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  news & rumours

  * enigma is a new group formed by
    members of ikari + talent,
    illusion, crest and byteriders.
    the memberstatus looks like this:
    richie, frank, deff, pyle, sauron
    hero, fist, rocky, sebio and
    pudwerx (all in illusion before)
    gotcha (x-byteriders, deejay and
    weasel (x-crest), magic man,
    joe cool, sting and peter (x-i+t)
    enigma headquarters are the forum
    and gee-spot.

  * illsuionist also left talent,
    his board 'once upon a time' is
    headquarter for the new disc-
    magazine edited by skater, mirage
    of censor and illusionist.
    shock, already existing on paper,
    is now available on disc also.

  * dave, a swiss coder, is back in
    talent, actually he never has been
    really out of the group.

  * sidearms of atc, decided to produce
    his magazine 'elite euphoria'
    again, covering the us-scene.

  * maniac quit talent and the scene.

  * the guardian, once being destiny's
    fixer, joined atc.

  * jihad rejoined action.

  * nec announced to quit after their
    next decent crack on account of
    too less games coming out on the
    us-market, however, the importing
    section nei will continue its work.

  * the last dragon (x-fbr, rad, htl
    sphinx) joined empire.

  * zoolook of crest quite the scene,
    mac, pat and flice joined crest.

  * sparky, jrc and yeyus (spain) left
    the blasters, only two members are
    left now.

  * hotline recruited two new members:
    seal and ratfit.

  * excelsior (x-dynamix) joined the
    ruling company.

  * nato is back in business, megasnail
    is said to be in the group again.

  * problem child got busted by at&t
    and has to pay a $700 bill, he
    thinks about a return to the c64
    scene though.

  * roy of victims got busted for
    blue-boxing in germany, the police
    and the german post visited him
    at 1 am in the night. they took all
    his computer eqipment away, roy
    started calling out again though.

  * trsi, the c64 cooperation between
    red sector and tristar is dead.

  * codemonster of genesis left the
    scene, punisher, cracker from
    ireland quite too, hans juergen
    eherentraut (a musician) joined
    genesis, tyger and wildstyle left
    trsi to join genesis aswell.
    the gp/atc hq tunnel of wares is
    corruption hq now.

  * the dominators v2 party will
    definately take place, nobody      0
    really knows when though, probable
    time is autumn this year.

  * scorpie is now the main editor of
    f4cg's paper magazine pirates due
    to solar and abigail having a lack
    of time.

  * sweden got a new phonecompany
    similar to at&t.

  * double density organizes a
    demo-competition, the maximal size
    of the demo is 100 block, it has
    to exclusively coded for that

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