Mamba 19 ch02 News and Rumours

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  news & rumours

  * after jack daniels and 3dk of
    genesis released the latest issue
    of corruption, they have been
    kicked out by omg on account of
    disagreements concerning the mag's
    omg wanted to write a lot more than
    he actually did, for example the
    news section. omg wanted both
    main-editors to wait for an
    'anti-mamba-intro' which was just
    coded by ses. that, and a lot of

  other disagreements have lead to
  omg's decision to kick both editors
  out of genesis.

  omg threatened the editors (jack
  daniels and 3dk) not to use the new
  menu coded by ses, otherwise they
  would get a 'a lot of trouble'.

  actually omg plans to release this
  magazine by himself, just changing
  the name. (propaganda (?))

  tyger, wildstyle (x-trsi) and an
  americano called firefox are gp's
  latest members.

    the codemonster and the irish
    member 'the punisher' (both in
    genesis) quit the scene.

  * roy of victims got caught by the
    german police/post for blue-boxing
    in germany. they visited him around
    01 am and took all his computer-
    equipment. however, he's already
    calling out again.

  * according to the dominators they
    will arrange a dom v2 party some-
    when this year, neither place nor
    time are certain yet.

  * joe cool, sting and peter left
    talent in order to form a new
    group together with members of
    illusion and crest.

    enigma consists of richie, sauron,
    hero, fist, rocky, deff, frank,pyle
    sebio, pudwerx (all in illusion
    before), joe cool, sting and peter
    (x-talent), magic man (x-crazy),
    deejay and weasel (x-crest) and
    rygar (an x-ray member long time
    the enigma headquarters are the
    the forum and gee-spot, both being
    illusion hq's before.

  * shock is a new disc-magazine
    produced by skater and mirage of
    censor and illusionist.
    the papermagazine shock, also
    produced by the same guys, will
    still be printed in the future
    shock is announced to be released
    by the 15th of every month,
    illusionist's board 'once upon a
    time' is the shock hq right now,
    actually it was i+t hq too, after
    illusionist leaving talent his
    board became shock hq only, a new
    group to settle down on his board
    will be found soon.

  * dave, once been swiss member of
    talent, is back in that group.
    actually, he has never really been
    kicked out.

  * atc's latest member is the guardian
    who has been the fixer for destiny
    quite a while ago. tallman is no
    atc member anymore, sidearms of
    atc announced to resume releasing
    his disc-magazine 'elite euphoria'
    again, after a break of several
    month. actually it is a magazine
    in seq-file format and covers
    mainly the american scene, at least
    it did some months ago.

  * the last dragon (x-fbr, rad, htl,
    sphinx) re-entered the c64-scene,
    the group of his choice is empire.

    problem child of empire got billed
    by at&t for $700, quit the scene
    for some time, but thinks about
    coming back again.

  * pirates, papermagazine produced by
    f4cg, will be edited by scorpie
    since the old staff, solar and
    abigail, suffer from a lack of time

  * jihad left joy division and re-
    joined his former group action.

  * nec announced to quit with their
    next decent release, reason for
    that move is the lack of new games
    on the american market: the efforts
    to get the new games doesn't
    correspond to the result, that is,
    only a very few games being re-
    leased. (check the release-charts
    in the first column for details.)

  * game on (double density) is going
    to arrange a demo-competition;
    the maximal demo size is 100 block,
    it has to be made exclusively for
    the competition. (for further info
    read next month's issue of mamba)

  * zoolook/crest quit the scene,
    mac, pat and flice joined the group

  * sparky, jrc and yeyus (spain) left
    the blasters. only two members are
    left. (ed. hi jorge!)

  * hotline's two latest members are
    seal and ratfit.

  * fox left the dominators and
    joined bonzai, along with janec,
    stiff and laxity (music-artist).
    hawk has been kicked out.

  * c'est ca...            -burn return
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