Mamba 19 ch08 Did You Know

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  did you know...

  ...that hendy of dcs coded the game
     j.w. compend, recently released
     by illusion.

  ...that two letters coming from
     poland arrived at the mamba-
     mailbox this month.

  ...that pathfinder/atc is engaged by
     the young age of 18, a marriage is
     already planned.

  did you know...

  ...that excell (x-ikari) is part of
     one of the fastest video-trade-
     groups in europe.
     'flex' even puts a video-intro
     in front of the films they are
     trading with.

  ...that the last dragon/empire was
     in groups like rad, fbr or hotline
     and was even the founder of sphinx
     together with grimlock, tcf,
     and greyhound.

  did you know...

  ...that genesis project claims to be
     the oldest group in the c64 scene,
     which is still alive.

  ...that spirfire's phone has
     temporarily been disconnected,
     because he did not pay his phone-

  ...that sodapop's nickname on the
     boards is 'paperboy' because he's
     spreading all the disc-magazines
     on the boards.

  did you know...

  ...that excelsior (x-dynamix) joined
     the ruling company.

  ...that potpanic, copyright kingsoft,
     was coded by ses of genesis.

  ...that mindscape is going to
     produce paperboy ii for the c64,
     probable release date is autumn 91

  ...that there is a new phonecompany
     in sweden offering a service
     similar to at&t.

  did you know...

  ...that the german software-company
     starbyte is now cooperating with
     'virgin' from england, providing
     a world-wide distribution of most
     of the starbyte-titles.

  ...that maniac (x-talent) quit the
     scene a few weeks ago.

  ...that women living in saudi-arabia
     are not allowed to drive cars.

  ...that this is an oneliner.

  did you know...

  ...that the english software-company
     hewson is bankrupt, however,
     andrew hewson will continue in
     this business, the new label is
     named '21st century entertainment'

  ...that 'epyx' is going to produce
     games again, 'ski or die ii' and
     'many faces of go' are already

  ...that x-ray are celebrating their
     3-years anniversary in june.

  did you know...

  ...that the two winner-games of the
     double density competition
     (by mario van zeist and ioanis
     stagos) will be released on
     golden magic disc only by the
     beginning of the next year.

  ...that pathfinder/atc visits the
     same school as horizon/nei/nec.

  ...that at&t is the owner of
     british telecom.

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