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  reader's forum

  adf/f4cg wrote a letter to us and
  asked us about their "first release"
  called 'saracen paint', not being
  mentioned in the last issue.

  we answer: tools do not count! and
  as this tool even was not the best
  it simply wasn't mentioned.

  dear asterix,
  we don't like to have trouble with
  the post. send more stamps to get the
  what!? putting your adress on a full
  page and on one of the first too?!
  do you think you are the only one in
  the announces and we take care of
  every extra-wish?!?! no cure/force,
  don't come along with more of these

  nun zu dir, du wurm!!!
  we received a letter from a bavarian
  computer-club-member (szene computer-
  club) which indeed was funny and
  confusing at the same time. but we
  try to answer it though.
  you write to us the third time with-

  out getting an answer. have you ever
  considered that you are lame and may-
  be therefore get no answer. you wanna
  tell us we would be lame if we do
  not answer your mail and ask why we
  wouldn't be glad to trade with you?!
  man, if you pretend being elite we
  take our hats and go...
  rest in peace and blow your damn
  ps: you said the meaning of wares
  would be wars,... hell learn english
  before you try to correct us...

  rcc/spirit complained about the
  review of his demo 'spirited' which
  has been reviewed in mamba 15.
  sorry, but we don't see the point.
  did you get too many points or what?!

  smile/clique has sent some news:
  'dax left thrust 'n joined prayer !
  well, who's 'dax',who's 'thrust',
  who is 'prayer'?!? send more 'news'
  like this and we stop doing this...

  spike of noice has sent us some
  votings on a corruption-vote-sheet,
  cool or what?!yeah!
  this letter reached us: (true!)
  "hey cool dudes, first i have a
  question to you! in the last c-64
  stand that ikari+talent make the
  mamba. it that right or what ?
  i think crazy make the mamba! or was
  it a mistake from the c-64er ??
  please give me an answer !!"
  answer: if i would be young and
          innocent like you...

  cyborg/f4cg complained about the
  comic only being one page.
  gotcha: i'm no marathon-painter!

  brush of the polnish group 'parados'
  asked why don't just interview
  coders as these are the most
  interesting interviews...
  our answer: well, we already
              interviewed some coders,
              in the last issue you
              could have found an
              interview with hannes
              sommer and his music-
              making brother, so don't
              you complain...

   that's it for this month, we would
   appreciate it if you would keep on
   getting on our nerves, just write
   anything that bothers you...
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