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  yup dudes! and once again we spent
  some hours on the phone to please you
  with 2 extraordinary interviews.
  very special guests are this time:

  1.sauron of enigma
    -interviewed by frank of enigma!

  2.the last dragon of empire
    -interviewed by frank of enigma!

  let's start with sauron...
                            s: sauron
                            m: mamba
  m:yup ole! tell us something about
    your person.

  s:well, my real name is ole, i'm 20
    years old and come from norway.
    further i'm 180m tall, my weight is
    about 75kg and i go to a college
    of engineering.

  m:what's your favourite food, drink,
    movie and magazine?

  s:i like italian food very much. my
    favourite drinks are san francisco
    and beer and i enjoy reading mamba

  m:how did you get into illusion?

  s:i started ils in summer 1989
    together with garfield and redhead.
    then rocky fist and hero joined.
    richie and reble mc joined in the
    beginning of 1990. the rest joined
    recently. before i started ils i've
    been in groups like last science
    and future...

  m:how many members are in ils right
    now and who are they?

  s:we are 9 members actually and they
    are: richie, pyle, frank, deff,
    fist, rocky, hero, pudwerx and me.
  m:what's your task in illusion?

  s:hmm, i'm the main cracker and i
    also wrote some utilities.

  m:how did you get your handle?

  s:well, there is a very famous
    fantasy book called 'lord of the
    rings' and sauron is the evil guy
    in that book, so i chose that

  m:how did you proceed to get known
    or even famous?

  s:i think i got quite known when i
    started ils, coz i cracked lots of
    games until now. i always tried to
    do fast versions of high standard.
    speed + quality is what made me
    known, maybe famous.

  m:when did you get your first c64?

  s:hmm, that was about 7 years ago in
    1984 or so.

  m:where did you get your originals

  s:a friend of mine worked in a...
  s:...softwareshop, so i borrowed the
    originals from him and cracked
    them. i brought them back the other
    day. nowadays richie gets all the
    originals i crack.

  m:who's the best cracker and cracker-
    group at the moment?

  s:it's difficult to say who is the
    best cracker, as many guys can
    crack, levelpack, iffl link etc.,
    but i think it's antitrack. i+t
    is the best group at the moment.

  m:who are your best friends?
  s:fist, richie, pudwerx, gene, rocky,
    excell and the good old executioner

  m:which is the best group ever?

  s:it's ikari!

  m:what is your opinion about the
    current scene?

  s:hmm, i think there should be more
    quality versions, not a quick one
    for the states and then another
    one! speed and quality is the way
    to go...
  m:what's your opinion about demos?

  s:i like to watch demos to see what
    is possible. i prefer demos with
    cool effects and nice graphics in-
    stead of breaking records which
    often doesn't look very good. i
    like demos from blackmail, omega
    supreme (pimplesqueezers) and
    cosmos designs for instance.

  m:what do you think about crackers?

  s:i dislike crackers who are arrogant
    and complain about every crack,
    like goldfish for example.
  s:i hate those guys saying he's the
    best and the rest sux!

  m:did you ever get trouble with cops?

  s:no, i didn't, although there is
    also a copyright law in norway. i
    got some trouble with the post
    office some time ago (for stamps
    cheating). as far as i know noone
    has been caught here in norway....

  m:why do you use your computer for
    illegal activities?

  s:well, i like computer as a hobby...
  s:...and as i'm not a good coder it
    is quite funny to use my commie
    for illegal activities. cracking
    games makes more fun than coding

  m:what are your future plans. do you
    want to quit in the near future?

  s:sometimes i would like to quit.
    especially when there are so many
    games to crack and i have to work
    under a pressure. i'll never go
    amiga, as i would have to learn so
    much. i will stop in about 1 year
    when i have to go to army.
  m:what do you think about americans
    and euros?

  s:there are many more cool euros
    than americans. most amis just want
    games from you and there is no real
    friendship. there are only 3
    americans i really like: pudwerx,
    warewolf and the executioner (from
    those i know...).

  m:if you could change the scene,
    what would you change?

  s:i don't know really, but maybe i
    would avoid that people always...
  s:...rag on eachother. noone is per-
    fect and it should be a hobby.

  m:are there still any aims yo want
    to reach?

  s:get rich, but nothing on computer!
    i've had my fun. i used to be on
    top, had quite some fans! that's

  m:did you ever regret your years of

  s:sometimes when i get high
    phonebills or americans keep on...
  s:...asking me for games. sometimes
    when there are too many games to
    crack i want to take a break.

  m:do you ever want to become legal?

  s:nope! never!

  m:describe a lamer (no names!)!

  s:people pretending to have certain
    abilities they don't have. simply
    people with a big mouth who fail.

  m:do you want to send out some greets
    to your friends?
  s:yep! hi jason, richie, fist, brian,
    marius(redhead) ,rocky and the
    mamba staff

  m:what are you doing in your spare

  s:i study a lot, go to discos with
    some friends, watch videos, play
    football. i sometimes do something
    to stay fit (weight lifting,jogging
    ect.) and i work sometimes to earn
    some money.

  m:what was the biggest disappointment
    in your life ?

  s:no answer! personal things...

  m:ok! what was the greatest thing
    ever happened to you?

  s:i beat the smartest guy in school
    in a maths contest. another great
    thing was when a local radio sta-
    tion played some mixes from me and
    my brother.

  m:what's your biggest wish?

  s:to get rich and to get a nice girl
    and a nice job! and as we hiphop
    freax say: peace!
  m:a last word you wanna say?

  s:not really, except if people got
    cool house/dance music or remixes
    they should contact mamba staff as
    i don't want to publish my address!

  m:thanx for that cool interview ole!

  s:no problem! bye!

  this interview has been made when we
  both were still in illusion!
  plus it to grab the other interview!
  t:the last dragon
  m:yo tim! tell us some general
    things concerning your person!

  t:i work as a proffesional dj for an
    upcoming rap group from my city,
    and have even worked with various
    other rap groups on the west coast!
    i have been computering for 6 years
    now, and i'm a member of empire!
    i turned 19 in april and i also
    work as an engineer in a recording
    studio. i'm about 6 feet tall (ca.
    182 centimeters), my weight is 160
    pounds. i had a girlfriend for over
    a year now, which is a long time!
    (ed.a fuckin' long time...)
                            kick iiiit!
  m:describe your career in brief!

  t:ok, the first group i had ever
    joined was hotline (around 5 years
    ago) because i was good friends
    with will and arjan...after that i
    joined a group called s.i.n.(steady
    importing network), which was
    trading with triad and the first to
    take fbr's no.1 importing place...
    after that died out, i joined
    another group. time league...soon
    after i joined they broke up, and
    i went on to the avengers... we had
    a few months of good importing, and
    then our contact died...after that
    i spent some time coding...     (+)
  t:...demos , and so on and was asked
    to join abyss...we had a lot of
    importing, fixing and demos..after
    most abyss members had gone amiga,
    we decided to kill the group!then
    i was in sphinx and left again to
    join fbr. now i'm a member of

  m:you took a break from the scene in
    late '88 and returned 2 years after
    that. why did you take that break
    and what are your future plans?

  t:hmm. the law enforcement gave me a
    visit one day. they wanted me to
    help bust a major...            (+)
  t:...hacking/fraud ring...unfortuna-
    tely they wanted me to restify, in
    court, against one of my good
    friends..0they then threatened me
    that they could bust me and so on,
    if i didn't cooperate...and i still
    said no, so they left only saying
    watch yourself! scared of beeing
    busted, i packed the c64 away, and
    there it stayed for the next two
    years! over that 2 years period, i
    became very serious with dj'ing and
    doing proffesional music, and now
    all of that is paying off for me.

  m:you are heavy into music. are you
    willing 2 give us further deatails?
  t:sure! since i'm in the last year of
    high school, and going to college,
    i have had little time to work on a
    debut album...since i am producing
    a majority of the songs on that
    album, it has been as my
    schooling is coming to an end, i
    will have more time to devote to
    finishing the album, and rounding
    off and the rough edges, if you
    know what i mean...after that i
    will be working on a project which
    is a sort of hip-house mix between
    dee-lite and bbd/jonny gill...i am
    really looking forward to that! my
    ultimate goal in music is to own an
    own record label, and produce...(+)
  t:r&b/rap artists. the dj'ing is just
    a fun hobby...

  m:really interesting! now tell us
    your favourites tim!

  t:music:r&b/rap (say bbd, nwa, public
          enemy ect.ect.ect.)
    food:beef jerky and inihan beef,
         which is filopino food...
    drink:it would have to be vodka! i
          also drink st.ides a lot...
    movie:anyone by steven segal... i
          like violence. and silence of
          the lambs!
    tv show:in living color, i suppose!
  t:actor: 91 pacino (scarface 1983
    car:1991 honda ac cord se-i...
    64 game:creatures
    amiga games:gods
    demo groups:crest, bonzai and crazy

  m:ok tim! what are your best friends
    in the scene?

  t:yup! all empire members, simply coz
    they are cool, and can talk about
    more than computer, joeren tell,
    jch, deek, drax...they are the
    people i talk to most...other greez
    must go to wolfgang and you, frank!
  m:what is your task in empire and
    what are your abilities?

  t:my main job is back-up fixing, when
    we get a large amount of stuff, and
    coding...i am planning to code an
    empire demo when i have the time...
    i am able to code almost everything
    you see these days. i am shitty
    with vectors though, but they suck
    on c64 anyway! i have too many
    vector demos on amiga to even
    bother with them on c64.

  m:are there any people you really
    appreciate? tell us who they are
    and the reason why you...       (+)
  m:...wppreciate them!

  t:ok...first joeren tell for beeing a
    good friend for almost 5 years
    now. jch and all vibrants members,
    for having a huge amount of trust
    in me, and their abilities!
    wolfgang, for helping me get back
    into the scene, and all empire
    members who still remember me...i
    would like to thank you for inter-
    viewing an old timer, like myself!

  m:no problem dude! now tell us what
    you are doing besides computing!
  t:well, during the summer months i go
    to california to surf...and in the
    winter, i do a lot of snow skiing
    and snowballfights...any other time
    i usually play (american) football
    or basketball...i just like to be
    in the sun, so whereever the sun
    goes, i will follow! basically i
    like a lot of sports...swimming
    and so on...i also go all over the
    place with my girlfriend!

  m:is there anything else you want to
  wonder    anybody    still
         if         is       here ?!
  t:hmm...i would like to give a big
    round of applause to the mamba
    staff for making my favourite disk
    magazine (ed.thanx pal!)...a
    special 'i can't wait till ya get
    here' to joeren tell...and thanx to
    all my friends who still remembered

  m:ok dude! thanks for that cool

  if you want to be interviewed in
  mamba contact: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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