Mamba 19 ch01 The Month in Brief

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  the lines are still open for you,
  call mamba<, represented by the
  american mamba<-headquarter,
  dock with 12/2400 baud at
  the shaolin temple, tsm, mamba and
  i+t hq.

  use account #4, your password can
  only be 'mamba'...

  leave your votes edited by using the
  mamba voter, available on one of your

  note that the german post won't
  close the mamba< address, keep on
  and on writing to this address..


  for news, articles, discs etcetc

  the opinion polls

  being curious what the scene-dudes
  are thinking about certain topics we
  asked two questions this month,
  the people being asked were the
  people calling the shaolin temple
  (tsm, mamba, i+t hq's) and the
  terminal obsession (censor/nei hq's)

  the questions and the result look
  like this...

  'when calling around, which type of
   bbs program do you prefer logging
   on to ?'

  1. c-base....16 votes  ^  23.1 %

  2. dmbbs......4 votes  ^   5.7 %

  3. color 64...6 votes  ^   8.6 %

  4. ucbbs.....35 votes  ^  50.7 %

  5. other......8 votes  ^  11.5 %

  while pudwerx's ucbbs gains more than
  half of the votes, dmbbs and color 64
  are certainly not the users first
  only c-base can resist by gaining
  almost one quarter of all votes...

  the next poll was set up on
  terminal obsession...

  'what in your opinion is the most
   important concern for the future ?'

  1. to prevent wars and to have world
  2. to prevent overpopulation and
     world hunger
  3. to maintain and regain a healthier
  4. to become personally successfull
     and rich
  5. to have a first release

  guess which answer has won and think
  for yourself what you would choose...

                           votes    %

  1. (world peace)           8    13.5

  2. (no overpopulation)     8    13.5

  3. (healthy environment)  11    18.6

  4. (personal success)     26    44

  5. (a first release)       6    10.1

  ..that are the rulers of tomorrow ?!

  the following charts of first-
  releases shall give the non-modemer
  a survey on what's going on on the
  boards...(and what games are out)

  we do not claim to be always right
  in our decisions, by giving the
  points to the groups it sometimes
  comes to personal judgement, and,
  nobody is perfect...

  we won't correct ourselves in any
  further issue for any mistakes, just
  keep in mind that there might be
  wrong informations among the
  following pages..(we hope not so)
 american importer charts
   group                releases month
 1.north east importers..  07     01
   empire................  07     02
 3.the shaolin monastery.  03     03
 4.a touch of class......  02     --
   double cross..........  02     --
 6.demonix...............  01     03
   pudwerx(?)............  01     --
 the months started off slow but things
 really sped up over the last two weeks
 nei tied to the first with empire...
 will be an interesting month...
 european charts
   group                releases month
 1.ikari and talent......  04     03
   legend................  04     01
 3.action................  02     --
   ics...................  02     --
   genesis project.......  02     --
   verdict...............  02     05
   dominators............  02     --
   enigma................  02     --
 9.censor................  01     --
   f4cg..................  01     03
   victims...............  01     02
   the boys..............  01     --
 american cracker charts

 a very bad month for usa releases.
 there wasn't a single usa game.

 autotest simulator      dominators/nei
 * by byteback.

 predator 2              legend/demonix
 * by imageworks.

 back to the future 3     action/empire
 * by imageworks.

 stone edge              victims/empire
 * by magic disk.

 tibos tale        verdict/double cross
 * by tendeance designs.

 cygnus          ikari & talent/pudwerx
 * by 2d.

 jai alai          verdict/double cross
 * by operasoft.

 betrayal                    legend/nei
 * by microprose.

 north & south       ikari & talent/tsm
 * by infogrames.
 500cc motocross mngr       f4cg/empire
 * by simulmondo.

 montrix                  action/empire
 * by double density

 mark set & go       ikari & talent/tsm
 * by golden disk.      (hi etienne!)

 3d chess                       ics/atc
 * by simulmondo.

 extreme                     censor/nei
 * by digital integration.

 chubby chester         genesis project
 * by magic disk.
 lonewolf                    dom/empire
 * by audiogenic.

 shadow dancer       ikari & talent/tsm
 * by us gold.

 over the net                   ics/atc
 * by genias.

 plotting                  the boys/nei
 * by ocean ltd.

 gem'x                    enigma/empire
 * by kaiko/demonware

  england cs              legend/nei
  * by grandslam

  world champion. soccer  enigma/empire
  * by sega/elite

  potpanic                genesis/nei
  * by kingsoft

  shiftrix                legend/nei
  * software 2000

  ooops, quite confusing !

  okay, about plotting...the game was
  originally cracked by the boys, it
  was trained or whatever by the
  dominators and imported by atc.

  however, the game didn't work 100%
  on account of a bad crack...
  nei took the boys' version and
  removed the, we don't know
  anything better than giving the point
  to the boys for cracking and to nei
  for fixing (each)

  about gem'x...

  the unlimited lives trainer might
  cause a game-crash, however, that
  problem derives from a programmer's
  fault. (from our personal point of

  the game works fine in case you don't
  use the unlimited lives trainer,
  or in case you don't use the level-
  warper more than 20 times per level.

  from our point of view this is no
  reason for not giving a point to this

  about second world...

  victims had a first release with
  second world by magic bytes.
  however, the game was fully in
  german and thus not playable for all
  the non-germans in the scene.
  according to victims it is impossible
  to translate the game.
  nevertheless, no point although it
  was a working first-release.

  about rings of medusa...

  mirage released the us-version of
  rings of medusa, however, there is
  not much difference to the euro-
  version released some months ago !

  at that time it was translated into
  english by paramount; doubtless the
  new version is composed of better
  english than the translated version,
  nevertheless, the paramount version
  was fully playable, thus no point to

  about mark, set & go...

  action and empire released another
  version of that game a few days after
  the first version by i+t/tsm,
  claiming that the tsm version didn't
  work properly.
  however, no evidence for that
  declaration was given, (kann ja jeder
  sagen), no point to empire...

  * at the moment there is apparantly
    no 100% version of supremacy out,
    watch the next issue for the

  strictly speaking...

  there have surely been a few
  questionable decisions, the problem
  is that, especially in these cases,
  we can't please everybody, other than
  that, we tried to stick as close to
  the truth as possible...

  in case you disagree we advise you to
  write to this addres...

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