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  did you know...

  ...that x-ray have their three years
     birthday in june this year.

  ...that ses/genesis coded the game
     potpanic, soon released by

  ...that pathfinder got engaged by the
     young age of 18, the plan to marry
     soon is already esablished.

  did you know...

  ...that jr predator of the blasters
     visits almost every big copy-
     party in europe, although he is
     coming from spain.

  ...that excell (x-ikari) is member
     of the fastest video-trading
     group in europe called flex,
     flex videos always wear a flex
     intro in front of each film.

  ...that crumbsucker of empire, now
     living in the usa, was born in

  did you know...

  ...that dogfriend of dominators is
     still active on the c64, group
     members he would start cracking
     like hell again.

  ...that zix was kicked out of
     illsuion, before the other ils-
     members joined enigma.

  ...that genesis claims to be the
     oldest living c64 group.

  ...that scorpie/f4cg is no skinhead,
     many people think he is.
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