Mamba 20 ch05 Different Things

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  again you will be pleased with some
  new video reviews, a little story
  reporting about some quarrels on
  the boards in the states,
  after some time again a few reviews
  of the latest demos being released
  and at last a story about the things
  going on with atc and mirage and its
  members, written by pathfinder, who
  at last rendered atc's death by
  quitting the group...

  excell decided to quit writing video-
  reviews for mamba<, in case you feel
  like missing something, have a look
  at censor's magazine shock...     (+)
      movie reviews for june 1991

 thelma & louise : geena davis(thelma)
 and susan sarandon(louise) must have
 listened to "born to be wild" before
 starting this flick. two gals have had
 it with their other halves, dump 'em,
 steal a thunderbird and proceed to do
 nearly all men the same wrongs that
 were done to them... some spots aren't
 clear; why after an attempted rape
 would a man be asked to their room???
 makes perfect sense to me...

 gals will love it, guys might see some
 of themselves..who knows? ***1/2   (+)
 only the lonely : the ads have said it
 all. john candy has to cut loose from
 mommsie... not an easy task, and to me
 it seemed maureen o'hara relished the
 endless trials she put candy through.
 well done, and must be seen to truly
 appreciate the intereaction between
 the comedians and the now un-retired
 lady of the screen.

 definately one to see! rating  ****

 now we move on to some quick reviews
 of shows that will be sure to find
 their way into our video libraries!!
 backdraft : a childhood tradgedy sets
 the scenario for this movie. though
 the main name is kurt russell, this
 offering goes with william baldwin...
 the special effects are outstanding
 and at times the fires seem to be the
 star and not those acting! a must see!

 rating  *****!!

 hudson hawk : bruce willis likes to
 sing, but as a cat burglar wouldn't it
 make sense to be quiet? not so in this
 latest from willis. euro museum has a
 wee bit o'something that needs his
 attention ^ does he get it? go see!(+)
 drop dead fred : can you believe that
 phoebe cates actually plays in this?
 a bit far fetched having an imaginary
 friend come to life(more or less) but
 even more nebulus are some of the
 scenes!!  puh-l-e-e-eeeeze!!!!
 if you like light breezy shows, then i
 suggest this for you.  rating **1/4

 we're all waiting to see if costner is
 going to be able to pull off an old
 english accent. the runners that have
 been shown so far are all action. did
 he lose his voice since 'wolves'? it
 will all remain to be seen, yes?
 summer isn't over yet, and are there a
 lot of movies to come! here are a few:

 soapdish (k kline, s field, whoopi)
 another you (g wilder  r pryor)
 the doctor (william hurt)
 harley davidson & the marlboro man
          (don johnson  micky rourke)
 double impact (j claude van damme)
 shattered (corbin bernsen)
 missing pieces (eric idle  bob wuhl)
 point break (p swayze  kenau reeves)
 jungle fever (wesely snipes a sciorra)
 mobsters (p dempsey  c slater)
 bill & ted ii (same cast)

 once again that's it from this side of
 the pond. we sincerely hope that you
 will get out and enjoy one of the many
 shows reviewed herein...

            deltar of tsm

  reporting from the front!
  well, this is a new chapter which is
  meant to inform you about the wars
  going on (mainly on the boards)...
  we admit that these reports might
  be a bit subjective, because we or
  some of our friends might be
  involved into certain wars, but be
  sure that we try to report as
  objective as possible nevertheless.
  if you think we stated anything wrong
  here, you should either complain by
  writing to the mamba staff or leave
  e-mail on any major board. your
  reaction will be shown and (maybe)
  answered in the next issue of mamba!
  here we go...

  excell vs bod/talent
  these 2 guys used to be in one group
  (i+t) quite some time ago. excell
  left due to the fact that he had some
  personal quarrels with bod. however,
  this turned out to be a long drawn-
  out kiss since excell does not intend
  to stop attacking bod as he once
  stated to destroy bod in the scene...
  it usually goes like this, excell
  (good at mixing up things) starts
  the ragging while bod replies and
  tries to prove him wrong...
  ...excell acts quite offensive, while
  bod is concentrating on either
  shatter his arguments or ignore him..
  that this hassle simply can not serve
  anyone is obvious, since it is still
  impossible to prove things by telling

  a little comment:
  i personally think that this war
  doesn't lead to anything, but it is
  quite funny to watch the posts if you
  aren't involved...

           we'll keep you informed...

  nei vs action
  well, these 2 groups used to trade
  for quite some time and everyone
  thought that only death could divorce
  them. people who believed this were
  proven wrong. they split up and now
  they are in war.nei says, that action
  is only able to release german disc
  mag games (game on, magic disc, ect.)
  and blue stone productions (spitty's
  own lable). further they say that
  action freezes games ect. action says
  that nei is only jealous that they
  are trading with empire now and they
  state to be the best 'wares group'.
  nei state that action isn't even able
  to crack multifile games in time,
  due to the fact that some games have
  been cracked by horizon for action.
  further they are some personal
  quarrels between some members...

  a little comment:
  i personally think that both parties
  are right concerning some points, but
  they both tell lies aswell...

             we'll keep you informed...

  frank reporting from the front... (+)
  parson vs the rest of the world
  this guy is disliked by a lot of
  pirates. most of them think that he
  is simply lame (his posts, his
  behaviour, ect.). parson got deleted
  off some major boards due to these
  facts (gee spot, 2nd to none,
  terminal obsession for instance...).
  this guy also tells lies concerning
  his group 'nato'. this group has had
  a good reputation when the old
  members were still in (megasnail,
  greco ect.). now parson says that
  they will return (at least some of
  them)... in fact he has been proven
  wrong by several guys who called...
  ...megasnail for instance and asked
  him whether he would return. yep! you
  guessed right! he won't! parson gets
  attacked by more and more people,
  but in most cases he doesn't even
  defend himself, but he just posts
  silly things like: parson - the gay
  club owner, or: the looser - parson
  ect... sometimes he tries to defend
  himself. once he posted that he is
  going to beat up roy on the radwar
  party, but roy didn't show up there.
  now he wants to beat up frank (that's
  me!) in venlo, but unfortunately i
  won't be there, because i am on
  holidays for 3 weeks...
                           kick iiiit!
  a little comment:
  well, i am also involved into these
  quarrels, so i decided to delete him
  off our headquarter gee-spot...
  unfortunately i won't be able to
  make it to venlo, but it would be
  nice if he could show up on the next
  venlo meeting...i think the rest is
  said in the description, so let's

             we'll keep you informed...
  y                     .       .   .
   o    o    a   o   e s . .   . . . .
    u  n w  h t t   r s   . . .   .   .
      k    w       p         .
  sorceress vs victims
  sorceress, the sysop from mystic
  cavern used to run her board for
  censor and victims, but as victims
  were searching for a new hacker, they
  got to know mr.brownstone who runs
  the board shangrali. he was willing
  to hack for victims, but he wanted
  them to take his board as hq. now
  sorceress said that she doesn't want
  to be a second headquarter and she
  told victims that they should decide
  whether they only want mystic cavern
  or shangrali. victims decided to take
  shangrali and things got mixed up a
  little bit.                       (+)
  victims said sorceress kicked them
  off, so they were in war. nearly all
  victims members said that they won't
  call her board anylonger, and so they
  did. the friendship has been
  destroyed, but by now things have
  been cleared and everything is
  alright again, except for he
  still doesn't call her board again...

  a little comment:
  not much to say, except that the
  board is not hq for any group now,
  coz censor left the board in peace
  for similar reasons...

  well, we would like to hear reactions
  concerning this article. we will
  surely keep on reporting from the
  front if you like this kind...
  contact us if we printed anything
  wrong or if we mixed up certain
  things. nobody is perfect...

  'reporting from the front' by frank
  with little modification by other
  staff members...

            the demo-reviews
  this time we reviewed only some of
  the lately products for you...
  we reviewed following pieces of
  code,art,music and design:

  the zzap music demo /vibrants

  pez in my brain /panoramic design

  summer pack /the ruling company

  paradance /paradize

  press 'plus' and enjoy the article.

  the zzap music demo /vibrants

  the intro: flashing text shows up,
   nice charset by bizzmo, coding nice
   aswell. while i have my coffee i
   enjoy the funky musics they deliver
   us once more. the vibrants are after
   maniacs of noises' death sure the
   most competent music group on the
   64. with their certain members,
   everyone of them having his own
   style, unbeatable, no doubt, so i
   wait until the intro ends and leads
   me to the main part... (1-part-demo)

  the zzap music demo /vibrants

  vibrants!(of course) a nice multi-
  colour logo says above. down under
  three 'shaking-heads',show a real
  messed up guy. (laxity ?!?) he
  kinda 'burps' with every voice each
  of the 5 musics you can click on with
  the space bar,equalizes. the 5 musics
  represent the 5 members of vibrants.
  everyone did a fantastic tune for the

  note: jch did his player v20 by now
        and he coded the first digi-
        routine for the vibrants. it

        ...will probably be shown for
        the first time in one of the
        bonzai demos. we'll wait and
        see jens! the first (?!) music
        demo by the vibrants made me
        hooked, so guys, keep it up!

        music rating: 95 %

        no further ratings,...

  pez in my brain /panoramic design
  intro: now, that's what i call mos-
   citos in my brain. the somehow
   strange product from panoramic in-
   cludes absolutely no scroll text
   nor any other sense-making text
   through the whole demo.(3-part-demo)
   the coding is therefore kinda diffi-
   cult to figure out, but brilliant
   like everytime! (olav perhaps ?!)
   the graphix are simple. the music is
   great, probably prosonix. the logo
   shown first gives an outlook on the
   following part. they made 'plasma'
   on 64 possible, great!

  pez in my brain /panoramic designs

  2nd part: big 'plasma'-screen showing
   various forms of flowing... fastly!
   the music in this part is really
   great. (get the drums!)
  3rd part:what a multiplexer shows up!
   and this thing is even good looking.

  note: didn't they have enough time to
   finish the demo on silicon's party ?
   maybe, who knows... the music screws
   up in the last part, it seems...

  ratings: code : 89 % design/idea: 64%
           art  : 42 % -------
           music: 79 % total : 69 %
  summer pack /the ruling company

  intro 1: a monitor appears on my
   monitor ?!? it announces the ruling
   companys' latest product, god save
   the queen, an old demo-group found
   their way home.
  intro 2: a warmly welcome again.
   nothing special. two logos above and
   down, a scroll in the middle - nice
  part 1: two twister-2x2-scrolls going
   their way, a huge logo as a matter
   of fact because of the length of
   their name, all coded by mzk/trc.
   nothing special so far....
  summer pack /the ruling company

  part 2: 256 pixels (hires) moving in
   various forms of circles over my
   screen. but even the lovely music
   by 'defbeat' doesn't make me forget
   that i somewhere saw such a part in
   a nato-demo before... the music by
   defbeat is really great.
  part 3: an amazing bobs-part shows up
   but lacks some colours if you ask
   me... again this routine includes
   various forms of movings. code by
   invisible man/trc and the music by
   'hithouse', not bad, dudes!!
  part 4:hithouse again, ah, lovely...
   but what's that: another plot-part!
  summer pack /the ruling company

   ...turns out to become a complot,
   eh ?!?
  part 5: the end has come. a nice up-
   scroll over a hires-picture gives
   the whole demo a good 'round-up' and
   makes us excitedly waiting on
   further products... great musics!!!

  note: all coding within only 2 months
   trc will soon strike back, let
   yourself surprise...

  ratings: code : 79 % design/idea: 66%
           art  : 63 % ------------
           music: 81 % total: 72 %
  paradance /paradize

  intro: of course paradize belongs to
   the top demo-groups around already,
   but with their latest product they
   will surely step some places higher
   in the charts. the intro shows a
   woman and a wild-cat. the woman
   dances like crazy to the music it
   seems. looks really amazing.
  part 1: now, what's that. are these
   plots a new fashion ?!? mh, i press
  part 2: whew, what a part. when it
   starts out it's kewl, boy! a huge
   1x1-dycp over a multicolour-logo...
  paradance /paradize

   ...which pushes itself into border!
   whew, amazing sprite-trick. bad luck
   this quite good idea was first
   shown by bonzai, but paradize im-
   proved the whole thing with this
   dycp above, kewl part.
  part 3: where have i heard that music
   before ?!? hahaha! hm. prosonix, eh!
   well, this part shows the for sure
   biggest chest-field ever steered...
   the star-routine goes along, it
   depends on where you steer the chest
   field. nice looking part + idea.
  part 4: again a chest-field but what
   a cool one! the amiga ball on his...
  paradance /paradize

   ...big brother, eh. anyway, amiga-
   ball's big brother jumps like crazy
   and soon this part hurts your eyes.
   not to forget the lovely scroll down
   under,... 3d blocks show you the way
  part 5: the last part sure is a hit !
   a circle-vector-scroll round a
   planet. down a cool logo! the part
   looks simple but with such a pro-
   fessional idea, unbelievably cool!

  ratings: code : 85 % design/idea: 82%
           art  : 72 % ------------
  (half  - music: 72 % total: 78 %
  catched)             ------------
  about atc & pathfinder
  a touch of class was just nightwriter
  at one point, then while i was in
  'substance' with a few other guys,
  problem child wanted to join atc,
  so i-man, problem child, myself and
  hitman all left for atc and we joined
  in with nightwriter.
  then i got myself a few contacts...
  and we started to import..nightwriter
  supplied the american games and i did
  the importing side of things, the
  problem child left atc when bod/i+t
  said i deleted the nec version of
  'death knights of krynn' and uploaded
  ours to the warez castle...

  so problem child went amiga and i got
  a new original supplier, who was
  dark rainbow, then i got mayhem as a
  hacker...we were doing well for a
  while, and then i got dominators as
  a contact...finally we still needed
  a fixer for my imports, however we
  had no one yet, so master kracker
  would help us out by fixing our games
  and he did...
  so after master kracker started to
  fix out games, problem child left for
  the amiga..and quit atc. then we got
  tiamat into the group, and finally
  nightwriter decided to go into a

  cooperation with sonny/mirage, and
  we did it was cool for some time.
  the atc member which were in the coop
  were nightwriter, me and tiamat and
  the rest were from mirage...well,
  but whatever happened and things
  started to screw up (ed. well we
  didn't want it to know that detailed)
  i'm sure i got on nightwriters nerves
  and oh well, next thing that happened
  was that the coop dropped dead,
  nightwriter and problem child both
  joined mirage, mayhem is in empire,
  dark rainbow is in no group and i do
  some importing under the pathfinder
  handle for ics and dominators...  -cr
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