (29)
 20)i don't know, maybe you start over
  again! better, eh? (00)

 21)maybe someone does... (28)

 22)he takes the ware and is gone. you
  wonder if the game ever will show up
  as you had a 45 blks intro infront of
  it. you simply...
 a)decide to call spitfire to bag on
  him for having beaten him!haha! (35)
 b)you decide to call hok/action to bag
  on him for having beaten him! (36)
 c)you decide to call gadget to bag on
  him for having beaten him! (44)
 d)you call jihad to announce the holy
  war to action. (jihad?!?!) (59)
 23)  at home you restart hitting the
  keys! but what's that stinky smell?!
 a)you smell at your computer....(02)
 b)you smell at your feet...(61)
 c)you smell at your trousers...(28)
 d)what the hell is that smell? (20)

 24)aaaargh ! it goes! you pervert! go
  to hell, pizza-face!
 a)you wonder how smart that might be.
  are you pretty now or not?! (59)
 b)you say: no! dad can read a lot of
  stories out of my face, he's blind!
 c)all annoyed, you say dirty things!
  ... (62)
 d)you go to hell... (28)
 25)i don't have a card! weirdo!!!
 a)"wanna have one from me?" (28)
 b)i don't have one too! cool or what!
  i think we got a lot in common...
  wanna make sex? uh... (24)
 c)ok, then i don't have a game! (19)
 d)ok, let's start the transfere...(22)

 26)you make your threat become reality
  and call up shadow. shadow convinces
  you to try out your new pbx for a
  conference line, because he wants to
  get some more friends. okay you say!
 a)you call excell (27)
 b)you call gene   (13)
 c)you call the fbi, the cia and
  secret service, just for fun... (56)
 27)excell is totally annoyed about him
  appearing in this story, he tells you
  he would quit the 64 and trade only
  videos now. "by the way do you have
  this new movie...",he goes...
 a)you listen to his jabber for 5 more
  hours... (11)
 b)you beg him to send you the latest
  movie for 50.-dkr. (32)
 c)you kick him off the line and break
  up the conference. (19)
 d)you shout for shadow, who didn't say
  a single word for hours although he
  wanted to make friends... (50)
 e)you introduce excell to shadow. (60)

 28)idiot! better try again! (00)
 29)right! but do you think that leads
  you anywhere?! try again (00)

 30)parson says:'fuck my bitch and make
  me rich!' you wonder what that could
  mean and you tell him:
 a)no no, you have to make me rich
  again! i need $1300 (tricky,eh?) (59)
 b)oh, i thought you would be gay! (61)
 c)no thanks, you asked me 1001 times
  about that... (29)

 31)you wonder why stingray answers the
 a)oh, sorry,i dialed the wrong number,
  you hang up and redial...   (17)
 b)ahm, hi, is kt available?! (63)
 32)your bank-account is now -$103452!
 a) you open a can of beer and one more
  and one more and one mor.... (14)
 b) you are totally pissed and you re-
  member that number of the local bank
  terminal you got from a pc-dude! (36)
 c)you offer your work and your soul to
  greenpeace and join the f.p.peter-
  club with their slogan: give the
  bigfoot a chance! (34)
 d)you call a h/p board and rip off all
  at&t- and credit cards, then you sell
  them to all your contacts for $10.-
  each... (57)
 e)you realize the way out of the scene
  and you start a group to be a pain in
  excell's ass: the video muppets! (64)
 34)although they helped ya out of your
  misery, you don't belive them, that
  the photo they wear on their t-shirts
  is a bigfoot. it rather looks like
 a) you leave them and try to find a
  live... (12)
 b) you stay but force them to change
  the pic into roy's photo. (53)
 c)you declare bigfoot as nonsense!(29)

 35)spitfire tells you that he is too
  ill to chat with you.
 a) you believe him and hang up! (29)
 b) you don't believe him and you
  redial the number. (35)
 c) he hung up! so he is gone! aetsch!
 36)shit you dialed the wrong number!
  why does that happen to you so often
  the last time!
 a) you wonder if it was the wrong no.
  or the person fooled ya... (54)
 b) you tell him he should call your
  world headquarter, tell him you got
  a new first release and you appeared
  in the mamba-charts the 1. time! (56)
 c)yes you got the wrong number, so you
  dial again! (36)
 d)you take you medcine and while it
  doesn't help you, you take a can of
  beer... ah, delicious!... (61)
 e) you call another lamer, as you got
  bored of this weird voice... (57)
 f)you called direct,that's no good(29)
 37)you are back in the line, you got a
  better line now! no "yoyo's" anymore
  but that makes you think! where is
  extremist now? he probably got kicked
  out of the line! shit attempt!
 a)you decide to try once more... (36)
 b)you suddenly get a cramp! it's no
  good to talk too long with him. (14)
 c)you decide to call gadget and ask
  him if he could do the transfer for
  you, as an old good friend he is.(44)

 38) roy denies as he had sex the other
  day with tbb on the phone! tbb would
  have been too horny, so roy hardly
  could stand it. bad luck, but you
  try another one...  (30)
 39)"heil hartler! pray to roydolf, the
  victim?!?! what do you want?"
 a)you ignore him, put on your bluebox
  and call another number... (45)
 b)i wanna pray to you! i'm your slave,
  boana! (28)
 c)do you have an at&t card for me?(51)
 d)sex? (38)
 c)i wanna get a skinhead, could you
  shave all my hair even under the
  shoulders and my balls. i wanna be
  a perfect skin! (41)

 40) i guess you are too stupid for
  adventures! better try again, or read
  the charts and keep ragging about 'em
  ... (00) or game over!
 41) you look a bit strange now! like
  hit the ground very hard! but hell
  noone cares about how you look like,
  on the boards for example. but what
  about your mom?! will she realize it
  is you?!?! hmm you wonder...
 a)you hit the road and beat up the
  next niggers that cross your way! coz
  they are guilty for everything! (14)
 b)you try the test if mom knows her
  lovely son, you go back home. (23)
 c)you don't care about accidents, you
  never did! so you reach for the next
  store to buy a neat new amiga! (28)

 42)shit! the lad is a man and the pole
  his dick! it breaks, you fall!! end!
 a)boring, to talk to you?! (45)
 b)i got a first release!!! you wanna
   have it! (43)
 c)my boy friend wants to say hello to
   you! he's my fiancee'. (54)
 d)why not?! (40)

 44)gadget's line is busy!
 a) you call it though! (44)
 b) you call frank, coz his line is
  always free! (49)

 45) you dial... (44)

 46)what a weird game! you turn off and
  call excell and shadow! (27)
 47)you shouldn't retire that early!
   you see, it's hard to stand one day
   in this very hard business, but you
   deserve a concret lolly and may
   start over again... (00)

 48)you really do that and you face the
   situation of getting sick! as you
   got the two to the phone, there is
   silence and you only say:
 a) "fuck my bitch and make me rich!"
    ... (30)
 b) "wanna be my friend, shadow ?" (50)
 c) "nice weather, eh?!" (53)
 d) "huuuhuuu... anybody home?!" (11)
 e) "i hang up now..." (43)
 f) "shall we call a board-number?"(19)
 49)shit! against all odds, this line
   is busy! what now?!
 a)crash the receiver on the base and
  start playing 'frogger' (46)
 b)get a coffee'. (01)
 c)call oversea, to leech some warez
  from an h/p board. (65)
 d)call a local sex-line. (54)

 50)"i got 14 or was it 12 virgin-
   friends, no no, i don't need more!"
  (go on...) (43)

 51)"yes! but it died two weeks ago!"
   you are happy and take the card.
 a) you now call a h/p board. (52)
 b) you call a local sex-line.(54)
 52) at at&t: "i'm sorry, mister, your
   card comes up invalid...!"
 a)fuck off! i got it from a good
   friend of mine! he never hacks old
   at'n't-cards! (56)
 b)are you sure? i would call collect
   then... (58)
 c)mh, i got another one, it's six zero
   four,tree tree seven eleven,tree six
   one tree! (57)

 53) that leads to nowhere. you decide
   to do something different.
 a) you call a h/p board. (55)
 b) you try to be creativ while using
  your broken joystick (66)
 c) you dial a random number... (49)
 54) aaaaaah, uuuuuhhh, llleeeecchh!
   hhhhmmm mmmmh, aaah! good ah..." ?!?
   you don't know what the person is
   talking about, so you...
 a) roy and ask him if he knows
   what the person says... (39)
 b)...hang up and decide to spread the
   number on some bords. as this rather
   sounds like gene's voicemailbox.(55)
 c)...give the person on the other line
   an 'atd' and hang up. (11)

 55)you reached da 'fall-out' bbs and
   you are all confused about what the
   people are talking about...
 a)you hit chat mode... (19)
 b)you post the old at&t-card. (57)
 56)oh wow! great! you are a real lamer
  why don't you stop playing this ad-
  venture and try to make your day
  without the computer?! guys like you
  never turn out being heros for the
  masses! you never could reach the
  charts! give it up!!!-rate:lamer  05%

 57)your life seem to be codes,codes,
   codes! but you never realised you
   always destroy them and if you once
   would get traced, you feel elite!
   being one of those cooool guys who
   call oversea and always boast around
   having cards alot, coz you are a
   phreaker, hahaha!  -rate:rookie  15%
   ...glad now?!...
 58)what a tricky guy you are! although
  you never would have the chance ever
  to appear in the charts you could
  survive in the scene, but still you
  will be called a 'lamer!', but as you
  mostly act like a moron you don't
  care,you never did!-rate:surviver 25%

 59)you are known in the scene, but
   only because you try to rag other
   people down! you have no abilities
   except for telling lies about other
   people, but that's all you wanted,
   they know you for that! also you are
   able to take money from them by
   making stupid promisses which of coz
   you never keep up!-rate: omg  35%
 60)you are too friendly towards other
  guys in the scene, who only use you
  to be their very personal slave. wake
  up and realize your real abilities,
  you might turn out as famous once...
  but don't make yourself a slave for
  others...       rate: wares-wimp,45%

 61)man, you have a real problem! you
  are already a victim of the scene-
  society!'sports', you fear! you are
  fat, ugly, smelly, but you know how
  to make money out of your hobby, by
  selling games to little lamers, good!
  keep drinking and you might join one
  of those 'famous' groups like brain-
  bombs once...   rate:braincorpse,55%
 62)man! you sure can be a pain in the
  ass! you are on of those people who
  have a big mouth on the boards or on
  the phone, but when it comes to be on
  a party you hide yourself by using
  self-painted signs on your shirt with
  a 'lamer-handle' on... coz you fear
  the public, you are their enemy! all
  you do is raggin'! rate: ragger 65%

 63)you might be a good coder or a good
  artist or even a good musician, but
  you don't know shit about what's
  going on in the scene, maybe you
  should read some more issues of the
  well known scene mags...
            rate: innocent user, 75%
 64)you are 'elite' but you retire from
  the scene. but somehow you can't
  really stop all the shit, you have to
  continue your illegal career and you
  use the boards to announce your new
  'shit' you are trading now, like
  videos, pornos, rubbers, amiga-cracks
  dreadlocks, etc... rate:merchant 85%

 65)you are one of those leechers, who
  leech everything and everywhere, no
  matter you keep the board busy for
  hours or even days... man try to get
  a life, there's more than leeching,
  posting, codes-killing, etc,... than
  you do...
                  rate: leecher 95%
 66)maaan! that's really a hell of cool
  picture you have drawn! you continue
  your work, because people bullet your
  phone begging for graphix. you quit
  school because you take the job they
  offered you at system 3, for £ 1000
  and you get number one in the graphix
  charts within only 5 days!!! man why
  have you discovered your talent sooo
  only one thing disturbs you,...
  the 64 is doomed! people say it dies
  very very soon! but that doesn't
  disturb you, you continue your work,
  to be number one,forever! what a day!

       rate: 'born winner'  101 %
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